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                  Friday, 27 August 1999

Today's Topics:

     The concept of "Apple Venus Volume " 1 revisited
               skylarking demos and others
                        Pinky Lee
                   RE: Something Phishy
                       ES & others
                      xtc in vietnam
               Take My Pink Thing... Please
                         New list
                Everything Around You Gold
                      Kiss This Guy
             A not-much-going-on posting ...
                  Re: Chocolate Pastiche
                  various digest filler
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       The Sopranos/ Shriekback/Vague XTC content.
                   Various, but all XTC
           Writing, not talking, about music...


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Message-ID: <002101beefeb$962df5a0$667b8bd0@ginsim>
From: "Simon Deane/Gina Chong" <>
Subject: The concept of "Apple Venus Volume " 1 revisited
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 01:50:40 +0800

Hi Trainspotters,

About 379 posts ago Molly (aka Todd Bernhardt) wrote (and I quote directly
from the post, because I kept a copy):

>Harrison Sherwood and I were talking about the album the other day, and he
>(correctly, IMO) pointed out that this is XTC's first "concept" album
>since Skylarking.  >So, what say, kids? What are your opinions about the
>concept and the reason for the song-order? Find the hidden concept, win
>valuable prizes!

Spurred on by the thought of those valuable prizes I came up with some
ideas but never actually sent them in (work, new daughter and other more
important things: you may get the picture). But Molly's challenge kept
nagging away at me, especially after Harrison's slightly laboured and not
entirely convincing explanation of his view of the concept, of around 377
posts ago (although the time and effort he put into it can only be
marvelled at, notwithstanding the prospect of failing yet another
wankonometer test; if anyone wants a copy of Harrison's treatise I also
kept one so, assuming there are no copyright issues, I'll be happy to send
it to you). So, with one eye on the wankonometer sitting, gimlet-eyed, on
my desktop, another on The Mole's perspicacious response to Molly's
challenge (and I quote directly again):

>There is no concept people. AP and CM simply took the tracks that they
>wanted to record, recorded em and put them in an order they found
>It ain't rocket science it's just Rock and Roll

and yet another on the following extract from an Andy Partridge interview:

>[interviewer] We're about to run out of time: the significance of Apple
>Venus; is there one?
>[andy p] Not really; it's just two words that describe the fat greasy
>salacious vulvic fruity hills pagan soil juiciness of this record

I thought "oh well, I won't bother then". But then I thought, "what the
fuck, to hell with all of you" (including my wife, who has just told me I'm
a childish git for writing into a pop group fan club internet discussion
group at the age of 40 and 3 days - what hurts most is that she's right).
So, as briefly as possible (because there won't be any room for Dunks's
latest dissertation on freedom of expression (incidentally Dunks, that tape
of "the church" still hasn't arrived, mate!)), note the following:

River of Orchids: Planting the seeds; preparation for new life
I'd Like That: The act of fertilization
Easter Theatre: Birth, new life!
Knights in Shining Karma: Nurturing/protecting the newborn
Frivolous Tonight: (this is a tough one, but it arguably can just about be
fitted into the pigeon hole) Fun with friends (a night off from the
Greenman: Discovery of one's own sexuality, puberty
Your Dictionary: (Obviously) Divorce (admittedly a bit of a jump from
puberty, but just assume that the first 4 songs came in between again)
Fruit Nut: What you do when you've retired
I Can't Own Her: Looking back wistfully at unrequited love
Harvest Festival: Looking back wistfully at unconsummated love
(incidentally, this song never fails to send a tingle down my spine, if not
bring a tear to my eye, at the part where he wishes the girl and her husband
well - it is indeed the most moving thing Mr. Partridge has written)
The Last Balloon: Death

So leaving aside the "fat greasy salacious vulvic fruity hills pagan soil
juiciness" and the "charming squishy chewtoy Brit paganism" and the square
pegs in the circular holes, what do we have, but another cycle of a human's
life in all its humdrum, prosaic ordinariness, the only significant moments
being the sexual act, a bitter divorce and what might have been (but never
was). Yes, fellow trainspotters, all life (or at least all
Messrs. Partridge and Moulding's lives) is, as they say, here.

So "Todd", can I have my prize or, at least, the leftovers from Harrison's?

