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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #5-144

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 144

                  Sunday, 21 March 1999

Today's Topics:

                "Easter Theatre" CD Single
                       Re: Penance
                 Shirley sum Miss Steak!
                    The Little Express
                  Meeting Andy Partridge
                      Mark Radcliffe
                  Re: Jack in the Green
               Well, Mr Churchill Says.....
                   The Bubblegum Record
                   The Sun's Gone Cold
              XTC are now officially PEOPLE
          That nice boy from TVT and other stuff
                       Gutsy Move!!
                    Re: Digest format
        Breathe, Breathe in the Air...Who Cares?!
                  Amanda B. Reckonedwith
                  Penny for my thoughts
                       Hanoi Rocks?
                      A purple prod
                   Fano Guitars Update
                    In my living room?
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Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 08:56:51 EST
Subject: "Easter Theatre" CD Single

Siren CD ( lists "Easter Theatre" under their "Future
Releases" as a digipak single with three tracks: 1. Easter Theatre, 2. a
demo of the song, and 3. how the song came about (?) Siren also notes that
this is the first of three CD singles from AV 1.

You can advance order from Siren, by the way. I did this with "AV V1" (UK
version). (But please read their policy on future releases. Also note that
I am not affiliated with Siren in any way - just a satisfied customer.)

Wes (Wilson)

Misheard lyric: "Enter Easter, she's undressed in your yard." :-)

Doesn't Andy almost start to laugh during this song? Listen carefully for
it.  I don't know whether something made him genuinely laugh or he's doing
it for effect.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 08:57:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Penance
From: "Duncan Watt" <>

Okay, let's put this one to bed, in the 'Merken Tradition, with a Tearful
And Obviously Heartfelt Apology...

the story so far:

I myself wrote(wittily, no?), with reference to why artists use their songs
to shill, in reference to why Andy might've chosen to exile 'Dear God' to
the Rapping Hinterlands, unless it's because he just thinks it's a cool
idea, which we're all hoping:

>> >As far as motivation is concerned, let's ask Yoko Ono why she sold
>> >'Revolution' to Nike. It's... do I really have to type it?

...which sparked a mini-spat(but quite a civil one, hrm?) 'mongst some of
the Most Gear:

>> That would be Michael Jackson who sold "Revolution" to Nike, wouldn't it?

... so Doppelganger Kimball wrote(in a welcome slap-on-the-back brotherly
fashion, yrm?):

>They can't sell what they don't own, old son. And that  applies equally
>to Yoko Ono - "Revolution" belongs to Northern Songs, which belongs to
>Michael Jackson. Blame him, not Yoko.

... point taken. Then The Hardest Working "J. Brown" nailed it down(quite
well, I must add):

>Precisely, Nike got permission from Jackson but failed to get permision
>from the Beattles to use the beatles recording and the ad was later

...which underscores the basic idea, whoever owns the publishing can
authorize the re-recording of the song, and whoever owns the master
recording can authorize re-use of the actual recording. Which points out
why the Big Record Companies consider these two rights like Boardwalk and
Park Place...

(I'll leave it to someone else to pull apart the Beattles/beatles thing, I'm
working on a very important Mea Culpa here, okay? Plus, it's not nice to
make fun of people.)

...then JB throws me a bone(I love this list):

>Yoko did authorize the use of Instant Karma for a later Nike ad

...which brings me to the Aforementioned A-pology:

I, Duncan Watt, was Out Of Line in attempting to blame Yoko for the Whole
Damn'd Thing, I should have Cross-Referenc'd, and my Disparaginfg Attitufde
was As Uncalled-For as the Blatant Capitalising I've Wreak'd Upon This
Paragraph. I apologise, bowing deeply, to Ms.Ono and all the Related
Entities. I hope this Genuflexion, this Prostration Of Myself (which has
triggered the very Taedium Vitae I am now living Beside) I present to all
of you will suffice to...

