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          RE: Response to "Chips" sounding dated
                Sewing with Molly's Thread
                  CD Bonus Tracks etc..
                   Re: This Is The End
              Re: My Name is Andy Partridge
                        I'm Back!
                     Chips and Tribs
                  tributes, bonus tracks
               Re: Richard dates the Dukes
            Re: No, My Name is Andy Partridge
                 Seattle's Musical Jungle
               Re: Richard dates the Dukes
               official MARTIN NEWELL site
                   Testimonial Dessert
           pagan babies and refrigerated bricks
                     Who's the Hottie
                      The clumsy man
                        The shaggs
                XTC on the Comedy Channel
                     Random thoughts


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From: "Damian Foulger" <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 07:39:33 -0500
Subject: RE: Response to "Chips" sounding dated
Message-Id: <>

Elizabeth wrote:
> Errrrrrrrr,
> It's a tribute/takeoff/elbow in the side/send up of the 60's, and
> should

You know, we at Chalkhills seem to have great difficulty in
recognising sarcasm.  This is perhaps not unsurprising as facial
expression, tone of voice are a little difficult to convey.  For
instance, if I wrote: I really like Leonard Skinard [sp?], you might all
be forgiven if you thought that I actually liked LS (god forbid!)  So
perhaps if I wrote: I think that Kylie is a truely great song writer and
should get a vote in the man of the year contest ;-), then the little
winking person icon might give you the nod to the fact that I'm being
sarcastic.  Of course, someone once said, 'Sarcasm is the lowest
form of wit,'  which may be true, but it's still wit.

Just a suggestion of course, but if one doesn't wish to be branded a
gibbering idiot by people who actually think that you think that Chips
>From The Chocolate Fireball is not a pastiche then it might be worth
adopting such a convention.  God, are you all STUPID?  ;-)  See
who cleverly and subtle you can be!?  ;-)

Dames tWd

-- Waiting for AV2


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 05:57:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: nross <>
Subject: Sewing with Molly's Thread

Molly Wrote (and asked):

>>>I know there's already been Testimonial Dinner, but I was thinking about
what would your dream XTC tribute album be?  Who would you have on it and
what songs would they sing.  You can have whoever you want. <<<

I only have one addition: Greenman - Siouxsie and the Banshees

... and I'd chuck Oasis. I think Kate Bush singing Another Satellite
would sound very cool.

-That's all - Nicole


Message-Id: <>
Subject: CD Bonus Tracks etc..
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 10:09:30 +0200

Hi all,

If anyone is annoyed by Virgin's policy on adding these tracks to the
middle of albums (or you feel like making your own XTC compilation of
album tracks etc..), for a relatively small outlay, you could invest
in a Minidisc recorder and re-arrange albums to your heart's
content. Player/Recorders and blank discs are pretty cheap these days,
and are almost infinitely re-usable (unlike CD-R's).

Just a thought...

All the best



Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 06:56:31 EDT
Subject: Re: This Is The End

In a message dated 5/14/99 1:11:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
<> writes:

<<   I was looking in chalkhills at some lyrics. For "the end" it has "of
kicking ass and runny noses" I hear it as "of itching ass and runny noses">>

I always thought it was "of kissing ass and rubbing noses."

J. D.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 08:24:05 -0400
Subject: Re: My Name is Andy Partridge
From: "Duncan Watt" <>

>From: Tyler Hewitt <>
>Subject: Andy Delurking?
>After reading a bunch of posts about Andy's possibly being on
>Chalkhills, I have this to say:
>If YOU were Andy, would you reveal yourself?
>...didn't think so.

Okay, so that leaves out Hewitt, at least I think.

OF COURSE I'd reveal myself! What an amazing opportunity for an artist!
Direct communication with fans without having to smell them!  No beers
sloshed on your Martens, no three-Midori & pineapple-couraged "let's go
fuck" proposals after the show, and if someone wants to go on and on and on
and on and on about this one song you wrote when you were twenty that you
never really liked anyway but the drummer Had To Have It and it was really
about something completely different than they think but you don't have the
heart to tell them it's not and you wish you could just get to the hotel
and go to sweet sweet sleep.... you can just hit DELETE! They're happy, and
you're God.

