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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #4-74

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 74

                 Thursday, 30 April 1998

Today's Topics:

           Annus Horriblis: Adios David Gregory
                      other matters
                   Gobsmacked..... :-(
                      After so long!
                   of wintels and macs
              Two more things for Dave to do
                    Re: Canadian Fans
          Oops! / Harrison S, Are You Out There?
                       Talk to Dave
               Dave - Who could Blame Him?
                     Come back Dave!
Davey's gone, and there are none cheshire cats grinning anymore
                        This sux.
                 What to say? What to do?
                     The Disappointed
                        XTC Videos
                Sorry - One last chuffing
                         What if?
              I'm surprised and disappointed
                         The end
                     Dave's Departure
                    X(D)C, Dave & Andy


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I don't want to hear you've been crying.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 22:03:07 -0700
From: Herne <>
Subject: Annus Horriblis: Adios David Gregory


QE2 once raised eyebrows by using the expression "annus horriblis" to
descibe a tragedy filled year for the Royals.  The expression came to my
mind as an appropriate title for this post.  Sorry if I spelled it

In the past year many of my longtime favorite artists were in fairly
dire situations.  TMBG, Elvis Costello and TMBG were all label and new
album-less.  I began to despair as to whether the end may be at hand.
Then things slowly brightened this spring.   TMBG is touring out there
somewhere...apparently still giving it a go.  Elvis signs an exciting
new contract with Polygram and XTC...a NEW album at last!  It hardly
seemed real.  With every new Chalkhills, the information flowed in and
there was news of merchandising and appearences and a new book.  With
all the excitement building I must say I was puzzled by the post a few
digests back that said "gee I heard on some german station that Dave
Gregory left XTC"  I dismissed it.  But now "The truth".

Dave's leaving seems odd given the timing but when is there ever a good
time for this sort of thing?  I just hope that this doesn't spell doom
for the band.  Maybe if they were all rich and prosperous it would.  But
since they're not then perhaps they'll stick it out.  As nice as solo
albums would be, having the band is better.

Mostly when I think of XTC I tend to think of them as a whole. But when
I look closer I can pick out the individual voices.  Except for David.
He's kind of like a spice in the soup that couldn't be indentified but
was undoubtedly essential. Though I couldn't single him out, I knew he
was there and a big part of my favorite albums of all time.  Who knows
how this will impact things?  Hopefully the lads will soldier on as they
have oh these many years.  And maybe Dave will reconsider.  Hell if the
Sex Pistols could do it anybody can.  But for now...

Good luck Dave and thanks for the memories.  If you do go solo don't
take another years to put something out.

As for those on the list in the know.  How long have you known?  What do
you know?  Keep us informed when you can as always.



Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 01:22:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: XT???
Message-ID: <>

To All of Us Hereby Known as The Disappointed :

Crushing as the news of Lord Cornelius Plum's departure from the fold may
be -- and it is very very sad news indeed, of the "One thousand
umbrellas/Upturned couldn't catch all the rain/That drained out of my
head/etc." variety -- and considering that we may justifiably not quite
feel like burning with optimism's flames right now, let us not drop the
"C" from XTC so soon. The analogy with Wire/Wir can only be stretched so

As some Chalkhillians have duly noted, a new album should after all be
coming our way this fall, which is occasion enough for celebration; after
all, Dave's departure *could* have occured during the six year purgatory
since Nonesuch, during which many a fan agonized over the band's
future and its seemingly endless strife with a certain label.

So, to join in the kudos to Mister Dave Gregory, his outstanding
contribution to the band will be sorely missed, and we should indeed
all be wishing him well on his new musical endeavors.

As for the XTC show, let us await the long overdue fireworks, with a
glimmer of hope -- slim as it may be -- that some more ecstatic music will
be minted in the next millennia...

"Autumn is Royal
As Spring is clown"
(remember when Mrs Barnum's very own comic relief resigned,
doubtful whether he was the only one pulling his trousers down?)

Mario Beaulac
(wrapped in XTC's mysterious wonderland,
or garden of earthly delights,
for some sixteen years now)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 22:57:10 -0700
From: Herne <>
Subject: other matters

A few things not Dave leaving related:

1.)Mayor of Simpleton: As I recall it was a bit of a minor hit in the
US.  I beleive it just missed the top 40 (#44 I think).  And I heard it
on a ton of radio stations...once even after Madonna.

