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                   Monday, 14 June 1999

Today's Topics:

                    Re: First time XTC
                Some XTC Photos from 1981
                NPR n XTC?; a smoking gun
                       Re: Nonsuch
            Nonsuch Nowhere, XTC jukebox boys?
          searching for the NPR review of "AVv1"
                  Greenman to bear fruit
                    School Assemblies
         Kudos to TVT Records on website redesign
                        Who cares?
                         Delay +
                  Frivolous advertising.
            The echo of NPR rhymes with itself
              Cruising with Robyn and Rubin
                Ballet For A Rainy Day ???


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Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 23:09:41 +0800
From: Jonathan Dutton <>
Subject: Re: First time XTC

> do you remember the *first* time you *ever* heard xtc's music?
> i remember being on the school bus (!) on my way home, and our driver
> playing the radio (WBCN, boston) and hearing "....1-2-3-4-5 [pregnant
> pause] senses working overtime..." and thinking "what a cool song."

Strangely enough, my first exposure to XTC was in the same situation.
Although I didn't become an XTC fan until the age of 14, I distinctly
remember hearing "Senses" playing on the radio (I think it was 2REM-FM,
in Albury-Wodonga, Australia) on the school bus when I was about six or
seven!  Of course I wasn't *quite* old enough to appreciate it then, but
the catchy melody miraculously stayed in the back of my head for some
eight years.  It was undoubtably a premonition of an entity that was
going to have a profound effect on my life.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 11:40:28 -0400
From: jes <>
Subject: Some XTC Photos from 1981

XTC played the Agora Ballroom in May of 1981, and I took my camera.  I've
finally scanned 'em and they are now living on my web page.

Check out my other goodies by going to and
follow all of the links.


Message-ID: <>
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: NPR n XTC?; a smoking gun
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 11:39:35 -0400


Steven Paul alerted us to the fact that AV1 got reviewed on NPR. I went
a-searchin' on, and came up almost empty-handed:

>XTC -- David Greenberger reviews the new CD by the British band XTC. It's
called "Apple Venus Volume One" It's the first CD the band has put out in
seven years. Greenberger says it's lush with layers of orchestration.

Dammit. No text-only version, either (for free, anyway).

And to John Gardner: While I find your posts amusing, you may want to check
out and consider the advice in the following article:



Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 10:14:47 -0400
Subject: Re: Nonsuch
From: "Joseph O. Holmes" <>

> As I *still* don't have Nonsuch on CD, and haven't actually seen it for
> sale anywhere

Where are you looking??? has it for $6.97:

So does CDNow, for $5.99:

I've also seen people bidding ridiculous auction prices for the Carmen
Sandiego CD (on which XTC has a track). It's at



Message-ID: <>
From: Ralph Simpson DeMarco <>
Subject: Nonsuch Nowhere, XTC jukebox boys?
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 09:20:50 PDT

Dear Chalkfolk:

>Iain.Murray wrote:
>My local record store sucks
>As I *still* don't have Nonsuch on CD, and haven't actually seen it >for
>sale anywhere...

I have to agree. I have not seen Nonsuch in any record store, Tower or
Virin or any place! In all the XTC sections, they often have everything up
to Oranges and Lemons. Is this a conspiracy of Virin's distribution command
center? I work at Barnes & Noble part time and Nonsuch isn't even on their
order list, but Apple Venus Vol.1 is!(which, by the way, sold fairly well
for a band that gets no airplay). But, you should not need to order an
import! Just try CDNow. They have it for $5.99!

Also, I was in one of the last gringo bars in Port Chester, NY and a friend
of mine says to the bartender/owner "hey, why don't you get some XTC for
the CD jukebox?" He said, "Sure, I need to order some new CDs anyway. Make
me a list of other suggestions." My friend wanted to include Waxworks, but
I think Fossil Fuel is much better... though expensive, it really gives a
great overview of the band. Upsy Daisy is OK, but it is too short and has
nothing from the first two albums! So, if it works out, can some drunken
idiots from Greenwich be converted to XTC? Me thinks so.

Does anyone have other suggestions for my local bar's CD jukebox? (We've
got XTC covered though)

Ralph Simpson DeMarco
"Your glance, the match on the tinder wood..."


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 14:08:42 EDT
Subject: searching for the NPR review of "AVv1"

Hi, Fellow Chalky-Aftertastes,

FINALLY, "Apple Venus Vol. 1" gets reviewed on NPR
and I missed it.  Damn!  The local NY station has been
fundraising this week, and I got so fed up with the endless
appeals that I switched stations Wed. eve before the review
came on.  It's a shame that the review broadcast coincided
with the fundraising drive, because I'm sure that many other
regular listeners didn't catch it, either, at least in the NY area.

