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                  Sunday, 29 August 1999

Today's Topics:

      Sorry to prolong the thread still further ...
                       AV1 Burnout
       Brian to Brain (boy, what a common mistake)
                        One thing
                    Oh, thank CHRIST!!
                     Mummers the word
                     Up With Mummer!
           ES momements and other observations
              David Seddon's list-my answers
                      in like fflynt
      ROCK HARD (this is about AV2, not Pink Thing!)
                      Hmm, a thought
                  Days without music...
             "...dancing about Architecture."
           Colorado and AV1, among other things
             Underrated XTC song?/ES/The rest
                 a n.l.e. put to good use


Personally, I think these "survey" things, these "what's your fave?" chain
reaction message threads, are bogus.  But hey, whatever floats yer boat.

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Message-ID: <130CB597E04ED211B2A400104B93AAC47DF637@ESCORP1>
From: "Wiencek, Dan" <>
Subject: Sorry to prolong the thread still further ...
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 14:16:15 -0500

... but Aaron made a point about Nirvana I wanted to spin off:

'All of this "alternative going mainstream" stuff happened because Nirvana
blew the doors open and took the focus away from the bad hair heavy metal
and Paula Abdul/MC Hammer bullshit.'

I would take minor exception to this.  You can argue that alternative went
REALLY mainstream w/ Nirvana, but from my POV it had already been
mainstream, and my memory of what did it was the Pump Up the Volume
soundtrack.  That was the first time a lot of alt. artists were put under
the same umbrella, in a package that mainstream audiences could easily pick
up and use as a sort of jumping-off point.  For that reason, I've always
felt Concrete Blonde didn't get the recognition they deserved for helping
kick off that movement--they were a fresh, vital band back then, and their
take on "Everybody Knows" was the song that made most newcomers, it seems
to me, want to buy the album.  (And I, being fatally un-hip both then and
now, was thrilled that one of the few contemporary bands I loved was
getting such recognition.)  So give Cobain the trophy, but at least invite
Johnette Napolitano to the reception afterwards.

Dan Wiencek


Message-ID: <008e01bef0c3$2f63a120$cefda4d8@default>
Subject: AV1 Burnout
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 15:26:13 -0400

Dunks admitted:

> Is this just me? I'm *not* listening to AV1 at all right now. I haven't
> listened to it for months. And not because I don't like it - I think it's
> brilliant. All their albums are brilliant. Is this just a phase? Have I
> exhausted it's sonic possiblities?

I'm in the same boat...well, I've listened to it once in the past month or
two.  And I think I can guess why -- it's because I listened to it *so
much* when it first arrived that I got a little burned out on it.  Of
course, I do that with almost every new CD I get that I turn out to love.
It's happening right now with the Flaming Lips' "Soft Bulletin" (once every
two days) and Jeff Buckley's "Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk" (about
once every four days, slightly less obsessive).

And Steve pointed out:

> Molly did not complain about people recommending purchases, but about the
> post where someone (I forget who) suggested that we all go out and buy
> Homespun and give our copies of AV1 away to someone else. Not all of us
> are completists, and not everyone can afford to pay out for every
> XTC-related item that comes along. Fair enough, say I.

Yeah, I might not buy "Homespun" either.  I wouldn't even mind shelling out
for an import if it was a disk of just the demos, but why should I pay
import prices for a CD I already have?  I'm more than a little annoyed at
this product, since I imagine the people most interested in buying the XTC
demos are fans, who would of course *already have bought* AV1.  (And even
if I do break down and buy it, I can't very well give my autographed AV1
away as a gift.)

-- Francis

"He hasn't dropped them or forgot them or's just too heavy
for Superman to lift."
   -- The Flaming Lips


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 13:53:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: nross <>
Subject: Brian to Brain (boy, what a common mistake)

Molly wrote:

>>Zack, why don't you just go away, it looks like you don't like XTC.
How dare you attack people for liking Greenman, just expect a lot of
people to flame you for your attacking post.  >snip<  So why don't you
go away, or your going to get a major flaming.<<<

I searched for the Zack post, to see the post to which you refer, but
I couldn't find it.  Maybe next time, you could copy it in your post?

Anyways, you post:

>>Yes, I'm opinionated, and I do seem to start to bitch a lot, but that
doesn't mean I like arguing.  I think if we argue it scares some people

I think the tantrum you threw at Zack would scare off more people than
would a well-thought-out argument.

