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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #5-28

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 28

                 Monday, 30 November 1998

Today's Topics:

                   Another John Thomas
           That Jason Donovan/XTC connection...
                       Vox guitars
                    XTC Remix Fantasty
                       Yazbek Post
                      more on CC 98
                    Chalkhills Update
                     much thanx to...
                      Random Remarks
                    Re: XTC's "Rocket"
        Re: Chalkhills Digest #5-27, wankers, etc.
                Disappointed in Crocodile?
          Damn it all!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
                       apple venus
             Andrews - for inner cleanliness
                   Terry - the nutter !
                   thanks for christmas
            Modern Time Neros...And Much More!
                        Bob Estus
                     stuff n nonsense
                   Dave Will Be Missed
             Here comes President Phil again


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But I'll swallow up my fate.


Message-ID: <>
From: Arndt_Bar <>
Subject: Another John Thomas
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 12:33:09 +0100

> From:
> Yep - that'd be me. There's a scene in "The Meaning Of Life" (the one with
> the Catholic Michael Palin selling all his children for medical
> experiments) where the Protestant neighbour (Graham Chapman) makes a
> passing reference to condoms and his "John Thomas".
> It's a bit of a trainspotter posting, is this.....
It can't get more trainspotterish (and more off-topic), so here's another
one. Same film, in the restaurant with Mr. Creosote, the "Penis Song"
contains the line "So three cheers for your Willy or John Thomas".

from D-72127 Kusterdingen-Wankheim (sad, but true :-)

And the Useful Quote of the Day:
"Successful communication can only take place on the basis of extratextual
knowledge of the world and one's communication partner [or plausible
assumptions]. Written communication lacks some of the familiar means to
convey the extratextual knowledge that is neccessary to understand some
types of humor, like irony and sarcasm."

Back to being one of those
>people who haven't stirred their suet-slathered asses to contribute a
fucking thing to the
Thanks, Harrison :-(


From: "Benjamin A. Gott" <bgott@Bowdoin.EDU>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: That Jason Donovan/XTC connection...
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 12:32:38 -0500 (EST)


Today's lesson: "never clean out your tape box."

Last night, because I needed something to do, I cleaned out the big
cardboard box in my closet full of my entire cassette collection
(4,000,000 or so, it seems). Anyway, while I was cleaning, I found a
Jason Donovan album -- "Ten Good Reasons" -- that I had bought while in
Scotland in 1989. (That would have made me ten years old, by the way).

Now, the purpose of this post is not to bare my dirty Jason
Donovan-owning secrets (because this album -- which I've popped on right
now -- is pretty disastrous...Linn drums and all!), but to connect Mr
Donovan with our boys from Swindon. For, in the album's credits, I
spotted "Pete Hammond" -- referred to as "Mixmaster Pete Hammond." Didn't
he mix "Nonsuch"? Eh? Ha!

I'm sure that someone's going to tell me that Mr Gregory has a huge
collection of Kylie Minogue photographs in his studio...But, until then,
this is probably the strangest XTC connection I've yet found. (And, no,
this is NOT an invitation to play "Six Degrees of XTC"!)

Also: it was recently pointed out to me that "Making Plans for Nigel" was
originally  released the year I was born. Hmmm.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 10:47:58 -0800 (PST)
From: Cheryl <>
Subject: Rebuttal

Hello once again-

It's just lil ole me here to disagree again.  How
un-nice of me-

Andy, I have been reading through both of your posts
and have reactions to statements from both

>A band that doesn't tour (or do many of the other
things that bands do)
 >produces music in a different way to a working band.
Okay Mr. Miller, I'll give you that.  I'm sure that
is the case but I don't think it discounts them as a

>I am not saying that there isn't great music
produced by such an arrangement
>- of course there is! But a) that music tends _not_
>be the result of a group dynamic
Okay after reading and re-reading your posts I think
it's in this statement that causes all the confusion
for me.  This is at the heart of our disagreement
because I think there IS a group dynamic and from
reading the Epilogue in "Song Stories" I think that
even the individuals of XTC still see it that way.
This is of course is referring up to the departure of
Dave Gregory because it wasn't until the making of
the latest album did he feel his participation is
diminished.  At least that is what I understand from
the book.

