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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 258

                 Saturday, 28 August 1999

Today's Topics:

           Dave and Andy: my what have we here
                     Respectable Al.
             French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson
                 The Mayor Of Burlington
                  things, stuff and etc.
                  Re: derivative drivel
               Re: Dancing Around the Topic
                        Re: Synth
                        Pink Thing
                     Now now........
                Pedants of the world unite
                   trop belle pour toi
                      Defending Dave
                       Stage Fright
                      Re: Dead Fish
           My take on "Pink Thing" + Iron Giant
                 Life Begins on the Hill
                       What's new?
                 AV1 - For Our Ears Only?
                      Gentleman Dave
                     Aural Arithmetic


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Must we live in fear from those who shed no tears?


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 22:37:54 EDT
Subject: Dave and Andy: my what have we here

It seems the battle lines are being drawn.  AV2 is just being recorded and
from the nature of the recent posts, there are trenches being dug in these
'hills.  Are you for Andy or are you for Dave?  Maybe I'm getting the wrong
impression, but I highly doubt the actual participants in this "feud" are
as passionate about it at this point as some of the fans.  I think some
people are ready to go out and buy AV2 just to listen to it and write here
to say why they miss Dave so much. I guess that would be the equivalent of
buying a ticket to see Dylan in 1966 just to boo his electric set.  Come
on, he moved on.  Yes, I felt he was an integral part of XTC, but I also
feel Andy is a capable musician.  I personally can't wait to hear what new
sounds Andy & Colin can add to the career they have already put together.
Once again I have to point to XTC as a band that has put out a body of work
that maybe unequaled in the annals of rock music, both in quality and
quantity.  Sure their record sales may not put them up with the "big boys"
but with fans getting this involved in a personality clash, I think that
says something about the passion the band puts into their music.

"Neil, what exactly does messing with the 'big boys' entail" -Rick


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 23:11:07 EDT
Subject: Respectable Al.

>Everybody always gets along
>Life's a fantasy - there on Sesame Street
>Something in THAT picture doesn't belong
>Not reality - not on Sesame Street
>No relevancy, on Sesame Street
>You won't see me, there on SESAME STREET!!!

>(Hopefully something to offend EVERYBODY in there somewhere...actually no
>offense intended!) :~)


  BRILLIANT! Only one quibble, though- if you go back over the chorus, you
may notice the "here" in "here on Sesame Street" throws the whole line off
and causes it not to scan. Leave it out each time and the line fits the
melody. Try it in your head imagining Andy singing it and you'll see. Works
every time perfectly. Otherwise, a great piece of work, though I'm not sure
Weird Al would do it in the extremely late 90's.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 23:10:18 EDT
Subject: French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson

>"Gravity" is, again, a wonderful, challenging recording. His
>"Speechless" is every bit as good. I also recommend "Cheap at Half the
>Price", which seems to be Frith's low-tech experiment. Recorded on
>4-track equipment, it's his least polished recording that I know of
>(excepting those Frith, French, Kaiser and Thompson records that really
>aren't that good, especially considring the talent involved) and also
>contains his most pop-like songs, and is the only record of his I know
>of where he sings!

  If you're a fan of Frith's guitar talents you might have a point about
FFKT; since there were already two talented guitarists in Kaiser and
Thompson, Frith ageed to explore his bass and violin talents. Still, I find
both albums very entertaining, though side two of the first, Live Love Larf
and Loaf, kind of drags. Side one has some of the loopiest stuff Thompson
has ever written or put his voice to, and Frith does sing on at least one
song, the one he wrote, "Where's The Money." Admittedly he is not a great
singer, and he wisely keeps his mouth shut and writes some nice
instrumentals on the other album Invisible Means. I highly recommend
Invisible Means to any XTC fan, it's very quirky, but more consistent than
LLL and L, and drummer John French contributes some great songs that would
fit well in XTC's catalogue should they ask him to join.(not a stretch,
John was Captain Beefheart's longtime drummer, so he's used to dealing with
prickly individuals)Richard Thompson's contributions are quirkier than his
own albums, one song, "March Of The Cosmetic Surgeons," is downright
strange, but at least indulges his somewhat Pythonesque sense of humor, as
does the group effort, "Days Of Our Lives," based on actual episodes of the
soap opera. Has to be heard to be believed.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 23:11:12 EDT
Subject: The Mayor Of Burlington

