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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 286

                Saturday, 16 October 1999

Today's Topics:

Old/New XTC Fans (hmm sounds like a game from Whose Line Is It Anyway?) :P
                     Loss of a parent
Don't Lick That Envelope! It's Been Poisoned With An Urban Myth!!
                        misc. etc.
               Chalkhills 283/284 comments
           I Would Have Made This Instrumental
                      Re: Klark Kent
                  Satanas vs. El Diablo
                  Nadsat: Fuzzy Warbles
             Re: I'll Chainsaw Your Studio Up
                         Re: Xmas
                      Muenster Hill
                     Harrison LIES!!!
        Re:Is it weird to listen to xtc in the US?
              Re: Peace, Love, Understanding
                    vote xtc in 2000!
                    First things first
              i hate thinking of titles....
                Circular Bed Full of Women


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Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 15:52:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: Old/New XTC Fans (hmm sounds like a game from Whose Line Is It Anyway?) :P

I'm not sure how I would describe myself.  I've liked
XTC for about 10 years, when I bought ORANGEs &
LEMONS, but I didn't "get into" them until 1995 when I
bought SKYLARKING.  I mean when I was younger I had an
older sister who always listened to "Senses Working
Overtime" and "Making Plans for Nigel" but I had no
clue who they were.  After I first heard SKYLARKING I
just jumped into them.  I bought almost all their
albums.  I didn't know that they had more than four
albums until I got UPSY DAISY ASSORTMENT.  That's when
I got MUMMER and BIG EXPRESS.  Those two albums are on
my top five faves next to SKYLARKING, O&L and ES.
Okay, I'm rambling on and on. :)




Message-ID: <000301bf16b0$73770ba0$afd2163f@k5p2r2>
From: "Kim Williams" <>
Subject: Loss of a parent
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 20:56:07 -0500

Dan Phipps <> wrote:

>Dad peacefully passed away this morning
>at 2:34...Just thought you should know.

I wish to extend my condolences to you with your loss.  My dad died 4 years
ago so I know what it feels like.  I don't know if this will help, but the
song "Rook" gave me a lot of comfort when I needed it.

Take care.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 21:08:12 -0700
From: "May O'Mahoney" <>
Subject: Don't Lick That Envelope! It's Been Poisoned With An Urban Myth!!

Steve Oleson wrote:

"Do other Yanks have theories regarding our love of XTC?"

Just the kind of question to shake me out of my hibernation - all that
Charlie stuff was getting old.  Before I answer the above question; a
word of advice to Chalkies:
The next time someone comes blazing into town a la Charlie, can we all
post, in 70 point bold, 'URBAN MYTH STRIKES AGAIN'?

Now, getting back to the Steve's question.
I can't really speak for the population, but this is my guess:

There is something about XTC that, as a band, conveys both fireball
strength and, more importantly, heartbreaking vulnerability.  When you
think of American music as a whole, does heartbreaking vulnerability
come to mind?  Not to me.  When I think of American music as a whole, I
see a lot of aggression, a lot of macho posturing (forgive me
gentlemen), a lot of breast implants (forgive me ladies), a lot of,
"Yeah, we're number 1!!!", a lot of , "Dude, who rules?  Limp Bizkit or

I'm NOT saying that America ISN'T a great place of opportunity for
music, but sometimes, and I'm saying just sometimes, our striving to be
a dominant force in music, etc., gets a bit wearisome.

I think that XTC is refreshing in this light.

Yours Warmly In Southern California Ha Ha,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 21:27:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: misc. etc.

And since people have been recommending non-XTC music
for a while, I
thought I'd hoist a flag for the new Marshall Crenshaw
album, "#447."  The
man's ear is as solid as ever: every song is engaging,
and many are absolutely
first-rate.  The record sounds great, too; in terms of
arrangements and overall production it's perhaps his
best.  So check the man out.
HAvent heard from Marshall in a while. He's so good!
If you don't know his music, you should get aquainted
quick. Beautiful hook-filled pop gems-Yummy! And, he
went to high school with a friend of my sister's in
beautiful Berkley, Mich!
I've been wondering how long it's (Iron Chef)  been on
in Japan-- the ones we get
over here are copyright 1998.  Maybe John Boudreau can

I've heard that it is no longer running, that they
closed production while it was still good, like
Seinfeld (actually, I never watched Seinfeld).
Hare-brained scheme that never came to be: a 'foreign
version' of Nonsuch.

