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                 Friday, 26 February 1999

Today's Topics:

                And Don't Call Me Shirley
          two cents:
Then It Appeared - Apple Venus on a Record Store Shelf...
          follow-up to my "bomb this site!" rant
                  Get a Load of This!!!!
                    C'est magnifique!
                        Top Three
                 THE HIGH LLAMAS (no XTC)
                     Seattle Chalkers
                   AV1 4th Impressions
                   read the fine print
                 The Meeting Place in NYC
                   1st thoughts on AV1!
           What's that instrument on Greenman?
             One if by land, two if by sea...
                    AV1 - I found it!
            The Wicker Man meets The Green Man
                     Re: <errrrrrrrp>
                  AV1, but not in Sweden
           TOWER of Fundom, NYC-- Tribute Page
                    XTC album placing


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In the crowded room I won't touch too much.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 02:15:33
Subject: And Don't Call Me Shirley

> Re:
>  Who do you think would win in a fight: Soundgarden's "Spoonman" or
>  XTC's "Greenman"?
> TMBG's Triangle Man, of course (he always wins).
> Robyn Hitchcock's Balloon Man could join in, but
> Black Sabbath's Ironman would kick all their asses...

people, people.....Spoonman, Greenman, Balloon Man, Ironman?
Surely, and I hope you don't mind me referring to you all as Surely,
you can't have forgotten about the fellow that kicked all their asses
in last months Music Title Tough Man Contest!?!?...perhaps you missed
out on that show, hmmmmm...maybe they only put on such contests   here
in the ultra-fab (detergent?) south!.  Who was the winner, you

snipping, snipping, snipping



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 22:33:14 EST
Subject: two cents:

Picked it up today (2/23) at lunchtime.  I took my chances on the store
maybe not having one and the thought of driving into downtown Santa Barbara
during lunch hour was discouraging.  Look at the new releases section
and....nothing XTC.  OK, XTC section AV1.  I'm fuming and ready to
storm out, so I go right up to the clerk and he pointed me to the one and
only copy, $12.99 too.  Had to listen to it in the car, but the sound
system is pretty nice and the drive was spectacular...up the 101 fwy north
of Santa Barbara on a gorgeous American afternoon. Ironically the same way
and view I've heard O&L and Nonsuch on their initial releases.

To me the release was a bit anti-climactic.....yes those damn demos spoiled
it a little bit...but that's not a bad thing.  Being a musician and making
my own home demos (a man must have a shed to keep him sane), and having one
song get the full studio treatment (though it still sounds like a demo), I
love the final product acomplished by the lads.  Having true orchestral
instruments makes a big difference in the emotion of the song.  The
recording is beautiful...great sound.

At 50 minutes it seems so short though.  Just like having foreplay, some
intercourse and then.....the phone rings.  I'm still wanting more....and
the wait starts again for AV2....but in the meantime.

Back to lurking!!Stupidly Happily


Subject: Then It Appeared - Apple Venus on a Record Store Shelf...
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 22:56:24 -0500
Message-ID: <01be6072$e2829720$>

Hot Damn!  I know that there's gonna be a lot of posts just like this one,
but what a rush buying a new XTC album (disk, whatever...) for the first
time in 7 years.  I left early for lunch today to haul ass over to Newbury
Comics, went straight to the new releases, plucked an AV1, plunked down my
$13.88, and beat it back to work to listen to it 4 or 5 times.  I probably
could've shopped around for a better price but I GOTTA HAVE IT RIGHT NOW,
DAMMIT!!!  I'm sure you understand.
It's times like this that I'm glad to be a CADD guy - I can listen to CD's
on the CD-ROM drive and listen pretty much undisturbed!
Overall impressions: Some of it took a while to grow on me, but it really
did live up to my expectation of surpassing the demos, which had left me
sorta underwhelmed.  River of Orchids took a few listens to get used to,
but I'm glad I put in the effort.  So far, I Can't Own Her is the only one
I haven't warmed up to yet.  Listening to it over and over again at work
left me feeling kinda teary from time to time.  I'm going through a tough
time with my wife right about now, and Your Dictionary is a dangerous thing
to listen to in that state of mind.  Frivilous Tonight does it to me too
for some reason.  Great song!  Kind of a better version of Bungalow?  I
dunno...  Insert big sigh of relief.  Can't wait for the noisy electric
volume II!  Steve


