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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 289

                 Tuesday, 19 October 1999

Today's Topics:

                      Grinch Part 2
            Wank Wank Wank Beefheart Wank Wank
  cheeky f*ckers!
                       Re: Wankers
                A new listener is born...
               Paul McCartney tribute album
   Earn Enough For Us: the Andy Partridge Coloring Book
             RE: Paul McCartney covers album
                 Re: Oingo Boingo and XTC
             cyber partridge + spinster pill
                      covers thingy
                   Housmartins & Boingo
             Mine's Biggger than yours, Todd!
               Another XTC fan tribute?????
                Re: Logical "arguments"...
                        Re: Boingo
                    Homespun "extras"
                  Re: Elton at Christmas


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I'll take a cloth and wipe away the sheen.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 09:10:44 +1000
Subject: Grinch Part 2

I've just remembered another Xmas track (with thanks to John Bartlett) :

"All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit" - Half Man Half



Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 09:35:32 +1000
Subject: Wank Wank Wank Beefheart Wank Wank

Gee, I've been busy today! I figure I might as well jump in with my
      instrument collection as well. Bear in mind, though, that I'm crap at
      all of these instruments (I don't know the years of manufacture,
      either) :

* Ibanez six-string electric guitar ( ;

* Ibanez twelve-string acoustic guitar ;

* Hondo six-string semi-acoustic guitar (looks like a Gibson, sounds like a
      Gibson, and it cost me about 1/10 as much as a Gibson) ;

* Tin whistle ;

* French, wait a minute.....

* Harmonica (I forget which key) ;

*.....and a clapped-out Peavey practice amp that I haven't used in about
      three years (I love my semi-acoustic too much, even though it's only
      got five strings at the moment).

By the way, am I the only non-musician on this list? All of a sudden, I'm
      feeling a tad out of my depth........

While I'm here, I found a copy of the "Mayor Of Simpleton" single in the
      second-hand vinyl section of my local record store on Saturday, and
      one of the B-sides was "Ella Guru" (the other was "One Of The
      Millions"). I had a look through "Song Stories" and found that this
      track was submitted for a Captain Beefheart tribute album. Was this
      album ever released? If so, does anyone have a copy?



Message-ID: <>
From: Lawson Dominic <>
Subject: cheeky f*ckers!
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 11:58:42 +0100

Hello again, pop goblins, have you missed me? No, thought not.

Anyway, the rumours are (largely) all true. A good time was most definitely
had by all at the recent DC/Maryland/Virginia (or wherever the fuck we
were) Chalkfest, and I shall take mental pictures of Harrison's facial
contortions and beswkiddlywee guitar odyssey to my grave. Personal
highlights? The who's-going-to-have-a-heart-attack-first version of
"Science Friction"? My appalling singing on "Mayor Of Simpleton"? Todd
being a big, fat show-off and playing drums AND singing "Burning With
Optimism's Flames"? Jeff's fridge full of beer (seriously, I could have
wept with joy!)? Rob's friend Anthony blowing away my entire bass
repertoire with a few gentle thwacks and pops (matron!)? Those delicious
kebobs (it's KEBAB!!!!!)? The sudden realisation that I was going to have
to make music with people to whom I have been incalculably rude on numerous
occasions? Take your pick, you shameless whores, because this was a great
evening and one which I shall always remember. Special thanks to Tadd and
Horace for not punching me.

No, but seriously folks, Debs and I had a wonderful time across the big
blue wobbly pond, and we will definitely do it all again some time - can't
be soon enough for me! - I must admit it was a bit weird to begin with
(what are they expecting?? Should I steam in and start swearing and
spitting??)  but Todd & Jennifer are two of the soundest pounds I've ever
met, and Harrison (who is, in fact, a small pony) is actually most pleasant
if you can get past his vast entourage of performing dwarves and
eunuchs. He spaketh in a tongue foreign to my one good ear, but his words
danced a merry jig upon my beer-flecked consciousness.......Jesus, this
sellotape stuff kicks like a mule!

Full marks to Jefferson & Pia for letting us invade their space and
additional cheers to my esteemed better half for sitting there and having
the audacity to actually enjoy the whole thing! Yes, we have another
potential XTC fan in the making.....possibly because she realized that if
we couldn't ruin such top-quality tunes, who could? That's my girl!

