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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 284

                Thursday, 14 October 1999

Today's Topics:

                     a homespun tale
                    Re: Oh, the irony
                old fans, new fans and me
                     Gracias Amigos!
           The UKs favourite song lyric is ....
             Homespun and the rebirth of AV1
  animatronic pop stars, t. Rex, and spaghetti in a bun
                     Re: Instrumental
                     XTC as anti-pop
                    Peter Pumpkinhead
            re: "Urrgh! A Music War" on video
                       It's over...
                 The ghost with the most
        XTC recommendations, other recommendations
               Re: Space Ghost & Iron Chef
   XTC live+direct uploading frenzy: online xtc audio!
                   Smalltown Revisited
                Condolences to Dan Phipps
            Senses 7" vinyl fold-open package
                  Re: bowie & buck stops


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Castles and kings all starved to death.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 23:43:32 -0400
From: David Oh <>
Subject: a homespun tale

so, today (99-10-12) i go downtown (toronto) to get my copy of 'homespun'.
as previously mentioned, i was told by a tower worker bee that today would
be the release date in canada . naturally, mr. worker bee had the date
wrong, as it is supposed to be released on the 19th. i double checked at
hmv, who confirmed the date. so, now i gotta wait another week! damn and

however, my journey downtown was not a total waste of time because, whist
perusing the xtc bin at hmv, i finally found a copy of the 'easter theatre'
cd-single. by coincidence, i just happened to have my portable cd player
with me for the long subway ride (i had been listening to 'english
settlement' - the first time for quite a while). naturally, i listened to
the 'easter theatre' disc on the ride home.

now, i realize that i may be a little late with my observations here, but i
hope to make a few points. listening to the studio version back-to-back
with the demo version, i couldn't help but wonder what all the futzing was
about regarding the variations - or apparent lack of - between the two. for
anyone who couldn't hear the differences between the two versions, i say
that they just weren't listening close enough. admittedly, the variations
are subtle, but there are distinctions nonetheless. without cataloging them
all in detail, i will say the most obvious one is the tempo, which is
noticably slower on the demo. the next obvious difference is the ending,
which is not as lush and is arranged differently, with an extra run through
the " her bonnet/ her hair/...are the ribbons/...everywhere",
followed by a quicker fade.

i have to say that when andy writes a song and records the demo, it is born
with ten fingers and toes, two ears and a nose. in other words, all the
necessary bits are in place; it is a complete work, not just a (poor)
skeleton. i'd would say that the differences between his demoes and the
final versions are like the differences between childhhood and adulthood;
they both have all the necessary bits and distinguishing marks, but one is
more mature than the other.

that said, i realize that there are those who "want more/less", or "vast
differences", from the original to the final versions. sometimes i, too,
like to hear scratch, or sketch pad, recordings, but i find andy's demoes
fascinating in that they are 90% developed, so i enjoy delving into the
subtle nuances between 'em. so, i look forward to listening to
'homespun'... when the damned thing finally gets released in canada, that is!

remember, though, no one is being forced to purchase 'homespun'; it's just
a gift for those fans who wish to receive it... and i like gifts!

lastly, another thing i enjoy about the 'easter theatre' disc, as well as
that of the 'i'd like that' disc, is the "how it came to be" track. i only
wish that tvt or cooking vinyl had taken a cue from pony canyon, as i'd
love to hear more from andy about "how 'apple venus' came to be"... and
from colin, too. alas, i guess i'll just have to be content with my
cd-singles of 'i'd like that' and 'easter theatre', because i asked at
tower and hmv about ordering a pony canyon import, but both were reluctant
to take an order, saying that it will be next-to-impossible to obtain such
an item, given its limited edition status and the japanese market for such
an item. i just ignored them and insisted on placing the order anyway.
you see, i happen to be a completist... as much as i can be.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 00:13:24 -0400
From: David Oh <>
Subject: Re: Oh, the irony

At 06:20 PM 99/10/12 -0700, you wrote:
>From: Todd Bernhardt <>
> From David Oh:
>>btw, although i try to maintain a certain standard when i'm writing,
>sometimes i misspell words, sometimes i make typographical errors and
>sometimes my grammar is incorrect.
>so fucking what!<
>And now, his sig quote:
>>"if you celebrate mediocrity, you get mediocrity" - frank zappa<
>That is all.

and your point would be... what?

are you suggesting that i'm celebrating mediocrity through misspelling,
typos and bad grammar?

how? 'splain yourself, lucy...
 peace & xtc,



Message-ID: <002101bf154e$9a159000$>
From: "Drew MacDonald" <>
Subject: old fans, new fans and me
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 00:43:12 -0700

Regarding the recent thread regarding which XTC albums are preferred by
"early adopter"  fans vs. those favored by more recent converts --  I must
claim neutrality, because that misses my XTC experience entirely.