Don't know if that's such a hare-brained idea: I own
two German language Peter Gabriel cd's and don't speak
a word of German except for "did you shit your pants?"
that a friend of my Mon's taught me when I was a
little kid. Thought it was hysterically funny at age
An Esperanto version of 'Travels in Nihilon' would be
entertaining, and somehow poignant...
or maybe 'River of Orchids' in Pig Latin...

forgive me,
I'll stop now
Another great idea that never came to fruition:
literally "stand up
naked and grin" at the end of the Wrapped In Grey
Of course the single was recalled and the video was
never shot.
Now i really wonder if we should regret that :)

Reminds me of a comment I read regarding the infamous
John & Yoko 'Two Virgins' cover:
"all this fuss over such a small thing"


Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 00:41:39 -0400
From: David Oh <>
Subject: Chalkhills 283/284 comments

>From: Jill Oleson <>
>Subject: HOW 'BOUT DEM E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!!! (Jill?)
>Our friend Roger asked:
>>   HOW 'BOUT DEM E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!!! (Jill?)
>Last weekend the Eagles trounced the Dallas Cowboys...
>...The Eagles played very well (but only in the LAST 4 MINUTES!  ;-)
>Jill Oleson

sorry jill & roger, but i really have to say this. i've read many off topic
posts before in this digest, but this one really is the worst! if you can't
make your comments to be only about xtc, at least try to keep to the
subject of music.

american football is the most over-rated of all sports and its fans'
worship of, and devotion to, the "sport" is the most ridiculous and
incomprehensible thing i think one can do... next to joining the kkk, that is.

the discussion of football (american or otherwise), or any other sport for
that matter, really has no place here at chalkhills. can we stick to the
music, please?

>Here is money and xtc... ...since then they seem to be very cheap, while
somehow being very extravagant at the >same time.  Cheap examples
>1)  the difford shit

according to andy, the difford shit was this; they agreed to a price, but
difford's studio suffered numerous technical problems & delays, so andy &
colin left because they didn't want to be wasting money and time. difford
called & apologized by offering the remaining time for free. at the end of
the sessions, difford produced a bill for "time spent". this makes xtc
cheap? i'd say it makes difford look cheap, and dishonest, too!

>there are mo' examples which I cant recall right me out here,
or i'll quit.

geez, and people jumped all over me for my abbreviations! and my spelling,

>2)  Price of orchestra

worth it, imho

>3)  signing tour

ditto, especially as i finally met andy, asked him several questions and
had him sign many items. i'm sure all those who met andy (& colin) feel it
was worth it, too.

>6)   building own studio

what, you don't want andy and colin to have more control over their
music... finally? i'm sorry, but i fail to see your arguments.

>Stick- I meant to welcome you back too, but I kept putting it off .
>speaking of which... p-nut gallery? here we go again!

two things; one, thanks for remembering my nickname. i thought no one
secondly, you question my using p-nut but you use mo' & cant? c'mon, let's
give it a rest, ok?

>From: vee tube <>
>       1. 1972 (20th Anv.) 'Paul'
>       2. 196? Melody Maker (Custom/Big Hum on the neck Small hum on the
>       3. 19?? Band Master Head (Totaly mod'd)
>                CH.1 is a Fender Twin
>                CH.2 is a Marshall
>         The Pre-Tubes are Telefunken 'Flat Plates'
>          The output amp has been reconfigured for
>                      EL34/6CA7
>                  They blow the p*ss outa
>                        6L6's!

i take it that the above is for the instrument list. am i right? or is this
just your wish list?

>From: Mud Shark <>
>Subject: Destined to take the place of what?
>A first-time posting here - a bit about myself:
>* Almost totally computer-illiterate, which is why it's taken so long to
find this list
>* Lover of all sorts of music

first off, welcome to chalkhills. second, at least you finally found us.
third, you're obviously a fan of frank zappa. hmmm, xtc & zappa, you have
impeccable tastes in music.

as far as staying on topic is concerned, if there is a dictum here that
states "only xtc content", nobody seems to be paying attention!

