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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 65

                  Friday, 27 March 1998

Today's Topics:

                      Another XTC-2
                    Towers of Geekdom
                      XTC Sightings
             Re: The white horse of Uffington
                   Upsy Daisy sales???
                    Corporal Meatfoot
              But one response this time out
           The Printed Word Should Be Forgiven
               Little Lighthouse/The Loving
                    Have a sip of XTC
                     Re: Knuckle Down
                  UK Chalkhill Gathering
              This is your Captain Speaking
                RE: New to Chalkhills (KC)
                       Some Yazbek
                   good old rock reads
                  Fossil Fuel CD booklet
      Wanted--something resembling piano sheet music
                  Difford and Tillbrook


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I should be shaking the stars instead of hugging the dirt!


Message-Id: <72EDB966944AD1118DC90080D820748847BEDA@ex-campus2>
From: "Pedretti-Allen, Richard" <>
Subject: Another XTC-2
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 18:40:52 -0800

Another non-xtc xtc...

Lake Clear - XTC Ranch & Resort Happy New Year's Day Celebration -
Celebrate the New Year with a traditional horse drawn sleigh ride
through the mountains. Top it off with a delicious family style dinner
served in a romantic log cabin. Live entertainment. Call 518-891-5684.


Hmmm... I wonder who the live entertainment might be?


From: Jdmack01 <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 22:49:36 EST
Subject: XTCheartkees

On March 23, various people wrote:

<<One more thing:  Trout Mask Replica has been identified by people in the
(i.e. Dave Gregory) as being Andy Partridge's favourite album.>>

<<Yes I have one of those Holy grails...a girlfriend who loves XTC, Elvis
Costello, TMBG, the Sugarplastic, the Monkees (yeah that's right you heard
me...the monkees)>>

Somewhere, I'm sure that I read in an interview with Andy that his original
conception for a band would be one that somehow combined Captain Beefhart with
The Monkees.  Somehow, I think that describes early XTC pretty well.

<<Funny thing: The ending of "Great Fire" brings to mind the end of the
Rutles' "Another Day": parody of a parody.>>

Actually, on a related note, Andy once said the ending of "Great Fire" was
inspired by the end of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" by . . . The Monkees!!



Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 23:54:39 -0600
From: "Jason 'Buffy' NeSmith" <>
Subject: Towers of Geekdom

Wazzap, Chid-alk hid-ills?

I went to a record show at Castlegate hotel here in loverly Atlanta, Jo-ja,
and snagged a near-mint contidion copy of the double-single of 'Towers of
London' with the blue silouette on the plastic sleeve.  Beautiful.  And the
live tracks-- while a little long and played at standard XtC live
hyper-speed tempo-- are good to have.
To prove that I'm a complete geek, I just played the single version and the
album version simultaneously to find out what differenced they have.  The
studio patter intro is cut, of course.  They cut out the first bridge (And
I've seen it in a painting...) and the guitar solo. (ouch!!!) The cool thing
about the single, though, is the fade out is one 'La La Lundinium' longer,
and it doesn't cross fade into 'Paper & Iron.'  And the way the vinyl
distorts so nicely makes it sound even more like some lost genius
Revolver-era Lennon track. Bonus cool effect: Listening to the vinyl and CD
at the same time creates a flange-effect over the whole mix, which
incidentally doubles the pre-recorded flange in the middle of each chorus.

GEEK. Maybe I oughta be shot point blank in the stamper tonight.

From: "Mark Strijbos"
>Misty Shock asked a very interesting question:
>> 2.  Why is there a video for "All of a Sudden"?  Was it supposed to
>> be a single?
>I think it must have been a single candidate at some stage or Virgin
>wouldn't have spent all that dosh on a fancy promo clip.

While someone is asking Dave about that, also ask them if Virgin took the
money to make that never-used promotional item out of XtC's advance.

re: the Beefheart thread:
Yes, it's all true!  How I wish there would be a screw-up at the CD
manufacturing plant and each little sorry silver piece of shit with the
words 'Garth Brooks' silk-screened on it actually turned out to bear the
binary code holding any of the Dear Captain's fantastic long-playing
wonders, ready to spill it's meticulous chaos into the startled ears of the
Common American Music Buyer.  Why?  Because I honestly love the Common
American Music Buyer.
Personally, the only thing I can listen to after 'Trout Mask' is more 'Trout

Any of you out there with both versions of 'Ella Guru':  Play the Captain's
version first.  Maybe a couple of times.  REE-LEE loud.  Then play the XtC
version.  Damn, that Andy shore can program a drum machine better than any
eighties session drummer in danger of losing his career.
NOTE:  the clever exaggeration of the paper-rustle at the very end of the

currently digging: disk two of the Ultimate Sparks Collection

The Orange Hat Electronic House of Floppy Fun...
Lookit Meee! rekkids...


