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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #4-7

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 7

                Wednesday, 15 October 1997

Today's Topics:

                     Let's Make a Den
             A note from the prime potentate
re: violent opposition to "Books are Burning" guitar solos
           guitar tab, south pork, space moose
    Ah, so this isn't going to be completely off topic
           Promo appearances: what/where/when?
         shopping shopping goes the shopping man
           Yep! No real XTC content whatsoever!
                    Thar she blows!!!!
         We three things of subject are.........
                      I Palindrome I
             Somebody's baking brownies......
                   Melt the Guns/Phish
                      Haydn Bendall
                   Be my guest, Cheryl
      Andrew Partridge Ultrastar Und Ultraklebestoff
                  Phish melted the guns
                       song meaning
                Andy Was A Guitar Hero Too
        Does anyone else like CTD rah,rah,rah!!!!
                Haydn Bendall and Lumiere
                      And So......?
                      Haydn Bendall


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Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 13:01:34 +0000
From: Carrie Brand Ross <>
Organization: Blackbird Recording Co.
Subject: Let's Make a Den

Just wanted to let everyone know that I finally heard Let's Build A Den
(thanks to Peter M and other Chalkhill friends) after hearing it once
over 10 years ago - and it was GREAT!  I'm even getting another version
sent to me soon  :)    Thanks!

And, yes, Southpark rules!



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 13:56:53 -0400
From: james isaacs <>
Subject: A note from the prime potentate

Welcome, Marshall Armintor, to the "Go 2 Appreciation Society", with
membership now up into the teens, no doubt.  I have lost track.
Still taking applications for thise who wish to spit in the faces of
those philistines who just don't get it- Go 2 is better than Brad
Roberts with writer's block.
In other news, in that XTC fantasy someone had about Polly Harvey and
the lads, as wells as Mr. Cope- they can all leave, Polly and myself
would have a very lovely evening, listening to XTC, perhapos Captin
Thank you and goodnight,
Lurking mode off.


Message-Id: <v03007804b067f141e0a6@[]>
From: (David Friel)
Subject: re: violent opposition to "Books are Burning" guitar solos
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 18:46:14 -0400

In reference to the previously written statement:

Anyway, you Chalkoids who wonder why some people are violently opposed
to the guitar solos in "Books Are Burning" have got to understand: There
are some of us who have deeply distressing memories of the Seventies,
who consider the extended guitar jam to be the emblem and incarnation of
lazy, time-filling, clock-punching, beer-sucking, fog-brained Seventies

It just makes us nervous when we hear a great band, a band that stuck
more than one bayonet into the bleeding corpse of that weed-sodden
southern-fried aesthetic, a short, sharp, shocking band that in its
youthful, nightclubbing incarnation would rather have chewed their own
fingers off than do a guitar solo of more than eight bars, suddenly in
its studio maturity sounding for a brief, unguarded minute like they
might be gearing up for a Big Concept Album where Side Two is all one
song that condemns war or something controversial like that.

Don't you geeks have anything better to do than microanalyze a 20-something
second guitar solo?  I wasn't sure if you were talking about the solos in
"Books are Burning" or "Freebird" from your melodramatic diatribe.  Is it
against some sort of pop songwriting convention to have a solo, god forbid
played by more than one person, that lasts longer than, say, 5 seconds???
Perhaps it's time to liberate yourself from the parameters of "the perfect
3-minute pop song."

- The Kid


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 16:46:33 -0700
From: Peter Jeong <>
Subject: guitar tab, south pork, space moose

>  Peter Jeong was looking for guitar tab for JC Superstar, a nearly
> impossible task. A great resource for guitar tabs is OLGA
> ( which can hook you up with almost any song
> (excepting
> JCS), all submitted by struggling musicians. They only have 9 XTC
> songs
> listed, but perhaps this group could submit a few more to enrich the
> world.

yes, i was a bit disappointed with the selection of xtc music on olga.
they've got a dozen submissions for tab on green day's new song about
teen angst and beastiality, but it's very sparse on some of the more
quality stuff.

a mirror site of olga which is more to the point for nitty gritty guitar

>  Re:Amanda and "South Park"-I forced a group of friends to watch this,
> and got in return the embarassed silence and throat clearing, while I

if south park is your cup of tea check out space
and look under the "archives" section.  if you're easily offended,
please don't bother.  some of the cartoons are pretty raunchy even by my
standards, but they're as funny as all heck.

another GREAT guitar site:
(and it must be "great" since i used capital letters to qualify it!)