#2)forgot #2

And Molly...sorry about that accident.  Glad to hear your better.  Maybe
you ought to leave Buffalo for somewhere safer like East Aurora.

Till later...



Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:37 +0930
From: "VanAbbe, Dominic" <>
Subject: Gobsmacked..... :-(
Message-id: <>

Let me get selfish here briefly....DAVE, PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although Mitch and co's updates have always been eagerly antipicated (much
appreciated), each one has left me with an ever-growing sense of unease.

First, the Difford saga.  Don't really need to say anymore about that one.

Next we learnt that precious studio time was being spent tabulating, scoring
and programming.   I'm no professional muso. but I do spend time regularly
with friends' bands knocking up demo tapes for them.   However, before we
organise to do anything, I make certain my gear is functional, the musos
make sure they've learnt their parts, and the songwriter makes sure
everything is arranged to his satisfaction.  Otherwise it's just a waste of
everyone's time.   Surely a professional band ought to have scoring,
arranging and programming done *before* they enter a studio.  It's called
preproduction isn't it??  Not only that, but they'd had *six years* to get
it all sorted.

Following reports outlined use of orchestras, session musos, Mike Batt and
Abbey Road Studios.  All great, but all no doubt eating up a helluva lotta
spondulicks.   Seems to sit uneasily with the concept of XtC's new
independent status, and their status as a cash-strapped band in desperate
need of new product hitting the shelves.

And now THIS!!!!!!!!!!  :-(

This pains me greatly to say it, but IMO, it seems XtC have completely lost
their direction, and I can only hope Dave's desperately disappointing
departure is only a *temporary* attempt to shake some sort of sense into the
band.   To hang around for six years, only to jack it in once recording
finally begins seems odd to say the least.  Not to mention the rapid descent
from Dave's initial rapture about the band's progress to now departing....

Me getting, firstly, the 1995 demos, and then the 1996 demos, filled me with
immense delight- the anticipation of the new album, knowing that it would be
filled with fully-fledged (i.e. *with* Colin and Dave) versions of such
tremendous songs.   The last two years have certainly (perhaps irrevocably
now) taken the gloss off things.  The Virgin deal was null for over a year
before a new deal was forged, and it was then another wait before recording
started.  Why the delays???   With six years to check out potential labels,
 producers etc., surely the minute XtC had extricated itself from Virgin
things should have been ready to roll.   But here we are, 12 months (and the
departure of a lynch-pin bandmember) later and still counting.   All for a
seemingly ridiculous pursuit of perfection.   Somebody show me an album that
is perfect!!!   Wasn't it kd lang who pointed out that "albums are merely a
postcard from where you are at that time of your life"??  Can this really be
the same band that made "25 O'Clock" in 2 weeks and on a tiny budget........

Andy and Colin have been sitting on their respective songs for up to 6 years
now.  plenty of time for them to be worked, reworked and tuned to the nth
degree.  In that sense, it's no surprise Dave felt he was not contributing
sufficiently to XtC's new recordings.   Personally, I felt that once this
record was off their backs and XtC became an active unit again, a sense of
unity and relative democracy would once again prevail.  Andy has always been
known for his craving of autonomy in the studio, so what can possibly have
happened to tip things over the edge?????  It does seem that band
gatherings, jams, communication etc. over the last few years have been
negligible.  Too much time, too little teamwork.

Like others have pointed out, Colin has left before now and been convinced
to stay.   Hopefully this too is the case.    It's all quite perplexing.
  XtC don't tour, and Dave doesn't really need to even do promo work for any
releases.  Furthermore, they record only every couple of years or so
(assuming the last six years is a glitch).   Plenty of time for any
extra-cirricular activities Dave wishes to pursue.   Hopefully too, brand
new songs to be developed, from the ground up, with input from all three

If the split is permanent, then, Dave, I wish you all the very best and know
that whatever task you take to will be very much the better for it.   Your
arrangements, not to mention your breathy back-up vocals, and breathtaking
guitar work are absolutely irreplaceable.  Partridge's demos are almost
perfect in their own right, missing only the vital ingredients you and Colin
bring to proceedings.

I get this unnerving feeling it's the beginning of the end, but can only
hope and pray it ain't....

Disappointed??  You betcha.....


