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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #5-22

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 22

                 Monday, 23 November 1998

Today's Topics:

              Wankers Aweigh, My Friends...
                         Re: Phil
                     clever arguments
                  President Kill Defense
                         I Agree
              Oh, Baby, that's what I like!
                       Killing Time
      North Americans looking for "Transistor Blast"
             Are We Having FUN Yet? Oh yeah.
       Put another record on, for the love of Mike!
            Will the real XTC please stand up!
                         Kill me
                     Various Ravings
                    hail to the chief
                   At My Most Beautiful
                      President Kill
                Corrections and Toys R Us
 Regarding not hating any XTC album and my defense of Go2
                    Re: President Kill
                    Modern-Time Neros
        one more opinion (... everybody's got one)


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All the kids are complaining.


Message-ID: <>
From: "Bob Crain" <>
Subject: Wankers Aweigh, My Friends...
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 22:48:35 PST

Okay, I know it's dangerous to drink and post, but I've had a pint and I
just feel like weighing in on the matters of the Chalkhills:

1.  I like "The Smartest Monkeys".

2.  Give Dom a break, he does mix aggression and affection in the same
sentence, though...

3.  Harrison Sherwood is the last thing from intimidating, but a
friendly and thoughtful person who can hold his liquor.

4.  Oranges and Lemons...why is it not my favorite XTC album, despite
having some of my favorite XTC songs upon it?  Eh, I don't know.

5.  Apple Venus, Vol. I is a good title!  But I feel the next album
should not be Vol. II, but should have another title.  I like it when
Vol. I's are not followed by Vol. II's.

6.  John Irvine, write some more songs, please.

7.  Urgh.

8.  Mrs. Hugh, good show!

9.  Jill Oleson, I too did not find expressions of their joy of
accomplishment in "Song Stories", but I did pick up quite a bit of their
joy of creation.

10. Well said about the credit card conundrum, just check your statement
each month and contact the company about any long distance phone calls
to Peru you didn't make, you are not responsible and will not pay.

Thank You, and Goodnight....

-Bob Crain


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 07:55:42 EST
Subject: Re: Phil

>Excuse me, my sides have just split. "Some records"??? "Poor taste"??? I've
>already had it pointed out to me that slagging Phil Collins is like throwing
>rocks at disabled kids (only more fun), but let's be totally truthful here,
>Phil has made LOTS of records that were AWFUL. For "Sussudio" alone, he
>deserved nothing less than public execution.
>>He also happens to be a brilliant and influential drummer, a good singer,
>>and has written some fine songs.
>Yes, he's a good drummer. Unfortunately he sings like he's got chronic
>constipation, and has written LOTS of songs that were AWFUL. No fine ones,
>as far as I am aware.
>>I recommend that you listen to Genesis' first album after the departure of
>>Peter Gabriel, "A Trick Of The Tale" to find just how capable a musician the
>>man is before you dismiss him as being "spew-inducing" and
>Nice try, but I've heard "A Trick of The Tale" (blame my sister) and it's
>only marginally less AWFUL than everything Phil and Genesis have done
>since. Which is pretty horrendous.

  In my opinion, Phil Collins has written one great song, "In The Air
Tonight," which gives me the shivers still. If only everything else
he's done since were that good. Everything else is at best pleasant,
and I agree entirely he deserves to be drawn and quartered for that
teeth-clenchingly inane song "Sussudio." I beg to differ about his
work with Genesis, though, which was quite fine up until he got the
solo bug. Not as good as their material with Peter Gabriel, but
"Ripple" is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in the
English language, up there with "Love On A Farmboy's Wages," "Walk
Away Renee," and "Waterloo Sunset." Can't say for sure which Genesis
material he actually wrote, though, since I only own And Then There
Were Three and Abacab on cassette. I grew up hearing their stuff on
friend's record collections in high school in the late 70's, and I do
get the impression the post-Gabriel Genesis stuff I've liked more came
from Banks and Rutherford rather than Collins.

  As luck would have it, my wife thinks Phil Collins' shit doesn't
stink.  Suffice to say I didn't marry her for her taste in music.



Message-ID: <>
From: "Catherine Piazolla" <>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 15:01:15 PST
Subject: clever arguments

I suppose that people are bound to argue on a list like this.
Truthfully, arguments are the most interesting thing about this thing,
especially given that I can always just read the latest on XTC in the
News section of Chalkhills.