    Put This Thread To Bed,
    Up with it you're fed,
    Time to stop it Dead,
    Like a Big Rhode Island Red,
    Stuffed and roasted to a Golden Brown,
    Slack down, Betty, get'cher bridal gown
    I will take it Lying Down if you
    Put... This... Thread... To... Beeeeeeeeeeed!

Chewing on a Meggezone as we speak,

Duncan Watt

ps unless she really did sell Instant Karma in which case she's a
money-grabbing bitch


Message-ID: <FBDF04743A94D21197E700A0C9AADB8D09B44F@GRLNT01>
From: Paul Henly <>
Subject: Shirley sum Miss Steak!
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 08:19:37 -0000

Congratulations to everybody who spotted my deliberate mistake. Of
course I really meant 'I Can't Own Her' contains the lyric '.....winos
sliding down.' The prize is a free sample of the new fragrance from the
House of XTC, called 'Frivolous Tonight', with the heady aroma of stout,
with just a hint of chewed fat. In this track Colin sings '.... A bit of
a shower', is that a reference to XTC or Virgin!
The news I have is that 'Easter Theatre' is being released at Easter
(!!) as a CD single only. Extra tracks are 'Easter Theatre (Demo)' and
'The Making of Easter Theatre', which is 11 minutes long and sounds very
'I'd Like That' will be the follow up single and there are plans for a
third single but Cooking Vinyl are undecided. I reckon 'Harvest
Festival' would be a good choice for a late Summer release. Bye.


Message-id: <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 10:50:53 -0500
Subject: The Little Express
From: (Joe Jarrett)

I met up with Peter Dix from the the Little Express last week. He is
working on the new issue (#43) and hopes to have it out within the month.
This issue will contain two interviews with Colin. There will be an
exclusive interview with Colin that he did himself and the complete
interview that Peter Murray did in Colin's home for Bass Player Magazine.
As usual only a fraction of that article was printed. The LE will print
the complete interview. In addition there will be an article about XTC
Internet activity for those subscribers who are not on the net.

If you have let your subscription lapse or want to subscribe, send Peter
and June a letter at:

PO Box 1072
Barrie, Ontario

The rates are: Canada and US: $4.00 per copy or $14.00 for the next four
		Overseas: $5.00 per copy or $18.00 for the next four issues.

Peter knows he cannot compete with the speed and immediacy of the Internet
but the Little Express is an excellent magazine, an informative read and a
vital addition to any XTC collection.


Message-ID: <000e01be71e3$db2e1da0$8aecabc3@vucqprlj>
From: "David Seddon" <>
Subject: Meeting Andy Partridge
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 08:37:26 -0000

>From David Seddon, Loughborough, England.

Having only just subscribed to the list, I thought that I'd send this as my
first message:

In 1988 or 89 I met Andy Partridge when I was living in Bath.  He was
standing outside of a book shop called Waterstones.  I took a chance and
went over to strike up a conversation (I was aware that I might be told
where to go!).  Here is how the start of the conversation went (although
this is often paraphrasing...obviously I don't remember his exact words)....

You're Andy Partridge aren't you?
Yes (he looked surprised that someone should recognise him and shy and
rather vulnerable)
I've been a big fan of your music for 10 years and saw you play live at
Liverpool University in the early 80's.
That was when we were at our peak live.
(He seemed very interested and keen to talk and I was pleasntly surprised)
Do you remember that gig?
No, but I remember those times and it was all great fun, then.
Yeah, it was the Black Sea period and I always remember that the last two
pieces that you played were English Roundabout and Snowman, which you
introduced as being from the next album.  I thought that they were great

We then kept on chatting for about 10 minutes.  He explained that he was
waiting for his wife who was looking for a book.  I was aware that he might
not have wanted me hanging around, but actually, he seemed fairly happy to

