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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #4-94

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 94

                   Monday, 15 June 1998

Today's Topics:

                      Personal data?
                      Martin Newall
                 jumpin' on the bandwagon
           Re: Procrastination & Fuzzy Warbles
         re: Procastrination & the fuzzy warbles
                     Can I have a go?
                Re: All talk no substance
                    Harrison's Soapbox
                  Power to ALL People!!!
                     more vital stats
                  My Very First Web Page
       Why The Hell Have I Never Done *THIS* Before
                 Oh Eric, Eric, Eric....
                innocent until proven....
                      Re: That Chord
                     More statistics
 My very last response to "Harrison's Soapbox" (promise)
                    Statistics Thingy
                     re-cycle of XTC
            Local Swindon Newspaper Interview


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So let me hear the violins all rend.


Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 14:36:54 -0400
From: Ira Lieman <>
Subject: Personal data?
Message-Id: <"980612184139Z.WT20772.  0*/PN=Ira.Lieman/OU=NEWYORK/O=NOTES/PRMD=OGILVY/ADMD=IBMX400/C=US/"@MHS>

Here's my response to the latest Chalkhills survey...

Religion: I believe I'm the token Jew on the list. I do *NOT* answer to "Kyle."
Political party: I'm an Iracrat. A Republieman. :) But I'm left-wing whatever
it is.
Drugs: Caffeine, Advil, Caffeine, a rare sip o'alcohol, Caffeine.
Job: searching for a new one. Currently a Database Analyst at a
backward-thinking organization. "Leaping from tree to tree!"
Dream: To be "critically acclaimed."

It's days like this in New York (wet, cool, morose) that makes me understand
what it must be like in Swindon. Or Seattle.

And didja know the group Oasis was named after the Oasis Youth Center in
Swindon? (What magazine did I read that in? POV I think.)

-ira (


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 22:53:14 +0100
From: John Bartlett <>
Subject: Martin Newall

Hello all,
        just a quick question(particularly for the British on the
list).Is the Martin Newall who writes the alternative lyrics in the
Independent Martin"The greatest Living Englishman"Newall.Just curious.


Message-Id: <9806121708.AA15343@jhensley>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 17:08:15 -0500
From: "Jon Hensley" <>
Subject: jumpin' on the bandwagon

Hello all,

I just have to join in on this!

Religion: atheist (It just seems so silly that an all powerful, supernatural
being created the entire universe and then wanted the Earths inhabitants to
worship him/her/it)

Political party: none but I always vote for democrats

Drugs: music

Job: graphic designer

Dream: I'm in a band (an experimental, all instrumental, sound landscape/
textural/computer blippy sort of thing) and I hope to just make CDs and gather
a small fan base internationally or just here in Chicago. That's it.

XTC content: I am confused as to when the new XTC album will be coming out.
Can anyone tell me the newest update?



ps  Does anyone on this list share my love for the High Llamas, Tortoise,
Calexico, Oval, Stereolab, The Apples in Stereo...............


Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 18:09:52 -0400
From: Adam Tyner <>
Subject: Re: Procrastination & Fuzzy Warbles

>So what wild stuff did not make it onto Drums and Wireless ?
>Perhaps those  in the know can shed some light here.

I can't say for sure, but I've noticed that most of the songs on D&Wireless
weren't released as singles.  Perhaps that's what we have to look forward
to?  I can't wait to find out.  ;)

>Is it ethical to sell a 4 cd set to fans who already have half of it?  I
>thought that was what big corporations did.

Well, I'd agree if this were very readily available material, but (at least
in the US) you'd have a pretty difficult time finding Drums And Wireless
and Live In Concert in most stores.  With all the extra material, I think
it ought to be more than worth it.  Besides, now we can use our extra CDs
to convert more people.  ;)

>Would anyone care to tot up the amount of XTC cds since Nonsuch. Filler is
>not quite the word and i love R&BB but honestly .