Regarding Sherwood and the gang: I've gotten this digest for a while,
but never posted.  There are a lot of clever people out there, and maybe
they're giving this list the least of their musings.  But I doubt
it--remember the scene in "Annie Hall" where Woody Allen steps out of
the movie line to complain about the pompous professor behind him?  I
think that's basically the kind of complaint Sherwood's posts are
getting.  Generally, I think he's full of shit (well thought out or not)
75% of the time, but it's my choice to receive this list, right?

Sometimes, though, the arguments do run a little thin:

>I'm 41 years old.

..OK, then.



Message-Id: <>
From: "Michael Davies" <>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 23:19:13 -0400
Subject: President Kill Defense

> We can debate for weeks about what is the best XTC song or what is the
> best XTC album, but one thing's for sure - everybody agrees that
> "President Kill Again" is a lousy song. Is there anybody out there who
> actually likes this song?

i like it.

on the other hand, i'd like to know if anyone else *dis*likes these
songs, which i actively avoid when listening to their albums (there
are others that i don't like but don't mind either).

"That Is The Way", "Love At First Sight", and "Ball and Chain",
which similarly seem to have been written in about three minutes.
"Living Through Another Cuba", which sounds like the 25th of May or
"No Language In Our Lungs", which is slow and repetitive, and i just
think using the phrase "muscle in our tongues" was not a good choice.
"Runaways", which is very very depressing.
"Jason and the Argonauts", which doesn't flow at all.  i have
listened to the first side of English Settlement probably three
times, and the other three sides probably 40.
"The Meeting Place" and "Big Day", which also somehow depress me.

i'm also surprised to hear all these compliments toward "Miniature
Sun", which is one of the two songs on Oranges and Lemons that
i don't like (but don't mind).  the other is "Cynical Days", which
doesn't seem very popular.  wait, does anyone actually like "Cynical

and i think "King For A Day" sounds like Tears For Fears.

no one cares that no one called
from the party in the bathroom stall
and no one's going to call the number on the bathroom wall
Michael davies


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 00:31:57 EST
Subject: I Agree

Bah said:
<<What does it matter? We're all here because we're celebrating our passion
for one band. We like the music as a whole and certain songs, albums,
choruses, middle eights, whatever, excite us to a greater or lesser extent.
So accept that and enjoy it.>>

With this whole O&L, BE, and Nonsuch bashing, we all have our individual
tastes.  I myself love most of their albums.  I might like one over the
other, but they're all great to me.  Hey, when you spend three weeks in the
hospital you and you don't have anything else to do XTC music can be a good
companion.  It's because of O&L that I got into XTC, so that album is
special to me.  I feel a bit offended when someone says something like the
album is 'overproduced' or it's a "sellout".  I just don't like those two
words they're so negative to me.



Message-ID: <>
From: William Tindall <>
Subject: Oh, Baby, that's what I like!
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 22:49:47 -0800

Hello Xtcstatic ones!
	This is just my second post, so have mercy upon me...
The recent "discussion" (debate?) has been interesting, indeed.  I have to
side with those who say "give it another listen", be it Oranges and Lemons,
Skylarking, Mummer, Nonsuch, or even White Music.  I got into XTC edgeways,
or wise (which it was!) by buying English Settlement on impulse one day in
1982, just because the cover was nifty.  Boy was I rewarded.  My loyalty to
the band has never wavered since then,...except for a few times when I just
wasn't in the mood.
	I was actually disappointed with Mummer for years.  I just recently
listened again, and wondered what the hell I'd been thinking.  My taste had
changed over the years, and now I can only say that Mummer is
	For the record, my favorite XTC albums are mostly tied for first
	English Settlement
	Big Express
	Black Sea
	Drums and Wires
But!  My favorite tunes are (Big Surprise) ...Chalkhills and Children, and
Wrapped in Grey.  But that's just for now.  I will continue to change, as
will the band.  Ahhh, the good life...

	Cheers all,

[Attachment omitted, unknown MIME type or encoding (application/ms-tnef)]


Message-ID: <01BE160D.30538B40@robert>
From: Robert Wood <>
Subject: Killing Time
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 11:22:53 -0000

Bob, in 5-21, said

>> We can debate for weeks about what is the best XTC song or what is the
best XTC album, but one thing's for sure - everybody agrees that
"President Kill Again" is a lousy song. Is there anybody out there who
actually likes this song? <<

cf *My* posting in 5-21...

