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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 142

                  Friday, 19 March 1999

Today's Topics:

                   The Lovely Linda...
          Aharghh... you have a drummers legs...
               it fair brightened up my day
                    YAZBEK TOUR DATES!
                       YAZBEK SUCKS
               First Post-XTC in the Street
                     To Dom and David
                        a request
                  yet more on beauty...
                 misheard lyric - yum yum
                  Re: Andy's Dictionary
         Winston Churchill in "Frivolous Tonight"
           I just feel like taking up bandwidth
          D-U-M-B, is that how you spell Dunks?
                   Thanks and bye-bye!
              Re: The Dukes of Stratosphear
     Los Angeles radio interview with Andy and Colin


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It's in the look they give you down their nose.


Message-ID: <>
From: Greg Marrs <>
Subject: stopmeifyou'veheardthisonebefore
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 10:14:55 -0500

Took great delight in discovering that AV1 is THE featured title on today, 3/18.
Here's their promo blurb:

There have been a lot of changes in the
musical climate since 1992, which is when
XTC released its last all-new studio effort.
However, their brand of cerebral, melodic pop
never goes out of style. Even after a
seven-year hiatus, XTC sounds as fresh and
relevant today as it did when it broke through
two decades ago. No matter when it comes
out, a song like "Your Dictionary" is gonna be cool.

Greg Marrs
Features Editor
"Memory believes before knowing remembers.
Believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing even wonders."
--William Faulkner


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 10:15:28 EST
Subject: The Lovely Linda...

Anyone interested in checking out Linda, the violinist Dave did the session
with, can check out to find out more about her - in
fact, you can find out a *lot* about her, courtesy of her Playboy shots.

Of course, posting this is probably unnecessary, because like me, upon
hearing the words "Swedish model" every other male Chalkhillian between the
ages of 9 and dead immediately Yahoo'd themselves crazy, looking for
pictures! I think #5-140 will be simply postings of the same URL. (That and
another Molly-Amanda catfight... which is only slightly less pleasurable to
think about than Linda!)

Refraining from the obvious "Omnibus"-inspired jokes,


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 16:26:46 +0000
From: Philip Lawes <>
Subject: Aharghh... you have a drummers legs...

On the AV2 drummer debate I now read from various sources that AP
favours Dave Mattocks and/or hasn't decided yet on the new drummer but
says that it isn't going to be Prairie Prince.  In Todd Bernhardt's
excellent 'Modern Drummer' interview (see Chalkhills) Andy seems to
suggest that at least a few of the drum tracks for the songs on AV2 are
already in the can with Prairie behind the kit:

>TB: "Church of Women" - are you keeping that on the album?

>AP: Yeah, but I don't know if that's going to make the first record or the
>second at the moment. We haven't even edited his drum takes on that yet,
>so I can't really tell you any more about that.

I believe that the Article predates the Difford affair, so am I right in
thinking that the tapes seized by Mr. Difford contain some of the
Prairie Prince drum tracks for AV2?  Thinking about it it's unlikely as
PPs drumming certainly made it onto AV1, but it would be interesting to
know whether there's anything irreplaceable on the tapes - there must be
a lot of Dave Gregory if nothing else.  BTW the same article says that
it's the Prince's legs that are being slapped on 'I'd Like That' rather
than the amateur legs of Andy (perhaps to preserve the feel of the demos
Prairie could have slapped Andy's legs?)

Mitch Friedman wrote:
>I recently wrote Andy a letter urging him to speak with Dave very soon and
>hash this stuff out between the two of them, no matter how maddening it
>will be for both men.

Thanks Mitch, you're the voice of reason as always.  Despite being
guilty of this in a past post (and, bugger, I'm bringing it up again now
aren't I) it's now got to be the time to put the Andy vs. Dave debate to
bed.  The only solution to the matter will be the one that they arrive
at between themselves and nothing we say here matters a jot.  To
paraphrase (I think) Borges the debate on this list is beginning to
remind me of two bald men fighting over a comb.