Anyway,  I tried to get a transcript on NPR's website.  To
spare someone the trouble of a fruitless search, here was
what was available, just a synopsis of what aired on 6/9:

XTC -- David Greenberger reviews the new CD by the British band XTC. It's
called "Apple Venus Volume One" It's the first CD the band has put out in
seven years. Greenberger says it's lush with layers of orchestration. (4:30)

I can understand why they can't make sound files available.
But the website doesn't clarify whether the tape/transcripts
for sale include the full review, the review minus music
exerpts, or none of the review.  [It's a moot point for me
anyway; I'm not spending 20 bucks for a news program tape.]
But as the review was the only item in that "ATC" program
digest without a link, I'd guess that they're not going the extra
mile, re. music reviews & royalties for excerpts.

Lemme guess why -- inadequate FUNDS??!!??

Oh, the bitter irony of it all...   8 (

Hoisted on my own petard,
Stephanie Takeshita


Message-ID: <000201beb1d5$e6fc5700$673eac3e@vucqprlj>
From: "David Seddon" <>
Subject: Greenman to bear fruit
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 17:23:16 +0100

> lists "Greenman" on CD single, to be released 26 JUL 99 as
>Cooking Vinyl FRYCD084. Apologies if this has already been mentioned or is
>bad information.
>--Ira : )

YES!!!!!!!!  If it has, I missed it!  Splendid indeed!  If the edit is
right and it gets airplay the boys can have a hit at last.  They should
have put it out first, but this is the one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Message-ID: <000101beb1d5$e561e0e0$673eac3e@vucqprlj>
From: "David Seddon" <>
Subject: School Assemblies
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 17:19:12 +0100

As I have said before, I am a Primary School teacher and in my school we
have been going through the alphabet for music that will be played in
assembly as the kids enter and leave.  In fact this is the second time that
we have gone through the alphabet.  X was XTC and I chose the music.

The songs we've had were:

Love on a Farmboy's Wages
Yacht Dance
The Meeting Place
Harvest Festival
Chalkhills and Children
King For a Day

I can tell you that it was fantastic listening to HF in particular in it's
natural surroundings. We had the headmistress swaying to it and the kids
tapping their feet.  Magical!!  It brought a very happy smile.  You can't
be sure of these things, but I reckon Andy P would be fairly pleased with
the feeling his song envoked today.

Incidentally, the three of us male teachers out of 14 staff are all XTC
fans and we often chat about the boys.  Looks like the caretaker's been
getting into them too after playing the tape, that I left in the hall,
every morning this week before we come in.  Now he's asked me to do him a

Has anyone else recollections of XTC or any other pop music in school
assemblies ?  When I was at school I remember Eleanor Rigby being used a
lot as the focus for thoughts about those less well off than ourselves.  I
don't remember much else being used, but over the 2 alphabet lists we've
had The Beatles, Queen, The Scaffold, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield.


Message-ID: <900822C71730D2118D8C00805F65765C6C3ED6@EINSTEIN>
From: Jill Oleson <>
Subject: Kudos to TVT Records on website redesign
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 15:54:20 -0500

Kudos to TVT Records!  They have recently redesigned
their website and it is quite attractive.  Check it out at:

To get to their XTC section, click the ARTISTS link on
the home page (just below the moving radio signals on
the right side).  On the next page, click the drop-down
list of Other TVT Releases.  XTC is about one-quarter of
the way down under New Releases.  Select XTC, then
click GO!

Or if you perfer to take the shortcut:

The page contains a link to a page where you can download
an audio file of Greenman in .wma file format.  It also contains
a link to access an unreleased demo version of Easter Theatre,
but that file appears to be unavailable at this time.

While visiting TVT Records online, I recommend that you
check out the Jon Jarvis Trio.  The two RealAudio files
provided on this page are outstanding!


Jill Oleson
Austin, Texas


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 22:05:20 +0100
From: B Blanchard <>
Subject: Who cares?

John Gardner of Chicago, you write:

"Should I use less IRONY next time and give you more of an in-depth
analysis of the psychology and pathology of any individual's personalities
and behaviors the next time I write a post about an OBSERVATION of a human
being or two?"

I answer: you can write a post about whatever you like matey, but if it's
anything like your sad defence of your even sadder marriage anecdote,
please please spare us all and do not press the SEND button. Thanks!

