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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #4-84

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 84

                  Thursday, 21 May 1998

Today's Topics:

                        Soap Story
                   Not the longest wait
                        Rumor Mill
        CLEANERS FROM VENUS tapes still available!
                   xtc videos for trade
         marking your stuff (it's a good thing!)
                The Daveless XTC bandwagon
                    Dave=Edgar Winter?
              XTC vs. TMBG vs. Little Egypt
                  Chalkhill's Originals
               Rhino Music Aptitude test...
                         so sorry
                      Dobbin Rules !
                     Robert Smith...
            Copy of XTC's "Greatest" For Sale
               Chalkhills Originals '96????
                     More Crocodiles
                     Re: Album Title?
                        Thank you
             Double albums. (Re: CC99 ideas)
             Now wait just a minute. London?
                  Re: Personal Mythology
                    Re: Double Albums
              Re: An Artist with a Thompson
                     Re: Double Album
                    Yazbek says . . .
                     New Cool Stuff!


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From: "Benjamin A. Gott" <bgott@Bowdoin.EDU>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Nigel
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 11:36:52 -0400 (EDT)


After a 5-hour drive, I'm back at home in Connecticut. Some things never

I just finished my "Making Plans for Nigel" for CC98, and Ira Lieman
reminded me of something: "Nigel" was released in 1979, the year I was
born. Isn't that weird? I think it means something.

I also sent the illustrious Ian Stewart an e-mail in which (because of my
exam foggy-headedness and the hour of the morning) I referred to him as
"Dave" Stewart. Oopsie.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 01:03:54 +0100
From: Phil Hetherington <>
Subject: Soap Story

Having just whizzed through something like 6 digests in one
go, I can honestly say that you people are very funny and
lovely and also completely bonkers. I thank you all for a
thoroughly good evening's entertainment. Mass hysteria is
great; I haven't enjoyed Chalkhills so much in ages.

And as an aside:

In message <>, Ralph DeMarco
<> writes
>-or XTC without Colin Moulding for that matter.  It
>doesn't wash kids.

This might explain Andy's marital problems, but quite frankly,
I don't believe a word of it.


PS: See (some of) you in La-La-Londinium on the 23rd. Note
subtle Teletubbies reference circa 1980. I love this band. :-)
|_) |_  * |    My web page:
|   | ) | |    Shriekback web pages: The above + shrkindx.html


Message-Id: <>
From: "J & J Greaves" <>
Subject: Not the longest wait
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 21:46:50 -0700


The latest news that it's likely January for the new XTC tunes got me to
thinking which band has taken the longest time between releases. So far, I
believe it's The Records, a British group signed to Virgin at the same time
as XTC (1978ish) and whose last release of new material was 1982. I've been
told by WEBR Pure Pop host Alan Huber that The Records are performing in
the Washington D.C. area, will be in LA in August for the International Pop
Overthrow, and are in the process of recording a new LP.

Is there any indication from the band as to which of the new songs is being
considered as the "single"? It as usual is going to be a tough choice, or I
should say,  they are spoiled for choice. At least XTC now get the control,
or more control than in the past, as to which song this will be.

Until later


From: MFa2707621 <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 12:51:09 EDT
Subject: Rumor Mill


Hi, I just thought about something that I had to get off my chest, and this
will be the last thing I say on the subject of the Colin leaving rumor (or
any rumor about XTC).  I know this next statement might offend some people,
but I have to say this.  I think the people who start rumors about XTC, and
think it's a joke aren't really XTC fans.  Why would a true XTC fan make any
rumors about the group?  I know they're not in the public, and that's
sometimes how rumors get started.  I think rumors can cause a lot of hurt
feelings.  Instead of giving in to the rumor mill, why don't we until an
official word from someone who knows the group (i.e., Simon or Mitch).

There I said it.  I hope there are no hurt feelings out there, but I just
had to voice my opinion.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 14:32:33 -0400
From: Ian C Stewart <>
Organization: AUTOreverse
Subject: CLEANERS FROM VENUS tapes still available!