Having given the album a few listens it strikes me that it's an obvious
candidate for the Mercury Music Prize.  Not only is it a collection of
songs that are easily accessible but with considerable depth to them but
is also a true orchestral recording (the orchestral arrangements are at
the heart of the songs rather than painted over the top later).  From
memory the Mercury shortlist usually includes one or two classical
albums, although none has so far won.  Apple Venus would surely be in a
position to garner votes from the classical and pop ends of the judging
panel, or may at least (to be cynical) emerge as a compromise choice and

Is there anybody at Cooking Vinyl with an opinion as to how likely a
nomination is? I know that the prize is awarded in September but I've no
idea of  who decides what's nominated.

Highlights of AV1 on my last listen before I turn it off for a week or
so (to let it settle more deeply into my subconscious);

I now hear ROO like a musical traffic jam;  the first couple of looped
brass phrases sound just like four London Taxis at a red light, while
the muted trumpets (beep, Beeep, BEEEEP, BEEPBEEPBEEP) are three reps in
Ford Mondeo's arriving at a mini-roundabout at the same time.  Also the
stereo panning and arrangement remind me of assorted urban traffic

The guitar-turmoil in parts of  'Fruit Nut'.  That and the starey-eyed

The slightly dissonant woodwind (oboe?)  at the end of 'I Can't Own
Her'.  Anybody with an opinion on whether that's Mike Batt or AP? (I
haven't heard the demos).



Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 09:20:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Christie Byun <>
Subject: it fair brightened up my day
Message-ID: <>

Hi All,

Hey, let's have some more LA signing posts, eh?  Or any signing posts in
general, I just love reading them.

I've been listening to AV over and over again and all I can say is that
it's too short!  I keep having to hit the repeat after what, only 50
minutes!  I need more!

I'm happy to have met Andy and Colin at the LA signing.  I suppose it's
silly of me to say so, since it's difficult for them to remember anyone
out of the many people they see every day, but it was great to finally see
in person the people responsible for all the music I love so much.  I
guess it's a frippy thing where my attitudes and expectations have more to
do with me than anything to do with them.  But what the hey, I liked it!

Think happy thoughts.

"Well, maybe we didn't learn anything.  But we had a good time!"
      --The Tick


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 11:05:10 -0700
From: "Jillian Jenkins" <>

Yazbek is doing a residency at Baby Jupiter's in New York City for the next
few months.  Show your support and go check out Yazbek.

Jillian Jenkins
What Are Records?

3/25  Thurs.   New York, NY    Baby Jupiter's 9:00PM   $5.00  21+
4/29  Thurs.   New York, NY    Baby Jupiter's 9:00PM   $5.00  21+
5/27  Thurs.   New York, NY    Baby Jupiter's 9:00PM   $5.00  21+
6/24  Thurs.   New York, NY    Baby Jupiter's 9:00PM   $5.00  21+


Message-Id: <v02140b00b316efe34646@[]>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 13:10:12 -0500
From: (Yazbek)

That's Sucks as in "Sucks-eeds in becoming a musical theatre nerd".
Alright, alright-- thanks for the many concerned e-mails from Chalkhillians
concerning the  blurb in Variety about the Full Monty musical.  The
answers-- 1. Yes, I am doing it.  At least until they come to their senses.
2. No, I have no idea why they asked me. 3. Yes, Partridge has heard at
least two songs from it.  He told me he likes them,  but then he's always
sucking up to me trying to steal ideas and silverware. 4. Fuck you. 5. YES,
O'CLOCK. 6. Yes, but without the harness.
God Bless Relph.
Relph Bless God.
Please unsubscribe me.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 10:13:33 -0800
From: Gino Nave <>
Organization: omniman
Subject: First Post-XTC in the Street

Hi to All

This is my first post to the list, but first I would like to thank
everyone here for being the glue that held the XTC fan base together
through all of those lean years .

