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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #4-6

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 6

                 Monday, 13 October 1997

Today's Topics:

             oh boy...this'll be interesting
                   They Might Be Giants
                        Blue Beret
                Senses working Junior high
                sailing the seas of chalk
                    Re: XTC does Jesus
             A man, a plan, a canal - Panama
                  Re: Christine Perfect
           Ever have problems with Metro Music?
                  A belated "Hi again!"
                   Go2 XTC for comfort
                 lure of salvage info...
                   Stupidly happy too!
         Ah, finally have all of my XTC CDs back
               Skylarking/the End/Moorcock
                jc superstar and pedantry
                       for maryanne
                      The sun is pie
                   re moocock/hawkwind
                A few heres n' theres.....
                    Am Not Misbehavin'


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Message-ID: <31510B652669CF11BA1D00805F38219E0320F01B@DUB-04-MSG>
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: oh boy...this'll be interesting
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 07:42:41 -0700

at the risk of stepping on Richard PedrettiAllen's toes....

I've just received the tapes for the mastering process of "Chalkhills
Children 97"

I strongly suggest you all buy this tape when it's released.
(stay tuned for Richard's announcement on same)

There are some *incredibly* talented people out there - and a lot of
them are on this list.



Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 13:22:53 -0500 (CDT)
From: The Gottschalks <>
Subject: They Might Be Giants
Message-ID: <>

To anyone who might be going to the TMBG show in San Antonio on November
10, please email me privately.

Mark (

P.S.  If one of Andy's new demos is his masterpiece, it is Prince of

P.S.S.  Some of you need to lose the basic attitude that Amanda Owens is
crap.  If I got dealt as much shit as she gets (for nothing), I don't know
if I'd want to be on this list.


Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 11:55:28 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: John Relph <relph>
Subject: Blue Beret

Verve Pipe fans keep your eyes open for a new promotional CD called
_85 on 31_.  This CD is a US compilation of various VP tracks,
including their studio recording of XTC's "Blue Beret", and a heavy
live recording of "Strawberry Fields", as well as live acoustic
recordings of "The Freshmen" and "Cup of Tea", electric live versions
of other songs, and a few tracks from albums.  And interesting
overview of their career.

And I still think that Verve Pipe's cover of "Wake Up" is one of the
best tracks on _A Testimonial Dinner_.

	-- John


Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 17:11:08 -0500
From: Ben Gott <>
Organization: Loquacious Music
Subject: Senses working Junior high


I was so happy that the new album was slated to go that I threw "Upsy
Daisy" into the CD player. My across the hall neighbor, Jenny, came in
and sat down. She picked up a T. Coraghessan Boyle book and started
reading, but, when "Senses Working Overtime" came on, she told me the
following story:

When she was in eighth grade, her class took part in a long-standing
Dalton tradition (I guess). The task was to take a song, and re-write
the lyrics to reflect the goings-on of that particular class during the
school year. Jenny told me that the boys (as a group) suggested "1, 2,
3, 4, 5...Brain cells working overtime!" Unfortunately, it was negged,
but it's a great story.

Congrats, Andy, Colin and Dave. It's nice to have you back.


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Message-Id: <l03020901b06439e1bf3f@[]>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 17:37:43 -0400
From: aka Louise <>
Subject: sailing the seas of chalk

let's start with the pleasant things first, shall we?

[Dave Gershman <>, quoting Kurt Vonnegut:]

> "Do not take the entire world on your shoulders. Do a certain amount of
>skylarking, as befits people your age. 'Skylarking,' incidentally, used to
>be a minor offense under Naval Regulations. What a charming crime. It
>>means intolerable lack of seriousness. I would love to have had a
>>dishonorable discharge from the United States Navy -- for skylarking not
>>just once, but again and again and again."

thank you, Dave - what a lovely definition that is. my Webster's only has
"1: to run up and down the rigging of a ship in sport. 2: frolic, sport."
of course Vonnegut is brilliant - i particularly recommend _Cat's Cradle_,
which i read far too long ago and really should refresh my memory with as i
remember it to be practically mind-altering.

now on to the slag-fest.

