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          More on Dancing about Architecture...
         I'd Like That single from Cooking Vinyl
Sorry to prolong the thread still further ... and burnout
              Late (but timeless?) comments
                Where Do We Go From Here?
                      No surprises?
                        Oh, yeah?!
              Sometimes I dream of trains...
       Didn't XTC write a song called "The Loving"?
                   Sopranos Theme Song
                  I've been to Bali Too
Eno & Keirhs (see, it's "shriek", back! Ha ha! Oh, never mind)
           "Green Man" garden fountain on Ebay
   SEC: UNCLASSIFIED:-Catering To The Vanity Of Morons
       Scarecrow People and Other Interesting Stuff
                 Knights In Greg & Darma
                Spraying Molly's Bud/Butt
                   Apocalypse now!!!!!!


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Message-ID: <900822C71730D2118D8C00805F65765C8DBB75@EINSTEIN>
From: Jill Oleson <>
Subject: More on Dancing about Architecture...
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 10:39:26 -0500

Regarding "Dancing About Architecture":

A local music critic here in Austin swears this quote belongs
to [drumroll please...] none other than the comedian
Martin Mull.

Since he's one of the few on the list of contenders (which
includes Charlie Mingus, Frank Zappa, and William S. Boroughs)
who is still alive, perhaps some well connected Hollywood/Chalker
type could just ask him.  Hey, Chalker, you know who you are.
Please settle this debate and just ask Martin Mull if it's his quote.
We'll all be grateful.

Jill Oleson
Austin, Texas


Message-ID: <001901bef304$a46edbe0$0100a8c0@mallard>
From: "Dean Skilton" <>
Subject: I'd Like That single from Cooking Vinyl
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 17:28:06 +0100
Organization: Welded Widgeon

For everyone's information, I've just received (on Saturday) a copy of 'I'd
Like That' from Cooking Vinyl, who now have some more copies. As I had
tried to order the disk when it had sold out, I was kindly telephoned by
Joerg Haeske of CV to tell me there were more copies.

P.S. When I was in Worcester (U.K.) this weekend I saw a pub called 'The
Green Man'. The sign was wooden and featured a man's face in relief,
surrounded by green foliage on a plain background. It would have made the
ideal cover for the single, because the appearance was uncannily similar to
the two other singles.

Dean Skilton


Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 11:46:27 -0500 (CDT)
From: John Fulton <>
Subject: Sorry to prolong the thread still further ... and burnout
Message-ID: <>

About Concrete Blonde:
I am amazed at how unknown this band was/is.  Including by myself, though
I have never heard a song by them I disliked.  What's a good starter album
besides the "Pump up the Volume" soundtrack (a movie I never heard of - I
think I was asleep for several years straight back then.  Or maybe its
because I had no MTV.)

On AV1:  I too have burned out on it.  Its "staying power" ranks for me
down there with Mummer and Oranges and Lemons.  What I mean by "staying
power" is degree to which the album approaches a classic; degree to which
I would recommend it to someone; desert island listening, etc.

Here is my ranking, in groups, of XTC albums' staying power.  There is no
particular order within groups.  Group one is my "can't live without."
Groups two is "great records."  Group three is "Not Up To Snuff for
XTC; some misfires but still better than 99.9 percent of everything else."

1.  English Settlement, Drums and Wires, Black Sea, Nonsuch
2.  Go To, White Music, Skylarking
3.  Mummer, Oranges and Lemons, Apple Venus, Big Express

This is not to say that there are no absolutely vital songs in album
groups 2 and 3.  To my mind, some of them are:
2.  Go To:  Well, most of it really.  Yes, even "My Weapon," though I
            loathe the lyrics.  Maybe this is a group 1 album.
    White Music: Radios in Motion
    Skylarking: Dear God
3.  Mummer:  Funk Pop a Roll, Wonderland
    Big Express:  This World Over (can you sing along without
                  getting goosebumps and/or a lump in your throat?  I
                  can't.); Liarbird
    Apple Venus:  Fruit Nut, Frivolous Tonight, The Last Balloon (the end
                  of it, anyway).
    Oranges and Lemons: Poor Skeleton Steps Out, Pink Thing

You probably noticed my least favorite albums are the "transitional" ones,
made while/after various important members left the band.  I guess I don't
like change; also these albums sound sadder and more ambivalent to me than
the rest.