Before I comment on the new record, I have a minor, but pretty cool
incident to relay.  I live in San Francisco and while walking to work at
about 9am this Monday, I passed this place called Cafe Prague (on
Pacific & Kearny).  As I hurried by, my ears were walloped with the
chorus of "Easter Theatre."  After I picked myself up off the ground, I
rationalized that maybe they were playing the radio and for some
un-Godly reason this song was playing on a local station.  Fast forward
3 hours later, I pass by again and stop in for an iced tea and "Wake Up"
is playing on the sound system!  Keep in mind, this is San Francisco
where a cafe's Oh-So-Cool Factor is measured by the staff's remoteness
and by how terribly hip its music is.  God forbid they should be playing
a POP GROUP from the 80's.  What will the style police think?  Sarcasm
aside, it was great to sit in a cafe and listen to the entire AV
record.  Seems they had been playing XTC discs all day.  If you live in
SF, go to this place and buy a beer or something!

About AV:  Without sounding like a gushing fan, I truly believe it is
the best record of the decade.  Maybe it is the lack of good Pop out
there, but I have not been into a record like this since I was a giddy
teen listening to Yes and Rush LPs (of all things!).  There is an
honesty in AV that is more apparent than other XTC records.  Todd
Rundgren once said of Andy (paraphrase):  He tends to rub the listeners
nose into his cleverness.  There are moments where I agree.  The Big
Express has lots of too-clever clanking going on.  With AV Andy seems to
have shed the urge to tweak the listeners nose all the time.  It is a
VERY honest record and the stripped down organic nature suits the songs
well.  Have you ever heard a better line than "That longing look you
gave me?"  It encapsulates lost love like an entire library of sonnets.

I could go on, but will save these ramblings for another time.



Message-ID: <>
From: Steve Sims <>
Subject: tidbits
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 10:17:21 -0800

10 extra points to Andy for being the first to use "vichyssoise" in a song.

And might I suggest "Apple Venus 2:  Swollen Summer Moon."



Message-ID: <>
From: "Miller, Ed" <>
Subject: To Dom and David
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 11:31:51 -0600


Would you PLEASE take your petty bickering off-line please.  I'm sick
and tired of your childish clutter taking up space in the digest.  If
there were even a remote reference to XTC I'd give you the benefit of
the doubt, but your bantering back and forth now just looks like a way
for both of you to show off.

I, personally, am not impressed with either of you.




Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 09:35:38 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <>
From: DCB-MBB <>
Subject: a request

could we have a courtesy flush, please?
this whole Andy/Dave thing is starting to REEK. . .


Debora Brown


Message-ID: <FBDF04743A94D21197E700A0C9AADB8D09B44C@GRLNT01>
From: Paul Henly <>
Subject: Englishness
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 17:03:38 -0000

Being a Chalkhills virgin (are you allowed to mention that word/label?),
I am amused by some of the subjects currently under debate, especially
discussion of XTCs 'Englishness'. Examples being 'Strawberry Fool',
'Four Eyed Fool', Lord Nelson etc. With XTC being so popular overseas it
must be difficult for some fans to get to grips with some of XTC's
lyrics. By the way, in 'The Last Balloon' it's 'winos sliding down'.
'Easter Theatre' being released as a single at Easter? XTC cashing in on
a religious festival, whatever next!!!
I'm off to spray my buds, bye.


Message-ID: <>
From: "monsieur creekbird" <>
Subject: XTCNLA
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 13:25:35 PST

Hello to all!
My LA signing experience:
I waited two hours in which time i drank alot of coffee.  Therefore by
the time i got up to the guys, let's just say i felt 'weird'.  Andy gave
me a grape, signed my 25 O'Clock record (along with AV1) and I took a
nifty picture of the two of them with my 3D camera (which Colin found
interesting).  Oh, and i gave them some CDs of my homemade music (hey,
why not?).  It was quite a nice experience, albeit strangely surreal.
Somehow it reminded me of the cafeteria line in elementary school.  MOO!
Best song on AV1 hands down:  EASTER THEATRE!!
Colin's songs are great, too.  Especially since i'm not a big fan of
some of his older tunes (e.g. smartest monkeys (BLEECH!!)).
Overall it is a wonderful record that leaves me wanting more!

sincerely, creekbird

sidenote: my little sis was in town and we got to go see Julian Lennon
on the Tonight Show.  His new record is quite splendid!