>On to some opinion of my own.  On the question of what song Weird Al should
>do a parody of. I think that they, instead, did one of him called "The
>Mayor of Simpleton". The problem is XTC doesn't take themselves seriously
>enough for Al to be as effective as when he hits someone like Michael
>Jackson. So when he does consult with me (as he does on a regular basis) I
>will tell him to seek matial elsewhere.

>Will ("Nirvana and XTC totally ROCK, dude!...") Lewis
>Humble, pants'ed and sweltering in TX

  Well, you're obviously not the Will Lewis I work with here in Vermont, I
didn't think he was online or even computer savvy. I'm still waiting for
the mayor here in Burlington, VT to use TMOS for his next reelection
campaign, with one word changed in the lyrics. "Well I may be the Mayor of
Burlington..." Except I suspect he can't sing, if his former Progressive
Coalition cohort now in Congress(Bernie Panda, uh, Sanders)'s unlistenable
version of "We Shall Overcome" is any indication.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 20:15:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: things, stuff and etc.

Comments on recent posts:

70% of the Phish I've heard has been lame replicas of other bands,
especially the Beatles White Album (um, why not just listen to the White
Album?)  and their original music is just plain annoying.  It smacks of
"we're really talented because we went to SCHOOL for it, so let's do really
wacky things that only really talented people do, and our fans will love it
'cause they're all stoned!"

Wow! you were a lot nicer to Phish than I would have been, had it been
my post! I just dont see the point in a bunch of stoned noodling for
stoned noodles. The running joke around the record store where I worked
at the time of Jerry Garcia's death was that Phish paid to have him
killed to help their own careers. All those deadheads without the Dead
around started following Phish (and half of them probably coulden't
tell the difference). If you've ever wondered what musical masturbation
sounds like,pick up a Phish record.
Oh, their name sucks, too. I would have named them Ghoti.

sorry, guys, got to go with William S. Burroughs.

Where you going?  Actually, I don't think it's a Burroughs quote
either. My vote is for Zappa, though I have no way of proving it.
Sounds more like Zappa than Burroughs or Costello. Speaking of Zappa
and Burroughs,I have a recording of Zappa reading the Talking Asshole
section of 'Naked Lunch". Like it better than the Burroughs read
version on his cd 'Spare Ass Annie' (which is a great cd, by the way).

So what would all of *you* say if someone asked for your take on "Pink

I would say it's about a penis.
I know it's supposed to be about Andy's son, too, but its so much more
fun to think that such a lovely song is about a dick.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 19:42:28 -0700
Subject: Re: derivative drivel

Jason spoke:

"..I've heard has been lame replicas of other bands, especially
the Beatles White Album (um, why not just listen to the White Album?)"

Many bands have influences and are "derivative". Better to mirror
the Beatles or some other great bands than say Duran Duran and other
lamers.. (putting on asbestos suit).

Jason continuted:

"..and their original music is just plain annoying.  It smacks of "we're
really talented because we went to SCHOOL for it, so let's do really
wacky things that only really talented people do, and our fans will love
it 'cause they're all stoned!"

Not everyone likes the same thing, but I prefer gifted, articulate
musicians to a lot of the drivel that thrives today.

Back to lurking...

Rich Frerz


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 23:11:03 EDT
Subject: Re: Dancing Around the Topic

>As Elvis Costello sagely

>   "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture"

>Did Elvis say that? I'd heard that quote before, but didn't know who it
>was attributed to.
>I like that quote just fine, but must say that I have seen some dancing
>about archetecture that was actually quite good. Really.

