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                 Sunday, 8 February 1998

Today's Topics:

                     Re: Celine Dion
             mens teeth and scary worm steak
                   The Big KFC Express
            A High of 27 Degrees, Harrisonheit
                      The Name Game
                   Traffic Light Rocks
                about those 20 guitarists
                Re: FOOLS and THEIR MONEY
               Six degree of me and Andy P
                   Re: A Stab at Queen
         Re: Most Influential Brit Pop Guitarers
                     Re: Sick Degrees
                 Your t.v.'s just hissing
                 Product Vs. Panhandling
                    Re: Untied Kingdom
                     Dang Ol' Bonzos
                These Boots Are Killing Me
            I have but one response today.....
                    XTC + winter guard
                 Funked Right Out On Life
                  The XTC Saga Continues
                 Re: Lightweight in L.A.
                     Re: I'm In Love
              Nick Heyward's new album & XTC
                Oh, what biting sarcasm...


I declare the Six Degrees of Separation topic dead.  Any further
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Message-Id: <l03102800b10151ee4dbc@[]>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 15:51:23 -0800
From: (dblack)
Subject: Re: Celine Dion

<From: "!Eric Rosen" <!>
Subject: 6 degrees of xTc

i wouldn't want to even contemplate the notion of there being fewer than
6 degrees of separation between xTc & celine dion....>

Sorry, that's easy... 1 Celine Dion produced by David Foster
		    2 David Foster produced The Tubes
		    3  Prairie Prince plays for XtC
	  	or4 Todd R produced the Tubes

Dave Blackburn


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 01:02:51 +0000
From: Phil Hetherington <>
Subject: mens teeth and scary worm steak

(Answers on a postcard please)

Stormy Monday (I think it was) wrote the following:

>I think that "Nonsuch" remains as one of the best albums of the
>nineties!  I'm sorry to hear that a few people on this list have made
>Andy doubt what many of us consider to be a masterpiece.  Excepting
>"Wardance", and "The Smartest Monkeys", the album is flawless.  (For the
>record, "Wardance" and "Smartest" are still good songs, but Colin is
>capable of more eloquent lyrics).

I wasn't going to write to the list on this subject (being content
with a private email to Mitch), but I can't take this any more...


There. I said it. Next time you (not you personally, Stormy) feel
the need to criticise these two masterpieces, just remember, just
because you don't like them doesn't mean they're not any good.
Certainly not 'flawed' by any standards, and I think the lyrics
are excellent, especially 'Wardance' which alternately frightens
the life out of me and makes me grin madly. The cynicism just
oozes from it, I love it. 'TSM' is perhaps a little more contrived
and convoluted than usual, but that only adds to its charm as it
makes you chew on the lyrics a bit more. The delivery sort of
reminds me of the way politicians carefully phrase the answers to
difficult questions, so as to avoid actually answering the
question but to say enough to hope that it goes away. Which is
exactly what most people would do when confronted with the
problem of homelessness, and which makes the song actually very
clever. (Is it just me, or have a lot of people missed this?)

Incidently, I've just thought of a possible double meaning here
for 'smartest'. I've always assumed it meant cleverest, but
why can't it be talking about snappy dressing and so on? When
we're talking about people sleeping in subways, it would be
sort of ironic. (Somehow I doubt it, but still...)

By the way, for those of you in the US, I feel the need to point
out the difference between the UK definition of a subway (foot
tunnel under a road, etc.) and the US definition (underground
railway, metro, etc.). We're talking about the former here.
(Probably everyone knew this, but it just occurred to me that
the 'how they pack so many in' business could lead to confusion!)

Personally, there is only one song on Nonsuch which I really
don't like, and I know for a fact that several people think it's
excellent, so I'll just keep quiet about it. (But if you're
curious, it starts in 'Omni' and ends in 'bus'.)