Finally a few other points:
(1) I too welcome other members' recommendations. I'm very pleased with my
"Olivia Tremor Control", Stephen Duffy and Jason Falkner CDs; the Cardiacs
('70s Queen on speed?) and Mr. Bungle are taking a bit more time but they're
getting there; but "the church" - oh dear.
(2) Terry Hall's "Home" is a wonderful pop record (and it features at least
one collaboration with Mr. Partridge).
(3) As if he or anyone else cares, but Dom's most recent post was a big
improvement upon some of his other recent ones - just a bit shrill (a
self-parody?), _I_ thought.


Simon Deane


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 14:44:34 EDT
Subject: skylarking demos and others

I'm looking for the bootleg album, "Skylarking Demos and Others". Anyone
familiar with this, can anyone make me a tape? Thanks, Will J


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 12:18:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: nross <>
Subject: Pinky Lee

To respond to Derek's :

>>So what would all of *you* say if someone asked for your take on "Pink

Hmmm. Its kind of an odd come-on, if it were meant to be a come-on.
In this case I'd say "you're buying a ticket for some place you'll
never reach".

If it were meant as: what do you think of the song (which was the
version Derek experienced) I'd have to lamely answer that I've never
heard the whole song.

For the ES thread. Here, I'm lame too... I don't have the cd, vinyl,

But... I do have copies of songs on the cd... so, I can add something!

Jason and the Argonauts and Snowman would be tied. And Runaway... is
that song on ES? I thought I read a post with a ref. to the song...
was it KD's post? Whoever it was didn't particularly like the song.
Have to agree there. Its okay, but sure doesn't excite me. I wouldn't
feel guilty to skip the song, though... so if I actually owned ES...
I'd probably play it the same amount as the other XTC cd's.


Nicole's internet music station:

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
-- Albert Einstein


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 16:14:00 -0400
From: "Fritz Siegrist" <>
Organization: Progress Software Corporation
Subject: RE: Something Phishy

Hey there gallant Chalkhillians,

I'm a lurker in Hills since AV1 came out.  Figured I'd see who the main
characters  are here and their various positions.  The slam at Phish
brought me out.  Since this isn't a Phish page, I'll keep it brief:

Although Mr. Garcia seem to have a pretty firm personal opinion, I'd
suggest he and anyone else interested check out the albums 'Billy
Breathes', 'Rift', or 'A Picture of Nectar' before writing them
completely off.  There is a magical quality in their music not unlike
what we all seem to gravitate to in the lovely tunage from the boys o'
Swindon.  Nuff said.

AS for all things XTC, I just picked up a copy of the BBC 'XTC live in
concert'.  Talk about phenomenal!  I have been searching for more live
XTC, since by the time I climbed aboard (Skylarking) Andy had wigged out
of the live thing.  Except for the bits on 'Rag & Bone Buffet', and
seeing the lads perform live on MTV back in the 'O&L' times, I haven't
been able to find anything else live. I know Andy doesn't particularly
dig the live stuff, but I like to have a well rounded appreciation.

I'm a'hoping that someone might be able to recommend something- perhaps
some insight on 'Transistor Blast' or 'XTC Live & More' which I haven't
been able to find nor listen to yet (go figure).

Dat's all fer now.  I'll wander out o' the Hills in a few more months


Lowell, MA USA


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 16:13:42 EDT
Subject: ES & others

Yo Hooo,
 1.  ES highlights. "Melt the Guns". Greatest lyrics. Should be used a lot
these days.
   Terry drumming in " Jason"
   In concert, they would sing "English Roundabout" crossing over into "Cut
it Out" (Scaled down version of scissorman). That cross over is awesome.
 2. THANK YOU MITCH. Thats all we need. Tidbits.
 3. In regards to " Pink Thing". A true highlight. Classic Andy. I only
wish I wrote it.
 4. I noticed in the paper the passing of Erica Wexlers dad. The great
screenwriter of Sat Night Fever & Serpico.
  Thats my brief bits, Roger


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 15:58:17 -0400
Subject: xtc in vietnam

A few non-XTC items, but no Nirvana:

I have an interesting question for my fellow Chalksters, whom I
generally consider one of the brighter discussion groups I subscribe
to.  I have a good friend who is currently working on his dissertation
in history.  His subject is intriguing - our (U.S., that is) shared
cultural memory of Vietnam, and how that memory has effected U.S.
foreign policy since 1975.  As part of his examination of culture, my
friend is using examples from both high- and low-culture (as if that
isn't subjective!), including television shows, books, films, poetry,
and music from roughly 1975 to 1991 (the Gulf War).

