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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 124

                   Monday, 8 March 1999

Today's Topics:

                       Peckham Rose
            Web Page for NYC Signing Last Week
              more on AV1's Soundscan total
                   Re: Spatial Panning
                      Perfect Beauty
                     Batt Out Of Hell
                  Greenman vs. Spoonman
RE: Copyright Infringement Is Your Best Entertainment Value -- NOT!
                Wombling Free Association
                 Re: "not up for debate"
                     Vinyl in America
              In Loving Memory Of AV2's Name
                        I'm sorry
       Enter lurker and he's dressed in thin socks
                   XTC in Guitar Player
                   Barry's Brew on Go2?
                 An Absent Point Of View
                   A new message board
R-I-C-K. Is that how we spell "jerk" in our dictionaries?
              2 Copies of JAPANESE LTD. ED.
                     Lyric Laughables


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Got to keep away diseases.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 11:18:21 +0000
From: B Blanchard <>
Subject: Peckham Rose

I think the postings are backlogged quite considerably.  I'm
sending this 11.20am Saturday 6th March.  I'm still waiting for a
posting to appear I sent about 5 days ago!

Anyhow, to reply to:

If XTC were not going to call their next album "Apple Venus Vol.  2," what
phrase or word from the lyrics to "Apple Venus Vol. I" would make a good

I would say The Peckham Rose.  Peckham needs some good publicity!



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 08:44:48 EST
Subject: Web Page for NYC Signing Last Week

In what seemed like a longer wait than the average XTC disc, AOL finally
let me know how to publish a web page with their "new" web publisher (they
change it every month or so, just to keep us guessing).

Anyway, 8 pictures and a SELF-PORTRAIT of Andy (and Andy's sketch of Colin,
because Colin claimed he can't draw) can be found at:

And while on Long Island, don't forget to visit CD WAREHOUSE in Rockville
Centre, Wantagh & Huntington Station...sorry shameless plug for my stores.
They do have pretty window displays of Apple Venus, though!
Doug M.


Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 10:03:19 -0500 (EST)
From: "Davidson P. O'Connell" <>
Subject: more on AV1's Soundscan total
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.96.990306095419.16352A-100000@coyote>

hi chalkhillians!

>13,543 units scanned enters billboard chart at #106

and this is out of 75,000 units, which is the number of copies that TVT
shipped out to record stores (according to the TVT college radio rep that
i spoke to.)  considering TVT's status as an independent label, this is a
pretty good first-week chart showing.  some of you might look at the
number #106 and be disappointed, but the album would've had to sell out
its entire initial shipment to even crack the top 30.  all things
considered, i think TVT is doing a nice job with what is a roundly
uncommercial record.

dave o'connell


Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: Spatial Panning
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 02:55:46 -0500

P@ul wrote:

> Well, speaking of "systems" (as I sorta was): who's tried AV1 in headphones
> yet?  Try it, it's absolutely, orgasmically awesome.  This album,
> beautifully mixed as it has been by the under-sung Nick Davis, is *made*
> for a blissed-out listening experience in the cans. For instance, check the
> clever spatial panning of Andy's multi- tracked vocals in "Orchids" -
> stunning...

My favorite headphone moment is at the end of "The Last Balloon"...I swear
the fadeout sounds just like the music is drifting up and away, off to one
side, as if the music itself were the balloon disappearing.  It's more than
just an average fadeout -- a fine and subtle touch.

-- Francis Heaney

"I've got a spine, so I can move around"
   -- Stereolab


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 14:37:55 +0100
From: jan bletz <>
Subject: Perfect Beauty

NRC Handelsblad,one of the leading Dutch newspapers reviewed AV 1 the other
day. They liked it, but did mention AP's songs tend to have too many
muscial/lyrical ideas and hope AV2 will be less polished than AV1 and its
'perfect beauty'.

Jan Bletz (perfect beauty is perfect with me)


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 17:23:25 +0000
Subject: Batt Out Of Hell

Dear Chalkers,

Our learned and esteemed friend Paul C. asked:

> And finally, what has Apple Venus Volume 1 in common with The
> Wombles?