>They have a signature sound and are very individual.
>I completely agree. That's the way their music has
>developed outside of the"constraints" of a >band -
>fair enough
How is it that you've arrived at this conclusion?
Developed outside the "costraints" of a band?  They
may design the songs in solitude but it is brought to
the group and their talents are utilised for the
completion of these songs. The individual songs are
formed outside the group but it is the group effort
that makes the signature sound.   Again in reading
the epilogue, my understanding is that even though
they may have the traditional roles of lead singer,
bassist, guitarist- they also utilise each other's
different talents, such as Dave's ability to do
orchestral arrangements, to mold these songs.  It
seems that they depend on each other for the
completion of the project.  If XTC were just a
vehicle for individual efforts why haven't they
bothered just to go their separate ways for solo
albums.  Why come back to the band?

>the music from those first five years is new and
>shiny and _exciting_;
>everything thereafter is, at its worst, merely
clever >- the point where they stop being a pop group
and >start being A Clever Idea.
>From Go 2 on, Mr.P has been shaping the sound of XTC.
 XTC has already  become   `A Clever Idea' by the
time '82 rolls around.

>But it also allowed him to indulge himself more,
.develop his ideas in
>isolation and, if you read Song Stories, dictate the
>direction of "the band".
Which you will note that in Song Stories this began
long before '82.  Mr.P has always had that control
over the band and has worked hard to have his way.
XTC has always been a `vehicle' for Mr.P and Colin as
well, to house their music.

>the desire to emulate a particular band/style/song
>becomes an end in itself rather than a starting
But isn't this how most bands get started?  Perhaps
this doesn't fit in with where you were going with
this but this whole idea of emulating other bands/
styles/song is a big part of what music (rock/pop)
It seems this is the jump off point from which
musicians start and eventually come around to again
for that inspiration.

>There are two people in the "band" now, and one of
>them plays everything
>except the bass. You work it out.
Okay smarty pants, let's see-.considering that even
on the new albums to be released there is still the
three of them (Andy, Colin and DAVE) contributing-
But again they each have contributed more to each
album than just the simple roles of Bassist, singer
and guitarist.  They worked together utilising each
other's additional  talents to achieve and end.

I see it still as a group effort that has blended
together three unique talents to form the sound of
XTC.  The songs may have already been hammered out
but when you bring the individuals to play the
different parts, it becomes something different and
unique to the group.

Granted, now they are a duo.  And what comes after
these last group albums will be different.  A
different dynamic.

I didn't mean to doubt your interest in XTC I was
just trying to understand what you were saying in
your post.  That is why I threw out all those
questions.  I respect you for your views and I just
thought this would make an interesting conversation.

Although-I still don't agree and think you are wrong.
; )

I suppose I should scurry off back under the bridge.
There I will wait to antagonize another victim-
Take care everyone,


Message-ID: <>
From: Martin & Jamie Monkman <>
Subject: Vox guitars
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 11:09:05 -0800

According to the December 1998 issue of "Guitar World", Vox is re-issuing
"the classic guitars on which it built its name during the British
Invasion", including the Phantom VI as played by Dave Gregory (see the cover
of "Song Stories").  Retail prices run from $1,100 to $1,400 US.

To see a photo of the Phantom VI, check out the Vox showroom:


Our homepage:


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 14:15:57 -0500
From: Ian C Stewart <>
Organization: AUTOreverse
Subject: XTC Remix Fantasty


Does anybody here like the band LOW? I bring them up because there was a
recent album of remixes of their material (called OWL) that is so
life-changingly good that I think the idea should be presented to XTC.

The basic idea with OWL was the same as any other remix project. I guess
what makes it more interesting to me is that LOW is probably the most
unlikely band to ever conceibably benefit from a remix. Their quiet,
repetitive songs are guitar-based and only slightly less funky than
listening to paint dry. Minimal, organic guitar songs don't generally
accept reassignment onto the dancefloor of the mind *however* OWL was
done so well that I think the process merits re-examination.

Particularly when we theoretically apply this remix process to the
second-least-likely band to ever conceivably benefit from a remix, XTC.
It ain't rocket science, but it could be beautiful. And imagine the
crossover potential!

Lest ye all think that I'm advocating the same type of sonic rape
applied to "King For A Day," remixing circa 1998 is a vast improvement
over 1989, where the basic premise seemed to be "add some snare samples
and add five minutes to the song by putting delay on the drum tracks and
then taking it back off after the song finishes. Oh, and synth bass, we
need lots of synth bass." I'm thinking of artists like ULTRAMARINE...
who make some of the most melodic and amazing ass-music for the mind
ever... and possibly ORBITAL to transform XTC tracks into something
different but equally wonderful.