Anyway, he has asked me to compile a list of "alternative" songs that
deal with, in some way, America's experience in Vietnam or American
foreign policy in general.  I have compiled a substantial list thus far,
including songs by XTC (Living Thru Another Cuba, Generals and Majors,
etc.), Fear, Dead Kennedys, Minutemen, the Clash, Paul Hardcastle
(remember him?), Ramones, etc.

So now I'm turning to you, Chalkhillbillies.  Can anybody think of any
songs that have dealt with Vietnam in the last 20 or so years?  If so,
could you send them privately to me?  Any and all help would be greatly

And another question.  While looking through cdnow, I found the
following CD and was semi-intrigued:

Dave Allen & Elastic Purejoy :  Clutter Of Pop

Is this the same Dave Allen from Gof4 and Shriekback fame?  Does anyone
have this CD?  Is it any good?

Matt Hiner
Lakeland Community College
University of Akron
"They say compassion is a virtue, but I don't have the time."


Message-Id: <>
From: Janis VanCourt <>
Subject: Take My Pink Thing... Please
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 16:14:58 -0400

Derek queried:

<<So what would all of *you* say if someone asked for your take on "Pink

Well, first I'd thank him/her for asking, because I was just thinking as I
listened to O & L in the car yesterday how "Pink Thing" never fails to make
me smile... and it's always an honest-to-goodness, real-life sincere,
facial-muscle-flexing smile, too.  The combination of Andy's sly wording
(which, despite being oooh, naughty, you've got to admit is brilliantly
clever) and the offbeat vocal he uses just sends me into silliness/bliss
whenever I hear it.  We all know Andy loves wordplay and double entendres,
and this song is where he does it best, in my opinion. An extended metaphor
that lasts for the interval of one whole pop song, and never falls short
(ahem! sorry...) on either level.

And I can't imagine anyone but the most sexually squeamish individual ever
being repulsed or offended by this song; it's too freaking cute.  That
said, I doubt anyone but Andy could ever have pulled off singing it OR
writing it without emerging a great big doofus.  Andy Patrtidge is unique
and sharp and original and unafraid to talk/sing about whatever he thinks
about.  To quote Woody Guthrie, "I will always love best the men and women
who can laugh and joke and sing tell long madeup stories about their bodies
and parts."  I suspect our Mr. P would probably *never shut up* about his
parts if anyone would listen long enough!

Also, perhaps the song makes me smile so because you can *hear* Andy
smiling, as he sings it, can't you?  Like on Easter Theatre, where he sings
"buds will laugh and burst..." and you can hear him laugh a bit.  What
other songs feature a giggling or smiling Andy?  I'd love to make a
happy-tape mix of them.

-Janis (aka Starling Sourire)  :)

My humble home page:
"'That man isn't fit to enter heaven.... that man is a
sinnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...'" -AP


Message-ID: <001d01bef005$50a5d2e0$6306063e@default>
From: "David Seddon" <>
Subject: New list
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 21:55:18 +0100

I feel another  list coming on (better take a tablet for it!).  We don't
seem to have had one for a long time, so here goes:

What is the best XTC single that never was?...
Then She Appeared/Knuckle Down

Which is the best XTC song to be more or less a hidden gem (ie: it doesn't
receive the plaudits of other songs around it on an album etc)?...
All of a Sudden

What is the best lyric on AV1?...
What was best of all
Was that longing look you gave me.

The worst lyric on AV1?...
Now that I can talk, all your corn I'll reap

When you first heard the album, what did you think should have been the
first single?...

Which song on The Transistor Belt Sessions do you most prefer to the
One of the Millions

Which song on Transistor Belt Live in Concert does it the most for you?...
No Language in Our Lungs

What non-XTC subject would you most want to chat to Andy, Colin, Dave
Models soldiers and ships (Andy)

What XTC subject Would You most like to discuss?
Harvest Festival

Which unreleased XTC song do you like best?...
Ship Trapped in Ice

What are your 5 favourite XTC Songs (in no order)?
Harvest Festival, Then She Appeared, No Thugs in our House, Helicopter,
Wrapped In Grey


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 16:58:18 -0700
From: Dan Phipps <>
Organization: CIC
Subject: ES

Hey all...