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 23:12:44 -0500
From: David Oh <>
Subject: follow-up to my "bomb this site!" rant

i have sent a scathing email to the [expletive deleted] at this web site:

if anyone is interested in what i had to say to them, which included direct
quotes of their smug remarks about "geeky xtc fans" along with my responses
to their idiotic comments, please email me & i will forward a copy of it to
you. it ain't pretty, but i just had to express my anger over their
ignorance. the rant i sent to them contains very strong language, so if you
are easily offended, look the other way... or don't ask for a copy. i won't
be posting it to chalkhills for just that reason; it's riddled with
expletives & rage!

i urge you to listen to their asinine comments & i double-urge you to respond.

again, let's get the bastards!



Message-ID: <>
From: "Joe Funk" <>
Subject: Get a Load of This!!!!
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 20:08:31 PST

I've got an idea for Eb, ( who is responsible for the following
utterances ):

>I don't like "River of Orchids" much either, to be honest. It's certainly
>ambitious and compositionally impressive, but it feels more like a "stunt"
>to me than an actual song. I'm reminded of a negative Steely Dan review I
>once read, where the writer griped that SD's songs communicated nothing to
>him beyond "Hey, get a load of THIS!" I have a similar feeling about "River
>of Orchids," though I do smile at those "mmmm"'s between lines -- a typical
>Partridge vocal decoration which defies all logic yet somehow works.

" I've listened! And I can't get up!!!! "


I think you need to be outfitted with the following:

>River of Orchids, when played at loud volume, will make a light plugged into
>The Clapper blink on and off in rhythm.  I own The Clapper and have noticed
>that loud noises (CDs, radios, talking) will make The Clapper turn on or
>off, but River of Orchids is the only song that ever made the thing work in
>rhythm.  It was no doubt intentional on the part of the group:)

Now, if River of Orchids is a mediocre "clapper" for you also, Just think
of it as a "stunt" as you referred to it as music!!!!!  You need to "Get a
Load of This"!!!!  ROR has been already been hailed as a masterpiece of
modern cyclical music!!!

Eb; are you related to Jethro ( Bodine, not Tull ) ?

Rant over!!!!!!!

Maybe not...
Just like a mad dog your chasing your tail in a circle.....

And to Tim:  "I Can't Own Her" Quotes:
>The is the ONLY song on the CD I don't care for - the only one
>I would have suggested that they drop.

C-!!!!,   C-!!!!!

.........I'm flabergasted!!!!  A beautiful piece of songwriting about a
very tough subject:
Relationships!!!!  Have you ever been through a divorce or actually had
a lover who is your soul-mate?
You missed the whole picture pal!!!!

Ya'll must be listening to different artists......

Exhaustin in austed,



Message-ID: <>
From: "Amanda Owens" <>
Subject: C'est magnifique!
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 22:37:24 CST

Marvelous! Stupendous! Fantastic! Exhilarating! Out of sight! Top
knotch! And that's just "Easter Theatre"!

I didn't know what to expect when I popped AV1 into my cd player, since
I'd already heard the demos ('cept for Colin's of course), but my God,
my doubts flew out of my head as soon as "River of Orchids" popped on.
And I thought Skylarking was pastoral.

This album defies description. Through all the pains and incredible
sacrifices it took to make it, Apple Venus is a gem and it shan't leave
my player for months to come.

