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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 73

                  Tuesday, 28 April 1998

Today's Topics:

                      Re: "chuffed"
                      David Gregory
                Re: Because of "The Truth"
                       Re: Bye Dave
                        The Korgis
       Top Ten things Dave Gregory can do post-XTC
                    irresistable rant
                     Dave's departure
                   somewhat depressing!
                       Dave's split
                 Bring in Billy Preston!
                     What Can I Say?
                Firework: XTC's swan song?
       dave gregory's departure/Chalkies Originals
                Things to be thankful for
                   Then there were two
             A bit shocked and dissapointed?
                         indeo 5?
               Dave Runs Out Of Soul Coal?!
                   OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!
                   Best Wishes To Dave


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This is the end / Of all that fine and misty weather.


Message-Id: <l03010d01b16aac4d94d1@[]>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 23:06:21 +0100
Subject: Re: "chuffed"

As per the confusion surrounding the slang "chuffed": yes, it means
"pleased". And yes, it also means "disgruntled". Depends on the context:

chuffed, adj.


slang. This curious bit of English slang has two diametrically opposite
meanings, depending on the context. In the case of ambiguity, one can say
"chuffed pink" ('tinkled pink') to mean 'pleased', or "dead chuffed" to mean
'displeased'. In the second sense, chuffed is synonymous with 'choked'.
Philip Howard has much more to say about this 'Janus' or 'reversible'
word in an article entitled 'English English' in the language quarterly
 _Verbatim_, Vol.VII, No.1 (Summer 1980). He quotes Eric Partridge,
the authority on British slang, who declared that "..if one needed to
distinguish [the two meanings], one said 'chuffed to f*ck" or "chuffed
to arseholes" or "chuffed pink" or "bo-chuffed" to mean 'gruntled', and
"dead chuffed" to mean 'disgruntled.'" He mentions the variant 'chuffed
as bullocks' and other intensifiers and winds up with these sentiments:
"I doubt whether we are ever going to arrive at an explanation of 'chuffed'
that is going to satisfy everyone. In any case the Janus word is distinctly
old-fashioned in British English."

(from _British English, Ato Zed_ , copyright 1987 by Norman Schur)

so ya see, confusion is to be expected over the meaning of this word....




Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 02:46:48 -0200
From: Ben Gott <>
Organization: Loquacious Music -
Subject: David Gregory

Friends in Chalk,

When I first heard about Dave's departure from the band, I wasn't quite
sure what to think. Should I be down? Should I be optimistic? Should I
call Ira Lieman? Suffice to say, I called Ira, and we chatted for
awhile. Then, I did some deep thinking.

I've been listening to XTC since 19 July 1994. I've been a member of
Chalkhills since 30 September 1995. That's a pretty long time, if I do
say so myself, for me to be a member of anything, most especially a
weird e-mail list about a band no one has ever heard of.

Yes, there have been times when I have unsubscribed. And, yes, there
have been times when I've flamed and been flamed (anyone else remember
the "Andy-wrote-'Fly on the Wall'" discussion?) I've stayed with this
list for so long, though, because I think that it contains some of the
brightest, most tasteful people who have ever crowded around a group of
gangly men with guitars.

Dave's departure made me think not only about my "history" -- however
short -- with the band, but also about my history here, on this list.
When I subscribed, I was in my second year of high school. Today, I'm
almost done with my first year of college. And Chalkhills -- and many of
its members -- have followed me all this way.

I thank Dave Gregory for all his important contributions to the band
whose influence I now take for granted. When people ask "Why do you like
XTC?", I can no longer give them an answer: I've listened to their
albums so much that they've become a part of me -- it's akin to asking
me why my eyes are green. I like them because music is important in my
life, and *their* music is important in my life, and e-mails from Ira,
Mitch, Peter, Martin, Richard, Harrison, Dean, Tim, Chris, John, Cheryl,
Bob, Ed, Colin W., Dave S. and others are important in my life. Having
friends whom I have never met is an odd (and new) experience for me.

What am I trying to say, at 2:37 in the morning? I suppose I'm saying
"Thank you, Dave Gregory -- but not goodbye." Not if Mitch and Peter are
here to update; not if Dean keeps sending me those weird (but awfully
lovely) forwards; not if there's a new ALBUM coming out, for God's sake!
XTC will live on: not just as a band, but within each of us. I'm certain
of that.