ObOffTopic: Man Utd 0 - 1 Leicester City. Yeah! :-) :-) :-)

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Message-ID: <DyGbNeAFj720EwL$>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 01:28:37 +0000
From: Phil Hetherington <>
Subject: The Big KFC Express

Someone, probably p@ul but then again maybe not, wrote:

>Aghast!   So it's come to this, eh?
>I saw a TV ad for a new variety of Kentucky Fried Chicken being marketed in
>Australia called "XTC".  These letters are prominently emblazoned on the
>bucket that the chicken comes in.  I think XTC is supposed to stand for
>"extra tasty" or "extra tangy chicken".

Well... I have now abstained from KFC for an entire months and 6
days. For a new years resolution, this is pretty amazing. (It's a
sort of half-hearted effort to lose some weight without actually
bothering to diet or exercise. I'm not sure it's working, because
I've taken to stuffing myself with pizza, but there you go).


Cooking Vinyl have finally released "Rev Hammer's Freeborn John",
Rev Hammer's 4th album (the 3rd was mail order only) and I must say,
it was well worth the wait. It tells "the story of John Lilburne -
the leader of the Levellers", and comes in a lovely box complete
with a 'brief' (6 pages of the CD booklet) history of the man.

The cast is as follows:
  Rev Hammer (as John Lilburne), Maddy Prior (as Elizabeth Lilburne),
  Harry S. Fulcher (as Oliver Cromwell), Simon Friend (as The Cavalier),
  Justin Sullivan (as Nehemiah Wharton), Rory McLeod (as Vox Populi),
  Phil Johnstone (as Will O'The People), Eddi Reader (as Mary Overton),
  The Levellers (as The Leveller Mutineers), Merv Harem (as Prynne),
  John Jiddey (as Bastwick), Mike Gregovich (as Burton).

I won't even attempt to describe it, but if you want to get
aquainted with some of XTC's newfound labelmates, this comes highly
recommended (Vox gave it 1/5, so it _must_ be good, right?) :-)

Incidently, if you ever get the chance to see Rev Hammer live, make
sure you go - as well as being an excellent musician & songwriter
(in the kind of folky singer-songwriter tradition), he's also
hilariously funny.

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Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 21:44:41 EST
Subject: A High of 27 Degrees, Harrisonheit

CHALKHeLLos to all,

  I'm sorry. I've forgotten who referenced XTC and KFC.
  Back in November of '95, while visiting family upstate, we went to a KFC and
ordered 6 Original and 6 Extra Thick Crust (XTC). Needless to say, I was
thrilled to see the 'XTC' printed-out on the receipt and still have it to this
day, stashed with all my other XTC paraphernalia.

   Now, let's see some of what Harrison has been saying........
>>>  Subject: Separation
 1) Anxiety
 2) red
 3) .....pipe
 4) rocking autistically
 5) distractedly
 6) Three times seven is sixty-eight
 7) four times twelve is a carrot
 8) five times eight is ninety-two
 9) I am Sydney Barrett
10) Narc...
11) Easy mistake
12) fevered brain
13) puffed
14) Whatsisname
15) World War...was it Four? Five?
16) drugstore
17) smoke it
18) numinous experience
19)  "J."
20) paranoid
21) Exhibit A
22) "J."
23) don't know what's real
24) .....munchers
25) reefer
26) a pound
27) _two_ pounds  <<<

Hey, Harrison! Pass it this way, bud! (that's 1 for me!!!)

Great Fire Burning........      <=========>
Paul LoPiccolo


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 22:09:51 EST
Subject: The Name Game

Chalkhellos again!

      "Mark Strijbos" <> said:

>>> I'd like to know if it's possible to link XTC with Brian Wilson or Ray
Davies <<<

XtcKinks is a big XTC fan
XtcKinks ia a big KINKS fan
Thy Kinkdom come, thy LINK be done!
God Only Knows,
Paul LoPiccolo


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 22:55:36 EST
Subject: Traffic Light Rocks

X(t)cuse me, one more time,
    Jeffrey Langr <> said:
>I recently heard an early Traffic song
>that features a little girl's voice talking about an
>albatross.  Very much like the Psonic Psunspot stuff.  Anyone
>able to name the tune?