I love R&BB too.  :)  For a rarities/b-sides/leftovers album, it's rather
good.  :)

/=---------------- ----------------=\
The home of He-Man, "Weird Al", Yoo-hoo, Killer Tomatoes, and more!
   Demented music list admin           O-         MiSTie #67,326


Message-ID: <B9B4268C8F87D11195DC0000F840FABE0203C220@DUB-MSG-02>
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: re: Procastrination & the fuzzy warbles
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 23:33:08 +0100

Hi all, greetings from the wrong side of some food poisoning. (yeuk)

in the last digest Jonathon said ...

>Is it ethical to sell a 4 cd set to fans who already have half of it?  I
>thought that was what big corporations did.

Yes, it's ethical because we don't have to buy it.  We don't already have
half of it - the quality of a legit release will be far superior.  Yes you
are absolutely correct : what you describe is what big corporations do....

>I wish AP and CM would just get a move on on release Firework. I fail to see
>the benefit of this diversion other than it allows them to put off the
>release for even longer.

They would love to get a move on (no secret there).  This is an exercise in
raising the funds needed to finish the album.  The last thing Andy, Colin,
Paul, Haydn and everyone else involved in Idea and Cooking Vinyl / Pony
Canyon want to do is put off the completion and release of this brilliant
brilliant brilliant album.

>Would anyone care to tot up the amount of XTC cds since Nonsuch. Filler is
>not quite the word and i love R&BB but honestly .

The reasons for the lack of releases of new material since Nonsvch are well
documented.  I would much prefer that we get a truly brilliant album in 1999
that puts XTC where they belong in the great-pecking-order-that-is-the-music-
bizness than a nearly-brilliant album in 1998.

But that's just my opinion....


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 23:51:49 +0100
From: John Bartlett <>
Subject: Can I have a go?

My contributionto the survey

Religion: god does not exist
Politics:I've been  known to vote Liberal,but  generally,sort of Labour
Job: Maintenance engineer at one of our glorious national newspapers
Drugs:Cafffine(I work nights),alcohol(currently drinking Strongbow)
Dreams(general):XTC play live again,West Ham win the League,England win
the world cup in my lifetime(born the day after).
Dreams(personal):my eldest daughter needs no more heart surgery,and my
youngest to be rid of the arthiritis  in her knee



Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 19:50:39 EDT
Subject: Re: All talk no substance

I really get excited when I see 2 or 3 Chalkhill Emails. What pisses me off
is when someone writes 1 post that takes up 1/2 the post that talks about
nothing about XTC. I am curious how many people just skip right by this
bullsh*t. How many people read every single word ? Had a bad day at work
just venting .  Sorry if I offended anybody.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 98 16:39:53 -0500
Subject: Harrison's Soapbox

       >I'm probably the only person on this list who doesn't agree with you.
       >All the best
       >Simon Deane

             Ummm... Actually Simon I'm with you on this one as well; since
       the hip are the a less influental minority (the very core of their
       hipness), their ability to inflict tyranny would be due to our
       stupidity.  Also, some elitist art IS better, isn't it?



Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 19:31:20 -0700
Subject: Power to ALL People!!!
Message-ID: <>
From: (jim d deuchars)

hey chalkfolk!

Eric Rosen say "Why would anyone making less than $200,000 per year ever
align themselves with the Republican party?"


Repubs making $200k+ can afford to saturate the media with messages that
play on the basic xenophobia of the desensitized masses using the same
techniques that encourage us to buy Pepsi visit Disneyland or listen to
Puff Daddy (that last bit's for you, Dom!)

Hey Harrison,
Korporate Kulture, what is hip, blah, blah blah...

You're probably my favorite read in the Digest, consistently, and I'm NOT
jumping on the "I disagree with Sherwood" bandwagon, but blah, blah,
blah. As we know, business is (unfortunately) neither moral nor immoral,
it is amoral. At least in the eyes of BIG BUSINESS. Simply put, they just
wants to make money and they'll sell to anyone who'll pay. If it takes a
rebel image to sell to the rebels, so be it. Sell the rest some
vitamin-enriched white bread.

All we can do is to buy the products that appeal to us, and NOT BUY what
doesn't (or steal'em if that's yer trip)

Just remember: everything's a commercial for sumpin'!

XTC content!

