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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 202

                   Monday, 10 May 1999

Today's Topics:

            Typos/No Proofreading In Our House
          Andy Partridge's Not-So-Shining Karma
                any Chalkers in Seattle ?
                I Don't Believe in Beatles
         a couple of similarities and a question
                  New York Times article
          (Put your favourite subject line here)
                 miscellaneous ramblings
                 RE: Run for the hills...
                  music buddies at work
                         Wake Up!


Let's try to stay on topic, folks.  In case you have forgotten the
topic, it's this: XTC.

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Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 11:41:38 -0700
Subject: Typos/No Proofreading In Our House

>I assume "VH1" was intended as "AV1."
>I REALLY HOPE that "New Age" was intended as "New Wave."

Ack! Ye got me!
What can I say except:
Long, hard day at work (exhaustion).
Premature senility.
I should chek mye spelling an kontent mor offen.. :)
'umble apologies Chalkies!

 Sitting in corner with dunce cap,
  - Stoopid


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 16:52:17 -0400
From: Genie Boy <>
Subject: Andy Partridge's Not-So-Shining Karma

hello, gene here, back on chalkhills after my second extended hiatus (this
time almost two years, tho I could be wrong, but who's counting?)

I have Apple Venus 2 and am enjoying it immensely. On home stereo rotation
it beats out Blondie's No Exit, which I bought on the same day (they were
released in America the same day, as luck would have it). Am dismayed, but
not surprised, about Dave's departure. Seems to be the cherry on top of a
whole sundae's worth of Andy Partridge Burned Bridges. Must be a karma
thing: Barry Andrews, Terry Chambers, Todd Rundgren & assorted producers,
Blur, marriage, and the rest. Had I never been a Chalkhills reader I would
enjoy the music and that would be the end of it. But the insiders' accounts
from this list lend that human interest pespective, and as a human being I
don't have a rosey impression of Mr. P.  Emotionally stunted man, by most

Which brings me back to the mantra echoed often in Chalkhills past: who
cares about the man if he makes music that we enjoy and appreciate? his
private life is none of our business, etc.etc. I'd have to say that at
least in this one case Dave Gregory is very much his public life, open for
discussion. But I still vascillate on this, and Apple Venus isn't any less
brilliant because of Partridge's recurring personnel/personality
perversions. I guess it's disappointing, that's all. We don't want our True
Talents like AP to have any faults (or at least be aware of them).

In the end we still have the music, and it's all good.


Message-ID: <B9B4268C8F87D11195DC0000F840FABE08387C80@DUB-MSG-02>
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: any Chalkers in Seattle ?
Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 14:14:40 -0700

Any list-members in Seattle ?
I'm going to the "mother ship" in Redmond for a few days and would maybe
have an evening to hook up : especially if there's somewhere with some good
live music
"small-r" please !




Message-Id: <>
From: "Michael Davies" <>
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 22:17:56 -0500
Subject: Wargasm

> I settled uneasily on a theory featuring a Partridge portmanteau combining
> "more" and "orgasm," but if anybody else knows anything more concrete than
> that, I'd be happy to defer.

Of course that's it.  Why would it be anything else?  It's certainly
not a word.

Michael davies


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 19:39:49 -0400
Subject: artbartbartbart
From: "Duncan Watt" <>

David Seddon dared, in measurable Feet, no less:

>May you find your house by the sea
>Before nimbus rolls in miserably,
>Before birds of woe circle overhead
>And strange creatures creep into your bed.

Rock on, Seddon, glad you sent it.

Duncan Watt


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 22:50:59 +0100
From: "Neal H. Buck" <>
Subject: I Don't Believe in Beatles


The Fab Four were my musical mentors. They taught me what made music
GOOD. They taught me about different styles of music, even though they
were always classified "Pop". They showed SOME political/social
awareness, and took SOME action. BUT... NONE of them are God (or
anybody's equivalent thereof). Each of them were assholes in some way,
just as we all are (Even Colin! - gasp -). I didn't know about Mother
Theresa and Ghandi's foibles before, though I'm sure they had them, but
they did a hell of a lot more for humanity than four multi-millionaires

Well, Drude, I suppose I coulda guessed that explanation of Queen's
name... is that the "official" word? I saw the VH1 "Legends" show on
them, and it seemed to suggest they wanted something regal, i.e.
commanding (and, of course, this was before the Charles/Di soap opera).
So, I reasoned, since "King Crimson" (and how much more commanding could
you get, esp. w/"21st Cent. Schizoid Man"?), was already taken, and
given the flamboyance, etc. of Freddy, "Queen" would've been the best
choice. I guess I'm wondering if, and how much, of an influence KC
might've been on them.

