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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #4-99

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 99

                   Monday, 29 June 1998

Today's Topics:

       Cooking Vinyl Sampler w/Terry & The Lovemen
                   Calling Mike Wicks!
                       MTV is Dead?
                  XTC VIDEOS SALE UPDATE
                  Dream follow ups etc.
          Re: You're pulling me out of lurk mode
                Listen to The Big Express
              This year's MUST NOT MISS film
                     Willing Slaves?
                   religious spoutings
                BORED !!!!!!!!!!!!ZZZzzzzz
                   Shouldn't say this!
                The 20th century Luddites.
                     People's agendas
                     Pinocchio's Nose
             Problem with UK skylarking disc
         Pink Thing / XTC sight causing thoughts
            Rivalry between Chalkhills & Fegs?
                       XTC Content
                         4CD Set


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Message-ID: <007701bd9dcd$389e5900$2f975ed1@nate>
From: "Gineen" <>
Subject: Stereolab
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 07:02:14 -0400

Subject: Stereolab

Was wondering, Is Stereolab a band that is popular among XTC fans?
I heard the name mentioned here and so I checked out some music samples
I liked a little bit of what I did hear. Are these guys any good? And,,,,how
easy will it be for me to find them in a music store? Rare?
Just curious, always looking to expand my music a such luck
Still just have XTC playing most days, occasionally a little bit of Madness
here and there and
I have been listening to Gary Numan more again........
By the way.....anyway headed o the UK in the month of August or September?
I am going Aug 4th for a few months..........although I may change my ticket
to come home sooner,see how it goes. Let me know! Or if you are in the
UK,even better! I will be in Slough,Berks,Cippenham.


Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 09:28:51 -0400
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Cooking Vinyl Sampler w/Terry & The Lovemen

I just checked the future releases at

Seems Cooking Vinyl will release a 16-track compilation with tracks from
among others Stephen Duffy and Terry and The Lovemen. Release date is

I have purchased from Siren CD before and was very happy with their
service, shipping, and of course the CDs...

Wes Wilson


Message-Id: <>
From: "J. D. SMX" <>
Organization: Access Tucson
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 10:03:00 -0700
Subject: Calling Mike Wicks!

Hi Fellow Chalkdusties,

This is a call to an old Chalkhillian.  E-mail me Mr. Wicks.
I've got some timely material to pass on.

Quit Lurking And Get On The Beam, sir.    SMX


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 15:18:26 EDT
Subject: MTV is Dead?

Did anyone happen to catch the Flashback 120 Minutes played of XTC? I know
the vid was KFAD, but for some strange reason MTV WAS NOT COMING IN LAST



Date: Mon, 22 Jun 98 20:14:21 UT
From: "Lawrence Rubin" <>
Message-Id: <>

To everyone who sent me $12 for the 21 videos-

I sent out the videos to everyone on June 22, Enjoy!



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 02:06:44 -0400
From: Rob Hill <>
Subject: Essentiality

You all may be interested to know that Drums & Wires made Amazon Books
list of essential New Wave albums (alongside Elvis Costello, The Police,
Talking Heads, & others). Barry "Anderson" is mentioned as a co-founder
& Andy is described as a "Fun House operator gone mad." Quaint, no?


Science Friction "sounds like bulldozers fucking" -- some French wanker


Message-Id: <v03102800b1b4f6dab4e5@[]>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 23:26:41 -0700
From: Richard Pedretti-Allen <>
Subject: Fu-huh-huck...

A wonderful week it has been, indeed.

With the Unabomber safely incarcerated, I inquisitively opened the package
that bore only my name and address.  Inside I found a CD case with no
labeling containing an unimprinted CD with Andy's demos safely burned into
it's bitstream.  Thanks to the selfless soul who felt that I needed to own
this!  Fuckin' cool!

And speaking of "Fuck", considering that Andy never _actually_ speaks_ the
words "Fuck" or "Shit" in "Your Dictionary", do you think it can still get

While I realize that these are some of the words that we are not supposed
to use on the digest, Andy said them first (nya, nya, nya, nya-nya) and...
Ain't it fuckin' great to have the "Firework" Demos?!

Cheers, Richard "lounging poolside, quaffing Mai Tais from a coconut shell
while naked (legally untouchable) nubile nymphets fan me with palm fronds
and peel grapes for me" Pedretti-Allen
"" until July, then back to #@%&$! ""

p.s. Don't wake me.