Bonus opinion: AV1 contains The Only Bad XTC Song (drumroll
please): "I can't own her."  I guess it had to happen sometime.
What's bad about it:  It sounds like a soundtrack reject.  Who is this
character Andy is playing?  I don't like him.  Yet he asks me to join him
in despair at losing the girl.  Perhaps he is purposely going "over the
top," as in "1000 Umbrellas?"
               -   John A. Fulton   -


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 19:31:26 -0700
From: Giovanni Giusti <>
Subject: Late (but timeless?) comments

Back from a long overdue vacation:

About humming:
megan wrote in #5-247:

>I'm sorry, but I can't believe that Oasis are better than Nirvana just
>because they're hummable.  I've gotten "Copacabana" stuck in my head
>before; this doesn't mean I like Barry Manilow better than something like
>Kraftwerk or Underworld.

Why, you can't hum Kraftwerk?

   "We are the robots... da, da-da-da..."

The funniest part is humming it trying to imitate their original "robot"
voices: try it in a crowded elevator for maximum effect.


Michael Davies wrote in #5-249:

>On the other hand, our bands don't have "feuds" all the time.
>That must be silly to read about.  The closest our bands come to that is
>the singer of Third Eye Blind saying that the singer from Matchbox 20
>might want to lay off the cupcakes, and the singer from Matchbox 20
>responding with something like "Well, that guy's got enough problems
>himself, you know."

I guess the difference in style is mainly due to the different habits of
the rock press. In Italy, if you only read the press, all rock bands appear
to be always complimenting each other and complaining about the
narrow-mindedness of the industry. However, knowing some of them
personally, I know that they also hate each other's guts. It's just that it
doesn't make the covers of the magazines.

Every time we comment on something we know only indirectly (and this
includes Europe vs. USA) we should remember that our vision is always
distorted by what journalists think might make their articles sell... the
overindulgence in mutual insults which appears to be a characteristic of
British bands actually says a lot more about the British *public*, and what
their press thinks interests them, than the bands themselves. Personally,
after the third headline going "Andy Partridge: I Hate Sting's Guts" or
"Colin Flushes Nevermind Down the Loo" I would just stop buying a magazine.

(This is no flame on Brits though: I couldn't ever flame the nation that
gave us the Boys!)


Re the "Greenman" video... apart from maybe "The Disappointed" (or was it
"The Loving"?), which I managed to see only once, I can't really remember
*any* of XTC's videos being in any way memorable, especially not if
compared to the music. Being an owner of "Look Look", I remember the
complete awfulness of "Generals & Majors", the OK "All of a Sudden" and the
mere adequateness (for the time's standards) of "Nigel".

Let's face it, XTC won't be remembered for their videos, not in the way
other, musically less interesting artists will.

... oh, and then I remember "You're a Good Man Albert Brown". Absolutely

On the other hand, I never even *saw* four of the five videos mentioned by
Molly (in #5-255) as her favourites:

<<XTC Video(s): Grass, Dear God, Mayor of Simpleton, Making Plans for
Nigel, and King For a Day>>

Where oh where can they be found?


Re: AV2

A lot of people here seem to know already what the song titles for AV2 are
(some even seem to know the songs).

Did I page-down too quick? Where is that info?



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 14:41:57 -0400
Subject: Where Do We Go From Here?

Nicole asked:

<<Actually... been wondering what I should buy next?

I have nonsuch, Transistor Blast, Drums and Wires, Rag and Bone, Upsy
Daisy, AV1, and a misc. collection.

What are your suggestions and why? (I gather ES is a good one).>>

Well, the good news is you can't go wrong...all of XTC's works are
worthwhile, of course, you'll like some more than others.
My typical response to this question is to suggest that you start from the
beginning and pick up the records in the order that they
came out. It's more enjoyable for me personally to see an artist's growth
in the order that it happened.

