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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 71

                 Saturday, 25 April 1998

Today's Topics:

            Living Through Another Coincidence
               Re: Chalkhills' Children '98
                    memory of a name..
                    Hey, c'mon now...
                   Yo quiero Taco Bell.
               Good reasons to pay Difford
                       New fan !!!
Random XTC sighting, trouble and strife, and an acknowledgement
                      Dutch treat(s)
                       Spring & XTC
                      XsTatiC moment
                Now that's what I call....
                    Imports are cool.
               New Stephen Duffy CD Single
                  Last Call for T-Shirts
 Baking Clams for Nigel (Just another stupid, pointless,
                      Very bad news
 New XTC to be released in September (may be old news...)
                    images from Abbey
                    another funny bit
                 Abbey Road video snippet
                   Chalkhill Gathering
                   A Blend of Contents


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Ah well, that's this world over.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 03:11:13 -0700
From: Steven Graff <>
Organization: SLAPDASH
Subject: Yazbek

Hey folks,

     I haven't posted in a while...I actually think I pissed someone
off  last time with my "manic Andy" questions....which were only
rhetorical points to debate about....but I must agree strongly with
Pancho1....Yazbek may like, and even be a close personal friend of Andy,
but if y'all wanna make an even BIGGER deal about Tock, why not simply
form another group where you can converse with, perhaps, Yazbek fans who
may not have recognized or appreciated Andy's contribution? A little
cross-communication never hurt anyone, especially if it expands the XTC
fan base! I'm really far more excited about the XTC anecdotes, info and
goings on than Yazbek...I mean, that IS why i joined Chalkhills!
     Just a tangential are the other songs on Andy's Some
Lovely (my brown guitar) release in England? Is it still available? Does
the recording differ from the rendition of the song on the XTC demos?
     Til next time...
        Steven Graff



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 03:16:17 -0700
From: Steven Graff <>
Organization: SLAPDASH
Subject: Living Through Another Coincidence

Hello again,

    Sorry about the waste, i should've just sent one message.  Note the
following post:

    Message-ID: <007201bd6748$4dd40a10$>
    From: "Michael Roden" <>
    Subject: Living through another Cu-u-u BA
    Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 21:54:37 -0400

    Andy Partridge sang some 17 or 18 years ago:

    >We get through this lot all right, we're due for
    >replay 1998.

    Is Andy a prophet as well as a songwriting genius?


     I wonder how many would've sent this message last year had the
lyrics been "due for replay 1997"?
     How many will make mountains out of this molehill? Enough's enough!
(nothing personal,'s just this thing is mentioned in every
digest since January it seems)
      Waiting for the new book and release anxiously,
       Steven Graff


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 10:24:09 -0400
From: gregory <>
Organization: InfiNet
Subject: Re: Chalkhills' Children '98


>>I can think of no other way to do it that is equitable except
to provide an email announcement.<<

>How about first opening it to those who haven't contributed before.
A bit of variety?  How about a deadline for people to request
inclusion and then a draw rather than first come, first in?<

Hear! Hear! I second this idea! If there's going to be bumping off, how
about an equitable bumping?
Of course, it all sounds like the point is moot, now...



Message-ID: <B9B4268C8F87D11195DC0000F840FABEC7F3B1@DUB-MSG-02>
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: memory of a name..
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 21:35:30 +0100

just remembered a bit from last Thursday.
Andy had brought along a book of family photos to give to Neville Farmer for
the upcoming book.
He took great pride in showing us photos of himself as a 4,5,6 year old. The
haircut and glasses are exactly the same !
Then he jumped to a photo of himself with long hair - he thought this was
particularly hilarious.

it was odd to see some of the original photos that appeared in 'Chalkhills &

there were quite a lot of photos of his wedding - some of which will likely
make the new book.

(my brain is starting to work again - more anon)



Message-ID: <B9B4268C8F87D11195DC0000F840FABEC7F3B2@DUB-MSG-02>
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: Colin
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 21:47:32 +0100

Just thinking about Colin - this thursday past was the first time I'd met
At first he struck me as being very quiet and reserved but he soon opened up
and recalled little stories and events.
I mentioned the Irish TV appearance from the FAQ (homo safari) - he managed
to recall the name of the TV station and what happened.
After a couple of these tales (and others I couldn't possibily recount here
online !) I began to realise that Colin loves this band and all that has
happened to it. He remembers things in great detail.