Though I had been aware of XTC ever since "Senses Working Overtime" and
"Nigel" appeared on American radio, the first record of theirs I bought --
and the ONLY one I had for a long while, and still the only one I own on
vinyl -- was the Waxworks compilation. It wasn't until after Skylarking
that I got hooked hard on the band, and by then the bonus-tracked CD
versions were on the market.  I obtained almost all the previous XTC
releases over an 18-month span.  When I played XTC at home, it was with up
to five of the discs in my CD changer set to "shuffle play", and when I was
traveling, I had two or three tapes of self-sequenced tracks -- and that's
still the way I prefer to experience this band's work.

So, for me, virtually all XTC music prior to Skylarking is a miscellaneous
pile of mostly-terrific songs. I mentally associate very few of those songs
with their source albums. (Without the CD liner notes, I wouldn't even know
which tracks were post-LP additions, and it's not like I care anyway.)
Unlike early fans who bought and absorbed each record in its release
sequence, I STILL couldn't say for sure whether any given tune came from
Black Sea or English Settlement -- I simply don't recognize them as
distinct bodies of work. (I hope this blasphemy doesn't get me banned from
the list!)

This particular method of appreciating the band has its downside; I once
spent several frustrating minutes searching my XTC collection for
"Vanishing Girl," before remembering it was actually a Dukes tune.  On the
other hand, I'll never sucked into an argument about whether Mummer (or
whichever) sucked or not -- by the time the combatants listed the titles or
hummed enough tunes for me to recognize, it would be time for another round
of drinks, and then the fight would be about whose turn it was to pay.

Blissful in my ignorance,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 00:28:58 -0800
Subject: Gracias Amigos!

A big thanks for making my day to all who responded to my inquiry about
lack of XTC content in #282:

"Megan Heller"
"Duncan Kimball"

and especially:  Tyler Hewitt

Your messages were entertaining and enlightening (this is NOT

btw, I WANT MY COPY OF HOMESPUN!!  It is somewhere in the U.S. mail
system (being sent from 1-800-everycd) and I'm jealous!!  While I'm
thinking about it, does the Japanese "bonus disc" have an interview of
Andy talking about Greenman ("John  Boudreau" mentioned that there were
THREE tracks of how .... came to be)

Lastly, thanks to "John Boudreau" for his wonderful story of inspiration
regarding "Homespun."  I thought of "Holly Up on Poppy" when I read it

Juneau, Alaska


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 12:35:53 +0100
From: Tim Harris <>
Subject: The UKs favourite song lyric is ....

Dont think anyone's mentioned this since it was announced last week
following a vote organised by the BBC.

The top ten votes were for:

1. John Lennon, Imagine (J. Lennon)
2. Robbie Williams, Angels (Williams and Chambers)
3. Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody (F. Mercury)
4. The Beatles, I am the Walrus (Lennon and McCartney)
5. Robbie Williams, Millennium (Williams, Chambers, Barry)
6. The Beatles, Yesterday (Lennon and McCartney)
7. John Otway, Beware Of The Flowers (John Otway)
8. James, Sit Down (Booth/Glennie/Whelan/Gott)
9. Moody Blues, Nights In White Satin (Justin Hayward)
10. Hoagy Carmichael, Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael/Mitchell Parish)

Interesting? John Otway's entry is surprising. Obviously a well-planned
campaign by his fan club!
Tim Harris


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 12:32:04 EDT
Subject: Homespun and the rebirth of AV1


I remember a few folks saying how they'd sort of burned out on AV1 just
from sheer listening, and that lately they hadn't been listening to it
much. I was in the same boat before buying Homespun, and now I have dived
back into AV1 with reckless abandon. I listen to the demo for I'd Like
That, I listen to the final with new ears, mind and heart! I listen to the
demo for Greenman, I listen to the final with new ears, mind and heartwith
new ears, mind and heart! I listen to the demo of Frivolous Tonight, I
listen to the final with new ears, mind and heart! I feel like I just got
the album, I'm even playing it all the way through and getting more into it
(haven't done that for a few months at least!)