I guess "Dying" would be too obvious for the last rites thread, huh? How
about "The End"?

The funny thing about "embarassing" music is that, at any given time, a
song (or style of song) could be considered "lame", only to have it
bounce back into "classic"-hood a few years later. Not too long ago,
"new wave" (incl. XTC) was considered "silly" and "inconsequential",
then we had a revival. Same with DISCO, for godsakes. At one time, I
would've been embarrassed to admit I saw KISS three times (up to the
original "KISS Alive!" - once opening for ZZ Top, another time opening
for Sabbath [w/Ozzy]), and to some people I still might be, but someone
like Dom might do a Wayne & Garth on me!

Even so, I suppose I had some "eternal" guilty pleasures (they'll NEVER
come back into style). That would be Styx (they were last-billed w/KISS
the first time I saw them), and Nantucket (The Cars opened when I saw
them). I also have a Partridge Family, and Archies 45. ...And I've
always wanted to get a copy of "Crazy Horses" by the Osmonds, but not
enough that I'd have to have anything else by them to get it.

I'd almost say Kansas, but they actually had some good stuff, and the
good sense (at least some of them) to contribute to Steve Hackett's
"Please Don't Touch" (though "Clocks" is my favorite piece).

That's all,


Message-Id: <v01540b02b359708d5037@[]>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 16:09:55 +1200
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: a couple of similarities and a question

A couple of similarities -

1) anyone else see a similarity in chord structure and melody between "Your
dictionary" and Patti Smith's classic "Dancing barefoot"?

2) is it just me or is there a faint stylistic similarity between
"Greenman" and "Beating of hearts"?

3) what is that weird 'nasal bassoon' instrument providing the rhythmic
motif in "Greenman"? Is it a crumhorn?



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 21:42:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: New York Times article

Todays New York Times (Sunday, May 9), has a lengthy and very
interesting article on Major record labels and how they ruin careers
and stop creativity all for a few bucks. The article is called "A
Chance to Break the Pop Stranglehold". This article should be of
interest to XTC fans. They are, unfortunately, just one of countless
bands to get screwed over by record labels. XTC themselves aren't
mentioned in the article (they should have been), although they do
discuss Aimee Mann, which is somewhat close.
The article gives many examples of the majors messing up careers. Also
talks about contracts being crooked and full of loopholes. Many, many
bands (not just XTC) never make a penny from their recordings.It's
really sad that someone's creative output gets messed up by a bunch of
greedy assholes only intersted in quick cash (I'm glad I'm a visual
artist. Musicians and Actors have it so rough-needing to get permission
to practice your art is a dispicable and obnoxious practice).
The article also talks some about the potential of the internet to help
put control of music back into the hands of the artists.
Anyways, it's worth going to your local library to track down the
article. the NY Times is online, but they charge to download articles
more than a day old.
The article is way too long for me to type out here (my typing sucks,
and I'm slow at it), but hopefully you will be able to find it if you
are interested.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 11:40:04 +0200
From: dieling <>
Subject: (Put your favourite subject line here)

Hello all Kreidefelsners!

I had a very difficult task to perform during the weekend:

Compiling a 90-minute tape with "The Best of XTC".

Now, 90 minutes is just nothing, but hey, it's for someone special and
she surely prefers a 90 minute tape as an introduction to XTC better
than, let's say, a 10 CD Box.
So, that was hard, because all the songs I did not put on there, they
stared at me from the back covers with accusing looks.
Ah yeah, another thing had to be thought of: I had already made her two
tapes which contained
When You're Near Me
The Day They Pulled The North Pole Down
Burning With Optimism's Flames
The History of Rock'n'Roll
I'd Like That
Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
You're The Wish You Are I Had
Harvest Festival.

