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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 116

                  Thursday, 4 March 1999

Today's Topics:

                 My chat and a some more
         AV1's thundering promotion in Australia
 Copyright Infringement Is Your Best Entertainment Value
           Re: XTC rap? This is a joke, right?
                        TB on sale
                      Re: No lyrics?
                      The other two
            More thoughts from the weeping man
                  While you are waiting
                       cut the rap
                      Andy a wiccan?
                     AV1 is a TEN!!!
                      RE: AV1 MP3's
                   Andy (not ) on Much
                i-Chat - what time for UK?
                        Wheels up!
Rectalyzing The Morning Meal, Or Why Rush Limbaugh Should Read
                     Japanese Lyrics
                   Re: AV1 and more men
                Thanks to Tim and Karl...
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Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 16:53:37 -0500
Subject: My chat and a some more
Message-ID: <>
From: Molly E Fanton <>

I was thinking of having the AV1 listening party this weekend.  I was
thinking having the AOL chat Friday night at 8pm EST (1am GMT, 5pm PST,
March 5) and the IRC chat on Saturday at 3pm EST (8pm GMT, 12pm PST,
March 6).  I know you can get IRC for PC users at,
but I'm not sure about MAC users.  Also the AOL chat will be in the Arts
and Entertainment chat room Apple Venus Vol. 1.  So for more details
check my web site at my new XTC page,
http;//  All the details will be
there.  For any questions e-mail me at  See you there.
I'm getting excited about tomorrow night, I'm going to get to chat a 45
minutes early so I get a good "seat".  I love this.  Thank goodness I'm
taking my mid-terms in the afternoon instead with my other classmates.  I
just don't want to ask any stupid questions.  I know I'll be jumping all
over the place tomorrow after chat.  :)


P.S. I forgot to mention the IRC server, it's at WorldIRC.  Sorry about


Message-Id: <>
Date: 02 Mar 99 18:54:02 +1100
From: "Adam Davies" <>
Subject: AV1's thundering promotion in Australia

What was that?  Did I hear myself say 'thundering promotion'?

I wandered through a few record shops in Melbourne today.  Only two of them
HAD AV1, and they were tucked away in the XTC section.  NOT attached to the
listening posts as I was was told they would be; NOT placed in the New
Releases section.  Hidden away so nobody would even know it existed.

Will it chart in Australia?  I bloody well don't think so.

What happened to taste?  What happened to musical integrity?  Or are we all
busy masturbating over Matchbox 20 and Mariah Carey that there's no room for
music with integrity any more?

Message to all the Australian music store owners who are obsessed with
breasts and what the Spice Girls are wearing today:  Grow a brain.

I'll stop being outraged by everything soon... I promise...


      The statements and opinions expressed here are my own and do
         not necessarily represent those of Oracle Corporation.


Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 00:16:17 -0800
From: Matt Keeley <>
Subject: Copyright Infringement Is Your Best Entertainment Value
Message-id: <>

Oh yes.  Hello.

> From: Charles <>
> I am sickened, saddened, and stunned.  How many signs of the
> apocalypse are there supposed to be?  I figured the last
> sign was the Jimmy Page/Puffy Combs "Kashmir" abomination,
> and fully expected that insult to be followed immediately by
> earthquakes, plagues, fires, and floods of biblical
> proportion.  But I see now that the rap version of "Dear
> God" is a more appropriate sign of the end of the pop
> universe.  Did Andy really give permission for this to
> happen or was the decision totally out of his hands?  How
> bad does he need the money?  Maybe we can find out how much
> he is getting for this rap atrocity, and then offer him even
> more if he aborts this travesty.  Count me in for the amount
> I was gonna spend on AV1.