I've noticed lotsa folks include "Bungalow" when mentioning fave tracks.
To be honest,  it's always come across (IMHO) as o.k., but maybe in the
middle of the pack when it comes to the xtc ouvre. I'm curious to hear
what grabs y'all in particular about this cut. Maybe it'll open my ears.

godstuff: baptized Lutheran, raised Catholic, mostly into Vishnu these
politickles: left wing extremist who'll go for coalition-building to push
the envelope.
drugs: never exhaled
Job: paying for the revolution- I manage fundraising campaigns for
Progressive political and environmental causes.
dream job: Minister of Information in the Next World Order
dream: my band and me recording a cd in the next year or so.


I'll bite_ if anyone can get me a copy of these demos for "fireworks of
the middle ages", email me at

I have a teeny bit of xtc to trade, I have some very cool dylan stuff,
and various other things- thanks!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 22:35:34 EDT
Subject: more vital stats

Hello fellow chalkers,

Some boring stats about yours truly.

Religion: Catholic (explains my fondness for Peter Pumpkinhead)
Political party:  Republican I guess, but open-minded
Drugs:  no way (except for prescription)
Job:  bean counter (accountant)
Dream:  to have my job as a bean counter tomorrow

( wrote:

> I love all of those, but here's my question:
> does anyone think that Mummer, Big Express or
> Rag & Bone measure up to my mighty five of BS, ES,
> Skylarking, O&L or Nonsuch?

I agree with Mr. Relph that Big Express does not get the credit it deserves.
The First Time you hear "All You Pretty Girls" it will be ingrained into
your brain forever (a good thing, BTW.)  This World Over falls in line after
Peter Pumpkinhead.  I truly don't think there's a bad song on here.  As for
Mummer, I think Jon Eva was right on.  After a very slow start this one
still is growing on me--Great Fire is a true classic, and count me in among
the Ladybird lovers.  As for Rag and Bone, there are some definite hits and
misses, but it's worth it for Murmaid Smiled alone.  Throw in the Three Wise
Men and Heaven is Paved With Broken Glass and others and it's while worth
your while, especially at the unfortunate price of $4.99.

Can't wait for Fuzzy Warbles!



Message-ID: <>
From: "Jason Phelan" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 19:35:49 PDT
Subject: My Very First Web Page

Hello chalkwielders,

I just completed the initial stages of my very first web page and invite
you all to come by and leave a note. There is a bit of XTC
including a Dave-less picture (to be up to date) and I hope to have a
lot more soon.
Here is the address:

Do come by and all comments are welcome...

Jason M. Phelan

"But the only job I do well is here on the Farm,
  and it's breaking my back."


Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 22:41:44 -0600
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Why The Hell Have I Never Done *THIS* Before

     I've stumbled onto the obvious.  6 CD changer:

        1) White Music
        2) Go 2
        3)                 You Get the IDEA

     I'm currently on Buzz City Talkin'.     Lucky Me!

     Think it's great to see a marked increase in first time postings..a
     groundswell of anticipation I think.

     And, as for my participation in the - sucked more posters out of the
     woodwork than any thread in a good bit- thread:

     Religion: I don't need REligion, as I've never actually properly
     denounced Ligion.

     Poloticks: n; small, parasitic animals which prefer to attach
     themselves to polo players.  However, since polo players are
     relatively rare (at least in the good ol', monster-truck-watchin'
     USA), these blood-sucking ambushers will attach themselves to just
     about any voting-aged tax payer.

     Drugs:  I'm on Beat Town now...

     Work:  Geologist, currently mapping a 6 mile tunnel under the San
     Bernardino Mountains as it is gnawed out of the living rock.

     Dream:  I really want my grandkids to think I'm cool.. like the way I
     think my grandfather is cool.

     Dream Come True (doesn't apply to above category):  For my daughter to
     think I'm cool like I think she is cool.

     I'll tell you about the time my dogs discovered skunks some other

     Dan - formerly of Portland, Or    Now So Cal Mountains - Meier

     ps: I'm currently listening to My Weapon.  Can any of you "way too
     much time on my hands" types tell me how long it took me to compose
     this post?