Message-ID: <900822C71730D2118D8C00805F65765C48195B@EINSTEIN>
From: Jill Oleson <>
Subject: yet more on beauty...
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 16:28:59 -0600

I've waited a while to write this because I wanted to consider
very carefully my response and to choose my words well.
I was deeply moved by Pancho Artecona's comment on
"being ugly."  It took the discussion of the acceptance of beauty
in our contemporary world in a direction I could not foresee.  It made
me regret that I used "beautiful people" as my only example of the
contrast of beauty and ugliness in our global society.

When I wrote the post that originated this thread, I actually was
thinking primarily of architecture.  The ugliness of my home town's
new convention center is a constant source of irritation for me
and I wish that the architect had considered the concept of
beauty for at least an instant before ink was put to paper,
and mortar was put to stone.

Although we use the term "beauty" in regard to music, we really
do not use the term "ugly."  We may say "atonal," "discordant,"
and so on, but those concepts can be used beautifully--as so well
demonstrated by the first two XTC albums, for example.  Perhaps
the biggest insult we can hurl at music (or any art) is to simply
call it "stupid."

There are two primary decision points when something either
beautiful, or ugly, or somewhere in-between can enter into our
cultural consciousness:
1.  When the work is created (by the artist).
2.  When the work is distributed (often by a company).

Frankly, both are problematic.  If an artist chooses not to explore
an idea because it is too different from an established body of
work, then the artist has self-limited creativity out of fear of what
others might think.  An example of this is when an artist decides
not to explore making something beautiful out of fear that it will
not be considered cool.

When a company decides not to support an artistic effort
because it is concerned about how that work might be received
by the money-spending public, then it has done a real disservice
to both the artist and the public.  While a company must obviously
balance expenditures with profits, continuing to flood the market
with senseless pablum rather than to support the output of truly
creative minds is... well, you decide for yourself.


Jill Oleson
Austin, Texas

NOTE:  I can't help but smirk at Dom referring to me as
"increasingly godlike."  It immediately brought to mind an
image of the Venus of Willendorf.  (Hey, I have a mirror, man!)
For an illustration, see:


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 17:39:55 -0500
From: Rob Hill <>
Subject: Obheard

Add this to the misheard lyrics antheap:

"The Wheel and the Maypole." My girlfriend came into the room just as
Andy launches gaily into the "Maypole" bit. She stopped in her tracks,
wondering what sort of horribly demented nursery rhyme I was listening
to. She thought he was saying "napalm."

The song has taken on an entirely new meaning ever since.



Message-ID: <002a01be7159$2165cba0$>
From: "Steven Paul" <>
Subject: misheard lyric - yum yum
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 16:04:52 -0000

Someone asked,

> What are some of your better misheard lyrics from AV1?

I hear this from Easter Theater:

Stage left
Enter Easter egg and she's dressed in yum yum.

Just being Frivolous tonight.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 15:17:54 -0800
From: Dan Duncan <>
Subject: Re: Andy's Dictionary said in his/her post:
"...I'm bemused by the universalassumption that Your Dictionary is about
Andy's marriage break-up.  My own first reaction on hearing the song was
that he was writing about the band's long-running dispute with Virgin
Records and all the small humiliations that this entailed"

thank you for that post! that was the first thing i thought when i heard
that song too. i didn't know andy went through a divorce so it never
occurred to me. i joined this list the same week (or so) that av1 came
out and read all these posts referring to d-i-v-o-r-c-e and that song
and thought "ooohhhh......i get it. now it's clear as childrens'
chalklines on the pavement!" then i felt silly, like when you trip over
your own feet but luckily no one saw.
my favorite song today is "towers of london"

victoria's gem,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 21:55:58 EST
Subject: Winston Churchill in "Frivolous Tonight"

Colin sings:

"But this could be our finest hour"

Colin's reference is to one of the most famous speeches of the 20th
century, by Winston Churchill, June 18th 1940, to the English nation
regarding the RAF.  "...this was their finest hour."