Message-Id: <v03007800b13d729c3132@[]>
Subject: XTC Sightings
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 14:30:53 +0800


Isn't it a shame that we get excited by even the merest mention of XTC?  I
know I get excited if I even hear a muzak version of one of their songs in
an elevator or something.

Anyway, three sightings this week.

1.  An interview with the singer/songwriter from Seagull Screaming Kiss Her
Kiss Her (A Japanese band) in the Japan Times got around to the subject of
their name.  "A friend gave it to me.  It's from an XTC song."

Nice to see this in print - even if it's indirect.

2.  Noticed in the final credits of the Jerry McGuire credits Andy's name.
Was this mentioned on the list and I was sleeping or something?  Anyway,
Through The Hill was used in the movie.

3.  The new Select magazine has a page with quick reviews of a few new
bands  A chart with heading like their history, what they sound like and a
review.  I was flicking through an issue while waiting in an office, and I
noticed XTC in large print on the heading.  They reviewed a band called The
Lilys.  Under their sound it said 'The Monkees being covered by XTC'.
Under the review it said 'Not as good as The Monkees being covered by XTC.'

At least they are being mentioned.

For what it's worth,


Steve (MGV)

* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                     Life is what happens while you're busy making plans.
                                                (John Lennon)


Date: 24 Mar 98 01:21:23 +0000
Subject: Re: The white horse of Uffington
From: "David vanWert" <>
Message-Id: <B13CBB1C-2D92F@>

On Tue, Mar 24, 1998 1:44 AM, "Dr. Foulger" <> wrote:
>I'm glad that I
>saw it up close, but you have to wonder something: 'Why did ancient
>man/woman bother?'

Why do XTC bother to write songs? Why did Van Gogh bother to paint? Why did
the French bother to build the Eiffel Tower?

David vanWert

"I hate quotations."  Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1849


Message-Id: <>
From: "Matt Keeley" <>
Organization: The Dead Cat Revolutionary Army
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 19:27:02 +0000
Subject: Dole.


> From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
> > 2.  Why is there a video for "All of a Sudden"?  Was it supposed to
> > be a single?
> I think it must have been a single candidate at some stage or Virgin
> wouldn't have spent all that dosh on a fancy promo clip.
> But I have never seen any evidence of this; it's just an (educated?)
> guess...
> Somebody should ask Dave - he probably knows the score on this one.

Well, I'm not really sure on this one, either... personally, I think
it should have been a single because a) it's a truly kickass song,
and b) anything giving us more English Settlement B-sides HAS to be
good.  Of course, bands have been known to make videos for
non-singles before, (TMBG's Ana Ng springs to mind, well, not so much
for those overseas, but for us in America, it was never a
single...8)... just sort of realising a good song when they had it,
but not doing a single for some reason.. maybe running out of
B-sides, or vinyl shortage or no one wanted to do a sleeve or they
killed someone and had to deal with the whole legal troubles... or
they just forgot.  It could have also been sort of like a Bonus Track
on Look Look... but well, vidcomps don't really seem to need bonus
tracks like other compilations, since videos seem to be a bitch to
get ahold of as it is...heh... Maybe Andy made a single for it, made
the video for it, changed his mind and used his time travelling
abilities to go and convince Richard Branson's evil henchmen not to
release the disc, and then forgot about the video... Or maybe they
just liked it.  Hello?

> Misty also said that 'Q' did:
> > uphold "Travels in Nihilon" as one of XTC's best.
> BTW: the Travels In Nihilon we all know and love is in fact the
> edited mix - according to an old interview with Andy the original
> version had a 6 minute intro with just the drums and the droning
> sounds... (if you have this on tape, drop me a message!)

Ah, I'd kill for that... that really should have been on the
record... a 12+ miinute version of TiN.... that would kick an
unlawful amount of ass.  Not only is it a really cool song, it would
scare people even more than it does now.  Maybe if Idea does indeed
get the discs, they can remaster them all (yeah!) and maybe put on a
few more bonus tracks and/or the FULL Travels in Helter Skelter.
That would be the pinnacle of somethingarather good.  Oh yeah, for
those interested in J-Pop, check out Namie Amuro, Megumi Hayashibara
and Rina Chinen.  They're all cool...