So, some of my alltime favs had been used, and what's more, she does own
Oranges and Lemons and English Settlement. Now you'll go:
How come she doesn't have all of XTC then ?
but hey, she's just beginning to explore them.
So, I couldn't take too much of these albums, which wasn't too difficult
with O&L, as it's my least favourite anyway, but English Settlement is a
masterpiece. Also I wanted all periods / styles to be on that tape.

Okay, here's the tracklist:
A.                                     B.
Frost Circus                      Procession Towards Learning Land
Jump                                 Love On A Farmboy's Wages
Great Fire                          Me And The Wind
Meccanik Dancing             Danceband
Rook                                 Little Lighthouse
Omnibus                            Yacht Dance
That Wave                         Tissue Tigers
Then She Appeared            I Remember The Sun
Respectable Street              Another Satellite
River Of Orchids                 Mermaid Smiled
Cairo                                   The Man Who Sailed Around His
Chalkhills And Children        Dying
                                            Sacrificial Bonfire

I know, there is Nonsuch phase on there, as well as the complete end
from Skylarking.
But hey, they are perfect.

Now, why do I tell you this ?
It's because of all the flaming mails I'm gonna love to read, saying "NO
Mind you, these are my favourites, not yours..
But just in case, someone would take or has taken the same songs for a
90 minute tape, then you and me are hearing the same in XTC, and that
would be cool, wouldn't it ?

Well, actually I have just recently got to know "Frost Circus" and
"Procession Towards Learning Land", but they have immediately pulled a
string in me (Mind you, I also love Aphex Twin).
That was a cool visit to a record store where I have never before found
anything XTC I had'nt had.
But last week I checked the XTC section as usual, when a Black Sea cover
appeared different from my vinyl record, so I pulled it out and ?
"Contains 3 Extra Tracks"
(Smokeless Zone, Don't lose your temper, Somnabulist)!
So, already trembling with adrenaline, I checked the rest, but nothing
else, so I went to Second Hand X. And there was Mummer with 6 extra
tracks ! (Frost Circus, Jump, Toys, Gold, Procession ..., Desert Island)

And White Music with 7 extra tracks! (Science Friction, She's so square,
Danceband, Hang on to the night, Heatwave, Traffic Light Rock, Instant
They are 1987 re-releases. I had the three albums on vinyl before, plus
I knew Jump, as I have the Wonderland single, plus I knew demo
recordings of Science Friction, She's so square, Danceband, Hang on to
the night.
But in effect 16 new XTC songs for me. Hey, that's more than one regular
album !
So, lucky me. This has been a  good year in XTC until now, and Apple
Venus 2 is shining on the horizon.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat....

in the Lemon Lounge at

XTC Song of the Week:
Non-XTC Song of the week:
The Company - Sam Prekop


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 06:28:39 EDT
Subject: Queen

>As a reward for a nice tax refund I bought the Crown Jewels - that is,
>the Queen box set w/the first 8 CDs & booklet. "Original" album artwork
>on each CD - very bad resized digital scans: "The Game" is the worst,
>and "News of the World" has a red moire pattern. The music was generally
>great (I think) - ahead of it's time. I'm not enough of a fan to have
>any bio's (as opposed to both books on XTC), but I wonder whether they
>named themselves "Queen" in deference to "*King* Crimson" especially
>given the tone of their first album.

  I'm green with jealousy-didn't know the box set was out. I did find Sheer
Heart Attack in the dollar bin at Vinyl Destination yesterday, though. Used
to have all their albums through News Of The World, but starting with much
of Jazz they began turning me off big-time. The story with the name is
Fred's idea, he figured it was the most shocking name possible and a
reference to his blossoming ambisexuality. "Well, dears, I think Queen
would be a marvelous name." "Uh, sure Fred, whatever you say. Hey Brian,
nobody's using your old band's name Smile, are they? Oh, damn..." Suffice
to say the rest of the band wasn't too hot on the idea, but obviously they
were unable to think of anything better.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 06:28:46 EDT
Subject: Siouxie

>The Banshees first formed around 1977, I believe-- I remember
>the first issue of Propaganda Magazine (goth rag) I bought when I was
>thirteen had an article on the thirteenth anniversary of the Banshees.  I
>seem to remember something on the Damned, too.  Plus an article on London
>after Midnight (any closet goths on the list here, please gag with me).