I mentioned that I knew that he was intersted in model soldiers and
designing board games, and mentioned that I'd seen the tv show about him
when he talked at length about his interests.  I said that I wished I'd
videoed it ( I still do !).  I remembered that one game was beautifully
made and called Antheap.  I asked him if he'd thought of trying to get them
manufactured.  The conversation went smoothly because one of my interests
is wargaming and we talked about different games and scales and types of
figure.  I remarked that I was more into model ships and he replied that he
had less interest in that.  He did talk about his latest model soldiers,
but I don't remember now what they were, unfortunately. In this part of the
conversation, I told him that I was in the Bath wargaming club.  I told him
where and when it met and even had the cheek to invite him along, though I
felt he certainly wouldn't come (in any case, I moved away from Bath soon

We then talked about Oranges and Lemons and I was honest enough to say that
I hadn't bought it yet, but that I'd read some reviews that said it was
very psychedelic and a bit Beatlish.  He told me not to believe everything
in the press and that they based their opinions on what the cover was
like...just because it looked 60's ish.  He talked about how they were not
well received in England and how they often went over to America to do lots
of publicity.

I mentioned that I was in a band in Liverpool called RAIJ (still am, but we
haven't recorded an album for quite a while).  We talked briefly about

I remember that the conversation was not at all awkward and that he was
really very chatty about the whole thing ( I suppose I expect stars to be
abrupt, arrogant and dismissive, but he wasn't at all).
After about 10 or 15 minutes of this, his wife came out with a push chair.
I thought right I'd better make myself scarce, but he was very easy about
it.  I always remember that he said to her in a rather boyishly excited way,
" this fellow saw us play live in Liverpool when we were at our peak."  She
seemed very unimpressed and dismissive, shrugged, said "oh" and seemed keen
to get away.  He was more or less hauled off, said a cheery goodbye and
walked off.

I thought nothing of this at the time.  It seemed reasonable and normal for
a wife to want to whisk him off, but I did think she was a bit abrupt and
rude about it . I was so delighted to meet a man I greatly admire and I was
happy about the whole thing, so it didn't bother me.  I didn't want to hold
him up from his shopping and family life.

That part of the conversation, I'd never bothered to replay in my head until
I heard Apple Venus 1.
That line "Four-eyed fool that you led around" sticks in my head.  It's
strange, but it was all there in that microcosm, and although no divorce is
ever all one person's fault, those 30 seconds when I met his wife just seem
now to tell a tale.  He had been content to talk to me even though I sensed
a certain vulnerability,  At times he had been very engaged in the
conversation we had, to my initial amazement. It strikes me now that she was
making him unhappy and that he didn't want to be in the shop with her.  Some
anonymous fan with a few interesting things to talk about was a bit of a
distraction and then he came back to reality when his wife appeared.  At the
time this never entered my head.  I just thought that she wasn't very
pleasant to me, but I understood that she needed him to move on to the next

I think Your dictionary is tremendously strong.  It has a similar power to
Working Class Hero, and that really is saying something!  From the tiny
point in Andy's life that I witnessed, I'd say that those words are both
accurate and poignant.


Message-ID: <004d01be72c7$c7f2f780$141217d4@smj>
From: "Stephen Jackson" <>
Subject: Mark Radcliffe
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 11:36:04 -0000

This may be of no real interest to anybody, but Mark Radcliffe (a respected
Radio 1 DJ) has a autobiography out called "Showbusiness". He writes of
seeing XTC live...