There have been some great remix albums in the past few years (SNEAKER
PIMPS, GODFLESH, SCORN, BJORK) that truly expanded on the original
albums and made something entirely from them.

I'm also not suggesting that XTC do something like the FRANKIE GOES TO
HOLLYWOOD remix album that came out a few years ago. Yecch. Just like
every facet of creativity, there are good remix artists and there are
sucky ones. I think FGTH just got stuck with the suckies, but still!
Fans of FGTH (both of the ones I know anyway) still love the album just
because it's fun and different.

Not all remixes have to be totally mechanical, quantized and sound like
something from THE GRIND on Mtv. There's a version on the SNEAKER PIMPS'
"Becoming Remixed" that takes a basically sample-based original and
turns it practically orchestral! The shit is crazy.

It is my opinion that the remix album is to the late 90s (possibly the
early 00s) what the live album was to the 70s. Another opportunity!

OH well, just a thought. does anyone agree?

And, whoever keeps posting those Dave Gregory audio files: keep it up!
Since I'm not high enough on the XTC-food-chain anymore to actually get
a copy of Gregsy's solo CD, it's very nice to be able to check that
stuff out!

for always,
Ian C Stewart
need XTC videos?


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 14:11:39 -0700
From: PlugMusic <>
Subject: Yazbek Post

Yazbek will pet the red-assed monkeys
on Tuesday, December 15th
at Brownies.

Yazbek will bring his irresistible pop sounds and outrageous humor and
wit to Brownies in New York City.  Since his recent residence
performances at The Fez and CB's Gallery, Yazbek has been busy
collaborating with such diverse artists as XTC's Andy Partridge, Brad
Roberts of the Crash Test Dummies, and controversial writer Terrence

The New York Press says of Yazbek's latest release Tock, "Tock is a
whirlwind (with) wacky, energetic, unusual lyrical tangents and killer
hooks." And E! Online says  "Brazenly Inventive! A wild low-fi pop

Also performing this evening are Block and The Todd Thorton Group.

169 Avenue A
New York, New York

Tuesday, December 15 @ 9:30 PM

21 and over
Tickets are $7.00
Call 212-420-8392 for more information


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 16:39:32 -0600
From: Jason Garcia <>
Organization: University of Texas at Austin
Subject: more on CC 98

Hey, just wanted to mention a few more things about CC 98, which I've been
listening to all weekend.

Loved the drum sound on "REAL BY REEL".  Has a good room "thwack".
Sort of what it would sound like if Colin sang lead.
"TERRORISM" is very tribal.
"LITTLE LIGHTHOUSE" is really growing on me as a song.  Very Violent
Femmes, this version.

Just keeps getting better.



Message-Id: <>
From: "Michael Davies" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 20:30:31 -0400
Subject: americanisms

>and... where did "jack-off" come from?

a synonym is "jerk off", which makes more sense, at least the "jerk"
part.  "jack" may be derived from that.

and continuing to speak in my capacity as American, i would have
preferred to have the British spellings left in "Song Stories".  i
think if Americans like XTC, they're pretty likely not to mind
Britishisms.  i haven't read the book, but the Americanization sounds
annoying, so i'm less likely to buy it.  will it be in paperback?

Michael Davies


Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 21:00:22 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <>
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Chalkhills Update


Tim Harris has sent in chords to "Bike Ride to the Moon" and
"Mole From the Ministry".  They will become available on the
Chalkhills site on Friday.  Keep up the good work, Tim!

	-- John


Message-ID: <>
From: "Eric Rosen" <>
Subject: much thanx to...
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 02:00:26 PST

On what it is that makes Andy AND XTC so compelling...

>Organization: Stormy Monday Enterprises
>Subject: The Persistence Of Andy

Call them juxtapositions, paradoxes, oxymorons, or what have you,
You hit the nail on the head... with eloquence.

To our inestimable moderator...

John, many thanks for the bit on Thanx for Xmas at Starbucks.
It so happens that I ambled into the Levi's Store in Great Mall,
Milpitas today (San Jose Area for the benefit of Chalkfolk outside these
ya here parts) and what do I hear in the raging din of competing Xmas
tunes coming from all directions? Thanx for Xmas by The Three Wisemen. I
tell you there are no coincidences, friends ;)

To the esteemed Mister Estus...