From: "andy&shell" <>
Subject: After so long!
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 09:10:25 +0100
Message-ID: <19980429083230.AAB20799@x>

Hi all,
After waiting and hoping for so many years for a new album, real excitement
has been building up since Christmas, so this news about Dave is tragic!  I
feel my excitement to hear the new disk turning to nervous trepidation, We
are floundering!

Love Shell


Message-ID: <B9B4268C8F87D11195DC0000F840FABE0203BEFE@DUB-MSG-02>
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: of wintels and macs
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:55:49 +0100

totally off topic minimal xtc content.

Ok, I confess - I deliberately digitized a video clip that could only be
read by PCs running Windows. Just to piss people off.... Honest, it's a fair
cop guv....

No....just kidding.

I had always planned to provide a Quicktime version - it's just TIME
CONSUMING .......something I don't have an awful lot of.

It's ok - I know no-one is complaining (and all the mails have been nice and
understanding.....for the most part)

Remember : I only work here.

Stay tuned for the non-Windows version just as soon as I can persuade this
software to behave itself (I don't suppose anyone has had any success
through threatening physical violence on a PC ?)



Message-ID: <>
From: Catherine Sweeney <>
Subject: Two more things for Dave to do
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 11:54:07 +0100

As I said to another Chalkie only today, Dave could;

1.  Do a Mick Karn.  Since leaving Japan,  Mick has done what I would
envisage it being more than possible for Dave to do.  He gets to do his
own stuff, has a fairly loyal following, plays live at decent venues
(not huge ones, but more personal and intimate ones which are a whole
lot nicer) and gets a lot of respect.  I don't know if it pays the rent,
but I reckon it's not a bad living.  It's probably no worse than what
Dave is used to, anyway. The only problem with Mick (and it's not what
I'd call a problem, altho' the money God would) is that his music is a
bit too esoteric to be truly commercial, but he seems to like it that
way, so good on him.  Maybe Dave could collaborate in between XTC albums
with Colin.  Or something.  Either way, if he did a Mick Karn on us,
he'd be guaranteed appearances on the marvellous 'Jools Holland' show,
you bet ya.  And I'd buy his stuff.  You bet ya.

Actually, David Sylvian is doing much the same as Mick, and his stuff
sells - it doesn't shift in the bucket load, sure, but it's not half bad
and I know plenty of people who buy it, myself included.

2.  He can always move in with me.  I can cook.  He can write.  Sorted!


From: CCooli9575 <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 07:20:04 EDT
Subject: Re: Canadian Fans

>To give you an idea of my tastes, my favorite 2 songs on the compilation
>are "Are You Receiving Me ?" and "The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead".
>Any other fans from Canada ?

  I'm in Vermont, that's close, and I used to live in Montreal. I first heard
XTC on CHOM, in fact, "Making Plans For Nigel" back in '79. I wasn't too
impressed, I mistook it for Devo, who I was starting to lose interest in at
the time. I know better now.
  Based on your taste, run out and get Go 2 and Nonesuch, their
second(1978)and most recent(1992)albums. Personally, I prefer Black Sea and
English Settlement, but there's no such thing  as a bad XTC album.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 20:47:16 +0000
From: michaelw <>
Subject: Oops! / Harrison S, Are You Out There?

Hi Chalkers,

Should've wrote "Dave Runs Out of XTC Coal" in the last post, as I'm
dead sure that he will be sucessfull (artistically, financially) in
whatever project he undertakes in the future....and for that we should
all be looking forward to and excited about....

Also, this little muff:

>  do believe that Dave will reconsider, and that this could really be a
> way to get Andy to step back, apologise, and let the band be a democracy
> (remember what happened when Colin left the band during the end of the
> Skylarking sessions; Toddzilla convinced him to finish the album, then
> on the plane back to England, Colin supposedly sat apart from Dave and
> Colin on the plane, not speaking with each other, or something like that
> [from the Chalkhills and Children bio]

I was typing WAY too fast when I wrote that; meant to say, of course,
Colin sat apart from Dave and Andy!   (face red w/embarassment!)

One Chalker whose posts I love reading, and who was mysteriously absent
in the last couple of posts is one
Harrison Sherwood....give us your take on this, man, and spare no tears;
there's enough to go around    :-(

But, hey, you never know, there's always a chance at a "reunion"
(wow, did THAT seem weird to write!)