  You got that right, apparently their first gig was an impromptu opening
for the Sex Pistols, the original lineup being Siouxie and bassist Steve
Severin, along with Sid Vicious on drums(I kid you not!)and Marco Pirroni
later of Adam And The Ants on guitar. They roared through a half-hour rant
of "The Lord's Prayer," after which somebody pulled the plug on them or
something similar. Somehow I remember this from a book on the London punk
scene I read quite some time ago. This began their revolving door of
exploding guitarists and drummers until Budgie joined the band
permanently(I believe Kaleidoscope was the first album he was on).



From: "Michael D. Myers" <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 09:54:00 -0400
Subject: miscellaneous ramblings

Chalksters and Chalkettes;

A few thoughts to chew on as they pour out.....

-  It's been fun reading the last few issues of this digest because it
seems to me that more females are posting on a regular basis than before
and I for one appreciate their point of view and comments.  It makes me
think that I haven't seen any posts from either Natalie Jane Jacobs (one of
the best names I've ever heard) or Brookes McKenzie for a long while.  Are
either of them still members?

-  Amanda recently included some snippets from a letter sent to her by
Dave.  Gee Amanda, do you really think Dave would want you to publicize his
private thoughts?  I found his comment about the "shenaningans on
Chalkhills" to be very curious.  Consider this:  I would bet that 99% of
the people on this list are supportive of Dave and wish that things were
different such that Dave was still a member of the band;  AND, I would bet
that most people here are less than happy with the fact that Andy has been
a bit of a jerk insofar as blasting Dave publicly;  AND that most people
here understand the basic reasons why Dave left;  AND that most folks wish
Dave best of luck in his future endeavors and wish him only the best.
Perhaps he's referring to comments in trade magazines or Andy interviews
because if he thinks he's getting blasted in these pages he's mistaken.

-  Speaking of Dave, can anybody provide a track-by-track listing of his
contributions to AV1?  I know someone made a half-hearted try a month or so
ago but it didn't really answer the question.

-  On the Idiot's Delight show last night (WNEW-FM, 102.7 in New York), Vin
Scelsa played a very interestingly eclectic medley of a tune from the movie
version of Godspell followed by "I'd Like That" and 2 songs from a group
that I'd never heard of but enjoyed very much.  They're called Beulah (sp?)
and Vin seemed to have very little info about them.  They had some
interesting orchestrations and melodies.

Got to go,


Message-Id: <4782AD6ADDBDD2119B570008C75DD5C10A3052@MGMTM02>
From: Lawson Dominic <>
Subject: RE: Run for the hills...
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 12:00:02 +0100

OK, I'll say all this once and once only. I really shouldn't rise to such
cretinous bait, but what the hell.....

Firstly, sorry Dunks, but you have brilliantly proved my point for me -
with, it has to be said, a spectacular lack of wit, insight or originality.
Your points, pathetic though they are, require an answer. Scroll down now
if you couldn't give a shit.

>> I have made the following general observations about metal: they play

Not always. Sometimes they play quietly. Duh.

>> they use unusual time signatures

Well thank you, Buddha. Yes, they occasionally do.

>> the guitar playing basically alternates between: A)'diddly-diddly'
guitar bits executed at or near light-speed, during which the perrformer
throws his head back, and B)the earthquake-magnitude
'chugga-chugga-graaaaanch' riffs, during which the singer bangs his head

Exactly the type of unfunny and inaccurate crap that irritates me so much.
If you were totally ignorant about music in general, I could understand and
maybe forgive this, but I'm appalled that you could resort to such lazy
remarks. Just in case you missed it the first time, here's what I said....
The worst thing of all, and the factor most relevant here, is people's
appalling ignorance of the sheer size, scale and diversity of the Heavy
Metal scene, circa 1999. Most people will never get any further than
Metallica or Iron Maiden, assuming with a staggering disregard for the
screamingly obvious that this is all HM has to offer musically and that
outside the realms of the "I'm dead angry, me!" and "Lo! A goblin
approacheth" school of rawk-lyricism, the whole genre has absolutely fuck
all to say to the pallid, apathetic shits that pass for teenagers these

Note the phrase "people's appalling ignorance". That's you, Mr Kimball.