Message-Id: <>
From: "Matt Keeley" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 17:10:59 +0000
Subject: Ah, so this isn't going to be completely off topic

Hello again...

> From:
> >I have a Phish-head that works for me that has informed me that Phish
> >covered "Melt The Guns" in April 1987.  He is working on procuring a
> >copy of the tapes.
> Phish-heads, phish-heads, roly poly phish-heads; phish-heads, phish-heads,
> eat them up, yum!
I've just been wondering if there's sort of a quarrel between Phish
and Barnes and Barnes fans for the right to the name "Fish/Phish
Heads".... I personally vote for letting the Phish fans have it,
while taking a better name for ourselves...8)  "Honourary Residents
of Lumania" maybe?  (I guess, though, only B&B can grant that
status...)... I don't know...

> From: gregory <>
> Dave, you forgot the smell that wafts up from a new CD right after it's
> opened! It's not like a new car, but it evokes the same feeling in me!
Hmm... that's why I'm addicted to recordings!  Oh yeah, and the music
does help a bit too...8)

> From: becki digregorio <>
> "this used to be some xtc records.  it is now a collection of tracks that
> have been electronically processed/shattered and layered with other sounds
> or lyrical pieces."
> "if you liked go+ then this record weighs approximately the same amount."
> "all initial sound by xtc.  additional sound/lyrics by andy partridge.  put
> and take by john leckie and andy partridge on 10.10.79.  alan jakoby was
> the tapir."
> "destructed/constructed at regents park recordings company, 27a queens
> terrace, st. johns wood, london nw8 6dv."
Cool!  Thanks for the info on the TA/TLOS... It's cool to see the
liners... but I'd still love to see a scan of the cover and back
cover... one of these days, when I get it, I'll scan it, if someone
else doesn't... but that'll be some time in the not-so-near future,
probably... Unless I can find one in a local record shop here... that
would be cool.  In which case, of course, I will snap it up like a
fish in the pond.

> From: (Mark Fisher)
> A headline in The Herald (Glasgow) at the weekend above an article about
> cookery writer Nigel Slater ... all together now ... "Making Flans for
> Nigel".
One of these days, I'll have to write that parody I've been thinking
of... "Making Flansburgh Nigel"... of course, I probably, note
PROBABLY, won't subject you all to that torture.  "We're only making
Flansburgh Nigel/We only want what's best for him..."

> And now onto incomprehension-I muddled my way through "Heatwave" many a time
> beofre I figured out what the HELL Colin was saying.
hehe... I must confess that I did the same thing, until I cheated.
Then I STILL couldn't figure out what the HELL he was saying... After
asking, I found out that a MKII Deluxe was either a gun (probably) or
a car.


Ah well, that's this world over...

     -=>Matt Keeley<=-
Living Through | Visit my home page
Another        |
Cuba -- XTC    | I used to be temporarily insane!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now I'm just stupid! -- Brak
(ICQ UIN: 1455267, Name: MrMe)


Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 19:30:51 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Mitchell Harding <>
Subject: CTD

>hey, guess what? there are over 1,000 people on Chalkhills. and every
>SINGLE time Amanda gets mad that someone took issue with her constant
>rah-rah posts that CTD are the best band in the world, quite a few of them
>remark that they don't think that this is the place to discuss whether or
>not the Dummies actually suck, but that for the record, they do (suck, that
>is). one or two people say something to the effect that they think CTD are
>okay but again, this is not a CTD list. the rest of them merely ignore the
>topic, which indicates to _me_ that they don't particularly care.

I disagree with your assessment of the talent of CTD. I think they are a
fine band, better than average. I respect the fact that you dislike them,
but it's no crime to like them, and they are somewhat related to XTC.
Discussion about CTD is far more relevant to the list than this pointless
flame war that you seem to be perpetuating.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 10:42:51 +1000
From: Jeff Cotter <>
Subject: Promo appearances: what/where/when?