"Anyway, one night Phil and I had descended the staircase to the attic to
watch XTC do their stuff, and some stuff it was. Terry Chambers and Colin
Moulding were rock solid as a rhythm section, over which Andy Partridge and
Barry Andrews strangled all manner of alarming sounds from throat, guitar
and keyboards. Andrews, balding and besuited, attacking a wheezing old
organ that looked like it might have been running off Camping Gaz. It was
on a small collapsible frame and could have been an optional extra on a
particularly lavish caravan..... much for Barry Andrews' organ. On guitar and vocals Andy Partridge
was a man possessed. He obviously knew as many chords as Seth Mould, but he
played them with real ferocity and I remember remarking that it was amazing
that he didn't break more strings....What impressed me most of all about
Partridge, though, was his voice and his trousers. He performed vocal
gymnastics the like of which I've never heard; swooping, screeching,
growling and generally ripping and stripping the song until it was
practically unrecognisable. Their memorable rendition of 'All along the
Watchtower" would accordingly open with 'The-e-e-eee-ouuuu-there mu-u-u-st
beeeee -grrrr- some wowowowowahey out of hiya-hiya-howwee-hubba-hubba-here'
or gutteral approximations to that effect. Equally impressive were his
strides, which were white with lines of black arrows pointing up the legs
showing the general 'this way to the grotto' direction to his groin. What a

Two steps forward, six steps back.


From: "Andy" <>
Organization: The University of Nottingham
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 15:17:13 GMT0BST
Subject: Re: Jack in the Green
Message-Id: <>

Hi All
Further to all the talk about the Greenman and the sentiments of
River of Orchids, anyone with a liking with these sort of rural
english themes really should pick up Songs From the Wood by Jethro
Tull (1979). I was reminded of this by Peter, as the 2nd song on the
album is "Jack-In-The-Green" - which goes
 "but will these changing times,
 "motorways, powerlines,
 "keep us apart?
 "well i don't think so,
 "i saw some grass growing through the pavement today"

- which is kind of reminiscent of something, i can't put my finger
for warblings of a similar nature, there is an obscure Smiths track
somewhere with "through concrete and clay and general decay, nature
must still find a way".

Sorry about the non-xtc comments, i think Ruud now knows what a
"four-eyed fool" is, and i refuse to pass judgement on dave and
andy's behaviours, cos i have no real facts about what happened at my




Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 12:25:29 EST
Subject: Well, Mr Churchill Says.....

In Digest #142, (too many cooks in the) Lord Kitchener <>

<<"But this could be our finest hour"
<<Colin's reference is to one of the most famous speeches of the 20th
<<century, by Winston Churchill, June 18th 1940, to the English nation
<<regarding the RAF.  "...this was their finest hour."

The reference by Colin is no doubtedly influenced by one of Colin's favorite
bands, The KinKs. Ray Davies also uses the "finest hour' quote in Mr.
Churchill Says on the Kinks' Arthur album.

Also, do any Kinks fans on this list hear a little bit of Sunny Afternoon in
Frivolous Tonight? There are a few lines in Frivolous Tonight where you can
sing, "and I love to live so pleasantly, live this life of luxuary" almost
note for note. I find myself doing this every time I hear FT.

Save me, save me, save me from Difford's SQUEEEEEEZE,
Paul :-)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 09:42:53 -0800
From: Gino Nave <>
Organization: omniman
Subject: The Bubblegum Record

I have a nagging question:  whatever became of the bubblegum record?
Are there actual songs demoed, or did the whole  idea just never get
past the conceptual phase?

I have some old K-Tel records from the 70's which were "assembled" by
the dreaded Don Kirchner, the man who brought us the Monkees (I love the
Monkees!).  Anyway, these records have legitimate hits on them, but it
seems Donny was also padding out the records with some songs from his
stable of unknown artists.  The point is, these songs which are
extremely catchy, are my favorites and are all performed by unknown
groups with strange names.  Picture a whole record with songs like
"Beach Baby", Sugar, Sugar", and "(Wo wo wo) It's Magic" .  You just may
go into a diabetic coma!

Does anyone know if this project will see the light of day?  Will these
ditties ever filter into a proper XTC record?

Just curious


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 21:30:13 +0000
Subject: The Sun's Gone Cold

Dear Chalkers,

Some questions were asked:

> If Admiral Lord Nelson died in Trafalgar in 1805, is he the war hero
> who is represented in the sculpture dedicated to the Trafalgar
> Square, London?