Tis all for now,
Amanda C. Owens
"People will always be tempted to wipe their feet on anything with
welcome written on it."-Andy Partridge
XTC song of the day-"Frivolous Tonight" (Or, "Penny Lane", since they
both sound so damn alike!)
non-XTC song Blue Monday-Orgy


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 00:15:20 EST
Subject: Top Three

Okay, results are in: here are the top three funniest XTC songs to sing in
an Elmer Fudd dialect (as voted by me and my sweetie John - yes, in fact we
*were* both sober at the time):

3. Mayor Of Simpleton ("never took a papew or a wernin' degweee....")

2. Easter Theatre ("Stage we-e-eft!"....)

1. Rook

Thank you,

"The feather sparkles." - Ben the Locquacious


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 00:11:16 EST

If anybody's interested in joining the High Llamas mailing list, go to:

John P.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 21:30:17 -0800
From: "Lynn S." <>
Subject: Seattle Chalkers

Hey Seattle Chalkers, (& all)
Are there only two or three of us on this list?  Is anyone going to LA to
see Andy and Colin?  I'm just curious, I entertained the thought for a
moment or two.
I'm enjoying reading the stories about meeting the guys, and first AVI
hearings, please keep them coming.  I am probably the only one here who
doesn't have a copy yet.  I'm waiting on the mail lady as I ordered mine
over the net.  You should have seen the temper tantrum I threw in the hall
when it didn't show up today.  I was not a popular person at home.
Lynn S.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 22:29:12 -0800
From: Rich Bunnell <>
Subject: AV1 4th Impressions

So I didn't type descriptions into Chalkhills during my first listen to
AV1--big deal. It would've been incredibly tough, I might add,
considering that my first listen was out of a portable CD player as I
walked home from the music store after my purchase.
 I've listened to AV1 four times now in the past two days, and here're
my 4th impressions of each song...

River Of Orchids: Couldn't go anywhere on the album but the beginning.
Great opener, especially the way it fades in with those pastoral
keyboard sounds. I also like overlapping vocals a lot, so that helps.

I'd Like That: Funny how the single is the song with the least
instruments--just an acoustic guitar and Andy's knees. Nevertheless, it
was a good single choice. I especially enjoy the "SUNFLOOOOOWER" part.
Really catchy, but not in an annoying way.

Easter Theatre: Sounds dopey until the orchestral stuff majestically
sweeps in. Then you realize that it wasn't really dopey at all--it was
just a part of the beautiful, breaktaking whole. "Stage LEEEEEFT..."

Knights In Shining Karma: This has probably ended up my least favorite
track, but it's still pleasant thanks to Andy's voice. The only gripe I
have with it is that it doesn't do as much as the other tracks, but
that's not necessarily a bad thing at all.

Frivolous Tonight: Colin's songs are definitely much more less developed
than Andy's this time around (which is ironic since Colin didn't write
as many songs during the 7-year period), but that's where their charm
comes in. I like how the vocals spiral up to the chorus.

Greenman: Probably the most mainstream track on the album, mainly
because of the percussion, which is easily noticable, unlike on the
other songs. That said, while it goes on for over 6 minutes, at least it
fills up the space with a catchy melody.

Your Dictionary: I was ready to be disappointed by this song, but it
builds up well, the orchestral stuff in the second verse sounds great,
and the lyrics are top-notch. I barely even notice the spelled-out
cursing, unlike every professional reviewer on the planet.

Fruit Nut: Nice keyboard, even if somewhat out-of-character for the
album. Even dopier than Colin's other song, but really catchy
nonetheless. I personally don't care if the songs are "dorky," as all
that matters to me is that Andy & Colin can still keep me entertained,
which Colin does here.

I Can't Own Her: This has probably gotten the most bashing on this list,
but in my opinion the orchestral explosions after each chorus just
completely blow me away. Sure, it's a "lost love" song, but it works.