Ooh, and haven't I missed a lot of larks whilst having it medium-sized in
Chicago and DC? That Charlie Buck debacle looked like such fun (and
regardless of whether it was a wind-up, miscommunication or whatever, some
of the reactions were pretty unforgivable....didn't your mother tell you
that it's rude to point???), and I can't leave Harrison for five minutes
without him starting some enervating snotfest with the Dunkster. Honestly
children, haven't I taught you anything? By the way, I think Lord Of The
Rings sucks the long one too, but I wouldn't mention it on Chalkhills
because it's just not relevant! Tee, and to a lesser extent, hee.

OK then, you can get back to it now.....where was I? Ah yes.....

>>I love music, all kinds of music.  I listen to anything
that I find appealing.  I cant stand heavy metal (does it still exist?)

Yes, it still exists. Sigh. There'll be people on this list who won't thank
you for starting me on that one again......

>>Like Charlie, I am an
audio engineer, but I also am a web developer, a musician and a really good
guy.  In fact, you could call me god-like.

Unlikely, but nice try! Are you the same guy who claims never to have lost a
logical argument? If so, listen very can probably hear my
sides split from where you are......

>>can we try to grow up a little? please?

Yeah, OK...sounds good. Let's start by not patronizing Ms Heller, who has
never been anything other than articulate and positive as far as I can see.
Formidable, my ass. Some people only ever pretend to change, don't they?
Since my holiday I've completely changed my mind about Americans.......Blame
Canada! Blame Canada!

Peace brothers!


P.S. I'm not really a nice guy, just a damn fine actor!


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 22:33:35 -0700
From: David Hathaway <>
Subject: Re: Wankers

Ok, ok, if we are going to list chalkhills-owned instrumentation, the
monkey mansion current has the following :

(1999X)  Fender  Strat, a rare sort of bluish sort of purple.
1998 Collectors edition Ovation 6 string ( yeah, its lovely )
1987 custom Larivee electric (basically a strat)
2, count the, two Galien Krueger amps, one combo, one head with stereo
cabinet Roland chorus
Korg G3 guitar processor
kawai midi keyboard
Cakewalk 4
boatloads of computer gear
1 jim dunlop blue pick of unknown thickness.
grass to roll in.

|We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million
|typewriters will eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare.
|Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true.
|David Hathaway, CEO Of monkey-boy industries,


From: " " <>
Subject: A new listener is born...
Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 09:49:22 PDT

Good day to one and all from Irving, Texas. Yes, The US of A..

I have been reading the chalkhills pages for a few days now so I thought it
was time I added my two cents worth. Please forgive me as I am not an
english proffessor nor a master of the written word...

I first heard XTC in 1979(or there abouts). I had received a radio promo
copy of Drums and Wires from a friend. I was hooked! They have been my
favorite band ever sense. I don't know where to begin, with all the years of
pleasure these fellows of wit, wisdom, and word have given to me. Just
recently I began playing some of their tunes for my two year old. We now
start our day with a dance around the living room to one of the many
danceable tunes XTC has graced us with.
In reference to the subject line...My wife gave birth to Jacob Henry (a new
listener) on the 8th of October.
I am at the J O B so I must run.

until then,


Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 12:28:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Benjamin Lukoff <>
Subject: Paul McCartney tribute album
Message-ID: <>

On Sat, 16 Oct 1999 Misty Shock ( wrote:

> Andy just told us how much he admires Paul in the liner notes of Homespun.
> There is apparently going to be an album of covers of Paul's solo work,
> which will include artists like Squeeze, Echo and the Bunnymen, Brian
> Wilson, Elvis Costello, and Ron Sexsmith.  Now, why isn't our Andy
> involved in this?  Would he be interested?  It would be a dream of a
> lifetime to see all these people on one album (save Echo and the Bunnymen
> -- not a fan) *and* on an album that salutes one of my favorite guys.

I second that emotion!  And not only would it be good for us XTC fans, it
would be good for Andy as well...the album is sure to be big and it would
raise Andy's profile a bit (and Colin's, should he choose to participate).

> Now, I have no idea what in the world Andy could cover from Paul's
> sometimes dubious solo years...

I always thought that "My Brown Guitar" sounded a lot like "Maybe I'm
Amazed".  How about that one?