[with typical delicacy, AMANDA <> wrote:]

>Subject: What the crap is YOUR problem???
>As much as it takes for me to control my temper when someone uses the word
>"WE" when speaking for THEMSELF, I'm so meticulous about grammar (and

excuse me, miss meticulous - that should be "THEMSELVES." and despite
whatever the first half of that sentence was supposed to mean, you have
already proved to the list countless times that you are utterly incapable
of controlling your temper. but that's not the point, now, is it?

>Did anyone make you the official spokesperson on Chalkhills? No?
>Didn't think so. Therefore, my dear, when ranting and raving, please do
>>not feel that you are the Voice of Chalkhills. I've received quite a few
>personal emails from Chalkhillians who feel the exact same way I do about
>You Know Who, so "we don't care" just doesn't cut it, boo.

yes, you have received _personal_ emails, because the majority of the list
doesn't particularly like CTD. i would have thought this would have been
proven to you beyond a shadow of a doubt during the last time this came up.

this is what infuriates me about you, Amanda, and i've tried to restrain
myself from commenting on it or being bitchy because of your young age, but
you seem to be incapable of learning from your mistakes. anyone who doesn't
believe me on this (or who just subscribed to the list, which is the only
way i can imagine that they wouldn't already know) can look it up for
themselves in the Chalkhills archives. as far as my being "the official
spokesperson on Chalkhills [sic]", please see my reply to Bill, following.

[The Village Green <> wrote:]

>Now I know what I'd like to say but I don't think I can put it into:
>a.  words that you would understand
> or
>b.  words that can be transmitted over the net

if that's a cute way of saying that you'd like to curse at me, by all means
feel free - again as per previous Chalkhills discussion/flamewars, we are a
forum in which we're allowed to fucking curse if we want to.

>Do you presume to speak for everyone?  Have you canvassed the masses and
>asked them if you can be rude on *everyone's* behalf?  I don't give a damn
>about what you don't care about and would appreciate it if you kept
>comments like that to yourself and stick your head back ... which brings
>>me to my point.

hey, guess what? there are over 1,000 people on Chalkhills. and every
SINGLE time Amanda gets mad that someone took issue with her constant
rah-rah posts that CTD are the best band in the world, quite a few of them
remark that they don't think that this is the place to discuss whether or
not the Dummies actually suck, but that for the record, they do (suck, that
is). one or two people say something to the effect that they think CTD are
okay but again, this is not a CTD list. the rest of them merely ignore the
topic, which indicates to _me_ that they don't particularly care. you and
Amanda may come to the conclusion that they are all "closet Dummies fans,"
but that seems like a rather illogical one to me. again, read the archives
if you think that i'm making this up. we have discussed both of the Dummies
XTC covers at great length, i would even venture to say exhaustively, and
the consensus seems to be that they are pretty underwhelming. even Amanda
admits that "Peter Pumpkinhead" is an inferior effort, and someone pointed
out that the Dummies made money off of it that could have been going to
XTC. the only reason anyone is forced to read anything else about the
Dummies is that AMANDA has a temper tantrum every time they're cast in a
less than flattering light. this is why i suggested that she should just
give it up. the only time CTD should come up on this mailing list is in
reference to their covers, and it's already been dealt with. obviously if
some new person joined and felt like saying, "hey, does anyone else like
the Dummies, rah rah rah" etc., etc., it would be one thing, as non XTC
groups are discussed all the time, but for one person to conduct what
basically amounts to a crusade to get us all to like them is not only
well-nigh insane, but _extremely_ annoying to those of us who are here to
talk about XTC. i really don't think it's necessary for me to conduct a
fucking *poll* in order to determine exactly how everyone on the list feels
about CTD - not only is it patently obvious to anyone who's been paying
attention, but that would be giving them more time and effort than they
deserve on an XTC list.