Virtual touring... what a concept

Duncan Watt(if that's really your name)


Message-ID: <>
From: "Ralph Simpson DeMarco" <>
Subject: I'm Back!
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 06:54:53 PDT

Dear One Arm Bandits and Affiliated Members:

It's been too long, but I am back. I unsubscribed about six months ago due
to emotional stress. During this time I missed information regarding Andy
and Colin's CD signing in New York and subsequently missed them! I broke up
with my girlfriend only to regret it later - alas too late to make amends.
So, Apple Venus Vol. 1 came as a much needed therapeutic lift.

I would like to post a few opinions and I will try to be brief.  XTC Song
Stories is a great read. It only confirms my love for this band.  However,
I found myself getting the chills whenever Dave spoke up. His unhappiness
with Andy is so obvious, it's like a troubled couple in a therapy
session. But, Dave shines when he talks about the doing what he loves best
- playing the electric guitar! His love for the first Dukes sessions gives
you an idea of the kind of fun he has when he's given the creative green
light. Dave will be missed on the next album. On the positive side...

Apple Venus Vol. 1 was a pleasant suprise. I hadn't heard ANY of the demos
before its release. Reading about them in Song Stories didn't help much. It
was nice to see all the great reviews and some promotion for the album -
ads in magazines! AV was included on listening stations and is frequently
played in the Barnes and Nobel bookstore a block from my job. It was funny
to hear Your Dictionary while browsing throught the children's book
section!  I could just hear some kid figuring it out..."Mommy, what does
f-*-c-k mean?" You gotta love it!

Dispite what some critics have said Colin's songs are great and provide a
nice break from Andy's intensity. But, what do I know? Mummer is my
favorite XTC album.

Ralph Simpson DeMarco


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 08:56:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jennifer Linnea Strom <>
Subject: miscontrued

You'll have to pardon me Mr. Gardner,

While in the past I would take the time to read Chalkhills all the way
through, I don't always have the time or patience to do this, and as
of late I have been giving it a quick glance and deleting it, and
probably overlooked quite a bit in the process.

No, I really hadn't paid attention to your previous exchanges with
Chris. This being the case it was very easy to take your post the
wrong way. As I saw it, you were attacking a specific post from Chris
that was harmless, albeit meaningless. I don't dispute that you may
very well have a valid bone to pick with Chris, but you may want to
consider making your point a little more clearly in the future.

Maybe I overlooked this as well, but did Chris ever verify being male
or female, aside from expressing an interest in Dave? I don't believe
liking men predisposes gender.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 12:04:27 -0400
From: David Gershman <>
Subject: Chips and Tribs

Hi all,

 Just a couple o' responses...

From: Elizabeth I Spencer <>, in response to a
post by Richard P.-A.:
>I don't mean to be rude, but I think you might be asleep at the wheel. If
>"Chips" sounds "dated", (and I assume you meant that negatively,) then
>you don't "get" the Dukes, and if you don't get the Dukes, how can you
>really "get" XTC?

Liz, let's take a look at Richard's original post, shall we?

>>Just listened to The Dukes Of Stratosphear - Chips From The Chocolate
>>Fireball and noticed that even though it is only eleven or twelve years
>>old, it REALLY sounds dated.

Now call me crazy, but I believe that the original post was meant as what
we often refer to as *humor* (note the "Grins!") -- you know, tongue in
cheek and all? You might want to read up on it...and take a deep breath...

And from Molly, some interesing ideas:

>Subject: Your Dream XTC Tribute Album
>3.     All of You Pretty Girls - Adam Ant

Now that you mention it, this would be a perfect Adam Ant song...

>5.     Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead - Eric Clapton

...however, I really can't see EC doing a credible version of this.

>6.     Statue of Liberty - Squeeze

As done by early Squeeze, this could also be perfect!

>7.     Another Satellite - Kate Bush

Very interesting choice -- then again, the idea of Kate putting out
anything in the next decade would be interesting. Does anyone know what
she's up to these days?

>10.    Wake Up - Ben Folds Five

Also a potentially excellent choice...with some rollicking piano taking the
part of the back and forth guitar intro...

