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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #5-191

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 191

                    Monday, 3 May 1999

Today's Topics:

                      Andy, Not Andy
                         Who, me?
                        Am I Bad?
                      Dreamboat Andy
                  I dream of Jeannie...
                     I feel your pain
                   Ralph and wife abuse
               Another XTC influenced band
                   the dub experiments
           Boom boom ain't it great to be crazy
                   Re: Dying to Eat You
                    Re: Musical Eulogy
                      Re: Glass Teat
            Dear God of XTC fans killed again
            RE: Secret Desires and Worst Song
                shorter & the order (AV1)
                         #1 Crush


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Smell of boiling cabbage comes up from an open drain.


Message-ID: <006401be950e$22a3e640$380145cf@mabrey>
From: "Andisheh Nouraee" <>
Subject: Andy, Not Andy
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 22:39:13 -0400

John Garder Said:

>>Did you ever wonder, if Andy Partridge is in disguise as an *Andy* on this

>>You know, he refers to us Children on Chalkhills herein, in interviews,

>>Is he a lurker?

I'm a Chalkhills "Andy" and I'm pretty sure that I'm not Andy Partridge.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 22:55:02 +0000
From: Brian <>
Subject: Who, me?


>hey bradenton brian - How's life??<

Groovy - I got my job back!

And XTC still rules.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 23:37:27 -0400
From: Ben Gott/Loquacious Music <>
Subject: Am I Bad?


Hmmm.  Some interesting suggestions about the "badness" of music in the
last few digests, so I thought I'd chime in...

I don't know about anyone else, but I often find that it takes me five or
six or ten listens to get "into" an album.  Take "Mummer," for example: the
first time I heard it, I was like, "What the hell is this?"  Now, of
course, I hear "Wonderland" and "Toys" and "Ladybird" and I weep tears of
joy.  I felt the same emotions while listening to Jason Falkner's new
album, "Can You Still Feel?"  I couldn't feel anything after I first gave
it a listen, but I put it away for a month, and got it out again this past
weekend.  Damn!  That's a month of lost time and playing "My Lucky Day"
over and over!  Of course, there are still albums that I'll *never* get
into, like anything by Enya, Hootie, or those darn Violent Femmes that my
roommate plays overandoverandover again.

Here's another question, and it's directed toward you old people: what the
hell is up with your 1970's drug-laden consumption of "American Pie"?  I
mean, talk about a song that should've been strangled at birth!  C'mon!
Did you actually *listen* to that crap when it was released?  Please feel
free to confess off-list.  (Of course, I just bought Def Leppard's "Vault"
on Friday, so I've been groovin' to my little secret addiction --
"Armageddon It" -- all weekend.)

I noticed that XTC didn't make Rolling Stone's little list of the "150 Most
Influential Albums of the 1990's."  Dammit!  What a stupid magazine.  They
do get one point, though, for including Peter Gabriel's "Us."  I love that
album.  Mmm mmm mmm good.

-Ben (who has 13 days left this semester, and counting...)


Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 21:52:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: Misty Shock <>
Subject: Dreamboat Andy
Message-ID: <>

<<Come on ladies, fess up! Am I the only one here who has been harboring
secret desires for our favorite band (Or in Amanda's case, not so
secret desires), or are you all a bunch of prudes? It's your chance to
come clean.>>

I guess Andy is the obvious choice for resident hunk of the band, being
that he is the leader and all, but he really does something for me in the
"Heatwave" video!  Something 'bout that white shirt.

Hoping Andy isn't hiding as an Andy on the list...
Misty Shock
"No round of drinks can extinguish this feeling of love and engulfing
bliss."						--Andy Partridge


Message-ID: <>
From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
Subject: I dream of Jeannie...
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 23:26:03 PDT

Yowza Chalksters

A big thank-you to Sydney Chalkers Sebastian, Toni and Matthew, and a very
big thanks to out-of-town Chalkers Iain and Colin. These stout folk braved
(almost) all to attend the first Australian Chalkhills mini-conventionette.
A great night was (I hope) had by all, and I thank you for the fearful
red-wine hangover I suffered the next day. (I know ... serves me right ...)

Although, sadly, we had several potential starters - including the estimable
P@ul Culnane - who were nobbled by other causes, we hope to repeat the event
with a fuller complement in the near future. Your humble social secretary
will keep you posted. But it was a *real* pleasure to put more names to
faces, and confirms my opinion that the Chalkhills fraterno-sorority is a
damn fine group of people.