A most well-written defense of O&L, I must say. IMHO, both O&L and
Nonsuch look better naked! Lyrically, AP is an endless eruption.

A bit of my own...

I've been and on and off the list for a some years and it never ceases
to amaze me how XTC fans are so divided on what's their best and what's

I think this dividedness speaks extremely well of their songwriting
muscle. Clearly, even the so-called worst tunes demand attention.

This demand, IMHO, is what allows for one's opinion on this matter to
"evolve" with the passage of time. What you think is not so hot now may
seem extraordinarily compelling 10 years from now (for you, whomever you
are). Just as likely, something that you think is compelling now may not
have such sway with you, 10 years from today.

This "demand" is characteristic of everything the band takes the
inevitable catharsis (a/k/a "trouble") to "produce." Nothing with XTC
ever comes "easy."

Perhaps, this accounts for why they are so compelling and will continue
to be.


Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 13:59:04 +0100 (MET)
From: familie van Rappard <>
Subject: Random Remarks
Message-ID: <>

1) To change the debate from O&L to Go2: I think it sucks. (So, there, I
said it. Flaming encouraged.) The only songs I like are Meccanic Dancing,
Are You Receiving Me? and the very brilliant I Am The Audience. But the
rest of the album is sub par, IMHO, and it was a major letdown - after I
got Fossil Fuel a few months ago I immediately bought The Big Express,
Drums and Wires and English Settlement, and those three are all brilliant.
Well, I'm a XTC newbie, what do I know?

2) I'm looking for an album called 'Song' by a band called It's
Immaterial - even a tape copy, or a pointer where I could order it, would
be greatly appreciated.

3) A funny thing happened when sending this message: my .addressbook
file was temporarily unaccessible, so when I typed xtc i didn't get the
Chalkhills address but someone called  "E.S. Devilee" <> - are
you on this list? Such an e-mail address is the sign of a true fan. But
then again, he/she might just be referring to the drug....



Message-Id: <v04003a00b2871546ad1a@[]>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 10:16:28 -0500
From: John McGann/Original Custom Transcription Service
Subject: Re: XTC's "Rocket"

>From: Ed <>
>Subject: XTC's "Rocket"
>I just saw a used copy of a CD called "Place of General Happiness:
>Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings, Vol. 2", and I noticed one of the
>track was credited to XTC, a song called "Rocket". Was I a fool for not
>taking a chance on buying it  for $12?? Is the song any good? I read on
>the Chalkhills Archive that it's "Played, sung, and recorded by Andy
>Partridge at The Shed, Swindon, England." There didn't seem to be any
>other tracks of note.

It's a very cool song, and the CD is well worth it on many levels. Ernest
was a great poet who lived in a nursing home in my now-hometown Boston.
There are about 4 discs in this series (none of the others have XTC
content). I played steel guitar on "Trapmouse" which is on Volume 4, I


John McGann (jmcgann @ PO Box 688 Jamaica Plain, Ma.
02130-0006 USA

Custom Transcription Service /Technique Tips Plus... Private Lessons,
D.I.Y. Transcription, Tips for Improvisers, Online Sheet Music and Tab,
Eric Dolphy solo excerpt,
Info for Dobro, Lap Steel, Mandolin, Acoustic and Electric Guitars,
Guitar Contests, Recordings and gigs, and more...


Message-ID: <>
From: "Doug Terrell" <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #5-27, wankers, etc.
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 07:46:34 PST

>To end this...wanking is masturbating. A wanker masturbates. A wanger is a
>A fanny is a vagina.

I think I'm getting turned on... (or do you Brits say "randy"?)
Thanks for putting the "X" back in XTC ;)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 14:05:16 -0600
From: Jason Garcia <>
Organization: General Libraries
Subject: Disappointed in Crocodile?

Michael Stone pontificated:

> Gerardo mentions Crocodile as one of his favorite tunes.  Sorry
> man, but that's one of my least favorites.  Should have been left off the
> album.