Well, given the fact that this monument is actually called Nelson's
Column i think you are probably right... of  course it is!
don't they teach you kids anything at school nowadays??? :)

And  now... a brief word from our sponsors:

> I can't remember the product, but I've also recently seen an
> annoying use of "Good Day, Sunshine" in a commercial. Ugh.

Kellog's Cornflakes or some other cereal perhaps?
But that's actually very fitting 'cos if i remember correctly John
Lennon was euh... "inspired" by a Kellog's commercial when he wrote
this tune. I think this factoid was mentioned in  "The Beatles", the
authorized bio from 1968.

Then our friend the lovely Cheryl asked:

> If you could have XTC play one song live for you(yes, that is the
> stipulation.  ONE Song) personally, what would you pick?

Mmm... not easy!
If we are talking the current XTC i'd go for The Last Balloon.
But if we are talking about the "old" XTC live animal
(with Dave and Terry) i would prefer Set Myself On Fire

Finally, Brad made an interesting comment:

>... and another Molly-Amanda catfight... which is only slightly less
> pleasurable to think about than Linda!)

My money is on Amanda :)

Speaking of Linda, did anyone else notice the very crude "joke" Andy
made about the late Linda McCartney during the AOL chat?
Somehow this has disappeared from the transcripts but the remains
of his fumbled apology are still there. Now i'm sure i heard it but
in the excitement of getting my own question answered i forgot all
about it... does anybody remember his remark?

yours in xtc,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse


Subject: XTC are now officially PEOPLE
Message-ID: <>
From: Meredith Brechtel <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 17:18:43 EST

Howdy 'Hillians!

Well, you could've knocked me over with a feather.  My patients love to
read People Magazine (and Reader's Digest - what's the connection
there?), so I subscribe.  I was browsing through the new issue that came
yesterday at lunch, and lo and behold, there is a small blurb at the
bottom of page 46 called "talking with...XTC's Andy Partridge".  Mostly a
re-hash of stuff we already know here on the list and a fairly unbecoming
picture of Andy & Colin, but what a lot of exposure!  That magazine is in
all the professional office waiting rooms I've ever been in (doctors,
dentists, etc.).  Plus, how many people subscribe or pick it up at the
grocery store???  It's wonderful to see things like this in places where
you least expect it, when you're not looking for it!

BTW - thank you to the chiropractor who wrote awhile back and said that
he was playing AV1 in his office; I have now done it a few times in my
office (as long as I skip over YD) and have gotten several favorable
comments, especially about Easter Theater.



Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 18:23:07 -0800 (PST)
From: Christie Byun <>
Subject: That nice boy from TVT and other stuff
Message-ID: <>

Hi All,

When I went to the LA Virgin Megastore signing, I talked a bit to Todd
McIntosh, the representative from TVT.  Anyway, he emailed me about my
Chalkhills post, and he offered to send me some posters.  Well, I just got
a package from him today--he sent two Apple Venus posters!  Thank you,
thank you, Todd!  And thanks to TVT for signing XTC and bringing them to
LA for all of us!

You know, AV is such a quiet album.  Turning up the volume gives me a loud
quiet album, but it sounds good on 11 too.  Not exactly The Big Express,
but I can dig it.

The lovely and mucho talented Todd Bernhardt wrote:

> I _knew_ you'd find a way to work Fripp into this digest!  ;^)  Even
> though you've given in to the dark side and embraced the vampiric
> relationship between performer and audient, I'm glad you had fun...

Yes, it is too late for me, my son.  Even Jedi master Fripp cannot save
me now.