After having read all those stories about Andy 'taking over' in sessions it
was quite clear that Colin knew what he wanted in 'Frivolous Tonight' - he
marched out into Studio One and conducted the horn players.
No messing with this guy !

He spent most of the session making corrections and suggestions to Neville
re: the book. His memory for names, dates, ocassions etc. is quite

Now that I think of it - by the end of the session I'd spent more time
talking to Colin than Andy !
And most of it was about normal things - like how to videotape your to eat a curry and not lose your friends....



Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 16:46:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Misty Shock <>
Subject: Colin
Message-ID: <>

Peter, the lucky bastard, wrote:

> "Down A Peg ? ? ? " he says with a smile. "I dont' suppose you've got
> something I can play this on ? I'm really curious to hear this".
> Of course I don't, and it's not like we're about to waste hundreds of pounds
> of valuable XTC recording time to listen to that when there's an orchestra
> outside going through "GREEN MAN". Suffice to say Colin is chuffed - it
> almost makes up for the demolition I did on "Nigel" last

"chuffed"?  He didn't like it?  I loved it, and I was quite disappointed
to see that Randy Christopher (?) isn't contributing to the tape this
year.  To me, the Chalkhills' Children version sounded exactly like how I
would've liked to hear it released.  Definately would've made my "Favorite
Moments on a Tribute Tape" list.

By the way, anybody else think that Colin looks like Jackson Browne in the
video for "Making Plans For Nigel"?  Specifically, the "Nigel, Nigel,
Nigel" part at the end.

Misty Shock
"No round of drinks can extinguish this feeling of love and engulfing
bliss."                                         --Andy Partridge


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 20:58:56 -0400
From: Todd and Jennifer Bernhardt <>
Subject: Hey, c'mon now...

Hey fellow fans:

Pancho PRXTCFAN bitched
>I am afraid chalkhills has been invaded by troops of
Yazbekian acolytes and my humble suggestion is that you all get together

and start your own list. I personally don't really care for his music
and would rather hear less about how I should buy his album etc. or any
other form of Yazbek fawning.<

Hey Pancho, most likely there's a key toward the upper right of your
keyboard that has the words "Page Down" on it. Use it. Now, if you'd
like. Thanks to Chalkhills and the varying musical tastes of its
denizens, I've found out about a lot of great music, including Yazbek's,
and I'd like to continue to do so.

Anyway, you then go on to say
>PS- Presently listening to Big Star.....boy is it tickling my fancy!<

Um, do you notice a slight internal contradiction in your post? Or have
we not raved about Big Star enough yet to merit an off-topic knuckle

Anyway, on a good note -- Peter, you're the man. Thanks for letting us
live vicariously through you, and thanks for recording it for posterity.



From: LadyCPlum <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 22:16:56 EDT
Subject: Yo quiero Taco Bell.

But enough Espanol for today.......

Mark-Yeeeeeeeouch! Beautiful picture! Just when I'm getting ready to go to bed
I have to see that. Well I'll certainly be having pleasant dreams tonight!

Peter-You lucky little sonofagun.

Tis all for now,
Amanda-whose dear friend just had a son and named him Thelonius. (Poor kid.)
XTC song of the day-Wonder Annual
non XTC song-Magnet to Steel-Matthew Sweet


From: Edward Percival <>
Subject: Good reasons to pay Difford
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 22:13:31 +0100
Message-ID: <>

I settled down to enjoy 'Later with Jools Holland'-  the UKs only quality
live music show, and an ideal medium for XTC to show the Uk what they are
made of and promote the new album.  But an awful though struck me.  I don't
think they will get on here unless the dispute with Difford over money is
resolved amicably.  Why? Because Jools Holland was of course the keyboard
player and remains a firm friend of Squeeze.  The money must be paid!!

Another thought, I haven't trawled the archives for the debate of the title
of the new album, but surely a trend has been established to quote the
title of the next album in its predecessor- viz Orange and Lemon is a line
from Skylarking, and Nonsuch is a line from Chalkhills on O&L.