Harvest Festival: Definitely an improvement over the demo, which was
magnificent in the first place. The strings really help this one out
during the end. One of the brilliant tracks overlooked by reviewers, in
favor of taking up a couple of paragraphs describing and quoting "Your

The Last Balloon: Love the trumpet at the end. No other song on the
album, with the possible exception of Your Dictionary, could've ended it
as well.

 Oh, I didn't bash any of the songs? Basically, this whole review was
just an eleven-description praise-fest? Could that possibly be
because...I LIKE EVERY SONG? A superb album, even if it doesn't reach
Skylarking proportions--but quite honestly, what could?

Rich Bunnell or "Metal Man," whichever sounds more insane


Message-Id: <>
Subject: read the fine print
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 99 00:38:07 -0600
From: Robert Dassie <>

Responding to Dunks (far more than) 2 cents worth on the Andy vs Dave
discussion, I quote from my original post:

>He may be completely justified in all that he's saying, but
>to spill it out at every chance he gets is spreading the bad Karma
>something fierce.

Dunks, I agree with all that you wrote (and wrote).  Like I said before,
Andy may be justified with his feelings.  But personally, I feel that you
shouldn't go airing your dirty laundry as much as Andy (and perhaps now
Dave) does.  It just makes everyone look bad.  And it's a shame that this
is the back drop for what is the fantastic output of Apple Venus.

So, Dunks, I think we agree on Andy's feelings (as if we have any
authority at all on the subject), but I do think there has been too much
talk and not enough music.

That AVv1 is so incredible just makes the loss of Dave that much more




Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 01:34:46 -0500
From: "Robert J. Hughes" <>
Subject: The Meeting Place in NYC
Message-ID: <>

Began my pilgrimage from Yonkers, 45 minutes from Mecca, i.e. Tower Records
2/23.  Arrived a solid 1/2 before our honored guests were to grace us with
their appearance.  Figured I would peruse the shelves, pick up a few copies
of AV1 & Jason Falkner's new release which by the way was still in Tower's
receiving area and was not available, bummer. Not to lose focus, I paid for
the AV1 CD's and proceeded to stake out the signing platform. Funny, the
store seemed suspiciously empty so close to Show Time. I remember feeling a
bit disappointed that there wasn't a larger turnout for the occasion. I
noticed a few fellow worshippers gathering in the aisle leading up to the
table. After a few moments of anticipating the Arrival, a conscientious TVT
representative informed us that "the line for the XTC signing begins
outside around the corner".  OK, I thought with mixed feelings, so,  I will
have to wait a little longer, but at least their IS a line to represent the
fan base.  A Line?  Where does this thing End?  After turning the second
corner I realized that This was the type of turnout that XTC deserved,
although I would have preferred being at the other end of the line.  Those
who were there can vouch, It was cold out there, and that line could not
have moved much slower, but there were plenty of XTC related conversations
to keep the elements subdued.  Cut to the chase,  Some 4 plus hours later
I'm back in the store moments away from a meeting that, for any true XTC
fan borders on the surreal.  I mean, how many of us have dreamt that we had
met them and heard their imagined music.  Here I was, now only a few steps
away.  Stage Left, Andy Partridge dressed in tan & cap brown.  Stage Right,
Colin Moulding and his hair a spot gray.  Stand Up, "Step Forward".
First, I shook hands with Colin, I asked him to sign a picture I created
merging the English Settlement cover and page 14 of The Big Express in GWR
garb. I asked him about a recent photo shoot he had at Coney Island and he
mentioned he particularly recalled it being very cold back in November.  He
quickly followed up by apologizing for our having to wait outside for such
a long time in the cold.  We spoke briefly about his collaboration with Sam
Phillips then he proceeded to sign my 3 copies of AV1.  It was amazing to
me how comfortable I was in the company of Colin.  He really is a bit shy
but showed a genuine interest in our conversation.  Colin slid the picture
over, showing Andy my hybrid art work where he proceeded to sign it as well
commenting "Who's this Guy?" pointing to Dave in the middle. I began to
feel the magnitude of moment, I mean,  Here I am, for this brief moment in
time I have the collective attention of XTC!!! Its the stuff dreams are
made of. I shook Andy's hand and asked if he kept in contact with Martin
Newell whose CD, "The Greatest Living Englishman", was produced by Andy.
He said had spoken with him only a few weeks ago and that he had received a
few demo's from him to listen to.  I also asked him about his collaboration
with David Yazbek.  He asked me if I had "Tock" and told him I couldn't
find it anywhere.  He told me to contact WAR Records.  He too, finished
signing my 3 copies. I thanked him and as I stepped aside I realized" Damn,
this was worth it.  The cold, the wait, everything.

