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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 147

                 Wednesday, 24 March 1999

Today's Topics:

                Singles and Football Focus
                    Jason Falkner news
                   Go 2 cassette cover
         A Hallmark electronic greeting for you.
                  He Does The Fraternal
                   Re: Keeping the band
              XTC Florida Fans Get-Together
                   the breathing thing
                   re: "my sgt. pepper"
                 Spraying My Butt, cont.
           Lydon...more non-XTC content, sorry
               Sgt Pepper or Colonel C**t?
                Tonight's AV1 observations
                    Apple Venus demos
                  flogging a dead horse
                   Re: MY "Sgt Pepper"
                       Whatever ...
      RE: Questions of a feather and the LA signing
                        Terry Kath
                     Fripp/The Damned


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Message-ID: <000001be7319$f63ca9e0$72e6abc3@vucqprlj>
From: "David Seddon" <>
Subject: Singles and Football Focus
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 21:36:37 -0000

>From David Seddon, Loughborough, England

Right, I'm really going to set the cat amongst the pigeons now and say that
I think that Easter Theatre is a rather strange choice for a single.  For
me, singles need a strong hook/riff and/or words/a groove that sticks in
your head.  Easter Theatre (whilst a good piece of music) doesn't have
these.  I don't know why they do it, but I think that the band/the record
company have often often chosen odd single releases.  Here's some comments
from some of the albums:

Black Sea:   Good choice there, no problems, but Sgt. Rock should have been
the first one as it was the most commercial. It could have been No.1 if it
had gone out fresher.

English Settlement: Difficult because the album is full of strongly
singable stuff.  SWOT..yes!!  Should have followed up with Knuckle Down ( I
use this song in school a lot, as I'm a teacher, and the kids love it) or
Yacht Dance.  I love No Thugs (one of my top 5 XTC tracks), but it's too
contentious for some of the record buying public.  BAC is not as commercial
as 5 or 6 other tracks.

Nonsuch: (In my opinion their best album)..good choice, but Wrapped in Grey
shouldn't have been pulled, and Then She Appeared (another of my top 5)
would have been good.

AV1:  Greenman is crying out to be the first single!  It was even used on
Football Focus on Saturday (in an Article about Matt Elliott, the Leicester
City player)..they kept repeating the basson-type keyboard bit that opens
the song.  The BBC don't use riffs unless they're dead strong...Life of
Riley got played for ages!

I'd Like That is good , too, but I Can't Own Her is probably better as a
single and certainly a stronger piece of music.

Other comments:
As a late comer to the list, has anyone commented on the similarity of KISK
to Julia, Because and the original version of I'm Only Sleeping (with
vibraphone).  The cadence at the end of KISK reminded me of that at the end
of Because.  It's a vey Lennonish track, but that's no bad thing.

It's no wonder that people in that pub in Kansas City keep thinking that
ROO is Sting.  I've always thought he had a similar voice to AP.  In my
opinion, they both have the timbre of a trumpet.  This is interesting
because APs voice in TLB segues into a trumpet.  Has anyone ever heard of
Yargo?  An excellent live band I once saw live in Bath?  Well, their lead
singer had the most remarkable voice.  It really did sound like a trumpet!!
(Incidently, I've been to KC.  I once had a girlfriend who lived in
Independence on the same road as the Jesse James Bank Museum and I loved
the place esp that wonderful Art Gallery, the name of which escapes me).
What an incredible, clever piece ROO is, and one that gets better everytime
that you hear it!

IMHO, Frivolous Tonight is fun, but a bit of a reminded me of
a Rutles song eg Rendezvous...On the orther hand it's a damn catchy tune
and just when I think that I dislike it, I find myself humming it!  I like
Fruit and Nut very much, and I like most of Colin's stuff.