Thank you, Chalkhills. I'm looking forward to another four years.


XTC SONG OF THE DAY: "The Meeting Place"

     Ben Gott :: Bowdoin College :: Brunswick, ME 04011 :: (207) 721-5142
       Oh, has the world changed, or have I changed?


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 10:02:24 +0100
Subject: Re: Because of "The Truth"

From: Mitch Friedman <>
Subject: Because of "The Truth"

>You all know that there is more to the story. I am in the unfortunate and
>somewhat tricky place of being friendly with both Andy and Dave. I am sure
>you all have questions and concerns about this which you'd like me to answer

I don't really think that it would be fair to expect you to do this,
possibly, DG or AP (or even better both of them), could pass some sort of
statment on via you(or sombody else with connections to Da Mob), when they
decide that the time is right.

>or elaborate on.  I ask that you consider my position and don't put me in an
>even more uncomfortable spot by expecting me to be the one who explains it
>further. I think it's more appropriate to wait for Andy and/or Dave to do
>that in the near future.

Personally I am hoping that this is only a "Trial Separation", as it makes
the 5 year dispute with Virgin (and the associated strife), seem pointless
on DG's part.

All I can say is that if it is permanant I hope he joins a proper band (or
teams up with a talented song writer), rather than becoming yet another
session player as he (along with AP & CM) deserves a bit of success (and
the cash that brings with it).

Possibly if there are any live (well TV) promotional appearences, would
these be enough to tempt him back to recoup some of the investment that he
has made on this album ?

All I can really say is that my wife thinks that I am being ridiculous,
even being concerned about the subject.

Though to cut to the chase, I think that XTC will be poorer (musically) for
this, and I wish them all good luck.

Best Wishes (but not on top of the world at the moment)



From: JStrole <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 06:54:01 EDT
Subject: Re: Bye Dave


This is definitely NOT the way I would like to be making my first posting on
Chalkhills!  When I first heard that Dave Gregory was leaving XTC, I
chuckled to myself.  "Just some over zealous fans blowing something out of
proportion," thought I.  But, with so many reports, I believe this to be
true.  Hopefully, the parties that be will come to their senses and this
will be resolved.  I'd hate to see one of the most talented and clever
musicians I've ever had the pleasure of meeting leave the only group that
could do justice with his talent.

On a lighter note, to jon, Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy, was an original member
of Duran Duran (with his reference on the new album to Barbarella one would
be prompted to think he may have had a hand in naming them).  He left the
group to record his own solo songs, scoring a big club hit here in America
with a ditty called "Kiss Me (With Your Mouth)."  In the mid to late '80's
he started a band called The Lilac Time with his brother.  The band took an
acoustic sound which seemed to be the opposite of his synthesized solo work.
In fact, if you ask me their 2nd LP, Paradise Circus, was Mr. Duffy's take
on Mummer.  XTC fans may want to find their excellent CD, And Love For All,
featuring the production of Andy Partridge and John Leckie (Andy also
contributes some guitar).  He later put out some solo work on some
soundtrack album that stayed with The Lilac Time's earthy sound.  I'm
thrilled to hear he's back and working with Andy Partridge again.

The man who knows way too much about S. Duffy,



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 06:06:18 -0700
From: Beast of Bourbon <>
Subject: The Korgis

Any fans of The Korgis here?  I find myself listening to the recent
compilation CD before or after listening to XTC.  I hardly know a thing
about The Korgis, other than what I got out of the brief liner notes.
Interesting stuff, anyway.  E-mail me if the topic is inappropriate for
the list.

"Give an infinite number of monkeys
 an infinite number of typewriters...
 and you have Usenet."


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 06:21:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mark Rushton <>
Subject: Top Ten things Dave Gregory can do post-XTC

5. Start a band with Terry Chambers and Barry Andrews called "The Pink

4. Get Thomas Dolby to tour and sing Andy Partridge covers.

3. Become the next guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers (sock not
included - be ready to explain the insulin).