By the way, if there next appearances are anything resembling the NYC
signing, be sure to bring whatever XTC merchandise you wish to have signed
"within reason".
This was not a rush-rush autograph session as my 4-5 minute talk would
attest.  But, be prepared for a long wait if you don't arrive early.
Regardless, any wait would be worth it.  Also,  Bring your cameras.  Andy &
Colin posed with and for anyone who wished to have their pictures taken.

Lastly,  I have been lurking in the shadows as a Chalkhills subscriber for
over 4 years and finally felt it was time to join in.

No longer Lost in Yonkers

Bob Hughes


Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 00:49:11 -0600
Message-Id: <v03007800b2fa4ea424ab@[]>
From: Austin T Quinn <>
Subject: 1st thoughts on AV1!

(The first time I sent this it didn't get through, so here it is again. I
wrote this Monday at about 1 am as I listened to AV1 for the first time. If
you don't feel like reading yet another song-for-song review, just skip
down to the P.S. as see if you can answer the question.)

Such a momentous occasion calls for a de-lurking. So, here are my
(demo-free) first impressions of AV1.

River of Orchids: So, it's to be a Garden of Earthly Delights opening as
opposed to a Respectable Street/Peter Pumpkin Head/Wake Up opening. Great

I'd Like That: I've heard this song a couple times on the radio a few times
and although it sounds better on my stereo, it still doesn't do all that
much for me. I do like those big-ass jazz chords on "sunflower" though. (In
general, I'm a sucker for jazzy vocal harmonies, which is one of the
reasons I love I Remember the Sun)

Easter Theatre: Starts great and, impossibly, gets better as it continues.
O.k., so I'm only 3 songs in, but my bet is it's going to be my fave.

Knights in Shining Karma: A beautiful lullaby

Frivolous Tonight: Colin makes his first appearance with a Sesame
Street-for-adults song. A bit cheesy but still appealing.

Greenman: Shades of Beating of Hearts. Fruity, fun, and (like much of the
album so far) cinematic

Your Dictionary: I just don't know. The lyrics are pretty good, the music's
pretty good...I know! When the piano comes in, it makes me think of that
"Because the night belongs to us" song as performed by 10,000 Maniacs. I
HATE that song.

Fruit Nut: More Sesame Street music from Moulding. Like Frivolous Tonight,
it's not bad, but it leaves me wondering if Colin has gone full-blown

I Can't Own Her: Well, this at least ties with Easter Theatre for fave
song. I've realized that cinematic isn't the right word to describe this
album. The way the songs are arranged reminds me more of music from a
musical (anyone care to write the plot?).

Harvest Festival: See "I Can't Own Her". Damn, Andy's a pretty good lyric
writer ain't he?

The Last Balloon: When the bass line comes in, it kinda reminds me of That
Wave (which I love). This is a good song and a good way to end the album.

Wow! This is a long message. I think I'll stop now.


P.S. As long as I'm here. Does anyone have the album "The Last Drag" by the
Samples? If so listen to Misery (which is, I believe, song #10). Does the
vocal wail right before the chorus sound like a sample from "Leisure" to
you too?


From: nedrise@MNSi.Net
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 02:02:16 -0400
Subject: What's that instrument on Greenman?


Friends, what a glorius time. The boys are back, to show us what music
could be and should be.  I'm just loving the new songs, along with the rest
of you.