			- brookes
R. Brookes McKenzie                             aka Louise B. Minetti
                         Suck my oil.
					- Dr. Octagon


Message-ID: <>
From: Tony Nowikowski <>
Subject: Re: XTC does Jesus
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 17:41:01 -0400

<Coming in out of the lurk for something only tangentially XTC-related ...>

As Christopher ( noted, in referring to the "kick-ass
tribute to the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack album":
We'd need a deep voice for Caiaphas, though.

Who else but the beloved-by-all Brad Roberts of Crash Test Dummies?!?
(And I'll be durn surprised if Amanda hasn't posted the same thought ahead
of me!  8*)



Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 18:39:57 -0400
From: Steve Kutney <>
Subject: A man, a plan, a canal - Panama

   I first want to thank Ben Gott for telling me about this XTC
lovefest. It's entertaining to read the views of similarly obsessed
fans. And so much that I can absorb about the band that I wasn't aware
 Peter Jeong was looking for guitar tab for JC Superstar, a nearly
impossible task. A great resource for guitar tabs is OLGA
( which can hook you up with almost any song (excepting
JCS), all submitted by struggling musicians. They only have 9 XTC songs
listed, but perhaps this group could submit a few more to enrich the
 Re:Amanda and "South Park"-I forced a group of friends to watch this,
and got in return the embarassed silence and throat clearing, while I
laughed away.It's safer (and probally funnier) to stick with "The Daily
 RE:Ira and Christine McVie -I pulled out my trusty "Billboard Top 40
Hits" and found that on 2/4/84 "Got a Hold On Me" hit #10, and on
5/12/84 "Love Will Show Us How" peaked at #30. I'll be damned if I can
remember hearing either one.
 One last stray thought,"Urgh!A Music War" is probally lurking in a dark
corner of your local Video Rental store. It probally hasn't been rented
in years. Go in and offer the owner $5 for it, and see what happens.
That's how I got mine. Klaus Nomi alone is worth the price of admission.
 Enough babbling,already.
Steve K.


Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 21:58:46 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re: Christine Perfect

>But we were searching for the
>name of Christine McVie's solo hit in 1984 and couldn't find it. This,
>although possibly unusual, has been a quest for me in the past few weeks.
>Anyone know it?

  "Got A Hold On Me." Pleasant piece of work. Christine McVie never sets me
on fire, but she's a damn solid and dependable songwriter. Better in a band,


Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 21:59:12 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Phish-heads

>I have a Phish-head that works for me that has informed me that Phish
>covered "Melt The Guns" in April 1987.  He is working on procuring a
>copy of the tapes.

Phish-heads, phish-heads, roly poly phish-heads; phish-heads, phish-heads,
eat them up, yum!

I just had to do that.

I work for a courier company that occasionally picks up packages at Phish's
corporate office in Burlington, VT. Maybe somebody at the office knows
something about this, or maybe I'd be lucky enough to run into a band
member.  I did hold the door open for keyboardist Paige McConnell and his
amp once.  Even if i don't have a delivery there, they're pretty low-key; i
could go in and ask someone.



Date: Sat, 11 Oct 97 02:08:06 UT
From: "brynne and scott " <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Ever have problems with Metro Music?

I was wondering if anyone has had dealings with Metro Music of Silver
Spring, MD.

I'd ordered from them in the past and had no problems, but a little over ONE
year ago, I purchased an album for $25 that wasn't by the correct band. I
called immediately and received permission to send it back for a
refund. I've talked to them several times over the phone and each time they
say they'll look it up and get a check in the mail. I've also emailed them
and received no response. I know they received it since it's listed in their
current catalog that came out in June.

Thanks in advance for any help or knowledge about this company,

Scott S


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 22:22:36 -0400
From: gregory <>
Organization: InfiNet
Subject: A belated "Hi again!"

(Remember, aspirin helps here...)