>From: John Relph <relph@cthulhu>
>Subject: The Buck Stops Here
>This has gone on long enough.  The discussion of Charlie Buck, racism
>and trolls ends with this issue...  I can verify that both he and Mr. Buck
exist.  So get over it,
>and let's get on with it.  This list is supposed to be for the
>discussion of XTC, the band and their music.  Let's get back on topic.
>	-- John

here, here!

both "charlie" and "santanas" [joking] have emailed me privately, too, and
they seem to be genuine people with a genuine interest in xtc. let's move

oh, btw, davidoh (likewise David Oh) is an alias... anyone have a problem
with that? our chalkhead, john, knows about my alias, but hasn't  indicated
that this is a problem for him... he figured that it was what it was and
hasn't said anything more about it.

>From: Warren Butson <>
>Subject: take this town
>Thanks first of all to those who gave the American (and Canadian) viewpoint
>of how wierd it is to like xtc.

further to my comments about xtc in canada, i'd say that the majority of
the population just isn't aware of xtc, strictly because xtc receive very,
very little airplay. radio is the still dominant means for dispensing music
here (as it surely is elsewhere), but in toronto, with 7 stations playing
"popular music", two are "easy rock" (celine/mariah/whitney), one is
"classic/hard" rock (zeppelin/doors/aerosmith), one is "modern rock"
(pumpkins/bush/nin) while the remaining three compete for
middle-of-the-road listeners (phil collins/sarah mclaughlin/ricky martin).
so, where do you see xtc fitting in on these play lists? it wouldn't matter
if xtc would fit in (they do, imo), there just seems to be no interest from
any of the programming directors. it seems the only place where xtc are
played publicly is over the supermarket "muzak". it ain't weird to like
xtc, it's a privilege.

>From: Giovanni Giusti <>
>Subject: request for help on compilation
>PLEASE HELP ME on this however:
>I have a new g.f. (mmh) (yea the one I tried to woo by singing "Grass" to)
(it worked apparently) -- well, anyway:
>What would be the best CD-R compilation to woo into XTC-dom a 20-year-old
young lady who currently listens to:
>* Velvet Underground
>* Tom Waits
>* Hole
>* Nine Inch Nails

here's my suggestions:
1. millions - drums & wires
2. complicated game - drums & wires
3. travel in nihilon - black sea
4. poor skeleton steps out - oranges & lemons

i can't think of any more at the moment...

>From: "Drew MacDonald" <>
>Subject: old fans, new fans and me
>Though I had been aware of XTC ever since "Senses Working Overtime" and
>"Nigel" appeared on American radio,

your chronology is a little out of order, here. "nigel" was their first big
bang on north american radio, while "senses" came two albums, and several
singles, later. sorry to nit-pick, but you might confuse some of the people
on the list.

>From: Tim Harris <>
>Subject: The UKs favourite song lyric is ....
>The top ten votes were for:
>1. John Lennon, Imagine (J. Lennon)
>2. Robbie Williams, Angels (Williams and Chambers)
>3. Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody (F. Mercury)
>4. The Beatles, I am the Walrus (Lennon and McCartney)
>5. Robbie Williams, Millennium (Williams, Chambers, Barry)
>6. The Beatles, Yesterday (Lennon and McCartney)
>7. John Otway, Beware Of The Flowers (John Otway)
>8. James, Sit Down (Booth/Glennie/Whelan/Gott)
>9. Moody Blues, Nights In White Satin (Justin Hayward)
>10. Hoagy Carmichael, Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael/Mitchell Parish)

yeah, answer me this: how does robbie williams even make that list, and not
just once, but twice?!?

>From: Dan Phipps <>
>Subject: It's over...
>Hey all,
>We buried him (Dad) today.
>It was beautiful.
>/Dan Phipps <>

my (belated) condolences, dan.

>From: "Megan Heller" <>
>Subject: sheesh
> taunts--
>>And this one's just for Megan:
>>Caesura!  Caesura!  Caesura!  Ah-hah-hah-hah-hah!

can we try to grow up a little? please?

>From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
>Subject: Smalltown Revisited
>The formidable David Oh challenged me:
> mark, you're a big tease, you are!

formidable? moi? what do you mean, mark, just what do you mean?


Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 21:39:49 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: John Relph <relph@cthulhu>
Subject: I Would Have Made This Instrumental

Oh, alright, here's my list of musical equipment:

1973 Gibson J-50 acoustic guitar (chunky rhythm box)
1993 Collins D-2 acoustic guitar (sweet lead guitar)
1987 Ovation acoustic-electric guitar (it has its moments)
Martin tenor guitar (don't know what year)
1991 Smart F-5 mandolin (as heard on "Another Aerostar")
1985 Stump octave mandolin (or bouzouki)
Washburn Status bass (but no amp)
Schoenhut baby grand toy piano
Alesis SR-16 drum machine
random bass chorus pedal (who cares?)
Realistic Concertmate electronic accompanist / metronome (my sister's)
5-note train whistle
rain stick
nose flute
bird-shaped ocarina

And it's possible there's something I forgot, but if I did, I've

	-- John


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 21:02:13 +1000
From: chrisc <>
Subject: Re: Klark Kent

Sorry can't remember who mentioned it on the list, but there was mention of
Klark Kent aka Stewart Copelands solo foray way back in the early eighties.
I have an original copy of the self titled album.  Mint condition 10" green
vinyl, apparently very rare, as I heard only 1000 copies were released
world wide.  Brilliant stuff!  I don't have a turntable in my studio, so I
remastered it onto CD so I could listen to it more often.  Now there's a
thought, Stewart Copeland drumming for XTC.  That would definately be an
interesting proposition!  Just got my copy of Homespun, and am enjoying it
as I write; this will keep me going 'til AV2.

For the Wankers as someone else kindly put it:

1963 Gretch 6120
1972 Fender Tele Custom
Maton Acoustic
Regal Resonator
Yamaha SE350
Westone (rat bass) but I like it!
Highly modified Roland GR
Sold my Rickenbacker 330 for a condenser mic.
1 ball tearing Vox AC30
I wont go on about the studio setup; too much to mention!

To the racists who frequent this list, if they really do exist:


For my sake wont you put your knuckles down boys.

Lead break for the day; Crocodile, all of it!

Chris Chapman


Date: 15 Oct 1999 04:55:00 -0700
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Satanas vs. El Diablo

Oh yeah? Well, I have a Siberian Hamster named El Diablo. He, too, has
never lost a LOGICAL argument. In fact, he's never even come close to
losing. Watch out Satanas, your sun is about to set. A heavy brained
bout between two undefeated logicians? This could be an interesting
match. Stakes will soar, tension will mount, pulses will race, and
nails will be bit as we all lean forward in our seats to see who
retains his title.

Each champion, of course, has his own talents and tremendous
strengths. But veteran fans believe that the hamsters relatively
miniscule brain mass gives the rodent a sizable speed advantage - less
meat for the super-logical electrochemical impulses to travel. In
fact, "therefore" and "if then" have been recorded to occur
SIMULTANEOUSLY in the caged pets career!

(chalkers, please accept my apology for lack of xtc content...)


Message-ID: <>
From: Jill Oleson <>
Subject: Nadsat: Fuzzy Warbles
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 09:01:46 -0500

Oh my brothers, viddy viddy well,

"What you got back home little sister to play your fuzzy warbles on?"

Twas me veck who 'splained, "fuzzy warbles" are songs in Nadsat,
the Droog-speak of "A Clockwork Orange."  Still a mix of horrorshow
and hound-and-horny to me.  Too much like pe's yarbles, welly, welly,
welly, welly, welly, welly, well.

Hear it:

Your Dictionary:


Austin, Texas


Message-ID: <000901bf1716$f5c040c0$755791d2@p13s574p>
From: "John  Boudreau" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 23:09:15 +0900
Subject: Re: I'll Chainsaw Your Studio Up

Satanas wrote :

>My statement regarding "Christians wanting to kill me" or whatever, was
>actually a pun on a book I just read called Song Stories where Andy
>explained that a station in Florida was threatened to be bombed or set on
>fire for playing "Dear god."  So, it was a joke.  I have a right to my
>opinion ...

Hey Satanas - EVERYBODY has a right to their opinion , but this list is no
place to voice anti-Christian or anti- anything else . You call your
statement " a joke " , but it was in bad taste and unnecessary . For someone
who abhors racism ; you seem to have little trouble with flinging bigoted
stones at Christians . I despise racism ; and bigotry - no matter WHO it is
aimed at -  Christians included .

On a lighter note ; I would be happy to procure the Ltd. Ed. Japanese "
Homespun " for any interested parties , assuming it is still available .