2. Crash the Lilith Fair and play as the "Duke of Ecstacy".


OK, OK, I understand that this may be a bit sensitive, but humor is a
way to deal with it.  Dave helped turn the corner for XTC as a serious
rock and roll band.  Thankfully he didn't leave when Chambers left,
then we wouldn't have had his input on the wonderful Skylarking
("Ballet for a Rainy Day" in particular).  We'll miss ya, Dave.  And
considering how many others haven't been able to stomach Andy, we
understand -(although we still like Andy, too.....)


Date: Tue, 28 Apr 98 10:41:34 EDT
From: Jeff Rosedale <>
Subject: irresistable rant
Message-ID: <CMM.>

Irresponsible speculation follows

The circles of XTC are shrinking.  I actually expected Colin to be the
one who finally couldn't take it any more.  Dave has always been so
sweet, quiet, such the gentleman...

My first and erstwhile greatest disappointment with XTC was the loss of
Terry Chambers.  Barry was always like an alien presence for me, and
it was the Gregory-Partridge guitar undergrowth that initially lured
me in.  After Terry left, XTC's entire sound changed in a way that I
have never been entirely comfortable with; there was a loss of energy
and spunk that indicated a change of phase.  Not long before this, the
decision to be a studio-only band expanded creative opportunities in
one sphere but limited them in others- one take frozen in time by its
principal creator.

Eventually I got used to this, and I have subsequently found great
enjoyment in Mummer, Big Express and Skylarking (less so with O/L
and Nonsuch).

Next to go were the wife and the record company.  Moody, sullen,
withdrawn period follows.  Artist, genius, tantrum.

Finally it's the intrepid Dave Gregory, Wires man extraordinaire who
falls off the end of the dock.  The drive to make the new album sound
as much like the demos as possible- the drive to polish the demos so
finely as to make them sound like full band recordings- the years in
the shed and the minutes with the band- all this speaks volumes about
where Andy's emphasis and heart have been.  It's sad to see this
result in the sacrifice of the synergy and random brilliance that
collaboration has brought, but you can't blame a creative guy like
Dave for wanting to express himself.

If Andy could play guitar like Dave, this would not be a big deal.

Let's hope really hard that this split is not permanent, and there
will be a studio big enough to fit talents and ideas from all of
these three wise men.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 11:16:26 -0400
From: David Gershman <>
Subject: Dave's departure

Wow, how depressing...kind of a hole-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach kind of thing.
 In fact, it's sort of a similar feeling (not that I've ever experienced
it, mind you) to when you've just been broken up with by someone you've
been in a close relationship with for a're sort of stunned and
confused, and they won't return you're calls and you're just waiting for
that letter that you know will come in a few days explaining how it just
wasn't working out and they needed more space, etc. etc. All you can do is
pray that they'll have a change of heart and realize they simply can't live
without you. Unfortunately, that doesn't really seem to happen very much in
those situations, so I won't be holding my breath waiting for Dave to
rejoin the group. I'm sure a decision like this didn't come easily...

What a bummer,

Dave Gershman


Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 11:25:26 -0400
Subject: heyho
Message-Id: <1316*/PN=Rich.Wayne/OU=sb1/O=dowcor/PRMD=dj/ADMD=mci/C=US/@MHS>

Broke out Skylarking for the first time this year and it helped
make my three hour drive enjoyable.  Also, i'm looking for Joe
Kays' address, i have some more goodies to give him. I also have
a 1992 convention shirt, never worn, to give away to the most
clever respondent and a boatload of XTC mags and Little
Expresses for sale.


Message-Id: <>
From: Christopher Westland <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 9:14:57 -0800
Subject: somewhat depressing!

Hello Chalkers:

I find it rather depressing that the very first issue I receive of the
Digest contains news of Dave Gregory's departure.  Sad yes, but not entirely
suprising given the impression the Twomey book leaves you of the affairs
within the band.  It is his life and (if I knew him personally) I would only
wish him well in his future endeavors.  Like George Harrison said: All
things must pass.....



Message-Id: <>
Date: 28 Apr 98 15:49:06 +1000
From: "Adam Davies" <>
Subject: Dave's split

Hi Chillians,

This is ye olde Box / Vzzzbx that used to post here many millennia
ago under the moniker  Haven't really been moved
to post here until I read about Mr G leaving the band.  I've been
reading the digest, just not contributing.  :)

All I wanted to say was that, given the band didn't do anything for so
long, it's no surprise that someone has left.  Things wouldn't be the
same.  A lot can change in five years, particularly in someone's
personal life, and going back to something you no longer have the
space or motivation for can be pretty demanding.