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 01:18:51 EDT
Subject: Oh Eric, Eric, Eric....

Treading on dangerous ground whenever you talk politics on Chalkhills. But to
answer your question "Why would anyone who makes less than 200,000 a year
align themself with the Republican party?"

Why ask why? I make SHITLOADS less than that, and I'm a  proud GOP'er. All
comes down to core systems of belief. (And I shalt not expand further on that

XTC song of the day-Holly Up On Poppy
non-XTC song-Rock Lobster-B52's.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 00:32:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Cheryl <>
Subject: innocent until proven....

Hi chalkpeople,

Religion: Bad....get it?!  Bad...Religion.  Bad
Religion. bad oh never mind. *sigh*
Political Party: no thank you.  I only attend fun
ones.  Like...The Church.  Some of you Aussies migh
know what I'm hinting at. Wink, Wink, Nudge Nudge.
Uhhhh-huh. : )
Drugs: Ibuprofen is good.
Job:  searching, seeking, hoping ...for employment.
Dream: ... with two cats in the used to
be sooo hard..

In the last decade my ultra cool friend Todd B. asked
about the innocence of XTC's music. and if my memory
serves me correctly on what we though of that. Well
by golly,  I'm going to answer that now.  In my own
loopy way.

I think this innocence is what attracts me to their
music.  For example "I'd Like That".  It has such a
sense of youthful innocence to me.  Yes I know what's
going on in the song but the way he puts's
like out of that joyous feeling you get of something
pure and love.  The song makes me think
it's like a string of statements a guy in total love
would just blurt out to his lover.  Isn't that a sort
of innocence?  Or "Some Lovely"  That one is a bit
more risque but in a playful sort of way it comes off
as sounding rather innocent to me.

What's another example of what I'm tryin to
say.....It's late and my brain has suddenly decided
to turn off.

This natural innocence I find in Mr. P's songs, I
think lends well to the children songs he has
produced.  The Giant Peach songs are great.  The kids
I nannied for loved them.  Kit got such a kick out of
the "Stinking Rich" song.  Okay, I think I went left
with this topic but it's what strikes me about their
music. These songs hit the kid part in me , which I'm
sure was his intention.

Youthful, happy, crazy...these descriptions I can
apply to each of the songs I have mentioned.

David Fatscher wrote:
>and may I prostrate myself at the Church of
>Cheryl and beg humble forgiveness.
This is where I get all Goofy-like. Well, golly-gee,
a-hu! Sure! Sure! Sure!  Yep!  Forgiven allright.
Now look what you've done.  I'm blushing. Oh dear...

Wishing desperately for a Hobnob and a good cup of tea,


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 13:20:01 +0000
Subject: Re: That Chord

Dear Chalkers,

Last issue the most honourable Mark Fisher said:

> There's video footage (amateur or professional, I can't remember) of
> Dave Gregory picking up a 12-string guitar at home and playing the
> opening chord of A Hard Day's Night.
> Does anyone else recall the film clip?

Yes i do, it's part of the XTC Play At Home documentary made by ITV
in the early 80's. Dave "showing off" his collection of guitars is
one of the best and most interesting bits in this film.
Another great bit is where Andy is showing a few of the games he's
designed; they really look great and very playable.

I haven't checked but i think Dave does press down a few strings when
he plays that famous chord. Anyone who is interested in a Europal VHS
copy of the documentary should email me ( )

yours in xtc,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse
 the XTC website @


Message-Id: <v03007800b1a83cf22842@[]>
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 10:36:35 -0400
From: Erich Walther <>
Subject: More statistics

No real XTC content:

Check out the most excellent Rufus Wainwright CD! Jon Brion production, Van
Dyke Parks arrangements, and great Andy like song writing!

I'll bite;

Religion: First Church of Appliantology
Politics: Card carrying socialist
Drugs: Where'd I leave that bong?
Job: a mole in the ministry (civil service) Oxymoron
Dream: Andy hears my demos and the rest is history.

And I'll go with Brazil for the cup!