  I think it was Laurie Anderson, when asked in an interview why she
likes talking about anything but her music(uh...performances,
maybe?)itself. Or if Gertrude stein had been a musician, she could
have said that, but she wasn't and she didn't.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 23:10:57 EDT
Subject: Re: Synth

>2.   The first XTC record to use synths - yet in such
     a way that the listener is not immediately
     conscious of the fact (during the new romantic
     explosion, at that!)...

  "Travels In Nihilon" on Black Sea is loaded with synths. Listen to it
again. I think its the only track on Black Sea that uses them, though.



Message-ID: <>
Date: 26 Aug 99 20:23:16 PDT
From: vee tube <>
Subject: Flamed?

  Well,not really. It was only a suggestion.

      In the late '70's. I played in a bar band.We did 75% covers and 25%
original music. We didn't make any money, but we knew a lot of people who
liked us and helped take care of us.

      It was so cool to play a Bob Seeger tune, Followed by an AC/DC tune
then hit "the unsuspecting masses" with...
..."Crowded Room" It was the only XTC song my P.O.S. bar band was capable of

    M: You Go Girl!

          "Save The Free Range Trout"   }---:)

  P.S. Can you go to sleep after listening to "Human Alchemy"?
             I can't

           Long Live Mummer!

  P.P.S. I think CD World In Dallas still has a new copy of the "I'd Like
That" single 214-826-1885
                             }--;)   <- Winky Fish.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 20:21:38 -0700
Subject: Pink Thing

Derek asked:

"So what would all of *you* say if someone asked for your take on "Pink

Possible replies:

I'm in favor of them (ducking flying vegetables)..
I've never met one I didn't like..
Which shade...?
anyone else?

Silly from the heat..
- Ricardo Frerzobahn


Message-ID: <>
From: "Amanda Owens" <>
Subject: Now now........
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 00:17:25 CDT

Coming out of snooze mode once again........

Had to add to my favorite ES moments, song by song.....

Runaways-Mesa likes how it fades in. (Mesa called Jar Jar Binks......)
Ball and Chain-I have no favorite moment because I loathe this song.
Senses Working Overtime-Zee crows at the end...or whatever odd bird sound
that was.
Jason and the Argonauts-Kinda like the whole middle section on that one.
Yacht Dance-"Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho......"
All Of a Sudden-I like the whole thing so much I can't single out one
particular thing. I can't. I can't! I WON'T, DAMNIT!
Melt the Guns-The "Justice League of America" part
Leisure-That...."interesting" sax part in the middle
It's Nearly Africa-that other "interesting" sax part
Knuckle Down-"Soon the whole world will lay down swords and shields for
Fly On the Wall-Sorry, but I don't think ES contained many of Colin's
stronger songs. Flame away if you must, tis just my opinion.
Down In the Cockpit-"Look, what is this creature down in the hole?..."
English Roundabout-Whip me and chain me, because I have yet to listen to
this song fully.
Snowman-"People will always be tempted to wipe their feet/on anything with
welcome written on it"

And now for something completely different.......

Chrisc did sayeth:

>Andy B , I'm sorry but you are talking a load of bollocks!
Here here!

>Dave's parting was not good for the band;
I agree, but it was definitely for the best. If not, either he or Andy
would've probably been jailed for murdering the other.

>If your main love was playing guitar, and you were constantly told to play
>keyboards, you'd get pissed off too.
As he has told me himself on several occasions......

Jon Rosenberger did sayeth:

>Hello all. Glad to have an XTC post to throw my opinion on.....
Same here, medear!

>I personally feel that Dave will be sorely missed on the next LP. It
>being a guitar album.
Good point. The album may have Andy's fanciful playing, but I bet it will
lack Dave's polish.

>I am sad though that Andy and Dave are not speaking to one another. I
>think at one point they had a pretty good freindship and I hate to see
>that get thrown away.
Sad, but such is the course of life, especially when one half is going to
say that the two of them were never really good friends at all.