> From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
> > On the subject of ES sounding better on vinyl-It
> > does, but the running order kinda sux.
> Kinda sux ? I hope for your sake Dave didn't read this !

Hmm... if this is about the US "Let's cut the hell out of an album"
version (well, I guess, that's the only way it seems to register with
me...heh) I'll have to bite and spend the $3-10 and pick up the
copy... I'm kinda curious as to what it sounds like... of course,
it's in no short supply over here... whenever I go to a record shop,
I seem to see at least 2 copies.  If I get suitably
bored/stupid/rich, hey, I might get it.  Of course, the stupidity
part will probably have to be satiated with something else.... heh...
like maybe the beat-to-hell copy of the Total DEVO promo vinyl I keep
seeing... I still don't recognise David Kendrick as a member of the
band.  Alan=Terry, David=revolving door... heh... anyway...  Ah well,
new Mono Puff album coming out the 21st... yeah.  I'll have to get
that.. especially from the tracks I've heard it should be really
good, unless they remixed them to hell... but I always thought
Flansburgh and Linnell were trying to get their solo-projects to
fly... unlike they seem to be doing with TMBG... at least, it's the
only explanation I can find for the whole
d-practically-have-john-linnell's-love-child-if-she-could" thing...
ah well... BTW, the Vapors are hella cool... they just released a
compilation of their first (and last) two albums... the US versions I
think... Turning Japanese?  No, Turning XTC, I tell you what.

Ah well, the sinus surgery pain killers are working nicely.


> From: "Sherwood, Harrison" <>
> been politer--and those Pidgin lessons came in _so_ handy! Go ahead, ask
> me how you say, "I am sorry, but I cannot eat this; human flesh is taboo
> to my people, no matter how thoroughly cooked"!

Living Through | (ICQ UIN: 1455267, Name: MrMe)
Another        |
Cuba -- XTC    | I used to be temporarily insane!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now I'm just stupid! -- Brak


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 11:05:20 -0600
From: Dave Ledbetter <>
Subject: Upsy Daisy sales???

Does anyone know the sales the figures for "Upsy Daisy Assortment"?  I'm
curious to know what ballpark XTC are in for current listener/purchasers in
the U.S.  Anyone who knows, please respond.


Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 15:48:28 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <v03007800b13d7bbde024@[]>
From: Mitch Friedman <>
Subject: Corporal Meatfoot

Hey there!

It made me very happy to hear how many people knew so much about Capt.
Beefheart and even recommended his music to everyone. He is a big favorite
of mine as well so I second, well fiftieth everything that was said. By the
way, Andy's favorite Beefheart album is "Shiny Beast" from '78.



From: LadyCPlum <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 17:54:09 EST
Subject: But one response this time out

James-ECCH!!!!! Do not desicrate the good name of Andy Partridge by having
Woody Harrelson of all people portray him.

That's all!
XTC song of the day-Cynical Days
non XTC song-Crazy-Icehouse


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 01:05:17 +0000
Subject: The Printed Word Should Be Forgiven

Dear Chalkers

Last issue the inimitable Lady C. (nudge nudge, wink wink!) remarked:
> agree with you about Chalkhills & Children. The book does
> tend to thin out a bit after we reach a certain point.

I think this must be because the writer primarily used other sources
to compile this book. I've got quite a nice XTC clipping archive
myself and recognize a _lot_ of the things he mentions.
And these sources (the British music press) dried up after the
touring stopped!

I gather that the band became a bit unhappy with the whole thing as
it developed and my guess is they more or less pulled out of it
before the whole story had been told in full.

Before I go a word of thanks to David G. for donating the "Ice Cream
Genius" cd featuring that other David G.
Those of you who don't already know this one should consider giving
it a spin. It's totally different than XTC of course but very nice;
in particular the guitar parts :)

yours inevitably,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse
 the XTC website @


Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 18:15:05 -0800 (PST)
From: Misty Shock <>
Subject: Little Lighthouse/The Loving
Message-ID: <>

Does anybody else hear the similarity in the verses of "Little Lighthouse"
("For how long will this dark age last...") and "The Loving" ("Let's face
it you just can't hide...")?  It works, I swear....

Misty Shock

"No round of drinks can extinguish this feeling of love and engulfing
bliss."						--Andy Partridge


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 21:38:25 -0500
From: "K. Zimmer" <>
Subject: Have a sip of XTC

Greetings from snowy Vermont, fellow chalkers. Anyone else here from my
neck of the woods? I noticed a Maine person. Hey, stop stealing our
tourists, willya? You KNOW our leaves are prettier.