There's a pile of albums and a broad history out there.  Two decades
is a long time.  Be happy!


      The statements and opinions expressed here are my own and do
         not necessarily represent those of Oracle Corporation.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 98 09:36:42 -0800
Subject: Bring in Billy Preston!


My suggestion, per a certain notable La Jolla resident, is to bring in Billy
Preston for the remainder of the sessions, so that everyone will be on their
best behaviour.  Perhaps then Dave can return (with, perhaps, a bunch of
flowers draping his guitar stand?) and finish the album--wearing, hopefully,
some rubber shoes so he won't suffer any electric shocks.

If Dave doesn't come back, somebody will need to layer over his missing
parts with, say, some strings and a choir and a little extra Prairie Prince
on ride cymbals.  (Will the group have to be known simply as "XT" if this is
the case?)

Come back, Dave;  all is forgiven.  Don't let this be another rock tragedy


Cautionary reading for the week: Doug Sulpy's Get Back book; Without You:
The Tragic Story of Badfinger


From: LadyCPlum <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 12:48:24 EDT
Subject: :'(

When I heard the news from a friend awhile back that Dave was leaving, I
literally cried my eyes out, then ran for my cigarette stash to calm my
nerves, repeating over and over again "Why?"

Dave had been in XTC almost as long as I've been alive. In the four years that
I have been a fan, you all know how much I grew to love and admire him, both
as a musician and as a plain ole' chap. I remember smiling everytime I heard
his backup vocals, swooning over watching my taped interviews and videos,
getting lost in his guitar playing, and crying uncontrollably when opening
that beautiful Christmas gift last year.

As far as I'm concerned, there is no XTC without him, at least not as we know
it. The cake may still be there, but the icing will never be as decorative or
as sweet.

Sadly yours,
XTC song of the day-This Is the End
non XTC song of the day-I WIll Remember You-Sarah McLachlan


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 22:36:40 +0000
Subject: What Can I Say?

Dear Chalkers,

"What can I say? What can I do?"

Indeed - How does one handle the terrible news from Swindon?
Without knowing everything I'm sure Dave did not leave in haste and
must have given it much thought. I'm feeling very sad now and a bit
worried about the future, but wish him nothing but the best and look
forward to the numerous new projects he undoubtely will be involved
with. But he will be sorely missed... (snif)

Life goes on and XTC newbies are born every second which i s a good
thing. Newcomer Dominic got some sound advice:

> ......if you can't buy them all at once, then go for English
> Settlement first...or...just buy them in order of release

I don't agree with the "order of release" part but i absolutely
agree that if you really have to pick just one album (impossible!!!)
it has to be English Settlement. Or Black Sea... or Drums And Wires
Or any other album except maybe White Music that has a lot of merits
(please don't flame) but is not very euh... accessible for the

yours in shock,
Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse
 the XTC website @


Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 16:00:05 -0500
Message-Id: <>
From: (Jim S)
Subject: Firework: XTC's swan song?

In the aftermath of Dave leaving (PLEASE reconsider, Dave!) I have some
serious questions about XTC and their future:

1.Will XTC survive? Will Andy and Colin WANT to soldier on with XTC, or will
   they figure it is time to go their seperate ways? How much can one band
   go through before they throw in the towel?
2.Is Colin getting fed up with Andy's seemingly increasing need for total
   control? I would have to believe Colin is asking himself tons of
   questions about his role in the band. He surely must believe that he is
   not an equal partner in XTC, given the number of his songs versus the
   number of Andy's songs that make there way onto each album. Is this
   something he is comfortable with, or does it stick in his craw?
3.Is this band hexed??? I mean come on, just when the faithful fans of XTC
   get a ray of light (after hanging on for SIX YEARS without a new
   release), another huge blow is dealt to the band, it's future and us, the
4.Is Andy's ego and pompousity growing out of control? Don't get me wrong,
   the guy is my favorite songwriter of ALL TIME, but he can sure rub people
   the wrong way, it seems.  Why is every recording session for a new XTC
   album always more torturous than the last?  I am also very sad that the
   personal relationship between Andy and Dave has apparently deteriorated.
   After all that Dave put up with (no touring, l-o-n-g layoffs), to stick
   it out this long and then feel the need to get out is horribly sad to me.

