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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 87

                  Saturday, 30 May 1998

Today's Topics:

                   XTC VIDEOS for sale
                 Wow, let's get personal
                 Re: Chalkhills Originals
       Please, not this "white music" crap again!!
              Re: Stereolab and the Spacehog
                   Re:'White" Backlash
                listen to this record !!!
            Career Strategy for the Millenium?
                     Re: multi-album
                     No Youth Culture
               Information Working Overtime
          Chalkhills cited in Jam! Music article
                   Record Review Pt. 2
                     Kings for a Day
                     Gather round...
                 Re: My Second Outpouring
                         Re: NIN
               Adding Fuel to the Firework
                 Bands influenced by XTC


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I don't want to hear you've been worrying about me.


Date: Wed, 27 May 98 23:10:03 UT
From: "Lawrence Rubin" <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: XTC VIDEOS for sale

Hello everyone-

A couple of digests ago I offered a VHS copy of my xtc videos in exchange
for a copy of the demos for the new album.  I found someone to trade with,
but so many people replied who wanted the videos that I figured I would make
them available for anyone that wants one in exchange for $12 to cover the
tape, shipping, and a little for my time to do all the copying.

There are 21 videos on the tape: science fric, this is pop, statue,
receiving me, life begins, nigel, towers london, respectable street,
generals, all of a sudden, ball and chain, senses, respectable street
(live), no thugs, dear god, radios in motion (live), train running low
(acoustic with andy and dave), love on a farm, in loving memory, beating of
hearts, funk pop a roll.

My plan is to wait 2 weeks and then make all the copies and send out the
tapes to everyone who bought one.

My address is: Ben Rubin
		11205 Hurdle Hill Drive
		Potomac, MD 20854



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 20:51:36 EDT
Subject: Wow, let's get personal


I just read the last digest, and I read Cheryl's posting.  I was upset when
I wrote the posting where I mentioned the words, "real" fans.  What I meant
is that people shouldn't start rumors to make a joke.  To me that's not a
fan of any group or performers.  But that's my opinion.

Also, I wish I could be in England for that XTC shindig.  I wish there was
something like that near Buffalo.  I know there are conventions here in the
US, but I wish there was one that would be started here in Buffalo.  Even if
it was in Toronto or Niagara Falls I would be happy.  I can't go to NYC that
easily.  The plane tickets are too expensive, and I don't know that many
people who could take me there.  If anybody knows of any conventions coming
near or to the Buffalo area let me know.

Bye for now.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 20:56:36 -0400
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Originals

>Firstly, I'm informed that the person who began the "Originals" series
>years ago, has long-since deserted the project.  I know that he has been
>MIA for years.  We thought that was a shame.  From what we've heard,
>there are a number of Chalkers who submitted works and either had
>them returned as "unsatisfactory," or had their works accepted only to
>have nothing come of it.  Of course, neither of these results is

Oh, for crying out loud.  This is a cart-load of sh*t, pure and simple.  I
may have been busy; I may have been careless; I may have been lazy; I may
have been a disappointment to many; but I never -- NEVER -- rejected
anybody's Chalkies Originals contributions because they were
"unsatisfactory" or played favorites.  I accepted contributions until there
was no room left on the tape, pure and simple.  If I made the mistake of
over-promising and under-delivering, time-wise, then I apologize -- again.
The fact is (and you would know this if you read the Chalkhills digests, as
I posted this information a couple of weeks ago) tape duping is completed,
and everything should be going out in the mail shortly.  (In fact, I've got
the first 7-8 tapes in the trunk of my car right now, and plan to hit the
post office when I get the chance.)

I realize I'm an easy target on this Originals tape, and I'm prepared to
endure all the arrows in my a** to which I'm rightfully entitled; but don't
spread bullsh*t about me in order to rationalize your unpopular compilation
methodology.  It stinks.

Enough ranting.  Back to real life.

-- FS


Message-ID: <>
From: Macgyver <>
Subject: Please, not this "white music" crap again!!
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 09:43:38 +0800

I delurk for a moment and respond to:

(iii) Much as I've enjoyed discovering a world of fellow XTC fans, I have
been a little disturbed by the somewhat narrow musical view shared by many
of you.