Dear Jeffrey, God, Madam Barnum and Mr. Fantasy,
    That's Hole In My Shoe, and thanx(tc), Jeffrey, for salvaging a rather
boring Friday night. My 'ladybird' is watching the Olympic Cermony.
I had to dig deep into the vinyls for the album, and I'm 'diggin'' deeper
still, as I listen to it, right now. The resemblance IS uncanny!!
I'm a fade,
Paul LoPiccolo


Message-ID: <>
From: Martin & Jamie Monkman <>
Subject: about those 20 guitarists
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 20:23:47 -0800

Since I was one of the first people who mentioned Andy's inclusion in the
current issue of Guitar Player, I thought I'd better step in and explain the
criteria the GP writers used in selecting their 20.

First, the subtitle of the article is "The 20 Most Influential Brit Pop
Guitarists".  Not the 20 flashiest, or the 20 most technically proficient,
or the 20 most deserving of wider recognition, or 20 best hair-dos. And it's
Brit Pop, which excludes the likes of Richard Thompson (who, brilliant
though he is, isn't a pop guitarist).

Second, here's quote paragraph from the article: "The 20 Brit Pop heroes
we've profiled cast their spells over players and non-players alike and will
likely define the genre for a long time to come.  We omitted seemingly
obvious choices such as Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck because -- although they
served tenures in pop acts -- their mission was to *break* the limitations
of pop, rather than embrace them.  You may not agree with some of our
selections, but try to keep an open mind, and review the bursts of unchecked
passion these players have recorded."

Like all "top 20" or "top 10" lists, someone somewhere will be able to
nitpick the authors list.  Which is what makes it such an interesting

Back to our regularly scheduled program.


Our homepage:


Message-Id: <>
From: "J & J Greaves" <>
Subject: demoes
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 20:45:25 -0800

Since I was first aware that the demoes were out there, so long ago, I made
the decision not to pursue trying to get them. I've only ever heard River
of Orchids, on Nightlines on CBC fm. I've always thought it was better to
wait for the finished thing. But.. now I realize with all this talk about
them, that there are a fair number not appearing on the Firework sessions,
and the quality of the later demoes is so good and, well, I'd like to hear
them now. I'm really most interested in the ones not making it on to
Firework and if anyone could help out that would be great. Please email me.

Re money to the band: I say give if you want, or buy three or four copies
of the new release to give to friends, like I did with Nonsuch. Two of
those people have added other XTC to their collections since. It will
mostly depend on the band accepting the gift, but if it means an extra
song, or the finishing of the recording in Andy's shed of lost songs from
past sessions, then I'm in for at least $20!

Gus didn't work with the Beatles but Geoff Emerick did. Gus/Geoff confusion
there possibly.

until later


Message-Id: <v03007802b101dfc12dfe@[]>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 04:59:48 -0500
From: Curtiss Hammock <>
Subject: Re: FOOLS and THEIR MONEY

John.J.Pinto@Hitchcock.ORG (John J. Pinto) made an interesting point:

> It would seem to me that the idea of sending money to XTC to help with the
> current project is a noble idea but foolish. Andy has had hundreds of
> opportunities to generate large amounts of money by supplying PRODUCT to the
> thousands of people like myself who would and will buy just about anything
> by XTC. Sure, we all would like to express our support during a very
> frustrating time for XTC but in reality the ONLY way to generate revenue is
> to have something to sell. I spent close to $500.00 collecting Nonsuch
> related items.  Next to NOTHING of that amount actually went to to Andy or
> the band. How many people sent $45.00 to TMBG to get the Andy disc? How many
> people crawled ove broken glass to drop $25.00 or more on the very mediocre
> Bootleg discs that now number 8 titles? Andy has never really connected with
> the fact that there is a very lucrative income stream here that has not been
> tapped. It is very difficult to be sympathetic.
> So what do we get... Mitch Friedman telling us about his special
> relationship with the "source" and all the fabulous music that he and his
> small circle of friends get to hear and tell us about and remind us that we
> the little people of the Chalkhills world will sadly never ever get to hear.