I get the real pessimistic feeling that Firework may be XTC's swan song. I
will follow Andy, Colin and Dave in whatever they choose to do, but it won't
be the same if they all go their seperate ways...

Majorly bummed,

 Jim S.     <>
Serious fan of:
*St. Louis Rams       *Michigan Wolverines       *"JAWS"
     *St. Louis Cardinals        *XTC        *MST3K

Movie buffs: Check out Jake Gove's excellent "JAWS" homepage.
Media, reviews, discussion, trivia and more from the 1975 classic!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 17:34:31 -0400
Subject: dave gregory's departure/Chalkies Originals

Let me start by announcing to the world that the dubbing of the Chalkies
originals tape '97 is done!  Now I've just got to get them in the mail.
Lucky for me, I've tenaciously hung on to all the SASEs sent to me a year
and a half ago, so -- although I can't get to it for a week or two -- that
should be easy enough.

Now on to more depressing matters.

Re:  Dave's departure from the band -- I guess in retrospect we should have
seen it coming when we all read the summaries of on-going studio progress
on Firework; in particular the news that Andy was tearing his hair out
(well, what's left of it) trying to stay as close as possible to demos,
etc.  When you've spent six years holed up in a shed doing everything
yourself, then sticking meticulously to what you've done yourself doesn't
leave a lot of room for collaboration -- or even embellishment, it would

All of this is such a waste.  If it's true that Andy and Colin are master
painters, we must also acknowledge that Dave was a consummate musical
"frame-maker" of sorts -- i.e., the creative element who maximized their
musical offerings with brilliant accompaniment, arrangement and other turns
of musical phrase.  At least that's what I've always assumed Dave's role
with the band was -- and a vital one it was, too.  I can't believe Andy and
Colin can't see that.

I've always perceived Dave to be a vital lynch-pin in the band's
personality, too -- the rock-solid "man in the middle" who held the band
together against all odds.  Then again, maybe it's time for me to grow up
and recognize that it's not so important for XTC to be a "band."  The
Beatles lost something when they turned the White Album corner, in that the
parts came to the fore as the sum's importance dissolved.  Any more
"Beatles" albums would have been a farce.  Great music continued to pour
forth.  And yet...

Sorry this is disjointed -- it's a bit of a ramble, I admit.

How sad.

-- FS


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 17:51:40 -0400
From: Tim Kendrick <>
Subject: Things to be thankful for

This is a sad time for most of us.
I've come up with a few "things to be thankful for".


	- After 6 years of waiting, a new XTC album will
	  finally be out in autumn.

	- Dave finished all his work on the new album
	  before he left.

	- Dave contributed quite a bit of guitar work
	  to the future "Bootleg" album that we can
	  look forward to.

	- There will soon be "official" XTC merchandise
	  for us to buy.

	- A new book, which gives details on every song XTC
	  has ever recorded, will be out this summer.

	- When Colin left the band after the SKYLARKING sessions,
	  it was only temporary.

	- With or without Dave, XTC will be doing at least
	  a couple of live appearances in autumn.

	- In or out of XTC, Dave is still the greatest
	  living guitarist in the world.

  Tim K.


Message-Id: <v03007800b16bfe711547@[]>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 18:03:06 -0400
From: Erich Walther <>
Subject: Then there were two

Big group hand-holding time. I guess the flat-bed tour's out, too.
Hopefully there was no acrimony and there may be a chance for
reconciliation once the Firework explodes in the fall. I wonder if the
lay-off had anything to do with it: perhaps after all that time they forgot
how to work together? What's Colin's take on this? So many questions, so
much disappointment.

If there's an up-side, I hope that Dave finally gets off his duff and gets
on with his own stuff. Hey, it would give us a lot more 'product' to talk
about, and those of us that play the wires can dream about our auditions!
Will Amanda still follow a duo?

I'm bugged. And dismayed.