So anyway, there I am, waiting for my sandwich at the deli today, when I
see a black can in the cooler with big yellow letters "XTC." All right,
I'm intrigued. Did the lads finally get smart and come up with a good
pale ale? Well, it was billed as (I believe) a guarano drink, which
sounds a little too much like guano to be appetizing. The slogan on the
can said, "the carbonated beverage that's like a slap in the face."

Hmm, paying for physical assault? Sounds a little kinky to me.

Will this be a collector's item for you die-hards? If you're interested,
I can find out who the beverage company is and how you can get yourself
slapped. Or you can pay me and I'll come hit ya.

BTW, that intro to "Cherry in Your Tree" (and the underlying rhythm
throughout) just makes me scream out loud with joy. Anyone else have
that reaction?

Also, let's take a poll on this: is Andy really and truly crying at the
end of "Prince of Orange" or is it a theatrical affectation (love that

Ciao chalkers!
- kAz -


Date: 25 Mar 98 00:25:14 +0000
Subject: Re: Knuckle Down
From: "David vanWert" <>
Message-Id: <B13DFF72-FC06D@>

On Wed, Mar 25, 1998 1:05 AM, a very nice fellow politely wrote:
>Sorry, but I just had to respond to your recent post on Chalkhills:
>> Jeez, we bail you out of TWO wars you should have been able to
>> handle yourselves (though admittedly, you were saddled with the
>> French and their post-Napolean combat tactics which consisted
>> largely of running away) and you want to give us grief?
>Please, knuckle down a bit here!
>Why do you have to insult two countries in one sweeping statement?
>And I'm not even French or British! (i'm Dutch)
>>>snip a bit of stuff<<<
>I just don't think you should use Chalkhills as a forum for this kind
>of trans-atlantic infighting that does nobody any good.
>BTW: your name vanWert suggests you are from a Dutch or Flemish
>family. Am i right?

I am Dutch as well. Your note reminds me of an incident some ten years ago
when I was in grad school. A friend of mine named Harry (who is actually a
woman from Wales) asked an offhanded question about whether a date was
"dutch treat." I immediately threw down my jacket with as much flair as
possible, took very vocal umbrage at her slur of my heritage, and
challenged her to a duel. It was to be tequila shots to the death. Much
later the next day, it became apparent that we had both survived so the
contest was a tie. I suggested that we engage in round two, perhaps with
more tropical weapons, but she demured with an excuse about papers to
write, books to read, and other nonsense. "If you insist," I said, "but I
didn't think you were the type to welsh on a bet." And with that, the
reckless abuse of alcohol continued.

That French/British slandering sentence of my response was all meant as a
joke. Harry and I used to engage in a great deal of good-natured
"trans-Atlantic infighting" when we were in school together, modelled more
or less after the old Radioactive (hilarious, in my opinion, radio sketch
show) Trans-Atlantic Quiz in which DJs from both countries would take turns
asking trivia questions to the listeners. They would begin innocently
enough, but slowly degenerate into one-upsmanship, then into outright slurs
and slander. The gentleman's comment about the U.S. late entry into WW2 was
so incredibly reminiscent of the kind of friendly dig Harry used to do,
that my response was almost automatic. Too automatic, obviously.

Clearly, I should have thought twice about posting that sentence-- I simply
didn't consider whether anyone would take it seriously and think I had a
problem with either the British or French, or (probably more importantly)
that it might upset anyone with offhanded, flippant comments about tragic
wars. Certainly those are issues I should have considered. Yours is the
only personal response I've received, but I now wonder if maybe there will
be a barrage of replies in the newsletter. If so, I hope they are all as
level-headed as yours.

I've just decided to send this letter to Chalkhills and bcc it to you. And
thanks for being courteous enough to approach me privately with your

David vanWert  <>

"The English, the English, the English are best! I wouldn't give tuppence
for all of the rest!"
--Flanders & Swann


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 06:49:35 -0500
From: Tim Kendrick <>
Subject: UK Chalkhill Gathering

The UK Chalkhill Gathering is a go for Saturday night
May 23 in London.  We don't have a venue yet, so if
anyone has suggestions, please email them to me.
I look forward to meeting some of you UK Chalkhillers
(and any non-UK ones who can make it to London then!).
I'll try to make some tapes of some of my rarer XTC material
for anyone at the gathering who wants a copy.
This will be fun!!!!