Message-ID: <65706847FC74D1119E000000F801D38C18F360@NTFS03>
From: "Deane, Simon" <>
Subject: Dream follow ups etc.
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 17:17:54 +0800

I've noticed that a number of contributors (including man-of-the-moment,
Dominic Lawson) are West Ham supporters. Can I just add my agreement to
the dream of them winning the league. They're definitely on the verge of
greater things after a very low period - losing to Arsenal in the Cup on
penalties was a real bummer. It also strikes me that there is some
connection between being a West Ham supporter and an XTC fan. West Ham
have never sacrificed their commitment to playing attractive, creative
football sometimes at the expense of more mundane success in their
failure to win trophies on a regular basis. The comparisons with XTC are
compelling. Any other Irons supporters out there?

Mark Archer-May made a comment about my dream of global recognition for
XTC. I wholeheartedly agree with him - that's why I added the words "on
their own terms" in the "dream".

Back to Dom's recent comments: I think your high profile distaste for
Lloyd-Webber etc. just boils down to a bit of musical snobbery which is
a phase we all go through at some stage (I used to get very high and
mighty about the Bay City Rollers, the BeeGees and, yes, Lloyd-Webber
musicals, to name but a few). But you're in good company - Harrison
Sherwood is decidedly sniffy about stuff which is peddled in his face by
greedhead marketeers. And hang on a moment, aren't Lloyd-Webber musicals
just the kind of things that those nasty marketing fellows like to
peddle in our faces ("Jesus Christ Superstar": musical, record, film,
book; "Evita": ditto etc. etc.)? It looks to me like you 2 should get
together - you seem to agree on a lot of things.

The real point, which I think has been made by a number of people
already (so, sorry for repeating it), is that everyone has different
tastes in everything, and it is getting just a tad presumptuous to set
oneself up as an arbiter of what people should or shouldn't like to
listen to. No one's saying that you have to like "Jesus Christ
Superstar", it's just more mature to be able to accept that some other
people do like it-even XTC fans. We can't even say that, for example,
"English Settlement" is better than "Jesus Christ Superstar" - that's
just our opinion as XTC fans (although Mr Deuchars may disagree on that
one). Who's to say that we're right and Mr Deuchars is wrong? It's all
pretty obvious really.

All the best
Simon Deane


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 11:53:40 +0100
From: Dominic Lawson <>
Subject: Re: You're pulling me out of lurk mode

Firstly, should I change my name to Don? It would make things easier for

OK, Don No.2 (your designated number, no insult intended). A thousand
apologies for my "intellectual blip", or rather, what the sunburnt arse are
you going on about man?  I thought it was blatantly obvious that I was
dissing Harrison for being a self-congratulating clever clogs, so you defend
him and "correct" me by turning this into a "who's the brainiest?"
competition. Yawn. It's like being back at school. You'll be taking the piss
out of my satchel next.

Sorry, I won't back down about ALW. If you don't agree with me, fair enough,
but you're quite, quite wrong. He is revolting - end of story. No one else
is entitled to their opinion when it comes to oily, right-wing, overpaid
plagiarists. The umpire's decision is final.

Yes, my original postings may have appeared somewhat juvenile. Firstly, I
never said they weren't. In fact I apologised on more or less that very
basis. Also, I am seemingly closer to the days of juvenilia than
Harrison. No excuse, I know, but being childish is rather good fun and such
comments are not meant to be taken particularly seriously!  Anyway, I don't
enshroud my "juvenile" outbursts in intellectual waffle. I try not to beat
around anyone's bush where possible.

As for resentment and envy, well, aren't we the psychoanalyst?  I don't
resent Harrison because a) this is a discussion forum on the Net, not a
family meeting to decide who gets the inheritance, and b) because I don't
accept his arguments as being wholly relevant. Sorry, nil points.

I don't envy Harrison either, mainly because if I spent that much time
writing I would rarely get out the front door. Nor would I wish to be viewed
as a dazzling exponent of in-depth cultural critiques. Old Hazza is a dab
hand at this debating lark, but his style is not to my taste, thank you very
much.  Mind you, I am going on a bit here so maybe we're related in some
foul way.