Message-Id: <>
From: "Matt Keeley" <>
Organization: The Dead Cat Revolutionary Army
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 15:00:07 +0000
Subject: M

Hello... ah, first off, I might as well encourage everyone to check
out M... he's hella cool... not so much XTC like or anything, but
still  (I'll let everyone else post what his one hit was...8)

> From: LadyCPlum <>
> Steven-I think it's so cool that on "Living Through Another Cuba", Andy
> sings "If we get through this lot alright we're do for replay 1998.", and
> like, their new album is like coming out in like 1998. :)

Eh, I suppose it's neat, but well, if it had been another year, it
wouldn't have scanned..heh... "If we get through this lot alright,
we're due for replay 2000" (actually 20 years after the album) or "If
we get through this lot alright, we're due for replay 1999, where
we'll party a lot... since it's 1999... Oh wait, that song hasn't
been written yet... ah well, it'll suck anyway"  Still, it'd be neat
if they planned it (well, now that is... I mean, I know time IS
Andy's bitch and all, but don't you think that's a bit of effort for
one song that wasn't even a single?)

> From: Mitch Friedman <>
> contributing enough to the band's music. There was a lot of tension between
> he and Andy because of this and Dave became very negative during the
> sessions so he decided to leave. The band is not breaking up. The album is
> going forward as planned and Dave's playing will be on it.

It's sad Dave is leaving... I mean, he was a damn good guitarist and
other things... ah well, maybe they'll replace him with a
trombonist.. heh...

> From: "Simon Knight" <>
> sheet music recently.  He liked the fact i had the sheet music for
> "Hungry like the wolf" and "Life in a northern town", and i was

Heh... maybe you can see if there's any truth to the Duran Duran
copping the opening riff from "Spiders" by the Vapors... heh.. I
think the song might be "Hungry Like the Wolf" like you listed..
don't know for sure, I think I've heard one other song, and I've only
heard the Reel Big Fish cover of HltW, since I really am NOT a fan of
Duran Duran... one new wave band I don't like... wiggy.  ah well,
they actually had more than 1 hit, didn't they..heh... BTW, in the
RBF cover, there IS a riff that seems somewhat similar, but it's
kinda, well, buried, and also I think it's been done with horns or
something (been a while since I heard their cover too.. I dislike the
song too, so I have a feeling my thing about DurAN^2 isn't like my
thing for Peter Gabriel or Neil Diamond, where I wish they'd just
shut the hell up and just write songs... Sledgehammer is a decent
song, but it gets boring after a while, just like that over rated
video everyone seems to love.  Dammit, you want a real music video?
Go watch DEVO's Satisfaction, or Love Without Anger or something... I
can pay for a bunch of clay masturbation and say it's art.. hell, I'd
even pay Rev. Ivan Stang to do it.  He's cool.)

> From: "Wesley Hanks" <>
> They just blew up the Aladdin Hotel here in fabulous Las Vegas. My best
> memory was playing pre-gig roulette with Martin Chambers (drummer for the
> Pretenders). He was surprised that any one knew who he was. Elvis and

I assume no relation to Terry "The Man, but he gave up drumming which
really sucks, but he's still the Man for past work" Chambers?

Ah well, that's this world over (which was the quote from last issue,
and I meant to reply but couldn't think of anything to say really..)

Are we not men?| (ICQ UIN: 1455267, Name: MrMe)


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 17:48:02 -0500
From: Russ Omens <>
Subject: A bit shocked and dissapointed?

Mitch is the master of understatement. For Dave to leave at this stage of
the game is  more than a bit shocking and dissapointing. That Dave and Andy
couldn't work it out is even more devastating. I wish them both well and
wish we chalhillians well as well as we grieve. From now on its no longer
XTC, XT perhaps. I'm going out get pissed.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 20:08:31 -0500
From: Alex McDonald <>
Subject: indeo 5?

I don't want to complain too loudly, but :

Why am I not surprised that when a guy from microsoft and a guy from
ziff-davis get together with some video clips that they end up in a
format accessible only from a microsoft operating system?

It's not that I don't know anybody that has a wintel machine who
wouldn't mind me taking it over and installing a bunch of stuff that may
or may not work... I just figured it would make sense to use a format
that is accessible to a larger number of Chalkhills readers. Quicktime,
for example, is cross platform, has the highest quality compressors
available, supports web streaming, allows multiple audio, video, and
text tracks...and it's the basis for the forthcoming MPEG4 standard.