Of *course* there are people who think it's good. Just because *you* don't
like it doesn't mean other people can't! It's one of my favourites from O&L.
It's one of the more unusual songs on the album, "quirky" to use a word so
many people hate when used to describe XTC. Much less like the other songs
which tend to be more straightfoward 4/4 songs.

I know *three*  people who love the song. How many XTC fans do I know? Er,

But in the end, it's a futile, pointless discussion.

BTW, whenever people hear Bill Clinton's name on the news, do they always
start singing "Here comes President Bill again..."? I do, and it's starting
to drive *me* nuts! <g>


Date: 22 Nov 1998 13:41:40 -0000
Message-ID: <>
Subject: North Americans looking for "Transistor Blast"

In recent digests, several North Americans have complained of troubles
finding or ordering "Transistor Blast".... or of having to pay too-high
prices for it.

I would recommend taking a peek at:


I paid 20 UK pounds for "Transistor Blast", *including* shipping to the
US.... that translates to about 30 US dollars.  For those who've never
tried ordering something from overseas via the Net, it's painless....
give them your credit card number, they charge your card in UK pounds,
the credit card company converts the charge to your local currency (at
typically very reasonable exchange rates, even!!!) .... and that's it.

Also, they have TB available *now*, not December 1st.... even with the
extra shipping time, my copy will be here before the end of the month.

I'm in no way associated with the company, other than as a satisfied
customer.... I've ordered from them several times, and have never had
a problem with them.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 08:59:40 -0500
From: Todd and Jennifer Bernhardt <>
Subject: Are We Having FUN Yet? Oh yeah.


Wow, this digest is starting to be fun again. #5-21 was the most
entertaining I've read in eons.

Some thoughts over coffee on a Sunday morning:

Andy Miller, I can't find a thing to disagree w/you about.

Catherine Sweeney, [don't] cut it out, you're killing me. Take note,
Chalkholios: Parody is often the most effective form of humor.

Bob O'Bannon asked:

> We can debate for weeks about what is the best XTC song or what is the
> best XTC album, but one thing's for sure - everybody agrees that
> "President Kill Again" is a lousy song. Is there anybody out there who
> actually likes this song?

Yeah, but here's why: Have you ever watched a sitcom [situation comedy],
gotten to know the characters in it, and then later watched episodes that,
if viewed on their own, would be shit [shite], but found them
amusing/engaging because of your already established fondness for the
characters? If so, you'll understand my fondness for a lot of XTC's "weaker"

> One of the biggest weaknesses of albums like O&L and Nonsuch is that
> they simply had too many songs. Cut the fat off both of those albums and
> you might have two excellent records. This is one reason I'm looking
> forward to the new album - just 11 songs! That's perfect.

I agree. We've beat this horse before, but IMO one of the "problems" of CDs
is that their length allows songs that probably should have been B-sides to
be included on an album's A-list. Besides, I used to _like_ hunting for
those B-side-containing EPs.

> I'd take this a step further and suggest that XTC should finally find a
> permanent drummer. I remember reading in "Song Stories" that the band
> hardly ever rehearses anymore, which is basically because they don't
> have a real "band" anymore. The sterility of the group's sound in the
> last several years can be traced directly to the absence of a regular
> drummer, who by definition is the cohesive glue in any band.

Well, being a drummer, I'm not going to argue with the last part of your
statement, but a permanent drummer in XTC is unlikely. Right now, Andy and
Colin are splitting their part of the royalties between them, and I don't
expect they're in any hurry to divide the pie in more pieces. It's a hell of
a lot cheaper to use a hired gun.

Right on, John Schoneboom. What you said.

Mandy Taylor asked:

> but I really can't contain my excitment on the prospect of hearing All
> Along The Watchtower LIVE for goodness' sakes. How long is it? Is the
> end improvised alot?

Actually, if it's the same version I have on tape, then it's the intro that
is strung out.

Harrison said:

> Like Sister Wendy before a Frangelico angel, I can only stand by in my
> habit, sucking at my big buck teeth, groping for words.