Having a "somewhat narrow musical view" is indeed disturbing.  I think we're
finally starting to dig to the marrow of what's wrong with the people on
this list, and it took a newcomer to point it out for us.  Let's unshackle
ourselves from the chains of our stifling sonic esthetic, and find room to
breathe in the heady vistas of other musical genres, shall we?

As a proud fan of heavy metal, hip hop, various strands of dance music and
pretty much anything with imagination, I'm puzzled as to why everyone seems
to be solely into white, commercial, adult-orientated pop music, albeit of
an often vaguely quirky nature.

I'm puzzled too.  I'll tell you what, Dom.  I'll shift into another literary
genre (nifty, huh?) for the explanation.  It's like this...

I don't t'ink d'eese people are like you and me... I don't t'ink dey get it.
And you know why?  Dey ain't... PROUD.  Not like you and me.  We got pride.
We like hip hop.

 Acoustic guitars are not necessarily a prerequisite for good music, and nor
is sounding like The Beatles.  TMBG are a prime example. This is what
conservative people consider to be "left of centre" music. The term
"alternative" is redundant and has been for years, and it's no wonder, if
people won't broaden their minds beyond catchy tunes and "things that sound
a bit like XTC".

I like you, Dom.  You ain't like d'eese narrow-minded low-lifes.  I bin
waitin' for someone like you tah come along so's I could blow d'is popstand.
Tell ya what, let's you and me start our own list.  None 'ah d'is
narrow-minded CRAPOLA fer us, huh?  Nah, we're gonna start our own list.
And I got just da name fer it.


Accent on da "broad", if ya know what I mean (wink).  Cause you and me,
we know broads don't go fa dis XTC too much.  And we ain't gonna have
no rules neidah, 'cept maybe you can't bring up dis "alternative" word.
You say dat word, and you out.

Chalkhills!  Cripes...  losers....


(and our names are almost the same!  Fate?)

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Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 22:03:02 -0400
From: gregory <>
Organization: InfiNet
Subject: CC'98


I'll tell ya, I see one positive note (no pun intended) in all this
fussing about the Chalkhills Children compilation process - one that I
even complained about, yes...
It just shows you that there are a lot of die-hards here, a lot of
people who really care for and appreciate this band, so much so that
they will scratch and claw and do whatever they can to try to show their
profound enthusiasm and appreciation.

I salute you all!



Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 19:24:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: relph (John Relph)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: Stereolab and the Spacehog

"Peter Dresslar" <> wrote:
>It's surprising to see Stereolab discussed at length in an XTC list.
>Although I do have quite a bit of their stuff, I can't think of a band less
>like XTC.
>Spacehog is more like XTC.

They might be more like XTC in terms of style, but Stereolab are more
like XTC in terms of originality and lack of pretension.  By the way,
has anybody else seen the Volkswagen New Beetle TV advert featuring a
song from the latest Stereolab?

	-- John


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 11:01:18 +0100
From: Dominic Lawson <>
Subject: Re:'White" Backlash

Many thanks to Don Parker for his spirited reply to my first
contribution. I'll even go as far as to say that he made some reasonable
points, but I can't pretend that I'm not disappointed by the tone of Don's

Firstly, I am sorry to hear that you belong to the masses of people who
consider Hip Hop to lack imagination. Without being too condascending (and
it is hard in the circumstances), I would suggest that you should perhaps
listen to a great deal more "rap" music before you dismiss, or at least
under-rate, an entire musical phenomenon. Aside from the enormous leaps and
bounds taken by MCs, in terms of lyrical articulacy and intelligence, in
recent years, the sheer variety of moods and styles available within Hip Hop
- and it makes no difference whether you appreciate the generic
characteristics involved - and associated sub-genres, should be applauded
and embraced, particularly by those of us who wish to be considered
open-minded.  No, I don't think you should listen to something you don't
like, but my comment about "imagination" really doesn't work when you fire
it back at me. My complaint was that a very narrow view of music was being
expressed in the digest, and that I find this puzzling. I don't want
everyone to like the same thing as me - I couldn't really give a shit - I
just expected a bigger variety of views.