Other than that it was a really interesting list (5-223) this time!  Thanks
all else for writing such educative stuff!

Belinda - still with blonde hilites till the roots grow -


Message-ID: <>
From: Megan Heller <>
Subject: Suede
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 15:44:43 PDT

"Andisheh Nouraee" <> mused:

>My plan is to wait their for an two hours, get hammered
>whilst hoping that one of them comes in, then catch a train back to
> >London, at which point I'll begin stalking the past and current >members
>of Suede:)

I saw this, and while I actually haven't listened to Suede since high
school (I'm 22 now), I couldn't help but think this: If you find Brett
Anderson, bop him on the head, stuff him in a box, and send him to me.
This is your mission.

My god, but I got so swoony over that man.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 16:49:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: Delay +

SOmeone posted a nice discussion on delay-thanks, it was interesting. I
recently saw the musical Floyd Collins here in Chicago (it was
excellant), and there was intersting use of delay in one of the songs.
The actor would sing a line, then that line would be played back twice,
resulting in the actor singing a round with himself. It worked really
well on stage-the actor was supposed to be in a cave, and was singing
with his voice echoing off of the cave walls.

Oh, the soundtrack is really good for those into theater music.


Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 00:55:00 -0700
From: "James T" <>
Message-ID: <>
Subject: quirky...
Organization: QUALCOMM Eudora Web-Mail  (

Hello Everyone,

A quick (but harmless) rant:-

>Subject: a rarity?
>track #11 is by xtc (actually only andy) doing a song >called 'rocket',
>about space travel. kind of an odd >song, one of those andy tunes that
>seems to pull you in two directions at once (think early xtc). the word
>'quirky' comes to mind, i hate to say it.

Call me old fashioned, but why should anyone be twatting well reluctant to
call a piece of music QUIRKY? I know that it's an adjective that is less
appropriate to XTC than it was 20 years ago, but it's still a good way of
describing their music from that period and all the more power to its
elbow. Personally, the cliche expression which I find to be particularly
patronising and vaguely damning in its faint praise is that old chestnut
"well crafted pop songs"...

Wishing you all a nice weekend (no offence, eh? Dan)

James T.


Message-Id: <>
Subject: Frivolous advertising.
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 99 10:07:31 +0200
From: Per Aronsson <>

I was sleeping in the sofa when I suddenly heard familiar music. It was
Frivolous Tonight that came out from my TV.

A swedish company that sells tissues use Colins song in a commercial that
has the point that it is easier to be frivolous with tissues. It is a
corny, strange but rather funny commercial. The people that made it must
have good musical taste anyway.

Per Aronsson.


Message-Id: <v03007803b3883a2936d1@[]>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 11:40:53 -0500
From: Mitch Friedman <>
Subject: stuffs

Hello lurkers and quirkers,

I want to take this opportunity to thank Todd Bernhardt for his very nice
words about my cd "The Importance of Sauce". I'd also like to thank all the
people who ordered a copy and have enjoyed it thusfar. Many of you are
lurkers whose email addresses I do not know so I can't thank you
privately. As Todd mentioned, if you go to you
can read more about the cd, hear four of its 15 songs and get ordering
information. Please visit and if you like what you hear I promise you that
the other 11 songs you won't find there will also amuse and intrigue
you. In addition, the cd booklet contains several of my best photographs.
For 15 years Andy has urged me to take up photography for a career. But
then again he's never hit the road as a stand up comedian like I've
suggested. ;-)

Two Sundays ago Dave Gregory shared the stage with Barry Andrews as part of
a local Swindon band's 3 song set at a Kosovo fund raising concert
(starring Howard Jones). Dave said that they played two originals of the
band leader and "Hey Jude" (which Barry was not familiar with!) It was only
the second time Dave and Barry had met and they had a very nice time
together. Barry was mostly unaware of Dave's time in XTC. He even asked
Dave if he had ever toured with the band! Barry is no longer in the music
business. He now makes little metal and/or wood craft like items and sells
them in a shop. He is happy.

Dave mentioned that in about a week he may be on the road/sky to Finland
for two weeks to do a few gigs with Linda Brava ("VioLinda" as he calls
her!) and appear in a few more tv commercial shoots for the cider that gets
Linda's endorsement in her native land. Other than that he is busy working
on his home remoulds (still in the middle of "Supper's Ready" by Genesis).