Ecstatically always,


P.S.  Here's another one of those weird "coincidences":
        Check out the last picture in Twomey's bio, Chalkhills
        Notice that Dave is standing behind Andy and Colin,
        looking away, as if he's distracted and wants to go over
        to the side? Just a silly observation; still, pretty weird...


From: BobCrain <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:07:19 EDT
Subject: Talk to Dave


I am still kind of numb about the Dave news.

 I think marriage analogies are appropriate in these kind of band matters,
and I have always been the last to figure out when aquaintances are breaking
up, much less band members leaving. I'm sure Dave knows ALL of us value his
contributions highly, but in the end it is all about people and
communication.  Will he come back?  Who knows, what could change in the XTC
situation to change his mind?  I have a strong feeling that what Dave needs
most now are friends to talk to, and I wonder who they are? I ask anyone who
knows Dave to give him a call or visit, not to pump him for information but
to make sure he's OKAY.  Calm, silent types who keep it all in are in danger
sometimes.  I don't want to upset anyone, but let's not have another
Badfinger here, if you KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Ok, maybe this sounds too dramatic, but I'm worried about Dave, and I'm sure
most of you are too.  So, support him and let him know he is VERY IMPORTANT

End of sermon.

Non-XTC content:

I heard Peter Rowan last weekend at a bluegrass festival.  Has anyone else
noticed how much his voice sounds like Peter Blegvad's?


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:25:45 -0400
From: Ralph DeMarco <>
Subject: Dave - Who could Blame Him?

Dear One Armed Bandits and Affiliated Members:

I have not posted for over six months and in that time I have
read many of the postings in "Chalkhills".

I must express my opinion regarding the departure of DG.  If
it is true (and it seems to be) who the hell could blame him?
I don't like to be negative about the sensitive issues
surrounding the band (or shall I say, recording partners)
since the band stopped touring I has been astounding that
the band continue selling albums and winning over new fans.
Their place in rock history is assured and grows more so
every year.

First - I am sick and tired of complaints about why the band
gets little media attention.  You have to tour!!  Every damn
record label expects it.  Sure, the Beatles could get away
with it and perhaps a few others who are too produced to
re-create their sounds - but even Pink Floyd toured for Dark
Side of the Moon. Did Andy really try to conquer hsi stage
fright?  Or did he just give-up?  XTC owed it to thier fans to
tour - yes that's right - they blew it!

This is my beef: why on earth would Dave stay with the band
for five years and then leave?  Why did Terry Chambers
leave?  Because there is nothing as exciting as playing live
rock-n-roll!  I firmly believe that the Beatles would have lasted
a bit longer had they had something to do all day instead of
getting high, writing self-indulgent songs, hobnobbing with
the "beautiful hip people" and taking themselves far too
seriously.  Hey, Rock is supposed to be fun!!!  Rock is not a
simple diversion - it is supposed to express something, tell a
story, make you dance - Dave Gregory should have left the
band a long time ago.  Andy let down his fans by not at least
fulfilling his 1988 radio tour hints about a possible small
scale tour, perhaps anything!  A simple MTV Unplugged gig
would have put a smile on many a face.  The whole thing is a
joke.  Being an artist is one thing, acting like a brat is
another and as much as I love Andy, all these problems have
been made worse by his arrogance regardless of how
screwed up Virgin records is.

Ralph DeMarco


Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:37:45 -0500
Message-Id: <>
From: (Jim S)
Subject: Come back Dave!

When I realize there won't be any more "Gregory moments" like those spiraling
guitar bits in Merely A Man, I find my self losing faith in all I believe in.

What a pisser.

 Jim S.     <>
Serious fan of:
*St. Louis Rams       *Michigan Wolverines       *"JAWS"
     *St. Louis Cardinals        *XTC        *MST3K

Movie buffs: Check out Jake Gove's excellent "JAWS" homepage.
Media, reviews, discussion, trivia and more from the 1975 classic!


From: "Lemoncurry" <>
Organization: University Of Oldenburg Comp.Center
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:56:09 MET-1METDST
Subject: Davey's gone, and there are none cheshire cats grinning anymore
Message-ID: <>

Hello all fellow mourners,

I couldn't believe it, but have to now. So the man who for me played
the loveliest guitars I've ever heard (not only with XTC, but also
with Newell and others...) is leaving the Big Express From Swindon.

It's not only a shame, it's devastating.