Mike Batt!
yours in xtc,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse


Message-ID: <>
From: "Steve Stearns" <>
Subject: Greenman vs. Spoonman
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 08:57:07 PST

Regarding the Greenman Vs. Spoonman thread:

They'll battle it out throughout 1999 until Crimson's 21st Century
Schizoid Man kicks both their asses. (arses?)

Frippily yours,



Message-ID: <00be01be67ff$11d13fc0$99ca2599@g00g0>
From: "Gary Williams" <>
Subject: RE: Copyright Infringement Is Your Best Entertainment Value -- NOT!
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 10:28:01 -0800

On Tue, 02 Mar 1999 00:16:17 -0800, Matt Keeley wrote:

>One of the common arguments about sampling is that it is a form of
>plagarism -- however, if sampling is plagarism, that means that most
>folk music is plagarism as well, as folk music takes bits of music
>from other songs to make a new song (check out Negativland's essay
>"Fair Use" available on their website and in the book of the same
>name).  It may even be said that XTC themselves are guilty of this
>sort of plagarism, as looking through Song Stories, the band
>themselves said many of the songs were meant to sound like other
>artists, and following such, it's likely that they may have copped a
>couple of riffs here and there.  Does that make them any less
>creative?  No, because even though Shiny Cage, for example, sounds
>like Revolver-era Beatles (I could place the songs but I don't have
>my copy of Revolver handy), however, it is NOT one of the songs on
>Revolver.  Colin did not merely erase "Lennon/McCartney" from the
>sheet music and write in "Colin Moulding".  It is its own work.

Don't take this personally Matt, but you're in way over your head here.
First, sampling is indeed plagiarism -- when the sampler neglects to obtain
authorization from the copyright owner of the work being sampled.
Beginning in the UK back in 1711 with the Statute of Anne, governments
recognized the need to insure that works of artistic achievement were
important to the development of modern society.  In order to promote
artistic creativity, the Statute of Anne offered creators of art the
opportunity to benefit financially from the commercial exploitation of
their works for a limited period of time, after which they would become
part of the public domain.  Once a work passes into the public domain, it
may be freely performed, arranged, edited, reproduced, et al, from that
point forward.  Consequently, when modern folk artists "sample" public
domain works, there is no plagiarism.  That's a far cry from sampling
contemporary, copyright-protected works, specific examples of which you've
failed to produce.

Insofar as your assertion that XTC themselves may be guilty of this, well,
the example of "Shiny Cage" hardly qualifies.  You see, you cannot
copyright an idea but you can copyright an "expression" of an idea.  In
other words, Lennon/McCartney can craft an unique sound melding tight
harmonies over acoustic guitars playing modified R&B chords, and this may
result in the creation of works like those found on "Rubber Soul" or
"Revolver".  So, Lennon/McCartney may copyright "Taxman" and "Norwegian
Wood", expressions of the creative process outlined above, but they cannot
copyright the creative process itself.

>Also, I don't recall reading anywhere saying that Andy accepted any
>money to be sampled -- he may have accepted it as sort of a tribute.
>I would assume that Willie D. has some sort of affinity for the song,
>otherwise he wouldn't sample it, because there are a lot of other
>songs out there that he likes.  In the process of sampling and
>mixing, you have to hear a piece of music many times.  Are you more
>likely to sample something you like, or something that you hate?  And
>if Andy did accept money, how do you know it was merely because he
>needed it.  From what I've read in interviews, that if Andy wasn't
>keen on the idea, he would have told Willie D. to go stuff himself --
>probably politely, but you never know.

I don't know the specifics, but I can certainly find out.  I believe this
title is published in the US by Nymph Music (at least it was at one time,
whether Andy/Colin have since reclaimed their old copyrights is unknown to
me).  Nymph is Virgin's BMI-affiliated publishing arm.  As such, anyone
wishing to sample this title would have to petition them for permission.  I
do not know the specifics of either Andy or Colin's songwriter agreements
with Nymph, so it's possible they may have some say over how their music is
used.  If they don't, then Nymph was free to authorize this use without
consulting them.  Also, assuming Willie D. has also sampled the original
XTC recording, the sampler would also require permission from the copyright
owner of the master recording (again, probably Virgin unless these have
since reverted to the band).  Unless there are any un-recouped advances,
Andy/Colin have been paid.