I'm loving reading your reactions too. Keep it up.  I want to know what
everybody thinks of AV1.  I don't have any friends around here to properly
celebrate with, so I'm revelling in reading your posts, I'm eating it up.
It's so good to know you're feeling as good as I am about XTC and their
fantastic new music.

Ben Gott, thanks - I loved your post!

I'm right dissapointed that I won't be able to get to meet Colin and
Andy(this time round), but perhaps one of you that is planning to meet them
could do me a favour and ask them a question for me:

What is that buzzy percussion instrument on Greenman?

It kind of reminds me of a Berimbau, a Brazilian instrument, but it's hard
to be sure.  Perhaps someone here on the list knows what it is.  I'd sure
appreciate it.  Thanks.

My ears have never been happier!

Michael Stone

"Some may say we're a bit overshot , but this could be our finest hour!"


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 02:23:25 -0500
From: Troy Peters <>
Subject: One if by land, two if by sea...

Okay, it's almost 2 a.m., but I just got back from Boston.  225 miles
each way from northern Vermont.  I want to walk into Boston on my hands
one day, but it was not practical this time.  So I pushed my car down
the road...

Wow, it was cool.

As our New York friends reported, Andy was very warm and patient.  He
signed stacks and stacks of stuff for many people.  I was lucky enough
to be fairly near the front of the line -- went with my cousin Bruce who
lives in Portsmouth, NH.

Our exchanges with the Man (all quotes are close, but not necessarily
100% accurate.  I'm trying...):

handshake, hi, we're cousins (or something)

Andy: "Nice shirt.  There are quite a few of those around tonight."
(Smile, Phil.  It was a Chalkhills shirt I was wearing.)

Me: "Thanks.  Nice pants."  (He was wearing khaki, houndstoothy things
that were very nice...)  "I *love* 'River of Orchids.'  The arrangement
is amazing, especially the beginning."

A: "Thanks so much.  It just sort of feel out.  I was poking around with
one finger and it happened.  You never know what you'll come up with."

I hand him the Canadian 5 Senses EP.  A: "I haven't seen one of these in
a while!"  Takes pen and changes "5" in title to "6."  Adds prominent
nipple to woman on cover.  "Let's make it six senses.  The sixth will be
nipple sensitivity."  Signs his name.

laugh, smile, hand him Mayor of Simpleton 12" single.  On back, he signs
his name next to image of himself.  "How about we break my guitar
string, eh?"  Draws in a broken string on his guitar.

Me:  "Can you do a few more?"  A:  "Why not?"

He signs 2 AV1 covers, 2 AV1 tray liners, my Transistor Blast box, and a
Disappointed CD single.  Disappointed single draws another "I haven't
seen this in a while."  On the TB cover, he turns the radio dial into
the face of a bird-like creature.

My cousin Burce hands him two more AV1 covers, and asks him to sign one
for our cousin Carl, who introduced us both to XTC.  Andy asks "C or
K?"  ("C-A-R-L, is that how you spell cousin in your...")  I mention
that my first exposure was "Respectable Street" via cousin Carl
[actually, I had heard Nigel on the radio once but that's a different

A:  "Ah, starting you off with the hard stuff!  A bit like cider, eh?"


brief chat about how tired he was.  Bruce: "Hang in there."  Me: "Get
some rest."

A: "Not likely.  Cheers."

Handshakes again.  And we're out.


Advice: bring a camera.  more importantly, keep talking and asking
questions.  he's happy to talk but some people seemed scared and just
stood there.  it seems he has a better time if there's stuff to say...


I enjoyed meeting some other Chalkheads and lots of cool people on
line.  Wes (last name?) was there with the vinyl Martin Newell,
including bonus tracks.  Several other charming people whose names I
blank on -- I guess I was too Andy-focused.  Sorry!  I enjoyed a brief
chat with a nice woman in a blue chalkhills shirt -- I'd never seen the
blue ones.  They're nice.  First in line was a Chalker with lots of
stuff including New Hampshire XTC license plate.  And he took my
picture.  Who are you?  Sorry!!  Between catching up with my cousin (who
I don't see often enough) and getting juiced about Andy, I was a little
lost.  Missed opportunities...