John in Japan


Message-ID: <000201bf1725$a38e3d20$dfe0868b@GaryHooper>
From: "Gary Hooper" <>
Subject: Re: Xmas
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 00:20:38 +1000

I'm looking for some Xmas songs....
Here's what I've come up with without looking too deeply...
Slade :" Merry Xmas Everybody" (bit of a worry)
"Thanks For Xmas ": (do I need to add this bit?)
Pretenders :" 2000 Miles"
Spa rks : "Thank God It's Not Xmas"
Tom Waits : "Christmas Card From A Hooker...."
Everything But The Girl : "25th December"
The Pogues : "Fairytale Of New York"
Die Toten Hosen : the album called "Waiting For Santa Claus..." I picked up
on the weekend (16 Christmas- themed tracks)
And for those Australian subscribers : "Santa Never Made It into Darwin" -
Bill & Boyd
Any contributions will be gratefully received....
Gary Hooper.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 16:12:11 EDT
Subject: Muenster Hill

Luna (the lovely) wrote:

"One more note: on your suggestion that Herrick is trying to sound like
Colin, I believe the singer on that track is actually Christian Cassan who
was formerly a member of a NY band called The Churchills." dear, I beleive you are correct.

Maura (the not unattractive) wrote:

"Was that what the band was saying about themselves (by the way it's
MINSTER HILL not Minister) or was that a sparkling review from the highly
regarded Mr.Schnee from the awesome (way more so then the poorly written
and lousy critics at consumable review magazine)ALL-MUSIC GUIDE?!!!!!!!!"

It was a review, and was proudly displayed as the first bit o text on the
first page of the presskit....and we all know that if Mr Schnee gave it a
good review it must be good.  Furthermore, since you pointed out that the
site I write for contains "poorly written and lousy" reviews then all who
read this should clearly understand that I have no idea what I'm talking
about.  Actually, I'm pretty much just a fucking idiot.  So, that being
said, I hereby retract all previous statements I've made regarding the new
cd by Minister Mountain...uhh, what? mean it's actually Minster?...I
had NO idea. I feel so foolish for not realizing that this is the best
release in the history of music.  I shall put my pen down and never write
again.  I always knew that I'd never amount to anything. I'd tell you of
some of the other sites & magazines I write for but I'm afraid that you
would expose the ugly truth about them as well, just as you did of the
consumable eggshell fragile ego simply couldn't take it.

So....let's review:

Anything Mr Schnee says is gospel.
Wes Long is an idiot.
Wes Long writes for a "poorly written and lousy" review this is
the only kind which would employ an idiot.
and lastly...



"I also received a press kit and it contained more great reviews than I
have seen for one cd this year or maybe the last 5 years"

Uhhh....ya sure about that?  My presskit has about 9 or 10 reviews on
it....and if you don't believe the words of the all knowing Mr Schnee, you
can always rely on the review of the never incorrect Goran Vasovic, of
Yugoslavian Radio fame.
This must be the best release in the last 5 years then.

and still Muara:

"I just can't figure out why a band with this much high
praise (with Wes' being the only exception to that I have heard) is not all
over the radio

Christ girl(hope you don't mind me calling you Christ girl)....I can think of
at least 30 bands more worthy of your above sentence than Muckrake
Hill......lets start with XTC.

and much much Maura:

By the way, I heard Andy even played and
produced some of the disc...can anyone confirm this???? I'm not surprised
if he did because the guys in the band are some of the nicest and
level-headed guys in music today and I wouldn't be surprised if Andy did
play on it and the band didn't want to use that as a sales tool for a

Yeah....I interviewed Andy earlier this year, and he told me that he is a
real sucker for nice level-headed guys...he just can't so no when asked to
record with them.  OH....and he plans to tour with them!!!!!

Okay...that's all I can stands, I can't stands no more.



Message-Id: <s807477b.019@OAG.STATE.TX.US>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 15:25:30 -0600
From: "Steve Oleson" <Steve.Oleson@OAG.STATE.TX.US>
Subject: Harrison LIES!!!

Harrison, you lie like a 16 year old trying to buy beer at midnight!

In C-hills #5-285 You said that DOM was: "In a word...A Really Nice Guy."

I know for a fact that DOM is, in reality, an eight foot tall troglodyte,
with red-glowing embers for eyes, whose rippling muscles enable him to rip
EMI A&R men in half, and then EAT them, while guzzling a keg of Watney's
Red Barrel!

I know that THIS is the true DOM! Todd B told me so, and he never lies!