Hi all

I just got a catalog from ACID TAPES in the UK, which is the original
label of much of Martin Newell's pre-Partridge output. And it's all
still in print, apparently!

The catalog lists
THE CLEANERS FROM VENUS "Under Wartime Conditions,"
"Living With Victoria Grey,"
and "13" (featuring rough versions of most of the stuff that wound up on

the tapes cost three pounds each (plus postage), which is a pretty good
deal, I think.
write 'em and ask for the catalog...
ACID TAPES 28 Churchill Close, Calne, Wilts, SN11 8EN UK.

Ian C Stewart, who does not work for or with ACID Tapes...


Date: Sat, 16 May 98 18:34:08 UT
From: "Lawrence Rubin" <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: xtc videos for trade

I'm looking to trade for or buy a tape of the demos for the new album. I
have a VHS tape with a bunch of XTC videos that I can copy and trade for the
demos tape. The videos are: science friction, this is pop, statue, are you
receiving, at the hop, nigel, towers of london, respect street, generals and
maj., all of a sudden, ball and chain, senses, respectable street (live), no
thugs, dear god, radios in motion (live), train running low (acoustic
version w/ andy and dave), love on a farm, loving memory of a name, beating
of hearts, funk pop a roll.

Please e-mail me privately and let me know. Thanks.



From: STakesh <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 20:56:22 EDT
Subject: marking your stuff (it's a good thing!)

Chalkers -

If you haven't been keeping up with your territorial markings lately, you
might consider buying an electric etching pen to etch your name (preferably
your full name) on your CD collection.  It's taken a lot of time and effort
but I've done mine - not just the CD cases, but also along the inner rim of
my CDs, to prevent a thief from simply switching cases.  It's still well
worth doing the cases, though, because of the deterrent value in doing so.
Permanent ink is better than nothing, but conceivably could be wiped or
scratched off in most cases.

But whatever you do, you'd might as well do it NOW: any cop will tell you
that the incidence of burglaries goes up in the summer.  And laws governing
the sale of stolen goods are notoriously variable on a state-by-state basis.
The only reasonable chance you'd have of ever getting your stuff back, and
also establishing a good case for prosecuting the responsible parties, is to
mark your goods on a (literally) case-by-case basis.

The following are tips for those of you who decide to go ahead with the
etching pen:

1) A decent tungsten carbide-tip pen sells for about $17.  Let your fingers
do your walking; I had to call a lot of general stores and hardware stores
before I found a small, independently run hardware store that carries the
pens.  If you have a really large collection, you might as well buy two (or
more), because they don't last forever.  If you etch or carve your name in
the grey corrugated edge strip of the CD cases, you'll be lucky to get
through, oh, 300-400 albums before the pen cracks in the area that cradles
the tungsten.

2) These pens make a helluva lot of noise, even using the knob to adjust the
level of vibration.  I only manage to put up with the racket by listening to
music through wraparound-style headphones while I do it.  The noisier the
better: Big Express is a much better pick than English Settlement!  But keep
in mind that you probably won't be able to hear your telephone ringing while
you're etching.  The best time to etch is, paradoxically enough, when you're
all alone in the house and you have absolutely nothing better to be doing,
but you're not anticipating any phone calls from anyone you know, either.

3) They also build up a lot of heat, which probably renders the case more
prone to cracking.  So be prepared to do your etching in increments of 20-30
minutes, with long breaks in between.  Your ears will thank you too.

4) Needless to say, you have to confine your etching of your disks to their
inner rims, but this is easier than it looks.  I can fit my name (18
letters' worth!) around that nub.  If the rim is painted, make sure to etch
thoroughly enough so that you can wipe away the paint from etching, so that
your name stands out in stark relief.