Andy's a good guitarist, brill rhythmic arrangements, but just listen
to Dave's solo on "That Wave", and you'll know what we'll be missing.
He is a genius on the sixstring, and for me as a guitarist his
playing is a revelation. I'll always remember the sun that rose in me
hearing Dave.

I just hope he'll either reconsider so that
maybe (I know it's a bit stupid hoping this, but anyway...) in a few
weeks' time, when he returns from the holiday I think I would take in
his position, we'll be crying out loud reading reunition news.
I'm just thinking of myself sitting in the computer room in
university, starting to laugh, cry and babble.

Then, this is not likely to happen. What would be best is that Dave
stays with XTC and forms his own band as well, so we could start a
new mailing list.

Then, this is not too likely to happen as well.
So, what we all will have to look upon is the loss of XTC as we know
it, and of its rebirth in either a Andy+Colin(+ optional guitarist)
lineup, or in the solo projects which could spring up if they are
deciding to be the new long awaited album the last.

I refuse to consider them saying:"Okay, let's do something else for
a living instead of music, although that happens. Anyone knows
canadian prog/space/metal band Voivod ? Their brilliant old singer
runs a hamburger diner now and has been replaced by some horrid
throat gurgling monster. Strange comparison (XTC - Voivod), but just
as an example.

I know this has all been said before, but I needed an outlet for my
feelings, as my XTC-ignorant environment goes: Ah yeah? Dave who ?

I wish you all: Don't let it bring you down, the Firework will be lit
in a few months time (or the History of the Middle Ages revealed,

Bye, dear family members. :'(

XTC songs of the Day: Dying, Remember the Sun

Lemoncurry residing in The Lemon Lounge
Yummy !!!


From: LadyCPlum <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 12:49:00 EDT
Subject: This sux.

You still hasn't REALLY hit me that he's left. I don't think it
ever will, even though I know it's true. Oh well, can't dwell on it, lest I
drive meself nuts.

Jim S-A few answers to some of your queries.
Is the band hexed?-Nah, just still trying to dig out of the hole that
childish naiveity put them in back in 1977.
Will they survive?-I have my serious doubts about that.
Will Colin leave next-Probably. I'm surprised he's put up with the way
things are for as long as he has.
Is Andy's ego going out of control-Hell yes!!!

Tim-Colin's exit may have been temporary, but I believe Dave is out for
good.  A friend of his (won't say who, could be many people) said something
along the lines of Dave has said he cannot and will not ever be able to work
with Andy again.
As far as your assertment about Dave and his status as a guitarist, I can do
nothing more than agree with you ten times over.

Erich-So...will I follow a duo? That remains to be seen. I know I'll always
follow Dave no matter what he does, but without him in XTC, it'll be
difficult to swallow.

Tis all for now.
Miserably yours,
XTC song of the day-Rook
non XTC song-This is the End-The Doors


Message-ID: <>
From: "Macdonald, Robert" <>
Subject: What to say? What to do?
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:11:21 -0700

The other day after reading the announcements about Chalkhill's
Children '98, I was more than a little envious.  I thought that by
this year I would have my band at the stage where we could submit a
song.  It was not to be.

 I just can't seem to keep a band together.  In the past year I've
lost members to school, relationships and worst of all heroin.  For
tonight's jam we'll be back down to the original two members.  My
friend Ryan (quirky guitar & good vocals) and myself (simple, but
catchy guitar & bad vocals).

Last week I had wondered how it was that Andy, Colin and Dave have
been able to stay together for twenty years!  ........and then this
week the terrible news broke.

My reaction was probably common.  Dry mouth, shortness of breath,
gaping pit in stomach.  What can one say or do about this?  I guess
the only thing is that we can connect with each other.  Tell others
that you feel the same way.  Tell those that talk to Dave that we care
about his best interests too and wish him well......but really hope
that this is just a bump in the path (no road) to XTC's revival and
that him and Andy, who up until now sounded to us like great friends,
will make amends and go on creating the best damn pop music one
couldn't even imagine.

My thoughts on why this happened.  Well imagine being Dave and waiting
all those years to finally get back in the studio with the band and
then after this long wait and with huge expectations, it feels like
your role has diminished to the point of not mattering anymore.  The
disappointment would be shattering after such a build up.  Big enough
to want to leave I guess.  This probably wouldn't have happened if
there hadn't been the long layoff.

I don't even want to think about the possibility of this being the
last XTC album.