>Anyway, how I see it is that sampling should be legal if the sample
>is used to create something inherently different and new.  The
>problem is the Fair Use clause has been abused many times by large
>corporations with lawyers.  They know that a small artist cannot
>afford to fight in court with a giant like Virgin or Island Records,
>so if something comes out they can throw a lawsuit at it and it will
>go away, even if the thing they want gone is legal using the Fair Use
>clause.  The way that I think sampling should work is that it should
>be free.  If anyone here, or anywhere, wants to sample any of my
>music, GO RIGHT AHEAD.  I'm not sure why you'd want to, but hey,
>short of complete plagarism, do what you want, as long as your work
>is different than my original.  You don't need to pay me a cent.  If
>you want to ask, go ahead, it'd be nice to know if I was being
>sampled, but it ISN'T NEEDED.  Go forth and create.  I might not like
>what you do to the piece, but that does not factor in to my
>decision.. if you want to do a piece where you shout "Rev. Matt
>Keeley is a fucking retard, and I hope he dies" and you use a sample
>of mine to illustrate my retardosity, go ahead... I might want to
>know what I did to piss you off so hardcore, but I'm not going to
>stop you from sampling it.  The only way I might threaten legal
>action is with libel, but that's irrelevant to this argument.  You
>can sample away.

You are obviously NOT a serious musician or artist, and if you are it is
not your primary source of income.

Those of you out there truly interested in this topic are urged to avoid
misanthropes like Negativland and instead dig up a copy of "The Art of
Music Licensing" by Al Kohn or "This Business of Music" by Bill
Krasilovsky.  There you will find serious discussions of this issue.



Message-Id: <>
From: "Michael Davies" <>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 14:51:58 -0500
Subject: Hits

> today, I browsed through the "Billboard Hot 100 Charts of the '80s"
> book, and if my findings are correct, "The Mayor Of Simpleton" is the
> one and only XTC single to have cracked the Hot 100 chart in the States
> (it actually peaked at no. 72 in May 1989). Is that correct ? I find it
> quite surprising if it is.

I think "Generals and Majors" was sort of a hit, maybe right before
the beginning of the decade.  I've heard it on "flashback" radio
shows more than any other XTC songs anyway. (twice, that is)
I looked in my book of Billboard hits and it wasn't in there, but
mine is only Top 40 hits.

scattered, smothered and covered,
Michael davies


Message-ID: <001001be6819$8d9cfee0$f0394e81@home>
From: "Toni Adler" <>
Subject: Wombling Free Association
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 08:37:34 +1100

Previously Paul Culnane posed the following conundrum:

>And finally, what has Apple Venus Volume 1 in common with The Wombles?

Here's my guess...  One of the Wombles was called Orinoco. There is a river
in South America called the Orinoco. I don't know if it has ever been known
as the River of Orchids but it wouldn't surprise me given that so many
species of Orchid come from Central and Southern America.  What do you
reckon?  Toni.


Message-Id: <l03110701b3074dd5df77@[]>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 13:47:28 -0800
From: Eb <>
Subject: Re: "not up for debate"

>Andy's voice
>is better than ever; this point is not up for debate, because it's not a
>matter of opinion.  Remember how he strains for those high A's in Another
>Satellite (or - BIT - a - NO - ther year)?  Nothing remotely resembling
>that here.


Generally true perhaps, but the first wailing line of "I Can't Own Her"
certainly negates your above overzealous contention. And the second time
this melody line is repeated, his voice actually *cracks*. Check 2:57 into
the track.

Seems like Andy might've transposed this one into a slightly lower key, so
he wouldn't have to sing outside his range.

(It's still one of my favorite two or three songs on the album, though.)



Message-Id: <>
From: "Michael Davies" <>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 18:45:34 -0500
Subject: Vinyl in America

Does anyone know how to get Apple Venus on vinyl in America?  The
only way I've found is to pay Cooking Vinyl more than $20, and I
don't like vinyl enough to want to pay more than anyone else on
Chalkhills.  ?