And on to:

From: Todd Bernhardt:

>>>Then there's been all this talk about Molly, so I got working me
Brian and thinking, Mali ... Molly ... then a shocking realization hit
me about exactly WHERE I AM.

For the curious among you, it's very warm here ... hot, really. And wet
(well, it _is_ the rainy season). Verdant and lush. There's the spicy funk
of bodies pressed close together.<<

I'm beginning to visualize...

>>> Oh yeah. Constant activity, traffic moving in and out<<<


>>> all day and all night until, spent, the vehicles
wind down, looking for a place to rest their overheated and smoking

Hmmm... and this description began in your brain when thinking of
Molly... how erotic of you.

>>>Wonderful and interesting place, overall<<<

Oh! I'm sure! ;-)

I have an over-active imagination.

Anything XTC related?

Actually... been wondering what I should buy next?

I have nonsuch, Transistor Blast, Drums and Wires, Rag and Bone, Upsy
Daisy, AV1, and a misc. collection.

What are your suggestions and why? (I gather ES is a good one).

I realize I asked this question a while ago... but that was when all I
had was Upsy daisy and Rag and Bones.

Just feel like banking on more recent opinions.



Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 17:16:13 -0400
Subject: One thing
Message-ID: <>
From: Molly E Fanton <>

I would never give away my copy of AV1, because it's autographed.  I
already had two copies, but I took my one copy to a used CD place, I know
I should have given it to a friend, but I needed the cash.  But hopefully
by the end of the year I'll have a job, if the job training program I'm
going to enter in September works out.  Then I might be working in the
hotel services.  And just think if the boys do another tour like they
did, and they come to Buffalo I might get to meet them.  (bounces around
of just the thought)



From: "Robin Holden" <>
Subject: Oh, thank CHRIST!!
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 23:37:00 +0100
Message-ID: <000001bef0dc$ad95ce60$b19501d4@robin-holden>

Chalkchicks and Chalkchaps,

I had been without Black Sea for almost three months until I finally
retrieved my copy from my best friend's brother (who had nicked it BUT NOT
LISTENED TO IT!) and I am so unbelievably glad to have it back in my sweaty
little CD player.  In response to whoeveritwas's comment on seamless
songwriting on English Settlement, that aspect is rivalled, if not
surpassed, on Black Sea.  Take the transition from verse to middle eight on
"Paper and Iron (Notes and Coins)".  Orgasmic.  The key change on "Rocket
from a Bottle"?  Sublime.  How about "Respectable Street" for an opener?
It is biting sarcasm translated directly into music.  "The kind of look
that SAYS THEY'RE PERFECT!!!"  I just can't get enough of it, especially
now that I've learnt the "Love at First Sight" riff.  It's just a
brilliantly consistent, hard sounding album, chiselled directly out of
marble and granite.  Fantasmic.

Those of you who don't like other music being recommended, close your eyes
NOW!  The rest of you can snigger while I perform many exaggerated and rude
gestures two inches from their faces.  For those of you with open minds, I
highly recommend listening to the album "Ruby Vroom" by Soul Coughing.  GO
OUT AND BUY IT NOW!!  You may not understand the lyrics, which are
sometimes sung, sometimes spoken / rapped over an amazing blend of
funk-style, sometimes almost hip-hop rhythms, but it sounds very organic.
The drummer has an amazing sounding kit, the bassist uses a double bass
exclusively and there are some very strange samples all over it that
somehow fit perfectly with the whole setup.  Singer M. Doughty's voice
somehow manages to sound like a cross between Tom Hanks and Tim DeLaughter
of Tripping Daisy.  If you enjoyed Cake's Fashion Nugget, this will
definitely attract you.  If you aren't attracted by my description, BUY IT
ANYWAY!!  My description doesn't even begin to do this album justice.
Music with just as much humour as XTC.