Message-ID: <>
From: Macgyver <>
Subject: My very last response to "Harrison's Soapbox" (promise)
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 13:27:14 +0800

Simon Deane wrote:

>	A "short" note to Dom Lawson after Harrison's tongue-in-cheek,
>	not-really-serious attack in 4-89.  Don't take it to heart - he's just
>	trying to wind you up.

Sure.  Problem is, Dom didn't get very wound up, did he?  Perhaps he
got scared away?  I'm a little disappointed.  I wanted to hear him
counter the accusations made against him.

>	...irony of ironies, Harrison's the one who's shadowboxing! Dom,
>	you did rather set yourself up with the "Jesus Christ Superstar",
> 	hip hop and Heavy Metal comments...

True.  Although might I suggest that you, Simon, betray a bias
in inferring that JCS, hip hop, and heavy metal (capitlized?)
are unworthy ammunition in this erstwhile tete-a-tete?  Doesn't
this place you squarely within the "quirky white (gawd, this
"w" word is wearing on me) alternative" camp of which Dom
so ardently, if ineptly, attempted to besmear?

>	..."Harrison, mate, how the hell do you know Dom's a victim
> 	of hipness?

I'd assumed that Dom's two missives to this digest made that fairly obvious,

>	 ...And anyway, since when was Heavy Metal and hip hop hip?"

What is hip?  Whose hipness barometers should we trust?  I rather like the
idea of not caring about the whole deal.  I rather enjoyed Harrison's
dismissal of the tiresome concept.

>	 Judging from Harrison's previous contributions this irony is
>	intended just to catch us all out to show us how clever he is...

Touche.  Point well taken.  And Harrison's erudition on the topic evinces a
well-spring of experience in the nebulous underworld of the "cleverly hip",
meaning, not the proles who are content to descend one level deeper beneath
the sphere in which Madonna gravitates, but those who relentessly probe the
murky depths for a hidden passageway to an "Atlantis of hip", that lowest of
low places, that foundation upon which one's feet are anchored securely for
the all-important act of raising of one's head to view the shifting currents
of fashion above.  After all, one does not want to be unwittingly swept away
by an unseen undertow.

(Was "gravitate" a stretch for the ocean metaphor?)

Which, of course, is ultimately a crock of shite.  Identifying the zeitgeist
as the precursor to a mainstream movement in art, politics, and what have
you can be a fun, educationally nourishing exercise, but taking that grain
of knowledge and running off with it to arrogance land is a trap far too
many people fall into.

I myself was once a victim of the need to find an "Atlantis of hip".  I can
only imagine how insufferable I was (most people were far too polite to tell
me!).  Although I daresay that I made it lower than our correspondent Dom,
as open declarations of what isn't hip, are, of course, not hip!

>	Big deal - so you finally worked out that commercial enterprises
>	 are here to make money from us? Did you really need Andy
>	Partridge to tell you that?

Hey, now you're turning cold on us Simon!  That the music industry is a
commercial enterprise is hardly an earth-shattering discovery.  But that's
far too simplistic an assessment.  Call me an optimist, but peddling CD's
just ain't the same as peddling soap!  The famous quote, "only a fool never
wrote for money", by a personage whose name escapes me at the moment, is
not, I believe, a catch-all truism that expresses one's motivation for
producing art.  Not to deny that there are musicians out there numbly
churning out product, but then how would you categorize the many people who
gamely go about trying to write songs and novels in their spare time?

If one's desire were limited to earning rubles only, then why bother with
music?  It's a losing proposition like boxing, where 0.05% of them make
millions like Mike Tyson, while the rest are consigned to huddling in sweaty
gyms, munching on moldy ham sandwiches in between sparring practice.

>	It seems to me that Harrison is himself the biggest Hip victim - he
>	seems to be saying that he won't touch anything peddled by "desperate
>	greedhead marketeers", that anything so peddled ain't "hip". I say:
>	"lighten up, old chap, don't take things so seriously".

Agreed, although I think the point of his rant was recognizing that the
"greedhead marketeers" were not "hip", but then neither is anybody else.
Or, at least, it's not important.