Delurking once again, I see the major part of the
latest postings relates to the best fuckin' XTC album
they ever released -- "English Settlement." (!!!!!)

Got this treasure from my wife on my 25th b'day
back when it was first released (on single- LP vinyl
and cassette!!) in 1982!!  Thank God for 1982 and
XTC's ES!!!!  It truly changed the way I listen to

Haven't been the same since then...HAPPILY!!

ES is THE ONE!!  If you never buy another XTC release,
at least treat yourself to the favored songs of genius
that represent "English Settlement."  It is truly a
classic if there were ever such a thing!

Back to lurking mode now...

Still waiting for AV2 --

/Dan and Ginger Phipps <>

"There's someone to tell you a course towards
 a universal season."  (Jon Anderson)



From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 23:46:42 +0200
Subject: Everything Around You Gold
Message-Id: <>


The inevitable Molly!

>  I get so sick of people bragging about all their stuff
> they have bought, and then tell other people to buy it.

i see very little bragging here in these pages.
occasionally somebody shares his or her excitement about a recent
find or a new release with us.
nobody is "telling you to buy it"; a mild suggestion perhaps, nothing
more. and i don't expect you or anybody else to buy everything
heck, even i can't always keep up with all the Joneses on this block

Final Sobering Thought:
what you don't buy today, will be Out Of Print tomorrow...

- any bidders for an I'd Like That cdsingle? Andre? :)

yours in xtc,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse


From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 23:46:42 +0200
Subject: Kiss This Guy
Message-Id: <>

Dear Chalkers,

Squirrelgirl (the mind boggles...) wrote:

> Yes, I know the "misheard lyric" thread is long since dead, but I have
> never confessed and am now moved to do so
ok, now that you have shown yours i'll show mine!

from Down In The Cockpit :
"some say they were cold men" instead of "called men"

i often wondered why Andy wrote "cold men" here, until i finally
bothered to check :)
Mind you, for me as a non-native speaker it takes a conscious effort
to fully "get" the lyrics of any English song, let alone Andy's !
If i don't pay attention, the words are just sounds without meaning

Goo-goo ga-joob,

Mark S.


Message-ID: <130CB597E04ED211B2A400104B93AAC47DF633@ESCORP1>
From: "Wiencek, Dan" <>
Subject: A not-much-going-on posting ...
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 17:06:32 -0500

Having just come back to the Chalk after a sabbatical of a month or so
(owing to a job change), I thought I'd mark my return with a light, zesty,
cheese-and-cracker sort of post.  (This is Dan Wiencek, if anyone

Particularly, I wanted to inform the Official XTC Opinion Registry that,
after listening extensively to The Big Express for several months, my
estimation of it has officially changed.  Having once deemed it one of XTC's
worst (down there with Mummer), I now agree that it contains some of Andy
Partridge's best songs, and a few of Colin's too.  Some brief observations:

* The record features Andy's most exuberant, in-your-face, balls-out singing
ever.  He's always been a bit of a circus geek with his voice--like the guy
who sticks pins through his arms for laughs, he's willing to contort himself
for your pleasure.  TBE marks the fulcrum of that tendency, before he
chilled out for Skylarking and its follow-ups.  Standout examples are Shake
You Donkey Up ("heeeeyyyy-HAH!"), the bridge of Seagulls Screaming (his
delivery of "hand" always gives me chills--it sounds so doom-laden), the
"SAY-HAY-HAY-YING" of All You Pretty Girls and, best of all, the final
"HWAAYY!"s [spelling is approximate] of Train Running Low.

* This is the only re-release CD where the bonus tracks actually seem to
belong on the album.  And they're all good, though it seems to me Colin
owes Vince Guaraldi a slight debt for the intro to Washaway; it sounds like
the opening of "It's Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown."

* Despite what Neville Farmer says, Reign of Blows is a great song, with a
terrific lyric.  I'd offer an exemplary image/phrase but there are too many
to pick just one.

* I don't see how Dave Gregory can dismiss Wake Up as lightweight.  The
last verse, with its image of a man "close to dead" in the street, is one
of the most haunting in XTC's catalog, and Colin's last "Who cares?!" is
his best off-the-cuff vocal improv, not counting the "World War THRAAYYY
..." in Generals and Majors.