I'm guessing the speech was given after the Battle of Dunkirk.

Thank you, and good night,

Lord Kitchener


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 21:14:55 EST
Subject: I just feel like taking up bandwidth

Some people just like hearing the sound of their own posts - like me!

1. Why is there so much hiss at the beginning of "River Of Orchids?"  The
rest of the album sounds so good!

2. "Easter Theater" is about as close as Andy's come to a perfect song.
It's poetry set to music!  But I have a hard time with the phrase "yellow
yolk."  It just doesn't roll off the tongue very well, being that the
accent is on "-low."

3. I wish I was a buddy of Andy's, and he had asked me my opinion of "Your
Dictionary" when it was still a demo.  This could have been one of the
greatest songs ever written about breaking up in general, except for two
things.  First, the phrase "four-eyed fool" makes the song specifically
about him.  Second, the ending makes the song specifically about a divorce,
and not just a generic breakup.  If he had changed these two items, the
song might have had more mass appeal, and he might not have felt like he
was reopening old wounds by singing it.

4. Paul and John eventually made up, but lord knows they stabbed each other
in the press for a few years.  Give Andy and Dave time (yes, another XTC-
Beatles connection).

5.  When I heard the demo for "Greenman," I hated the fact that the opening
woodwind part repeated throughout the entire song.  Thank God that someone
had the sense to ditch that idea!  Now I think the song sounds great!

6. The addition of percussion to "I Can't Own Her" improves the song
dramatically for me over the demo!

7. I like Colin's songs on AV1, but it took me a while because they stick
out like clowns at a funeral.

8. Why am I numbering these?

9. Can someone at Cooking Vinyl tell us why they are putting the demo for
"Easter Theatre" as the bonus track on the single, instead of a demo of one
of the rejected songs?  My vote would have been for "Bumper Cars."  I think
that song is great, but I knew from day one that it was never going to end
up on an XTC album.

10. I truly wish that "Easter Theatre" had been allowed to come to a
complete end without being crossfaded into "KISK."

11. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is GOOD beer!

J. D. Mack


Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 14:31:38 +1000
From: Duncan Kimball <>
Subject: D-U-M-B, is that how you spell Dunks?
Message-Id: <>

Hi Chalksies!

I herewith address diverse topics, beginning with Brian Hancill
<>, who wrote:

>I only joined this list after buying AV1 and I'm bemused by the universal
>assumption that Your Dictionary is about Andy's marriage break-up.

With all due respect, Brian, it's more than an assumption. Andy has
referred to it quite specifically in several recent interviews, and
leaves little room for doubt that YD is primarily about his marriage
breakup. After all, he doesn't want his kids to hear it, and I doubt
it's the cussing that he's worried about.

Of course Andy seldom restricts himself to one level of meaning, so
obviously this is one of several songs he's written which also touch on
the Virgin brouhaha ("Ship Trapped In The Ice" etc). It could equally
apply to Dave's leaving the group

>Evidence? Well the song does contain the word "Virgin", and the "Now that I
>can speak/see/hear" lyric seems to fit the scenario of a guy finally free
>after a long period when he wasn't able to express himself.

Sometimes my dumbness amazes me - I hadn't actually connected the
"Virgin Mary" line to Virgin. D'oh! Good call, Brian. (Funny how
Virgin's ex-boss's first name was Dick ...)



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I beg you all - let's make an end to all this
blarney about Andy and his supposed ego, and what he and Dave do or do
not think of or say about each other or what anyone else thinks about it
all. IT'S BORING. I'm sorry but it's about as interesting as a
documentary about fishing. Dave has left the band. He's happy; Andy's
happy. GET OVER IT!