>>I am living for the
>moment when I have that brand new album in my hand, unopened, and I
>begin to unwrap it, peel off that (annoying) little sticky strip,
>remove it from the case, pop it into the CD player, and here those
>first few notes or beats come through the speakers. Ahhh...the mere
>thought of it is almost enough.<

Dave, you forgot the smell that wafts up from a new CD right after it's
opened! It's not like a new car, but it evokes the same feeling in me!

Ahhhhhh... (eyes closing) I just can't wait...


Haven't posted in a while, merely lurking... not that many Chalkhills
are coming into the mailbox lately - is the news starting to trickle,
now? Are we running out of things to say to each other?

I would imagine that would all be different next spring, eh?



Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 20:29:07 +0100
Subject: Go2 XTC for comfort
Message-ID: <>
From: (Patrick M Adamek)

Yesterday was about the most depressing day I can remember having.  It was
raining like hell; I did laundry, read a little Sartre (hey, I'm not a
poseur, this is my dissertation), and generally felt like a Joni Mitchell
record sounds.  So I did something that I haven't done in six years, and
that's listen to _Go2_ all the way through, every squawk, hiccup, synth
burp, and twang. Damned if it didn't perk me right up.

Thank you for writing the above.  I have been away from Chalkhills for
about a year, unsure of when to write in and what to write about.
I've always been a big fan of Go2, for it was the "current" XTC album
when I first started listening to them.

Has "membership" in Chalkhills dropped off or what?  I used to get 8 or 9
issues a week and so far they've come every other day.

I too, love "South Park."

In the FAQ section of Chalkhills, I noticed that they will soon be
releasing music written since 1991. Is that correct?  If so, will there
be a series of albums, or maybe a triple CD (a la Emancipation

God speed Chalkies.



Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 22:38:25 -0700
From: becki digregorio <>
Subject: lure of salvage info...
Message-ID: <>

greetings to all 'hillians,

toby from silver moon asked in the last post:

>I thought I knew of just about everything that was out there by XTC.
>I thought wrong. Just received some cassette copies entitled Mr.
>Partridge: Take Away / The Lure Of Salvage. Liner notes read ...
>Anyone care to enlighten me as to its origin?

back in the late 80's i had the good fortune of going to london on
vacation. while there i met up w/ mark fisher who took me to the virgin
megastore, where
i found _many_ xtc treasures (and subsequently spent a fortune).  one of
these treasures was this particular album.  it says the following on the
back side:

"this used to be some xtc records.  it is now a collection of tracks that
have been electronically processed/shattered and layered with other sounds
or lyrical pieces."

"if you liked go+ then this record weighs approximately the same amount."

"all initial sound by xtc.  additional sound/lyrics by andy partridge.  put
and take by john leckie and andy partridge on 10.10.79.  alan jakoby was
the tapir."

"destructed/constructed at regents park recordings company, 27a queens
terrace, st. johns wood, london nw8 6dv."

hope this helps??

and to john wedemeyer, guitarist extraordinairre and good friend:  thanks
so much for posting this wondrous news about our lads in the studio!!  and
i couldn't help but smile when i read your first sentence: "I just got off
the phone with Dave Gregory..."   woo-hooo!!   :D

reckon we'll have our new albums/cd's in hand within a few short months.
oh, the great pleasures we have in store...

--becki, one of the seven worthies


From: "Kevin Keeler" <>
Subject: xtc...eventually
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 09:20:00 -0400
Message-ID: <01bcd648$60b204c0$93abf4ce@hobbes>

OK ok I *know* this isnt the tmbg list, so i promise ill contribute some
wittty and informative XTContent eventually...
    since we're somewhat oon the topic of XTC vs Adam Ant, and the
creativity / lack of therein; I just wanted to contribute this little
thought that i had just the other day regarding the song...(dont get your
hopes up for too much) do y'all remember janet jackson (yah, she was da bomb
before she turned all slutty)? well, im sure you do.  remember when she came
out with that son 'black cat' and it was all freaky and metal.  she said
something like (on the vh1 videography) she just wanted to try it (the
style) xtc vs adamant reminds me of that.  its just weird.
    although lyrically, the song dissapoints me (even tho our boys keep
coming out on top!)