?????  Hard to understand.  "Crocodile" comes very close to being the
perfect electric pop song.  Interesting key changes, flawless melodies,
especially the "I'll crawl the wall to hang there skinned and stuffed with
drink" bits and the chord changes under them, the harmonies in the chorus,
Dave's solo, it's all great man.  I've also always liked Dave's plucked
arpeggios in the chorus immediately after the solo.  I guess you're entitled
to your opinion, but what planet are you from?!

Another song from that album that seems to consistently get a bad rep is
"The Disappointed".  With "Crocodile", two of the most perfect pop songs XTC
has ever done.  Love the transition chord (G#m) under ".... I've become the
spokesman..."  And the fade, with Colin's melodic runs, is fabulous.  Both
of those songs have a distinct '80s sound, but done better.

Yeah, that's what I'm sayin'.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 16:50:04 -0800
From: Dan Phipps <>
Organization: CIC
Subject: Damn it all!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

Hey people!!

Enough with this damned "wanker" shit
that's been going on for what seems like

What the fuck has "wanker" got to do
with XTC any damned way?  This shit
is too friggin' STUPID to even discuss!

Onward with the XTC content...or don't
post at all, okay?


/Dan Phipps <>

"Imagination like a muscle will
 increase with exercise."
(Peter Blegvad)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 16:16:04 EST
Subject: apple venus

hi!  I would just like to side with those who feel that apple venus is a
terrible choice for a title, esp with the vol.1 and vol.2 deal. Colin
mentioned in song stories that he was keeping his ideas close to his
chest...too bad, I wonder what they were?  As long as I'm here... 1) David
Oh- if you can type something like-XTC is the gr8est- then what I want to
know, man is Y not type David O ?

2) Sorry , I forget who wrote it, but it went like ,"11 songs for AV VOL 1
is perfect-no filler-" How do you know? I heard "the demos" and I think 3
*out of 5 of what I would think of as the least of them made it to the final
11 ,plus some I haven't heard , plus colins two. That leaves plenty of
possibilities for "filler"(not that I consider any xtc to be filler)

* I can't own Her-- Your Dictionary--- The Last Balloon ---Of course ,all of
these may have been vastly improved from the demos (and I certainly hope so)
-I don't hate any of these, they just do nothing for me,unlike Dame Fortune
which, sadly , wont make it.

                         oh well ,i'm sure  I have more to say but thats
enough now.


Message-ID: <000801be1be9$83ba30e0$4dfaabc3@default>
From: "David McGuinness" <>
Subject: Andrews - for inner cleanliness
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 22:40:55 -0000

Hello -

Given the debate about Barry Andrews' songs and 'My Weapon' in particular, I
just wanted to stand up for one that didn't get on Go2 - 'Things Fall to
Bits', which I think is flawed but nonetheless utterly wonderful, and
features some of Andy's craziest guitar playing, including some bottleneck
madness and an early version of the 'Millions' riff.  (If anyone has a
*decent* quality tape to trade I'd be very interested - e-mail me

Perhaps I like it so much purely because of its persistent use of the word

This reminds me of a drunken few days spent in Brussels many summers ago
where a serious composer friend and I decided that the three least singable
words in the English language were 'bits', 'thug' and 'teabag'.  We hatched
a plan for when we are old rich and stupid, to make an album of cover
versions where each song has a key word in the lyric replaced with the word
'bits'.  The running order remains a closely guarded secret, but remember
you read it here first.  It would close with Gershwin's classic, sung by
Kiri te Kanawa with the LSO: 'And so all else above/I'm waiting for the man
I bits'.

Try this with some XTC songs at random to get the idea - 'the loudest mouth
will hail the new found way/to be King for a Bits'; 'Chalkhills and Children
anchor my bits'; or 'We're only making plans for Teabag' (you have to sing
them out loud in a state of inebriation for the full effect).


David McGuinness


Message-ID: <004b01be1bee$66187d80$6a5395c1@debraedm>
From: "Debra Edmonds" <>
Subject: Terry - the nutter !
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 23:16:35 -0000

Hi Everyone

Only got my hands on the Song Stories book yesterday, and have so far only
managed to scan through and look at the photies - coo crikey there are some
smashing shots in there - especially the one of Colin on page 7 - what a