Oh mercy.  All right, I suppose I should start out by saying that I
dislike rap just as much as the next guy (providing the next guy
likes old school and amusing white-boy rap), however, I don't find
the idea of sampling XTC, or any other artist, repugnant in the
slightest.  I mean, I almost certainly won't buy the single, and if I
remember/care enough about it, I might just download an mp3 when it
comes out to see how it turned out. However, I think that everyone
should be allowed to sample anything they want, as long as something
is done to the original work to make it a new creation.  If I sample
the first half of "Dear God," for example, and release it under my
name, that's bad.  However, if I actually use the sample in creating
something new that is definately my own creation, then that should be
a-OK.  The difference is that in one instance, I'm using XTC's work
as my own, but in the other instance, I'm using XTC's recording to
make something new, just a building block in the final piece.

One of the common arguments about sampling is that it is a form of
plagarism -- however, if sampling is plagarism, that means that most
folk music is plagarism as well, as folk music takes bits of music
from other songs to make a new song (check out Negativland's essay
"Fair Use" available on their website and in the book of the same
name).  It may even be said that XTC themselves are guilty of this
sort of plagarism, as looking through Song Stories, the band
themselves said many of the songs were meant to sound like other
artists, and following such, it's likely that they may have copped a
couple of riffs here and there.  Does that make them any less
creative?  No, because even though Shiny Cage, for example, sounds
like Revolver-era Beatles (I could place the songs but I don't have
my copy of Revolver handy), however, it is NOT one of the songs on
Revolver.  Colin did not merely erase "Lennon/McCartney" from the
sheet music and write in "Colin Moulding".  It is its own work.

Also, I don't recall reading anywhere saying that Andy accepted any
money to be sampled -- he may have accepted it as sort of a tribute.
I would assume that Willie D. has some sort of affinity for the song,
otherwise he wouldn't sample it, because there are a lot of other
songs out there that he likes.  In the process of sampling and
mixing, you have to hear a piece of music many times.  Are you more
likely to sample something you like, or something that you hate?  And
if Andy did accept money, how do you know it was merely because he
needed it.  From what I've read in interviews, that if Andy wasn't
keen on the idea, he would have told Willie D. to go stuff himself --
probably politely, but you never know.

Anyway, how I see it is that sampling should be legal if the sample
is used to create something inherently different and new.  The
problem is the Fair Use clause has been abused many times by large
corporations with lawyers.  They know that a small artist cannot
afford to fight in court with a giant like Virgin or Island Records,
so if something comes out they can throw a lawsuit at it and it will
go away, even if the thing they want gone is legal using the Fair Use
clause.  The way that I think sampling should work is that it should
be free.  If anyone here, or anywhere, wants to sample any of my
music, GO RIGHT AHEAD.  I'm not sure why you'd want to, but hey,
short of complete plagarism, do what you want, as long as your work
is different than my original.  You don't need to pay me a cent.  If
you want to ask, go ahead, it'd be nice to know if I was being
sampled, but it ISN'T NEEDED.  Go forth and create.  I might not like
what you do to the piece, but that does not factor in to my
decision.. if you want to do a piece where you shout "Rev. Matt
Keeley is a fucking retard, and I hope he dies" and you use a sample
of mine to illustrate my retardosity, go ahead... I might want to
know what I did to piss you off so hardcore, but I'm not going to
stop you from sampling it.  The only way I might threaten legal
action is with libel, but that's irrelevant to this argument.  You
can sample away.

If you wish to read more on the issue of sampling, check out:
(they can regurgitate their arguments much better than I can)
or the book Fair Use: The Story of the Letter U and the Numeral 2,
also by Negativland.
Oh yeah, check out the John Oswald Plunderphonic site, where he also
has some of his writings:

Rant over with.  Now to the rest of the replies.

> From: Lush  <>
> Subject: Seattle Chalkers
> >Hey Seattle Chalkers, (& all)
> >Are there only two or three of us on this list?  Is anyone going to LA to
> >see Andy and Colin?  I'm just curious, I entertained the thought for a
> >moment or two.

Oh yeah, while I'm replying.. also from Seattle (well, in Tacoma
currently at college).  No LA for me.  If I do go, it'd probably be
to see the Residents.  Especially since I already got to talk to Andy
in the IRC chat thing.  And sure, I count that.