Fireworks clearly fails this criteria.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 16:26:02 -0400
From: Dominic Chaumont <>
Subject: New fan !!!

Hi everyone, I'm a relatively new XTC fan and I need your help !

The only cd I own is the compilation "Fossil Fuel". Since there are so
many XTC cd's out there, I don't know which one to buy next.

To give you an idea of my tastes, my favorite 2 songs on the compilation
are "Are You Receiving Me ?" and "The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead".

Any other fans from Canada ?



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 12:09:10 +1200
Subject: Random XTC sighting, trouble and strife, and an acknowledgement

Thought you might be interested to know that our favourite band got an
airing on a recent 60 Minutes (NZ edition) show. The segment was a feature
on hot young local fashion designer Karen Walker and her foray to the
annual Hong Kong fashion show (on a par with Milan and Paris, if the clip
is to be believed). Anyway, apparently an invitation to 'show' at such a
prestigious event is quite an honour and worthy of a 15 minute segment on
NZ's premier current affairs show.
So anyway, the penultimate moment of the segment featured various anorexic
waifs, clad in Walker's creations strutting down the cat-walk while the
strains of 'Making Plans for Nigel' blared from the PA. And rather good it
sounded too. Of course the irony of having such a consistently
unfashionable band providing the soundtrack at such a high-profile fashion
show was not lost on me. I'm sure it's all very post-modern and has a lot
to do with retro new wave chic. "Look honey", I said to my wife, "XTC are
fashionable again!". "Yes dear", came her reply. "I s'pose you'll e-mail
all about this to that XTC internet thingey you belong to?" "Of course" I
said. Her eyes filled with love as she turned to face me. "God, you really
are a tragic little man"

BTW: formal thanks to Ben Gott for relinquishing his dibs on "Beating of
Hearts" for CC98. Ben will be contributing "My Bird Performs", thus
allowing me to bludgeon "Beating of Hearts". Thanks again Ben - your
gesture is very much in keeping with the spirit here on the Hill



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 12:06:38 +0200
Subject: Dutch treat(s)

Hi all,

Just tought I'd let you all know that there's a dutch band called Supersub
who claim in an interview with OOR that the music of XTC has been an
I have never heard their music, so I can't tell. I'm just passing this on
y'know :)
Also, a few months ago there was an interview in the same magazine with a
dutch band called Tuesday Child. The singer said: '[...] or XTC. Andy
Partridge is also one of my heroes.' I've heard some of their music, which
on my first impression was good, but not nescessarily XTC influenced.

By the way, I'd like to thank the person(s) who posted here concerning the
discount of the Yazbek CD's! I got both his cd's for the price of one.
I agree that we should stick to XTC on this forum, but hey: in a few months
we'll be swamped with newbies ;)



Message-Id: <>
Date: 21 Apr 98 09:53:54 -0400
From: Jennifer Ralston <>
Subject: Spring & XTC

Open your mind's eye...

And picture, if you will, a beautiful spring day
in one of the lusher, greener parts of Atlanta, Georgia.
It's about 75/22 degrees, sunny, a little breezy.

You have travelled here from a colder place for a
spring wedding of two old friends. Other, older
friends have also travelled here - all friends you have
not seen in at least a year, others not for several more.

The birds are chirping brightly through the entire
ceremony, which is - by the way - the most mellow
and yet touching non-traditional one you have ever seen.
You are surrounded by colourful, blooming shrubs, trees
and flowers, and by the best friends you ever had.

After the ceremony, before the band starts (made up
of old pals, of course, not rent-a-covers), the singer
picks up his guitar to play the new couple their first song. He begins
strumming sweetly, and you realise it
sounds familiar.....

It's "Love on a Farmboy's Wages."

Ahh. Is there any better way to welcome the spring?
I was there Saturday, and I can tell you there isn't.

Awaken you dreamers,

(Then, of course, you get pissed up on champagne and scotch for the rest of
the day and night)


Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 09:03:44 -0700
From: (Rob Loughman)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: XsTatiC moment

I was waiting to pay my bill at IHOP (that's International House of
Pancakes) this morning, and who should come piping through their
speakers but Colin & company.  Hearing King For A Day so unexpectedly
really brightened my mood.  Too bad their taste in pancakes wasn't as
good as their taste in music ...