I sent a posting back in June, but not long after that my pc threw a wobbly,
and I lost all of the mails that people had sent to be personally.  I am the
girlie who works with Ian (E.I.E.I Owen) Gregory, and also the girlie that
sees the guys strolling around Swindon doing their shopping, etc (as I live
here).  I also bought the Drums and Wires Gold Disc at Christie's Rock and
Pop Auction last year.  (Could the chap that got the artwork send me a mail
again - sorry I lost yours and couldn't reply).  Anyway, my reason for this
mail was to tell you a story when Terry was at school (as he was in my
boyfriend's class).  Whilst in P.E. one day, they managed to tear a large
soft-landing mat, and inside were long foam square strips - they all knicked
them, and played about bashing kids over the head with them throughout the
course of the day - however, Terry decided that was not enough fun, and he
put pins in the end of his, and continued to bash people over the head with
it!!!  Maybe that's where he got his idea of hitting things with sticks for
a living

I printed off the last Chalkhills digest and let Ian have it to read, as
he's not on email himself.

By the way, I just LOVE Summer's Cauldron - especially the bit that goes
"raise his regal head" - ooh, sends shivers down my spine.  I also love "The
Loving", but hey, I love them all, just some much better than others!!


Debs (of Swindon)
x x


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 18:52:27 EST
Subject: thanks for christmas

Sorry if someone's posted this already, I'm a little behind on my digest

I was in Starbucks' Coffee yesterday and they are selling an exclusive Xmas
compilation CD called something like "Hi-Fi Holiday" with lots of superhip
tracks for the kids, and it includes one "Thanks for Christmas" by the Three
Wise Men.  It was $11.99.

Just thought someone might want to know.


Message-ID: <>
From: "Bob Crain" <>
Subject: Modern Time Neros...And Much More!
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 16:39:39 PST

First off,

Public expressions of gratitude and admiration are in order for Richard
Pedretti-Allen, Peter Fitzpatrick, Harrison Sherwood, and that other
bloke who contributed to the cover art, for Modern Time Neros:
Chalkhills' Children '98.  I am so very proud to have a tune on the
tape, and I encourage all of you who do not yet have one to get one,
this thing is really pretty cool.  Head to the Chalkhills site for
ordering information.  Here's a rundown on the first side tracks:

- Earn Enough For Us:  Peter Fitzpatrick tosses out the first volley
with a very nice string driven thing, this is so ready for BBC1, no lie,
and you just _have_ to hear the horn/vocal coda on this one,

- Knuckle Down:  Speeds the original tempo up a tad, and knocks you down
with Foo-ish walls of guitar, and really cool + charming Gallic accented
vocals from that "Lumiere" man, Patrick Bourcier.

- Crocodile:  I needed to hear this bluegrass arrangement before I ever
heard it (Mr. Relph kicks major ass on mandolin, and those who admire
Harrison can add his banjo playing abilities to their list of
reasons...Todd Bernhardt has picked his collaborators well).  Keep your
ears peeled for the subtle musical joke in the breakdown, bretheren.

- Runaways:  This picture perfect recreation of the "English Settlement"
opener boasts fabulous vocals from Rick Leighton.

- Beating Of Hearts:  Martin Bell and Gantry take the song into "Public
Image Ltd." territory with a powerful beat and widescreen production

- Pearl:  A fine Kinksy feel on this XTC unreleased gem, essayed by the
master of lists John Relph.

- Mayor Of Simpleton:  Another faithful cover version, Robert Cosentino
delivers sparkling production and singing to this modern pop
classic...listen for that harpsichord standing in for the original's
twelve-string guitar!

- Real By Reel:  This track pushes into new wave territory with Kevin P.
Kelly providing a virtual Oingo Boingo channelling session, which is
very good for me and you.

- Reign Of Blows:   Robert Schemerhorn and Vast Difference give us a
relatively straight-forward rendition, somewhat more spacious than the
original, all the better to enjoy the pitch-shifted cymbal explosions.

Second Off,

>From: Jon Rosenberger <>
>This led me to think about the fact that there are now more ex-members
>than members.  So I think Chambers, Andrews and Gregory should just go
>out and tour on their own and call themselves "I'MNOTINXTC".

Good idea there, Chambers can't be _too_ rusty on the drumkit.  And a
related thought, why didn't Colin and Dave tour together during the
"studio years"?  Andy all but gave him his blessing to do so, I wonder
if they just had cold feet about being billed as "XTC" as the club
owners would have undoubtedly insisted on doing?  They should have
toured with Thomas Dolby, I would have gladly paid admission for that
show.  Oh well.