Chalkoholics Anonymous:

Two quick questions:
Does (will) XTC publish a list of upcoming promotional appearances, i.e.
record-release signings etc.?  Where (is the list published)?

TIA,  Jeff Cotter
ps. pls respond via e-mail to address below

* -----------------------------------------
Jeff Cotter
Photovoltaics Special Research Centre
University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia 2034
Most of all...


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 18:00:42 -0700
From: Wesley Hanks <>
Subject: shopping shopping goes the shopping man

Howdy from the land of 90 degree October,

As a resident of Las Vegas, it's a part of our city charter that
residents are to eschew the strip and all tourist attractions. However,
during a recent child-less Saturday, my tag-team partner suggested we
check out the new Forum Shop addition to Caesar's Palace. Not wishing to
cause marital ickyness and at the same time my brain not coming up with
a snappy alternative, I said - "uh...ok".
If you enjoy trying to navigate through 9.5 miles of a mouth agape,
tourist clogged mall to check out the friggin' FAO Schwartz store, "you
know for Christmas present ideas, dear" - why it's for you. After an
hour of this lovelyness I found myself in the new Virgin MegaStore. I
finally find a copy of "Through the Hill" - priced inexplicably low.
Purchasing it was a balm. " Oh, you want to check out the
MuseumSavetheRainForestNatureSharperImage store, sure dear we can do
that, whatever you say, whatever you want. I can stand it because I have
this marvelous cd in my possession and nothing, especially a crowded
mall will spoil this moment of bliss."

Married for over 15 years,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 22:46:06 -0400
From: gregory <>
Organization: InfiNet
Subject: Yep! No real XTC content whatsoever!

(Take two aspirin, e-mail me in the morning...)

Re: Amanda bashing:
	Ooooohhhhh! YEOW! Gettin' back to the ol' Chalkhills knock-down
drag-out - YEEEEEEHAW!!!! Bash away, bash away, bash away all! I'm
game!! YEAH!! WOO-HOO!!
Uh, but seriously... so, Amanda likes CTD, and some of the 1,000 people
on this list don't... So? I read all posts here (or at the very least
glaze over them thick enough to get the gist), and I don't get the
impression of rampant overemphasizing of the virtues of CTD by Amanda...
does she mention them a lot? Yeah, maybe... So? they did a cover of an
XTC tune - they are now fair game for any discussion and associated
loose thread that comes up in this list. And I don't think they SUCK,
per se... I don't own anything by them, but they're interesting at
times... beats the hell out of, like, oh, hell, what's playing now on
the radio that I don't care for - shit, I don't know, I don't listen to
the damned radio, that's why I listen to XTC! I ain't necessarily
telling anybody to cease and desist anything here, 'cause I'm just as
guilty of saying stuff here as anybody (right, Becki?)... just have some
compassion. I don't know how old (er - young) Amanda is, but if she's as
young as I get the impression of, good for her that she's even bothered
to come to enjoy XTC like the rest of us. I can't people probably twice
her age to give a shit. And if anyone here had half a clue, you'd know
how wrapped around what interests they have gals this age are - there
isn't anything wrong with it. So, lighten up. Even though the calendar
says it's fall, it still feels like summer a bit here. Ya gotta have
something to talk about during the droughts, and we are all individuals
with our own interests and things to say, and this is a public forum.
What? You have your rights to say what you want? Yes, you do, by
gumption... but do ya gotta flame so badly?
	Oh, and I DO agree with Amanda about spelling, punctuation,
capitalization and the like when communicating by written language...
and even those who do try to live by these rules make mistakes,
sometimes... but we do try. Some don't even bother, and it makes their
messages hard to read and hard to understand, something following the
rules tends to eliminate.

'South Park' kicks ass.
"Oh my God - they've killed Kenny! YOU BASTARDS!!"

Eating future and shitting past...