Also, you say my first posting was "terminally self-satisfied". Hanging me
with my own socks, eh? Well, I think you're either being deliberately unfair
or you've genuinely mis-interpreted my statement, because it was a message
honestly sent and there was no indication that I thought myself "hip" or in
any way superior to anyone else. It was just an opinion about music -
something I feel strongly about. It was also my first post, and I was (and
still am) new to all this. Anyway, every time we go over this, a few
Chalkhills readers topple off their chairs and start snoring, so could you
possibly give me the chance to talk about something else? Yes, I have
deserved some flak. No, I don't deserve to spend the limited time I have to
contribute to the digest defending myself against pedants and snobs.

And finally, "pathetic double-speak"? Don't drag me into your Orwellian
nightmares, pal. I'm not a robot - sometimes I will contradict myself,
sometimes I will sound like a hypocrite. We all do it, unless you consider
yourself beyond reproach. I could bore you all to death with a list of
discrepancies in numerous recent postings, as could anyone, but it's DULL
DULL DULL. Move on.

Yet again I haven't got the time or space to say ANYTHING about XTC
(although I'll try, goddamit!). Maybe next time I'll get the opportunity.

Oh, and by the way, I am a very "lucid" kinda guy. "Well-thought out" is
another matter, but if my boss catches me writing e-mails of this length, my
sorry arse is paperclips! Time is of the essence....

XTC Content:  Does anyone actually like "My Weapon"?




Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 06:56:00 EDT
Subject: Listen to The Big Express

Tuesday night (June 23rd) at 10 pm eastern on America Online, we'll continue
the XTC chat/listening parties with The Big Express.

Details about the chat parties can be found at  We've had some nice crowds over
the last several weeks, and I hope more of you with AOL access will join us
this time.

If you have any questions about how to participate, just send me mail & I'll
help you out.

Looking forward to Red Brick Dream and You're The Wish....especially,

"Bird and bear and hare and fish,
Give your love her fondest wish"


Message-ID: <>
From: "Witter, Karl F" <>
Subject: This year's MUST NOT MISS film
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 08:13:14 -0400

To Chalkies in the USA: If you saw the American Film Institute's
Top 100 show on Tuesday 6/16, fine.

However, if you were glued to the telly, getting drunk, scribbling
down the list, and arguing with the screen...("'Guess Who's Coming
to DINNER'? Try PAT and MIKE! Steven SPIELBERG has 5 titles?? Where's
PRESTON STURGES???"),you may consider yourself something of a filmie.

If so, get to an art house and see "The Race to Save 100 Years", a
story of film preservation. It's got thrills, chills, and even a
little bit of nekkidness, not the least of which is 5 seconds of
the one and only ***Little Egypt*** at the 1893 World's Fair. You
know the soundtrack; now see the film that goes with it.

Nitrate won't wait,

PS: Look at
It seems Colin is holding a trumpet or horn. Does he actually play
the thing?


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 08:08:21 -0500
From: "K. Zimmer" <>
Subject: Merci

Thanks to all the folks who responded to my request for demographic
information. It's time that I revealed that I am actually a
representative of Korporate Kulture, Inc., and this information will be
used to market a new deodorant.

Seriously, thanks. I feel like I know you all better. And I like y'all!
Even the Republicans who say "Why ask why?" when asked a serious
question about their ideology. (Sorry Amanda!) I'm still four Chalkhills
behind in my reading, but I'm having fun reading your too-witty remarks.

The only thing that made the experience very negative for me was a few
anti-American remarks, especially "monster-truck-watchin' USA." Is that
really necessary? Maybe you were referring to a particular SEGMENT of
American society, or maybe you are just as stupid as the people you are
trying to mock. Either way, I don't see that kind of remark as
productive. And remember, we've got more nuclear weapons than you. (hee
hee - just joking, melt the guns and all that)

Let's make this Boston meeting happen.
How many New Englanders have we got here?

Oh, and to ex-Smiley Face: if you haven't received a reply to your post
yet, I've got a copy of "The Dub Experiments" for you.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 12:10:10 -0400
From: Adam Tyner <>
Subject: Rhinoplasty

If you'd like to hear Primus' cover of Scissorsman off of their new EP
"Rhinoplasty" (available July 14), go to for 28.8K
users or
for people with higher speed connections.  It's a pretty decent cover,
IMO...the solo is a bit annoying, but other than that, it sounds very much
like the original.