I also wanted to pass along something interesting that I read a while
ago.  It might help us funnel money to the band more effectively.  The
article was in some entertainment magazine, and it reported that big
music clubs (like Columbia House or BMG in the USA) keep their prices
low by, among other things, having standard agreements with many labels
that cut the artist's share of the pie in half.  I don't know if these
clubs exist in other countries, & I certainly don't know the details of
XTC's current or past record deals, but this might be something to keep
in mind when the flood of new material begins (which, by the way, can't
possibly happen soon enough).

cheers,	Rob Loughman


Message-ID: <>
From: Catherine Sweeney <>
Subject: Now that's what I call....
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 11:25:09 +0100

I recommend that you all go out to the shops today and buy "Mezzanine"
by Massive Attack.

Do you think it's likely that some record company would ever release a
series of CD's entitled "Now that's what I call Shagging Music - Vol
III"?, cos there are at least two tracks on Mezzanine that would fit
into this very nicely.

If you chaps in the US of A don't know what I'm talking about, there's a
dreadful series of CD's released over here every so often called "Now
that's what I call music".  They must be on volume 90 by now.  And it's
sad, sad, sad.

Anyway, don't listen to me wittering on about a load of old pants, get
your wallets and purses out and treat yourself to a nice new CD.

BTW - Peter, I've built a shrine to you on my desk.  I bow to it every
so often.



From: LadyCPlum <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 10:53:55 EDT
Subject: Imports are cool.

Well I managed to snag a copy of the Japanese Greatest Hits cd yesterday, if
only for the cover picture. (Fabulous one of Dave found on the Little
Lighthouse, as Mark has stated already.) Haven't gotten the chance to listen
to it yet, seeing as that my date yesterday lasted from 6 in the evening to
2 in the morning. 28 bucks well spent!!!!!

Je taime, au revoir,


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 12:26:58 -0400
Message-Id: <>
Subject: New Stephen Duffy CD Single

Late last week, the new Stephen Duffy CD single arrived from Siren
Disc ( The songs are "17," "Mao Badge," "In the
Evening of Her Day," and "Barberellas."

Stephen Street is listed as the producer of these songs. A critique?
Well, overall, I'd say buy it! The Street production adds Blur-like
touches (without the annoying vocals and snotty attitude, of course).
"17" is autobiographical and poignant; "Mao Badge" is a standout track,
with its hypnotizing chords and Pink Floyd-ish, Saucerful of Secrets
guitar fills; "In the Evening of Her Day" is a quiet acoustic track, just
Stephen being Stephen; finally, "Barbarellas" is not particularly noteworthy,
but enjoyable nonetheless. Keep in mind these bonus tracks are better
than what most bands call their first-rate tracks.

As a result I'm looking forward to I Love My Friends, which has a UK
release date of 4/24/98. What tracks does our good friend Andy contribute

By the way, the Duffy CD is a Cooking Vinyl release.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 15:25:15 -0600
From: Phil Corless <>
Subject: Last Call for T-Shirts

Last call for the Chalk Horse t-shirt!!!   This is JUST the horse drawing,
no words on front or back.

Write to me for my address if you want to send a check.  The shirts are
ordered when I have every order in my hand.  I only have made those
sizes and colors that have been ordered.

Here are the details once again.  I won't send any more reminders to the list.

Colors are available in Sage Green, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Black, and Red
with the white ink.   If you want black ink, I'm sure there are many colors of
shirt that would look good with that.... Ash, Oatmeal, White, Light Blue, etc.

Sage Green is the color of the Skylarking album, while Forest Green is a
much darker version of the English Settlement album.

The shirt material is Hanes Beefy-T 100% cotton short sleeve, very high
quality which does not shrink up much.

Sizes are Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL and XXXL.   Small thru XL are
$15 each, while XXL and XXXL are $17 each.

Postage on ONE shirt is $3 for the US, $5 for everywhere else.   Non-US
people, if you are ordering more than one shirt, the postage will be $10
for up to 4 shirts.

So, for US.... $18 for one S thru XL shirt.  Everywhere else, $20 for
one S thru XL shirt.  Add $2 for XXL and XXXL.

US people, send me a check.  All others, either an International Money
Order or US cash (conceal it well).....