5) If you're female, you may want to think twice before doing this, as any
future name change(s) will leave you with a collection of CDs etched with a
name no longer legally yours.  But what kind of music lover would put love
(or its dissolution) over her music, anyway?  B> I haven't tested the
willingness of music merchants to buy my secondhand etched disks, because
I'm loath to sell any of it (starvation first!) and don't etch disks I'm
thinking of hocking or trading anyway.  I don't think it would pose a big
problem, but still, think it over.

6) Even though your music collection is probably your most prized
possession, you can go ahead and mark a lot of other not-so-useless crap
around the house.  I even etched the back plates of my quartz-movement
watches, and they still keep accurate time, which is more than I can say for
the computers and time- display phones at work.

Stephanie "I'm all right Jack keep your hands off my stack" Takeshita


Message-Id: <>
Date: 17 May 98 11:35:40 +1000
From: "Adam Davies" <>
Subject: The Daveless XTC bandwagon

> Hadyn Bendall has sold the name to the ghost of Keith Relf who
> sold it to Annie Haslam who gave it to Roy Wood who rehired Dave
> Gregory and brought in Bev Bevan to play drums and then Jeff
> Lynn called [...]

Last I heard, Prince Prairie found an old Dictaphone recording of
Dave's playing shortly before he left the group.  Colin and Andy
have electronically enhanced and restored Dave's demo and built a
song around it, and Jeff Lynne has been brought in at great expense
to produce the first new 'XTC' release in almost seven years, to be
speculatively issued in November.  If it goes well a collection of
outtakes will be issued over nine LPs, along with a three-part
television special which will ultimately be released in a specially
over-priced video box set complete with extra footage.  XTC branded
tee shirts and coffee mugs will follow in a blitz of publicity and
avaricious merchandising.

In the meantime a funeral will be held for the late Dave Gregory,
to be televised internationally.  A number of posthumous biographies
will be released, along with the establishment of a series of
charities and a tribute single by Elton John.  Meanwhile a support
gathering has been organised outside Harrod's in Knightsbridge to
lament the passing of Mr Gregory, who is reportedly having trouble
trying to convince people he's not dead yet, and will they please
get over it and go back to whatever it was they were doing before
March the 16th.

Or so the voices in my head told me.


      The statements and opinions expressed here are my own and do
         not necessarily represent those of Oracle Corporation.


Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 20:50:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: "J. Brown" <>
Subject: Dave=Edgar Winter?
Message-ID: <>

> Dave Gregory is an amazing talent.  If you have been lucky enough to
> hear his "cover " album, then you know what I'm talking about.  The man
> is a music machine, capable of imitating anyone from Jimi Hendrix to
> Edgar Winter.

Is it just me or does anyone else think there isn't much difference
between Hendrix and Winter style-wise?  and the only difference is
quality?  Is this statement trying to say that Dave is capable of anything
from great guitar wanking to shitty guitar wanking?

 Jason Wilson Brown
 History & Canadian Studies Major
 President- GEEK The Secret Society of the College Bowl  (206) 632-4905
 P.O. Box 45822
 Seattle, WA 98145-0822
"Thought I knew all the steps quite clearly, I don't have a clue"
                                -Elvis Costello


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 03:04:35 -0400
From: DonSueP <>
Subject: XTC vs. TMBG vs. Little Egypt

Hi fellow chalkhilliputians (is it me, or are we really starting to
scrape the barrel for these things?),

This is amazing.  I was just starting to wonder if anyone was going to
reply publicly to my initial post, when suddenly, there it was, an
actual response in the first sentence of the first post and from my
favorite chalkhintellectual, no less!  But the best part is that it is
so "complete/connected/cyclical."

And if getting a "nicely nicely spake" comment from the Jester himself
doesn't put me on the map, then perhaps the following 'completing of the
circle' will.  Remember I had been struck by Kim's suggestion of
possible 'inverted similarities' between TMBG & XTC, since I had been
listening to my newly acquired TMBG's "Flood" daily, and was thinking
the same thing.  But it wasn't until just a few hours ago that I
realized that *something else* had been right under my nose the whole
time . . .