Michael davies


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 18:48:09 EST
Subject: In Loving Memory Of AV2's Name


Neil Oliver <> said:

>Here's a little game I thought we could all play:
>If XTC were not going to call their next album "Apple Venus Vol. 2,"
>what phrase or word from the lyrics to "Apple Venus Vol. I" would make a
>good title?

>From Greenman;
a) Down Through The Skin
b) Down Through The Skin To The Core
c) To The Core

Yes, I'd Like That! :-)


Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 18:47:36 -0500
Subject: I'm sorry
Message-ID: <>

I just wanted to apologize with not having the chat today.  I was having
computer problems.  I'll be doing the chat next Saturday at the same
time.  I'll post something on my web site.  Just go to



Message-ID: <005801be6831$b83f6080$>
From: "Ned Frey" <>
Subject: Enter lurker and he's dressed in thin socks
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 19:30:28 -0500

  Just thought I'd join the throng of recent de-lurkers to report my own
experience of meeting Colin and Andy at Tower Records in NYC. I see the
"meeting Andy" reports on this list are already rolling in from San
Francisco, so sorry if I'm a little late with this report. (Brief
introduction: I've been an avid XTC fan for about nine years, the last three
of which I've also been a lurking member this list.... 'nuff said.)
  People weren't kidding when they reported how *cold* it was, and I, like
an idiot, failed to consider this when I dressed that morning -- My feet
were clad only in thin cotton socks and Docksiders (don't ask me why I wear
Docksiders in Winter; suffice it to say I'm
"appropriate-footwear-challenged"), and as I stood in line, my toes at first
went totally numb and then, after the first hour or so, began to experience
strange pain sensations that led me to seriously fear that that I might
actually be developing frostbite. Much of my time on line -- when not
chatting and joking with Greg, Michael and Chris, who I had met only that
night -- was spent trying to banish paranoid premonitions of one day
clutching my signed Apple Venus CD insert while staring at feet with several
missing toes, wondering, "was it really worth it?" (As it turned out, my
toes recovered fine, and I didn't so much as catch a cold. Hope everyone
else in line that night managed to stay healthy!)
   Hmm, I'm not keeping this brief, am I? Sorry, I report my "frostbite
paranoia" only to provide some sense of my state of mind when I finally
hobbled on numb feet to our heros' table at 9:20 pm, four solid hours after
I originally joined the line (only the last 15 minutes of which were
actually spent inside the store -- as others have reported, the Tower people
only letting people in *6 at a time*, when there was plenty of space to
accomodate at least another 30 people at a time inside the store and thereby
cut at least an hour from everone's exposure to the sub-zero-with-wind-chill
temperatures outside -- heartless bastards! Sorry, I just had to vent about
this, as it was the only negative factor to mar what was otherwise an
enjoyable and well-managed event.)
   I was No. 92 on line, according to a counter at the store entrance. Given
that they reportedly started meeting folks at about 6:20 p.m. and I arrived
at their table at 9:20, you can do the math and calculate the average time
they were spending with each fan.
  As I approached the table, all of my planned clever things to say went out
the window and I blurted out, "I know you've probably heard this from plenty
of other people by now, but ... it's really *cold* outside." I went on to
mumble some feeble joke about how it brought new meaning to the lyrics of
Snowman -- particularly the "shivering, shivering" part.
    I realized too late that, rather than making them smile, this comment
produced exactly the opposite reaction -- both of their faces immediately
registered to looks of guilt and concern. "Yes, I know," Andy said, with
genuine remorse. "We're really very sorry about that!" I instantly regretted
having mentioned it, since it was obvious that they were both unhappy that
their loyal fans were being forced to stand out in the cold, and I had only
succeeded in reminding them of that fact. "Oh, it's all right, it's not your
fault, I know that," I stammered. "It's worth it, really, just to get a
chance meet you guys..."
   Fortunately, my inane babble was cut short at this point when Andy and
Colin both got up from the table to good-naturedly pose for what must have