Steve "True Believer" Oleson
Austin, TX


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 13:27:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: julescheer <>
Subject: Re:Is it weird to listen to xtc in the US?

Garret wrote: <<Unfortunately, there really aren't any
radio stations near me that would play xtc.>>

It's sad, but true that there are few radio stations
that play XTC here.  BUT...I don't think it's weird to
listen to XTC.  Most of my friends are huge fans of
the band.  (Of course, we are also in the 30-ish
age-bracket, so we are well beyond the teen bands that
seem to be dominating the airwaves now.)  Two weeks
ago, three of us were rummaging around little shops in
Brooklyn and came across "Go 2" AND "Mummer" on vinyl.
 It was the highlight of the excursion!  We were
singing XTC songs for the rest of the night.  Okay,
maybe *that's* a little weird.  But listening to XTC
in general definitely isn't.

 "there's no sense in searching for perfection
  when you're making successful mistakes"
                          ~ The Tragically Hip


Message-Id: <199910151534.PAA073.43@GATEWAY.TIRERACK.COM>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 15:36:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Peace, Love, Understanding
From: "William Loring" <>

John H. Hedges writes:

>William Loring writes:

>>The last few days of list messages would be very depressing reading,
>>if presented to XTC. What do you think the writer of "Knuckle Down"
>>might think if he read these messages?
>>"What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?" - Elvis Costello

>Andy would probably be less depressed than Nick Lowe would be if he
>read that you were attributing one of his best songs to some other guy!

Okay, I'll plead guilty to that one. I don't have the Nick Lowe version, so
I tend to associate the song solely with EC. Sorry about that. Anyway, the
sentiment still stands, and no I don't think that Nick would be more
depressed. Amused or annoyed, perhaps.

I think AP would be depressed because by reading this list he might be led
to believe that even his most ardent fans aren't taking the message of
XTC's music to heart.

William (personally, I like (I Love The Sound Of) Breaking Glass) Loring


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 13:55:43 -0700
Subject: vote xtc in 2000!

damian wrote (regarding av1):
>This is what all good albums, all good books, all good movies, symphonies,
>poems do.  They take time to reveal themselves in all their glory. This
>is not the kind of stuff for impatient minds.

i agree. and i think this is the main reason xtc has never gotten the
commercial success or recognition they deserve. i can see your average
human thumbing thru an xtc disc for the first time and not finding much
to make them say : "my god! i have to play this on my radio show! (or
put on my tape, etc.)" when they used to put albums out on a regular
basis it would always take me a while before i loved the new one as much
the old.
>After finding out from TVT Canada that only 1500 copies of "Homespun"
>would be released in Canada (gasp!), I decided to shell out way too much
>money (about 38 bucks US) to purchase the Pony Canyon version of
>Homespun from Japan

if any of you non-americans find yourself in this predicament, i
wouldn't mind picking up copies and shipping them 'this world over'. we
all have to do our bit. you pay postage.
email me privately if you just gotta have it and just can't get it.
i got my copy of 'homespun' last nite (after deciding i wasn't going to
be duped into re-purchasing songs i already blah blah blah).
instant favorites:
 fruit nut

i love the demo of greenman! the album version sounds so over-produced
by comparison!
i read somewhere that "a work of art is never finished, only abandoned".
well, after listening to 'homespun' i feel that certain parts of av1
should have been abandoned sooner than they were.
to giovanni: put 'then she appeared' on the cd-r comp for your
girlfriend. i can't think of a better song to woo a woman by.
i *had* heard lawson had huge tits; all four of them.

lay your head
on the greenman,


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Date: 15 Oct 99 15:13:38 PDT
From: vee tube <>
Subject: First things first

      Sorry your transmission takes so long to
                    reach us.
            (many light years away)

  My favorite AV1. Lyrics:

    "Flat fins flip flounder...
      Chocolate Carp are brown"

   These make me feel }---:)

  Least favorite:

     " We're all so full of fish...