NOTE TO TOM SLACK:  I've tried several emails to you, but
it all comes back to me as "Undeliverable". Email me your
phone number or some other way for me to contact you so
that you can be included in the discussions for the gathering.


    Tim K.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 07:32:26 -0500
From: jes <>
Subject: This is your Captain Speaking

Hey, finally, a subject that interests me!

(Not that XTC ain't got my interest, but hey... I can only play six degrees
just so long... which reminds me...
   My three degrees are:
        I once interviewed Tom Gray of the Brains for my college newspaper,
the Technique (The South's Liveliest College Newspaper);
        The Brains' first two LP's were produced by Steve Lillywhite;
        You know the rest...

but I digress.)

Captain Beefheart.  Trout Mask Replica.   Like the Velvet Underground's
"Banana" album, Wire's "Chairs Missing," and Eno's "Another Green World,"
"Trout Mask Replica" was neglected, under-heard, dismissed, and
astonishingly influential.  One can find more than mere traces of this
influence in XTC.  It's cool to see him discussed in this particular
mailing, but I would beg to differ on some of the opinions and facts
floating around about him.

"Clear Spot," which someone recommended as his most "accessible" was his
last album for Warner Brothers, and was produced by the president (at the
time) Ted Templeman, who can be held accountable for "production" of Van
Halen, Doobie Brothers, Rickie Lee Jones, and other AOR nonsense.  It was
Beefheart's "last chance" for the label, and it scores a big fat "no dice"
in my book.  Tepid, spotty, tired and dull is this little piece of clear
vinyl (yes, it was pressed in a plastic bag on clear vinyl) and is not
worth owning.  (Unbelievably, he dropped even further in the depths with
two pieces of commercial nonsense for Mercury records called
"Unconditionally Guaranteed" and "Moonbeams and Bluejeans."  Disastrous and
alarming, I bet the master tapes don't even exist anymore.)

My point being that "accessible" and "Beefheart" don't belong in the same
sentence.  He was at his finest when he was at his most perplexing.  "Trout
Mask" may be his seminal work, but to my ears, "Doc At The Radar Station"
and "Ice Cream For Crow" (his last two LP's) are his best work.

Van Vliet was never comfortable with the business of music.  Accounts
differ on what level of influence/friendship existed between Van Vliet and
Frank Zappa, but I seem to recall that there were bouts of acrimony,
punctuated by the occasional reconciliation which bore excellent fruit.
Beefheart gave voice to "Willie The Pimp."  One can find "Bongo Fury" on
Rykodisc, and it is highly recommended.  No matter the circumstances, we
owe a debt of gratitude to Zappa for bringing Van Vliet to light.  The
genius of "Trout Mask Replica" was the result of two striking visions - Van
Vliet's unique dadaesque grasp of the blues, and Zappa's foundation in
avant-garde classical music (notably Varese and Stockhausen).  Van Vliet
assembled one helluva band, capable of cranking it out (notable members of
the Trout Mask band were John French, who went on to play drums for French
Frith Kaiser & Thompson; and Artie Tripp, one of the semi-original Mothers
Of Invention;  an early Magic Band featured the slide work of Ry Cooder),
and completely in synch with his zany universe.  That the album ever saw
light of day is a testament to Zappa's influence at Warner Brothers, whose
roster included The Association, Peter Paul & Mary, Rod McKuen, and Frank
Sinatra.  (OK, they also had John Cale, Grateful Dead, Little Feat, and
Alice Cooper.  Go figure.)  Zappa frequently noted that Van Vliet had "no
business skills" and would "sign anything."

Van Vliet finally gave up on music and devoted his life to what he loved
most - painting.  Like his music, his art is abstract, cacophonous,
colorful, and impressive.  It bears noting that Beefheart's video "Ice
Cream For Crow" holds the distinction of being the first (if not the only)
MTV-based video to be displayed at the Museum Of Modern Art.

Essential stuff:  "Trout Mask Replica," "The Spotlight Kid," "Lick My
Decals Off, Baby," "Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)," "Doc At The Radar
Station," and "Ice Cream For Crow."

Sorry so long.


Message-Id: <>
Date: 25 Mar 98 10:55:00 -0500
From: Jennifer Ralston <>
Subject: RE: New to Chalkhills (KC)

Jeffrey W Wall M.D. wrote:

>I just wanted to introduce my self, I'm new to Chalkhills.  I've been
>listening to XTC since 1981, but was beginning to think I was the last
>remaining fan here in the U.S. (or at least in Kansas City).