No-one seems to have said much about Harvest Festival, but I think it's a
tremendous song, beautifully put together and haunting.  It chuggs away
with a lovely mesmeric rhythm, I love the recorders and the lyrics are high

David Seddon


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 14:57:14 -0500
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: Jason Falkner news

Hi, Chalkies:

Very little XTContent in this post, except a big   :^p   to Keith
Sawyer re:his opinion of Jason Falkner's latest. For what it's worth,
that album is the only thing that's displaced AV1 in my CD player

Anyway, got some cool info from
Here goes:
>There is a Falkner sampler available for free from Elektra. To get
one, just write to Jason Falkner History Sampler, c/o Elektra Records,
2280 Ward Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93065. The CD includes tracks from
Jellyfish ("She Still Loves Him"), The Grays ("Very Best Years"), and
Jason solo ("I Live" & "Author Unknown"). They will also send you a
coupon worth $2.00 off his new CD. It also says "supplies are limited"
and "one entry per person". Dunno how long the offer lasts.<

Having heard the last three of those four songs, I'd urge anyone
unfamiliar with this very talented popster to check this free offer
out. Betcha can't eat just one.

>The new album is available on vinyl from Lovitt Records who released
the "Holiday" 7". It contains two extra tracks taken from his still
unreleased covers record: "Burning Airlines Give You So Much More" by
Brian Eno and "Tomorrow Will Be Too Long" by the Monochrome Set (which
is also the bonus track on the Japanese version of the album). Plus,
the artwork is different from the CD. First 200 mailorders get a
limited edition Jason Falkner one-inch button.<

Gawd, isn't it ironic that they're putting the bonus tracks and other
extras on vinyl? Seems not too long ago that they were pushing CDs the
same way...



Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 15:38:26 -0500
From: Paul Badger <>
Subject: Go 2 cassette cover
Message-ID: <>

>> but can anyone with an original cassette copy of GO 2 tell me if the
text differs from the LP cover?

Yes, it does. It says stuff like "This is a CASSETTE", and it doesn't
contain as much text as the LP cover did - ie, if the LP cover had 300
words, then the cassette cover only has 50. But the idea is the same, white
words on a black background, etc. The inside of the cassette sleeve is
nothing special, just standard track listing layout stuff common to all
inner cassette sleeves.

I was going to quote the cassette cover here for you, but I've just had a
look for it and can't find it. Tee hee. It shows how much I listen to Go 2,
hey? If it turns up, I'll post it, but hopefully someone else can jump in
with it.

In closing, let's not forget the free XTC theme shareware for PCs, which
includes a GO 2 wallpaper which says stuff like, "This is a DESKTOP", and a
tiny icon which says "This is an ICON". Available on one of the XTC

Paul, UK


Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 14:34:02 -0600 (CST)
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Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 18:24:01 -0400
From: Harrison Sherwood <>
Organization: Averstar, Inc.
Subject: He Does The Fraternal

Apple Venus Volume 1 has cracked the Top Twenty in the Gavin A3 chart,
which measures US radio play. (I've been scratching my head over exactly
what "A3" stands for: It's industry shorthand for a particular format--I
think something weird like "Active Adult Alternative.") You can see it for
yourself at 23rd last week, 19th
this week, 49 stations reporting, 2 stations added it to the playlist, 472
plays, 68 more plays this week than last. General upward motion: All quite
good indeed.


I know this isn't exactly what this forum is for, but if Yazbek can do it,
so can I: Occasional Chalkster Bob "He Ain't Heavy" Sherwood's band Fiction
has released a new album, "This Is Fiction" on High Time records,
distributed nationally by Rykodisk. I gotta tell you, it's a bit of a
lurch, holding An Actual Grown-Up Record produced by somebody you used to
give Indian Burns and noogies to. It's for sale at Amazon
where you can actually hear some sound samples. (Recommended: "Square" and
"I Could Cry." And who records those sound bites? They completely missed
the hook of "Gold," where the song Frippishly gnaws its own head off! Thing
sounds like a wimpoid ballad!)

Anyway, I gave the little bastard his first XTC record when he was 15. Took
Zenyatta Mondatta, broke it over my knee, and handed him Black Sea. I'm not
sure this treatment was completely effective (check the flanged guitar all
over "This Is Fiction"), but I'll forgive him anyway.