Of course, you already have the newest stuff, so you know what the end of
the rainbow looks like before you ride it. Still...

Also, if you don't have the Songs & Stories Book, it might be enjoyable to
pick it up and read along with your purchases.
It would be interesting to see what was going on internally and externally
with the band and how the music reflected it.

I did this with The Doors when I read "No One Here Gets Out Alive" and
found it a pretty cool multi-media event!

Bob, who made the mistake of saying that Resp. St. was on ES; I know it's
not, I made a mistake, thanks to all who
resisted the urge to point this out to me! :~)

PPS: I don't think AV2 is gonna rock like Black Sea; the lads don't have it
 in 'em to rock that hard anymore...course, I
WOULD love to be proven wrong!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:32:54 -0400
Subject: No surprises?

Cathy commented:

<<I like Runaways, but I cannot listen to Ball and Chain or Senses
anymore.  I do occasionally, but I really don't hear them.  Just noise in
the background.  Now I am not dissing these songs.  They are great songs,
but I have heard them too many times.  There are no more surprises there
for me.  I have been listening to them since I was 14.  I am five months
away from turning 30. >>

Cathy, you may be surprised by the surprises yet to come!

Now that I'm over that 40 hill, I find myself re-discovering many songs
that I also thought had no surprises for me.
 The beauty of a good lyricist is that a song can open itself to new
understandings, and life experiences also make
you appreciate songs that you've taken for granted in a new light.

You're 30, so I assume you don't have any teenage children. Suppose you
did, and suppose that he/she became a
runaway? Would that song cease to be background music and take on new
significance for you?  I'd be willing to bet that
it would. (not that I'm *wishing* this on you or anybody).

But as life's transitions happen, it's nice to know that our music is there
for us to keep us pointed to true north.
And when you need them, XTC's songs with all their new revelations will be
there for you.

Bob, also with many more of life's surprises to come I'm sure!

NP: Rickie Lee Jones, "Second Time Around"


Message-Id: <s7caaa06.046@OAG.STATE.TX.US>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:57:46 -0600
From: "Steve Oleson" <Steve.Oleson@OAG.STATE.TX.US>
Subject: Oh, yeah?!

Can you imagine what XTC would have been like if Kurt Cobain had been born
to Andy's Mum, and been friends with Colin? Just kidding  hahahahahaha


Message-Id: <s7cab15d.046@OAG.STATE.TX.US>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 16:28:51 -0600
From: "Steve Oleson" <Steve.Oleson@OAG.STATE.TX.US>
Subject: Sometimes I dream of trains...

In C-hills 5-257, Dan W extolls the virtues of The Big Express, bless him!

I've always answered the question "Which XTC recording do you like best?",
by saying "I love them all" However, I do have a special fondness for TBE.
It was their last recording that could be called intense. Everytime I hear
it I experience such a broad range of emotions. Amazing that plucked strings
and a drum machine can do that to a person!

It is brilliant! Intense, silly, sad, exuberant. Gotta listen to it again

Train Running low" is one of my all time favorite songs. Inspires me every
time I hear it. I hope that it inspires my neighbors too, because it is one
of those that has to be cranked to11! Actually, now that I mention it, the
entire recording needs to be played LOUD, except for Reign of Blows, which
makes my ears bleed quite pleasantly.

Andy and Colin dont seem to like it as much as Dave does, though. I suspect
that they dont like as much because it sounds less like the live XTC of the
past, and more "produced", a quality that Dave seems to value more than

Gotta go,
Steve "on topic" Oleson
Awe-stun, Texas


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 17:24:09 +0100
From: chris vreeland <>
Organization: Vreeland Graphics
Subject: phyyshh

Tyler Hewitt rights:

>Oh, their name sucks, too. I would have named them Ghoti.

Really! Aren't there enouGH wOmen in this naTIon without you resorting
to that kind lambastery? Comport yourself, sir.

 chris "Dam Fonetics" vreeland


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 16:07:53 -0700
From: "Zack 'Vegetable & Mineral' Rock" <>
Subject: Didn't XTC write a song called "The Loving"?