While I would be willing to donate to an XTC fund, perhaps John has a
better idea:

Why *not* have the boys give up some unreleased stuff. These days, anyone
with a decent computer and a CD buner can make their own CDs (just look at
the AP Demo that's been going around). Start making some "official" bootleg
discs and sell them to the fans, with XTC actually getting the proceeds. I
mean, it only costs a couple of bucks to make a disc. Sell it for $20 and
that's $18 straight profit. I'm sure there are plenty of us who would be
willing to do all the work on such a project.

It would be a perfect win-win situation. XTC gets money (without any record
company taking a cut), and we get to hear lots of cool stuff.


Curtiss R.Hammock II
MacBeth Design
Atlanta, GA, USA


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 08:32:09 -0500
From: Todd and Jennifer Bernhardt <>
Subject: Six degree of me and Andy P

Hey, that rhymes, don't it.

Anyway, due to some recently gleaned knowledge from exhibited artiste
DeWitt Henderson, I realized that there are six degrees of separation
between me and he whose greatness doth outshine the sun. I figured I'd
share my excitement with the list, because my wife was less than
impressed (I think her exact words were, "You're SO pathetic" or
something along those lines).

Anyway, here goes:
Me --> Jim Ebert, who engineered and co-produced several albums I played
on here in the No. Virginia area, also engineered the excellent "Artist
Unknown" by --> Jason Faulkner, who, among other things, played in The
Grays with consumate musician --> Jon Brion, who, among MANY other
things, produced and played on the two outstanding solo efforts of -->
Aimee Mann, who, as someone pointed out, PLAYED WITH (wink, wink) -->
Dave Gregory, who apparently plays with Andy Partridge in a group called

Wow. I feel so close to him now. Hey, Andy, forget the Mitches and
Simons of the world -- call me, babe, we need to talk.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 08:53:56 EST
Subject: Re: A Stab at Queen

I'll take a stab at Queen:

>Elton John sang a Queen song at the Freddy Mercury memorial concert (a duet
with Axl Rose--ack!). He also played the Pinball Wizard in the movie
"Tommy," which also featured Eric Clapton, as the Hawker. Eric played
guitar on George Harrison's  "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," on the
Beatles' "White Album" (he aslo nicked his wife--see "Layla"). As
previously mentioned, George contributed to Badfinger's album, "Straight
Up," as did producer Todd Rundgren, who produced XTC's "Skylarking."


I'll make it even shorter. Gus Dudgeon produced many of Elton John's albums.
Gus Dudgeon produced Nonsuch. There you go. Fortunately, I'm stumped as to a
Celine Dion connection, unless there's a connection through the writer of one
of her pathetic songs. I thought one Linda Thompson who co-wrote her recent
duet with BS(Streisand)was the one who used to be married to Richard, which
would mean a connection through Dave Mattacks, but she isn't according to
someone one the Richard Thompson list. Oh well.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 08:53:53 EST
Subject: Re: Most Influential Brit Pop Guitarers

>Dave Davies (Kinks)

  Stroke of genius to include Dave Davies, the guy who arguably invented both
heavy metal and punk.

Obviously missing:   Jeff Beck!

No kidding. What kind of stupid list is this that doesn't include Peter
Green, Dave Gregory, Richard Thompson, Chris Spedding, Eric Clapton, Richie
Blackmore, Steve Rothery, David Gilmour, and many others too numerous to
mention? Not to slight Andy, but I believe Dave Gregory plays most of the
great guitar on XTC's recordings. By that token might as well include John
Lennon and Elvis Costello, who are primarily songwriters, but managed to
also come up with some imaginative guitar arrangements, though neither
were/are(as the case may be)great guitarists themselves.(Elvis C is
definitely better than all but his biggest fans might realise, though)I take
it this list concerns only British guitarists.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 10:17:48 EST
Subject: Re: Sick Degrees

>But I'd like to know if it's possible to link XTC with Brian Wilson
>or Ray Davies. Any takers?