Following is a brief report on the evening's proceedings:


1.1 The debate over the choice of the first single remains unresolved,
although some agreement was reached on the point that a remix of 'Greenman'
might have stood a better chance of actually getting into the charts

1.2 Broad consensus was reached on the following points

- red wine is good

- Turkish food is good

- Duncan talks too much, but it not afraid to make a complete arse of
himself (see 2.2 below)


In reviewing our deliberations, the following questions arose:

2.1 Did anyone else get a word in edgewise?

2.2 Why was I the only member of our group (indeed, the only person in the
entire restaurant) who got up to dance with the belly dancer?

2.3 Are those photos going to be destroyed?


3.1 Let's do it again soon!

(Doing his bit for cross-cultural embarrassment)


Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 02:36:10 -0400
Subject: I feel your pain
Message-ID: <>
From: Elizabeth I Spencer <>

Dan wrote:

"fuck them..."

yeah, fuck them indeed--

(although you've got to admit that "King for a Day" probably isn't really
the best choice for an introduction to Swindon's finest.

I'm soooooooo tired of putting  XTC on and having people get sort of
wierd and say stuff like, "Oh, that sounds really 80's" or "XTC who?"
while I'm spinning around in crazed rapture, once again agog at what our
heroes are capable of.

AND, for the record, I too cannot believe anyone would dislike Nonsvch
almost as much as GO2. It's a snapshot of the mature Dukes, and it's full
of humour and color and emotion and some of the best XTC moments I know

Well, there's no acccounting for taste. Ted Nugent packed amphitheaters
through much of the 70's...


Message-ID: <004701be954c$74f1a840$6e5791d2@johnboud>
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: Ralph and wife abuse
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 19:03:46 +0900

From: Tyler Hewitt <>

>No one has mentioned Absolutely Fabulous yet...
>it's supposed to be funny.I found it incredibally
>mean-spirited and cruel.
>Ranks right up there with the Honeymooners-a supposedly classic
>American sitcom in which the main charecter repeatedly threatens his
>wife with physical violence. A laugh riot, let me tell you. Who thinks
>this stuff up? And who thinks that one person's abuse of another is

Umm ... " incredibally " ... " charecter " ? sorry , I am a teacher ...

Well , having been in Japan for the past 13 years I know nothing of "
Absolutely Fabulous " . As for " The Honeymooners " : I doubt seriously that
either Jackie Gleason's or the writers' intent was to perpetuate spousal
abuse . On the contrary , I believe they were goofing on the male stereotype
of the day . Anybody who has seen the show knows that in the end Alice was "
boss " . Inevitably , Ralph bowed down to Alice because he knew he was in
the wrong ... and he loved her . LIGHTEN UP !!!!

John in Japan


From: "Dean Martucci" <>
Subject: Another XTC influenced band
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 02:56:37 -0700
Message-ID: <000101be954b$3bd8c3a0$508315cf@oemcomputer>

Anyone seen Beulah live recently?

On-stage, Miles Kurosky has got that same infectious nervous energy that
used to drive Andy Partridge. The songs are deceptive in their apparent
simplicity; but the passion with which they are played is off the scale. It
also helps that the band is composed of mega-talented players; not a slouch
in the bunch.

If you want a current visual to go with your Transistor Blast, a Beulah
show might come in handy...  dean

Dean Martucci
Unicycle Records


Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 08:23:05 -0500 (CDT)
From: Andrea Lynn Rossillon <>
Subject: the dub experiments
Message-ID: <>

hey all--

this weekend I was poking around my local used cd store, and came across
"The Dub Experiments, 1978-80".  I listened to them and just
couldn't justify spending even the $8 on it, but if anyone else would like
me to pick it up for them, I think there were 2 copies of it.  Email me
soon, because I'm out of here next Monday....



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 06:50:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: nross <>
Subject: Boom boom ain't it great to be crazy

...Boom boom ain't it great to be nuts like us...

Chris wrote:

>>>Oh, christ!  I havent included any OFFICIAL XTC CONTENT myself!
Im so sorry!  Okay, here goes:  Andy Partridge for some reason thinks
we on the list are loonies because we go on and on about pointless
things.  Discuss.<<<

I have to agree with Partridge here... we are all nuts.
So what, right! Let us continue this madness, revel in the insanity
of such wonderous nonsensical topics like beauty, and wankers,
and driving cars, or what each word of every XTC song means or
could possibly mean. Let us talk of green men and roundabouts
and rhythms or whathaveyou! Tattoos... we must continue with talks
of tattoos and bikes and bars. We must debate on Stout or bitter.
Obviously, to some extent, we enjoy the insults thrown about. We enjoy
a sense of unity or acceptance, as well.