From: "McDonald, Roger" <>
Subject: Thar she blows!!!!
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 13:53:00 +1000

Dear Trainspotters,
It's Roger here - not to be confused with that lovely chap Robert
McDonald. I'm an altogether much nastier kettle of fish. Well, there I
was lying under the bridge like a good little troll happily listening to
Captain Sensible's Meathead CD and browsing through Chalkhills and then
I saw the smoke starting to rise.
Cor Blimey! Bring the petrol, Amanda's done it again! Didn't take long.
And we were having such a nice civilised time while she was on holidays
too. Still, you just can't buy entertainment like this. It's all so
familiar and comforting! The people whom she upsets (who are legion!),
the bleeding heart liberals who'll come to her defence ("Stop picking on
Amanda!") and of course bringing up the vanguard the most obnoxious of
all, the "use the pagedown button!" brigade.
As usual she's played up a treat by dribbling, spilling her food and
knocking over people's drinks at the Testimonial Dinner then, when she
gets a smack for it she cries even louder and starts throwing food at
the patrons! Dear oh dear oh dear....
Personally I don't give a monkey's about CTD, STD, LSD, BVD or IUD's one
way or the other. I mean I will defend to the death your right to have
your say, Amanda but for chrissakes have some fucking manners, stop
picking your nose and remember you're in the company of adults, so
behave yourself!
Anyway, people, as I always say, "It's not important what you're
fighting about - just remember to get in there and fight, fight,
FIGHT!!!!!!! Now that's entertainment!
(the masturbator agitator)
P.S. Hey Sherwood Harrison, right on, right on, right on! Tell it like
it is, BABY!


Message-Id: <>
From: "Chris Ellerd" <>
Subject: We three things of subject are.........
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 01:07:07 -0400

Umm, Happy Christmas Chalkheads. I know, it's only October, but the early

Three things:

1-  My, but people are getting excessively emotional on this mailing list
lately, aren't they? I realize opinions bear a similarity to keesters (i.e.
everybody's got one), which brings me to the second thing I'm here to yak

2-   The only song that sucks is the unfinished one.

3-   Interesting that the definition of skylarking is what it is, I guess
that makes the track "Dying" an anomaly. Pretty serious subject matter,
that. Being the monarch of Misery (albeit newly crowned) isn't real
humorous either.


Chris Ellerd


Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 8:26:33 -0400
Message-Id: <971014082633.2120b878@RCMACA.UPR.CLU.EDU>
Subject: I Palindrome I

Couldn't help but to notice that there was a palindrome on the header
of Steve K's letter to the hills.
I love palindromes so if anyone out there knows any other than "a man a plan a
canal panama" or "able was I ere I saw Elba" or "Dabale arroz a la zorra el
abad" (spanish palindrome) please do share (privately)



Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 09:09:43 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Somebody's baking brownies......
Message-id: <>

A word to my good, bestest of the best friend Brookes-Get off your soapbox.
I get preached to enough at church. But it's still all good, nothing but
love for ya. In other words........
DROP IT ALREADY! End of story, I have nothing further to say/write/type to
you. Buh-bye now.

Mark-I'm (sniff) touched (sniff sniff) by your words.

Tony-Honestly, I've only heard three songs from JCS, but getting Brad to
sing one would be incredible. (Oops, I mentioned the forbidden name. We
wouldn't want to upset all those closet CTD fans, now would we?)

James-Raspberry in your direction, babe. :p (jokingly of course, tongue
planted firmly in cheek.)

Now wait a minute.....I'm not done with you yet, Brookes.
I could care less about REM, Martin Newell, and 3/4 of the bands that get
mentioned on Chalkhills besides XTC, yet I don't fall off my rocker when theyle
are mentioned. Why? Because you can like who you want to like. BUT BUT BUT...
I was not taking you to task for what yo said about CTD. You can put them
down all you want. You've seen me do it myself! I was more aggravated about
the fact that you took it upon yourself to speak for everyone. Unless you
personally email everyone on this list and come to concensus (spelling????),
and get elected to write the Official Chalkhills Opinion, you can speak for
only one person-yourself. If you would've used the word "I" instead of "we",
I probably would've kept my mouth shut. (well, probably not, but I wouldn't
have pitched a fit, I just would've stated my opinion.) Now that we've cleared
that up, let's all be friends....everyone sing with me "I love you, you love
me......I worship Dave Gre-go-ry......" (In all seriousness, can we just
drop this?)