Think back to the minor hit, "Istanbul (not Constantinople)", and sing
along with me now everybody; "Even old New York was once New
Amsterdam."  Yes, it's THAT song.  *Again*.  Except that this was 1990
for TMBG, whereas "Crocodile" was 1992 for XTC.  This of course added to
Kim's 'inverted similarities' theme AND gave me a link to Hidden Song
Harrison Sherwood Him Self (!).

And so I was actually opening my e-mail to send in this bit when I
discovered that HS had already linked himself back to me.  It gave me
the shivers, I tell ya.  Coincidences are cool, but I  don't believe
they *mean* anything at all, which reminds me, I did get ONE private
response from a fellow atheist, but somehow I doubt this is a valid
statistical sampling.

Favorite Quote (of the moment):
        "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't
go away." - Philip K. Dick

Favorite XTC Moment (of the moment):  The guitar solo at the end of
"Books are Burning" . . . Wouldn't you say HS?  You'll have to forgive
that, I've been catching up on old posts.  Trust me, you don't want to
go there.

Actual Favorite XTC Moment (of the moment):  Those freaky,
multi-layered, "insane" sounding voice overdubs on "The Mole from the


[Attachment omitted, unknown MIME type or encoding (text/x-vcard)]


Message-Id: <v03007803b184c20f1b2f@[]>
Subject: Chalkhill's Originals
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 16:35:25 +0900


>For the past two months, at my invitation, a number of very talented
>Chalkers, ex-Chalkers and friends thereof have been diligently creating
>originals to be compiled and released on CHALKHILLS ORIGINALS '98.

Why at your invitation?  This is even worse than the selection for
Chalkhill's Children tapes. And why ex-Chalkers and friends -  It's not
Chalkhill Originals if they aren't Chalkies.

>You've heard many of these artists performing remakes of XTC's
>greatest. Now you'll hear their own compositions.

Is anybody else here getting concerned about these kinds of things that are
starting to happen more and more?  Is there an 'elite' XTC list that the
rest of us don't know about?

There are more people out there recording than just those who have been
fortunate enough to get onto CC.  Yes, I've tried, and yes I'm annoyed at
the way the selection is conducted for these things.

Not exactly sour grapes, but certainly frustrated.



* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                     Life is what happens while you're busy making plans.
                                                (John Lennon)


Message-Id: <v03130300b184ef563815@[]>
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 16:12:09 -0400
From: Ira Lieman <>
Subject: Rhino Music Aptitude test...

Hey folx...

Thought I'd delurk for a moment, there were two xtc-related questions on
the recent Rhino music test...which I didn't finish because I only had 15
mins to take it -- showed up too late.

Here you go! Check for answers.

XTC is to the Dukes of Stratosfear as....
REM is to The Hindu Love Gods  The Beatles are to The Silver Beatles  The
Who is to The High Numbers  Argent is to The Zombies  The Archies are to
The Partridge Family

Which artist below did Todd Rundgren not produce an album for?
Meat Loaf  XTC  Badfinger  The Ramones  New York Dolls

ANYHOO, talk to y'all soon.



From: "Wesley Hanks" <>
Subject: so sorry
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 14:50:48 -0700
Message-ID: <000101bd81dd$db2f2f20$954b2599@default>

Ahem, sorry that my lousy attempt at making light of the Colin post
backfired. Wes


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 00:38:44 +0000
Subject: Dobbin Rules !

Dear Chalkers,

Our honourable friend Richard P.  said:

>  With the exception of Zappa's Freak Out (double
> AND debut) album, name a multi-album worth owning (barring
> collections). ..and if anyone says, "Wings Over America", I'm
> telling Chalkhills.

How on earth can you forget about English Settlement ???
Let's just hope for your sake that Andy doesn't read this!
Could be the end of a beautiful friendship... ;)

yours in xtc,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse
 the XTC website @


Message-ID: <>
From: "Sebastien Maury" <>
Subject: Robert Smith...
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 04:30:32 PDT

Home. Sydney. The shower. Radio's on, tuned to local indie station JJJ.
Does Robert Smith model himself on Andy circa White Music or what???!!!