In short: I'm diggin' Homespun, I feel I definitely got my money's worth
and then some, and cemented in my head that AV1 is my vote for album of the
decade (though we have yet to hear the new Beck, which I'm hearing many
good things about, we shall see). I liked OK Computer alot, it sure sounded
fantastic, but to me, it just can't match the grandness and level of
mastery that is AV1.

Currently workspun, Will J


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 09:46:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: animatronic pop stars, t. Rex, and spaghetti in a bun

The (admittedly little-known)truth is that "Wendy" and
"Sarah" are actually incredibly life-like android
"dynabots," assembled in the Far East as the first
stage of an experimental test to determine if Western
music fans will accept robots as pop stars! ...but of
course we all know about the recent massive success of
the Stage II dynabot, "Ricky Martin."
I think you're mistaken there. The Stage II dynabots
were actually The Spice Girls! Ricky Martin is a
Deluxe Model Stage II dynabot with optional Elvis
Presley 'real swivel action' hips.

Next question counselor... why, once heard, is it
nearly impossible to get T. Rex's "Jeepster" out of me
Thanks a lot! As soon as I read that I had to rush
over to the cd rack and grab my only T. Rex cd, a best
of called 20th Century Boy. It's playing as I write

And I the only person who can't get
enough of watching "Iron Chef"?
Love that show! It's one of the strangest tv shows
I've seen, truly bizarre. Completely over-the-top, yet
most of the food looks fabulous (except for that
episode where one of the chefs was trying for American
children's party food and stuffed spaghetti with
ketchup into a hot dog bun!).


Message-Id: <l03130302b428cebdc6e3@[]>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 07:41:33 -0400
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: Instrumental

>Are there any other singers' voices that remind you of
>How about David Sylvian?
>Sylvian is maybe a cello, or a viola.
>How about Elvis Costello?

  I compared October Project singer Mary Fall's voice to a clarinet when I
heard their first album.

Christopher R. Coolidge

Homepage at


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 15:30:46 -0400
Subject: FOREVER!!!!
From: "Diamond" <>

<XTC content: Where the hell is my copy of Homespun? I
<advance ordered it from CD now, and have been
<paitently waiting by my mailbox, but it has yet to
<show. Has anyone else had problems with advance
<ordering from them (maybe I'm being impatient, but
<this is XTC we're talking about! Even if it's demos,
<their second release after 7 long years has me excited!)

I had a similar problem. I just got Homespun yesterday (Tuesday) along with
Transistor Blast, and Armed Forces by Elvis "Abott and"Costello. I'm not
sure why it took so long, except that I Armed forces was sent first, and I
was told it would be here within 4-8 buisnees days. Then, Three days later,
on the fifth, Homespun was sent, and I was told it would be here within 2-5
days, and that Trans. Blast was on Backorder. Then, three days later,
Trans.  Blast was sent out, saying that it would be here within 2-5
days. As it turned out, it took eight days for costello, five for Homespun,
and two for Trans. Blast. So, they all came on the same day. That seems a
little strange. Do you think they sent all three on the same day, and just
pretended that they were sent at different times? Or do you think I'm just
paranoid? I'd go with the later.

Also, homespun is the coolest thing I've ever seen. 24 PAGES! Holey
Rainforest Depletion, Batman, this is INCREDIBLE. It's like an extended song
stories! The booklet itself is worth the three dollars the album cost me
(With ten dollar gift certificate).

ALSO, Trans. Blast is awsome, also. Right now, I'm listening to "Meeting
Place" on disk two. That Drum machine is awsome! It's so eighties!

Talk to ya later, fellow chalk junkies

Kevin "Forever" Diamond (because "Diamonds are forever"... get it? get it?
...I laughed, anyway.)

"No one in the world ever get's what they want, and that is beautiful.
Everybody dies frustrated and sad, and that is beautiful"
           -John Linnell/They Might Be Giants


Message-ID: <001901bf15b3$47ae5580$31fda4d8@default>
Subject: XTC as anti-pop
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 15:43:47 -0400

Giovanni pled:

> What would be the best CD-R compilation to woo into XTC-dom a
> 20-year-old young lady who currently listens to:
> * Velvet Underground
> * Tom Waits
> * Hole
> * Nine Inch Nails
> In other words: what XTC songs you believe I can use to slowly bring
> her into the fold, considering that for her "pop" is an insult?