>Attention Ben Gott: Yep it sure is!
Attention Ben Gott: Give yourself a hand! I know you want to, I know you
can! I will come and get you in the morning! Who put the cat in the cat

Tis all for now,
Amanda C. Owens
"It seems the thinkers you call greatest are the sort who often fall ill
young or pine away. how can they help but drag the species down?"-Brad
XTC song of the day-Then She Appeared
non XTC song-Someday We'll Know-New Radicals


From: "Don Rogalski" <>
Subject: Pedants of the world unite
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 14:02:39 +0800
Message-ID: <000201bef051$c4957920$6df81ea3@user>

I smell a pedant....

> From: "Simon Deane/Gina Chong" <>
> Subject: Re: Chocolate Pastiche
> Sorry Dorothy, but you wrote:
> >The album [English Settlement]is a pastiche of aural treats;
>> it's a sampler of quality chocolates.
> You mean that ES is not actually an aural treat but a kind of a
> copy/imitation of one; and that it's not the chocolate box itself but
> just a few examples....?
> I think I know what you mean but I suggest you have a look at a
> dictionary before you send your next post.

In Webster's New World Dictionary, 1970 version, "pastiche"
is defined thusly:

1. a) a literary, artistic, or musical composition made up of bits
from various sources; potpourri    b) such a composition
intended to imitate or ridicule another artist's style
2. a jumbled mixture; hodgepodge

Pastiche, then, is not necessarily an imitation, but can be a
mixture.  This, at least to me, was her obvious intended meaning.

And, "sampler":

1. a) a person who prepares or selects samples for inspection
2. a) a collection or assortment of representative selections

"Sampler" implies just a few examples of representative selections,
but does NOT necessarily imply that the collection is paltry
in number itself.  After all, a sampler box of chocolates usually
has just as many chocolates inside as a box that has only one

Sorry Simon, but her meaning was crystal clear from the
get go, and the definitions only back her up.

Your comrade in rigorous Aristotelianism,

Don "define your terms" Rogalski


Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 16:21:29 +1000
From: Sebastien Maury 02 9950 3315 <>
Subject: trop belle pour toi
Message-id: <E1165IBP3JNW7*/R=A1/R=ABCNET/U=MAURYS6G/@MHS>

Uh, Roger,
I'll take the 40,000 now thanks. Cash, unmarked bills.
Keep up the good (and fascinating) work, Dunks.
You, Harrison and Dom, the government mole, make work a little easier to


Message-ID: <>
From: "Ralph Simpson DeMarco" <>
Subject: Defending Dave
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 07:01:16 PDT

Dear Affiliated:

I must defend Dave Gregory's right to his opinion. First of all, he was
supposed talk about the songs - that was the whole point of the book! Just
because he didn't write songs for XTC, does not mean that his ideas and
contributions were not important. Andy and Colin must have felt his opinion
was worth something since he generally had equal voting power about which
songs XTC would record. Colin and Dave often over-ruled Andy about what
songs of his should be recorded for the next LP and which wouldn't. Dave
often gushes about Andy and Colin's songs. He rarely dislikes them - just
read the book.

As any artist knows, it's great to have another ear to bounce ideas off of.
We are often too close to our own work to see how great or how poor our
final product is. To me, more often than not, Dave is right on the money.
The Big Express may well have become my favorite XTC album were it not for
the programmed drums which often do not sound good at all. Looking back,
Andy concedes that it was a bad idea. Dave knew it was a bad idea from the
start. It was Dave who picked out Todd Rudgren to produce Skylarking, which
Andy now says is a great album - one of their best.

So, are you saying that, if you don't write great songs, you have no right
to an opinion about them. That would leave us all with very little to say
in Chalkhills. So... Dave will be missed on AV2, and I think that I will
scream if I hear any more Dave bashing!



Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 12:02:57 +0200 (CEST)
Message-Id: <>
From: jan <>
Subject: Stage Fright

* The Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad had a special on 'stress' the other
day.  There was an article on stagefright and it mentioned XTC. The author
says that XTC were so scared to perform live, they played their songs in as
quickly as possible, so they could leave the stage in no time! Can anybody
confirm this story? It sounds highly unlikely to me (they could have played
less songs).