* Shake You Donkey Up is great (I love the 'breakdown' middle section) but
I have no idea what it means, even after reading Andy's explanation.  I'd
love to hear Beck cover this.

* Smalltown, This World Over, Liarbird, and Seagulls are also great.

* So is Train Running Low.  HWAAYY!!

That will suffice for now.  Nice to be back.

Dan Wiencek



Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 18:21:30 -0400
From: Dorothy Spirito <>
Subject: Re: Chocolate Pastiche
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.4.00.9908261616060.14295-100000@esun2028>

Spiffy!  A chance to engage in a little pilpul.

Simon Deane quibbled, and chided me for my choice of the word "pastiche".
I stand by my choice, and point out that I gave a clue which definition of
the word I meant by the subsequent phrase "a sampler of quality

The second definition of 'pastiche' -- which has as its synonyms
'potpourri' and 'hodgepodge' -- is the one I meant.  The songs on ES are
markedly dissimilar to one another in style.  That the first word I
grabbed which approximated my thought at the time was 'pastiche' and not
'potpourri' was happenstantial.

Considering how much BW has been used guessing the influences on XTC,
though, it isn't a big stretch to make a case for definition #1, either.

(And I would have called it a Whitman's Sampler, but I didn't know if that
product is known internationally; also I think the quality of XTC's music
surpasses the quality of Whitman's chocolates.)



Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 18:24:17 -0400
Subject: various digest filler

Hey Chalkies,

   To put my little 2 cents into the whole off topic posting debate, I'd
have to say I like the digest just how it is---wild and woolly, and
constantly changing. One of the things I enjoy most about a good mailing
list is that I can gain some interesting and useful information, even if
it has nothing to do with the required topic. Sure, there has been some
topics boring to me here, just as it would be on any list, but there's
also been some good spirited debate, and some downright
thought-provoking and hilarious stuff too. Just like real life----sift
through the stuff you have no interest in (like this post...), find the
good stuff, whatever the good stuff may indeed be to you personally.
Like Doms' example last time about discussing chord changes in Merely a
Man; for some this may be the Holy Grail of posts, for me personally
posts like that are not that interesting, but right around the corner
there may be a post about Nirvana to whet my appetite (kidding!) Mr.
Relph has done a pretty excellent job, IMHO, in letting us be adults and
communciate here. This digest ain't broke......

> Subject: Favorite ES moments

I really love the loping, lazy way the verse kicks in after the drum
fills----the music suggests to me walking around with hands in pockets,
nothing to do. Andy has a talent for suggesting "actions" and movements
through his music for me. The words and music work toward the whole, as
it should be...also, the staccato, buzzsaw guitar attack on No Thugs in
Our House chorus.....Yacht dances' acoustic guitars, the drums....this
album is still fresh as ever.

> From: John Lerfald <>
> Subject: Brand new

welcome aboard.....please extinguish all smoking materials, and fasten
your seat belts........

> From: Wes Hanks <>

> I am dumbstruck on how brilliant The Flaming Lips "The Soft Bulletin" and
> Guided By Voices "Do The Collapse" truly are.

 I have to strongly agree with the Flaming Lips comment. Truly an
excellent, beautiful record. One of my favorites of the year so far...

also, Tyler-- I would go with Skylarking or English Settlement as my
favorite cover. I like Xtc covers to be drawings or illustrations,
rather than just seems to be more in spirit with their
music to me, a handmade-ish, organic, pastoral feel. O+L also works for
me with the album.

Perry (no sign off line...)

np-----Autechre EP7


Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 08:20:46 +1000
Subject: SEC: UNCLASSIFIED:-Subject? What Subject?

>>From: "Zack 'Vegetable & Mineral' Rock" <>

>>I don't know about you guys, but if "Greenman" becomes a hit, and it gets
>>played on the radio, and all the mindless consumer bastards buy it, and I
>>see it in my friend's sister's collection of CD's along with Limp
>>Biskshit and Puff Daddy and all that other "R&B", Britney Spears (who by
>>the way looks like a redneck hoochie with too much make-up) junk, then I

....and how does Brian feel about that?

>>From: Lawson Dominic <>

>>Buy "California" by Mr. Bungle -
>>it's really rather splendid (and Beach Boys fans should find it an
>>illuminating experience).