Interesting question...the most un-pop-sounding songs of perhaps the best
pop band of all time.  I'd vote for (for various reasons):

Travels in Nihilon, Train Running Low on Soul Coal, Seagulls Screaming Kiss
Her Kiss Her, Battery Brides, Complicated Game, That is the Way, Roads
Girdle the Globe, No Language in Our Lungs, Paper and Iron, Runaways, No
Thugs in Our House, Human Alchemy, Me and the Wind, Reign of Blows, Wake Up,
The Ugly Underneath, That Wave, Your Dictionary.

Some for general sonic discord, some for a certain dark quality that would
seem to appeal to such a fan, etc.  There are others I thought might fit the
bill but these are the ones I personally prefer, taste-wise.

(I'll try to be brief and likely fail, but -- thanks to John for attempting
to halt this long Charlie Buck discussion.  I've had my own opinion about
it, but since there's no way to prove whether anything's true or not,
posting about it to the list seemed like a big waste of time.  Charlie
could very well be pulling our collective leg, or he could just as well be
a fellow cruelly insulted who happened to miss a couple responses to his
original e-mail, no law against that.  As there's no way to know for
certain, why bother?  Believe whichever you do, and send private e-mails to
him if you want to empathize.)

-- Francis


Message-ID: <384251684.939845438219.JavaMail.root@web01.pub01>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 16:10:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: Satanas Diablo <>
Subject: Peter Pumpkinhead

I am going up to The Bay Area soon and if anyone lives on the way, or in
San Fran/Oakland (I know you do John) I would be interested in meeting
with you and maybe trading something.  I have the Ballad of PPH Single
with the Demo version of "PPH," "Wardance" and "Down A Peg Demo."

I want to trade it for possibly anything rare.  I will take CDR's of
course as long as they were extracted from CDR and don't sound like crap!
As for my collection, I own everything that is available on  I
also have a Drums and Wires T-shirt which I will likely part with when I
am 150 years old.  I would like to get my hands on any rare tracks not
included on Rag & Bone, or any new tracks as well.  I am getting homespuns
sent as we speak so I don't need that.

To all the fans who just want to speak like adults, hello.  To the rest,
screw off...  I had a real nice angry letter utilizing the 4 letter word
that I think was removed.  Maybe it was for the best, as everything said
was pretty direct and called out names of the culprits in this whole
thing.  Either way, I would like to move on.  If you are a bigot, I
suggest you move on as well and try and think about the big picture.  I
have a line on the top of my head, but I am not as good at pulling lines
from XTC as most of you...

One last thing about the name.  If you would learn basic Spanish, Satanas
means "Satan" and Diablo means "Devil."  Yes, I am not Christian, but I am
even less likelier a Satanist.  I just like the name and since I am
atheist, I tend to be called evil by people who debate with ignorance.  I
am very outspoken, and in all my years, whether in Philosophy classes or
in public, I have never lost a LOGICAL argument.  The net is not a place
to argue because it almost always ends in anger, in my experience.

My statement regarding "Christians wanting to kill me" or whatever, was
actually a pun on a book I just read called Song Stories where Andy
explained that a station in Florida was threatened to be bombed or set on
fire for playing "Dear god."  So, it was a joke.  I have a right to my
opinion and my comments and whether I check my grammar or not, I have
every right to be given as much respect as anyone else.  This whole
grammar thing is WAY out of hand!  I mean, really, I agree that Malcolm's
post was very unclear and vague, but grammar should be the least of our
focus on the net!  It should be communication.  I have seen many French of
German people BUTCHER the English Language when chatting with them over
the net.  I don't complaing because they may not know it that well, or may
just not want to take the time to fix everything because they are more
concerned with the content of the message.  My messages are more important
than my grammar, so I wont look back if I make mistakes, and since none of
us are any better than they other, I don't think we have the right to
condemn or comment on anyone's grammar.

PS.  The Police rock!  I dont know who said they didnt, but they do!  Or I
think I read someone say Sting sucks, but NO WAY!  Stings first albums
were way better then the last few, but still, he has always been a
favorite of mine!

"and it would be o.k. on any other day..."


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 16:28:54 -0700
From: Dan Phipps <>
Organization: CIC
Subject: re: "Urrgh! A Music War" on video

Could anyone tell me if this is still
available or is it now out of print
like the other classic stuff out there?

Please advise...


/Dan Phipps <>

"All we are saying is give peace a chance!"
(John ///o-o\\\ Lennon)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 16:35:11 -0700
From: Dan Phipps <>
Organization: CIC
Subject: It's over...

Hey all,

We buried him (Dad) today.

It was beautiful.