Secondly, I'm so glad that you USED to like Black Sabbath. How very generous
of you. I expect you grew out of it, like so many adolescents. What a lot of
bunkum. Your ignorance of Heavy Metal is staggering - but utterly
predictable. The British media has ignored Heavy Metal completely since its
mid-70s heyday, and Bon Jovi/poodle rockers aside, the scene has developed
and progressed beyond all recognition. To say that all the Metal you've
heard "recently" sounds like either Led Zep, Black Sabbath or (god help us)
Aerosmith does seem to suggest that you're pontificating about something you
know nothing about. I didn't write in to defend Heavy Metal, but since there
will no doubt be plenty more Chalkhills subscribers who will smugly agree
with Don's views, oblivious to the reality of the situation, I fear I am
bound to stand up and be counted.

As for the "fantasy seeking adolescent males" you mention; they still exist
- as they do in every other musical scene, fairly obviously I would have
thought - but don't you fucking dare suggest that Heavy Metal is either
racist or homophobic when you clearly haven't listened to a proper Metal
record since your balls dropped. If you really want proof then I'll e-mail
you details of what I consider to be REAL Metal music, free from all the
nonsense you associate with it.

Which brings me on to the "white" issue. Touched a nerve perhaps? You seem a
little to eager to defend yourself on this one, and I wonder why that might
be.  I'm chuffed for you that you like jazz, R&B and reggae, as do I, but
owning a Marvin Gaye or Bob Marley album doesn't mean your tastes are not
still hopelessly conservative and, horror of horrors, "white". You say that
apart from country, "could there possibly be a whiter genre than
Metal". Again, utter crap.  Like most rock'n'roll, Metal originates, in
part, from the blues. Numerous prominent black musicians, Hendrix being the
obvious one, have played music that cannot be seperated from Metal, and
Metal bands have been mixing up styles and incorporating diverse influences
since the phrase "Heavy Metal" was first coined.The countless non-white
people in excellent Metal bands currently in operation would no doubt wish
to kick your sorry arse for your patronising and inaccurate comments. OK, I
know where you're coming from, and it's a criticism I've heard many times
before, but it's just not based on any facts or any knowledge of Metal music
or trends.

Finally, my comments about "white" musical taste are hardly unfair. I live
in a predominantly white country, whose mainstream media is dominated by
white people. The vast majority of music which is promoted to any degree in
this country is by and for white people. This includes Clapton, Collins,
STing and all those tedious lags, as well as the "left of centre" so-called
indie stuff which middle aged people are currently so enthused by (Oasis,
Radiohead, The Verve etc). Middle England - which unless I'm mistaken,
implies Middle White England - is creatively barren and always will be. I'm
not accusing anyone of racism - far from it, XTC fans should really have
more sense - but please, let's not be quite so keen to wear cardigans and
listen to Cliff Richard.

Apart from that, I agree with everything you say Don. And thanks for the



From: "Lemoncurry" <>
Organization: University Of Oldenburg Comp.Center
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 15:04:36 MET-1METDST
Subject: listen to this record !!!
Message-ID: <>

Hi everyone !

For all of you who like brilliant pop music (and that means all of
you, otherwise you wouldn't be on this list), check out this LP:

Fantasma by Cornelius

Cornelius is a japanese youngster who
a) knows how to use his sampler to make you grin and dance,
b) has the words: Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her in his booklet
    without further explanations, under the ThankYou list,
c) features Sean O'Hagan of High Llamas fame on the banjo,
d) is cool.

This record is really really good.

Lemoncurry residing in The Lemon Lounge
Yummy !!!


Message-ID: <B82F8C4D16A0D1119FDC0001FA6A4BC9AA162C@HFD-EXCH003>
From: "Witter, Karl F" <>
Subject: Career Strategy for the Millenium?
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 14:20:25 -0400

Yet another article, this in Sunday's (5/24) Boston Globe, about da
muzic biz. It seems "career artists" of "a certain age" can't get
on the radio. You know the names: Aerosmith, Plant & Page, etc.
Considering that these are past multi-platinum sellers who tour to
rabid fans, maybe XTC should take a different tack. Everyone knows
the name XTC, but today's kids might be more interested in them
if they were...

The Spice Boys!!! I'm refering specifically to Control Freak Spice,
Solemn Spice, and Aloha Spice (and I'll leave you to figure out
which is which).