been their hundredth photo-with-fan of the evening, and when Colin sat back
down I pushed my CD in front of him and told him, "My name is Ned" (not, as
I had planned, "I just wanted to tell how much your songs, in particular,
have meant to me ... What brilliant pieces of songwriting I think they are,
especially 'One of the Millions' and 'Sacrificial Bonfire.'" Nope, just "My
name is Ned.") "Ned?" he repeated in a soft, pleasant voice, just to be sure
he got the name right. I nodded, and he wrote "Be good, Ned" above his
signature. (There you have it, folks -- Colin Moulding has instructed me to
be good, so I'd better start behaving myself.)
      I read it, could think of nothing more clever to say to him than
"thank you," and turned to Andy. He snatched my CD insert, drew big feet on
his photograph, signed his name, slid it back to me, and said (again,
sounding apologetic), "Not very much, is it, after all that time in the
cold?" "It was worth it, really, thanks," I responded, again wishing I
hadn't brought it up. (But I notice in reports from subsequent stops on the
signing tour that people were allowed to line up *inside* the stores, and I
can't help but wonder whether Andy insisted on this after the NYC
    I told Andy how I'd found out about the Tower record-signing event
through the Chalkhills site, what a great Web site I thought it was, and how
John Relph did a really excellent job with it. But at this point, Andy was
called away from the table for another picture before he could respond to
this comment (sorry, John), and the record-store guy (or was it a TVT guy?)
beckoned for me to exit the signing area, which I did promptly, thinking of
the others still waiting out in the cold.
    I realized to late that I had forgotten to ask them to sign the tape I
had also purchased. (As it turns out, I might have been the one to give Andy
his first glimpse of the packaging of the cassette, rather than the other
recent poster who reported that her Apple Venus tape box, signed by Andy
that night, was apparently the first that he had ever seen.)
   A quick shout-out to some fellow line-standards in my "group of six": to
Chris Swartout (whose band, "Loaded," will playing at the Bitter End, 147
Bleecker St. in Greenwich Village, on Friday, March 19th at 10 pm. I haven't
heard them myself, but Chris mentioned that his band's songs are humorous
and sung in Beach-Boys-like harmony vocals. I figure they can't be too
shabby if they landed a gig a the Bitter End, so all you NYC Chalkhillers
should check them out -- if for no other reason than that the drummer is an
XTC fan, so his band must be cool, no?), to Greg from New Jersey, and to
Michael from I-don't-remember-where (both of whom are among the hundreds who
subscribe to this list but have never posted anything -- come on guys,
de-lurk like me, it's easy!).
  One last thing (sorry, I guess I failed pretty miserably in keeping this
posting brief): It occurred to me, as a stared at the hundreds of people
lined up on that chilly sidewalk, that among them were probably scores of
people whose posts I've read and enjoyed in this digest for the past few
years, and that I had no way to connect any of the faces with the names on
this list. This is why I enjoyed, in particular, reading the following from
Tom X. Chao a few digests back:
> .... Outside, I turned to the line (which still
> stretched down the block) and screamed "XTC rules!  Yeah!"
  I was on line and finally nearing the store entrance when Tom emerged and
shouted this, and I remember him clearly -- he was certainly (to cite his
own description) "grinning from ear-to-ear." Nice to finally have a face to
associate with a name on this list!
  Good talking to y'all, and sorry if I rambled on too long.
  --Ned (wearing thick woolen socks at the moment, and very cosy)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 21:54:03 -0500
From: Alan <>
Subject: XTC in Guitar Player

The April Issue of Guitar Player
features a brief interview with Colin and Andy.
I can save you the $5 cover cost by quoting the most interesting

Prioritizing the orchestral songs had an unexpected result: Electric
guitarist Dave Greagory became impatient....left the band in the middle
of recording Vol. I.
"The annoying thing for Dave," explains Partridge, "is that he left
before we made the album he wanted to make. He was much miffed that we
always asked him to play keyboards. We'd always say, "This needs a
piano' and then we'd look around the room and our eyes would slowly land
on Dave. He got sick of being the piano player by default."