> From: "J. Brown" <>
> Joe Funk wrote:
> > I've got an idea for Eb, ( who is responsible for the following
> > utterances ):
> > >I don't like "River of Orchids" much either, to be honest. It's
> > >certainly ambitious and compositionally impressive, but it feels more
> > >like a "stunt" to me than an actual song. I'm reminded of a negative
> > Now, if River of Orchids is a mediocre "clapper" for you also, Just
> > think of it as a "stunt" as you referred to it as music!!!!!  You need
> > to "Get a Load of This"!!!!  ROR has been already been hailed as a
> > masterpiece of modern cyclical music!!!
> While i disagree with Eb i think his point is
> entirely valid.  Something can a stunt and music at the same time mr.
> Funk.

I'm not really sure if if that it's mere stuntosity makes it not
music in Mr. Funk's eyes.  Anything can be music -- whether it's
aesthetically pleasing is a different matter entirely.  And just
because something has been hailed as a masterpiece of modern cyclical
music, doesn't mean that it can't be something written to show off --
it could have been written to show off, and it just worked.  ROO is
one of the better songs on AV1, but I could see where someone might
say that it was written to show off Andy's mAd SkIlLz.

> From: Dan Phipps <>
> > Bumper Cars

Hooray!  I like that one.  Oh yeah, and all the stuff on the Hello disc too.

> From: "Russ Reynolds" <>
> I was browsing the on-line stores and I noticed Fossil Fuel is listed as a
> Feb. '99 release.  Still on Virgin, however.  What's up with that?  I
> guess the bastards reissued to capitalize on in the upsurge of XTC
> interest that comes with a new album on another label.
> Anyone have an old copy you'd like to sell me so Virgin doesn't get my
> money?

Well, you could always shoplift it and send a fiver to Andy...8)

> From: David Haakenson <>
> But Cooking Vinyl (bless them for signing XTC!!) seem too small to pay
> for, or possessing too little design sense to create, the neato ads, press
> releases, CD-single covers (who among you actually likes the front sleeve
> for "I'd Like That"?), etc.
> A quick look at eBay uncovers a Cooking press kit for AV1, with printed
> materials that look like a grade school created them. Can't they afford an
> iMac and a copy of QuarkExpress? Crayolas may be cheaper, but it'd be nice
> if we could attract new listeners to XTC instead of just holding on to the
> loyal among us who are content (er, maybe just willing) to sit idle for
> years until a new release is burped out.

It seems to me that Andy hisself has had a good sized hand in
creating the single/album artwork/design of XTC's releases.  It Andy
might have just wanted that look for the press kit and the single
sleeve.  Maybe he had bigger fish to fry at the time and just
scribbled something down for I'd Like That.  So, it might not just be
Cooking Vinyl/TVT's doing.

Oh yeah, to whomever asked, Explode Together is the CD re-issue of
G0+ and Take Away/Lure of Salvage.  Must get it, it's one of the best
XTC releases in a while, even though it's not so much an XTC release

Also, finally got AV1.  It was better than I had anticipated, which
was good.  Wish there was better packaging.  And my copy came with
the peacock feather design upside down.  Which was nice, since that
orientation is about the best for me.  Uh.. good tracks... ROO,
Greenman, Easter Theatre, few others.  I don't really like Last
Balloon, and Colin's entries are much too Paul McCartney for my
liking.  And it's funny, cause the strings seem sampled in... which
is kinda how they were done, from what I gathered, just have the
orchestra play the bits that were needed in one sitting and just drop
them in wherever.  Sometimes it works, sometimes
*coughcougheastertheatrecoughcough* it doesn't work so well.  Anyway,
it's a nice record to have.  Not nearly as essential as their first 5
records, but hey, if you've got 13 bucks, why not slap it on the
counter.  But you should probably buy Aliens Ate My Buick by Thomas
Dolby with it.  Because that's a DAMNED good album.