Oh yeah, to count up the "not nice and alterna-wavy-punky safe"
double LPs worth having, you can put me down for "Chess", the
original recording with Murray Head, Elaine Page and Tommy Korberg.
If you consider XTC a cult, what does that make "Chess"?

In a show with everything but Yul Brynner,

PS I persuaded the church musician to play "Then She Appeared" on
piano right before the processional, for my recent wedding. ("Who
is that group?" "Only the greatest pop band you don't know you've
heard of. They're XTC." No, I didn't mention "Dear God".)
Thanks to James Poulakos, whose tab work was the basis for my
scribbling, and our ChalkMeister for having it on the website.


Message-ID: <72EDB966944AD1118DC90080D820748847C10B@ex-campus2>
Subject: Harrison/Ed/Mitch
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 12:05:05 -0700

In case anyone is in doubt, Harrison is as cool as the other side of the
pillow, has better metaphors than Tom Robbins, leads better than Jeffrey
Archer, exhibits Kissinger diplomacy and is more intelligible when drunk
than Ernest Hemmingway.  That ain't circumlocution he proffers, Bubba...
it's actually them-there Mobeus strips!

I'm dropping my CC98 contribution because between this and the Glen
Campbell tribute tape I'm organizing, I won't have much time.  Laugh
while you can, Monkey-boy, but my synth-pop cover of Witchita Lineman
made Thomas Dolby go corporate.

Actually, I just don't think I'll have time to get my CC98 contribution
together.  I'm going to be on vacation travel too much of the time (by
the way, casa correspondo: and trying to forget my
career for the month of June.  I'll be back in the office on June 29.

Ed Miller came over to the house last night.  We tried to listen to
music but yattered over most of it.  Big fun!

You Chalkies!  I love you folks!

Well, except for that Mitch guy... After all this time, to find out that
he really has no personal contact with XTC!  I feel cheated.
(JUST KIDDING!!  JEEZ!  Lighten up, will ya?)

Cheers, Richard

	p.s. Ben Eshbach has quit XTC.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 21:04:17 +0100
Subject: Re: multi-album

From: JStrole <>
>With the exception of Zappa's Freak Out (double AND
>debut) album, name a multi-album worth owning (barring collections).

The Byrds Untitled



Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 00:02:52 +0000
Subject: No Youth Culture

Dear Chalkers,

Last issue Dom Lawson told us to

> Go away and listen to "Travels In Nihilon" for fuck's sake.

Or Pete's sake. Or Andy's or my sake, but listen to that song!
Every true XTC fan - hi Cheryl! :) - must play this masterpiece at
least once every day. This song is seminal XTC and sends shivers up
my spine each & every time i play it.

Terry pounding out those huge bangs and rolls at his cyclical best,
the churning guitars complementing each other and Colin's pumping,
solid bassline gluing it all together; it's just awesome and almost
frightening how the XTC beast kicks and growls here...

The lyrics are Andy at his darkest, cynical best and the weird
spooky multi-tracked voices he uses on this track fit the song
perfectly; both in spirit and in sound.
And what's more: he's absolutely right (as usual)

My advice to those of you who have "a problem" with this song
is to play it through your headphones, very loudly and continuously
for about an hour or so.... that'll teach you!

yours in nihilon,
Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse
 the XTC website @


Message-ID: <006501bd8a94$744c6b00$8f975ed1@nate>
From: "Gineen" <>
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 19:58:03 -0400
Subject: Information Working Overtime

Always looking for any information on XTC available......
I am looking for Demos or difficult to find albums and demos.
I have been a fan for a very long time........
I am also for looking for any contact or address info in which I can send
letters to Andy?
Thanks! :-) Feel Free To Email me if you would like to chat or if you have
any information you may like to share!


Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 10:22:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: Thomas Slack <>
Subject: Blur
Message-ID: <>

Not the band- but rather, one very enjoyable night
in London with some fellow Chalkies that passed by
all too quickly. After a luggage mixup (of course)
and an already tight schedule, I was able to make
it to the restaurant by 8:45. Two locals see me get
out of the (truck-like) cab and mock me: "Ow, e's
com to London to have _spaghetti_ 'as 'e?"