/=---------------- ----------------=\
The home of He-Man, "Weird Al", Yoo-hoo, Killer Tomatoes, and more!
   Demented music list admin           O-         MiSTie #67,326


Message-Id: <s58ff8d5.073@BTA.ORG.UK>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 18:09:33 +0100
Subject: Willing Slaves?

>Then I got overconfident and let the CD segue into
>Chalkhills and Children. He was gagging and
>lunging or the CD player within 10 seconds....

...I've noticed that when low on Hard News, we Chalkhillians seem to gather
in herds picking 'lists' from each other.

So with that in mind - and the above experience, which is all too familiar -
I was wondering if we could put together a Top 10 of 'turn-on-able' XTC
songs together with (and this is the fun bit) 'turn-off-able' ones.

Far be it for me to propose rules at this juncture, but I think we should be
using proven turn-off-able examples like the C&C one, not just the most
obviously inaccessible - where presumably Travel in Nihilon would
(Godzilla-like) crush all competition.

For my money, I'd say the following can be guaranteed to favourably raise
the odd-eyebrow when sneaked onto a various artists' compilation tape (and
this more than makes up for the inevitable "...they still going then?"):

Love on a FarmBoys' Wages (how could anyone possibly not like this?);
opening tracks of Skylarking (particularly Summer Cauldron/Grass and Season
Most of Psonic Psunspot
Mayor of Simpleton
King for a Day
Dear Madam Barnum
Humble Daisy

To be honest, I have only performed this test on my girlfriend (hardly ideal
lab conditions then) and she now reacts with eyeballs-rolling in a "Ho-hum,
I think I know who this might be..." way - but one has to start somewhere!

David Fatscher


Message-Id: <>
From: "Greg Singer" <>
Subject: religious spoutings
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 14:54:15 -0500

It's sad to see people spouting their religious propaganda, "Religion:
Christian who loves Reformed theology (John Calvin, Jonathon Edwards).
Christ is King. Life is meaningless otherwise.", when all we want to hear
about is XTC.

A long time reader and occasional contributor.

Greg s


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 00:03:15 +0100
From: (
Subject: BORED !!!!!!!!!!!!ZZZzzzzz

Dear All,
         Survey - BORING.

     That chord - BORING.

            Dom - BORING ( and incredibly smug - one of those guys
	                   who looks in the mirror and gets a hard-on ).

"...I heard Travels In Nihilon while on a bus / shopping / having
    sex etc..." - BORING.

The once great Chalkhills Digest (and you don't know how much it pains
me to say this) - BORING.

Sorry everyone but it had to be said. As the album slides further and
further from our outstretched , grasping hand and every week the album
is put back yet another month , this Digest has died. Unless something
happens soon this forum will evaporate in a huge cloud of tedium as its
threads gets more and more banal. Bye . ( Fire away ! ). Pete.


Message-ID: <>
From: Robert Wood <>
Subject: Shouldn't say this!
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 13:28:47 +0100

This is just MHO, obv., but...

>> If you get Mummer today, then in five years time
it will be your favourite, it just grows and grows. <<

Can't agree with that! Mummer is the poorest of the post Go 2/White Music
stuff I think. Side two has a purple patch, I love "In Loving Memory",
"Ladybird" "Me and the Wind" and "Funk Pop a Roll". But I find much of it a
bit dour!

Big Express though is in my top 3 XTC albums (with ES and Nonsuch for the
record), Molly! Problem is that there will be other people who love Mummer
far more than BE! So as Jon quite rightly says, the price of an album *is*
cheap; buy 'em all and make your own mind up!


Message-ID: <>
From: Robert Wood <>
Subject: The 20th century Luddites.
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 13:36:26 +0100

>> I have long observed that most people listen to whatever music was
popular when they were 18. Radio stations support this by concentrating on
best of the decade formats that follow the listener from teenage to old age
with the same tunes. <<

Ooooh, this is so true! People are so conservative (with a small "c", note!)
once they reach their 20s! Most people feel comfortable with what they grow
up with and once they say goodbye to their teen years they become Luddites.
That's not just with music either! A big irony I find with people who work
in computers and electronics, the most innovative and fast moving industry
in the world, is that they'll get used to an operating system, piece of
software, a way of designing things etc and it's bloody hard to perseude
them to use something new when it comes along!

Nowt as queer as folk!