Molly wrote:
"Zack, why don't you just go away, it looks like you don't like XTC."

Ralph wrote:
"Would that raise them in your eyes a bit, or lower the obviously inflated
view you have of yourself?"

Molly also wrote:
"I know I'll be bitched about this, but can we stop attacking some of the

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, says I. Yes, let's stop attacking the songs. Let's
stick with attacking the people that don't like them. Good plan. I'll spend
as little time as possible defending myself right now, for boredom will set
in rather quickly for the readers if I basically fill this letter up with a
bunch of "Am not!"s. I really like XTC. A lot. They're one of my favorite
bands, right up there with They Might Be Giants and Phish (yes Phish, more
later). And when I said I didn't want the "retarded masses" to get a hold
of AV1 (which they would most definatly do if it was played on the radio,
due to the "radio plays it, it must be cool, I will be cool if I buy it"
mentality), my fear was this: They buy the album thinking it's the next
cool thing (Dude, these guys, like, totally play with, like, classical
music an' shit. It's just like when Limp Biskit mixed rock and rap. Hella,
dude. Hella. Hella) and then totally neglect it once the next next cool
thing come along (Dude, you gotta hear these guys, their, like, playing
their insturments with their toes an' shit. Hella). What I'm saying is I
DON'T WANT THIS ALBUM TO BE NEGLECTED. It's too good for that. Okay, onward
to the rest of the letter.


"2. Phish. If these guys sucked any more, I would pay them to move to


"70% of the Phish I've heard has been lame replicas of other bands,
especially the Beatles White Album (um, why not just listen to the White
Album?)  and their original music is just plain annoying.  It smacks of
"we're really talented because we went to SCHOOL for it, so let's do really
wacky things that only really talented people do, and our fans will love it
'cause they're all stoned!""

Hey, how many of you have bought that album where They Might Be Giants and
Sarah McLachlan etc. cover XTC songs? Why not just listen to the XTC
versions, eh? Am I right? Am I?! No, I'm not. Covers are good, don't knock

"Oh, their name sucks, too."

Yeah, and "XTC" is reaaaaaaaally clever. Anywhoo, I'm a big Phish fan, and
I've never been stoned in my life (though I would shoot up herion and do 18
lines of cocaine for a ticket and a ride to a Phish concert). The
previeling theroy is that Phish is stoner music, and though it might be
true that many a stoner listens to Phish (most stoners I've talked to could
care less about Phish, but, still), Phish make good music. I'm not sure
what them going to school for it has to do with anything. If they're
talented, then they're talented, school's got nothing to do with it but
show that music is actually their lives and they're willing to spend lots
of time and money getting to know their choosen craft. And while they can
sometimes fly into 20 minute improvs that get kinda tedious after a while,
90% of their stuff is fun, UPBEAT, music. Happy music. C'mon people, get
happy. I think some of you guys are hitting the repeat button after "Here
comes President kill again" a little too often and it's getting you kinda
down. Smile, go outside and say "Hullo!" to person walking down the street.
Kiss some babies. Hug some Aunts. Talk to pretty girls (or guys). Be
freakin' happy.

							Zack Rock


Message-ID: <002801bef33a$4755a340$>
From: "JH3" <>
Subject: Sopranos Theme Song
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 17:52:04 -0500

On the off chance that nobody else has posted this yet,
the  opening theme from "The Sopranos" isn't Shriekback;
it's a band called Alabama 3, and the song is called "Woke
Up This Morning."

John Hedges


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 16:49:32 -0400
Subject: Phish


>>Whew! I'm scorched! Jason, why so hostile! And wrought with
generalizations about the people who might enjoy the music! Maybe Phish
does seem annoying at first, alot like Frank Zappa can seem annoying. But
whats so wrong with school taught musicians loving to play complex and
technical songs? It sounds like you haven't really given Phish a chance,
but who says you have to? But you know, alot of bands that are really great
seem to require 3rd or even 4th listenings before you pick up their
ideas. Or maybe there are other factors contributing to your intense
dislike, who knows? Oh well, far be it from me to try to take away your
personal hatred for a band and their fans, and may your sweeping
generalizations serve you well in judging people by their musical tastes.<<