South Park-BEEFCAKE!!!!!!!!!

Colin's diction-I just recalled another in a long, LONG line of mishearings.
On my first listening of Heatwave, my twisted mind heard "He drowns himself
and his semen's hardboiled."

Query-After watching the version of Peter Pumpkinhead shown in Australia
and the one shown in the US, do you think MTV would still show the censored
versin today, or go all out and show that toothpick of a woman's backside?
(Not that it's ever been a great pleasure to see a woman's read end.)

Ciao for now, peace and love, oranges and lemons,
Daddy's Girl
Daemon est deus inversus
XTC song of the day-Books Are Burning
non XTC-Maxwell's Silver Hammer-Beatles


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 10:44:54 -0400
Subject: Melt the Guns/Phish


Someone wanted to know when Phish performed "Melt the Guns."  A Phish
Phanatic of my acquaintance tells me "they played it on April 29, 1987."
Don't know where.  Hope this is helpful.

-- FS


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 11:09:23 -0400
From: David Gershman <>
Subject: Haydn Bendall

Hi Chalkers,

  After the big news from John Wedemeyer about a producer being chosen, I
did a little research on this "Haydn Bendall" (that's the way it's spelled,
by the way) in the All-Music Guide. Here's what he's been involved in, as
"Engineer" for almost all (except "Producer" for Camel, Sky, and Shelleyan

Bill Nelson, Roy Harper, Camel, Sky [UK], Naked Eyes (oh joy), Everything
But the Girl, Shelleyan Orphan, Let's Active (!I'm excited by this one!),
Pat Metheny, Gary Moore, Roger Waters, Kate Bush, Kiri Te Kanawa, Gary
Moore, and Greg Lake.

I don't really know what to make of this. It seems that he at least has
substantial engineering experience with a wide variety of primarily English
acts, but it also seems like he could effectively end up just being an
engineer for XTC's new album, letting them call the shots. I have what you
might call a "non-opinion" on this (except that it's GREAT that they're
about to start recording)...we'll just have to wait and see, obviously.

Dave Gershman


Message-ID: <>
From: Catherine Sweeney <>
Subject: Be my guest, Cheryl
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 15:25:18 +0100

Ok, Cheryl, it's a deal.  You take Andy to the offy, I get to stay in
with Dave and the Kettle Crisps.


From: "Stafford, Dave" <>
Subject: Andrew Partridge Ultrastar Und Ultraklebestoff
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 97 11:15:00 PDT
Message-ID: <3443B780@dilbert>

>>> From: "Stafford, Dave" <>
>>> Subject: Andy Partridge Uberstar
>>Sorry, I've never heard/seen JCS, but I just wanted to say that this
>>is one of the coolest Subject lines I've seen in a long time.

Why thank you!
>>     -=>Matt Keeley<=-

I'm afraid that this is a direct result of Saturday Night Live.  They did
a skit about "Uberman" sort of a German Superman.  The next day at work,
I told my German-speaking boss that I was going to use some "Uberglue"
(superglue) to glue something that was broken.

He corrected me, explaining that "uber" wasn't good German in this
context, and that the correct word for superglue is "ultraklebestoff".
 So based on this bizarre exchange, I should have probably said
"Ultrastar".  But it just didn't seem the same...

Of course this was many, many years ago when I was a lot sillier than I
am now   :-)

dave at studio seventeen, newly crowned king of the "most bitchin"
subject line


Message-ID: <>
From: Jess Ford <>
Subject: Phish melted the guns
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 13:32:39 -0500

In response to:
>I have a Phish-head that works for me that has informed me that Phish
>covered "Melt The Guns" in April 1987.  He is working on procuring a
>copy of the tapes.