I listened to the album all the way down and back.  Seven hours of it
has only fueled my fondness.  Yay!

Must sleep now...

Troy Peters


Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 00:19:52 -0800 (PST)
From: Michael Raymond Becker <>
Subject: AV1 - I found it!
Message-ID: <>

Greetings Chalkers!

I just picked up AV1 at the student bookstore here in Pullman, WA
yesterday. It was the ONLY copy they had!  I had gone to the mall in
nearby Moscow, ID, but the Sam Goody there didn't have it.  The only other
place that I could think of that might have it was the student bookstore.

As for the album,...utterly refreshing.  I've been listening to XTC for
about 2 years, filling my ears with the sounds of their past albums in
anticipation of AV1.  After listening to what's been on the radio (Third
Eye Blind, Third Eye Blind, and...well, Third Eye Blind) and with
one of my friends spouting the virtues of the Matchbox 20 CD, AV1 comes
as a great relief.  My favorite track so far is River of Orchids, with
Easter Theatre coming in a close second.  I have to admit that Colin's
songs weren't making a great impression on me at first, but I'm warming
to them after repeated turns on my CD player.

I played AV1 for another friend of mine and he really liked what he heard.
I'm letting him borrow Skylarking and Black Sea from me to get a wider
range of Swindon's Best.  Ahh, a possible convert.

Listening to AV1,



Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 04:26:00 EST
Subject: The Wicker Man meets The Green Man

The best XTC album of all - I wish they would make at least a TV appearance
in the UK to promote it - perhaps a 'Later with Jools Holland' type show -
I love 'The Green Man' - very similar to Beating of Hearts and generally
Mummeresque. I think the lyrics and feel to it are extremely
English/Pagan/Celtic - in fact there are some glorious fortean references
throughout the album - references to hares are, I am sure, not accidental!
Harvest festival, River of orchids...
Has anyone ever seen the film 'The Wicker Man' , made in the early '70's,
where Edward Woodward goes to investigate the disappearance of a young girl
on a remote Scottish community at the time of the harvest? I won't ruin it
for you but there is a scene of a May day celebration - mummers and all -
which fits beautifully with the playing of 'Green Man' - try it and see.
It would make a wonderful scenario  to base a video on for the song if it
were ever a single.
Andy and Colin - I salute you - may we have more...please!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 06:04:19 -0600
From: John Voorhees <>
Subject: Re: <errrrrrrrp>

> << Hmmm... does that mean that the
> redneck, cheap-beer-swilling fans of Skynyrd are just generally more
> reserved in their appreciation of the greatest thing to come out of Dixie?
> Or maybe whenever they try to express their adoration they keep puking beer
> onto the keyboard? >>
>  I really really really really dig Lynyrd Skynyrd.  And XTC.  No joke.  So I
> don't know how I feel about these comments except that generalizations
>  don't usually do anybody any good.  (Ask Molly!)
>  I gotta go get a towel for this puke now.
>  Leslie

Hi, Leslie.
Yes, I know that was  a rabid generalization, and a flatly insulting one.
Realize that it wasn't actually meant for _your_ benefit, but for the guys
at the Dallas Observer SceneHeard show, who had already heaped such MASSIVE
and UGLY generalizations on XTC fandom (and, note, of Chalkhills in
particular!) that I felt some retaliation was in order.  Feel free to enjoy
Matchbox 20 if you want, dear.

John Voorhees


Message-ID: <B9B4268C8F87D11195DC0000F840FABE0838768C@DUB-MSG-02>
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 04:34:43 -0800

No doubt this will make it to the list from more than one person :

the mid-week position for Apple Venus Volume 1 is number 31 in the charts.