Rev. Matt Keeley - Moogian Clench
"If you hate supermarket music, then for
Christsake, start making supermarket music"
    -- The Residents
"Oh, maybe you didn't hear. I'm terminal. I'm gonna die,
and that's that."  -- Phil Hartman


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 08:34:37 +0000
From: Brian <>
Subject: Re: XTC rap? This is a joke, right?


>>>In related XTC news, former GETO BOYS rapper Willie D.
>>>has reinterpreted the band's flashback anthem
>>>"Dear God" for his upcoming album, with frontman
>>>Andy Partridge's permission.

>I am sickened, saddened, and stunned.  How many signs of the
apocalypse are there supposed to be?<

I don't think this is so bad - in fact, I'm happy to think that AP and
Co. have decided that maybe they want to make a buck or two off of their
brilliance - more power to 'em. Especially after the seven years they
(and we) have just come off of...
Besides, the rhythms in "Dear God" would lend themselves to rap pretty
well, I'd imagine, if done right (whatever that means).

Great (possible) track list for AV2 - I'll REALLY be looking for this
one. A lot of the songs from the demos I liked are here.

* Caricaturist-for-hire
* RENDERMAN ~ One-Man Band Ordinaire


Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 10:29:59 +0100 (MET)
From: Martin van Rappard <>
Subject: TB on sale
Message-ID: <>

Apologies for breaking the flow of AV1 reviews and Andy meetings, but it
might interest the Europeans (and perhaps even the Americans) on this list
that is currently selling TB for sixteen pounds,
plus some other interesting items: 3D EP (used) for six pounds, and a
limited edition of Apple Venus Vol. 1 for thirteen pounds - however, no
descriptions are given on their website, so it's anyone's guess what the
"limited" refers to.




Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 04:30:01 -0500
From: Cooking Vinyl <>
Subject: Re: No lyrics?
Message-ID: <>

Message text written by INTERNET:<>
>(Cooking Vinyl peeps, if you are reading this and FWIW) I for one would
happily pay a couple of quid for just such a booklet to slide into the
jewel case. Any chance??

The possibilty of getting another couple of quid off you hasn't escaped us.
 Watch this space...


Message-Id: <199903020940.JAA21221@uksn82>
Date: 02 Mar 99 09:37:34 +0000
Subject: The other two

pagan principles are (since people have asked me via email as well as on
the digest);

kinship with nature and er, this is probably badly paraphrased, but it's
something along the lines of respecting the divine totality which
transcends gender and race.

Or something.

Love the paganism, not keen on the album, though.  Sorry.


From: "Edward Percival" <>
Subject: More thoughts from the weeping man
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:46:47 -0000
Message-ID: <000101be6491$96e0c120$4e01a8c0@M60443.mesh.internal>

David Friel <> wrote:
> I find the melodrama on Chalkhills regarding AV1 quite hilarious.
> Did someone actually say he/she cried when he/she first listened to it?

>I'm not the he/she that said he/she cried when he/she first listened to
>AV1, but I must tell you that there are people in this world who are
>capable of being so moved by a piece of music that they actually shed
>tears.....hard to believe?  I've done it many times.  I'm actually sorry
>that you haven't experienced this's an amazing feeling.

I am amazed that I have finally started a thread on Chalkhills!
It was me who was moved to tears on the first listening to AV1.
Just to clarify, I am a man, a big hairy chested bastard at that!

I am not ashamed that music this good has the capacity to move me to tears.
The same goes for great books, films and buildings.
I'd like to thank those who have added messages of support following David
Friel's note.

The outstanding track for me is Harvest Festival-
It's still bringing tears to my eyes every time I listen to it.
It is a potent mix of nostalgia and uplifting tune.
Listening to it takes me back to Lakenham Junior school and I can
picture sunlight catching the dust particles in the air above the
heads of a bunch of 8 year olds singing 'For those in peril on the sea'.
This must all be very strange to our friends overseas and I'm still at
a loss as to how many of you pick up on some of the very English references
in XTC.