Through the jet lag haze, am able to actually locate
the group and find a seat at the head of the table
that I suspect was being reserved for an unplanned
visit from a suprise guest (sorry, just  me).
Fortunately, it was right next to Neville Farmer,
who not only had a slew of incredible 8x10 B&W
glossies, but also lots of great insight into a
group of genius musicians we all know and love,
as well as the music industry in general. (Nice
chap, not the slightest bit pretentious.)

Details were given about the difficult time pulling
off the orchestral arrangements in the limited time
they had to do it. More details about the deal from
V2 that would have been the best one, had it not been
for an insultingly low percentage allotted to the band
from sales (apparently the result of a meddling lawyer
who probably figured these were your typical grubby,
naive musicians). Conjecture from Neville about what
XTC might be without Andy (not). And there was the
troubling little question of how to finish the new
album now that the money's run out: "How do you do,
Mr. Bank Official, I'm in a rock band - could you
give us a loan?"

After 15P for a bowl of noodles and a beer, slip
next door to the pub, where I finally get a chance
to speak with good friend becki digregorio, who I
hadn't actually met in person (odd concept, that,
one that was discussed much that night). She's off
to Italy this week, where she's rapidly becoming
famous, to do a radio promo (best of luck becki,
hope it goes well). Exchanged tapes and stories
about obscure musical legacies with Dan Prendiville.
Enjoyed very much meeting the infamous Sir Simon of
Sleightholm Castle, as well as Phil, Bob, Andy, Tim,
and all of the others, to whom I can  only say I
regret not having more time to chat with you (they
kick you out of the pubs at 11:00!).

A walk toward Piccadilly Circus, with people gradually
slipping away in different directions. Phil, Simon,
becki, and I end up on the same underground train
briefly, until Phil points me in the right direction
and shoves me out the door. (Many thanks, Phil - I
might still be crawling the tubes underneath London.)
All in all, a very enjoyable 3 hours in Londinium.

To all who didn't use their better judgement and employ
the page-down key to avoid this rambling personal diary
about my own perspective on the Chalkhills gathering,
all I can say is- tough shit. These are the moments that
a long-time Chalkhills member cherishes, and they will
take up permanent residence in the sparsely populated
terrain of these brain cells.

Tom (graduate of sleep deprivation school) Slack


Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 15:03:38 -0400
From: Adam Tyner <>
Subject: Chalkhills cited in Jam! Music article

There's nothing here that we haven't known for a while, but I thought it
was interesting that they cited Chalkhills as the source of their
information.  :)



Guitarist not in XTC

By DAVID VEITCH -- Calgary Sun

Sad and surprising news from the XTC camp. Long-suffering fans had reason
to celebrate earlier this year when the British pop band finally entered
the studio to record its first new album since 1992's Nonsuch.

 However, the official XTC website, Chalkhills, reports guitarist Dave
Gregory, who joined the group for its 1979 album Drums and Wires, has quit
because he felt his musical contributions were being stifled.

 Gregory had performed on several tracks for the yet-untitled album, which
is being completed by Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding, now the only two
members of XTC.

 Gregory, meanwhile, is rumored to join the reunited Blondie.

 XTC's new record is tentatively scheduled for a fall release on Britain's
Cooking Vinyl label.
/=---------------- ----------------=\
The home of He-Man, "Weird Al", Yoo-hoo, Killer Tomatoes, and more!
   Demented music list admin           O-         MiSTie #67,326


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 17:42:18 EDT
Subject: Record Review Pt. 2


Here is my second record review.  I would like to review the wonderful XTC
album "The Big Express".  I think it's one of the best albums from XTC.  The
songs on that album are well written.  Anytime I hear "All of You Pretty
Girls" I feel like dancing.  On a scale from 1-10 I give this album a 8.  I
would give it a 10, but nothing can compare to "Skylarking".

I would like to let you know about my new web page.  I talks about me, and
what I'm into.  It's not the greatest thing in the world, because I'm new to
web page writing.  But I think I did a fairly good job.  On the web page is
a survey I would like people to fill out.  The address is  I hope you check it out.