Brian Wilson: South African drummer Ricky Fataar played with the Beach Boys in
the early 70's. He later played on Split Enz founder Tim Finn's first solo
album, Escapade. Hugh Padgham produced Split Enz's 1982 album Time And Tide
the same year he produced XTC's English Settlement.

Ray Davies: Gay activist singer/songwriter Tom Robinson's former band Cafe
Society released an album on Davies' Konk Records. The Tom Robinson Band's
second album TRB II was produced by Todd Rundgren, who later produced
Skylarking. Todd provides a very handy link between XTC and a lot of unlikely
sounding people he also produced over the years, as well as played with. To
save others the trouble, Meat Loaf, Grand Funk Railroad, Hall And Oates, The
New York Dolls...
  Here's a challenge: link XTC and Air Supply.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 13:37:10 -0600
From: "Jason 'Buffy' NeSmith" <>
Subject: Your t.v.'s just hissing

Herr Garcia bespake:
>Well now at least we can connect Jason "Buffy" Nesmith to XTC
>in one simple step.

I'm flattened.

And speanking of being well-connected, Stephen Clarke writes in with this

>I'd like to see six degrees of seperation for...
>ted turner of wishbone ash

Ted Turner played acoustic guitar on John Lennon's 'Crippled Inside'
John was in that obscure band the Beatles
Paul McCartney, also of the B-word, produced the Bonzo Dog Band's single
'Urban Spaceman' (which XTC were slated to cover for the tribute album)
Other records by the Bonzos were of course produced by Gus Dudgeon,
who of course produced Nonsuch by XTC, of course.

And speaking of being well connected...

Hey, John J. Pinto, don't get sore about those people that have contact with
XTC.  So they're lucky, so what's it to you?  Maybe you feel like a fool for
buying all of these illegitimate releases.  That's your problem.  Marketing,
manufacturing, shipping...these are some of the HUGE expenses that XTC have
to meet before they make a dime off us punters.  They had to pay for this
stuff under their Virgin contract, as well, I'm sure.  So now instead of
being in debt to a bunch of money guys that cares not a bit about the
quality of the music they're releasing (just the marketability) they can get
a _little_ monetary support from fans that don't expect a financial return,
just a record.  I think it's a great idea that only needs a little
organization.  If you'll recall, the reason they couldn't recieve money
before now was the Virgin contract.  They now have a much more free
structure to play with, contractually speaking, because they write their own.

If you're more concerned about the paraphenalia surrounding a release (like
bootlegs and promos), think of all the advertisements you'll see in
magazines .  You will be able to say you helped make XTC more visible to the
public.  Cool.

now playing: Nilsson 'The Point!'
Lookit Meee! rekkids...


Message-Id: <>
From: "Cory" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 16:01:37 +0000
Subject: Product Vs. Panhandling

> It would seem to me that the idea of sending money to XTC to help with the
> current project is a noble idea but foolish. Andy has had hundreds of
> opportunities to generate large amounts of money by supplying PRODUCT to the
> thousands of people like myself who would and will buy just about anything
> by XTC.

> J.

I may be stomping on people's toes on my first posting.  Oh well.  I
have to agree that it is rather awkward that fans of a band are
offering support by "passing the plate around."  Even the small bands
that I have encountered while working in radio didn't like being
treated like that.  There are easy ways to get merchandise out to all
of us that do want to support XTC.  Look at many of the bands that
are just starting out on their own or indie labels.  Most will have
info on how to order merchandise in every album they sell.  People
such as Ani Difranco are able to maintain a level of "artistic
purity" with their music, yet my girlfriend receives her flyer from
Righteous Babe Records with merchandise every couple of months and
usually spends money each time.
	As I'm certain it is for most people on this list, I can search the
SE United States for a month and only find XTC albums and maybe a
stray poster from Nunsuch...and nothing else.  I'm all for giving the
guys a helping hand, but the few hands that are on this list can't
raise as much money as could be raised with a small collection of
XTC merchandise.
	Maybe I just don't like the image that I'm getting of the guys
standing on a street corner with guitar cases open and coins being
tossed in by pedestrians.  Or maybe I just want to spruce up my
refrigerator with some XTC magnets.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 19:30:39 +0000
From: Phil Hetherington <>
Subject: Re: Untied Kingdom

Someone called Gary seems to have written this, I think:

>>the british are from england<
>Ouch!  Don't say that very loudly in the company of Scots, Welsh or
>(Northern) Irish people.  As all politcally correct Brits are aware, the
>above phrase should read "the English are from Britain".