Ok, twats, open your eyes now.

from Robin
"The strongest oaths are straw
To th'fire i'th'blood." -- The Tempest
Check out
Also view


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 22:52:22 EDT
Subject: Mummers the word


Nice to see Mummer gettin' some good press from the Chalkoholics these
days.  It's long been my fave XTC release.  I'm not saying that it's their
best effort, though it is a damn good one, I'm simply saying that it means
more to me than any of their other works.  XTC came to my stompin'
grounds....Charlotte, North Cackalacky....during the 89 radio tour.  I
found out about it a few hours prior to their arriving, and a friend and I
made the mad dash to our car.....which had an eternal battle scene pitting
green plastic army men against a rather visciously outmatched tribe of
vibrantly colored plastic Indians superglued to the much for
resale value.  The point?  Ohh...yeah, on the way out I grabbed my import
cd copy of Mummer...the only thing I took with me to have signed by the

Skylarking is a close second....spent many an hour taking' massive lung
bustin' hits of pot and working on art projects in college with Skylarking
stuck on perma repeat mode on my cd player.  I usually waited until the day
before a major project was due to even think about putting a pencil to a
sheet of paper....guess the pot may have had something to do with that.
So....I'd wake and bake, get Skylarking spinnin', and would emerge from my
cave sometime very early the next morning with something resembling a
finished work.  Not trying to push drugs on any of ya, I don't smoke at all
these days, but Skylarking + pot = nirvana(Arghhh!!!! we go



Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 23:12:48 EDT
Subject: Up With Mummer!

Dan Wiencek wrote:
>after listening extensively to The Big Express for several months, my
>estimation of it has officially changed. Having once deemed it one of XTC's
>worst (down there with Mummer)

"down there with Mummer"'re just trying to hurt me, aren't you Dan?



From: Cathryn Myers <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: ES momements and other observations
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 00:28:27 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Chalkers,

ES moments I love

First of all, for me, the album starts with track 4.

I like Runaways, but I cannot listen to Ball and Chain or Senses
anymore.  I do occasionally, but I really don't hear them.  Just noise in
the background.  Now I am not dissing these songs.  They are great songs,
but I have heard them too many times.  There are no more surprises there
for me.  I have been listening to them since I was 14.  I am five months
away from turning 30.  I got hooked on the "sweets" or "treats" of XTC as
I have heard Andy call them.  I call them the hits.  Regardless.  I
usually skip the two hits at the beginning of ES.

Therefore, as I said the album begins with track 4.

Jason and the Argonauts hooked me the first time I ever heard it.  I
spent years listening to it at a friend's house.  I was too cheap to buy
ES for many years.  I am talking about when I was 16 and 17.  Money was
scarce for me then and double album was a lot.  Besides, I was really
into the Smiths in High School.  I know I am a cliche.  Besides, I had
Waxworks, so I already had the treats.  Moreover, titles like English
Roundabout or Yacht Dance meant nothing to me.  Oh to be young and

But of course as an adult, all I do is spend my money on music, so I have
had ES for several years now.  I will never forget the week I actually
owned it.  Track 4 repeat and repeat

Let me say, I am not a musician.  I curse my clumsy hands.  And I don't
know music theory.  I only recently learned the term middle 8.
Therefore, my descriptions are from a layperson, but are sincere

So, my first treat is the rhythmic guitar layering that is in the middle
of  Jason.  It is meant to be the instrumental middle, but Andy layers
some light singing over it.  Do do --do do do-- do-- do.  The layers and
the rhythm transfix me.  How the guitar goes up and down the scale.
Mesmerizing.  I spin in a circle and become dizzy.  Ah the power of

Yacht Dance.  The whole song is a treat.

The 2nd half of Fly upon the Wall. I used to never give this song a
chance.  I never got past the first two verses.  I would try, but then
once I realized that the second verse and chorus completely repeat the
first verse and chorus  I would give up and forward it to the next song.
Only recently have I given it a chance.  I have to wait until 1 minute and
42 seconds into the song.  The middle 8 or transition section in the
middle makes the song come together for me.  After hearing it, I can
listen to the third versewhich is exactly like the first two that I just
suffered through.  I don't know why this happens, but it does.  And the
song fading out. I love it.  The echoed voices.  Weird.

But maybe it is just slow anticipation for the D&W jewel on ES, Down in
the Cockpit.  Yummy.  I love that reggae stuff.  When at the end of the
song, Andy sings, Ow, Ow Ow Ow  uh uh uh oh go down in the cock pit---
Right after the a cappella oh oh oh oh oh-a.

Have to say though that I can't stand the "rap" in the middle of the song
you know the history lesson about "Man"  I wish he'd cut that.

My second favorite song on the album-English Roundabout.
When the "Spanish" guitars come in during the middle of the song, and how
at end of that song, he keeps changing keys.  My favorite part of the
album.  No kidding.

How can the man who brought us English Roundabout be finished as a
songwriter?   I refuse to believe it.  Colin come back to us.  I loved
the two treats on AV1 but they are not up to the standard he set for
himself on English Roundabout or My birds performs even.