(hey, that was easy!)


>>I don't mind off topic postings, but every posting should have at least
>>a solid nugget of xtc information, opinion of some of their work, or
>>something off the wall, (dreams, for example).

Last night, I dreamt that Terry Chambers was digging for gold nuggets in my
backyard, while telling me how shitty he thought "Mummer" was (but that's
just his opinion). Thank you.

>>From: Joe Funk <>
>>Subject: Re:What is more tedious than endless posts about Nirvana?

>>This could turn into an endless loop..........

Well, I don't have anything to add.....can I just say that this is the
first time I've been on television?

>>From: "Michael Davies" <>

>>You guys keep complaining about no XTC content and when I come up
>>with a terrific thread like "most overlooked XTC song" nobody
>>responds to it.

Oops - I honestly missed that one, 'cause it is the sort of thing I'd be
likely to respond to. Most overlooked XTC about
"Down In The Cockpit", or maybe "Reign Of Blows"?

>>From: Tyler Hewitt <>

>>What are your favorite and least favorite XTC records based ONLY on the
>>cover art?

Favourite : Go2 / Drums And Wires
Least Favourite : White Music

(see? there I go responding to that kinda stuff again......)

>>Are you distracted?

Yes, and thank you for asking. It's yet another slow day at work, but I've
only got four working days left, and then I'm off overseas.....GOOOOOOOD


P.S. I'm also going to places *other* than Swindon.....


Message-ID: <000501bef00f$8fa9d400$d31017d4@smj>
From: "Stephen Jackson" <>
Subject: The Sopranos/ Shriekback/Vague XTC content.
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 23:08:42 +0100

Is the theme tune to 'The Sopranos' by Shriekback? Or is it just me? It
sounds very similar to Barry Andrews' stuff around the time they were doing
'Fish below the Ice' and 'My Spine is the Bassline'

Two steps forward, six steps back.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 13:53:20 -0400
Subject: Various, but all XTC

Lordy, I haven't done so much cutting & pasting since the third
grade...sorry I'm not attributing these to their respective creators,
but you know who you are:

<<Oh, another thing. My 7 year old son loves it too! He'll whistle
along to ROO,sing to I'd like that and Greenman>>

And my 12-year old loves AV1 as well, especially ILT...My opinion is that
the sense of MELODY appeals. Unfortunately, the hit parade of today is long
on beats and riffs and sorely lacking in any kind of creative melodic
presence. So, when kids, raised on songs with melody, hear a melody they
respond in a positive way. Kids like They Might Be Giants for the same
reason...and my son also likes the line about "husband's hairy backs", just
thinks that's funny.

<<You guys keep complaining about no XTC content and when I come up
with a terrific thread like "most overlooked XTC song" >>

I can plead the fifth on this one as a newbie, but I would say "Red" or
"Smartest Monkeys". Of course, not knowing what you people have been
talking about it's kind of silly for me to add anything to this thread!

<<What are your favorite and least favorite XTC records based ONLY on the
cover art?>>

Favorite: Drums & Wires, great colors and images
Least: Go2, totally annoying IMO, then you had to pull out the sleeve and
match it up and then it STILL didn't match up perfectly...too Monty
Python-ish for my tastes I guess. Great Music though!!

Thanks again to all who have welcomed me to this assembly,

Bob in South Carolina (does that qualify for a foreign country?)

PS: I've been meaning to mention that I've got a copy of the interview Andy
did in Chicago earlier this year. I'm assuming this has made the rounds
here, but if anyone wants a copy of it I'll be glad to share it...

PPS: I can wait awhile for AV2 if I have to as long as Terry & The Lovemen,
  put out something in the meantime! :~)


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 17:47:13 -0700
From: Craig Vreeken <>
Subject: Writing, not talking, about music...

>As Elvis Costello sagely
> "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture"

I remember the quote as "Writing about music is like dancing about
architecture", not "talking."  I am pretty sure Frank Zappa said it.  He
was making the point that it was foolish to use one art form to describe
another art form, namely music critics going on in a grandiose fashion in
an album review or something. That's why most music reviews end up
describing a particular artist's music by comparing it to another artist's
music, i.e. "XTC sounds like The Beatles crossed with the Beach Boys
divided by The Kinks," doing justice to neither.

Craig Vreeken


End of Chalkhills Digest #5-257

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