Message-Id: <>
From: "Salim M. Virji" <>
Subject: Earn Enough For Us: the Andy Partridge Coloring Book
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 11:45:39 -0700

Brian Brooks, a Bay Area artist, produces a series of offbeat coloring
books featuring rock'n'roll icons in unlikely scenarios -- Yoko Ono as a
truck driver, Paul McCartney as a tough-guy sportsman -- and a recent
write-up on Brooks in the SFWeekly mentioned his coloring book of Andy
Partridge. The premise is that, during the years that XTC didn't produce
any albums, Andy was off working odd jobs (veterinarian, house
painter). The juxtaposition of clip-art cliches and Andy is hilarious:
there's a single illustration on-line at Brook's homepage,
as well as the full SFWeekly article

from Salim
San Francisco CA
=alla pan tolmaton.--Sappho=

	[ also see ]


Message-ID: <>
From: "Perfect Sound Forever" <>
Subject: RE: Paul McCartney covers album
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 13:11:40 PDT

Misty Shock <> wrote:

>Andy just told us how much he admires Paul in the liner notes of Homespun.
>There is apparently going to be an album of covers of
>Paul's solo work, which will include artists like Squeeze, Echo and
>the Bunnymen, Brian Wilson, Elvis Costello, and Ron Sexsmith.  Now,
>why isn't our Andy involved in this?  Would he be interested?  It
>would be a dream of a lifetime to see all these people on one album
>(save Echo and the Bunnymen -- not a fan) *and* on an album that
>salutes one of my favorite guys.

>Now, I have no idea what in the world Andy could cover from Paul's
>sometimes dubious solo years...

This seems like a no-brainer to me, but "Uncle Albert" done Dukes-style.
Maybe it's because there are such blatant similarities to "You're A Good Man
Albert Brown."



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 13:18:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Lisa G." <>
Subject: Re: Oingo Boingo and XTC

Hey Santas Diablo! I happen to be a big Oingo Boingo
fan.  In fact I was hollering along to them this
morning, "Just Another Day."  A Halloween ritual of
mine since they broke up has been to play their
concert video on Halloween and dance about in the
living room.  But enough of my strangeness...

Anyone a fan of Boingo?  Just getting
your perspective on the group, who I feel is the best
group of thisera.
Yes, in my oppinion, Danny and the boys rip XTC.  Not
saying they are
better, but they are really good in what they do.  I
am asking because
very early Boingo had a very similar sound to XTC.
Anyway, let me know
what your thoughts are on this.

Yes, early Boingo does sound a lot like XTC.  I think
back to the first album "Only A Lad" and I hear
similarities to "Respectable Street" and "Roads Girdle
The Globe," loud punky rhythmic stuff like that.  I
notice that in the Boingo Yahoo! Club I'm in, XTC does
come up once in a while, which must mean that there
are fans of both, though the groups have diverged
paths musically.

Keep the Dead Man's Party going!

The Devil Girl

"I am the girl who wanted to be God."-- Manic Street Preachers


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 13:24:53 -0700
Subject: cyber partridge + spinster pill

richard wrote:
>3) Andy is buying a new computer and has no intentions
>of getting on line. Ever.

yeah, right. as soon as he plugs that baby in he will be careening thru
cyberspace crying for more bandwidth just like the rest of us. i hope
andy gets a mac.
* ------------------------------------------
my interest is definately peaked in this minster hill i've been hearing
about lately. but, as usual, when i inquire at the record store no one
knows what the hell i'm talking about. anybody wanna make me a sampler?
i'm not exactly up to my neck in rare xtc recordings, but i have lots of
good music to trade with.
* -------------------------------------------
my list of musical gear: (scroll down if it gets too boring)


-dan "wanted to add to the xmas song thread but all my ideas were
already taken" duncan


Message-ID: <003401bf19a9$3cb18ea0$5d86883e@pbncomputer>
From: "chris browning" <>
Subject: covers thingy
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 21:41:14 +0100

hello folks

its a bit late and off thread and all, but i've taken a couple of days over
it and been in teleconferencing with my mate dave to think of songs xtc
should cover (i wish this could be like john peel's birthday present where
he chose his favourite bands to cover his favourite songs - and they
obliged. because he is john peel obviously. and he is a god). anyway here we
go. i've tried to go for fairly obscure or more interesting stuff because
otherwise you get into the celebrity karaoke cover territory lived in by
kevin rowlands at the minute (my idea of a good weekend is not seeing one of
my all time heroes in a dress singing "you'll never walk alone" at reading.
tragic. rather like xtc recording "xtc salutes the godlike genius of
menswe@r" for pities sake...anyway. rambling again.)