Message-ID: <>
From: Robert Wood <>
Subject: People's agendas
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 14:19:42 +0100

I very much enjoyed Eric Rosen's recent(ish) post on Affiliations... Very
well written I thought, and thought provoking... A small (maybe slightly
tongue  in cheek) response has to be written!

>> With all that said...

****Why would anyone making less than $200,000 per year ever align
themselves with the Republican party?****

If people vote "their pocketbooks" then there's a sizable lot out there
making less than 200G's who somehow believe that their interests and the
interests served by the Republicans are the same.  If so, please explain
this to me. <<

An identical claim could be made over here (UK, FYI) with the Tories and say
100,000 pounds sterling per annum. For the many years that the Tories were
in power here I found it ironic that the people who gain least by the Tories
end up being brainwashed into believing that they [the less well off of the
electorate] should vote for the party that want them to be poorly educated,
poorly paid and take away their welfare state!

>> Or, let's re-phrase the question.  "When did the Republicans ever do
anything that benefited people making less than 200Gs and what was it?" <<

Again, replace Republicans with Conservatives!

>> And about this surge of Libertarianism.  What is it really? <snip>

A Libertarian would say, "it's unnecessary to have laws that require
motorists to wear their seat belts or cyclists to wear crash helmets" and
give the rationale that "people are rational and
can decide for themselves what level of risk they should take" and
"government needn't clog up the courts and the lawbooks with excess rules."
But, are people always rational?  Is every individual mature
enough to make the wisest decision? <<

It's the rationality aspect here, I believe. Before we had the seat belt
laws over here, some people genuinely believed that it was more dangerous to
wear a seatbelt as they wouldn't be able to release themselves from a
burning car for example. It was obvious to belt wearers that this was
nonsense! It would seem that sometimes people have to be forced into doing
something they don't want to! But how do you decide when the time is right
to do so?

>>  Have any of you worked at a corporation that was inefficient? <<

More to the point has anyone ever worked for a corporation that was
*efficient*?! <g> It's hard enough to keep a marriage of two people together
because of people's confliciting desires, then take a rock and roll band of
three or more where different members want to take a different direction
musically, and then look at a corporation where so many poeple are trying to
climb the corporate ladder. They will tread on whoever they need to, to
reach their desired destination, all the time working against other people.
(That's without taking into account how often people just don't care about
their work and how inefficiant they so often are!)

>> As for my politics, I say we need to take Ralph Nader's advice.  Have a
choice in every ballot that says "none of the above."  If none of the
above wins, then we have a runoff in 30 days time with a clean slate of
candidates.  The cool thing about this is it would help take a lot of
the big money out of our elections and would remove the need to vote for
the least of the evils. <<

A lovely idea; and who would be willing to pay for the administration of
running the 30th election in a row because of the None Of The Above party
being voted in again and again?! <g>


Date: 24 Jun 98 11:26:13 AST
Subject: Pinocchio's Nose
Message-ID: <>

On this morning's breakfast news TV show, "Today", there was an item about
a "nose panel" - people who were contracted to assess the odours of various
substances with their nose, for scientific research.  Can you guess what
the background music was?

"....I've got 1,2,3,4,5....."

~p@ul    (it's a slow day at the office)


Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 10:34:54 -0700
From: "HALSTED :: the monkey claw is smelly" <>
Message-Id: <199806241734.KAA22709@brak>
Subject: Problem with UK skylarking disc

I haven't listened to Skylarking in a long time so I broke
out the UK disc of it.  The label side has yellowed, especially
at the edges, and it now won't play.  Has anyone else had the same


From: "Lemoncurry" <>
Organization: University Of Oldenburg Comp.Center
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 12:27:15 MET-1METDST
Subject: Pink Thing / XTC sight causing thoughts
Message-ID: <>

Hi fellow Chalksters,

first of all, I'm glad to announce Leon Branco Colic has entered the
world, who is the baby of my best friend born on Tuesday, 23rd of
June, and I have the great honor to be his whatever that baptising
uncle is called in English, you know, the person who is somehow
responsible for bringing up the child, too. Leon will probably not be
baptised, but nevertheless I'm kinda informal baptising uncle, in
German it's called "Pate", but so is the Godfather trilogy, and I
actually don't believe that "Godfather" is the correct term for the
function that I do now fill out.