Last treat -- Snowman-

At the end of the song when Andy cries out ---And what I wanna KNOWWWW.

And just when you think the song is going to fade, Andy comes back with
one last exasperated cry.    What a great way to end an album

By the way ES is not my favorite album.  It is awesome, but Mummer and
Big Express are both much better.  More even, more mature.  Mummer and
Big Express are very different from each other, but both take a mood and
sustain it the entire length of the album.  ES doesn't do that.  Each
time I listen to ES I say  Not yet boys.  Almost.

I think we should do this with all of the albums.  I have a number of
favorite spots on Mummer.  Starting with the weird middle in Love on a
farm boys wages.  The music right after Andy sings  "And its breaking my
back" .  It is like a noise-maker or something.  I love to dance to
that.  You know like some cheesy choreographed move the Solid Gold
dancers would do.  Awesome.

By the way, which three XTC songs would you take with you on a deserted
island?  I can't decide, but I know Omnibus and That Wave would be two of
Andy's and English Roundabout and My Bird Performs would be two of
Colin's.  Maybe three is two few.  Shall we say which five?  River of
Orchids might get my vote too.  Not starting an offical poll, just
something to ponder.


PS.  How do I get the demos to AV2?  How do you folks have the hook-up
like that.  Share with us if you can.  Is it a matter of sending a check
to someone?

PPS.  If you don't own BOTH of The Negro Problems albums, correct this
tragedy now.  They are that good.  If XTC is grad school, The Negro
Problem is College.  They will only get better.  Jump on the train now.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 21:38:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: David Seddon's list-my answers

David Seddon's list-my answers (thanks David-these are always fun, and
keep me from doing real work)

What is the best XTC single that never was?...
Human Alchemy/Cross Wires
When I first bought Mummer (right after it was released) IEwas taken
with Human Alchemy, and went so far as to imagine a music video for it.
MAybe someday I'll tell you about it. Too embarassed right now (it's a
really lame concept!)

Which is the best XTC song to be more or less a hidden gem (ie: it doesn't
receive the plaudits of other songs around it on an album etc)?...
Another Satellite

What is the best lyric on AV1?...
What a year when the exams and crops all failed

The worst lyric on AV1?...
Now that I can talk, all your corn I'll reap

I'll go w/ that one as well.

When you first heard the album, what did you think should have been the
first single?...

Same here.

What non-XTC subject would you most want to chat to Andy, Colin, Dave

What XTC subject Would You most like to discuss?
future psuedonym projects

Which unreleased XTC song do you like best?...
Young Cleopatra

What are your 5 favourite XTC Songs (in no order)?
Cant answer this one without causing me a lot of stress-ok, I'll give
it a shot:
Another Satellite, Yacht Dance, Scissor Man, Life Begins at the Hop,
Harvest Festival



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 09:41:23 EDT
Subject: in like fflynt

   In regards to fflynts contribution--- Now THAT was interesting.
  Im listening to O& L right now. The horns in "Merely a Man" are awesome.
  Good bye, Roger


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 11:08:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: ROCK HARD (this is about AV2, not Pink Thing!)

OK, that was a pretty puerile header for this post-hope you enjoyed it!

someone wrote:

I know a lot of you folks have already heard demos of the majority of
tracks to be offered.  I've only heard a snippet of "Playground" on
that cool online demos sampler a month or two back.  I seem to recall
somebody (maybe even Andy!) making an interesting comparison, saying,
in effect...

AV2 will be to Black Sea as AV1 is to Skylarking.

I guess I'm looking for a little confirmation of this idea from those
of you who have heard the demos.  Is this a valid comparison?  I mean,
it's gonna rock pretty hard, isn't it?  Is it?  Is it gona rock hard?
HOW hard will it be a-rockin?  And similar fanboy droolings.

MMMM, don't know how hard it will rock. To my ears, anyways, the songs
are 1. more mature and 2. more graceful than most of what's on Black
Sea (this isn't a slam on Black Sea, folks, its the record that made me
an XTC fan, way back in 1980, and I still LOVE it). I would say that it
will rock more like The Big Express than Black Sea. Or maybe Drums &
Wires crossed with Big Express (with some Oranges & Lemons tossed in as
well). At any rate, based on the demos I've heard, it should be a
pretty accessable album. I just don't expect it to bee extremely heavy
and hard.  I may be way off base on this, XTC have been known to
surprise in the past.
 For those debating the merits of 'Greenman" being a hit and what it
would mean for XTC, "We're All Light" has major, top-40 potential, if
done right (or wrong, depending on your view).