The album is standing up to repeated listening, River of orchids
is starting to sound less strange, though Fruit Nut looks set to become
the 'Omnibus' of AV1 (the track I skip).

My wife remains an XTC sceptic, despite my threats to play Harvest Festival
to her daily, but I note to my pleasure that her standard whistling tune
(The Loving- she doesn't realise tee hee!) has recently been replaced by
The Last Balloon.

So heartfelt sympathies to those hard hearted souls out there for whom music
not move them to tears- may I recommend Celine Dione (sic) to you.
Perhaps it may cause other bodily outpourings!

Yours weepily


From: "David Nixon" <>
Subject: AV1
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 10:11:19 -0000
Message-ID: <000001be6495$04747bc0$c1478cd4@default>

Hi All

I'm an old fan of XTC and esp. AP but I'm new to this list.  I didn't think
that there would be that many people still passionate about the band esp.
from the USA and Canada! Anyway for what it's worth my view of AV1 is it's
like they've never been away- just a progression of their last few offerings
with some new instruments.

Your Dictionary, I'd Like that and Green Man stand out on initial hearings,
Green Man with more than a nod in the direction of Travels in Nihilon(?
spelling). The whole thing make good listening but not's not up
to O&L/Black Sea/Drums & Wires or even the patchy English Settlement because
nothing stands out like Jason... or Pink Thing, there is little to shout
about here but it's good to have them back.....maybe I just want the guitars
back- roll on AV2



Message-ID: <>
From: "* Hobbes *" <>
Subject: While you are waiting
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 02:32:28 PST

For us less fortunate chalkhillians stuck in Apple Venus free zones -
how about something else to pass the time?  May i recommend :-

Jason Falkner - Can you still feel?
Eels - Electro-shock blues

Two follow up albums to amazing debut records that easily top them and
anything else i've heard for quite some time!

The xtc album had better be bloody good to knock these two out of high
rotation.  Looks like 1999 might be a good year for music after all.  :)


Message-Id: <>
Subject: cut the rap
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 99 10:33:28 +0000
From: John Morrish <>

Re: that rap

>>Did Andy really give permission for this to
happen or was the decision totally out of his hands?  How
bad does he need the money? Maybe we can find out how much
he is getting for this rap atrocity, and then offer him even
more if he aborts this travesty.

A nice open-minded approach, I must say.

When I interviewed him last month, Andy volunteered the information about
the rap when we were talking briefly about various covers of his songs,
including the legendary bluegrass Complicated Game (which he, er, *sang*
to me).

I quote: "A rapper called Willie D has just covered Dear God, except that
he's not covered it so much as pulled it to pieces. I've just consented
to him doing that."

He said it was so different from his version that he didn't think he
should really count as the writer of it, but that EMI publishing was
insisting he get 100 per cent of the composition credit. "I'll get some
money for it, but they don't want to give this person anything for
interpreting it." I think he thought that was rather unjust.

This doesn't make him a rap fan, but it speaks volumes for his artistic

Re: a bit overshot...
>>>*SURELY* the line is 'a bit of a shower' - but then maybe this doesn't mean
anything in the US ...

I feel sure it is, but isn't Colin doing a silly-arse posh accent there?
It is a kind of comic punch-line, notably used by Leslie Philips in (from
memory) the Carry On or Doctor films: "You really are a frightful

>>>Apple Venus Volume One has been posted to alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1990s

No thanks, that's theft.

>Great slide guitar on "Fruit Nut."  Who's playing it, do you suppose?
>Smacks of Dave!!
It is.

>The tasty little lick on "Easter Theatre" also smacks of Dave!!
That's Andy. Sequencers and string sections aside, he can play a bit as

John Morrish


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 07:41:15 EST
Subject: Andy a wiccan?

'ello, Chalkfolk!