>> the singer either growls like Nick Cave doing a Linda Blair impression or
wails like Wayne Newton on steroids.

Never in my experience, but I appreciate the somewhat forlorn attempt at
guessing what one tiny aspect of the heavy metal scene might conceivably
sound like. Also, why would Wayne Newton on steroids sound any different to
Wayne Newton not on steroids? Is he injecting them into his vocal chords? I
mean, come on! This is pitiful.

>> they sing a lot about Satan

Well, certain sub-genres have a penchant for that sort of thing, but really
that's just another crass generalization. Ninety per cent of Metal stuff
does nothing of the sort. Sorry.

 >>and death and how there's no hope etc etc.

No, that'll be Grunge, Marilyn Manson and lots of other non-Metal things.
Yes, death is a theme in Metal, but then it is in virtually every other
musical and indeed artistic genre, except maybe MOR pop music and
line-dancing. Anger would be the more prevalent emotion in Metal music, but
even that is an over-simplification. Again, a cheap and worthless shot.

>> love, peace, happiness and beauty are not favoured topics

Er, no, they are in quite a lot of the stuff I listen to. But then you
wouldn't know anything about it, would you? Jesus, talk about jumping in
feet first.

>> dancing only occurs if it is with the devil


>> they wear very tight pants and have long black hair

Except the majority of modern Metal bands, who don't. Hello! It's 1999!!!

>> they are invariably men
they are predominantly white

OK, guilty as charged. But then, as you are hopefully aware, the vast
majority of music discussed on this forum is by white men. Big fucking
deal.  There are numerous non-white Metal bands, and countless non-white
Metal musicians. So, another fuckwitted observation falls flat on its
flabby, tired arse.

>> So - what else happens? What does it all mean?

Oh, just lots and lots of exciting heavy music. Year upon year of great
albums, inspired musical progression, cross-pollination and experimentation.
Just more energy, excitement and passion than you'll get at a thousand Beach
Boys concerts. Just more heartfelt, emotional and very often political
lyrics from a generation who, according to people on this list, don't care
about anything. Just musicianship way beyond the average pop band, and not
necessarily of the wanky, twiddly kind to which you so lamely referred. Just
a music scene where you wouldn't even recognize the vast majority of the
best bands as being Metal, because it's blatantly obvious that you haven't
understood a single word that I've said and are still in some fantasy world
where Metal is epitomized by Motley Crue and WASP, rather than the broad
spectrum of extreme treats that would await you if you took your head out of
your arse for long enough to hear other people talking.
>> My theory is that Heavy Metal is the 'Opera' of the 20th Century: it's
very loud, very long, very melodramatic, and the singers yell and scream in
the loudest, most artificial, most unpleasant way possible.

Well, your theory is a crock of shit. Most of it is too unbelievably
pathetic to take seriously, but the "most artificial" remark is just beyond
the pale. Compared to what? People sing how they sing, whether it be to fit
the music they make or because that's the only way they know how to. So
Metal vocals (which do not conform to some uniform approach anyway, so the
very phrase "heavy metal vocals" is utterly fucking meaningless) don't
appeal to you - fair enough - but since you know nothing about the music,
the beliefs and intentions of those involved, or in fact anything about the
scene at all, to accuse Metal singers of being "artificial" is just
ludicrous. The opera comparison has its merits, but only with a very small
proportion of Metal acts. Which, again, was precisely my point. For fuck's

>> Don't make me read the book Dom - just give me a Reagan-style one page

Fuck off. Like I'd waste time and energy trying to convert someone who
already has their mind made up. The thing to do is to ask first, before
making lots of stupid, childish comments and, deliberately I assume, pissing
me off.