Well, my friend, just in case _you're_ wondering how to make me blow coffee
out my nose in an explosion of laughter, _that's_ the image that'll do it!

Ken L asked:

> But I wonder, and forgive me if this has already been discussed and
> confirmed, if the reason he [whose name may not be written] hired Hugh
> Padgham was because he liked the Terry Chambers sound on BS and ES.  It's
> not that much of a drum sound leap from Ball and Chain to In the Air
> tonight.

Well, in a way. The Lillywhite/Padgham production team worked on Peter
Gabriel's third album (the melting-face one), shortly after finishing Black
Sea, if I've got my chronology correct. L/P had already done quite of bit of
work on BS developing that big, heavily gated drum sound, and that work
transferred to PGIII, where they developed it further -- and the
"[you-know-who] Drum Sound" was born (that's right, on PGIII, not on Face
Value).  If you want to hear a double-time precursor to the
now-too-well-known drum entrance (and the rest of the drumming) to "In the
Air Tonight," check out "No Self Control" on PGIII. It's a stunning album
anyway, IMO. Oh, and Dave Gregory plays on it.

> Why is it that WHITE MUSIC is treated like a stepchild around here?  I'm
> too tired to write a huge defense of it but COME ON people.

I love that album. It's tons of fun to listen and play to, and one of the
reasons I got hooked on the band in the first place.

>  COMMERCIALITY my arse...Well maybe I'll feel different
> now.  I haven't heard it in ten years.  Harrison, let's see you take
> that one on.

Sounds to me like a gauntlet hitting the floor....



Message-ID: <>
From: "nick riddle" <>
Subject: Put another record on, for the love of Mike!
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 07:21:10 PST

Two things.

Phil Collins: Impeach and move on, I beg you.

Oranges and Lemons: Hasn't this been going on long enough? It's good,
it's bad, it's nothing to get a hairball over.

Thank you.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 07:52:26 -0800 (PST)
From: Cheryl <>
Subject: Will the real XTC please stand up!


Andy Miller spouted:
> In other words, the first 5 albums are the sound of
> a pop group trying to sound like themselves;  after
> 1982,  Andy, Colin and Dave's music is an attempt by
> three individuals calling themselves XTC (or the
> Dukes, or the Thre Wise Men, or whatever) to sound
> like other people (most notably the Beatles)
Okay, let me get this straight.  You mean a band that
doesn't tour is incapable of producing orginal music?

Now you've mentioned the Beatles.  Do you apply this
same theory to them?  They stopped touring (in 66
right Mr. Stormy Monday?) and continued to make
stuidio albums.  St. Peppers...

I really don't understand this leap you've taken from
not touring to sounding like other bands.

In my opinion, I think once Mr.P could actually relax
and enjoy the whole process of making music without
the pressure of having to play it live allowed him to
explore his creative side more fully.  I guess
unfortunately for you, that undertaking led the band
into areas that did not satisfy your wants.

The first two albums, to me anyway, seem to be an
exercise in just trying to crank out music in between
tours and not much thought going into the music
itself. I hardly listen to these two albums because
there isn't much that appeals to me.  A song here...a
song there...

I really like the fact that Mr.P and Colin put a lot
of thought into their music.  That they try to find
new avenues to explore and at times that may hark
back to a different era, to another band, musician,
whatever.  They have a signature sound and are very
individual.  I don't think most people would peg XTC
for another sound-alike Beatle ripoff band like..oh I
won't go there.  I think you get what I'm saying.
What they borrow and are inspired from in these bands
sparks creativity in their own sound.

You say the members of XTC are just calling
themselves XTC, but I think they didn't discover who
XTC was until they stopped touring.

What keeps you listening to XTC if you think they are
nothing but a masquerade of a band?  Is it in hopes
that the real XTC will once again emerge?  What are
your thoughts on the demos/new stuff?

I don't know, it's your opinion.....BUT I think you
are wrong.  : )

Ms. Catherine I loved your theory on 'Helicopter'!
You are my hero.  May I grow up to be just like you.
 : )

I'm done rambling...for now.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 15:58:40 +0000
From: chris <>
Subject: Kill me

Yeah, I really like 'Here Comes President Kill Again', its only
crime being that its sandwiched between two outstanding tracks
while itself being merely rather good.