* A lot has been said about 'Angry young men' and the 'Steely Dan feel'
this song has. Indeed, it might be Steely Dan-inspired. And the inspiration
might have come from Dave Gregory. At least Dave Gregory is a Steely Dan
fan - check out, the great new Dave Grgory website!

Jan Bletz


Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 08:26:50 -0400
Subject: Re: Dead Fish
From: "Duncan Watt" <>

Testy "Jason Garcia" <> unloads his clip:

>I would pay good money to see Phish take a long walk off a short pier.  70%
>of the Phish I've heard has been lame replicas of other bands, especially
>the Beatles White Album (um, why not just listen to the White Album?) and
>their original music is just plain annoying.  It smacks of "we're really
>talented because we went to SCHOOL for it, so let's do really wacky things
>that only really talented people do, and our fans will love it 'cause
>they're all stoned!"

So, Jason, who DO you actually like?

Duncan Watt

ps no generalizations


Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 16:08:55 +0100
Message-Id: <>
Subject: My take on "Pink Thing" + Iron Giant
From: Richard Horrocks <>

Like most people, I suspect, the first time I heard it I took it to be
a song about his penis.  I found it to be mildly embarrassing, mainly
because it seemed a little childish.  However on reflection it seems a
more honest song then many "love" songs which are really about the same
thing.  After a few more listens, it occurred to me that it _almost_
works as a song about a baby boy.  It wouldn't surprise me to find that
I reacted as Andy planned.

If Derek's friend is really repulsed by the idea of male and female
pink things getting together, try adding a comma in that line after


As someone who enjoyed Pete Townshend's album "The Iron Man", I too was
a little disappointed that the new film couldn't have been based around
it, though I'll probably still go and see it when it comes out (in the
UK).  I suspect that Pete being an executive producer on the film has
more to do with his position in Faber & Faber, who published the Ted
Hughes original book, than that album.  Of course his decision to do an
album about it was probably also influenced in the same way.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 11:22:10 EDT
Subject: Life Begins on the Hill

Life Begins on the Hill

I have learnt there's a magical spot on the Hill
Come with me to the soapbox on the web the Hill
There's nuts and fruits and v-v-venom on tap
Discussions galore by the boys and girls on the Hill

Tell me what do you say
Tell me what do you say
When I tell you
Life begins on the Hill, boys and girls

Prostrate yourself before the boys in the band on the Hill
Guitargonauts and black kettles and pots on the Hill
We'll jive around, make fools of ourselves - what a thrill
Back next week to give somebody else a good grill

Tell me what do you say
Tell me what do you say
When I tell you
Life begins on the Hill, boys and girls

--Melissa Reaves


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 12:46:36 EDT
Subject: What's new?

Hey Chalkers!

So, Andy sez Vol. 2 is going well. That's good to hear. I'm curious to know
how the parties involved feel about sales numbers for Vol. 1. Was it a
success? What were they hoping for and how did the reality compare? For
Andy & Colin, was all that signing worthwhile from a sales perspective?
From a fan relations perspective? From a let-the-world-know-we're-here
perspective? For Cooking Vinyl, TVT and Wounded Horse (is that right?) did
the sales justify the marketing efforts? Do they wish they did more or
less? What are the plans for Vol. 2? How can I get Andy & Colin to come to

Answers, please.

Melissa "I've run out of tag lines for between my names" Reaves


Message-ID: <>
From: "Ralph Simpson DeMarco" <>
Subject: AV1 - For Our Ears Only?
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 10:10:40 PDT


I didn't want to respond to this, but I can't help myself:

In Aug 24 Chalkhills "Zack 'Vegetable & Mineral' Rock" wrote:

<"Why the hell would anyone here want ANY song on AV1 to be a hit? Do <you
know what that leads to?


<I don't know about you guys, but if "Greenman" becomes a hit, and it <gets
played on the radio, and all the mindless consumer bastards buy <it, and I
see it in my friend's sister's collection of CD's along <with Limp Biskshit
and Puff Daddy and all that other "R&B", Britney <Spears (who by the way
looks like a redneck hoochie with too much <make-up) junk, then I WILL BLOW

What?! Look, you are either a friend to XTC - meaning you wish them success
and hope they make some money - or you want them to stay poor and invisible
to the majority of the listening public. Critical praise and a cult
following does not make for a comfortable living.