He's finally with Mom after a long
7-year wait, so I feel pretty good
about things.  My sister and her
family all went back to Ohio this
afternoon after the church luncheon
so it looks pretty much like it's

Life is so short sometimes, eh?

Just sharing...

/Dan Phipps <>

"All we are saying is give peace a chance!"
(John ///o-o\\\ Lennon)


Message-ID: <>
From: "James Campbell" <>
Subject: The ghost with the most
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 14:03:25 PDT

For those tracking Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast watching for the
lads, a schedule of upcoming episodes exists at:

In the past, this list has typically been spot on.  But, for
this new season, there is only one guest being listed.  As many
of you know, there are normally at least two guests on each
show.  Only time will tell what to make of this....

You'll notice a link at the top of the page to 'guests', which
includes some ideas of who may or may not show up during this
seasons run of episodes.  There is no mention of XTC, but that
more than likely means nothing.

Happy hunting...


-- james


Message-ID: <130CB597E04ED211B2A400104B93AAC47DF6BE@ESCORP1>
From: "Wiencek, Dan" <>
Subject: XTC recommendations, other recommendations
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 16:13:06 -0500

Giovanni wrote:

> What would be the best CD-R compilation to woo into XTC-dom a
> 20-year-old young lady who currently listens to:
> * Velvet Underground
> * Tom Waits
> * Hole
> * Nine Inch Nails
> In other words: what XTC songs you believe I can use to slowly bring
> her into the fold, considering that for her "pop" is an insult?

I would be sure to include several songs from Big Express. It's their
heaviest, clangiest production, and even though the songs are still full of
hooks they're often buried under too much studio cacophony to be
immediately noticeable. And subtly remind your new g.f. that Trent Reznor
is a confessed XTC fan.

And since people have been recommending non-XTC music for a while, I thought
I'd hoist a flag for the new Marshall Crenshaw album, "#447."  The man's ear
is as solid as ever: every song is engaging, and many are absolutely
first-rate.  The record sounds great, too; in terms of arrangements and
overall production it's perhaps his best.  So check the man out.

Dan W.


Message-ID: <>
From: "Megan Heller" <>
Subject: Re: Space Ghost & Iron Chef
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 13:59:07 PDT

Wes Hanks <> inquires--
>Did Andy's appearance on Space Ghost Coast to Coast come and go with >nary
>a word? I have been checking the Cartoon Network's site and it >appears
>they are running re-runs. I have yet to see his episode >listed. Wasn't
>Andy's episode scheduled to run sometime during this >past summer? Or did I
>totally muff the punt return?

hm, I was wondering about this one myself... I love SG:C2C, and was really
looking forward to that-- I'll be annoyed if I missed it.

>And I the only person who can't get enough of watching >"Iron

I'm hooked on it, and I got my parents hooked on it.  That show is
incredible (Food Network, 10pm eastern Fri & Sat)-- incredible suspense.
I've been wondering how long it's been on in Japan-- the ones we get over
here are copyright 1998.  Maybe John Boudreau can help?



Message-ID: <>
From: "Megan Heller" <>
Subject: sheesh
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 14:35:48 PDT taunts--
>And this one's just for Megan:
>Caesura!  Caesura!  Caesura!  Ah-hah-hah-hah-hah!

I expected this from someone.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 17:40:56 -0400
From: Ian C Stewart <>
Subject: XTC live+direct uploading frenzy: online xtc audio!

xtc live and direct | rare+live online audio

Hiya y'all

Last weekend I encoded damn near everything within reach. I think
somebody's mom might even be in there. She's available now in Real Audio
along with:
WINDOW BOX (smell it all! and hear it too)
a live recording of MARTIN NEWELL "before the hurricane"
marvelous MITCH FRIEDMAN's "simplification" (w/dave gregory on guitar)
and all of the other stuff that was already there.

To listen is free. But I'm warning you now: I'm not selling any bootleg
CDs or tapes or anything. Just listen and don't be greedy!

later po-taters,
Ian C Stewart


From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 00:07:09 +0200
Subject: Smalltown Revisited
Message-Id: <>

Dear Chalkers,

WARNING: this post is excessively long and has some XTC content

The formidable David Oh challenged me:
> mark, you're a big tease, you are!

who, me? i'm quite small, actually.
But allright then, you've asked for it...
here's the abridged version of my recent trip to Swindon.

... I am riding the Big Express; on board a GWR train heading west,
to the green valleys of Wiltshire, with Train Running Low On Soul
Coal oozing out of my earphones and Song Stories on my lap. Life
just doesn't get any better than this!