Then again, I don't like 'English Settlement' that much, so what
are my opinions worth.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 11:17:02 EST
Subject: Various Ravings

Since I primarly like to lurk, instead of contribute on a regular basis I
think I'll throw a few opinions and comments from these past few weeks

First I enjoyed CTSWEENE `s post on Helicopter.  This struck a blade into my
memory banks.  I first heard this song when dating a girl much described in
Helicopter.  If not an exposition of puberty, it also was an exposition of a
true love you want but really could not have forever.  In other words, I
wanted this bird badly, she bit at the bait, hung around long enough to make
my head spin then took off.  Leaving me with the memory of looking up her
cross eyed leggo land.  And pendulant she was.

O& L debate has kept the digest coming which is great.  I tend to read this
digest at work so I'm happy to see the number going up and tends to breakup
the boredom of work.  O&L is a great album.  I first heard "Mayor" in the
entrance of HMV on Oxford Street,London while on my honeymoon.  Great memory
attached.  I feel that this CD ,"Skylarking" and "Nonsuch" all on a similar
level playing field.  Great listens and inventiveness in songwriting, as
usual.  But on the next level I take it up to the "Mighty Five", if I may
call them that, D&W, BS, ES, Mummer and BE.  "Seagulls Screaming"
comeon.....what a great song.  I bet quite a few of you have been in that
position.  That song just blows some of the O&L for the emotional feel.
Look.....before we go further, I'm not into slagging one of my favorite
groups, er.. twosomes or ...whatever the world.  I feel that the
past three albums lack some of the soulful depth as opposed to the
previous"Mighty Five".  "Funk Pop & Roll" another great song (using a
Rickenbacker 12 string I may add) relayed the frustration and depravity of
the Music Biz.  It struck home with me due to my dealings with the music biz
on a personal level at that time.  Stepping up to another level than these
two LPs D&W shows the quirkiness of youth, new love......everything I was at
the time of its release.  "Ten Feet Tall".... carrying the eternal boner at
the sight of any tasty bird.  When I read the band's description about it in
"Song Stories", I just laughed......hey, someone thought otherwise?!!  Next
step up....."Black Sea".  "No language in our Lungs"......"the impotency in
speech came up and hit me that day, I would have made this instrumental/ but
the words got in the way" Jesus......AP once said that he takes in a lot of
ideas as roughage and tries to have a good shit from those
ideas....something like that.  Man he must've had a whole case of bran
(brain) flakes that day.  Then we come to IMHO, the pinnacle of the XTC
pyramid..."English Settlement".  My favorite....can you tell.  That whole LP
reeks of soul.  For the sound, test stereo systems with this release.
"Senses" ....yes it is their most overplayed (giggling at the thought of it)
song but boy isn't that what life is all about.  Those five senses.  OK I've
gone long enough.  Yes......I know.....where's GO2 and White Music?
Sorry......I don't like these.  EXCEPT , for a few songs.
emotional attachment.

Phil Collins.  Well......I don't like his music.....but I do have his
autograph.....well my daughter does.  He was at Disneyland and I got his
John Hancock in my daughter's Disney character autograph book....How
appropriate.  Sandwitched between Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

Well gotta go....the kids are screaming.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 11:39:33 -0400
From: John Irvine <>
Subject: Apologia

I was in a foul mood a few days ago when I slagged O n' L and 15 years
of XTC music.  I won't take it back, but I do apologize.  I am glad,
however, of the onslought of passionate defenses.  Very nice to hear
folks in rapture over their favorite albums again.  This list sure has
gotten less like a wake (when the news broke of Dave's departure -
remember him?) and more like a pep rally.

That said, I'd like to follow up on the comment that XTC recordings
often grow on you.  I hated mummer and BE when I first bought them, but
now find myself quite enjoying some of their tunes.  And I think that is
why I found myself so frustrated at O n' L; it just wouldn't budge no
matter how many listens.  There are a couple of great tracks on it -
Mayor and Pink Thing in particular, but the annoyances with most of the
rest of the material would not go away.  Ah well.  Can't win 'em all.