Ahem. Since when have the good people of Northern Ireland been
British? Northern Ireland is part of the UK, but not part of GB.
Hence "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland",
to use the full title.
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Message-Id: <>
From: "Matt Keeley" <>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 10:30:21 +0000
Subject: Dang Ol' Bonzos


> From: Jason Garcia <>
> >Both Macca and Harrison played in band called the Beatles and several
> >of their albums were engineered by Gus Dudgeon
> When did this happen?!  I've read and re-read The Beatles Recording
> Sessions by Mark Lewishon about 72 times and nowhere is Dudgeon's
> name mentioned, not even as a tape op.  I'm curious to know how
> you know this, or if anyone can back this up.

I don't remember Gus on any of the Beatles stuff, but if memory
serves Macca + Gus = Apollo C. Vermouth, producer of the "I'm the
Urban Spaceman" single... But other than that, I can't think of any
other Beatles+Gus Dudgeon connections off the top of my head...

> From: Steven Graff <>
>      My point of note is, did any of you prefer a more manic Andy
> Partridge? I keep hearing comments about the demos, Nonsuch and the CC97
> tape, but most of the songs included in the discussion are the less
> energetic, more sing-songy ones (with the exception of Real by Reel and
> Life Is Good In the Greenhouse). I'm trying to get my mates to cover

Actually, I do prefer these songs to a lot of the Mummer-forward
songs.  Andy didn't seem to take himself nearly as seriously when
White Music, Go2 or Drums and Wires came out, and it seemed to be
more loose and it sounded like he was having not that bad of a
time... not that he sounds like he's having a bad time now, just that
he's more controlled... I still don't know why Andy doesn't like the
first 2 records... those were two of his best, IMHO.

> From: John.J.Pinto@Hitchcock.ORG (John J. Pinto)
> It would seem to me that the idea of sending money to XTC to help with the
> current project is a noble idea but foolish. Andy has had hundreds of
> opportunities to generate large amounts of money by supplying PRODUCT to the
> thousands of people like myself who would and will buy just about anything
> by XTC. Sure, we all would like to express our support during a very
> frustrating time for XTC but in reality the ONLY way to generate revenue is
> to have something to sell. I spent close to $500.00 collecting Nonsuch

True... but maybe XTC could set up a thing to sell... Maybe a little
newsletter with XTC stuff... autographs, for example... it might take
a little time to get out (Hey, I'd wait until Firework was
completed... wouldn't you?) seeing as XTC has bigger fish to fry than
to sign a bunch of slips of paper over and over, to help revenue of
the album... Maybe have kinda higher prices than normal (sort of like
the PBS pledge drives... that I'm betting half the list probably
isn't familiar with, where they give you a t-shirt for around a $50
or so donation, or a video for a $75... not talking that pricey, but
maybe $30 for a shirt, if they wanted to go through the trouble of
making shirts... $20 or so for an autograph from the band?)  This
might also be able to help promote the band... could be good for
publicity...  And if worse comes to worse, they could just go into
the murkier parts of Swindon and start mugging people...8)  (That
does bring up an interesting image... Andy trying to mug someone...8)

Ah well, that's this world over...

Living Through | (ICQ UIN: 1455267, Name: MrMe)
Another        |
Cuba -- XTC    | I used to be temporarily insane!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now I'm just stupid! -- Brak


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 00:43:26 +0000
Subject: These Boots Are Killing Me

Dear Chalkers,

Somebody noted this about the AP demo cd that was recently touted

> [...] the cd would cost me $16.00 plus s&h!  Am I the only one who
> thinks that is a bit exhorbitant to charge for work that is not
> your own? I don't mind paying a little,but I just think this was a
> little outrageous? Does anyone agree with me,or am I just being
> petty and cheap?