And hey, Todd, how about "I'd be your Clinton if you'd be my Monica,

A late commentary on the Chalkhills Children collections.  I am honored
to be associated with such a musically talented group.  I'm truly
impressed by the creative stuff everyone came up with.  I find them to be
even better than the stuff on the Testimonial Dinner album.  Anyway, my
favorites are:

Hands down: Harrison Sherwood.  This guy kicks butt!  I like his versions
even better than the originals.  Harrison, if you're reading this, how
about doing "Always Winter Never Christmas", I'd love to hear your take on
that one.

Randy Posynick's and Paul Carnine's collaborations on "Day in Day Out" and
"Punch and Judy".  That punk rock DIDO just kills me.

Speaking of "Always Winter..."  can some kind soul take some time and
transcribe it for a poor, musically untalented person (me)?  I would
surely appreciate it.  And more on the subject--what are the easiest XTC
songs (if there are any) for a beginning guitarist?  I would welcome any



Message-ID: <009601be7349$0c7d55e0$>
From: "John Thomson" <>
Subject: Gutsy Move!!
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 21:15:15 -0600

Fellow travelers,

I'm absolutely thrilled (and more than just a tad bit late) to announce
that The University of Northern Iowa Public Radio station;
has made AV1 the " Album of the Month"!!! This is probably the most
listened to public station in Iowa (yeah, Iowa!), with translators in all
our biggest cities.

The program director, Al Schares, is a friend of mine, although I see him
only sporadically. When I thanked him for his gutsy move, he replied," It
was a no-brainer. Those guys are fantastic." Well, there ya go. Another
satisfied customer. Drop him a note if you will.

Actually, I can pretty well use all my fingers and most of my toes counting
up fans of the boys here in Cedar Falls and Waterloo, IA. And we're a
feisty bunch, too!

Later, John


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 21:57:25 -0500
From: Jefferson Ogata <>
Subject: Re: Digest format

One unfortunate thing about the chalkhills digest format is that I
can't just put Amanda and Molly in a kill file.

Take it to email for crying out loud.

Jefferson Ogata.  smtp: <>
finger:  ICQ: 19569681  whois:


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 00:08:17 EST
Subject: Breathe, Breathe in the Air...Who Cares?!

First of all, the notion that Andy's breathing at the beginning of "Your
Dictionary" is a "great AV1 moment." ...great? "Clever" at best, maybe. My
favorite exhalation is Roger Waters at the end of "Another Brick in the Wall,
Part I", just before "Mother."

Given that, you can put me in the group who doesn't give an eff-you-see-kay
who else did it, either, least of all a band like AC/DC. (Gee, maybe on their
next album, AC/DC will crunch FOUR DIFFERNENT power chords out of their
Marshall stacks. Maybe even an acoustic number? They're so friggin' original,
the music world is salivating in anticipation. Not like that paint-by-numbers
bore Jason Falkner.)

Wes (Wilson)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 00:20:39 EST
Subject: Amanda B. Reckonedwith

In Chalkhills 143, Amanda wrote:
>Saw the pics of that violinist Dave worked with....God was certainly
>nicer to her than he was to me in the physical dept.

I don't know, Amanda; I saw your photo in the latest The Little Express.
You're cute in a natural way. Playboy tends to throw heavily mammaried,
blonde, airbrushed chix at its audience; they've been doing so since
Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s. This is a magazine that has its musical head
up its ass, publishes John Updike's crap (i.e., everything after _Rabbit,
Run_), and thinks that Leroy Neiman was a great painter.

Wes (Wilson)


Message-ID: <>
Date: 20 Mar 99 20:13:31 PST
From: domenic staffieri <>
Subject: Penny for my thoughts

Well here we go, firstly I like to say that I am truly
fascinated at the devotion you people have for this band.
I have been a fan since 1978 and had the oppurtunity to
see the band in Toronto shortly after. Following "Skylarking",
XTC kind of lost me. I couldn't believe I was listening to
the same band in "Oranges & Lemons" and especially "Nonsuch",
However, since I had heard of an Andy Partridge interview in
CANOE, I eagerly awaiting the release of AV1 and for the record,
After discovering Chalkhills on a search engine, woe is me, I
found myself transfixed to reading all the newsletters over the
last 5 years. I personally wish that Andy and Colin would come
to all your residences and play your favourite XTC song, they owe
it to you.
Keep the faith!Spring is clown.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 10:56:52 +0000
From: B Blanchard <>
Subject: Hanoi Rocks?