Last Saturday night myself, Dennis Fano (guitar builder extraordinare to
the stars) and musical genius/long time friend R. Stevie Moore and his
partner in life and love Krys O. went to see the first performance in 5
years of The Nigels (a NYC XTC cover band). Fantastic and lots of fun! (Go
to Chalkhills Anonymous and find their link). They concentrated on material
up to Oranges and Lemons and promise that their next gig in the fall will
center much more on recent works. Stay tuned!


      Hear my music on the web:


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 08:08:07 -0800
From: michaelw <>
Subject: AppVen1,2and"New"Songs

Hello chalkers!

Just a few comments before my family and I move back to California
from my 5 year stint here in Osaka....forgive me if I'm a few digests
behind, but I just gotta get this one out!

*Apple Venus Vol 1 :  After 5 months, still enjoying it, but sounds
somewhat static in some places....fortunately, around Greenman it
picks back up....mellows out again with I Can't Own Her...then
suddenly and triumphantly kicks back into gear with Harvest Festival,
which yes indeed should've finished off the album on a positive
note....nonetheless, am eagerly awaiting AVV2 but....I read where Andy
said in an interview (Newsweek?) somewhere (and Andy might've said
this at least 100 times) that he and Colin (more he than colin, of
course!) have over FOUR ALBUMS worth of the question
I'm wondering is,  if the songs on AV 1 and 2 date back from
(primarily) '91 to '94...then, when are we going to hear the NEWEST,
the LATEST offerings from Andy and Colin? I mean, they (again, mainly
Andy) must've written a hundred songs by now...does anyone have these
demos? Have Andy and Colin even recorded one of their songs post-1995?
 I want to desparately hear their honest-to-goodness, real and true
NEW stuff before, say, 2002!!! Not that their music will sound
outdated, mind you!  Anyways, should be a great Fall/Winter with AV2
coming out (and Andy, Mitch, someone, PLEASE try and put even a
snippet of Gangway Electric Guitar...I mean, come on, if Andy wants to
beat a dead, Wounded Horse (pun intended) by putting I'm The Man Who
Murdered Love (what do YOU think of that?), then surely he can delve
even deeper into the pot of discarded songs and do some janglin' with
Colin on Gangway....

*Dave's great to hear he'll be putting out some new music and
actually doing a couple gigs in Swindon..with BARRY no less! And who else
thinks David Marx is one of the most underrated musicians--has he ever
worked with China Crisis?  But back to Dave....I understand he dubbed
Andy's wife Erica "Wacky Wex"....Does anyone think that a small part of the
reason why Andy and Dave's relationship soured was due to Andy's wanting to
forget the period from 1979-1998?  In interviews I've heard him actually
mention that White Music wasn't so bad after all....that those young kids
were up to something, etc etc....(please bear in mind I'm not quoting
here...  just my impressions of what I've heard/read...I'm probably
misinterpreting here)

...and doesn't Andy bear a very passing resemblance (or vice versa) to
Thom York of Radiohead (especially in the URGGHH! A MUSIC WAR! video
at the end, when he and Sting sing "So Lonely" together? Also, did
anyone catch Colin, in yellow shirt, doing the tambourine on this,
while Terry "just hits 'em" with none other than Stewart C?)

Finally, thanks to John Relph and all of you on the far the
most entertaining and informative thing to come out from the 'net
since, well, heck, you can bet we'll all be "Chalkin'" for many years
to come....


Michael Wicks (


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 20:50:41 -0400
From: Jefferson Ogata <>
Organization: The Antibozo
Subject: The echo of NPR rhymes with itself

Hi y'all.

Harrison "Where do I find the time?" Sherwood
<> wrote:
> The overall effect of delay is to "thicken" a part, give it more auditory
> interest. Even the best voices can sound cruddy on tape (ever recoil in
> horror at the sound of your own speaking voice on tape?) and delay is one
> of the weapons producers use to add a little interest to a lifeless
> recording.

Just to follow this thread a bit -- in most cases, the overall
effect of delay is to place the effected part in a physical
context. This goes for reverb as well. In the liner notes to "On
Land" (1982), Brian Eno wrote the following passage:

"On ['Another Green World' 1975] I became aware of setting each
piece within its own particular landscape and allowing the mood of
that landscape to determine the kinds of activity that could occur.
Working from the realisation that my music was less and less
connected with performability but was created in and of the studio
[sound familiar?], I took advantage of the fact that music produced
in recording studios... has the option of creating its own
psychoacoustic space. Most frequently this has been achieved by
mechanical or electronic echoes and delays: short repeat echoes
connoting rectilinear urban spaces, for example, and until
recently, these possibilities have been used 'realistically' to
evoke spaces that were recognizable. From 'Another Green World'
onwards I became interested in exaggerating and inventing rather
than replicating spaces, experimenting in particular with various
techniques of time distortion...."