    These make me feel }---:(

 P.S. You can't keep a good fish drown!
            Queen Holly-1999.BX (Before XTC)



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From: "chris browning" <>
Subject: i hate thinking of titles....
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 23:28:52 +0100

hello people

well it's very strange getting my first chalkhills digest in eighteen
months. diligently at university i waited for digest after digest, as the
hints and possibilities of new xtc product came and went but still nothing.
having only first heard xtc for the first time about two years after
nonsuch came about ("senses working overtime" on a crummy little Q magazine
eighties compilation tape - love at first whatever the aural version of
sight is, and one that was consolidated by esteemed godlike british dj mark
radcliffe's constant dippings into teh canon), i never knew what being
around when a new xtc album came out could be like and i know this is now
past history, but i tell you despite the fact it is pretty much only music,
xtc have meant so much to me in so short a time i found it a profoundly
moving experience. it is a lovely record. and i am not alone. i was at
belle and sebastian's bowlie weekender, proudly wearing my xtc lapel badge
and lots of old xtc fans came up to me and said how wonderful they thought
AV1 was. quite a wonderful feeling - all this distance to listen to one
band i love, only to sit for hours talking about the band i love most. and
when the conversation got on to nick drake - stop me befor i become a bore
on my first mail.

other things - i got a letter from a chalkhillian just before i moved to
nottingham, and it was lovely - BUT I LOST IT! if anyone remembers writing
me that letter (chris was at luffbra uni doing library studies) I'M REALLY
SORRY! i did intend to reply just teh chaos in moving and setting up job
and stuff. sorry. i'm a bit crap. i'll get me coat.

planning to get homespun tomorrow. kind of sneaked out so i only noticed it
at hideously bloated overprice in andy's records last week. you guys have
really begun to whet my appetite for it.

thanks for still being as great as ever. looking forward to more wondrous
stuff from xtc soon (travelled through swindon for the first time ever this
year, and felt sudden urge to stop the train and just run through the
streets whooping but realised that not only may this scare my companion but
also the populus of swindon)



NOW PLAYING : The Magick Heads - Before We Go Under


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Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 19:48:51 -0400
Subject: Circular Bed Full of Women
From: "Diamond" <>

The Qoute Garret had at the end of his last post:

"I don't regret never being famous, but I do regret never being in a bed,
full of beautiful women."

I believe the qoute is "...CIRCULAR bed..." (I could be wrong) If this is
the qoute from VH1's where are they now. I assume it is.

Also, Damian's list of great lyricists:

>Andy Partridge
>Colin Moulding
>Elvis Costello
>Frank Zappa
>Mike Muir

What About The Beatles? Don't know who Mike Muir is. Should I? I'm just
getting into Elvis Costello, and really like him. He strikes me as being a
lot like They Might be Giants (actually, I should probably say that the
other way around)

Which brings me to my next point. I've talked to a couple people about
TMBG's music, and how much I love them. And I've been met with some "Ef,
there all right" Remarks which really surprised me. Personally, I think that
TMBG are top notch Lyricists (Spelling?). It is obviouse that they are not
excellant in the way that XTC is. Theier songs are seldom serious, but many
are excellant. Just look at the qoute I use at the bottem of my page:

"No one in the world ever get's what they want, and that is beautiful.
Everybody dies frustrated and sad, and that is beautiful" (Song: Don't Let's

 (I'm thinking of using it as my senior qoute... To dark?)

Or, say, in songs like Ana Ng.

Make A hole with a gun, perpendicular
to the name of this town in a desktop globe
exit wound in a forein nation
showing the home of the one this was written for"

Or, for a more serious note, Narrow Your Eyes:

They say love is blind
I don't think you're blind

I could keep going and going. THey are, in my opinion, excellent word
spinners, and a huge influence in my music.

Plus, thier usic is obviously influenced by XTC's. "XTC vs. adam ant" being
an excellent song, and thier rendition of 25 o'clock being excellent (in my
opinion) Please, give these guys a chance. I suggest buying Factory
Showroom first if you don't own anything by them. Dubbed "Their
Masterpiece," it's not my favorite, but it's the most XTC influenced (And
has XTC vs Adam Ant on it) and is the most popish and accesable.
(P.S. there's a hidden track on the CD. Press play, then rewind into the
negatives. Stop at, like, -1:20 or something, and the song "Token Back To
Broklyn" come on. It's a really cool song"

Enogh about TMBG, back to XTC

Kevin "In the Rough" Diamond (Get it, cause "Diamond in the rough...hah
hah...hah hha... ha- oh forget it.)

"No one in the world ever get's what they want, and that is beautiful.
Everybody dies frustrated and sad, and that is beautiful"
           -John Linnell/They Might Be Giants


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