If you're in the UK : BUY IT NOW !!!! Let's get XTC into top 30 for the
first week of release.

The knock-on effect will be very important and who ?

My suggestion (not Cooking Vinyl) is to buy 2 copies from Chart Return
shops : that way your pound will count !

(will someone in the UK buy 2 copies from chart return shop for me please ?
I'll send payment by return mail)


Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 13:38 +0100
Message-id: <    >
Subject: AV1, but not in Sweden

No sign yet of AV1 in these parts. The release was announced for
22 February, but when I called at my local record store on The
Day I was told that it been postponed until next week. Isn't seven
years of waiting enough?

Also, for you German speakers out there, there's a short XTC
article in this week's culture supplement to _Der Spiegel_.
Nothing new, really; a shot of Colin and Andy on Coney Island, a
few Andy quotes, and the prediction that AV1 will follow the
well-know pattern of critical acclaim and commercial failure of
previous XTC albums.


Par in XTC-deprived Goteborg, Sweden


Message-ID: <>
Date: 25 Feb 1999 12:49:00 0000
From: "Robert  Wood" <>
Organization: Mutech
Subject: Feuds

As always, Duncan's post in 5-101 was thought provoking, and on the whole I
agreed with what he said about the amount of shit Andy's taken over the last
few years. And he [Duncs] is right about how bloody hard it is to "run" a
band - it's like a marriage only with more than just two people to keep
happy. Fragile egos; personal tastes where no-one can rightfully claim that
they are "right"; *two* people sulking at a third person when they can't
have their way; politics between three or more people not just two; side
taking on certain issues that can make people feel really isolated.


I do feel that it's a *damn* shame Dave's gone, and there *are* two sides to
each story. The most important thing about a *band* rather than someone just
hiring in a load of session musicians to do a load of songs, is the *input*
that each person brings to the songs. Whether it's arrangement ideas, hooks,
altering the melody line slightly or whatever. When the mix is right it can
change from being a collection of musicians to a group of people that create
something that one person alone could never hope to achieve. An example:
Toddzilla (as Duncs amusingly put it!) says to DG, we want a guitar intro to
"Earn enough for us". Off goes Dave and comes back with arguably the most
exciting moment of the album. He [Dave's] gone now - the next time XTC need
that intro that "all guitarists are going to want to master" there's a much
diminished chance of it happening. Is a session musician going to come in
and create something like that? Pretty unlikely, most session musicians
aren't creative people in the same way as people in a band are. It just
doesn't mean the same to them.

One way I think Dave's opinion is already missed is on the topic of AV I
being all "orcoustic", I agree with Dave that it should have been a
mixture, I think there are places in the album where it just cries out for
something that just crashes in and perks up the album. Don't get me wrong I
think it's a fine album, but I think it could have been a lot better with
some more variation.

Rob (who is still a staunch supporter of Andy!)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 08:37:04 EST
Subject: TOWER of Fundom, NYC-- Tribute Page


I got pictures back from the "eventful" Tower Records NYC signing.....there
aren't too many, but I did attempt to put them on a makeshift web
page....check them out if you'd like....there are some good's
also my tribute to XTC.....let me know what you think.......enjoy!

<A HREF="">Xtckinks's Page</A>

Like a rocket from a bottle shot free,

PS) The page is an AOL one, so don't expect wonders. Also, it loads slowly,
but I think it'll be worth your wait :-)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 13:14:37 +0000
From: Claire Munro <>
Subject: XTC album placing

Hello there

Just a quick update from the home of XTC:  The mid-week UK chart
position for Apple Venus is 31; this means that we need everyone to rush
out and buy more copies so that we can reach the top 30.  Buy copies for
your parents, your children, even your grandparents; remember no home is
complete without one!

Remember though that copies bought directly from us do not count towards
chart placing so get down to your record store now and give a copy of
Apple Venus a new home.
Claire Munro


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