1. The Clean - Tally Ho! - my favourite band covers my favourite pop song.
if you don't know its a white musicesque slash of guitar and keyboard pop
from new zealand. fanblibkintastic.
2. Split Enz - I See Red - anyone aware of the enzso album whereby the
keyboard player reorchesrated and rearranged split enz classics? its jolly
good and i SERIOUSLY think a similar xtc project would be fantastic too.
3. Zuno Men - Everybody Was Right - bought the album because it was likened
to xtc, beefheart and orange juice. and by 'eck it is that good. lovely
song. very influenced by xtc but i think xtc could really do stuff with it.
4. Blur - Coffee and TV - well i can imagine Colin singing it rather
5. The Beatles - Martha My Dear - first time i heard the white album i
thought hang on, thsi is where andy partridge gets his ideas. i saw the
whole song as a kind of blueprint.may be wrong but it works for me...
6. Pink Floyd - Apples and Oranges - problem with xtc singing psyche is that
they basically rewrote all the best of it. you listen to vintage obscure
british psych and you marvel at how right the dukes got it. still the mad
vocal bit befor ethe drop into "apples and oranges" is born for some andy
tonsil ripping imho.
7. Super Furry Animals - International Language of Screaming - again, mad
slashing guitars and keyboards and potential vocal histrionics. i just think
xtc could do great things with it.
8. The High Lamas - Checking In, Checking Out - just kind of a nice rolling
pop song in generals and majors stylee i think
9. The Bonzo Dog Band - You Done My Brain In - "for gods sake give me break
let me crawl away and die!" and then the "hallelujah!" bit. perfect. i mean
neil innes sung by andy partridge. wonderful thought.
10. The Soft Boys - I Want To Destroy You - just the harmonies and stuff.
again i just think it woudl work.
11. Ballroom Blitz/Blockbuster - my friends idea as he thinks it would fit
in Helium Kidz stylee.
12. Roxy Music - Virginia Plain - okay a little obvious but still a
wonderful idea
13. The Kinks - Till the End of the Day - no idea why this one, but it just
seemed most right for the proceedings.
BONUS TRACK - SWEDEN HEAVEN AND HALL (or mnah mnah from the muppets)

sorry i waffled. i tried to justify it all but it seems to just have turned
out to be "brilliant!" so i may as well not have bothere. so sorry if i went
on a bit.




Message-ID: <388945085.940280161392.JavaMail.root@web02.pub01>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:56:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: Satanas Diablo <>
Subject: Housmartins & Boingo

Thanks for the info on Housemartins.  Funny, I have all of Beats
International and I never knew the connection.  Nothing will probably
compare with their stuff as Housemartins though.  That's like the Specials
trying to come back 20 years later without the original front man! (hmmmm).

Mr. Gerbil.  Thanks for your comments.  Its good to see another Boingo fan.

Everyone with negative comments.  Remember, I only responded to stuff.  I
want only to talk about XTC, it was many of you who decided to call me Troll
and my friend racist slurs.  As far as it goes, I sent John pictures of
myself and listed the people who were sending the racist or other harassing
emails, so I have already laid out the proof.  I sent a message with those
peoples names, but John felt it best to erase it and forget about it,
however, you don't seem to feel that way.  I tried getting on with things
and talking about music, but only some of you are attempting to do that.
Just let the message sink in and drop it!  You don't need to get the last
word in.

I got Homespun today!  I am going to put it in now... Cant wait to hear it!
was cheap at CD now with $10 off!

Musical Instruments:
This is a tough one.  In the past I have done mostly sample driven music
using an ASR 10.
I am thinking about getting a Roland XP60 as a synth, though I'm not sure.
I own 3 Guitars.
1 Acoustic Yamaha
A 74 Fender Telecaster Deluxe
and some bass that I don't feel like checking what it is.
The stuff was given to me by my wife's brother because I am learning the
guitar/bass.  I am no way a great musician yet!  I cant even change cords
quickly!  I'm learning though.
I have been a singer in many bands.  That is my specialty. Though I love the
artists and hate the comparison, I have been compared as a mixture of The
lead singer of Drama Rama, John Linnell of TMBG and David Lowery of
Camper/Cracker.  I have a Audio Technica 4060 Mic which is the best mic
under $2000 in my opinion.  That is it..


Message-Id: <s80b4af5.058@OAG.STATE.TX.US>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:29:09 -0600
From: "Steve Oleson" <Steve.Oleson@OAG.STATE.TX.US>
Subject: Mine's Biggger than yours, Todd!

OK, a while back, I modestly listed a few of my stiring-ed instruments. I
didnt want any of you less well endowed to feel inadequate. Well. Todd's
pathetic list of porn mags... I mean gidlets and gadgets was the gauntlet
that ripped the camel's knickers!