That's a different slant than I've read elsewhere, and as much as
I love Andy and his songs, I think he's somewhat of a fool not to
slightly compromise for the sake of retaining such a gifted musician.
Dave was a vital part of XTC music for nearly 20 years, as you all know.
I'll miss him. But on with the show, anyhow.

One last thing I forgot to mention in my last post-
"Song Stories" depressed the shit out of me !
I almost couldn't finish it for all the negative comments, especially
Colin's on Oranges and Lemons....geesshh...thank god A.V. came out
so I could refocus my attention.
At least it should serve as an inspiration to all composers;
Don't throw the baby out with the bath water !


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 22:21:26 EST
Subject: Barry's Brew on Go2?

What's that brew that Barry Andrews is drinking on the cover of Go 2?

Is it still made? Is it any good?

I'm curious because I saw a similar can while in a liquor store here in the
states. Over the past few years, imports into the U.S. of U.K. brews has
increased, especially with recent developments of draft brew in cans.

Hmm...that reminds me. Think I'll grab a cold one now.

That didn't require much prodding, eh? :-) Cheers! (I feel like Andy Capp.
Last call, gentlemen!)

Wes (Wilson)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 21:38:11 -0500
From: Alan <>
Subject: An Absent Point Of View

Hello chalkhills

I've been off the list for awhile, but read the digests recently.  The
new album forces me to re-subscribe. I'll be relatively brief.

Apple Venus is amazing. On first hearing it,I suffered the anti-climax
reaction that I often have with XTC's albums, or any great new music
for that matter.  But, by the 3rd listen I was hooked. For the last 3
days I have not been able to stop playing the damn thing, it's beyond
all the adjectives you or I can post to the list.  My paricular
favorites are I Can't Own Her and River Of Orchids, but the whole
thing is imho the most succesful marrage of classical techniques with
any form of music I can think of.

Some one said they 'wouldn't be humming River Of Orchids too soon",
but I can't get it out of my head.

God, this is great stuff ! If you don't get it (Mr. Dog), give it some
time, it's subtle and complex and I could go on for days if I'm not

Tom beat me to other comment in the last digest when he commented on
the "beatly" comparisons. I don't get it, and never have.  Sure, they
sing with english accents and actually go beyond standard power chords
into real music theory, but do the beatles own the rights to those two
qualities ?

It strikes me the same as comparing every great guitarist to Hendrix,
which is ancient history at this point (sorry you purists out there) I

It is sad that there are so few other artists to compare them to, but
I think the beatles comparison cheapens what they are doing, which is
original to an extreme.

As a musician/composer, I'm extremely inspired by this release and
xtc's small but loyal fan-base. I can't wait for Apple Venus 11.

God Bless XTC


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 07:41:14 -0500
From: Emerson Shiff <>
Subject: XTC

I was at the XTC in-store in LA on Friday and was so pissed off about
the store's preparations, or lack of them, that I added the following
page to my music site, The Old Punks Web Zine.

This page is at

I hope this link works, otherwise the one below will get you there in a
click or 2.

Thanks and I hope the Chalkhills is everything the fans I met on line
said it would be.


THE OLD PUNKS WEB ZINE is the world's largest Punk and New Wave Web Zine
and there's lots of reviews of punk movies, books,  & records -- plus
lots of other crap. It's at


Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 04:03:13 -0500
Subject: A new message board
Message-ID: <>

I just wanted to let people know that I've started a new message board
about XTC.  I'm in no way trying to compete with this wonderful mailing
list.  I just wanted it for people who just want to talk about XTC.  You
can get it at my XTC site at
or  I
hope you have fun.  I love making these MBs.



Message-Id: <4.1.19990307011126.00986210@wingate>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 01:54:23 -0800
From: "Suzanne R. Sweeney" <>
Subject: R-I-C-K. Is that how we spell "jerk" in our dictionaries?

Hello fellow intellectual law-abiding Chalkhillians,

Warning: Taking it out on some rank stupidity below. Not happy. No, not at

Rick Hap said:

> Apple Venus Volume One has been posted to [censored]
> Enjoy.