>11.    Dear God - Jewel


>12.    Mayor of Simpleton - Paul McCartney

He'd be all too certain to wimp it down.

>It's your turn, so go ahead and knock yourselves out.  =o)

I'm already too knocked out this Friday morning to give it a try...maybe if
I can summon some strength later in the day...

Dave Gershman


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 09:44:57 -0700
Subject: tributes, bonus tracks

molly picked a couple of real good ones:
3.     All of You Pretty Girls - Adam Ant
7.     Another Satellite - Kate Bush (i would love to hear this)
and two that would cause me to slit my wrists:
11.    Dear God - Jewel (please, no!)
12.    Mayor of Simpleton - Paul McCartney

i can't really play the hypothetical tribute album game. it's too
volatile a subject for someone like me (at least where xtc is
concerned). but here's a couple of thoughts on 'testimonial dinner':
ruben blades version of 'man who sailed...' is bloody fantastic. i
actually prefer it to xtc's own version. i like cover songs that are
highly interpretive. i like to see how the artist doing the song turns
it into their own and i feel that ruben truly rose to the occassion on
that cut, which segues nicely into why i dislike they might be giants
version of '25 o'clock'. it sounds too much like the dukes! same with
joe jackson's 'statue of liberty': too much like xtc! where's the
artistry guys?! show us some creativity!
i love the fact that the lads showed up on their own tribute cd! great
song too.
* -------

i guess i've been listening to the cd versions of xtc's catalog for so
long now that i forget how the running orders went on the vinyl lps. the
cds have become their own respective entities and the songs that are
"stuck in the middle" are just part of the running order. i just expect
that after 'no language in our lungs' ends that 'smokeless zone' will
come on; business as usual. i agree though, that it probably would have
been better to put the bonus tracks at the end (ala ryko's elvis, bowie)
and to have left the integrity of the albums intact.

i hope to christ that andy isn't on this list,


Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 12:57:03 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re: Richard dates the Dukes
From: Elizabeth I Spencer <>

Just a note--

I wrote "Richard dates the Dukes", and I'm the one asleep at the wheel! I
didn't know the person who wrote it, and didn't realize that it was a
joke. Evidently I don't get the ironic, and I apologize to all.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 12:03:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: pancho artecona <>
Subject: Re: No, My Name is Andy Partridge

OK, Enough baiting you good folk.

Stage Right: Enter Andy Partridge and it is ME!!!!

I figured no on would believe there was an actual fan of XTC in Puerto
Rico but no one figured my ruse. Well, I am here and listening to you
loony folk has been quite interesting. Any questions feel free to go
back to the chalkhills archives, I think they have me covered. BTW, I
think that Dom is much nicer than he gets credit for.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 14:23:12 -0700
From: Todd Gehman <>
Subject: Seattle's Musical Jungle

The pleasure end of this, my first de-lurking, is to say that I'm a
Seattlite who desperately needs another music project, and I'm perfectly
happy to "settle" for a garage band covering XTC for shits and giggles.
I'm sure there are other Pugetives out there who would be interested in
jamming.  So...I hereby solicit you.  But, since I'm still in Seattle
partly by way of slaving at, I'm working too--ahem--"long,
hard, and smart" to be able to read all the postings to this list.
Like, I read with envy all the descriptions of the Seattle listening
party...weeks after it happened!  So, hit me up at
instead of replying here.

Anyhoo, while I'm already regurgitating cheesy corporate slogans, the
business end of this message is to say that I just saw a file fly by
indicating that XTC (along with a slew of other bands) will be added to
the music "Essentials by Artist" page.  I can guarantee that this'll
give 'em some excellent extra exposure, especially since the (admittedly
bad--but not my fault!) squarely alphabetical design of the bands page
serves to accentuate their listing.  For the record, the XTC list isn't
bad but has one glaring green--ok maybe aqua--ommission (again...not my
fault!).  I'll see what I can do about having that remedied.  The
list'll probably go live early next week and keep AV moving now that the
home page placements and interview teasers are gone.  Point is, XTC has
Amazon on their side...

No...the point is--musicians, please write!



Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 17:52:25 EDT
Subject: Re: Richard dates the Dukes

Liz says:

> Errrrrrrrr,
>  It's a tribute/takeoff/elbow in the side/send up of the 60's...
>  I don't mean to be rude, but I think you might be asleep at the wheel. If
>  "Chips" sounds "dated", (and I assume you meant that negatively,) then
>  you don't "get" the Dukes, and if you don't get the Dukes, how can you
>  really "get" XTC?

No shit!  (hand smacking forehead)  The Dukes were a genre send-up?

Liz, consider yourself bee-yatch slapped.

I mean, really, come on people-


Message-Id: <>
From: "Ian C Stewart" <>
Subject: official MARTIN NEWELL site
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 17:50:35 -0400

Hey y'all

I've recently been in contact with a smashing bloke (as they say) named
Paul Wilkinson who runs the Official MARTIN NEWELL website. Please check it
out! It too is smashing.

Ian C Stewart


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 17:57:36 EDT
Subject: Testimonial Dessert

Molly et al-

Check out the Chalkhills archives from 1995 to see some really great choices
for artists to cover XTC on our own "dream tribute" compilation.  As I
recall, my friend Dave and I started the thread, and we took some heat when
it escalated and temporarily bogged the list down.  (I'm just doing my part
now to keep traffic to a minimum by reminding everyone that, no matter how
excited you are about your idea, someone else brought it up here years ago.)

Gee, I'm in a great mood today,


Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 18:07:40 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Bob Estus <>
Subject: pagan babies and refrigerated bricks

Gathering of slacks,

Talk of the pagan flavor of Apple Venus 1 caught me flashing back to the
first time I heard the word "pagan". That would have been in my 3rd grade
class at a small catholic grade school in Southern California.

One day Sister Hildergaad announced that we would be participating in a
"pagan baby" drive. My first image, of a half human /half wild piglet
scurrying through the underbrush, was later replaced with photo sample of
3rd world children. They were, for price of sponsorship US $3, to be
baptized into the faith.

A chart went up graphing each student's holdings in pagan baby stock (PBS).
This instantly created a competitive market. The affluent students were
able to secure substantial holdings while not straining their
allowances. The middle students held an average of 2-4 babies during the
drive except for a few who had something to prove by mowing more lawns to
stand pound per pound with the upper classes. Most students felt obligated
to own at least one pagan baby. After all, if you didn't save at least one
soul from eternal damnation the looks from the sample pictures would grow
more and more desperate.

It was rumored that in the last weeks of the drive a pagan baby was traded
for a rather choice bagged lunch.


Here's my small collection of misheard lyrics:

The thing with politicians is the wooden-head  suspicion -Ugly Underneath

Into the Thames without being fed -Reel by Real
(I thought it could've been part of an English nursery rhyme)

And let our railway shirts hangout -Frivolous Tonight
(thinking the song was about a rail workers get together)


River of Orchids

To me the plop, plop, plopping, opening of RofO comes across as a thawing
metaphor, especially with Andy repeating the phrase "we're out of the legal
fridge" in all of the promotional interviews. What better way to dramatize
this than to have the opening song defrost bit by bit.

This thawing passage also reminds me of an aural sculpture I once
experienced. While examining vigorously brushed paintings in a small Los
Angeles museum around the corner I heard the random - plop, ***, twang
plop, *, plop, **, tick tock toke plop. When I rounded the corner I
expected to see someone tuning a koto, instead I saw a large block of
frozen pebbles suspended over a vaguely pyramidal construct of noise
producing wood blocks, metal bars, drum heads, and a thick grid of
variously tuned piano wires. As a pebble would thaw and drop it was assured
of hitting one or more surfaces before it plopped into a watery moat. As
the day wore on the thaw grew noisier and more. Then the next brick was
pulled out of the fridge and another random work begun.


ps. If any of my former pagan babies are reading this I should think I'm
entitled to a full refund!