No, you are not. IMHO this is clearly a rip-off
Stick around, get in touch with other people on the list, ask around
a bit... Lots of people, including me, are more than willing to dub
tapes once you get to "know" them a bit.

In the past Andy P. has stated he & the band do not object to some
friendly bartering of bootlegs amongst fans as long as no large sums
of money are involved.

But selling lots of CD's filled with n-th grade copies of noisy
cassette tapes for 25 bucks (9 dollar s&h!!!) a piece is not
spreading the gospel according to St Andy but sheer piracy.

> Is Andy Partridge seeing any of this money?

You're kidding, right?
And anyway, if the bootlegger or even the buyer would send some
money the band would be unable to take it due to all kinds off
contractual and legal obligations.

yours in xtc,
Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse
 the XTC website @


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 19:19:22 EST
Subject: I have but one response today.....

Everyone's favorite 19-year old Gregsy-obsessed twit is now everyone favorite
20-year old Gregsy obsessed-twit. (As of Sunday....)

But one response, and it is for......

John Pinto-I don't know if you meant to come across like you did, but your
words sounded both harsh and scornful. Mitch is certainly not bragging about
the fact that he's friends with Dave and Andy. He's a great guy who's
certainly stuck his nose out for me on more than one occasion. I never
would've gotten that cd from Dave if it hadn't been for him. (Or is that
another form of bragging?) Seems to me that most Chalkhillians LIKE Mitch's
updates about what's going on in the world of XTC, when those of us who have
no connections can't get the scoop.

That's all I have to say about that.

XTC song of the day-Broomstick Rhythm
non XTC song-The Bright Side of Life-Monty Python's Flying Circus


Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 18:19:54 -0500 (EST)
From: Kara N Berryman <>
Subject: XTC + winter guard
Message-ID: <>

Hi all!
I don't know if any of you are aware of what winter guard is.
Brief explanation:  It is a 4 or 5 minutes show held in
gymnasiums--dancing and movement with flags, sabres, and rifles to
recorded music.  Similar to a marching band--formations and such, except
it is just the flags--the guard--doing their own show.  Hope you can get
some idea of what I am talking about, if I need to explain more clearly
just ask.  ANYWAY, the point of that explanation is:  I went to a winter
guard competion today and a Terre-Haute South High School from Indiana is
doing their show to "Mayor of Simpleton!" (this is comprable to hearing
XTC on the radio out of the blue....something that isnt a usual occurance
for me).  I personally didnt like the show, but I'm a guard snob, so.....
But anyway, just thought I would share since it was kind of neat!


Message-Id: <l03102802b1027b7f39b6@[]>
Subject: Funked Right Out On Life
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 13:00:18 -0800
From: (dblack)

Here's one:
	Bootsy Collins or James Brown connection to XtC.

	I think white artists are easy enough through producer connections
but this one has me stumped.

Dave Blackburn


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 01:07:46 -0500
Subject: The XTC Saga Continues

As I reported a few weeks ago (if anyone cares), a new porn club opened
in the Akron area called "XTC."  Well, the business seems to be causing
quite a stir, as evident in our Sat. paper.  The story is particularly
funny if you think about the band in reference to the article.  I'll

"A new business opened Tuesday on Brittain Road.  Its name is XTC and it
sells sex.  XTC...surely will cause fury among those who believe that
such businesses are nothing but paving bricks on the road to hell...In
other words, if you're in XTC, you're there because you want to be."

Ironic, no?  The rest of the article discusses the outrage among
residents and the desire of the dancers to make a living (which they do,
apparently, to the tune of $300 a night).  I'll keep you posted as to
the fate of XTC - the club.



Date: 8 Feb 98 03:59:58 +0000
Subject: Re: Lightweight in L.A.
From: "David vanWert" <>
Message-Id: <B102DE44-E591@>

>      It's Steve Graff here, presumably the only avid XTC fan in Los
> Angeles county. I try to get my friends hooked, but they're so into
> their "rock" image that XTC are always dismissed as lightweight
> pop...even stuff like "Travels in Nihilon!"