Good morning (Sunday!) Yawn.

Someone originally asked (and it so difficult to keep up with who
says what sometimes!)
> One of the great AV 1 moments that no one mentioned before: Andy's
> breathing in at the beginning of Your Dictionary (...) Does anyone
> know other songs which are started this way?

A little known rock band called Hanoi Rocks (they're very little
known amongst my friends anyway!) did one such quiet ballad (and
I can't find it right now so someone may be able to enlighten
me.  It may be on Beer and a Cigarette and the albums all the way
in the other room all the way over there! And I ain't moving!).
Actually the word enlighten leads me to - doesn't Sir Geldof do a
breath thing too on some early Boomtown Rats song or is that just
en-lighting a cigarette.

Our fellow Chalkhiller Neal Buck is over here in London and
yesterday I spent a very pleasant day with him. What a cutie!
Showed him around on the bike (quite the best way to see any
piece of land - see you in November Simon Curtiss and everyone in
NZ!) and then took him home here to Peckham Rye Towers to meet
David and see some XTC videos he had never seen.  And I hadn't
seen them in years either - got them from the Manchester
Conventions way back when.

What fun it is to see some of these.  What gets me is how Andy
says he is quite introverted and shy and hates his videos but on
many of them he is quite quite "Extrovert" on the "All You Pretty
Girls" and brilliant too, really throwing himself into the
character(s) he plays.  Ditto Albert Brown.  Andy seems to be
really enjoying himself.  (However not Colin who always seems
uncomfortable on camera.)   In Dear God Andy was very teasing,
angry of course at the end but teasing and almost threatening as
he walks towards camera..  It's acting goddamit and he can do it
and be himself!

Then again some of my favourite actors are shy creatures who,
being themselves, wouldn't have the courage to stand on stage and
tell a joke in a pub!

Many lists ago some rock video director pleaded for the chance to
direct any video AV1 may produce.  I am sure if Andy were to have
a hand in creating the story with a sympathetic director like our
director who wrote earlier, along with some talented XTC fan
actors (good MORNING!!!!!) such a video would be a joy to see.
After all, Dear God was nominated for 3 MTV awards (yeah, I know,
so what!!)  - but this IS a BUSINESS and now they are more in
charge of their business that control can only spread to video
production too.  Yet I know I know videos are expensive to
produce but they need not be.  So what about doing a home video
type demo thing number (coffee hasn't cooked in me yet so I can't
think of the right words) which could be just as artistic, and
show that?  Business is business and videos do so often help
sales.  So there!

I met Neal Buck in a pub.  How would we recognise each other?  I
told him I would be carrying a black helmet,  and he?  He had
three beautiful peacock feathers for me.  Of course being thick I
walked straight past this subtle AV1 cover clue and looked at
several other single men sitting alone! What a tart!

Anyhow, a pleasant day and Neal's still in London for a few days
so doesn't know I'm writing this about the sweet boy.  Don't tell

I mean, does anyone else have or admit to having Hanoi Rocks in
their collection?

OK, bye bye!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 07:22:42 -0500
From: Todd and Jennifer Bernhardt <>
Subject: A purple prod


Thank goodness the rate of digests seems to be slowing down a bit. It's
been hard to keep up.

From Lady Plum:
> Gregsy likes Teletubbies. Betcha didn't know that!

He wouldn't be partial to Tinky-Winky, would he? Does he keep his French
trombone in-hand whilst watching?  ;^)


> >How the hell would he have survived the last
> >23 years without one?
> I dunno, I think I've done pretty good for 21 years without one. (Or a
> large one at least.)