Mark Strijbos responded:

Enjoy? I cannot find any joy in the fact that somebody pirated this album.
Don't you think Andy and Colin deserve a bit of cash for their hardwork?


Due to some lucky dollars landing in my freelancer pockets this month, I
have been able to purchase seven AV1 CDs since the 2/23 release: one for
me, and six for good friends. I have given them simply as
"if-you-love-music-you-MUST-own-this-CD" gifts. I probably sound like a
raving nutjob and a horrible conspicuous consumer, but I don't care. This
is The Band, and I was happy and blessed to have the means to do it.

We all know the band's history and the monumental piles of steaming crap
they had to slog through to get this CD recorded and released. Does it
seriously GALL anyone else besides Mark and me to hear from this fathead,
who thinks he's doing us a "favor" by sending a heads-up to XTC's latest
and greatest as pirated on a Web site? I completely agree with you, Mark. I
think it's downright criminal and hardly an event that inspires joy.

As for you, Rick Hap... Gee, thanks for the hot tip. Hope you "enjoy" the
special ring in Hell they have for lower invertebrates like you. (How am I
doing, Dom? Can you help me out with some more vitriol here? I'm new to

End of bile-splattering. Thanks for hearing me out.

Cheesed off, but working through it, ;-)


Message-ID: <001701be6882$d1f0a9c0$695791d2@johnboud>
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: 2 Copies of JAPANESE LTD. ED.
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 19:10:19 +0900

Dear Applejacks and Applejills ,

I had a few more requests for the Japanese LTD. EDITION ( color booklet in
English with copious photos and CORRECT lyrics ; b&w booklet w/ lyrics &
info in Japanese ; and heavy duty jewel case ) so ordered a couple of extras
.  Price is $ 40 . That covers the cost of CD , phone calls to dealer ,
UPS charges to me ( I order from Tokyo as I am " marooned " here in the
mountains of northern Kyushu ) , and air mail postage to you .

Got this e-mail from an old girlfriend in Tokyo this morning :

>Dear John
>Thank you for your mail.
>I am looking forward to seeing you in April in this Big Apple of Japan.
>I finally got new XTC CD that you passionately recommended in your previous
>I have listened to it just once.
>To me, they sound like The Beatles.
>I enjoyed it anyway.

Tom Getter Slack said :

>In my opinion, part of what XTC has done is
>to perpetuate a musical style that the Beatles, either as a group or
>individually, were unable to reproduce after 1969. I like it as much as I
>liked the Beatles material. Hail XTC.

I would agree . I sure would like to be a fly on the wall of Sir Paul's
music room while he was listening to APPLE VENUS ( and you just KNOW he has
heard it or will soon enough ) with friends while sipping French brandy .

Andy and Colin in Tokyo , Osaka , and Nagoya this week . I can't make it so
am sending my 16 year old niece Ayumi who lives in Osaka down to get
autographs and HOPEFULLY a photo or two . People at
HMV and Tower Records have told me these " signings " are going to be
rigidly controlled and only one autograph per person will be allowed ! And I
had to make a reservation for Ayumi ! I am going to send her a few records
plus a drum head I have autographed by Dave Mattacks anyway and HOPE " those
in control " will allow the boys to sign them . This ain't America ...

John in Japan


Message-ID: <65B793F0016DD11196E800A0C96034360FEC5F@FS_1>
From: Sheridan Zabel <>
Subject: Lyric Laughables
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 17:07:10 -0500

When I first listened to the album, I had not yet seen the lyrics.  I
thought that Easter Theater's chorus went:

Stage Fright...

Enter Easter egg she's dressed in yell ell ow.

Stage Fright...

Now the sun has gone the farmer can be born

Stand up...

If we all beat in and blow away the storm.

New life
We'd go forth in new life.

I'm so ashamed!



Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 10:43:35 -0500
Subject: predicate
Message-ID: <>
From: Keith A Sather <>

well people keep comparing 'knights in shining karma' to certain beatles
songs, and i can definately see this, but at first listen i thourhgt it
sounded like an early (post syd barrett) pink floyd song. so i thought id
mention that.
captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy


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