My good friend, co-editor and tour guide Debie Edmonds already
booked a room for me at the Mariott so i quickly dumped my stuff
there and took a stroll (downhill) to and around the city centre.
Of course i had to check out if the shops carried Homespun
(HMV did, Virgin didn't!). i replenished my stock of SF novels and
bought a packet of "salt and vinegar" crisps. yes, Swindon really is
a Garden of Earthly Delights - if you know where to look ;)

Funny thing, while i was cruising the busy shopping centre i was
constantly aware that i might, just might bump into Someone.
Hey, you never know, right? it has happened before, i've read all the
reports. And They were in town, according to my latest information.

Later that evening Debie and her friend Pete came and took me to
the Lydiard; a nice informal bar annex restaurant with excellent
grub. it was really great meeting them again; we had a lot to talk
about and we certainly did!

Next morning Debie & Pete picked me up again and we did some
window shopping through the factory outlet stores in the old GWR
buildings.  Also had a delicious fish and chips meal there before we
headed to the soccer stadium to watch Swindon Town FC play
against the Bolton Wanderers. What can i say? They were crap and
lost 0 to 4 but i thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless.

After the match i was rushed back to my hotel to freshen up for the
main event of the day. Then off to nearby Purton for a dinner party in
celebration of the launch of

At the restaurant a small group of fans and friends assembled.
John and Debbie Morrish, Paul Mabberley, Louise Clarke and Steve
Jackson were invited to join us and two very special guests of
honour: Dave and Ian Gregory!

Dinner was served but i hardly noticed the food, too busy enjoying
myself; trying to get it all in. It was great to watch how this diverse
group, most of whom had never met IRL before, got on so well.
Of course i can't reveal everything we discussed but a couple of
things relevant to XTC fans deserve to be recorded somewhere

 Ian vehemently denies that E.I.E.I. Owen was drunk during the
Dukes' Pale And Precious session. He tried but couldn't find the
rhythm in that track.

Hare-brained scheme that never came to be: a 'foreign language
version' of Nonsuch.

Another great idea that never came to fruition: literally "stand up
naked and grin" at the end of the Wrapped In Grey video.
Of course the single was recalled and the video was never shot.
Now i really wonder if we should regret that :)

Anyway, after dinner it was time for the grand finale. Debie sneaked
out and returned with a trolley carrying a very special cake, shaped
exactly like Dave's blue Fano guitar with all the trimmings, and
some spectacular indoor fireworks.

The cake was almost too beautiful to cut up, but we had to do it.
We decided that the first piece - the 'head' - would be up for grabs
for anyone crazy enough to want it. So if you would like to have this
curious collectable, enter the A Piece Of Cake contest on - go over to the News section and follow the

We also presented both Dave and Ian with some belated birthday
gifts, and continued to laugh and be merry until suddenly the
restaurant was about to close for the night. Like all good things, the
evening had come to an end. Of course it took a while to say our
goodbyes to everyone but eventually we had all thanked each other
for the lovely evening and went our way.

We headed back to Swindon where Debz and Pete dropped me off at
my hotel, head still spinning. I don't think it was just the beer...

Mark Strijbos


Message-ID: <001101bf158e$9fb2d5a0$>
From: "Steven Paul" <>
Subject: Condolences to Dan Phipps
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 16:20:58 +0100

Dan Phipps <> wrote:

>Dad peacefully passed away this morning
>at 2:34...Just thought you should know.

I wish to offer my condolences on your loss.  I know how it feels to lose a


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Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 15:31:17 -0700
From: Steven Reule <>
Subject: Senses 7" vinyl fold-open package


Just a brief note in case anyone is interested we have the following XTC
item on ebay:

XTC Senses Working Overtime fold-open special package 7" vinyl! Ebay Item

Go to:
and click the item number...




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Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 17:05:08 -0700
Subject: Re: bowie & buck stops

> [diamond dogs is] set in a sinister 1984 type society (at least I
> think that's what the concept is, it's rather ambiguous;

not so ambiguous, really. the 1984 references are blatant and
deliberate. the other sci-fi-ish references on 'diamond dogs' are culled
from a book called 'dhalgren' by robert zelaney (i think. maybe
delaney). the story is sort of encapsulated in the intro song 'future
legend'. i'll admit i've never read this book even though i bought a
brand new copy about a year ago.
* ----------------------
>This list is supposed to be for the discussion of XTC,
> the band and their music.  Let's get back on topic.

thank you, john.

for my sake
won't you put
your knuckles down,


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