But, truthfully, we are nuts. Everyone is a little nuts.

I joined the list... because without it, I would know nothing of
what is current in the works of XTC.  Its also a way to voice opinions
on whatever one wants... and this helps people who have difficulty
in formulating effective arguments.  If Partridge wants to believe (as
an example of a person on the list) that I am looney... let him.
Its not like I know him or ever will... so I don't care. He's not
my hero, I just love his music and thinks he is very clever. He could
be an angel or an asshole... he can love his fans forever or think
we are a menace.  Whatever. I'll still love the music.  Its like
Paul McCartney... he doesn't support animal research. Fucking
Hypocrite if you ask me. But, I don't know him... I have to respect
his opinion... But I'll not agree with him on that issue, and I
don't need him to be a hero... I just like his music. Same goes for
Partridge, I don't need a hero. He is whoever he his and owns his own
beliefs. Lets all be realistic about that. All in all, it seems he
really does appreciate his fans... and so a slap on the bum is
easily looked over.

You asked for opinions, and I offered some up.
-good day!



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 07:03:10 EDT
Subject: Re: Dying to Eat You

>Interesting you should bring that up. Some friends of mine from college
>wrote an entire rock opera about the Donner Party tale a few years back --
>"The Donner Party: Dying to Eat You," or something to that effect. They
>actually did a one-time-only performance of it at a party, complete with a
>cast of friends singing the various parts -- needless to say, the audience
>was hungry for more...
>Dave Gershman

  There was also a band called the Donner Party, who recorded on the same
independent label as Camper Van Beethoven. Robert Christgau described them
as "sardonic ethnic folk-rock punks," whatever that means. Sounds



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 07:03:14 EDT
Subject: Re: Musical Eulogy

>All this has me thinking about my own funeral.  Not that
>I'm planning to pass on anytime soon, but when/if I do,
>I'd like to have a meaningful service--a service like hers.
>I mean, if my funeral is going to be a wretched ceremony,
>I simply will refuse to go!

>So, what music do I want played at my own funeral?
>I want "I Can't Own Her."  [I hope this doesn't offend you,
>Andy.  I mean, I REALLY hope this doesn't offend you.]

  No offense taken, I'm sure. I'd go with "The Last Balloon" myself; for
non-XTC I'd go with "At My Funeral" by the Crash Test Dummies. Of course.



Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark R. Strijbos" <>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 16:41:02 +0200
Subject: Hedgerow-oohs

Dear Chalkers,

A warm word of thanks must go to fellow Chalkie T.Lewis for the
lovely XTC namedrop in last week's "Over The Hedge" comic strip
(dated 25/4). The last panel has both the protagonists Verne and RJ
soaking in a hot tub, ghettoblaster within easy reach. If you look very
closely you can actually make out the cover of the cd that is playing...
Apple Venus Volume 1 !

Check out the online version of this free, fabulous & funny comic at

yours in xtc,

Mark Strijbos @ The Little Lighthouse


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 07:03:18 EDT
Subject: Re: Glass Teat

>Back in 5-184, asked:
>> Why do Brits like "Three's Company" and "Facts of Life" so much?

>Er... I've never heard of these programmes and I watch or am aware of most
>trash that's shown - after all we only have 5 terrestrial channels.  Maybe
>you've been talking to some of us who are staying up late and watching too
>much cheap, time-filling TV.

  Consider yourself lucky; they're both a load of crap. Let's face it, lack
of taste can be found in all cultures all over the world; there's not a
whole lot of difference between East London and Milton, VT(the local
cultural backwater that's the butt of jokes around here. What does a Milton
woman say when she's having sex? Get off me Dad, you're crushing the



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 14:25:49 +0200
From: Romain DAVID <>
Subject: Dear God of XTC fans killed again

Hi their.
See i'm new on this XTc fans mailing list. And plus I am FRENCH.
I don't know if many fans write to #chalkhills but it will be
interesting if they are some...
I don't know what to begin with. Often I have the impression that in
France people who like XTC just own the "drums and wires" album. This
one was the first I bought and I found it great, but until now i've been
buying other lps like black sea oranges and lemons skylarking nonesuch
and apple venus, and it's amazing to see how they were able to keep
awaye from bad taste and write good songs over all these years. And it's
was all the more difficult for them as they went thru the 80's and
all-shit music (except the smiths :))
    That's why Xtc remains within my whole big collection of cds the
most amazing group.
I would like to say some silly think I believe to be true yet :)) just
to see if anybody cares :

I don't like songs by Xtc that reminds me too much of the fucking Tears
For Fears like Chalkhills and Children ( YES i dare say it) or the
Disappointed etc etc see what you think about that.
Drums and wires is better than Black Sea. Oranges and Lemons is better
than nonesuch. Transistor Blast is cooool.