Here's my more complete list-

Doppleganger phase shifter
Venetian Blind Lemon ratchet snapper
Dalian Grasshopper Time sequencer
Mannikin head tuners
Strumpet trumpet
Beat Rotating Heads
Ponty Bone Squeezetone
Oleson's Tuned Teeth
Flat wound banana surprise
1936 (pre corporate rip-off) perc-o-later
1965 Strumbalina balalaika
Fuzz Butt spankatron
A mint-condition Fireball XL-5
Pre-Sonic dog whistle
DiMarzio Dichroic Flagellator
Ibanez DV8ER
Vox Continental capacitor cooker
Strat-o-various Random Tone Generator
Dimentia 13 Axe
Owlsley Feather-Touch drum synth
Wakeman Sequinser
2- Big Bottom Bass cabinets
ROAR-Satch Stereo EQ
Naysell Napalm De-fibrulator
10-itis Headphones
1 gross Finger-Eeze
Carrumba marimba
2- Collins Bald-Pate Gated toms
de Vilbis/Zildjian Geshundheit
Hohner Kazoo
Onan Splatter guard

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve "Up to 11" Oleson


Message-ID: <>
From: "garret harkawik" <>
Subject: instruments
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 17:31:24 EDT

>here's a list of musical instruments I own. I play them all and I play
>them often.

I don't don't own many instruments, so instead of listing all the
instruments I own, I will make an equally interesting list of things I can
see from where I am sitting:

a computer
a keyboard
a tv
a printer
my hands
a telephone
my moms law school diplomas
a light
a door
a clock(I'm not sure if this one counts because I had to turn my head to see
a bunch of cds strewn across the floor
a chair
my leg
my other leg
a wall
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------
About this whole football thing, where I live (Buffalo) football players are
like gods.  People who don't like football are looked upon as ignorant.  I
for one don't like football that much and think people considering them
heroes is downright stupid.  In my opinion, a hero is someone who takes on
something bigger then himself.  I also think that football players' salaries
are outrageous.  If someone wants to be a fan of football or any other
sport, thats fine, but you shouldn't become obsessed with it, like most
people I know(Half of my math class each monday is about the football game
that was on the sunday before)
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------
I think all posts should have SOME xtc content, so here is mine:I think that
xtc is good.

Garret "Garret" Harkawik
"I'm sorry Lisa, but as a semi-illegal immigrant, you putting stuff like
that on the window of my store could land me in a predicament as red-hot as
the candies which bare that name!"- Apu Nahasapeemapetilon


Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 18:31:21 -0400
Message-Id: <>
From: "Julia B. Brown" <>
Subject: Another XTC fan tribute?????

Hello all!

Since there are so many of us musicians out there, has anyone brought up
the idea of putting together another fan tribute?

I heard there was one done, but I think that was a few years back (please
correct me if I'm wrong).  I know I'd happily submit a couple of things...

What d'ya think?


(listening to Testimonial Dinner)


Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 19:06:25 -0400
From: Dorothy Spirito <>
Subject: Re: Logical "arguments"...
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.4.00.9910181249190.5557-100000@esun2028>

::drawing a deep breath, holding it, exhaling loudly::

I'll see if I can use an analogy to make this clear for the new member,
as well as for others:

A hate-filled ignoramus is a hate-filled ignoramus.  Some of them call
themselves XTC fans; some of them call themselves Christians; ...

But bigotry is *not* representative of XTC, and violence is *not*
representative of Jesus Christ.

Just as it would be misleading to say that *XTC fans* slurred Charlie,
it is misleading to say that *Christians* threatened to bomb that radio
station.  In both cases, it was ignoramuses.

People *claiming* to be Christians may have threatened that radio station,
but people who have dedicated themselves to living the example Jesus
Christ gave, which is, in a nutshell, love God and love others --
would *not* have.

I'm only up to mid-1996 in the archives, but I've noticed these "Dear God"
debates pop up periodically, with one or more people each time equating
being a Christian with the mockery which *calls* itself "Christian" but
which actually practices hate.

I appreciate people who can make the distinction.

Thank you,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 15:46:18 -0700
From: Rich Bunnell <>
Subject: Re: Boingo

>There are still some ignorent people on this list who wont quit, but I
>will try and put that behind me.  Anyone a fan of Boingo?  Just getting
>your perspective on the group, who I feel is the best group of this era.
>Yes, in my oppinion, Danny and the boys rip XTC.  Not saying they are
>better, but they are really good in what they do.  I am asking because
>very early Boingo had a very similar sound to XTC.  Anyway, let me know
>what your thoughts are on this.