In recent digests, Janis and Catherine S. have pointed out
that the AVv1 motto "Do what you will but harm none" is
one of the three wiccan redes, or creeds.  Does this mean
that Andy Partridge (or Colin Moulding) is a witch or warlock,
albeit a good one?

>From "The Garden of Earthly Delights"[1989]:
"This is your life and you be what you want to be,
This is your life and you try it all,
This is your life and you be what you want to be.
Just don't hurt nobody -- 'less of course they ask you,
In the garden of earthly delights."

I think it's worth pointing out that Andy is prominently
atheist, more or less, and rejects organized religion of
the "you'll end up in heaven or hell" school, as envisioned
by artists like Hieronymus Bosch.  And others have noted how
thoroughly his lyrics are riddled with references to Judeo-
Christian motifs, as well as more universal spiritual and
even pantheistic sentiments.

So what?  Andy also likes to sneak in repeated references
to "Superman" and other comics, to "The Wizard of Oz,"
to nautical themes, fire and flame, birds, bicycles, and all things
juvenilia.  IMHO, this is because -- I don't mean this in any
derogatory way -- when it comes to penning lyrics, Andy's
a bit of a pop-culture whore, most happy to refer to virtually
anything for its sound value, texture and connotations.  I
actually feel that this is part and parcel of his mastery as a
lyricist.  Andy doesn't moan, like so many others, the usual
trite canards of boy-meets-girl, boy-dances-with-girl, boy-
seduces-girl, etc. with the banal vocabulary of "I need you, I
want you, you make a man of me" school.  When he loves
a woman you'll know it because he'll refer to her as a comic
book character who hails from "the bottle city of Kandor" or
turn fumblingly inarticulate, like his lover alter egos in "Sea-
gulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her" and "You're the Wish
You Are I Had".

My subversive implication here is that he treats religious and
spiritual references in much the same manner:  they are
artistic tools to be wielded for their affect on the listener.  If
he wants to make a Grand Statement on the majesty of nature,
and uses a religious/spiritual motif, it's not because he's returned
to Anglicanism or chants redes in the gorse (although he just
might do that!); it's 'cause he knows a powerful metaphor or
analogy when he sees one.  And because he knows that we're
all culturally on the same page on this:  not everyone knows the
comics, but virtually everyone can grasp the religious references.

And as for AVv1 lifting the rede word-for-word, there's a likely
explanation for how Andy or Colin could hear of the rede without
actually being wiccan:  a (wiccan) fan probably mentioned it to
them!  Just think, for ten years, "Garden..." has been out there.
And Andy has been out of the atheist closet since the "Dear God"
brouhaha of 1986-7.  Insofar as it's counter-hegemonic and allied
with feminism (matriarchy, actually), environmentalism, and the
New Age movement, wicca is particularly trendy and PC (politically
correct) these days.

It doesn't stretch the imagination to see the wiccan rede as a trendy,
New Age-y, left-of-center "meme," or idea that gets passed around
like a cultural virus, even in Swindon's coffeehouses and pubs, much
like catchphrases, slang, etc.  Heck, he probably read about it in a

Now, what we fans should probably do is ignore all this and pass
the word around that Andy is a warlock.  Wait 'til the Southern
Baptists hear of this one!   There's nothing like a religious contro-
versy to spur the big sales numbers.[g]  But let's wait until the
boys are safely ensconced back in England; we don't want the
angry protesters to threaten them with bodily harm.

With a wink and a smile,
Stephanie Takeshita


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 08:13:57 -0500
From: Brian Soloway <>
Subject: AV1 is a TEN!!!

This is only my second posting in about a year of lurking but I felt
compelled to echo what is being said on Chalkhillls:

Apple Venus 1 is well worth the wait.  Andy's voice is better than
ever.  His harmonies are on the money and his melodies are haunting and
beautiful.  It's amazing that most of the music industry and music
lovers themselves don't even know of XTC.  I can easily win over XTC
fans with this album.  Please post the lyrics on Chalkhills one day!!