Now some XTC content:
In a newspaper here in Germany called "TAZ" (short for
TAgesZeitung=daily paper) there was an interview with Brian Wilson
about his new album "Imagination". One question went like, "a lot of
bands which are hip today refer to the Beach Boys and especially Pet
Sounds, like XTC, Cornelius or High Llamas."
Well, Mr Wilson was very pleased to hear that, actually being pleased
by anything the reporter told him, but I thought:"Hang on ! They do
mention XTC, so they now them. A lot of people in the media seem to
0know them here in Germany, so how come I haven't like read an
article about them for years, let alone a small note in music mags
that Davey's gone ?"
The only good in-depth article in german media I know dates back to
1987, in Spex, which I think can be found in the Chalkhills archives
(have to check out, otherwise I'll be translating it later).

 Oops, just took a minute checking the archives out, the article
isn't in there, so I'll do the job myself, may take some time, as I'm
busy with studying right now.

Coming back to the Brian Wilson interview, what also made me stop is
XTC being called "hip". Not to bring back the DomDiscussion back to
life, but I personally think we are all kinda hip listening to a band
which mainly exists in our lives and not in the life out there, which
makes life out there kinda grey, doesn't it ?

In one of the last digests Mark Archer said he liked Yes, and invited
you to drum him out for this revelation. Before you do, go and listen
to their song "Close to the Edge" from the album of the same title,
and you'll find the main guitar riff (or one of them, the song is
18:50 long) could be without any problems transferred onto Go2 or
White Music, being quirky, catchy, neurotic.
That's all, now drum me out (if Mr Chambers or Mr Bruford did that,
I'd be pleased.)
Cheers to all,

residing in The Lemon Lounge

XTC Song of the Day:
Pink Thing


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 06:11:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: brian sellers <>
Subject: Rivalry between Chalkhills & Fegs?

Hello Chalkhillians,

Just a question for anyone who knows:
What is the relationship [or lack thereof] between Andy and Robyn
Hitchcock?  I've never heard a satisfactory answer to this question -
only speculation.

Are the tides rough between the two?  Have they ever worked together?
Seems unlikely, but please enlighten me.

I would love to hear their pop chords collide.

Yellow Matter Custard to you all,



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 17:30:21 EDT
Subject: XTC Content


I would like to say that I didn't know I was spamming when I was mentioning
the XTC content.  I thought spamming had to do with unwanted advertisements in
your e-mail.  Boy, I'm computer illiterate.  Well, I want to say that I was
sort of wrong when I said that.

I change my mind about that XTC content thing, because I got slammed for
mentioning XTC on a Squeeze mailing list.  I don't want to bad mouth other
mailing lists, but they can be brutal on that mailing list.

I just posed this question: Why do a lot of Squeeze fans hate XTC?  It just
seems to me that a lot of them don't like XTC.  I don't understand, because
they're both great bands.  I asked if it was because of the Chris Difford
incident, because I was thinking some Squeeze fans would blame XTC for what

Well, I'm off on vacation for a week so for the US Chalkers out there have a
happy Fourth of July, and for the Canadian Chalkers out there happy Canada



Message-Id: <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 22:43:21 +0100
From: The Larsons <>
Subject: 4CD Set

> Remember a few months back when someone with cotton candy in their head
> suggested collecting money and sending it to XTC? How about spending the
> money instead on the 4 CD set that will be coming out soon? The money will
> go directly to Idea i.e. XTC and they will be able to finish both new albums
> and we will have more music. No I don't know the track listings for the 4 CD
> thing but you can be sure there will be nicely recorded live/studio versions

Ok, I'm sure I'll buy the 4CD set (that 4 came out $ the first time I typed
it - Freudian slip), especially after the heartstrings of my XTC loyalty
have been tugged at.  But, believe it or not, there are still some XTC
diehards out here in Chalkhills-land who do *not* have the demos (*any* of
them, that is, except Find The Fox, Terrorism, et al, on the Meeting Place
12" -- legally purchased).  How 'bout making 1 of the 4 CDs demos that won't
be on "Firework"; or maybe even that *will* be on the new album?  I mean I
have Fossil Fuel, I have Drums and Wireless, I have Waxworks and Beeswax, I
have the BBC Radio 1 Sessions; I estimate I have about a dozen different
cuts of Nigel and other "hits".  I do appreciate the different touches on
the Radio 1 Sessions but some totally "new" material would be far more



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