* --------------------------------

I nervously await the news that Dave decides that he's not leaving after
all. I'm hoping it doesn't take him more than a couple of weeks to
re-consider, as I'm out of fingernails to bite and I'm feeling a serious
bout of depression coming on....

Someone, please deliver the good news soon!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 09:27:02 +0000
From: michaelw <>
Subject: Dave Runs Out Of Soul Coal?!

...and I always thought Colin would be the first to leave....

Wow, what a semi-shocker, but I kinda suspected as much when Peter's
report from Abbey Road included Andy and a more-talkative-than-usual
Colin (it was great to finally hear something on Colin, but sad about
his wife), but NO Dave....
BTW, was that the first time one of the members were not present for a
recording session?

I was thinking about something Dave said some time back, which could
give clues to his departure....didn't he say that he was totally
unimpressed and rather disappointed with Neville Farmers draft copy of
the new book? And wasn't Mr. Farmer there with Andy, Colin, and Peter in
the Abbey Road studios earlier this month? Could the problems earlier
with Chris Difford witholding the master tapes also have something to do
with it? Or was Andy truly being too 'heavy handed' in the studio, a la
Big Express (and we know how much fun Colin and Dave had in recording
THAT album).

Perhaps Producer Bendall gave in to Andy's whims; Moreover, some of the
reasons do truly seem odd, such as Dave feeling that he wasn't
contributing enough (you're in a band with Partridge for 20 years; all
of a sudden, he restricts your guitar playing, hovering over you like he
did with Terry?? Naa, don't think so...);
Dave becoming "negative" (does anyone remember Dave being "negative"
before? Only time could've been during the Skylarking sessions, when he
complained to Andy that "every time we do it your way, it never works!

I've always thought-and still do-that Dave's  one of the nicest
blokes/musicians I've never met); Andy's increasing use of/desire to use
computers (name me an XTC album that computers/keyboards are heavily
used, more than the conventional instruments--Partridge and computers?
Possible, but that would shread my "pastoral/acoustic" image of XTC of
late (Skylarking to Nonsuch, with the exception of a few Paul Fox-ed
songs on O & L)

I do believe that Dave will reconsider, and that this could really be a
way to get Andy to step back, apologise, and let the band be a democracy
(remember what happened when Colin left the band during the end of the
Skylarking sessions; Toddzilla convinced him to finish the album, then
on the plane back to England, Colin supposedly sat apart from Dave and
Colin on the plane, not speaking with each other, or something like that
[from the Chalkhills and Children bio]

Finally, perhaps its about time one of the three decided to do a solo
project; I definately support Dave in any decision he makes, because its
his decision and if it makes him feel better/relieved, then more power
to him...looking forward to the new album, and maybe even a Dave Gregory
Project soon after!

Sorry so long....more questions than answers, looks like....


P.S.  With Dave gone, who's going to "play the twiddly bits"?  :-(
Come on back, Senor Gregory, were gonna miss ya!!!!


From: MFa2707621 <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 21:05:57 EDT
Subject: OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!


I just heard that Dave Gregory left XTC.  That sucks.  So what's going to
happen now?  I hope his doesn't mean the end of XTC.  I hope not.  I'll
still support them no matter what happens.

Buffalo, NY


Message-Id: <>
From: "J & J Greaves" <>
Subject: Best Wishes To Dave
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 19:55:21 -0700

I just wanted to pass on Best Of Luck wishes to Dave Gregory in whatever
he's going to do, and I hope he stays in touch and lets us know through the
contacts in Chalkhills what he gets involved in. Perhaps in the future he
will play with XTC again. If not, then we enter a new era, just like when
Terry Chambers left. The sound of XTC changed then, but some of their very
best stuff was then afterwards recorded. It will be that way again; Dave
will be very sorely missed, as was Terry, but the music will continue.

So, once again, Best Of Luck to the " guy who put the icing on the cakes "
of XTC. I really hope that this is something that some time away might help
to change your mind, but please keep us informed of what you are doing
musically. Outside of XTC, Dave, you are still, and always will be, one of
my favorite musicians.

All the best
John Greaves


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