Talk to you after AV2.... Brian


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 08:27:56 EST
Subject: RE: AV1 MP3's

Rick Hap wrote:

<<Apple Venus Volume One has been posted to alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1990s


Rick, I'm not sure if you're the one who posted these, or if you are simply
the messenger, so I will address this to: "The Person Who Posted AV1 To The
Binaries Newsgroup."

Please tell me that you didn't post the entire album to this binaries
group!  If you think people should have a chance to hear an album before
they buy it, then use the RealAudio format.  If you think people need to
hear near CD quality versions of the songs to make their decision, then
post thirty second segments.  There is no reason to post the entire album
in MP3 format except so that some people won't have to buy it in the
stores.  If the act of putting the album online serves to divert money away
from Andy and Colin's pockets, then you have done a major disservice to two
artists who have seen very little monetary gain for their hard work over
the last twenty-odd years.  Enjoy?  I think not!

J. D. Mack


Subject: Andy (not ) on Much
Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 05:42:08 PST

Hey Chalkhillers-

          The reason Andy didn't make the Muchmusic interview was because
he was too busy signing autographs for us in Toronto-there was a serious
scheduling error.They had him booked from 2-4 at the store, and the
in-store radio interview and Q&A lasted until three something.Then all
150-200 of us got to meet this incredibly warm, funny, and extremely giving
God-he told us he'd rather sign for the waiting fans, than to do an
interview with someone who doesn't really give a shit about the band, and
have them play one crappy video-probably Dear God.
         You see?
   I was the only one there with a guitar to sign-Andy was thrilled.He drew
all over it and made it gorgeous for me-


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 14:00:04 +0000
Subject: i-Chat - what time for UK?

I've never been very good with timezones - how does 4:00 PT and 7:00 ET
translate into GMT?

Does anyone know if Andy & Colin are going to do signings in the UK?

-Steve C


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From: "Witter, Karl F" <>
Subject: Wheels up!
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:00:51 -0500

Am I the only cyclist on Chalkhills who recognizes the spinning
freewheel after the first verse of "I'd Like That"? Cool bit.
However I do miss the high "Iiiiii'd liiiiiiiike thaaaat" vocals
over the end, as someone else picked up.

Plus, real horns are the way to go! Several of Andy's songs
benefit greatly--the right ingredient in the right amount.
Tremendous improvement over the "Omnibus" trumpet which grated
my ear.

>Michael Wicks: "this whole damn AV is seasonal"

You bet. Concept? I don't know but it just makes sense that
Easter Theatre is 3rd in and Harvest Festival is next-to-last.
Perhaps if it opened with "River of Bricks" it could be an Oz
concept album. It'll have to be explained to me.

Three steps behind everyone,


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Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 09:05:36 -0500
Subject: Rectalyzing The Morning Meal, Or Why Rush Limbaugh Should Read
From: "Duncan Watt" <>

>>Harrison Sherwood wrote:
>>So now that we've gotten "phallic" and "priapic" all straightened out,
>>what's the difference between "anal" and "rectal"? Anybody?
><anus ("eIn@s). [L.] 1. The posterior opening of the alimentary canal in
>animals, through which the excrements are ejected....


I'd like to be the first one to personally thank Mr. Sherwood for this
thread. I've been trying to drop a few pounds, and I've poured, begun to
eat, and then given to the dog let's see... at least three decent bowls of
Berry Basic as a direct result of reading this list whilst eating (well, at
least attempting to eat) my Breakfast... and the pounds are just coming off!

The Other Duncan

ps if 'anal' refers to, well, one's *bottom*, then does 'analyze' mean 'to
jam up into one's....' damn! there goes another bowl! This is better than
Pritikin anyday! Plus, all that hot tea and grapefruit was making me


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From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: Japanese Lyrics
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 23:13:52 +0900

Mark wrote:
> BTW: i have just uploaded the new, improved and corrected version of
> the Apple Venus lyrics to my site. Thanks to John B. for supplying us
> all with the Japanese cd that _does_ include the lyrics.
> And lots of lovely pictures too!