**short pause to read the rest of the list an find something else to

well, it ended without anything leaping out and grapping my ill
just banter about myself

i bought 3 new XTC cds the other week (friend works w/ borders...33% off
   ), white music, go2, and mummer--the old school stuff!  i like them all
about the same as all the xtc albums after the first few listens.  still
waiting foe some hidden gems to jump out at me.  right now i just love 'shes
so square.' all of it, but especially the beginning.  its so..i dunno, neet.
im attracted to the little things.  mummer rubs me the right way too.  go2
is prolly the lowest of the 3 (as of now)

and all this talk about you and your silly vinyl is making me sad...the
needle on my (family's) player is broken...and i remember a time (when i was
8 or so--only 8 years ago) and records were still kicking and my dad had to
go all the way down to cincinnatti (bout an hour) to get a new nedle.  this
player id really unique or somethig...but i dont know why.  anyway...i
havent attempted to get a new needle yet, and havent seen a player of decent
enough qualoty to i havent lept on the vinyl bandwagon.  but the
forst xtc album i got was wax works on vinyl (a year or so ago).  anyway.
im done.

we chalkhillers are about the longest-winded listers out there, eh?

              Kevin Keeler
 ***Official Member, A.. A..***
       If you cut your tongue,
    it heals without scar tissue


Message-Id: <>
From: "J & J Greaves" <>
Subject: Stupidly happy too!
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 11:59:57 -0700

Great news about the start of recording!

Haydn Bendall was an assistant engineer on Go2, for the stuff done at Abbey
Road. My personal choice was John Leckie , but apparently he's working with
Cowboy Junkies through the fall.

According to what I dig up on the internet, wonderful things are starting
to happen. The Lilys are alive,  Neil Finn is heading to the States to
finish off his solo album, Pat DiNizio has a solo CD out with a Smithereens
CD to follow in the new year sometime, and XTC set to begin work on their
latest masterpiece!

I'm e-mailing the XTC recording news to the local paper in the hopes the
music critic ( and editors ) will see fit to include this in the music
section. This critic seems to be a fan, so I think this might help let my
corner of the world know that XTC are alive and well!

Like a Rocket From a Bottle;


Message-Id: <>
From: "Matt Keeley" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 14:53:08 +0000
Subject: Ah, finally have all of my XTC CDs back

Hello...well, I've finally got them all... after many being on loan
to my friend Ben, and trying to remember which slot each of them goes
in (I have them in chronological order... BTW, did the R&BB comp.
come before the Explode Together Compilation? So far, that's what
I've got, but I'd like it to be the correct order if possible)..

> Subject: Mr Partridge: Take Away/ Lure Of Salvage
> I thought I knew of just about everything that was out there by XTC.
> I thought wrong. Just received some cassette copies entitled Mr.
> Partridge: Take Away / The Lure Of Salvage. Liner notes read ...
Hmm... I didn't know this was available on cassette... ah, well, I'm
good at missing stuff like that.  Anyway, the Mr Partridge album is a
collection of dub tracks from Drums and Wires (mainly, a few
exceptions)... similar to Go+, but well, not really... the TA/TLOS
ones are more independent, but it's the same technique, basically...
there's more info in the FAQ about it...  BTW, both Go+ and TA/TLOS
were compiled on the "Explode Together" CD from 1990, w/Really
Pathetic Liner Notes (tm)... But anyway...

> Non XTC question: Had anyone else grown as hooked on the Comedy Central show
> "South Park" as I have?
Ah, yeah... SP is cool!  I wish there were more episodes.. also, if
anyone wants a copy of the Marathon (all 6 episodes, unfortunately,
w/o Spirt of Xmas), let me know, and hopefully we can work out a
trade for some XTC, TMBG or DEVO (and why do most of the bands I like
have names in all caps, or at least are abbriviated as such?)...