Look for Fiction on their U.S. tour this spring. Or visit for thrills and excitement.


This Jethro Tull thing is getting a little weird. First there's the line
from "Mother Goose" on Aqualung:

     And a foreign student said to me
     Was it really true there are elephants and lions too
     In Piccadilly Circus?

Next, in investigating the "Jack-in-the-Green"/"Greenman" connection I
stumbled across the Jethro Tull Lyrics Archive
(, where the web designer
has used an image lifted from the Tull 20th-Anniversary box set booklet:
Ian Anderson as no-shit, unmistakable Green Man. And scroll down to the
section on the song "Jack-in-the-Green" if you want to read...oh, more or
less exactly the sorts of things we've been talking about here.

(God, Tull fans: whatta bunch of overanalytical _geeks_!)

When I emailed the site's owner about it, he pointed out a lyric from the
1995 Tull album "Roots to Branches"

     In wet and windy priest-holes. Grand in vast cathedrals.
     High on lofty minarets or in the temples of doom.
     I hope the old man's got his face on.
     He'd better be some quick change artist.

Yeah, yeah, I know: XTC --> Dave Mattacks --> Fairport Convention --> Dave
Pegg --> Jethro Tull.

Harrison "Really don't mind if you sit this one out" Sherwood


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 19:23:56 -0500
From: Adam Tyner <ctyner@CLEMSON.EDU>
Subject: Re: Keeping the band

Mike asked:
Outside of downright repetition, how we could get the boys to play 1 song
for as long as possible?

Two words: Battery Brides  :-)


/=---------------- ----------------=\
 He-Man, Tuscadero, "Weird Al", Yoo-hoo, Killer Tomatoes, & more!


Subject: XTC Florida Fans Get-Together
Message-ID: <>
From: Meredith Brechtel <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 19:45:31 EST

Yes, it's really happening!  We Florida fans are really getting together
for an XTC-fest.

The Big Day is Saturday April 10, in Orlando.  Please e-mail me privately
for additional information.  Hope to see some of you lurkers appear!



Message-ID: <001401be7591$74caad60$79c0f7a5@funtosplamisham>
Subject: the breathing thing
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 19:58:39 -0500

my favorite thing of this type is on rock bottem by robert wyatt.  on
"alife," he is heard breathing al-if-ee over and over.  it almost sounds
like percussion (which is what i thought it was for about 6 months.)  its a
damn fine album too.


Message-ID: <002401be7592$e0be5e80$79c0f7a5@funtosplamisham>
Subject: re: "my sgt. pepper"
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 20:08:49 -0500

my sgt. pepper was achtung baby by U2.  its still one of my favorite albums
(especially now that im into eno).  i bought it some time during 7th grade
and it totally changed my musical taste.  up to that point, i had maybe 10
or 15 albums, but in the 6 or 7 years since, ive bought almost 800 albums.
(and thats why records saved my life).  actually, it was steve lillywhite's
production on early U2 that made me interested in xtc, so there you go.  for
everyone who can't stand U2, know that achtung baby is something totally
different.  dirty techno-rock years before it was "POP."


Message-ID: <002c01be7593$8f4d4240$79c0f7a5@funtosplamisham>
Subject: demos
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 20:13:38 -0500

ive only been into xtc for a short time (1995 or so) and i dont have any of
the demos you people talk of.  if someone would be willing to tape those for
me (for money or trade, although i dont have any rare xtc, i have other
interesting things) it would be ever so wonderful.


Message-ID: <000601be7594$13d3a680$a5f545cf@mabrey>
From: "Andisheh Nouraee" <>
Subject: Spraying My Butt, cont.
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 20:17:24 -0500

I reported a week or so ago that my girlfriend thought that Colin sings
"Spraying my butt, spraying my butt" during Fruit Nut.  Yesterday, the
cosmos affirmed the underlying wisdom of her faux-pas.  I had a
rollerblading accident yesterday that resulted in the concrete-assisted
removal of some the skin on my left butt cheek.  I hobbled my way home, put
Apple Venus V1 on the stereo, and waited for my girlie to come home to
ass-ist me with the application of disinfectant and anti-bacterial cream.