That's L.A. man. L.A, much like tofu, has no taste of its own-- it simply
smells like whatever has been near it recently. I've spent a lot of time in
that city and still can't tell the differnence between L.A. and the average
mall parking lot.

David vanWert

"I hate quotations."  Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1849


Date: 8 Feb 98 04:07:18 +0000
Subject: Re: I'm In Love
From: "David vanWert" <>
Message-Id: <B102DFFC-14CEB@>

On Sat, Feb 7, 1998 3:01 AM, <>
<mailto:<> wrote:
> You know "I'm In Love"? The Beatles
> never recorded that one, and the demo is still pleasant to the ears. Wonder
> how that happened. (Slowed-down laugh track)

That track is only pleasant because it's by the Beatles. Put a different
name on it and nobody cares. I've got a dozen David Bowie tracks (circa
1963) that are pleasant to the ears. Nobody cares unil they know it's
Bowie. Or maybe I'm the ohnly one who thinks that "I'm in Love" is not that

David vanWert

"I hate quotations."  Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1849


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 11:52:40 +0000
From: Jon Holden-Dye <>
Subject: Nick Heyward's new album & XTC

A few Chalkhillers had mentioned the imminent Nick Heyward album "The
Apple Bed". Well, don't know whether it's out yet, but there's a short
review in today's English Sunday newspaper "The Observer". It ends with
this little bit of nonsense :-

"The problem isn't Heyward's writing - his poetic streak on tracks such
as 'The Chelsea Sky' shames most singer-songwriters - but his vocal
limitations and his compulsive Beatles mimicry. Surely he can't have
meant to end up sounding like XTC imitating the Fabs."

The reviewer is Neil Spencer - a bit of an (knowledgeable) old fart at
the best of times. Critics eh ? Dontcha just love 'em ?

XTC Song of the Day - "Melt the Guns"
Non-XTC Song of the Day - The Gentle People "Emotion Heater"

Cheers, Jon H-D
Jon Holden-Dye
"I like to keep an open mind - but
not so open my brain falls out." (Anon.)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 11:53:49 EST
Subject: Oh, what biting sarcasm...

Sherwood, Harrison writes:
> Seventeen? Screw that noise! I'm only twelve, but you won't catch me
> strutting around some Internet mailing list with my chest all puffed up
> like that Benito Whatsisname from that World War...was it Four? Five? No
> sir, soon as I grow me some pubic hair and a pair of sideburns I'm off
> to the drugstore to whistle at girls! And I won't be back for dinner!
> Stick that in yer chillum and smoke it, Mom!
> [waffle]
> So all you teenaged Chalkmunchers, here's today's lesson: If you stay in
> school, listen to your teachers and parents, keep the reefer intake down
> below a pound a week, and work real hard at your smart-assed repartee,
> one day you too can grow up to be...a Degree of Separation.

Now come on, darling, that's hardly fair now then is it now then, eh?  It's my
first post and I happen to make a tiny mistake based on what little of the
digests I'd seen from the past few months.  Obviously, I've somehow annoyed
you, the veteran, by being proud to be the only sane person 'round my area and
of my age group to appreciate some truly decent music (singles charts and all
_certainly_ withstanding).  Maybe it's time to let people say what they want
around here according to such concepts that generations past (of which, due to
unfortunatism of birth, I was not part) first put forward.  Clever word play
and mastery of language does not privilege your posts over anybody else's.
Just because I still laugh at snot and fart jokes does not entitle me to any
less of a view than anybody else.  Let's have a little less suppression.

OK, so I for one (and, perhaps, for all in my hormonal disposition) dislike
any form of belittling even in jest (and if it is in jest, then please
indicate likewise).  Yes, I am staying in school and no, I don't smoke
"reefer" "ganjer" or any other drug, save aspirin.  Perhaps your allusion to
pubic hair suggests something lacking in your life...?  I guess I'm saying,
it's just poor show for somebody who has supposedly gained a "smart assed

Pissed off, Suffolk.


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