Timetable on these..... Judging by past runs, probably 2 months.  It only
takes a week to make the shirts, but it has usually taken everyone almost
two months to get their money to me!  The stragglers rule the show on
this one, sorry to say.  But it will not be later than mid-June!!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 00:07:43 +0200
From: Antonino Masturzo <>
Subject: CC97

hello chalkers
not so long this first time, i would like to know where i can find CC97
and other stuff like "Jules Verne...". E mail-me pls or answer on the
anyway i'm from the sunny Sorrento in Italy and i'm in Xtc from
Skylarkin'; now i've every cd and some l.p.'s.
More next time....

Tonino Masturzo
My web page is
My Icq is:220156
"Awaken you dreamers"


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 20:19:33 -0400
Subject: Baking Clams for Nigel (Just another stupid, pointless,
Message-ID: <>
From: (Smiley Pants)

Heya chalkers

Ok...this is gonna sound either stupid, weird, or even both to you. Or
maybe this was mentioned before I joined the list in December. But I'll
get on with this anyway.

Ok, it's been mentioned that "Meccanic Dancing" sounds like "Pic-a-nic
Basket", and another person mentioned that his kid thought "Melt the
Guns" was "Ham-bur-gers" a while back. But can anyone else think of any
song of XTC that may sound like it has a food reference? I always
jokingly refer to "making Plans for Nigel" as "Baking Clams for Nigel",
but that one's stupid, as I am.

How about that new Tori Amos video, eh? First bondage video we've seen in
a while, huh? :)

Yours in stupidity (even though he got accepted to Temple University!),

XTC Song(s) of the Month---"Red", "Fly on the Wall", "Funk Pop A Roll"


Message-ID: <>
From: "Erich Sellheim" <>
Subject: Very bad news
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 05:28:43 PDT

Hello everyone,
sorry for probably spoiling your day, but I've just received the
latest newsletter by German record label Jarmusic, and it said
that Dave Gregory is leaving XTC (reasons for this announced for
the next newsletter). Could anybody in the know please tell us that
this is not true? Generally Jarmusic is a reliable source, especially
concerning XTC-related things.

Very disappointedly,



Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 18:44:20 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Dave Hughes <>
Subject: New XTC to be released in September (may be old news...)

I'm sorry if this is old news, but the latest (to me anyway) promo packet
from Cooking Vinyl says that the new XTC release is scheduled to be out in
September now.

In this promo packet from CV I also received a cool CV sampler cassette
(Vol. 3 from 1994), two CV newsletters with XTC info in one, a CV catalog, a
CV Club brochure, and an addressed envelope.

I did receive an airplay copy of the new release from WAZ! (Dave Whetstone,
Maartin Allcock, and Pete Zorn) from CV, so hopefully they will honor a
request for an airplay copy of the new XTC so I can flood Nebraska's
airwaves with the new stuff from the guys!

* -----------------------------------------------
Dave Hughes
Host of "Late in the Evening"
Nebraska Public Radio
* -----------------------------------------------


Message-ID: <B9B4268C8F87D11195DC0000F840FABEC7F450@DUB-MSG-02>
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: images from Abbey
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 13:04:06 +0100

I've grabbed some video stills from last weeks session in Abbey Road.
The quality is not great - I will have some real photos to scan and upload
in the next few days.

You'll find them at my homesite
Go to the "Desert Trolley" in Le Menu. Follow the links.

I have digitized some video of Andy playing (just about) the "Wrapped In
Grey" chords on a piano in Studio One.
It'll be on the Chalkhills site soon as well as Bob Estus' wonderful
Roundabout site.
(keep your eyes peeled for the announcement from Bob)

John Relph will also have some images on the Chalkhills site in a few days.



Message-ID: <B9B4268C8F87D11195DC0000F840FABEC7F45D@DUB-MSG-02>
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: another funny bit
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 01:38:42 +0100

bits of the session in abbey road are coming back to me...

Andy was outside in the recording area talking to the various string players
when he stopped talking. we didn't quite notice what was going on because
colin was telling a story (about the first time the band had recorded in
abbey road)
we heard a lot of laughter and a certain Swindonian with an "ooops..." look
about him.
Apparently Andy had found something on the floor and piped up (at the top of
his voice) to the assembled 36 piece orchestra "who owns this's got a V on it"

it was a breath freshener.......somehow I think the 'sex&drugs&rocknroll'
never made it to that orchestra....the assembled musicians thought it pretty
funny (I guess you had to be there eh ?)