I can't say that Boingo showed as much longevity as XTC have ("Dark At
The End Of The Tunnel" is pretty boring and their 1993 eponymous album
has several ugly spots) but their early albums showed a load of great
jerky pop songwriting-- DEFINITELY influenced by XTC. Elfman himself
even said so in an online chat which I read a transcript of, and even
so, one listen to the original EP version of "Only A Lad" makes it clear
enough anyway.

Personally, I think "Nothing To Fear" is a very, very under-rated could the All Music Guide give it two stars, with "Dead
Man's Party" 4.5?!?

Rich Bunnell


From: Cathryn Myers <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Homespun "extras"
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 19:16:25 -0400 (EDT)


Long time no post, but I have been reading faithfully.  I wanted to pass
on some information about Homespun that I have yet to see written about (and
frankly I am shocked).

I too debated whether to buy homespun as I finally managed to get my
hands on the Demos (thank you Pancho. Are you enjoying the Negro
Problem).  I thought yes a CD might be nice but how often would I listen
to it over AV1.  But wouldn't you know, the first time in a record store
I spotted it immediately.  So I poped it in and was delighted to find two
extra goodies that were not on my cassette version.  Besides the Colin
demos which I did not have, Andy includes about a minute or so of two
very crude beginings of Harvest Festival and I'd like that.  According to
the liner notes he recorded these on your run of the mill mono tape
recorder.  He introduces both of the songs and kind of hums along to the
guitar.  It was amazing to listen to.  It was like a window into the
songwriting process. After the one minute demos, the full version of the
demo (just like the one on my cassette tape) is played.

I think these two little one minute snipets alone are reason enough to
pick up Homespun.

Re Sarah McLaughlin being an XTC fan.  I know that she gives us her
version of Dear God on ATD, but up until that time she had not been a
fan.  I have a recording of a live radio show she did in NYC back in
1994 (can't remember which station.  I think it was 100.3 before they
went pop).  Anyway she mentions her involvement in the project and
commented that before she was approached about participating she
knew very little about the band.  Someone suggested that she sing Dear
God and she did.  End of story.  She went on to babble about Andy liking
her version better.  Whatever.  So she wasn't a fan.  I don't know if her
participation caused her to see what she had been missing.  I kind of
doubt it for some reason.

Re Owlsley, Jason Faulker, Fountains of Wayne.  As someone desparate for
good music, I follow just about every suggestion I hear on this list and
bought the three aforementioned CDs.  I was disappointed.  Owlsley was
OK, but in the end I could only describe it as competent run of the mill
rock and roll.  I judge all old fashioned guitar based rock n roll
against the db's Sound of Music album (find it anyway you can).  I don't
think it measures up at all.

I was equally unimpressed with Fountains of Wayne.  Jason Falkner was the
best of the three, but still nothing to write home about.  I have not
been able to find Minster Hill in the stores, so I will have to order it
online.  I know that XTC sets a very high standard, but I still get a
little depressed when I buy a new CD in anticipation of finding the next
XTC and end up being disappointed.  Any bands out there with a big sound
like XTC on Nonsuch or AV1.  Can anyone out there write a song like ROO
or omnibus besides Andy?  Please let me know.

Re XTC on VH1.  This might have already been discussed, but the other day
I caught a segment of Where Are They Now that featured XTC.  It was
before the release of AV1 so it concentrated on the fight with Virgin
and the few XTC radio hits.  Considering VH1 has some stock footage out
there I think we really could get an XTC Behind the Music.  Send those
lettes folks.

That is all I can think of now.

P.S. (guess not)  I am looking for some new friends in the Philly area.
Any Chalkers live in my neck of the woods?


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 00:51:49 +0100
From: John Peacock <>
Organization: The Nice Organization
Subject: Re: Elton at Christmas


Iain Murray wrote (on the subject of Xmas songs):

> "Ho Ho Ho (Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas?)" - Elton John

Is it just the result of many years of dedicated caffeine abuse, or do I
remember a John Peel session Elton did in the (early?) seventies, where
Peelie, John Walters (his producer) and Dame Reg got very very drunk indeed
and he played Xmas carols and his own songs pub-piano-stylee. Including, I
think, a Knees-Up-Mother-Brown version of Candle in the Wind. Very funny

As for Xmas songs, how about, Xmas Wrapping by the Waitresses, and (my own
favourite), the Cocteau Twins' version of Frosty the Snowman.



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