There is room on the charts for all kinds of artists. Selling records does
not mean you are selling out!!! When I heard Mayor of Simpleton on the radio
a lot back in '89, I didn't say to myself - oh no, it's all over for them -
the next album will be too commercial sounding. Hell, O&L is the most
commercial sounding of any XTC album! If any band has ever resisted selling
out, it's our boys from Swindon.  And don't worry, why would anyone who
listens to Puff Daddy or Britney Spears have anything to do with Green Man

<I don't know about the rest of you, but seeing just a tremendous <work of
art such as AV1 side-by-side with living, singing proof that <western
civilization is nose-diving straight into the deepest circle <of hell would
break my heart. Let AV1 alone. It's not an album for <the retarded masses.
Andy was smart to split Apple Venus into two <different records. AV2 will be
the hit maker, just wait, and leave <AV1 and all it's splendor for the ones
that know what music is.

Ahh yes the retarded masses who would contradict your claims if they liked
AV1? Would that raise them in your eyes a bit, or lower the obviously
inflated view you have of yourself? I am sick and tired of the bullshit
elitist hyperbole I read on this site. You sound like an evangelical
Christian talking about the decline of Western Civilization. Gimme a break!
And only YOU know what music is, huh? You would think that the possible
success of AV1 would raise your spirits, not destroy them! When I heard AV1
at the listening station of Barnes and Noble, I was happy, nay ecstatic that
our boys are getting some exposure. They even played them in the store!



Message-ID: <000d01bef0b2$0a0b24e0$765791d2@johnboud>
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: Gentleman Dave
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 02:31:04 +0900

Chris Chapman from down under wrote :

> but Dave was the catalyst which made their songs so good.
If your main love was playing guitar, and you were constantly told to play
keyboards, you'd get pissed off too.

Got to agree with Chris . Dave's guitar work defined ( along with Terry
Chamber's drumming on everything he played on ) XTC's sound for me to a
great extent .  I still get goose bumps every time I hear the five note
intro to the middle eight of " Towers Of London " and the subsequent tasty
licks in it . .. That said ,   Andy is certainly no slouch on the guitar and
I am sure he has more than a few tricks up his sleeve . I expect great
things on AV2 and
HOPE like hell Dave Mattacks appears on 2 ; he is THE KING ...In closing I
would like to say that ALL of the drummers XTC have used since Terry's
departure are phenomenal in their own right and deserve our respect .

John in Japan

" A face is only a skull cover for a while , so stretch that skull cover and
smile ! " [ Jack Keroauc ]


Message-ID: <000701bef0b6$324cca40$>
From: "John Voorhees" <>
Subject: Aural Arithmetic
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 13:01:31 -0500

As the time grows closer for AV2 (no, we don't know when, but we know
we're closer than we were yesterday) I'm starting to get a little
keyed up.  I mean, it's nothing like the frothing anticipation on AV1
(as well documented on this list), at least not yet, but yeah, I'm

I know a lot of you folks have already heard demos of the majority of
tracks to be offered.  I've only heard a snippet of "Playground" on
that cool online demos sampler a month or two back.  I seem to recall
somebody (maybe even Andy!) making an interesting comparison, saying,
in effect...

AV2 will be to Black Sea as AV1 is to Skylarking.

I guess I'm looking for a little confirmation of this idea from those
of you who have heard the demos.  Is this a valid comparison?  I mean,
it's gonna rock pretty hard, isn't it?  Is it?  Is it gona rock hard?
HOW hard will it be a-rockin?  And similar fanboy droolings.

On previous posts... fflynt?  You are a sick individual, and that was
a hilarious introduction.  Welcome aboard.

And the origins of the Knights who say "Ni" threw me for an absolute
loop. I refused to believe there could possibly be any connection to
the Swedish language... until I remembered those silly subtitles at
the beginning.  Ye gods! That's pretty obscure humor.

John Voorhees


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