PS, thoroughly enoyed the Crocodile/hidden satanic message thread,
courtesy of HS. Trust Charles Ives to have used it. A true genius and


Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 09:10:22 -0400
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Copy of XTC's "Greatest" For Sale

I have a new, shrinkwrapped copy of XTC's "The Greatest" for sale. This
is a limited-edition Japanese CD, with live tracks as well as studio

Price $32 includes shipping.

Send e-mail to Wes Wilson at



Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 18 May 98 09:43:36 -0800
Subject: Chalkhills Originals '96????

..or whatever year that was?  '65?  '83?  The Thanksgiving release a bunch
of us (me included) were supposed to be on?

Mr. Fritz, are you still on the list?

And CO98's...were any of you on this tape also?

Jussssst curious.


From: MPadg <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 14:39:18 EDT
Subject: More Crocodiles

All this Crocodile talk reminded me - is anyone else bothered by the
transition from HuoP to Crocodile? It's never worked for me. In fact, for a
long time this was my least favorite song on the album - primarily because
it just doesn't feel right from the beginning. Maybe something to do with
the key signatures?

Also, on the Alaskan-frozen-tundra-playground we sang "there's a place in
France where the ladies wear no pants".


From: Rhoblidnen <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 15:15:38 EDT
Subject: Re: Album Title?

Therapy Hammer (vols 1 & 2)


From: MFa2707621 <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 15:16:04 EDT
Subject: Thank you


I just wanted to let you know I found the video for Grass.  I just wanted to
thank Ian C. Stewart.  I've been wanting that video forever.  I've never
seen it before, but if it's as good as Dear God then I like it.

Bye for now.



Message-ID: <002901bd829f$3f0d7760$71011f0a@privateidaho>
From: "William Wisner" <>
Subject: Double albums. (Re: CC99 ideas)
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 22:55:08 +0200

Richard Pedretti-Allen:
>With the exception of Zappa's Freak Out (double AND
>debut) album, name a multi-album worth owning (barring collections).

London Calling.  To say that this album is "worth owning" is a bit like
mentioning that breathing now and then can do wonders for one's health.  It
is not "worth owning;" it is mandatory.  The Clash were for a few fleeting
moments the best rock and roll band in the world--they still are one of the
best rock and roll bands that ever were--and London Calling is their
mightiest achievement.  Anybody who takes the time to listen carefully to
London Calling and then think matters through must conclude that a more
perfect rock album can never be made, so why do we all bother to keep
trying?  Let's just pack up the recording industry and go home: rock and
roll has been *done*.

Phew.  Sorry.  Where are my pills?

I might also mention the White Album.

Wisner.  (Hey, you asked.)


Message-ID: <00f501bd82a0$b561b6a0$71011f0a@privateidaho>
From: "William Wisner" <>
Subject: Now wait just a minute. London?
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 23:00:54 +0200

There is a Chalkhills gathering in London this weekend and I somehow
contrived to avoid hearing about it?  Someone, please, fill me in
(privately!).  London's too close for me to have any excuse to miss this.
(I can always come up with more excuses if necessary.)



Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 18:26:30 -0400
Message-Id: <980518182630.22a17a9b@RCMACA.UPR.CLU.EDU>
Subject: Re: Personal Mythology

Hey all,

from the looks of it, chalkhills has finally gotten over the whole Dave
thing...  ..I guess we have grieved enough. Last digest (4-83) was just like
the old days with Sherwood's (I actually wrote Sherweed....maybe a Freudian
slip?) hilarious bantering and Simon with his bike rides and nary a mention
about the dreaded departure. Wow, I must admit that the mythology I
associate with XTC songs is a bit more limited than Simon's, here are a few:

Snowman-lying on my couch and staring at the wall
Ladybird-lying on my couch and staring at the wall
and of course there is
Peter Pumpkinhead-lying on my couch and staring at the wall...