I also agree wholeheartedly with Andy Miller re the difference tween
Terry and Post Terry xtc.  IMHO bands make their best efforts when in
the thick of things - touring, recording an album and two singles a
year, and operating as a functioning group.  The nervous energy of a
young band discovering what they are capable of, and confronting the
pressures of success and stage fright seems to have energized and
intensified the music.  The recordings from the Black Sea tour are just

Another difference is that Andy seems to have taken all the accolades a
bit too much to heart - he seems to think he has to write a genius level
song each time to live up to his rep. The throwaways (Haunted Heart, The
Dukes stuff,  Dear God -yes it was originally an unworthy b-side, Punch
and Judy), sometimes do more for me than the "serious" stuff.  Who
mentioned the Martin Newell sessions?  Great stuff.

I can't seriously expect Apple Venus to have a whit of energy or
spontenaiety when it took 7 years to put together - the songs being
reworked and polished ad infinitum, (and now they're talkin Spring?
infinitum...)  I hope the studio in Colin's garage leads to some
fruitful jam sessions with a real drummer - don't care who, Phil C. will
do - Bash it out, record it, move on.  You got nothing to prove boys,
just make music.  We'll buy it.

John Irvine

np.  The who - Disguises: "yesterday i saw you dressed as a flower


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 12:15:10 EST
Subject: hail to the chief

Since you asked, Bob: yes there IS someone out there who actually likes
"Here Comes President Kill Again." It's not be particularly subtle or
clever, but it does seem (to me) to have something to say. I'll take it
over, say, "Ballad of PP" any day.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 12:58:34 EST
Subject: At My Most Beautiful

Not about O&L:

The 5th track on R.E.M.'s new album "Up" called "At My Most Beautiful" done
in a Beach Boys motif (complete with the kazoo-sound and bakground singers,
ala Pet Sounds) called to mind comments from Andy in "Song Stories"
regarding Pale and Precious.  This inspired me to play the two of them back
to back.  R.E.M.  has written and recorded a beautiful song (I've purchased
all of their stuff, I really am a fan of theirs), but Pale and Precious
succeeded at the task at hand (writing a fake Beach Boys song) with much
more thoroughness and thoughtfullness.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 05:39:24 -0800
From: Jason Kirkman__Carol Kawase <>
Subject: President Kill

Bob O'Bannon said:

>We can debate for weeks about what is the best XTC song or what is the
>best XTC album, but one thing's for sure - everybody agrees that
>"President Kill Again" is a lousy song. Is there anybody out there who
>actually likes this song?

Yes there is.  I like President Kill.  Quite a lot, actually.

Thanks for asking,

Jason K.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 10:27:36 -0800
From: KenL <>
Subject: Corrections and Toys R Us


While re-reading my post in Chalkhills #5-21, I saw a goof.  At the the
time of English Settlement, XTC was on Epic in the US not Geffen.  That
came around Mummer time. Sorry.

Also, I got the new ICE and the bad news is Apple Venus is not listed in
the January NEW RELEASES.  There is an add for Transistor Blast with a
note at the bottom saying a new album is due...Spring '99.  And since
last time I checked Spring doesn't end until June...You gotta wonder
which will come out first.  Apple Venus or Star Wars:Episode 1?
Speaking of which, did anybody see that trailer?  Wow!  I want to see it


While in Toys R US the other day it suddenly dawned on me that I was
hearing something familiar in the background.  It was Thanks for
Christmas!  That's a first.  I don't know if they were playing one of
those New Wave xmas comps or if it was piped in from a service but it
was a pleasant surprise nonetheless.



Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:00:58 -0500
Subject: Regarding not hating any XTC album and my defense of Go2
Message-ID: <>
From: (Bar From The Sky)


Molly sez:

"Am I the only person who doesn't hate any of the XTC albums, except for
White Music"

Nope! I LOVE every single XTC album in my possession! (Now, the only 2 I
have yet to purchase are O&L and Nonsvch.) Now, I don't really hate White
Music wither, but there really are only 5 or 6 songs on the whole thing
that I really like.

"Oh, but what about Go2?", you may be thinking. well, get ready to flame
me....Go2 is one of my FAVORITE albums!

"Oh, but Go2 sucked! You suck!"  you may be thinking. But if so, let it
be. Go2 just happens to be a really fun album!  My friend (who shall
remain nameless), will defend me if she is around! I haven't heard from
her since she told me she was going to the MD XTC gathering. Where are
you?? Defend me!!!!!