> From: "mean mr. mustard" <>
> also in regards to they might be giants "lack of creativity" not
> including riffs of xtc and adam ant in the song "xtc vs. adam ant".
> since when is stealing riffs called creative?
Well, I think that just blatant riff stealing isn't creative... it
depends on how you do it... I mean, especially working on combining
the two, because of what I've heard of Adam Ant, it would be hard to
combine the two well... that would take some creativity... and even
blatant stealing can be creative... Like Shonen Knife's "Magic Joe,"
which is basically "Hey Bulldog" by the Beatles... (thing is, Naoko
insists that she was trying to sound like the Ramones with that
song...Pierre Menaud, indeed!)  (Well, not so much indeed...there is
a bit of a difference, including that PM wanted to write what he
wrote, and also PM was fake), but I think that "Magic Joe" is rather
creative... so... Creativity is in the eye of the beholder...

> From:
> by Ronald Giphart & Bert Natter about XTC. 'Op de thee bij XTC: Het XTC
> experiment'. It is part truth, part fiction (but a very nice read).
Ah, just out of curiousity, what's the title in English?  I think the
last bit is "The XTC experiment", but that's just a guess... esp.
looking at the cognate.

Ah well, that's this world over

(who's wondering if that's how he ended his last post)
     -=>Matt Keeley<=-
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Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 16:29:21 +1300 (NZDT)
Message-Id: <v01540b06b066ac3aa05a@[]>
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: Skylarking/the End/Moorcock

>>It's getting colder, darker and wetter by the day here and insensitive
>>James Dignan is talking about dragging out Skylarking because summer is
>>approaching. He says he's "listening to it again after a gap of a few
>>months". A few months!.... you mean it's summer for _nine_ months of the
>>year there?! Time to move. Our summer was so short this year that
>>Skylarking barely touched the turntable. Oh well....I guess it's almost
>>time to listen to "Thanks for Christmas"<<

erm, yes, sorry Rob... no, only the usual number of months, but Spring has
been nice (so far). You can all point and laugh when I'm shivering in the
sleet next June.

Todzilla Frogstrainer once did say:
>>It seems to be three guitar players if you listen closely. Someone once
>>told me it was Lennon, Harrison and Clapton OR L, H, and McCartney. I
>>wasn't there (the BASTARDS didn't invite me, I was just sitting around in
>>my crib that day, doing NOTHING!) so I ain't sure. Whichever the case may
>>be, I'd lay serious money on it being Lennon who closes the trade-offs.
>>And that last riff, in my humbop, says it all about rock and roll, and
>>blows away the other two guys. God I love that last riff. That's the
>>essence of ROCK. That IS guitar.<<

The full skinny is dealt with in the third part of the anthology CD series.
And I quote: "The version presented here...[has]...considerably more
guitar, and a further appreciation of the "sparring" section can be gained
- from 19 to 55 seconds in, Paul, George, and John, in that order, take
turns to play two bars (about four seconds) of the guitar solo."

The Great Lemur did tap away on a keyboard like his myriad primate
relatives, and came up with:
>moorcock, i do believe, actually started his work writing hercules
>comics.. but i also could be wrong.

well, "The dreaming city", his first Elric story, came out in 1961 in
Science fantasy magazine, when Michael M was a tender 22 years of age. The
editorial announcement said "This is the first of a series of stories by a
new author to our pages." Prior to that he edited the "Tarzan Adventure"
series around 1958 (not Hercules). His first heroic fantasy series wasn't
the Elric series, but the Sojan series, although that was only finally
assembled in book form in the late 1970s, as was his first novel, "The
golden barge".

James (well, I wrote about XTC *last* time!)


From: "The Great Lemur" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 23:52:32 CST
Subject: BEEFCAKE!!!!!!!!!
Message-ID: <>

teh question was posed.. has anyone been hooked to "south park?" the
answer is a simple one.. but i can't say it.. we must get patrick
duffy of tv's step by step to tell us...

the answer is... yes

i haven't laughed that hard since i saw four rooms the first time...



Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 12:51:05 +1300 (NZDT)
Message-Id: <v01540b02b067ca63b003@[]>
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: jc superstar and pedantry ponders:

>>You're putting together a kick-ass tribute to the Jesus Christ Superstar
>>soundtrack album.  Which song do you give to XTC?

>"What's The Buzz." That would fit XTC's style and Andy's voice perfectly,
>IMHO. [...]We'd need a deep voice for Caiaphas, though.

Does the name Barry Andrews sound familiar? Put him in "Nemesis" mode and
you've got a great Caiaphas!

Our own, our very own dear AMANDA did write:
>As much as it takes for me to control my temper when someone uses the word
>"WE" when speaking for THEMSELF, I'm so meticulous about grammar (and
>general attitudes) I just have to say this......

in that case, you should know that there is no such word as "themself"!
Either "themselves" or "himself or herself" (deduct two points :)



Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 01:24:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: Andrea Rossillon <alr@UDel.Edu>
Subject: for maryanne
Message-ID: <>

My recommendations for Maryanne:

The testimonial dinner, except for TMBG's "25 o'clock", just sucks.  I
borrowed it from the guy who lived downstairs and brought it back to him
45 minutes later.  Buy it only if you must.  Personally, I think springing
for a bootleg live import is much more worth the money.

"Mummer" is their best album, by far; "Love on a Farmboy's Wages", "in
Loving Memory of a Name", and "Ladybird" are my favorite XTC songs (with
"you're the wish you are I had" and "yacht dance" coming next).
Definitely buy it.

I'll let everyone else tell you why the boys don't tour anymore.  I'm
psyched about the news that they're going into the studio on the 16th.
Woo-hoo!  An XTC album after six years!  Word!



Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 04:03:29 -0700
Message-Id: <v01510101b067baf1694f@[]>
From: (Mark Fisher)
Subject: The sun is pie

A headline in The Herald (Glasgow) at the weekend above an article about
cookery writer Nigel Slater ... all together now ... "Making Flans for

I do write for this paper, but I promise it was nothing to do with me.

- Mark


Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 14:15:23 +0100 (BST)
From: Chris Clee <>
Subject: re moocock/hawkwind
Message-ID: <>

sorry as i know this discussion is off topic but being an ageing hippy
with rather a large collection of hawkwind and related band vinyl i just
thought i'd point out that their first hit single was in fact "hurry on
sundown" off their first album, "silver machine" came much later but still
an awful long time ago, just as a point of interest they pulled out of
their last gig in cambridge a couple of weeks back due to a general lack
of interest.

later (am i really this old now?)



Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 09:35:58 -0600 (CST)
Subject: A few heres n' theres.....
Message-id: <>

Pitiful grammar, not my usual meticulous self, but I'm in a hurry.....

Jesus Christ musings....I really can't see XTC doing anything remotely
related to Jesus Christ Superstar. (They certainly can't do "I DOn't Know
How To Love Him".)

Here's a novel idea-Howzabout Colin and Andy cover each other's songs! Then
maybe Colin's songs can get some oomph! (DOn't anyone take that the wrong
way, I meant vocal, not lyrical. Colin may be a good singer, but Andy puts
more emotion into his songs, IMNSHO)

Dave-I've seen the vid for "Bittersweet Symphony", and I love it, but
someone get that singer somne weight gain powder! If his cheeks were sunken
in anymore you could probably see where hs skull is actually fused together!

Mary-Anne-A Testimonial Dinner is a fair platter. Some of the songs are
really good, some of them are really bad, and the rest are average. I for
one was disappointed in the length. XTC has much more materail that people
could've done than 11 songs worth.

And now onto incomprehension-I muddled my way through "Heatwave" many a time
beofre I figured out what the HELL Colin was saying.