I could go on but instead I think I'll buy a bike and a portable cd player.
I also loved the connection between Andy and children, I can see the
connection and again I am jealous for I lack children....I got close the
other day and almost got married but my bride to be found a green card and
didn't need me anymore...but seriously I do hope to one day have a couple of
descendents and shall be sharing with them my love for XTC as well as a few
other bands he/she will probably never get to listen to otherwise. Chalk on
mates and thanks for making this here a great list.....the expedient and
well researched responses to the Crocodile question being a good example of
what, IMHO, makes this list great .

Pancho PRXTCFAN....a humble speck of dust amidst the pantheon of great


Message-ID: <>
From: Robert Wood <>
Subject: Re: Double Albums
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 09:48:26 +0100

In 4-83 Richard.Pedretti Allen asked...

>> With the exception of Zappa's Freak Out (double AND
debut) album, name a multi-album worth owning (barring collections).
.and if anyone says, "Wings Over America", I'm telling Chalkhills. <<

How about (off the top of my head) English Settlement, Oranges and Lemons
and Nonsuch?! Then there's The Wall,  Gene's last album, Quadraphenia, The
White Album... Need I go on?!


From: CCooli9575 <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 07:07:34 EDT
Subject: Re: An Artist with a Thompson

>Now that *would* be worth hearing.  Mr Thompson is screwed-up, incredibly
>talented, and astonishingly versatile.  If he can't make sparks with Andy,
>who can?  And if things get too weird with Drumbo, there's always Thompson's
>old pal Dave Mattacks to straighten it out a little.

  The only problem with that lineup is there would be four strong
songwriters; French would be the weakest by default, but his writing
is quirky and witty, kind of like David Thomas(Pere Ubu)without the
Jehovah's Witness perspective.  "Now That I Am Dead" is him at his
best, from French, Frith Kaiser and Thompson's Invisible Means; gives
Andy a run for his money in the originality and insight
depertment. French's songwriting is very influenced by his mentor, but
not as consistent as either Beefheart or Andy. I'd love to hear the
four of them work their way through Thompson's "March Of The Cosmetic
Surgeons," one of the strangest things I've ever heard recorded. Andy
might be the only other person besides Thompson who'd be ROTFL.



From: CCooli9575 <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 07:07:32 EDT
Subject: Re: Double Album

>With the exception of Zappa's Freak Out (double AND
>debut) album, name a multi-album worth owning (barring collections).
>..and if anyone says, "Wings Over America", I'm telling Chalkhills.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road- Elton John
Trout Mask Replica-Captain Beefheart
You?Me?Us?-Richard Thompson
Music To Eat- Hampton Grease Band
London Calling, Sandinista- The Clash
Tommy, Quadrophenia- The Who
Out Here- Love
The White Album- The Beatles
and of course,
Oranges And Lemons- XTC(Yes, mine is a vinyl double album)

I'm sure there's many others, but these are off the top of my head. If anyone
can make a case for any of these to be not worth buying, I'm all ears; one of
us has no taste, and I don't care if it's me.



Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 12:56:44 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <v03007800b1872836ce1b@[]>
From: Mitch Friedman <>
Subject: Yazbek says . . .

We're playing CB's Gallery (in NYC) on May 30th at 9 on a bill with
Joy Askew and Tony Jarvis.

Mitch says . . . Go see him!


Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 13:08:33 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: John Relph <relph>
Subject: New Cool Stuff!

Chalkhills is proud to announce a few new fun things to see and do on

First, check out the "English Settlement Tour Programme", graciously
scanned by Stefano De Astis.  I've tried to make it as easy to load as
possible (but there were a few things I couldn't decipher...).

Secondly, you should read the exclusive interview with Andy Partridge
conducted by Todd Bernhardt.  A shorter version of this interview will
appear in "Modern Drummer" magazine, but we are graced with a special
web-only version!  Good stuff!

For directions, go to Chalkhills (
and then check out the "What's New?" page.

	-- John


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