Bye for now.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 19:57:15 -0400
From: Adam Tyner <>
Subject: Kings for a Day

For some reason, lately I've been obsessing over the thought of acoustic
XTC material.  I'd love to get my hands on some, and the bootleg "Kings For
A Day" on Chalkhills particularly appealed to me.  I was wondering if
anyone here knows where I could get a copy for a reasonable price, or if
someone would mind burning me a CD of acoustic material.  It would be
greatly appreciated, and I have plenty of things to trade.

Many thanks,

-Adam Tyner
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The home of He-Man, "Weird Al", Yoo-hoo, Killer Tomatoes, and more!
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Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 01:23:39 +0100
From: Phil Hetherington <>
Subject: Gather round...

>Polishing off the meal and wine, we  trooped across the road to the pub and
>continued with bouts of  which track should be the next single, how are they
>going to complete the record now that the money has run out and a
>particularly illuminating insight into the problems faced when converting to
>trailing point signalling on the London Underground (thanks Phil!)

Cheers matey... what I actually said was resignalling a trailing
point layout, or something. Well you would ask me about work...

Er, forget it.

I don't have a great deal to add to what Bob said, except, nice to
meet you all, thanks to Becki for the CD (haven't played it yet,
sorry!), someone (Mick, I think? Sorry if I got your name wrong or
it was someone else entirely) for the tape, Simon for Slough
story, and Neville for the info and 'Buster' anecdotes. And extra
special thanks to Tim for organising the whole thing.

Could the following people please email me: (1) Simon, (2) the
person who bought the magazine articles along (can't remember
who brought them). Thanks.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and hope to see some of you
again sometime...
|_) |_  * |    My web page:
|   | ) | |    Shriekback web pages: The above + shrkindx.html


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 00:37:34 -0400
From: DonSueP <>
Subject: Re: My Second Outpouring

Wow, Dom, I never thought you'd out-poor your first poor-outing but somehow
you managed it:

> Having expressed concerns about the often terrifyingly safe and predictable
> tastes of Chalkhills . . . It's sad enough that as people get older they lose
> the ability to listen to anything remotely challenging or imaginative . . .

It's really not our fault, Dom.  You see, we Chalk-Over-The-Hill people just
can't afford to take any risks with all that new, exciting and dangerous
music.  Our weak hearts and fragile bones just can't handle it anymore.  But
perhaps now we can begin to enjoy life again, if only vicariously, through
you and your own brave musical adventuring.  Thank you, Dom.  You have given
us all such hope!

Eternally gratefully yours,
Don "Who's Pushing Forty on the Season Cycle" Parker

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Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 09:07:11 EDT
Subject: Re: NIN

>Well, I picked up the one on Nine Inch Nails and there on page 24 is
>a full color, full page picture of Swindon's finest, XTC.  It has a
>caption, "Trent listened to UK songsters, XTC."  In the text it also
>mentions that Trent was influenced by Ministry, XTC, Severed Heads,
>and Prince.
>This brought the question to my mind:  Have any of the younger
>members of Chalkhills come to XTC by way of NIN?   Knowing
>Trent was influnced by XTC did you explore XTC because they
>influenced NIN?
>Just curious,   JD SMX

  I suspect the bleaker and/or more abrasive moments on The Big Express would
have been more up Trent's alley. Still, I'm not surprised he's into XTC- I
enjoy NIN in small doses, but frankly their fans scare the daylights out of
me. I recognise Trent's genius, but from a safe distance these days.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 12:19:25 EDT
Subject: Adding Fuel to the Firework


from Newsletter dated 5/29/98 ..............

Not all comebacks are as successful as the B-52's. XTC has been in the
studio working on their first album of new material since 1992, but
guitarist Dave Gregory recently left the band, leaving just Andy Partridge
and Colin Moulding. According to XTC manager Paul Bailey, things had been
"slowly grinding to a halt" as the new project is "very much Andy's

*Good buy,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 12:00:02 -0700
From: Shawn Rusaw <>
Subject: Bands influenced by XTC

Reading a recent copy of Rolling Stone magazine (June 11th), a
spotlight of an all-girl band called the Donnas listed XTC as
an influence, along with Motley Crue, Metallica and L7.

Never heard 'em... don't want to hear 'em...

Just thought I'd post for the XTC reference.

-Shawn "just the facts" Rusaw


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