Just as she applied Neosporin ointment to the cotton ball, Mr. Colin
Moulding sang to me from heaven, "Spraying my butt, spraying my butt."


I think not!



Message-Id: <>
Subject: Lydon...more non-XTC content, sorry
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 21:39:41 -0500

Sheridan Zabel wrote:

> 	Yes, it was an aside, but I just have to say that I think John
> Lydon (Johnny Rotten) was also an accomplished musician from the
> Pistols.  Look at all the wonderful tongue in cheek, angry stuff he's
> put out since then.  Just the song "Rise" alone should be enough to
> convince anyone.  Yet he put out a ton of other amazing stuff.

Not that I'm not a big Public Image Ltd. fan (because I am), but surely a
fair amount of the praise for "Rise" should go to the other musicians in
the band at the time, since they co-wrote the songs on the album (and since
other permutations of PiL with different members derailed pretty badly.
Remember "That What Is Not"?  Of course you don't.  And thank your lucky
stars).  "Rise" itself was co-written by Bill Laswell, and other players on
the album included Steve Vai, Nicky Skopelitis, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Bernie
Worrell, among others -- whew!  No slouches.  Lydon is the magic
ingredient, though.

-- Francis Heaney

"This is what you want, this is what you get."

"You can't always get what you want."
   --You know this one


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:14:23 +1000
Subject: Sgt Pepper or Colonel C**t?

Tyler Hewitt <> shared the following with us in #5-146 :

>> I'd have to say MY Sgt. Pepper was Elvis Costello's Armed Forces. Blew
my 15 year old rural >> mid-Michigan mind wide open!

My choice would be a dead-heat between Frank Zappa's "Burnt Weeny
Sandwich", which I first heard when I was also about 15 years old (damned
if I remember where, but it's still one of my favourite albums), and Miles
Davis' "Bitches Brew" (a couple of years later). Neither album was like
anything I'd ever heard before......whether that's good or bad is a matter
of personal taste, I suppose. These albums made me realise, for probably
the first time, that there was a whole other range of music outside what
the Dire Straits-obsessed commercial stations were playing - thank <insert
deity of your choice here>.


"If it wasn't for the olives in my drink, I'd starve to death" - Rory


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 22:15:47 EST
Subject: Tonight's AV1 observations

There have been, I think, hundreds of commenst about "AV1," so forgive me
if these have been covered.

1. I just noticed this tonight.  In "I Can't Own Her," right after the line
"and its winos sliding down," Colin plays a descending slide on his
fretless bass.  It's almost comical!

2. RE: "Your Dictionary."  The original line in the demo was "you'll hear
my faith bleed," but this was changed to "all your corn I'll reap."  Is
this really an improvement?  What does this have to do with talking? How
does this line relate to the rest of the song?  What exactly does Andy

3. Does anyone know if the orchestra actually played all the way through
"River Of Orchids," or is it a loop?  And does anyone else think the muted
trumpets throughout the song sound exactly like the sample used in the
demo?  Are they real?

J. D.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 21:32:50 -0800 (PST)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: Apple Venus demos

Have finally heard the AV demos. They were very different than I
expected. After hearing AV1, I expected more of the same with the
demos, but found quite a bit af variety. It's all quite good, too,
except that I dont really like the River of Orchids demo. It sounds
sloppy and unfocused, more like a stunt than the wonderful,
breathtaking version on AV1.

Does anyone have a complete track listing of the AV1 demos that they
could post or e-mail to me? I've noticed a couple of song titles
mentioned here and in Song Stories that aren't on my tape, making me
think that I don't have a complete set. My copy fills a 100 minute
tape nicely, are there more than that out there?

thanx for your help.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 21:50:14 -0800 (PST)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: flogging a dead horse

from the discography on the chalkhills web site:

Negativland: Fair Use
       288 page book includes CD which samples XTC.
       Book+CD, Seeland USA, SEELAND 013CD-B,
       April? 1995.