    Whoa!  Jason was veeeery specific in his hatred of Phish and
accurately and in detail correctly described the vast majority of their
fans.  There is, of course, nothing inherently wrong with "school taught
musicians loving to play complex and technical songs".  However, in the
case of Phish the result is self indulgent, stoner, post-Dead, jam-based
rock (and that should be read as a criticism).  I for one appreciate and
applaud Jason's dislike of Phish and their fans; if more people were
open about their dislike of Phish perhaps the band would take note and,
well... disband.
    If nothing else, Phish's relevance to the song-based nature (not to
mention the lack of live shows) of xtc is minimal.  Like many others
enjoying The Flaming Lips new cd,



Message-ID: <01c601bef345$8f78bc60$4f3161cb@speedking>
From: "Simon Curtiss" <>
Subject: I've been to Bali Too
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 12:12:47 +1200

Dunks wrote

> Does Australian music count? Prolly not, or I would suggest Redgum's "I
> Was Only Nineteen", which deals quite explicitly with the experiences of
> Vietnam veterans.

Why shouldn't it count? Aussies & Kiwi's were there too, can't let
Americans have all the angst can we :-)

Redgum - did they do the song _I've Been To Bali Too_ ?  If yes, can you
get this on CD?  My little brother would kill for a copy as his vinyl got
nicked couple of months back in a burglary, and this sorta thing doesn't
make it to the UK very often if at all.




Message-ID: <002101bef34b$42c11740$76dca4d8@default>
Subject: Eno & Keirhs (see, it's "shriek", back! Ha ha! Oh, never mind)
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 20:53:31 -0400

Kevin Diamond wrote:

> Also, someone mentioned that Brian Eno's lyrics were profound.  That's
> interesting, because he has said numerous times he doesn't care about the
> lyrics, he just picks lyrics that sound good with the music and that
> rhyme well.

That was me, and I didn't say they were profound, I said they were better
than Guided By Voices' lyrics (attempting to stay within the genre of
nonsense lyrics).  In fact I do think Brian Eno's lyrics are great, but
they're certainly not profound.  And I think they're good *because* his
main concern is with the sound and not the meaning.  I don't think GBV
lyrics sound interesting but "It will shine and it will shudder as I guide
it with my rudder on its metal way" is just a pleasure to say or hear.  (In
fact, in some cases [or maybe even in most case, I don't know], Eno would
just sing nonsense syllables and then come up with English words that fit
the sound of the nonsense words he'd been singing.  Many Eno techniques
remind me of techniques the surrealists used to come up with some similarly
skewed texts...I recommend "The Immaculate Conception" by Andre Breton as a
good starting point for exploration of surrealist writing.)

Michael Davies wrote:

> I've heard one Shriekback song, "Nemesis". ("Big black nemesis!
> Parthenogenesis!")  Is that a novelty song or a good example of their
> work?

It's both!

-- Francis Heaney

"What once was a riot is now a slogan."
  -- Bis


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 21:11:50 EDT
Subject: "Green Man" garden fountain on Ebay

Hi, 'Hillians,

"Just to end the list, everything that could exist,..."

This is not quite as awful as it sounds, but it wouldn't
suit just any garden, (or gardener) either!  Apparently
there is a market niche for everything under the sun.

Sale ends in about eight hours.  Too bad...



Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 10:55:20 +1000
Subject: SEC: UNCLASSIFIED:-Catering To The Vanity Of Morons

>>From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
>>Subject: Streams of Unconsiousness

>>At this point, I'd like to say (with all due respect to the imminently
>>non-bacheloric Iain Murray) that ... LISTS SUCK!!!


>>barely a month seems to go by without another moronic "100 Greatest
>>Something-or-others of All Time". Needless to say, this silly phenomenon
>>flourishes because it pleases our vanity with its easy appeal to our
>>belief in the superiority of our own good taste, and our compulsive need
>>to rank and categorise.

Hmmm....."all due respect", "moronic", "silly", "vanity",
"compulsive"......which of these things is not like the others?