Andy retired to the control room a little wiser for his experience......

At another point he took great delight in recalling gigs in Ireland (way
back when). How the locals (picture "Deliverance" if you will) would ask in
thick Irish brogues "so you're going to play the guitar eh?"....closely
followed by "aw gowan outta dat and give me the fecking thing...sure I can
play it".......which after a couple more pints of the black gold it turned
into "play Danny Boy ya Danny Boy ya fecking

Andy does a scary Irish accent.....



Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 21:44:53 -0700
From: Bob Estus <>
Subject: Abbey Road video snippet

Hiya Chalkies,

Hey! Peter Fitzpatrick forwarded me a pretty cool video clip for the
Roundabout. Usually my video clips reek of mothballs but this snippet is
only a week old! It's from his visit to Abbey Road Studios. Point your
browsers to:

Enjoy Peter's avant-garde camera work. Be the first to name the
orchestration in progress at the end of the clip and win a free video
dub Play At Home/Look Look/Live Shed Nonsuch Stuff (ntsc vhs). Email
your answers to <>.

The clip is viewable on pc's running Win95 or NT . It makes use of the
cool new "indeo 5" playback so a quick and painless trip to: to get "iv5play.exe" and
you're only a crosswalk away from the end.

P.S. Thanks Peter! Sorry Mac, Sgi boxes, and other places in the dark.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 09:24:00 -0400
From: Tim Kendrick <>
Subject: Chalkhill Gathering


  Saturday - May 23, 1998 in London

       "The Meeting Place"
        3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
        Elgar Suite in the LANGHAM HILTON HOTEL
        1C Portland Place
        (1 block from Cavendish Square,
         5 blocks from Oxford Circus Station)

       "Obscene Procession"
        7:00 pm - 7:30 pm
        Mortimer Street
            OF OURSELVES. ***

       "I'd Like That"
        7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
        Spaghetti House Restaurant
        15 Goodge St.
        (off Tottenham Court Road)

       "The Affiliated"
        9:30 - ???
        Flannegans Pub
        Goodge St.
        (across the street from the Spaghetti House)

 If you plan on attending events 1 and/or 3
 (at LANGHAM HILTON and Spaghetti House)
 please let me know no later than May 13.
 Friends/significant others are welcome, but
 again let me know how many are in your group
 before May 13.

 Thanks and I look forward to meeting some of you there!!!

     Tim Kendrick


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 08:59:14 -0700
Subject: A Blend of Contents

>I think Squeeze are great, but I really can't stand the "Difford and
>Tilbrook" album.  It can be summed up in two words: bad disco

You're right, the production on that LP is suspect. But on the tour for that
album, the songs sounded very good (I have a tape from a radio broadcast)
especially "Love's Crashing Waves". That was an admittedly dark period for

>My advice: get "East Side Story" first. Their later albums are
>somewhat lackluster, but "Frank" is a real gem...

As is Some Fantastic Place. Check out the song called Jolly Comes Home.

>For what it's worth, I just thought I'd mention that I'm writing a book
>called THE COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE GUITAR... I've found a place for
>Andy Partridge in the mini-biog section of great guitarists. He sits rather
>nicely in between Gabby Pahinui (the master of Hawaiian slack tuning) and
>jazzer Joe Pass.

Count me in as a major fan of both Slack Key and Andy's guitar work. What
about Keola Beamer and George Kuo?

Now then, some XTC CONTENT:

>>The Mayor of Simpleton
> Why this (and many other XTC songs) was not a hit remains a mystery.<
>Because it's XTC!!
I still say that if Paul McCartney had written it, it would have been a Top
Ten hit. Numero uno, perhaps?

>11) On our personal stereo: Side One of Skylarking. Could it possibly be
>anything else?
Drowning here in El Nino's Cauldron.

Anyone know why Colin's "Where Do The Ordinary People Go?" was never pursued
beyond the early stages. For those who haven't heard it: what a great song,
melody and all.

Cheers then,


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