>	 If you want to subvert society, join the Socialist Worker Party
>	or an anarchist cell or hole up in the woods and start mailing
>	people home made bombs, or something.

Ha ha ha.  Humour and point well-taken.  However, since when did "hip" and
social subversion get mixed together in this debate?  I thought we were
talking about fads and trends being manipulated so craftily by big business
that even those who believe they are "in the know" are actually not.  The
Orwellian-ness of your comment renders it a little suspect -- are people
really so naive as to believe that not listening to the music big business
puts out is a subversive action that might be frowned upon by

>	...judging from the torrent of contributions agreeing wholeheartedly
>	with your opinions but ruing the fact they can't express themselves
>	like you...

Well, if I were forced at gunpoint to take sides between Dom and Harrison,
it wouldn't be a hard choice.

>	I'm probably the only person on this list who doesn't agree with you.
>	Anyway this is a free list (isn't it?).

YES!!! YES!!!  The beauty of it is that the sides are not clearly defined!
This is not a Socratic debate!  Simon, I found your comments refreshing.
After all, if Harrison's opinions were to become the new orthodoxy, then
this list would lose its appeal for me.

I've gone on far too long, please forgive me.  I shall respectfully go back
into re-lurk mode.




Message-ID: <00a401bd96ef$8790b600$d6965ed1@nate>
From: "Gineen" <>
Subject: hi
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 13:20:13 -0400

Subject: "All your friends are Tissue Tigers"
Hello All,
Went to the record store today........I always do, thinking perhaps I will
look under X and see something new jump out of XTC's that I do not already
own. No such luck........Hmmmm, would love some new stuff by them.
Someone was kind enough to send me an Andy demo but when I received the tape
I realized it was one I already own, the only one in fact......"the firework
I am going to have to make a point of contacting some folks about getting
some XTC videos.
I see many listings. Must begin writing out those checks.
About all the XTC conventions I hear of........such as the gathering in
Boston.........How does one get to go to one of those get togethers? I am
very interested......and I am also wondering,Is there a mailing I can
receive related to XTC? I would love to get a mailer.
I will be in the UK right near Swindon in frustrating. Why
cant I meet Andy for a drink?
What I would not do for such a pleasurable experience....In this life time?
Hope so..........
Bye All............Gineen.


Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 14:34:02 -0400
Subject: Statistics Thingy
Message-ID: <>
From: (Formerly Known as Smileypants)

Hiya Chalkies

I've been lurking for 3 months and haven't posted in ages. You might
rememeber me as "Smiley Pants" but I've gotten rid of that ame because
well, the girl who gave me that nickname dumped me and I had to get a new
addy so I could hide from her vitriol...but that's another story...

Anyhoo, I'd like to give this here statistics thingy a shot.

Religion: Roman Catholic, but haven't been to church since my Junior ring
mass in 1997.

Political Party: I choose not to involve myself with politics

Drugs: The only edge I live on is the *straight*edge

Job: College student. That's it. Hopefully a Rite-Aid employee

Dream: To be able to fucking find the Dub Experiments!

Well, enough outta me. I'm beat. I just got home from having to stay
overnight at college for Freshman orientation. I think I'll just rest my
head on the keyboard...

Buh byee

XTC Song of the day: "The Rhythm" (How *dare* I like Go2?!!!!????)
Non-XTC Song of the Day: "Texture" by Catherine Wheel


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 23:44:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: Cheryl <>
Subject: re-cycle of XTC

Hello again!

I'm inspired to write yet again!

A few people mentioned that they cycle through the
different albums of XTC ....listening to only XTC.  I
too, did this in the beginning, but I have found, for
me, that if I take a break from them every once in a
while I rediscover this terrific band all over.  I
love that feeling, that revelation that says, " Yes!
This is it! This is what music is all about!"

Having become a fan of XTC has changed my tastes in
music some what.  Well, maybe that's not it.  I
search for more in the other bands I listen too.  I
pay closer attention to the lyrics to see if I can
find...something that catches my imagination and
attention the way XTC does.  It's rare when I do find
something, but it's great to have a diverse group of
muscians to listen to.  I search for that intensity
of emotion that Mr. P and Colin seem to serve up so
effortlessly.  That most certainly is a hard thing to
find in today's bands.  And I'm only speaking for my
tastes here.  Perhaps what strikes me would make
another chalkhiller go, "WHAT THE...?!"