Rob Macdonald
Victoria, B.C. Canada


Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:28:35 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: The Disappointed

Hello All,

My heart is breaking.

After a yearlong detour into the exciting and profitable world of
progressive rock, I return to the web page of my favorite band in
the universe and I read the stunning news:  the lovely and talented
Dave Gregory is leaving the band.

I still can't believe it.  Say it ain't so, Dave.

What can we do to convince him to stay?  I can't imagine XTC without
him.  Anybody, please help me out here, I'm still trying to get a
handle on this news.  Is there anyplace we can write to Dave (actual
as opposed to email)?  Management company?  General Delivery?  Anywhere?


P.S.  Todd Bernhardt, if you're still out there, please please email
me back!  Thanks!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 11:03:43 +0100
From: Joe Radespiel <>
Organization: Publicis MCD Werbeagentur
Subject: XTC Videos

Hello Chalkhillers,

for those who are looking for a copy of Look Look: Check the Interactive
Music and Video Shop ( They offer the PAL version.
And a sampler of promo and live material of Blondie, Sex Pistols, Ian
Dury, Untertones, XTC and more called "Best Punk Video in the World.
Ever." Sorry this sounds like advertising, but I thought it might be of

Greetings from Munich (wrapped in grey today)


Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:45:14 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Skylacking

I see that the Bizarre Depiction production of Skylacking is
sold out.  Darn it!  Did they put out two other XTC tribute
compilations?  Can anyone make dubs for me?  I have a tidy bit
of XTC audio to trade.




Message-Id: <>
Date: 29 Apr 98 14:09:50 -0400
From: Jennifer Ralston <>
Subject: Sorry - One last chuffing

>As per the confusion surrounding the slang "chuffed": yes, it means
>"pleased". And yes, it also means "disgruntled".
I'm the first to get upset at a thread that's gone on and on,
but this one has piqued my interest. I, too, always thought
"chuffed" only meant "pleased." But seeing Charles' post
from the last issue made me seek out my*New!!* Fowler's
Modern English Usage, 3rd ed. to see what it had to say. Read on if you can
take it:

"In standard southern BrE it is now mostly used, somewhat
slangily, to mean 'delighted, very pleased': "He was chuffed at this new
monumental skive he had discovered." - A. Waugh,
1960; "You were pleased at the time. Chuffed in fact" - Paul
Scott, 1977. In some other varieties of English in the UK the
word sometimes has the opposite sense, 'displeased, disgruntled':
"Don't let on they're after you, see, or she'll be dead chuffed,
see? She don' like the law" - Celia Dale, 1964. The two senses seem to
reflect separate uses of dialectal "chuff" (adj.) listed
in Joseph Wright's "Eng. Dialect Dict.," (a) = proud, conceited;
pleased, elated (various northern and Midlands counties, but
not recorded in southern ones); (b) = ill-tempered, surly,
cross (Lancs., Lincs., Berks., Kent, Devon, Cornwall, etc.).
The channel by which the dominant ('delighted') sense entered
standard English cannot be ascertained with any certainty."


(The word skive, however, was not defined. If you're wondering,
it's an easy option, or shirking of duty.)

So let's try it, shall we?
While dead chuffed that Dave has left the band and XTC as we've
known it forEVER is no more, I'm chuffed pink that his work
will appear on the new record.

Back to it then.
Awaken you dreamers,


(Copy Editor - I can't help it)


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 13:35:44 -0500
Subject: What if?

I've got a question (and many different twists) which I've been mulling
over for the past few days or so since I learned of The Great One's

What if XTC finally hits it big with a hit song?  I mean REALLY big.  Like
a Top Ten or a #1 hit.  Would Dave rejoin (at least temporarily) to present
a united front to the screaming and adoring fans?  Would he come back to
shoot a video?  What about doing interviews, photo shoots, and personal
appearances on TV shows or for magazines?

How tense would the atmosphere get if Dave, not having patched things up,
walked into a room with Andy happily babbling away during an interview?  If
this departure isn't a "mutual agreement", would this get nasty?  Would the
entire world's first impression of XTC be a bunch of conceited, vindictive

What if this #1 song had originally been arranged by Dave but Andy reworked
all of his ideas?  Would Dave be willing to come back if this work had been
completely changed from what he had in mind?  OR, what if Dave had come up
with some idea for the song and Andy had not included any of them in the
final recording of this hit?  Would he be gracious enough to admit that
perhaps Andy was right to arrange it the way he wanted to?