I have been subscribing to Chalkhills for a year now, just observing,
looking for the news on next release, but alas, I am compelled to
contribute and answer to a question that I have some actual connection

I was the operations manager of the Paradise Rock club in Boston during
the Mid to late 80's. A somewhat legendary showcase club for acts on
their way up or way down, (XTC performed there a few years before my
time.) During 1986 and 87 Phish was a little known band from Vermont who
came down to Boston about every 4-6 months to play at the Paradise.  At
one point (must have been April of 1987) during their set up in the
afternoon I had a look at their promotional list of songs(covers) that
they were prepared to play at any time, even though they had progressed
to mostly originals by then.  Amidst many Grateful Dead and Traffic type
songs which I suspected they probably played, I immediately spotted
"Melt the Guns" on the list.

 So in a mild state of disbelief,  I challenged them to play it that
evening, thinking that they probably couldn't or wouldn't. They seemed
to be reluctant, whining about not having played it in a while, they
only want to do originals, blah, blah, blah.  But I felt it was my duty
to attempt to expose the Phish head audience (any audience really) to
XTC.  So, of course I alluded to the fact that I might not pay them if
they didn't play it.  (a blatant lie, but worth it, if it indeed worked)

Hours go by, I'm busy, I never get to watch much of the shows because
I'm working.  Afterwards a couple guys in the band (the guitar guy and
the drummer guy I think) excitedly ask me if I heard them play "Melt the
Guns".  Sadly I had missed it, but I obtained numerous confirmations
from those in attendance that they did actually play it.  Good luck on
finding the tape.

Anxiously awaiting new material.........


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 16:35:10 -0500
From: "Joseph E. Short" <>
Organization: home
Subject: song meaning

Can anyone clue me into the meaning of "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead"
I have a friend who believes it is about JFK, I personally do not think
so, any help would be appreciated. thanks


Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 21:06:03 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Andy Was A Guitar Hero Too

Harrison _Sugarhippie_ Sherwood wrote:

<< It just makes us nervous when we hear a great band, a band that stuck
<< more than one bayonet into the bleeding corpse of that weed-sodden
<< southern-fried aesthetic, a short, sharp, shocking band that in its
<< youthful, nightclubbing incarnation would rather have chewed their own
<< fingers off than do a guitar solo of more than eight bars . . .

Harrison, I could not agree more with your analysis of Why Punk Happened.
Well said, as usual.  However, having recently heard the Helium Kidz for the
first time (Thanks Amanda!), I must admit that they sounded very old school
rock and roll in the beginning.  Andy almost sounds like he was goofin on
Elvis (do you think that was what Micheal Stipe meant?) and the tracks I
heard contain some rather lengthy guitar solos.

It almost appears to me that their sound changed drastically with the
addition of Barry Andrews to the band.  Only then do they take on the sharp,
short, punky sound of XTC.  Any thoughts out there?

Mark Brown


Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 21:16:58 +0100
Subject: Does anyone else like CTD rah,rah,rah!!!!
Message-ID: <>
From: (Patrick M Adamek)

>hey, guess what? there are over 1,000 people on Chalkhills. and every SINGLE
>time Amanda gets mad that someone took issue with her constant rah-rah posts
>that CTD are the best band in the world, quite a few of them remark that
>they don't think that this is the place to discuss whether or not the
>Dummies actually suck,
> we have discussed both of the Dummies XTC covers at great length, i would
>even venture to say exhaustively, and the consensus seems to be that they
>are pretty underwhelming. even Amanda admits that "Peter Pumpkinhead" is an
>inferior effort, and someone pointed out that the Dummies made money off of
>it that could have been going to XTC.

the above was in the last Chalkhills (#4-6), and is a fair description of
what has gone on with CTD in Chalkhills, as I have been reading Chalkhills
on and off since August of 1996.  Unfortunately, the remainder of what
Brooke has written went way too far.  Filled with mean-spirited opinion and
misrepresentations of Chalkhillians, it was innapropriate and unneccesary.

 but that for the record, they do (suck, that is). one or two people say
something to the effect that they think CTD are okay but again, this is not
a CTD list. the rest of them merely ignore the topic, which indicates to
_me_ that they don't particularly care. you and Amanda may come to the
conclusion that they are all "closet Dummies fans," but that seems like a
rather illogical one to me. again, read the archives if you think that i'm
making this up.