Oh, for those completist-types who don't get offended when being told
of a cd to buy, and who missed the I'd Like That single, check the GEMM
website ( I found a used copy there pretty cheap. It
arrived in today's mail from England, and now I'm happy!


Message-ID: <>
Date: 28 Aug 99 11:37:14 PDT
From: Brian Wysolmierski <>
Subject: bootleg

Does anybody know how to get the Apple Venus Demos cd from Biz Graffiti?


Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 16:29:56 -0400
Subject: Hmm, a thought
Message-ID: <>
From: Molly E Fanton <>

After reading Melissa's post I thought about something.  I'm part of the
Squeezefan mailing list and we've been making requests for where the band
should go.  They already have a tour arranged for the US and Canada, but
we're trying to convince the management to change the places a bit.  So I
was thinking we should see if the guys go on another promotional tour
that we should make requests for locations.  I know I wish Andy and Colin
would come to Buffalo.  Since I was misinformed by a certain Chalker,
that they were coming to Buffalo, and he knows who he is (nudge nudge Wes
L.)  So what do you think about this idea, or am I just being like
Baldrick from Black Adder who always had bad stupid ideas. :)

Molly, or Chalkhills Baldrick


Message-ID: <>
Date: 28 Aug 99 14:23:51 PDT
From: vee tube <>
Subject: Days without music...

  "Days without music, are like, buns without butter"
         (Pillsbury Home boy '87)

        Does anyone out there like the eeLs?
           Sh*t,my CD player is skipping again. Time to clean the laser.

                I now humbley toss my 2 cents in the ring...

 1. I will miss Dave. I was (am)[(were)] a guitarist and thought his work
was great! Can he write a song? I don't know. Maybe they just weren't XTC
songs.  In either case, I hope he gets a band together where his talent can
shine.  Then we may have TWO great CDs every 7 years (more often I hope).

 2. Phish. If these guys sucked any more, I would pay them to move to
Texas, maybe then some of those Canadian cool fronts would make it down
here and chill out this God forsaken Hell hole! (Before I get flamed again
I would like to point out that this is just my worthless opinion. If they
provide enough pleasure to justify sucking up your discretionary income...
...more joy too you)

 3. I've only had a computer for 4 months and it took me 2 months to find
you people. (I had to learn how to use it first) What a treat!

 4. I have E'd both "Cooking" and TVT and requested that they offer the
independent music stores the option of "pre-booking" AV.2.+. So us real
fans won't have to buy the "official" CD twice. You may want to do the

        "Nuttin'but Luv"     }---:)


From: Darrell Rainey <>
Subject: "...dancing about Architecture."
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 18:35:12 -0400

Hi all, found this on Alan Scotts Quotes Page
Apparently no one is sure about this one.

Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.

Alan P. Scott - Quotes - Miscellaneous

Most occurrences of this quote on the Internet do not have any
attribution. Of those that do, here were the most common when I did a
thorough Websearch on 12/30/1996 (I haven't repeated the search since
then; many of the links in the below are sure to be rotten):

Laurie Anderson is the most frequent attribution. That's where I saw it
first, in her video Home of the Brave (Warner, 1986). However, she is
surely not the originator of the quote - she also said "How about a
square dance?" as a riposte, which indicates she's aware that she's
quoting someone else.

Who that someone is, though, is less certain...
Ponty Lox, an email correspondent, kindly informed me on May 30, 1998
that in Mark Russell's book Out of Character (Bantam, January 1997),
Laurie Anderson herself attributes this quote to Steve Martin. While
that was enough to get me to pull the quote from my section on Laurie
Anderson, I'm not sure I believe she's correct; other citations
indicate that this quote may have been around for longer than Martin's
career. Therefore I've put it in my Miscellaneous section instead of
under Martin.

Anyway, here's the rest of the list:

Frank Zappa - next most common; still too many to count, though.

William S. Burroughs, at least twice, plus one maybe ("A certain
William" on one Website that I didn't record).

Steve Martin -
three times, once by Laurie Anderson (see above).

Elvis Costello -
twice, but tentatively to "Frank Zappa" on one of the same pages.

Charles Mingus - twice, but repeated many times on one, a music Web
site (

Nick Lowe - once.