Positively My LAST word about ego - if you want to see a real ego in
action, call a professional. Like.... Morrissey. Now, I love his work in
The Smiths and elsewhere, but he is by all reports an utter, utter
bastard. Over the years I have heard or read many, many reports
detailing his legendary temper tanties and assorted nastiness. One
notable pasting emerged from the lawsuit brought against him and Marr
brought by former Smiths drummer Mike Joyce. The presiding judge gave
our Mozzer a right bollocking, describing him as "devious, truculent and
unreliable". Morrisey, for his part, described Joyce and (ex-Smiths'
bass player) Andy Rourke as "replaceable as parts of a  broken-down
lawnmower". Nice guy. Joyce won the case on appeal, with (potentially) a
#1 million-plus payout. Unfortunately the hapless Rourke settled out of
court for a pathetic #83,000 and according to Q-Online has recently
declared himself bankrupt. (D'oh!). Moz is reported to be worth about #8


A metaphorical query - I haven't been to London, especially not to visit
the Queen (die you old bag!) and thus am a little confused by Andy's
imagery in ROO:

    "I heard the dandelions roar in Piccadilly Circus"

Apart from evoking yet more images of things revolving around a big pole
(phwooarh!) I sort of assumed that Andy may be referring to those big
lion statues, but ... my understanding is that they are at the base of
Nelson's Column (wah-hey!) in Trafalgar Square, not in Picadilly. And
what is the statue on the column there - Mercury? Am I totally off-beam
here? Can anyone enlighten my colonial ignorance?


While we're on figures of speech ...  I thought Friday was going to be a
pleasant end to the week until Michael Versaci evoked this terrifying

>And what about The Beatles?  People will argue until they are
>blue-in-the-face over their technical abilities, but would anybody say that
>they (apart from Paul on the bass) were virtuosos?  They were not, and yet
>if you put Pat Metheny and Eddie Van Halen on Guitars, Omar Hakim on drums,
>Tony Levin on bass and Freddie Mercury, (don't e-mail me and tell me he's
>dead!) Elton John and Al Jarreau on vocals and had this "band" recreate a
>handful of Beatle records note-for-note, would it be "better" than The

Echhhh! Bleeechhh! Blaaarggh! I've just been sick all over the keyboard.
Who would even contemplate doiing something like that? (Except those
guys from Presley's band, of course.Gawd, that sounds awful).


Geniuses.... hmmm... (should that be Genii?)

Yeah yeah ...Lenny Da Vinci was a cool guy .. Einstein? Right clever -
but look at all the trouble he got us into ... Hawking? Bloody good at
maths, that's for sure.

Personally, I go for the people who don't get the kudos, like Edwin H.
Armstrong. Who? Well ... Armstrong pretty much created radio and TV as
we know it; he invented the Regenerative Circuit (the first radio
amplifier) in 1913, when he was only 22, invented the Superheterodyne
Circuit, (the basic circuit still used in 98 percent of all radio and
television receivers) in 1918 and - believe it or not - invented the
complete FM System in 1933. That guy was a GENIUS. Yet almost nobody
knows about him. (If you're interested there's a great Armstrong site at

As for Andy ... well, I don't imagine that he would be any more
comfortable with the 'genius' tag than was Brian Wilson, who said: "I'm
not a genius - I'm just a hard-working guy.".

But they're both bloody good, aren't they?


Finally (and pardon me if this is off-topic, and old news)  I just got
the new edition of Q (well, new in the sense that it only just got to
Oz) and was very saddened to learn of the death of the brilliant pianist
Kenny Kirkland. Kenny was of course was a long-time member of Sting's
backing band, and more recently a member of the Tonight Show band with
Branford Marsalis. Having seen him several times live I can attest to
what a truly amazing player he was. Unfortunately it appears that he had
been using heroin, and died of an overdose at his home in late November
last year. A sad loss.