No way, Doc! If you've been listening to them for that long, please don't

tell me you never caught a show by the Mongol Beach Party or Grumpy
*somewhere* in Kansas City anytime between about 1987 and 1994. If
not, you missed out on some of the biggest XTC fans living in KC.
They performed covers of "Toys" and "Work," but their original music
was hugely influenced by our Swindonian friends.

I don't live there anymore, but was a huge XTC fan then and still. And I
know there was at least one other Kansas Citian on here - John Yuelkenbeck,
are you still around? Speak up KC people!

So Jeffrey - welcome to Chalkhills.

Awaken you dreamers,


Message-Id: <v02140b00b13f2c0d84a1@[]>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 16:51:37 -0500
From: (Yazbek)
Subject: Some Yazbek

Hi All,
We just got booked in Philly, at the last minute, to play on the night of
Friday the 27th at the Pontiac Grill at 12:30 A.M.  Come down so we have
some listeners!  We're also doing the Iota in Arlington, VA on Thursday the
26th, so that's something for you D.C.-types to check out. That's at 9:30
or so.  That's it for my self-promotion.


Message-Id: <>>
From: Jonathan Monnickendam <>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 15:35:14 +0000
Subject: good old rock reads

The saga continues with .....

Doug Sulpy and AN Other's 'Get Back, the unauthorised chronicle of the Let
it be shambles',

These two guys have sat and listened to all the takes made during Jan 69
they can find and listed the lot, day by day. They also report the various
conversations and discussions between the extremely unhappy fab four. By
this time McCartney has taken over as Lennon has dropped out of the Beatles
and the only thing that brings the two of them together is frustrating
Harrison whenever he produces another new song which the other two feel
instinctively must be dismissed. Instead of a basement tape extravaganza,
guys willing to take on anything, you have guys who have forgotten the words
to most of the songs they ever knew and are too gone to have some fun making
them up as they go along.

Unfortunately Sulpy does not give you those conversations direct but instead
his precis, a pity because these must be more interesting than the music, a
band falling to pieces but the guys never able to articulate their feelings,
finding it difficult being a man, even the beatles. I am sure that the get
back dialogue would make a great piece of theatre, especially if some one
like kafka were directing.

It came as a surprise to me that most of 'Abbey Road' was demoed during the
Get back sessions.

The book is available direct from the author as well as elsewhere. Sulpy
also produces a beatles fanzine '910', anybody know if it any good ?

One of the Lennon's favourite artists at that time was Captn Beefheart and
it was good that beefheart bonanza/ vliet frenzy in the last edition.


On the turntable White Light by Gene Clark

* ---------------------------------------------------------------
The views expressed are of the individual, and do not
necessarily reflect the views of The United Bank of Kuwait PLC.
* ---------------------------------------------------------------


Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 12:22:36 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <>
From: John Relph <relph>
Subject: Fossil Fuel CD booklet

Hey there Hi there Ho there,

Since the original CD booklet for _Fossil Fuel_ is sorely lacking in
details, I thought I'd take it upon myself to create one of my own.  You can
print it out (on your double-sided printer) and make your own booklet to
include in your CD.  I've included recording information and the band's own
comments on the various songs.  So check it out on the Chalkhills Product
page (  Not available in

Try it out and let me know what mistakes I've made or if you have any

	-- John


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From: "Witter, Karl F" <>
Subject: Wanted--something resembling piano sheet music
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 09:07:45 -0500

Does anyone have sheet music, or a more piano-friendly sort of
marking than the guitar tab, for "Then She Appeared"? It's a bit
urgent, so please mail me direct:



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From: "J. D. SMX" <>
Organization: Access Tucson
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 12:28:25 -0700
Subject: Difford and Tillbrook

Greeting Chalkfriends,

In the last episode of Chalkhills:
> Herne <>

> Chris Difford--- he hasn't come out with anything
> worth listening to since Argybargy...
> those later ones didn't do it for me.

I understand why Mr. Herne subscribes to this opinion, but take it
from me, Difford and Tillbrook are one of the best songwriting teams
ever.  If you, too, are not familiar with their work post Argybargy,
try Difford and Tillbrook's solo album first (you can probably find
it in the cutout bins in some format or another) then if you like it,
try the surrounding Squeeze albums.

It's true that the latter Squeeze offerings aren't as cutting edge
and are more contemporary.  But then, in the same way, Nonsuch
is no Drums and Wires either. ....doesn't make any less enjoyable.

Have fun exploring, fellow Chalkbuds.

Engineering Services Manager
Access Tucson


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