What if there is so little Dave material & influence that he's really not
part of the record at all?  What if this one #1 song brings fame and
fortune to XTC but Dave can't claim to be a part of it in any way?  What if
this gets even nastier and it's decided that a non-contributing Dave should
be a non-paid Dave and he gets little or no money from the record proceeds?

What if????


From: MFa2707621 <>
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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 15:21:42 EDT
Subject: I'm surprised and disappointed


I'm surprised and disappointed with the so called XTC fans who have made
Andy into a bully.  I just read the Chalkhills digest, and some of you make
me sick.  I know there were probably tensions between the members, but does
that mean we have to make Andy into a bad person?

I hope I didn't offend you guys by saying what I said, but that's how I



From: Edward Percival <>
Subject: The end
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 22:07:44 +0100
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Where were you when you heard Kennedy was shot?

When the Beatles broke up?

When Thatcher resigned (Oh Frabjous Day!!)?

When Diana Crashed?

When Dave left XTC?

I share the sorrow that Dave has had enough.  For me everything before he
joined is second division stuff.  Without ever knowing precisely who did
what on the records, I've always associated his talents with the ability to
turn Andy's extremes into the full bodied concoction I know and love.  Are
there parallels?  Is Andy turning in to Roger Waters?  Dave must have had
tremendous control to have put up with the wierdside of XTC for so long,
but clearly after hanging on for so long it must have been a bitter
disappointment that he felt his contribution was no longer valued.  Clearly
there are a few other people who appreciate his talents, or he wouldn't get
the session work he does.

So perhaps this is the end of my dream that I would one day see the boys
live. ( At least I got to see Crowded House live before they called it a
day).  I really can't see XTC surviving beyond the release of Firework
(thankyou to the guy who corrected my blunder in the last mail).

By the way the Portmerion/Man who sailed around his soul film was shown on
Channel 4's The Tube, not the BBC (It wasn't very good).


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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 15:54:47 -0500
From: "Kim E. Williams" <>
Subject: Dave's Departure

Hi, Chalkhillers!

Been a while (a long while!) since I've written, and I've had a couple of
people ask why I haven't posted, so by popular demand here I am!  Aren't we
all thrilled??! :-)  Please don't answer that!

I decided to put in my two cents worth on the topic of Dave leaving.  I was
devastated for a couple of days, but since then I've been thinking about it
and realized that Mr. Partridge is more than capable to do the guitar
parts.  A friend (you know who you are!) has also reminded me that the
computer has turned Andy into a more than competent keyboardist.  And I
hate to admit it and this will probably cause some feedback, but if XTC had
to lose a member and still be XTC, it would have to be Dave.  Gonna seem
strange, though, with only two of them.

So, as sorry as I am to see him go, I wish him only the best that life has
to offer.  And now I'll go back into my cave and return to my hibernation.



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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:41:44 -0500
From: Dave Ledbetter <>
Subject: X(D)C, Dave & Andy

> (Will the group have to be known simply as "XT" if this is
>the case?)

and echoed by Russ Omens <>
 From now on its no longer XTC, XT perhaps.

Both, of course, referring to Dave leaving.  I have always been under the
impression that XTC stands for

X - Andy Partridge
T - Terry Chambers
C - Colin Moulding

Perhaps it should have been changed to XDC for Dave Gregory.

Now, it seems, to XC.

As someone who knows only what I've heard on Chalkhills over the past year
and a half, it seems that Dave was very interested in playing live and
touring.  Perhaps the decision has been made to definately not tour, and so
he decided to leave.  I don't know if this is the case, but it would seem
to make sense, especially when considering other factors such as his
(supposed) lack of contribution and Andy's (supposed) control tendencies.

I am not really aware of Dave's specific contributions.  I love the guitars
on XTC's albums, but the Andy Demos also sound good.  I was in a band for a
while that was very different than anything else I've been involved in.
Collectively, we were able to put together great songs.  Individually
however, we were all somewhat limited.  I hope that wont be the case with XTC.

Andy's a great songwriter/musician.  I hope he is able to maintain
perspective with fewer direct influences from other people.

I'll stay tuned for further developments.

Anxiously awaiting the new album, whose name has been changed from
"Firework" - Right?.



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