Well that's  a cheery thought to go out on, eh?

have a nice weekend



Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 08:23:52 -0500
From: Emerson Shiff <>
Subject: Thanks and bye-bye!

I've read the Chalkhills posts every day since the XTC in-store signing
in LA and I've gotten some useful info from it. It repeats a lot so I
wish you all the best. If any LA XTC fans want to trade tapes (or I'll
make you tapes, it's not like my time is that valuable), send me an
e-mail at At the URL below there's a review of
the new CD on page 6, a story on seeing them in person on page 2, and a
big career perspective thing on page 15(2).

Some last comments: This digest should be edited a lot more to keep it
new and relevant. Maybe topics should be suggested and then members can
write about it for special digests. There's a lot of knowledgeable fans
here and the digest can be a lot more than diary entries on where people
were when they saw a TV ad for Apple Venus. As far as Andy trashing
Dave, there's no excuse for it, and anyone who defends Andy is being
overly protective of a grown man who should have a LOT  more class about
it. Don't worry, Andy won't stop recording if you rightly tell him to
act like an adult. He's not a cult either. Expect more from your heroes,
that's all. Good luck and all that!

Old Punks Web Zine


Message-ID: <002201be71ca$f4b6b660$26010101@hodad>
From: "david robson" <>
Subject: Re: The Dukes of Stratosphear
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 16:36:39 +1100 wrote....

Just got the Dukes CD "Chips From The Chocolate Fireball" (anthology).
One of my new favorite CD's.
Always loved The Mole From The Ministry, and thought it was by Klaatu.
The Dukes are brilliant. Hopefully fan interest, can resurrect them.
If any Seattle area XTC tribute bands need a guitarist, give me a call

****** That's a very interesting idea. I mentioned in an earlier post that I
had talked about AV1 on the Klaatu mailing list and a few of them had gone
off and purchased it and posted some very complimentary things about Andy's
songwriting. The first thing I did when I connected to the internet in 1996
was to do a search of my favorite bands, and Klaatu and XTC were the first
two (along with Dodgy, The La's etc.).
    The parallels between Klaatu and XTC are quite scary really. For those
who don't know the full story, Klaatu broke big time in 1977 on the back of
the "Klaatu are the Beatles" rumour that was instigated by an article
written by Rhode Island reporter Steve Smith. Smith indicated that Klaatu's
debut album entitled 3.47EST had no writing credits, and that the songs bore
an uncanny resemblence to a very popular 1960's band from Liverpool,
England. On contacting Capitol records, Smith was referred to Klaatu's
manager who refused to either confirm or deny his client's identities. The
fact that the album was released on Capitol (the Beatles U.S label) only
heightened the rumour and the album eventually went on to sell a million
copies worldwide.

Eventually the band were identified as 3 musicians from Toronto, Canada.
John Woloschuk - vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, Dee Long - Guitar,
keyboards, vocals and Terry Draper - drums, vocals. After they
were"unmasked" the public backlash relegated their albums to bombs that even
the superb "Hope" (1977) could not overcome. Capitol eventually ended up
being unable to pigeonhole them into a major selling act (sound familiar?)
and they split after recording their last album "Magentalane" in 1981.

I don't have The Dukes at the moment but am going to pick up a copy online.
I'm looking forward to some "new XTC" to go with my AV1.

Finally, how about we give the Andy/Dave battle a break for awhile. All
these tings ever achieve is the shifting of alliances with either artist and
they do not right any wrongs. What's done is done, however many of us might
wish it otherwise. Band's break up all the time and this is simply another
example of a parting of the ways. Dave's work exists on all those XTC
albums, so listen to them and be thankful for what was, rather than for what
may never be again.

For any who want to check out the official Klaatu web site go to

Dave Robson


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Subject: Los Angeles radio interview with Andy and Colin
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 23:41:03 -0800

Los Angeles radio interview with Andy and're welcome,
Victor Rocha


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