 the only reason anyone is forced to read anything else about the Dummies is
that AMANDA has a temper tantrum every time they're cast in a less than
flattering light. this is why i suggested that she should just give it
up. the only time CTD should come up on this mailing list is in reference to
their covers, and it's already been dealt with. obviously if some new person
joined and felt like saying, "hey, does anyone else like the Dummies, rah
rah rah" etc., etc., it would be one thing, as non XTC groups are discussed
all the time, but for one person to conduct what basically amounts to a
crusade to get us all to like them is not only well-nigh insane, but
_extremely_ annoying to those of us who are here to talk about XTC. i really
don't think it's necessary for me to conduct a fucking *poll* in order to
determine exactly how everyone on the list feels about CTD - not only is it
patently obvious to anyone who's been paying attention, but that would be
giving them more time and effort than they deserve on an XTC list.

 Yes, I am a CTD fan but I'm a bigger XTC fan.  This IS a possibility!!!!!
Let's discuss XTC and "Live and Let Live"when it comes to other people
bringing up their fav group.

To illustrate my earlier point Re: less writing in Chalkhills, it took from
7AM on 10-10-97 to ~4PM on 10-13-97 to generate an issue of Chalkhills

I appreciated Harrison's descriptions of 70's music.  We are much better
off now.



Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 10:44:07 +0100
Message-Id: <>
From: "Patrick_BOURCIER" (Patrick BOURCIER)
Subject: Haydn Bendall and Lumiere

     Hi Chalkers,

     Something about Haydn Bendall :

     My sources could be imprecise and  need to be confirmed.  Haydn
     Bendall appears on credits in one album of Chi Coltrane in 1986 as a
     percussion player, in 3 albums of Camel  between 81 and 84 as a
     synthetizer-programmer, in one album of Royal Harper (1980) in the
     same type of work, and in 7 (!) albums of Sky One (79-87).

     Now, the quest is starting ...

     Who are interested in the NEW newsletter issued by Lumiere (all in
     french) ? It's the number zero (!) and it's a summary of some news we
     get these months about XTC.
     E-mail me privately at :

     Be seeing you

     ----------------- Patrick Bourcier - Lumiere ------------


From: Matt_Kaden/CAM/
Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 11:02:14 -0400
Subject: And So......?

Brookes observed, Dave Gershman is cool and Amanda is the opposite. I
happen to think they're both cool and I am a valid human. You see? That
didn't take up too much space, did it?

Patrick, I love Go2 just as much as you, the 'current' record when I joined
'em was 25 O'clock... I still feel like I was there for the seventies.

I don't know what else to comment on, as usual. Maybe I should start
reviewing all the records The Lads have made over the years.


                         - Kaden


Message-ID: <c=US%a=_%p=Fidelity%l=NORTHEAST1/IMC001/>
From: "Sawyer, Keith" <>
Subject: Haydn Bendall
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 14:13:00 -0400

John Wedemeyer stupendously blurted:
>The producer will be Haydon Bendall, an ex-Abbey Road engineer/producer
>who has worked with Kate Bush, Magazine and many others.  (Anyone else
>out there have more info on him?)

Haydn Bendall has engineered albums by Kate Bush, Roger Waters,
Naked Eyes, Everything But the Girl, Let's Active, Bill Nelson, and a
small gaggle of others.  His production credits seem limited to Camel
and Sky, two bands I'm not familiar with.  However, he also produced
Shelleyan Orphan's Helleborne album, which in my mind immediately
establishes his credibility.  It's their finest album, very crisp yet
ethereal at the same time.  He makes the simple sound ornate and the
more uptempo songs shimmer with a pleasant energy.  The strings sound
particularly fantastic on this release, and the vocals and overdubs
are done spectacularly as well (or at least in contrast to Shelleyan
Orphan's other albums).  I'd expect the dazzling sunny day-ness of
Skylarking to come through, with less of the rigid structure that
drowns out the feel of spontaneity on that release.

He should do a very fine job, especially on the more sparse, upbeat
songs such as You and the Clouds or I'd Like That.  I'm very interested
in the treatment that Easter Theatre or the chorus in Wonder Annual
will receive...


"You've got all those pretty girls,
And I was born to change the station"
 -East River Pipe, 'Superstar in France'


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