>From: David Oh <>
>>hey "bob crain"
>>i repeat myself when i'm under stress, i repeat myself when i'm
>>stress, i repeat myself when i'm under stress (ad infinitum).<
>nice king crimson quote here! do u like 'discipline'?

My personal life is none of your business, bub.  8^)  No, but seriously,
KC is my other most favorite group.

-Bob Crain


Date: 30 Nov 98 11:40:33 AED
Subject: Bob Estus
Message-ID: <>

I enjoyed Bob Estus' musings in Chalkhills #27. 'Twould appear that he
conjures similar pleasurable mental pictures from Andy's lyrics as I do,
but I don't think I could have described these sensations quite as
eloquently as Bob did.

Evidently there'll be no singles (and therefore videos) culled from the new
Album/s.  Not too much of a worry there though, because the videos are
already evoked in the mind's eye from the marvellously multi-coloured
imagery already there in the lyrics.

"it's really my cup of acid spangles I suppose" - AP



Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 15:47:35 +0000 (BST)
From: Mandy Taylor <>
Subject: stuff n nonsense
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1. What I really want to know is: could anyone e-mail me (or just
   point me in the right direction) the lyrics to
   Zen Archer by Todd Rundgren, please? It's bloody gorgeous.

2. Andy's *married* Erica Wexler now has he? Brilliant! Congratulations
   to him. Songs And Stories was a massive revelation (or
   relavation..bugger) for me. I always thought that Seagulls Screaming
   (such a romantic song) was for Marianne. And all those other songs,
   Don't Lose Your Temper and everything...who'd have thought? Nothing
   to do with me or us of course, but I do want the guy to be happy.

3. Mark, I think your Travels in Nihilion is my Complicated Game or All
   Along The Watchtower  &:}

4. Personally, I can't find any grasshopper on the Big Express cover.
   Though I'll keep looking.

hugs and kisses to all,
Mandy xxxxx


Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 11:35:35 -0500 (EST)
From: Thomas Slack <>
Subject: Dave Will Be Missed
Message-ID: <>


Temporarily breaking out of a self-imposed posting exile to comment on a
thought that struck me after reading Song Stories. I have always been of
the opinion that the "definitive" XTC sound was deeply intertwined with
the tasteful guitar riffs provided by the late lamented Mr. Gregory. In
other words, he wasn't just embellishing the creative works of Mssrs.
Partridge and Moulding, he was creating something much more exciting than
what would have been the result without his contributions.

A couple of cases in point: Earn Enough for Us and Mayor of Simpleton.
For both of these songs, Dave came up with the riffs that virtually
defined these songs from the musical accessibility point of view. Both of
these songs have reduced me to fits of air-guitar-playing,
lunatic-joy-dancing frenzy (hopefully, while no one was watching). These
songs, and a few others, make me *really* wish that, just once, this trio
(along with a drummer of choice) could have done some kind of live
performance, even if it was just some taped deal before a selected live
audience (made up of Chalkhills members of course - wow, this is turning
into a full-fledged unacheivable Chalk fantasy). Seeing as how they never
got to beat the post-ES songs to death by touring, they would probably
even have a real fresh and exciting feel. Oh well.

Andy made a comment in Song Stories along the lines of not being too
worried about Apple Venus Vol. II being produced without Dave, as he can
handle the guitar chores. I know that Andy is an accomplished guitarist,
but in my mind, still not quite the genius that Dave is - and the
combination of the unique genius possessed by these 3 individuals created
a sound that I'm going to miss.


John Thomas Slack

PS- Obligatory PENIS content: To add to Andy's humorous comments in Paul
Culnane's interview, another word that rhymes with Australia is genetalia.
(For those of you who have not yet done so, read this interview- it's
available  at Mark Strijbos' Little Lighthouse sight -
 - and Paul did an excellent job.)


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From: Jonathan Monnickendam <>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 13:20:36 +0000
Subject: Here comes President Phil again

Synchronise your voodoo dolls for 8pm 5/12/98 because BBC Radio2 will be
broadcasting an 'inconcert' by the balding beezelebub himself, Phil
Collins ; if we all push in the pin at the same we could just finish him
off by making the remaining hairs turn upon their own follicles and grow
inwards thus scrambling his brain completely.

The risk is that instead he turns up as the drummer on Sunflower, the
follow up to Apple Venus.....


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