Francis wrote :

>Well, I don't know if you want to trust Japanese CD lyrics...they
>apparently include lyrics with everything over there, and if the musicians
>didn't send them the lyrics, they'll just print their best guess.  I hear
>their rendition of Cocteau Twins lyrics are particularly amusing.

Francis ,

I know what you are saying ; I used to do transcription work for Pioneer in
Tokyo and they always told me that if I couldn't make out the lyrics to make
something up that made some sort of sense . That said , the lyrics printed
in the Japanese booklet are completely accurate , so I think it is safe to
assume they were provided someone in the XTC camp .

John In Japan


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Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 08:37:52 -0600
From: Peter Mullin <>
Subject: Re: AV1 and more men


Just a few comments/questions on Apple Venus, vol. I:

Is it just me, or is 'Frivolous Tonight' a sly, self-deprecating slam at
materialism?  (I fervently hope  so...)

What should one do if one's three-year-old son really enjoys singing 'Your
Dictionary' in public?  (I just let him go, but some people sadly shake their
heads: "That man isn't fit to be a father...")

The only thing wrong with this recording, imho, is that it only contains
eleven songs

Trying to explain to the above-mentioned three-year-old just who/what is
the 'Greenman' was much more pleasant than explaining why the bad-smelling
loud man fell flat on his face when he got off the bus

In a startling bit of synchronicity, a cheap, metal garden shed nearly
struck me the other day as it fell off the back of a pickup truck as I was
waiting, on my bike, at a stoplight.  Apologies to Mr. Moulding, but I'm
not sure that I need a shed to keep me sane...

To continue this rapidly wearing-out thread for just a little longer:

How about:
    Shadow Man (Dickies)
    Mirror Man (Pere Ubu)
    Media Man (Flash and the Pan)
    Matzoh Man (Gefilte Joe and the Fish)
    CIA Man (Fugs)
    I'm-Waiting-for-my-Man (Velvet Underground)
    and of course,
        [Pictures of] Matchstick Men (Status Quo)

    btw, Superman was, I believe, originally by The Clete (Cleat?, Kleet?,
huh?); R.E.M. did a nice cover.

Peter Mullin
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
406 Plant Sciences Hall
Lincoln, NE  68503


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From: "Lieman, Ira" <>
Subject: Thanks to Tim and Karl...
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:54:06 -0500

Hey there...

Go figure, I live near and work in New York and I couldn't make it to the
grand AV1 unveiling at Tower a week ago today. All my impressions of AV1
were gleaned from the demos, and I had yet to hear Colin's songs until this
morning in the car.

Tim Kendrick and Karl Witter went for me and promised to get me a copy of
the disc, signed by the Fab...uh...two. Honestly I didn't know if it would
be possible because "they're busy and all, and I'm not there, so I'll just
hope for a disc."

Well, I got my disc, SIGNED, and it was personalized by Andy, "LOOK AFTER
PINK THING, IRA" -- I'm in heaven! And when Ryan gets old enough to
appreciate it (he's 5 1/2 weeks old now), he'll get a kick out of it too!

Thanks Tim and Karl, next time you're in the city, let me know so I can buy
you dinner or something.

	L E R N E R   N E W   Y O R K
	Ira Lieman, Information Center Analyst


Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:56:21 -0500 (EST)
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From: John Hammond <>
Subject: chalkhills posting


It's great to see the incredible response and excitement about AV1 here.
If I could ask a favor, we'd love to get your feedback regarding the web
promotions we put together to introduce the album.   Did you check out the
Liquid Audio download of "I'd Like That"?  Did you find that it worked?
Did you also check out the Cooking Vinyl previews of every song?  Which
approach did you prefer?  What suggestions do you have for  promotions like
this in the future?  (Like, say, AV2...)

It'll be a great help to get feedback on what we've done so far.  Feel free
to e-mail me privately, tho I'll be out of the office for the next few days
and may not be able to respond personally.


John Hammond
TVT Records


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