Is it just me, or should Amanda provide a little more context for her
quotes and replies?

Hoping she gets a large one soon,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 10:17:08 -0500
Organization: Fano Guitars
Subject: Fano Guitars Update


We are pleased to let you know about the addition of Colin Moulding of
XTC to the Fano Guitars artist list. You can view pictures of Colin with
his Thinline Bass on the Colin Moulding Artist Page.  From there you can
link to the Guitar Gallery to see a picture with a list of specs for the

As always, you can see photos of Andy Partridge, Dave Gregory and Ed
Robertson with their Fano guitars, and David Yazbek with his Fano

Please visit our guestbook and sign up for our mailing list.



Message-Id: <v03007800b31ac86ef7ec@[]>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 11:15:45 -0500
From: Erich Walther <>
Subject: In my living room?

XYC in my living room (or whatever) for ONE song: Andy, Colin, Dave and
Terry, after a lovely curry and a few pints would launch into "English
Roundabout" and then Dave and Andy would painstakingly show me how to play
the thing while Terry gets tanked and starts hitting on the wife and Colin
goes through my record collection (BTW, 'ER' is the one ditty that I'd like
to see transcribed at Chalkhills Central - anyone up to it?)

Ken, your misheard lyric tops the list! "Pick the deli, suckass"???  I can
only offer "but I can't Top Her" which is what I always hear and adds a
kind of double edge irony to the rest of the lyric.

Back to house painting,

Erich in Ottawa


Message-ID: <>
From: "Kristen Reed" <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #5-143 (or, What an Unimaginative Subject-Line!)
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 09:00:18 PST

Hiya 'hillers!

Just finished a week of moving, and am just getting caught up w/the
plethora of old Digests.  I keep thinking about doing that in-depth
review of all the glory that is _AV1_, but then I figure I've got too
much to say, and that I will, therefore, spare you guys the exegesis (I
can almost hear your collective sigh of relief).  Just thought I'd
comment on a few posts here:

(All posts are from Chalkhills Digest #5-143)

From:"Carlo" <>
>>I have been an XTC fan since 1979 after hearing Go2 (at the age of
20)I saw them play live twice in 1980 (they were a bit of a
disappointment really, their support band, Magazine, were a much better
sounding live act)<<
Lucky bastard, at least you got to see them live! Or maybe not-so-lucky?
This guy I know claims to have seen them open for the Police in the
early 80's somewhere in Ohio(I don't remember offhand if there was such
a tour - I'll cop to having been too lazy to refer to either of my XTC
books on that one), and he insists that they (XTC) weren't very good,
either.  I told him it didn't matter, Andy was such a *hottie* then! <g>
Yum, yum, gimme some!

>Subject: One Live Song
>>Cheryl asked in chalk 141:  "If you could have XTC play one song live
for you(yes,that is the stipulation.  ONE Song) personally, what
would you pick?"<<
I think I'd melt in a puddle of indecision.

>From: Ken Sanders <>
>Subject: misheard lyric, my turn!!
>>I swear that the first chorus of RoO said "I heard the dandelions
What a scream! That may be one of the best yet. (BTW, is anyone
compiling these things?) ROO seems to be rife w/misheard lyrics.  I
myself thought Andy was exhorting us all to "take a packet of seeds, get
yourself a toupee..." Not to mention my consternation at Colin's
seemingly puzzling statement that "a man must have his sh*t to keep him

>From: Todd and Jennifer Bernhardt <>
>Subject: Frippery
>>Would anyone like to help me and my family move this week? Thought
not. --Todd<<
I feel for you.  Just spent a week moving myself b/w 2 cities that're
about 3 hours apart.  Many is the time I wanted to push my car from the
road & frolic w/the dandelions instead! You poor souls....

Later 'gators,


End of Chalkhills Digest #5-144

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