Message-ID: <000d01be75be$40ec0c00$09d8868b@carlo>
From: "Carlo" <>
Subject: Re: MY "Sgt Pepper"
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 17:18:05 +1100

Interesting......I remember a review in the audiophile magazine "The
Absolute Sound" of "Oranges and Lemons" (I think) where the reviewer, when
introducing XTC to the uninitiated, said something like this about "English
Settlement"-----Imagine if The Beatles had recorded "Sgt. Pepper's" and
nobody had taken any notice-----

Wish I still had that review. I remember it was a very glowing article
praising the genius of XTC, but I threw out all my copies of " The Absolute
Sound" no longer being able to afford top end Hi-Fi (read: being married
with kids!).

If there are any Chalkhills audiophiles out there who may have a copy, I
and I'm sure all of us would be interested in seeing it.

MY "Sgt Pepper's"? That's a hard one - probably Steely Dan's "Katy Lied"
(well today anyway!)



Message-ID: <>
From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
Subject: Whatever ...
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 22:27:46 PST

Well howdy, Chalk-chillen

Some random brainwaves (dedicated to you, Keith :P )

Firstly, Bill Peschel nostalged (is that a verb? Well it is now) ...

>Fans of the graphic company Hipgnosis should be on the lookout for a
>used copy of "Hipgnosis: Walk Away Rene" with describes many of the
>covers and the stories behind them.

I *loved* all those Hipgnosis covers. Ahh, the conceptual continuity,
the mind-games, the visual puns ... "A Nice Pair" ... reminds me of my
misspent youth (keep the change) ... all those great glossy coffee-table
"head" publications - "The Album Cover Album", Roger Dean's "Views, the
Hipgnosis book ...

My personal favourite of their designs was their unique take on the old
"three flying ducks" wall ornament - but they had three real, dead ducks
nailed to the wall by their heads. Eat your heart out Damien Hirst ...


Secondly, Dave Rutherford <> demanded:

>Fourthly: Mark, in your recent contest, nine people got
>perfect scores; I'd be interested in the names of the four
>who didn't win, as well as a statistical breakdown on the
>rest of the entrants...

And I thought *I* had a little too much time on my hands ...?


Finally, "TOM GRIFFIN" <> fessed up:

>My earlier negative impressions of AV1 are long gone.

Excuse me Tom, but some of that yellow yolk seems to have splashed onto
your face...


Speaking personally ...

1. Picking up the "My Sgt Pepper" thread ...

... well, in terms of totally turning my head around, I'd have to say
Lou Reed's "Transformer".

2. What's so surprising about an association between Robert Fripp and
punk? He's the punkest guitarist I know. Punks and new-wavers loved him,
and the "red" era King Crimson was a direct punk precursor. I remember
hearing Fripp interviewed years ago, where he recounted guesting at a
Blondie gig. He was expecting to get up and do Blondie stuff, but all
they wanted to do was "Larks Tongues in Aspic" - they adored him, Chris
Stein knew all his stuff etc etc

Get Your Private, Free Email at


From: "Gerardo Tellez" <>
Subject: RE: Questions of a feather and the LA signing
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 22:38:08 -0800
Message-ID: <000001be75c0$e10c4180$>

> I pre-ordered my copy of AV1 from Music Boulevard. It's an American
> version, TVT 3250-2. The cover has the peacock feather pointing down --
> its base at the bottom (pointing due south, for the geographically
> inclined) of the jewel-case insert. But most other copies I've seen, or
> read about, have the base of the feather pointing to the left (west) of
> the insert.
> Wuzzup wif dis? Do I have some incredibly rare (and thus valuable) insert
> printing aberration, or is it one of the millions?