Message-Id: <>
From: "Michael Davies" <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 21:43:20 -0500
Subject: Who's the Hottie

> A.                                     B.
> Frost Circus                      Procession Towards Learning Land
> Jump                                 Love On A Farmboy's Wages
> Great Fire                          Me And The Wind
> Meccanik Dancing             Danceband
> Rook                                 Little Lighthouse
> Omnibus                            Yacht Dance
> That Wave                         Tissue Tigers
> Then She Appeared            I Remember The Sun
> Respectable Street              Another Satellite
> River Of Orchids                 Mermaid Smiled
> Cairo                                   The Man Who Sailed Around His
> Soul
> Chalkhills And Children        Dying
>                                             Sacrificial Bonfire

First: I think the idea of having the instrumentals at the beginning
of the sides is good.  Also: I don't understand including "Me and the
Wind".  I think that's one of their least, well, out-standing songs.
There's nothing really interesting about it, and it's kind of
awkward.  And are you sure she won't find "Omnibus" offensive or
stupid?  Also: Include songs she hasn't heard before, or the ones
from O&L and English Settlement will really stick out.  Replace each
one of the ones from those albums with either "All You Pretty Girls"
or "Statue of Liberty".

That's my useless input, arrogant in appearance.
Michael davies


Message-Id: <>
From: "Michael Davies" <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 21:50:26 -0500
Subject: The clumsy man

> Well, I guess that settles it! Thanks for putting this issue to bed,
> Michael, and I look forward to more of your sparkling wit and
> well-researched replies.

Sorry, I didn't say that very tactfully.  Most of my posts to all the
lists I'm on end up seeming arrogant.  Really, I feel bad.

Powerblessings to you and all of you,
Michael davies


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 19:55:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: The shaggs

5. The Shaggs
The Shaggs defied all conventions of music theory, musicianship, and
musicality!  Their songs breathtakingly teetered on impending
disintegration, yet they always miraculously managed to "stay
together".  I
defy anyone to try their nerve shattering tightrope act!
* __________________________

Oh, I love the Shaggs so! I've probably learned more about music frrom
them than from any other band. Fans of Captain Beefheart or Ornette
Coleman would probably love them too.

This has nothing to do with XTC, but you all need to hear the Shaggs CD.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 05:00:39 EDT
Subject: XTC on the Comedy Channel

I had the Comedy Channel on in the background while checking some baseball
statistics and much to my surprise, an advertisement for XTC's Apple Venus
Vol. 1 appeared!

     It featured "Greenman" and "I'd Like That" and a collage of images of
Partridge and Moulding.  It was colorful and bright, complete with snippets
of favorable reviews from Rolling Stone, USA Today and at least one other.




Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 07:46:50 -0400
From: Tim Kendrick <>
Subject: Random thoughts

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to the list Gene!
(You were missed here.)

Some random thoughts:

1. I hope Andy NEVER joins our list.
   Most of us would simply stop posting, afraid that
   we might say something that would offend the man.
   I want a forum where I can discuss my opinions freely
   with other XTC fans.  I want a place where I can say
   "I think MINATURE SUN is crap!".  If I knew Andy were
   reading this, I could never say that.

2. >"You TOO got married and I wish you well."
   Wow!  I think your right - this makes more sense.
   (Good job - you win todays GOLD Chalkhills award!)

3. QUESTION FOR GROUP: Which song on AV1, that you didn't think much of
   at first, has now grown on you the most???
   For me it would be FRUIT NUT.  Yeah, I liked it okay, and I think
   I gave it a "B" rating, but since that time I've found myself
   jumping to that song more and more.  There's so much to it! For
   the first few seconds of it has that neat little guitar work,
   which I wish lasted longer.  Overall I think I would now give
   this song a rating of "A" (one of my favorties now!).

4. After finding out that there is no younger brother in NO THUGS...
   (yes, I'm one of the Americans who didn't get the policeman
   I'm wondering how many other songs have bits I've misinterpreted.
   Tell me - is a "rook" really a bird, or is it just British slang
   for a pirate?? ("Who murdered who, and where is the treasure hid?")

5. It was a year ago this month that I attended a Chalkhills gathering
   in London (HI! to everyone I met there!).  It would be nice to get
   together with some Chalkhillians again.  Therefore, I offer my home
   has a "Meeting Place" for another NorthEast Chalkhills feastival.
   (I live in New Haven, Connecticut area.)
   Anyone interested in attending can email me and maybe we can come
   up with a day for some time this summer.

  Tim K.



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