Let's go through that last paragraph again (emphasis added) :

>>barely a month seems to go by without another moronic "100 Greatest
>>Something-or-others of All Time". Needless to say, this silly phenomenon
>>flourishes because it pleases *OUR* vanity with its easy appeal to *OUR*
>>belief in the superiority of *OUR* own good taste, and *OUR* compulsive
>>need to rank and categorise.

Our, our, our, our - wouldn't that include you as well, O
Dunklier-than-thou? Actually, I *was* wondering why I didn't get a vote
from you, knowing how compulsive you are when it comes to ranking (did I
say 'ranking'?) and categorising, so I took the liberty of doing one for
you - if anyone wants to know who gave Dean Friedman's new album the full 5
points, there's a clue in this paragraph.

>>It is in effect the print equivalent of talkback radio - i.e. exploiting
>>the audience while giving the appearance of inclusion - but in fact it
>>saying (and meaning) nothing.

Gee, Dunks - why don't you tell us what you *really* think? Anyway, it's
not like I've ever pretended that my posts have anything worth reading (as
a matter of fact, why are you reading *this*?). Audience exploitation
doesn't enter into it, and I'm sure it's the furthest thing from the minds
of anyone who's ever suggested a list of any sort on this forum (heads up,
David Seddon - you're probably next).

Now that that unpleasantness is behind us, here's the result of the Album
of the Decade poll that I conducted recently (remember that?). Thanks to
all the vain and compulsive morons who responded ; I would have left it
until later in the week to post this, but I figured that everyone who was
going to cast a vote had already done so.

#1 : "OK Computer" - Radiohead
#2 : "Apple Venus, Volume 1" - XTC
#3 : "Bone Machine" - Tom Waits
#4 : "Grace" - Jeff Buckley
#5 : "Maybe You Should Drive" - Barenaked Ladies ;
     "Mule Variations" - Tom Waits       (equal)

I'll be away for about six weeks as of tomorrow (Wednesday 1st Sept), but
if anyone's interested in receiving a full listing of all the albums voted
for, e-mail me privately and I'll send you an Excel attachment when I get
back....and then I'll forward your name and e-mail address to Dunks so he
can personally tell you what a no-life loser you are.


Oh, by the way -

Irony (n) : taunting remark stating the opposite of the meaning intended.
Sarcasm (n) : bitter and wounding remark, often ironical.

I just thought I'd throw that in before anyone felt the need to reply....


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 22:23:52 -0500
From: Danielle Gaither <>
Subject: Scarecrow People and Other Interesting Stuff

> From:
> Subject: if you don't start living well...
> There's been a fair bit of debate lately about genetically modified foods
> and similar scary things.
Yup, to the point where I've seriously considered going vegetarian.

> He's a snippet of lyrics from "Scarecrow People" (O&L, 1989):
> "Hope you enjoyed your meal it's only gas and chemicals, we thought
> that you'd prefer something not nature made"
Scary, innit?

> As usual, the prescient and perspicacious Partridge prevails!
You forgot prophetic. ;)

"Scarecrow People" is one of my favorite songs on O&L, btw.  Even people
I know who don't normally like XTC like that song.  Go figure.

> ~p@ul
Humorous note: I inadvertently started a huge thread on another mailing
list I'm on when other listers started trying to explicate the quote in
my sig. :)

Other Interesting Stuff:  I recently purchased the XTC tribute album, A
Testimonial Dinner.  Any opinions out there from other listers?
Personally, I was *severely* disappointed by Sarah McLachlan's version
of "Dear God" and pleasantly surprised by The Rembrandts' version of
"Making Plans For Nigel."  I'd enjoy hearing your opinions on assorted
highlights and lowlilghts of the album.  BTW, I also enjoyed They Might
Be Giants' version of "25 O'Clock", but I expected that. ;)

Happily smashing watches,

We're all Jesus, Buddha, and the Wizard of Oz.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 23:20:00 EDT
Subject: Knights In Greg & Darma

> What is the best XTC single that never was?...