Thelonius Monk - twice in Usenet posts, but both
times without certainty.

Martin Mull - once.

Miles Davis - once.

George Carlin - once.

Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) - once.

W.G. "Snuffy" Walden, TV music composer (from Burlingame,
Jon, "TV's Biggest Hits...") - once, and probably a real latecomer.

John Cage, from a Usenet post archived at (thanks
to Ponty for pointing this one out).

One guy attributes the quote
to "L.Anderson/S.Martin/F.Zappa/E.Costello?", which at least
acknowledges the uncertainty.

Then there's a variant version,
"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture."
At one point the Lexmark company maintained a quote server
( which attributed this version of the quote to
"Anonymous," a big help. Howard Shih "paraphrases" the above variant as
being from Laurie Anderson. On the other hand, this variant is
attributed to Frank Zappa by this site, several Usenet posts on, and a site at Carnegie-Mellon which I don't  feel
like keying in... and to Elvis Costello by the band Gherkin, and by a
couple of other Usenet cites. This variant is also attributed to
"Thelonious Monk" [sic] by a Usenet .sig belonging to

This only adds to the confusion!
Darrell Rainey
University Computing and Networking Services
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

Genealogy and family photo archives at...


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 18:18:09 -0400
Subject: Colorado and AV1, among other things
From: "Diamond" <>

    First, I'd like to say that The west is a beutiful place. As someone
once said, go west, young man. I just spent ten days in colorado/New Mexico,
and it was a blast. But the best part was this one day when we were driving
for about five hours. From about three 'till eight, or something like that.
Well, as we got into the car, I put AV1 in to listen to, and It's probably
the best time I've ever listened to it. That doesn't make very much sense,
but, although I've always loved it, this particular day, nature seemed to be
actually performing the album for my. Right when the begining of ROO came
on, it started to rain. It was huge rain, but it went perfectly with the
drops in the begining. Then, I'd like that came on, and the sun started to
burst through the clouds. Then, Eastre theatre came on, and, of all things,
a rainbow. The brightest rainbow I've ever seen. The whole album played
around about three three times, and by the end, when the last baloon came on
for the third time, The prettiest sunset I've ever seen came shinning on the
clouds, turning them orange, pink, purple. It was awsome. The best listening
to that album ever.


Now that I've brought tears to your eyes with my STUNNING narrative, I'm
gonna make you all very angry

You see, I don't like Mummer.

Don't hurt me!!!

It's not that it's a Really Bad album, or anything, it just never grapped
me. In fact, when I listen to it, I start on great fire, skip deliver us
from the elements, play until desert Island, skip Human Alchamy, and play
till the end. This album is the only album, besides their first two, where I
actually cringe listening to a song of theirs. (oh yeah, and during This
World Over on Big Express) I just can't stand Love on a farmboy's wages.
Really, I feel if it wasn't for the extra songs, I hardly would listen to it
 at all. Sorry, but It's true.

Actually, This is the opinion I have about it after trying it several more
times. I used to hate all the songs except for Funk Pop a Roll, Great Fire,
and the extra tracks. Recently, I've come around on some of the tracks. Even
Wonderland can be OK. But I still can't get myself to like Farmboy. Sorry.

Also (Wow this is a long post) About Fuzzy Warbles. Do you think that it
might contain tracks from albums like Jules Vernes Sketchbook, The Bull with
the Golden Guts, Window Box, etc.? They said it wouldn't have any demo's
from that virgin's already released, so I can't imagine what it would have.
They've released a lot of demo's. Anyway, Ta Ta for Now, and see you later.

Kevin M. Diamond


Message-ID: <000301bef1a8$9228cde0$>
From: "J Bogner" <>
Subject: Heatwave
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 18:56:29 -0400

I knew I was gonna get some heat from my last posting so let me

Mark said
>First of all: how do you know? did you experience this 'apparent
>attitude' first hand? In other words: did he annoy _you_ or are you just
>repeating the canonized Gospel according to St. Andrew of the Shed?

No, Mark- one doesn't need to experience this first hand to sense the
negative attitude.
If you think  . . . . .NOT wanting to record an orchestral/acoustic record,
                              NOT wanting to do the 'Song Stories' book
                              NOT wanting to sign to TVT records
                              NOT wanting to hire their now-manager.
 . . . . . isn't negative, so be it.
Plus, these are facts not gospel.