And God, what HAPPENED to Colin's Voice ???
Listening to "fruit nut" or "frivolous tonight" is unbearable, sounds
like an old mariner's voice.

But all this is Silly. Ain't democracy wonderful after all ?
But maybe i'm just one of the millions of Xtc fans.

See you all.

Now what will be the next XTC record I should buy ??
Tell me what you think.


Message-ID: <>
From: "Bennett, Kristen L." <>
Subject: RE: Secret Desires and Worst Song
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 09:37:03 -0500

Chris Desmond wrote:
>Come on ladies, fess up! Am I the only one here who has been harboring
>secret desires for our favorite band (Or in Amanda's case, not so
>secret desires), or are you all a bunch of prudes? It's your chance to
>come clean.

It's no secret among my friends.  Andy Partridge really wants me, he just
doesn't know it yet.  No, seriously, I've always had the hots for this
little four-eyed XTC leadman.  And yes, I've seen what he looks like.  And
I know that I'm probably too young for him and that I'd probably tower over
the little twerp (I'm a regular Amazon) but I don't care.  My love
transcends all boundaries.  His songs have won my heart.  I won't go into
any of the really juicy stuff.

But, alas, I know this forbidden love can never be.  Someday I will have to
find me a mere mortal, someone who shares my taste for XTC.  There sure
ain't any around here.  Hey, cuz, are there any XTC and granola-loving,
single boys in Vermont?

Least Favorite XTC Song:  No Thugs in Our House
And before anyone takes umbrage, I don't hate this song because of those
long, lyric-discussing posts!  I just plain can't stand the song.  I think
it has something to do with the two songs it's placed between on ES--
between the melodic "Jason" and the ethereal "Yacht Dance."  I'd rather
listen to these two by themselves, without the interruptive yelling and
jarring chords that comprise "No Thugs."  By the time "Jason" nears its
end, my finger is poised over the "skip" button on my CD player, ready to
keep this real-world intrusion out of my melodic, string-induced

See Ya,

"Now, by the world, it is a lusty wench; I love her ten times more than e'er
I did:
O, how I long for a chat with her."


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 12:55:37 EDT
Subject: shorter & the order (AV1)

Here again is the new order to AV1 that I recently put together.

Side One: 11, 10, 7, 6, 8

Side Two: 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 9

I'm enjoying it more than the regular order (which I felt was spectacular
through songs 1-4, but not great overall-- you'll notice that the 1-4 is
maintained in this new arrangement, although not planned, and now placed
differently). A very good friend of mine who I told about it also vastly
prefers this order to the original, and he's usually big on maintaining the
order as part of the artistic composition, as am I in most cases. He's a
longtime major xtc fan (since black sea), and says that he'll probably mostly
listen to AV1 in this different order from now on as well, as he thinks it
significantly improves the album, ties it all together better, and showcases
the material more effectively. He also loves the material, but like me, just
thinks the original song sequence is not quite as great as the material.

Have a good one, Will J

On a side note, don't know if it's intentional, but I received a few digests
within the last week that didn't come as an attached file, because they were
a little shorter -- enjoying that. A nice feature -- is this a new format,
John, or just a fluke? WJ

	[ A fluke.  -- John ]


Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 13:27:48 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Valerie J. Keathley" <>
Subject: #1 Crush
Message-ID: <>

Chris Desmond wrote: >Come on ladies, fess up! Am I the only one here who
has been harboring secret desires for our favorite band (Or in Amanda's
case, not so secret desires), or are you all a bunch of prudes? It's your
chance to come clean<
Oh I have totally had a crush on Andy since I was in sixth grade. Great
lyrics, Brit accent,and attractive in an unconventional sense. Plus I
think that "Pink Thing" was a major right of passage in my budding
sexuality. : )  How could you not be titilated by a man who wrote such a
sexy song as "Grass" or swoon over a man who sings "Ladybird?" I think
that it is completely legitimate to have crushes on members of your fav
band. Hello... rock n' roll is all about sex and sex appeal; it's natural
that one would be taken in by that persona. I make the motion that all
chalkhillians come clean with their secret musician loves and tell the
list their favorites. I mean if Andy can admit that he
had a huge crush on Haley Mills, we can at least admit that we admire
Jimmy Page for more than the opening cords of "Kashmir."


End of Chalkhills Digest #5-191

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