Whoever brought u birthdays-I completely forgot Nikki and Andy shared a
birthday. As a Crue fan, I'm ashamed. :( I DO know that VInce Neil and I are
exactly 17 years apart. (2-8-61 and 2-8-78 being our respective birthdates.)
BTW-Dave's birthdate is September 21, 1952. (At rthe Cheriton nursing home,
where Terry Chambers was also born 3 years later.)

John-You have every right to be stupidly happy, you little.... ;)

Ciao for now, mis amigos, and a great big AMEN to my friend Bill in BC.
daemon est deus inversus
XTC song of the day-Wonderland
non XTC-My Own Sunrise-CTD


Message-ID: <>
From: "Sherwood, Harrison" <>
Subject: Am Not Misbehavin'
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 12:09:17 -0400

>Message-ID: <840C6065282CD111A6B400805FEA5AC501904F@BENEXCHG>
>From: Gary Minns <>
>The way we speak in everyday life and the way it should be written are 2
>entirely different things.  I see nothing wrong with singing in the same
>style that we talk.

"Isn't That a Shame," Chirps Teen Heartthrob! Creeping Pat
Boo-hoo-hoo-nery at the Apollo Theater! Horrific Scene of Spiked Punch,
Standard Received English Mars Sock Hop! "JD's Talk Just Like Eggheads,"
Sob Coeds! Teachers Association Rejoices!

Or you could vice-versafy it, start an earnest, thick-sweatered
international movement to promote talking the way we sing--instead of
boring old "I do," we could get the  marriage banns modified _ex
cathedra_ to incorporate the immortal words of r-n-r mystic Van
Morrison, "Oowyeloveyaloveyaloveloveyaloveya, yeah-heah I
loveyanowwwwww" ((c)1968, all rights reversed). [Query: Why does the
Mighty Vanster feel the need to let us know he has a "hormone high" over
& over & over in "Astral Weeks"?]

I was flipping channels the other night when I stumbled across a
spectacle that engendered in my mind, more economically and eloquently
than any Lester Bangs essay could ever hope to do, an inexorable
cultural memory of exactly Why Punk Happened: A Lynyrd Skynyrd concert,
filmed in 1976 in the UK somewhere--right before the plane went down, I
imagine. Jeez-o-cripness, what a flatulent, pudgy, self-indulgent pile
of bourbon-soaked, rebel-flag-waving, hair-flipping methane _that_ was.
I stared, rapt, at this fat Van Zandt individual in his Harley t-shirt
and crappy little beard, as he sort of walked around the stage mumbling
some toneless, unintelligible drunken shit into the mike, and then
stepping back to let one of *three* lead guitarists take about 72 bars
to work out some interminable pentatonic goo (WEE-deedle-deedle,
WEE-deedle-deedle...). And when the one with the Les Paul is done, up
steps another big-haired shitkicker with a Flying V who's gonna do
_another_ 72 bars, and I'm starting to think about Elvis P's tender
ministrations to the broastcast image of Robert Goulet. I put on
"Science Friction" and felt much better. Jesus. The Seventies.

Anyway, you Chalkoids who wonder why some people are violently opposed
to the guitar solos in "Books Are Burning" have got to understand: There
are some of us who have deeply distressing memories of the Seventies,
who consider the extended guitar jam to be the emblem and incarnation of
lazy, time-filling, clock-punching, beer-sucking, fog-brained Seventies

It just makes us nervous when we hear a great band, a band that stuck
more than one bayonet into the bleeding corpse of that weed-sodden
southern-fried aesthetic, a short, sharp, shocking band that in its
youthful, nightclubbing incarnation would rather have chewed their own
fingers off than do a guitar solo of more than eight bars, suddenly in
its studio maturity sounding for a brief, unguarded minute like they
might be gearing up for a Big Concept Album where Side Two is all one
song that condemns war or something controversial like that.

Readout from today's Dogmatron-o-Matic consultation: Paul McCartney was
the best lead guitarist the Beatles had. So there.

Harrison "Except Bernard Purdie, of course" Sherwood


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