However, you are right in saying no one will ever really know exactly why
Dave left.
If you think I don't like Dave Gregory, you're dead wrong. I honestly didn't
mean to
slam Dave as a person, I'm just disappointed that after all the crap they
went through-he 'bailed' .

If A & C were the cake-makers then Dave was the decorator . . .
and a fine decorator at that.

Andy B.


Message-ID: <001201bef1ac$3bf47ce0$a74d08c3@sdd2>
From: "SteveD" <>
Subject: Underrated XTC song?/ES/The rest
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 00:22:39 +0100

Underrated XTC song:

"Beating of Hearts" (well nobody's mentioned it in the last four digests
since I resubbed :)

Sums up a lot about Wiltshire for me.

Hardly ever listen to "ES" these days.

AV1 fantastic.

"Skylarking" still the fave.

Love "The Big Express".

There that covers it. I might never speak again!

SteveD - a Wiltshireman!
under construction:


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 17:06:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: fflynt <>
Subject: a n.l.e. put to good use

i just got back from a stint in the slammer. pc
mcgregor, apparently a confirmed barry manilow fan,
didn't agree with my interpretation of "barely
manenough must die, i will it", performed on (an
electric) yeldham road at 3:40 am. at that time of the
day/night a british slammer sports a colourful fauna
consisting of winos (does fauna apply here or is it
flora for them?) and foreigners in leather jackets.
the former ask the latter for cigarettes, the latter
beat the former over the collective heads. i pretended
to be completely out of it and got away with it, i
hate choosing sides and couldn't decide whether i
wanted to be asked for cigarettes or beaten over the
head. i wonder why there are so many scots in the
london force, it's the same in france where they have
a disproportionate number of gascons (the name fits)
with the metropolitan plainclothes men. anyway, where
could one get/buy copies of xtc cassettes/demos? i've
got a tape with holding the baby/pearl/monkeys in
human skin suits/misc. live stuff and i'd like to get
more of that sort of thing. also, since i'm not a
collector and i'm happy as long as i have those songs
on cd somewhere, if anyone would like these original
12" singles:
ball-chain/heaven-glass/punch-judy/cockpit-dance and
pretty girls/washaway/red-dream
say so and i'll mail them. free of charge, of course
(pecunia doth olet after all).
uncle fflynt


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 21:11:29 -0400
Subject: Whew
From: "Diamond" <>


Sorry for the lame greating, I'm just kind of pooped right now. I was away
for ten days, and now I'm trying to get caught up on my Chalkhills. It's
exhusting. Right now, I'm up to 5-255., Three more to go. Ahhhhh!

Anyway, thought I'd take a break, and try to respond to some things I've
read. I'ts probably kind of late, but better late then dead, eh? I don't
know what that means.

My favorite parts of ES:
The sax solo's on Leisure and It's Nearly Africa. The one on leisure is so
bad, it's good. And the on on INA is so good, it's bad. Again, I'm just
rambling hear, I don't know what I'm talking about

Also, The end of Melt the guns, as well as the bridge. I love the lyrics on
that. Pretty Preachy, but awsome none the less

A funny thing about ES, I always hated English Roundabout. I didn't know
why, but then I realized that it was in 5/4, and it all made sense. Now I
love it.

Heres something to go with my previous thread about Mummer. I've heard
review after review saying that The Big Express was just The Boys Re-doing
Mummer. How wrong can they be? It sounds nothing like Mummer It's loads
better, and all those reviewers should burn in pergatory for making such a
wrong statement. I just cant Tolerate people being Wrong and Stupid.

Again, I'm very tired (Only four hours of sleep last night)

Fav. Cover? Probably OandL
Least? Probably White Music.

Someone, I think It Was Ralphie, mentioned Factory Showroom. That's a great
album by a Great Band. They just don't take themselves to seriously, and
they come out with great results. they were my favorite band, untill I
found my TRUE LOVE! Nirvana.

NO, sorry, bad joke, don't want to get that started up again. But anyway,
If you don't already have them, but Lincoln and Apollo 18 buy TMBG. They're

So, what does IMHO mean, exactly.

I Might Have Onions
Ice May Harbor Octopi
In My Honest Opinion! Whem, that's refreshing.

so, Back to the Ol Hills

Seeeeee ya!

Kevin Q Diamond III, esc, ltd, inc, and co.

My Favorite band is XTC, not nirvana. But then, you knew that, didn't you?


End of Chalkhills Digest #5-259

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