Don't worry. Mine came pointing to the south too! If you go to different
stores, you'll find it both ways. I asked Andy at the LA signing which way
it went and he said WITH THE POINTY END TO THE RIGHT. Now if you open the
jewel case you'll be able to see the picture of Andy & Colin on top, the
title in the middle, and the apple on the bottom. Cool!

I went to the signing in LA. It was cool! Literally! Instead of writing a
big essay, I'll just list some of the things I remember from that night.
-The line was long! I got there at about 5:45. I didn't get to meet them
'till like past 10:00!
-Two people (that I know of) stole a poster. I asked for one and got a NO.
Does anyone know if they gave them away after the thing was over? Actually,
when was it over?
-Andy looked tired. Real tired.
-Andy apologized for making us wait so long and asked if the staff had sent
any people home. He said he didn't want to disappoint anyone.
-Colin seemed very happy to be there.
-They had a plate of fruit each. It looked very good and I was VERY hungry,
so I took a picture of Andy's plate.
-The one thing I really wanted to ask Colin was if he could sing "Everything
is buzz buzz, everything is beep beep". He did! It sure sounded way
different though. He thought I was there to humiliate him.
-Andy had been drinking.
-Colin called me and my friend youngins.
-Some guy behind me had a Go 2 with a different cover. Has anyone else seen
this? It had (if I remember correctly) a picture of Colin and Barry in the
front and Andy and Terry in the back.
-Andy drew some boots on the "duck" on my English Settlement, he drew a nose
and a mouth on himself on Oranges & Lemons, and Colin tried to cover up the
"This is for promotional use only, not for sale etc." in front of my
Skylarking with his marker. They didn't do anything special on my Apple
-Afterwards we where looking for my friend's cousin to go home when Andy
announced over the intercom that he was looking for us downstairs. It was
very weird.
-I slept with a smile on my face that night.
-I might as well have written an essay.
-XTC rules.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 23:27:26 -0800
Subject: Terry Kath

XTC fans have exquisite musical tastes.
Terry Kath is one of the great unsong rock guitarists.
I wore up Chicago Transit Authority learning those licks.
Great muscular, athletic, tasty guitar.


Message-Id: <4782AD6ADDBDD2119B570008C75DD5C1021F8E@MGMTM02>
From: Lawson Dominic <>
Subject: Apology?
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 10:36:27 -0000

Against my better judgement I would like to apologise to anyone who was
offended by my use of the word "twat". I have absolutely no idea why anyone
would find this offensive, and was truly amazed by the responses I received.
However, I don't want to needlessly upset people so on this occasion I offer
my apologies.

Similarly I would like to apologise on behalf of the countless people who
have used swear-words and terms of abuse in their posts since I have been
taking part. I didn't realise quite how fragile and innocent many of us are,
and I deeply regret excercising my right to freedom of speech by using the
language which comes naturally to me. From now on I promise to only use
vocabulary that has been approved by Tipper Gore, Ed Meece and anyone else
who seeks to protect us from gratuitous filth and linguistic Satanism. Thank
you for listening.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 06:17:47 EST
Subject: Fripp/The Damned

>Speaking of Robert Fripp, here's what I've been wondering for years: Why is
>Fripp pictured on the back of the Damned's "The Light at the End of the
>Tunnel" compilation? Did he work with the Damned, at some time? I once
>asked the King Crimson clique this, but they didn't have a clue -- heck, I
>seriously doubt they had even HEARD of the Damned. Anyone know? There's
>gotta be a slew of '70s UK-punk fanatics on this list....

  I'm a casual fan of both bands(now there's a first!)and that's the first
I've heard of this, though Nick Mason of Pink Floyd did produce The
Damned's very dodgy second album, so maybe it's not that much of a stretch,
especially considering on their last album I know of, Anything, they did a
Love cover.("Alone Again Or," a pretty good and faithful version
too)Anything's possible, I suppose. The Fripp does get around, and has
worked with folks as diverse as Blondie, Daryl Hall, Barry Andrews, The
Residents, and The Talking Heads, so hey, why not The Damned?



End of Chalkhills Digest #5-147

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