Just to ramble a bit more here.  One of my most
favourite memories attached to an XTC song is my
train ride up North in England.  On both trips to
Edinburgh and Newcastle I had brought  'The Big
Express'.  Now when I hear those songs I'm suddenly
looking out the window at big puffy clouds as the
train speeds through the countryside.  That feeling
of excitment at seeing friends [ Hi Simon! :) ] and
being far, far away from 'my world'.  Makes me
feeling all warm and squishy inside.

I'm sure this question has been asked ,maybe
recently?  But since there seems to be a bunch of new
people posting to the list,
What is your most favourite memory attached to an XTC

My nephew skipped in here a while ago and on hearing
Mr. P belting out "River of Orchids" asks me, " Is he
singing in English?"  Why I oughta... "Yes, he is."
This stuff is weird he tells me then walks out of the
room.  This coming from an 11 year old who listens to
Weird Al.  *sigh*  Need to work on him.

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Subject: Local Swindon Newspaper Interview
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 19:02:44 +0100
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Hi all , This is a copy a interview with a Andy in the Swindon Gazette and
Herald and it was printed around the time that Oranges and Lemons was
released. I hope that it is of some interest.

Bye for now

Kevin L. (NR. Swindon)

Andy's working overtime on XTC,
A musical paradox

"HELLO " said Andy Partridge. "It's been a hectic day. This is my eleventh
interview. "
 Eleven interviews Things are certainly looking up for XTC - Swindon and
England's seemingly forgotten band.
 A new album in the US charts, selling at more than 5,000 copies a day; best
selling foreign band in Japan (pipping Elvis Costello); and even an
appearance with stars such as Sting on Spirit Of the Forest - the latest
conscience-prodding disc with proceeds going to save the rain forests.
 There's a small matter of repaying a #750,000 advance from Virgin Records,
but Andy's not fussed.
  "It's so stupidly large I don't care about it," he said. The same attitude
applies to a lack of commercial success, or even recognition, in England.
  "The only place we don't sell records is in Britain. It's frustrating
because it's my home country but I'm not going to ram XTC down their
throats. You make it here for two or three weeks and then you're a
has-been." And Swindon? Andy snorts. "Swindon is it law unto itself. The
people are not bothered about anything. They are so apathetic. I am not
interested at all in being accepted in, Swindon. It's just a town where we
  "It could be a good place but unfortunately it took a wrong turn in the
'50s - down the concrete road," said Andy, bred in Penhill but now living in
Old Town. If this makes XTC's front man sound cynical 35-year-old then maybe
he has good reason to be. Perhaps they deserve a higher profile instead of,
as Andy says, being recognised more on the streets of L, A. That is
certainly where the band's market is now - among the college kids of
America. "I don't mind, we'll have dollars," beams. Not that money's
important of course.
  "It never was just money otherwise we would not have sounded like XTC.
Instead would have sounded like (Long pause) the Thompson Twins. You have to
please yourself as an artist first."
  This motive was certainly true with the Dukes of Stratosphear XTC's
psychedelic alter ego - which has now been killed of after two albums.
  "They were 1967 and how many times can a tell the same story? It was
something had to get off our chests"
  And the future, bearing in mind the success of Oranges and Lemons, an
album even Andy agrees is their best since Black Sea in 1980.
  "I don't know. I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow. I never knew I
would still be doing this back in 1977 when we started recording. It's good
fun. That's all.
"I never thought we would be as ignored and, by the same token, as accepted
as we have been" he adds, summing up the musical paradox that is XTC.
  "I don't know how to write a big hit song," sings Andy on the recent
single Mayor of Simpleton, perhaps carrying with it a dig at the superficial
pop values which make XTC so unpalatable to British mainstream music.
  "Perhaps. But as Andy - a family man now with a little boy and girl -
might say: "Who Cares?".


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