>> OK OK so plenty of people like stuff - I get the message - but then
plenty of people like Richard Cleyderman. It's called personal taste.
Really? How kind of you to point this out. And it's Clayderman.
>> I find it inexplicable that people don't like XTC, or the Beach Boys -
but it happens all the time. You just have to accept that as a part of life.
Wise words mate, wise words. I am weeping as I write this.
>> We are by nature divergent - it's genetic - it's an adaptational
advantage. It would be great if EVERYONE loved XTC, but let's face it - that
kind of thinking is best restricted to daydreams.
Duh! Duh! Duh! Was I saying that EVERYONE should love Heavy Metal? No I
wasn't. Was I saying that you were all fools for not being into it? No I
wasn't. Was I saying that persuading other people to give something a
chance, whether it be XTC or Bongzilla, is doubly difficult when the
media/press etc continually misinform the public about what certain
bands/genres are really all about. Yes, I was. I am not one of Chalkhills'
literary sages - you do not need to have a thesaurus on standby to
understand my posts.
Ah, Monday mornings. Don't you just love 'em!



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 08:48:34 -0700
Subject: music buddies at work

ira wrote:
>A coworker from another department had to drop something off to me, and I
>was in the middle of changing the CD I was listening to (from Apple Venus to
>Big Express). She said, "I remember going to see XTC at the Palladium! They
>were great, but he doesn't tour anymore." My eyes perked up - I am not
>socially friendly with this individual and had no idea that her musical
>tastes hit so close to home. "My favorite song of theirs is No Thugs In Our
>House" she said, and began to sing it a little so I knew she wasn't foolin'.

that was a great story about your co-worker. i work with a record
collector with an encyclopedic knowledge of jazz, gospel, sweet
soul/r&b, and old time country. we talk about music all day everyday:
"waddja get this weekend?" "well, i picked up vol. II of those hank
williams recordings and an early webb pierce album on king records..."
it makes work so much more bearable.
no xtc fans here though. in fact some of the guys give me flak about
liking them. so i say (of course i'm paraphrasing myself here): "do you
know what i'm listening to on my walkman right now? its the demos from
xtc's newest album AND the demos from their upcoming album. i got this
tape from a guy on the xtc fan's email group, chalkhills, which i
subscribe to and read everyday. if you want to talk shit about xtc
please come up with something good and not just 'oh, xtc, where are they
now?'. go and listen to your jon spencer blues explosion and leave me

awaken you dreamers,


Message-ID: <000e01be9aff$bd0c7200$>
From: "J Bogner" <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 12:11:16 -0400
Subject: Wake Up!

Hello fellow Chalkers !

I am a new member and wanted to say I am thrilled with the informative and
intelligent dialogue taking place here.  I actually look forward to getting
out of bed in the morning ( ! ) to have coffee and read each days' posting.

There are a few things I'd like to say. First off, I am desperately looking
for Skylarking demos.  I am prepared to open my wallet if I must. I am a
songwriter and musician and would LOVE a peek at those sketches. Also, I've
read much about the song, "Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down", where or how can
I hear this song that kept Marianne up all night ? And lastly, Andy, if
you're out there (and I know you are) why not completely cement this
obsession we have with XTCs' music and reveal yourself ?

                                         Andy B


Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 10:11:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Misty Shock <>
Subject: AV2
Message-ID: <>

<<ps What tracks do listees most long to see on AV2?>>

I'm not sure what is going to be on AV2 either; I've been to lazy to look.
But what I want most:

"My Brown Guitar"
"I Don't Want To Be Here"	 :( Sorry this won't be on
"We're All Light"  Hard to think of an XTC song more instantly likable

These all sound like Paul McCartney, btw -- "My Brown Guitar" is Beatley,
"I Don't Want To Be Here" sounds like a 90s Macca b-side, and "We're All
Light" just because it sounds like something cheezy Paul would say
(Actually, look at Q's Cash For Questions).  As Andy gets older, he's
becoming more and more like Paul McCartney.  And come on, we all know that
Paul is the heart of the Beatles. ;)

Misty Shock
"No round of drinks can extinguish this feeling of love and engulfing
bliss."						--Andy Partridge


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