"Oh, but Go2 has 'My Weapon' and 'Super Tuff'! If you like those songs,
you are totally lame!" you may be thinking.    Well, I guess I'm lame! I
really enjoy those 2 songs. They happen to be 2 of my favorites from that

"But why? Barry wrote those songs! You're not a REAL fan if you like
those Barry songs!"  you may be thinking.  Well, i really don't care! How
about that? But you see, I like EVERY single song on Go2. Who gives a
flying fuck who wrote it? I guess the Go2 bashers all have this
Barryphobia? How DARE Barry try to contribute?? Oh, horrors! Yes, his
keyboards are goofy. But that is why I like them! They are just all over
the pl;ace and I find it hilarious! It just makes Go2 and White Music
really fun albums!

That's all for my rant. Oh, by the way, if you Go2 bashers wish to
respond, don't even bother to flame me, because I only respond to mature
replies. I simply will ignore any flaming because it is extremely

But then again, my posts are usually ignored anyway, so what do I have to
worry about?  :-)

Lotsa Luv to Y'all....

:)  Ken, your friendly Neighborhood Misanthrope  :)

"Ignore the ignorance just one last first time.
You'll never get used to it, but you will."
--------Mister Misanthrope-------


Message-ID: <000e01be1664$c181c300$955808c3@default>
From: "Squidly" <>
Subject: Re: President Kill
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 22:07:59 -0000

We can debate for weeks about what is the best XTC song or what is the best
XTC album, but one thing's for sure - everybody agrees that "President Kill
Again" is a lousy song. Is there anybody out there who actually likes this

Um.....yeah.   I do :-)


Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 14:38:27 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <>
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Modern-Time Neros


Let me be the first to congratulate Richard Pedretti-Allen on his
latest achievement: the successful release of _Chalkhills' Children
'98 - Modern-Time Neros_.  This is definitely the best of the series.
I won't attempt to write a review of every track, but I'll mention a
few that stand out.

Ben "Sting" Gott's "Making Plans for Nigel" is an excellent light rock
take on the original.  My wife and I find it very danceable and
listenable.  Candles and white wine fit the mood.

David Lake has turned in a fitting rendition of "Travels in Nihilon".
Its dark drone and modern drum motif retains the spirit of the
original while being dark enough to be my wife's favorite track on the
CD.  (She usually listens to Patsy Cline and Dead Can Dance.)

At this point I must say that it's getting difficult not to write
something about every track, so I'll just mention Gantry's "Beating of
Hearts" and Lunchbox's "Complicated Game" as two other standout
tracks, especially knowing the history of the recording of the latter.
Oh, yeah, and Steve Cameron's "Another Satellite" is another
highlight, and it manages to be different from the previous three
versions (XTC, me, and P. Hux).

Basically, you gotta get this one.  If you haven't ordered it, do so:

	-- John


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 18:02:56 -0500
From: mondacello <>
Subject: one more opinion (... everybody's got one)

I've been reading (with shock, amusement, agreement... pick the suitable
adjective) this whole Oranges & Lemons thread, and I've decided to toss
in my two bits... although anything I have to add hasn't been said
already. But what the heck, here goes...

First off, it's me... I'm the guy who likes 'President Kill'.
But I'll get to that in a few minutes.

I've been a fan of XTC since the release of Go2, it was the simplicity
and humour of the album cover itself that peaked my interest. In the
early seventies I owned a book of Monty Python wit and wisdom, the cover
itself was in the same rambling style.. wall to wall nonsense (albeit
black type on white background, with a blood stain included for added
colour I suppose... I wish I still had that, I'll tell you). But I
Anyway, I've thoroughly enjoyed each and every album in its own right.
It's a natural progression... but who would have honestly thought that
White Music would grow and mature into the beauty and majesty of Oranges
& Lemons and Nonsuch. Some may call them "overproduced",
or..."sellout?", and that is certainly their prerogative. But for me,
the extensive layers of instrumentation make them all the more
I've not had the pleasure of hearing the demos, so I've nothing to
compare them to, but let me say "it works for me". These two albums,
along with The Dukes of Stratosphere stuff, are probably my most
listened to collections of XTC.
And as for 'President Kill', well when the album was first released I
thought "What the hell?". But over the years it really has grown on me,
warts and all. You certainly can't say it isn't original, can you?

Sorry for making my first post so lengthy, but I've been silent for a
couple of months now and I figured it was time to "talk and let my mind
Nice to meet you all,

~ Mark


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