Looking at Easter Theatre from this perspective, one might say that
the short delay on the voice in the right channel mimics the effect
of being in a moderately large room while Andy sings, and hearing
his voice bounce off a nearby wall. This adds depth to the
recording by "creating a psychoacoustic space." So, just as you can
mentally model the space of a scene you watch on television, you
can hear a coherent space in which Easter Theatre is performed. It
helps to close your eyes.

----- wrote:
> The good news is that all programs of National Public Radio's "All Things
> Considered" are available online as RealAudio programs.  The bad news is the
> following paragraph, found on NPR's website describing this segment:
> [blah blah blah]
> So if ya missed it, ya missed it!

The other good news is that you can always order transcripts and
tapes of ATC. See the NPR web site for details. I did this when
they ran a bit about Marisa Monte. It seems that since the
stories typically contain snippets of the music, NPR has or
acquires broadcast rights that don't translate to RealAudio on the
Internet. The tapes aren't exactly cheap, but they don't break the
bank, either.


Also, kristi leigh siegel <> signs her email:
> "Katie Casey was baseball mad,
> Had the fever and had it bad.
> Just to root for the hometown crew..."

In the spirit of Harrison's curious critique of Colin's syntax (on,
of all things, a line about nonsense), let me say that the last
line is a big disappointment. The first two lines set up an
obvious A-A-B-A or A-A-B-B rhyming pattern, but the fourth one
blows it completely. You should get a domain in the .nu TLD so that
this rhymes. See for details.


Finally, John Gardner <> wrote:
> There exists a nexus between my observation of the martimony of two

What a fortunate misspelling! Freudian slip? The rest of your post
was quite entertaining as well, John. Don't let the turkeys get you
down! I especially loved:

> I know LOTS of women who have married on the simple
> pretext of not having money, and then shazam, marry a man who has MONEY.

Shazam! MONEY! Hee hee!

Jefferson Ogata.  smtp: <>
finger:  ICQ: 19569681  whois:


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 21:55:12 -0400
From: Jefferson Ogata <>
Organization: The Antibozo
Subject: Cruising with Robyn and Rubin

A little more grist for the mill:

Robyn "Boy is my singing voice ever annoying" Hitchcock is the
voice of Keith on Thomas "I would have taken Barry Andrews's
place" Dolby's "The White City" (not my transcription):

"The poor girl was all covered in flowers.  It's a shame, 'cause
there wasn't any room in her head. 'I climbed through a crack in
the sky' she this: AAARGH!
"Where was I--Bedfordshire--that's a lousy place. It's on the
A45--you go around, it's all flat and I can't summon up any
enthusiasm for that sort of thing at all.  I--my idea, when
we started out was to have a, you know, rising up, in the form
of an undulating, ovulating ground that you don't get so much
nowadays, everything tends to be sort of piecemeal and staggered,
which I don't think is really very exciting, do you?  Ah--you're
not there either."

Also, Andy Partridge is the voice of the harmonica on Thomas
Dolby's "Europa and the Pirate Twins".

Also, there's yet another story (perhaps apocryphal) that Abbie
or Jerry or one of the gang had dissolved acid in a solution of
DMSO in a water pistol, and was squirting cops with it. DMSO, if
you don't know about these things, is a chemical that transports
other chemicals through the skin barrier -- think of the late
lamented Dr. McCoy and his hypospray widget. I forget now -- how
did unwitting acid ingestion end up a major topic on the list?
(I'm not complaining.)

One final nit: the term "blonde female" is redundant. If not a
woman, it's "blond". Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Jefferson Ogata.  smtp: <>
finger:  ICQ: 19569681  whois:


From: "Bill Curran" <>
Subject: Ballet For A Rainy Day ???
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 22:03:40 -0400
Message-ID: <000101beb540$f513c300$eda02581@blueskye>

This in from CDNow's All Star News :

  "XTC's 'River Of Orchids' Goes To The Ballet"

Choreographer Neta Pulverhacher sets XTC's "River of Orchids" to ballet this
weekend in Cleveland.

 Check the whole story at :  (may wrap )

The article also states :

Meanwhile, TVT is working the second single from Apple Venus titled
"Greenman," while Partridge and Co. are hard at work wiring their studio to
begin working on Apple Venus Vol. 2. The second installment probably won't
surface until early 2000. To check out "Greenman" go to

Bill Curran


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