Desert Island
(which brings me to say that if you don't like Mummer, fools, you have to
admit that it has the best bonus tracks of any of the "import"(US boy with
old cd copies)cd's .....but they should not be in the middle of the damn

> Which is the best XTC song to be more or less a hidden gem (ie: it doesn't
> receive the plaudits of other songs around it on an album etc)?...

That Wave
(perfect Partridge....or is it Partridge perfect?)

> What is the best lyric on AV1?...

I heard the dandelions roar in Piccadilly Circus
(when I talked to Andy earlier this year we talked at length about this
line....Andy calls it a "massive contradiction", I call it Partridgian wit)
(All the lyrics to Easter Theatre are pretty damn great too)

> The worst lyric on AV1?...

All your corn I'll reap
(think this wagon is about full)

> When you first heard the album, what did you think should have been the
> first single?...

Easter Theatre....but I still prefer the demo

> Which song on The Transistor Belt Sessions do you most prefer to the
> original?...
> Which song on Transistor Belt Live in Concert does it the most for you?...

This question is asking a bit much of me, I'm suddenly feeling soft and
delicate like the fragile petals of a sunflower, will somebody please hold me?

> What non-XTC subject would you most want to chat to Andy, Colin, Dave
> about?...

Why Andy is so frightened by the internet.....sorry Andy, but this is pretty
damn silly....he told me that he thinks the internet is "useless".  wrong.
Is this the same man that wrote Books Are Burning?

> What XTC subject Would You most like to discuss?

Colin's new studio

> Which unreleased XTC song do you like best?...


> What are your 5 favourite XTC Songs (in no order)?

Are you fuckin' kiddin'?



Message-ID: <>
Date: 30 Aug 99 20:31:39 PDT
From: vee tube <>
Subject: Spraying Molly's Bud/Butt

The Imagery may be less varied than AV.1. Butt more graphic than I would
                   (maybe you've listened to Pink Thing just
                      one too many times?) (Just kidding)

     Melissa asked:
  "And how did the masses respond when your POS bar band played Crowded
                (to which I now respond)

 Well...typically they would vacate the dance floor as if some genetically
altered laxative had exploded in their faces.

              (to which we would respond with)

What else? ANOTHER HIT! like Bad Co. or Aerosmythe! Don't get me wrong, I
a great time doing this.

                 PEACE!,OUT!    }---:)


Message-ID: <>
From: "Amanda Owens" <>
Subject: Apocalypse now!!!!!!
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 00:47:43 CDT

I heard "I'd Like That" over the radio at work yesterday....the world is
truly coming to an end. (Or at least my managers thought so when they saw me
dancing around while preparing cole slaw!)

And I gotta jump into the poll as well.....

>What is the best XTC single that never was?...
Season Cycle-This was the first song that really stuck in my head after my
initial listen to Skylarking

>Which is the best XTC song to be more or less a hidden gem (ie: it
>receive the plaudits of other songs around it on an album etc)?...
I Remember the Sun-Might contain some of the best piano work I've heard on
an XTC album

>What is the best lyric on AV1?...
"Gold sun rolls around/chocolate nipple brown/tumble from your arms/like the
ground your breasts swell"

>The worst lyric on AV1?...
"Want to walk into London on my hands one day"

>When you first heard the album, what did you think should have been the
>first single?...
Harvest Festival (Oh so fantastique!)

>What non-XTC subject would you most want to chat to Andy, Colin, Dave
Politics. Once I get started I can't stop.

>What XTC subject Would You most like to discuss?
Would they have been so quick to sign that paper for a record deal if they
knew what they were getting into????

>Which unreleased XTC song do you like best?...

>What are your 5 favourite XTC Songs (in no order)?
Only five???? Damn.
This World Over
Easter Theater
Harvest Festival
Train Running Low on Soul Coal
Living Through Another Cuba

And confidential to Ben-Dan and Mitch were Kung-Fu fighting!

Tis all for now,
Amanda C. Owens
"It seems the thinkers you call greatest are the sort who often fall ill
young or pine away. how can they help but drag the species down?"-Brad
XTC song of the day-Greenman
non XTC song-Cucarachas Enojedas-Tito and Tarantuala


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