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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 5

                 Friday, 10 October 1997

Today's Topics:

                     Dumb and Dumber
                    Re: XTC does Jesus
                  Swindon acc(incid)ent
               She who walks among sheep...
                      Smelt The Guns
                       jc superstar
           Whoops! Calling All XTC/SF49er Fans!
         Mr Partridge: Take Away/ Lure Of Salvage
                   Dangling Participles
                       Re: LiLys...
         Skylarking with Vonnegut's Atomic Verve
             What the crap is YOUR problem???
                         Andy P.
                   XTC Fantasy Meeting
                   Cure for Pain - Go2
                     I need more INFO
                       D&W, WM, FoC
                       Re: Dummies
                 I was surfing at work...
                      i just joined
                     Fantasy Meeting
         The News We Have All Been Waiting For...


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Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 09:07:58 -0700
From: "Macdonald, Robert" <>
Subject: Dumb and Dumber
Message-id: <>

	Well try and be a smart ass and where does it get you.  Here I
go and play big Art History Man and while correcting one error I make
another.  The Cathedral in question is St. Peter's _not _
St. Paul's!  ) :- (    Doh!

	I'll go sulk in a corner now.

 	Rob M.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 01:19:21 -0700
From: Andrew Donkin <>
Subject: STUFF

Dear Fellow Chalkers:

	Could anyone out there do me a huge favour and pass on a copy of
those lovely Demos?  I will gladly pay costs or swap for any stuff you
want.  Replies very gratefully received.

	Please reply to e-mail adress above.  Many thanks.



Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 22:19:50 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re: XTC does Jesus

> You're putting

together a kick-ass tribute to the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack album.

Which song do you give to XTC?

"What's The Buzz." That would fit XTC's style and Andy's voice perfectly,
IMHO. Interesting idea. On the other hand, if you were casting alternative
rockers in roles in an updated production, Colin might work as Peter, Andy
could work out as Annas; it would be a disservice to just give him Priest 1
or Priest 5. Steve Hogarth of Marillion would be perfect as Jesus(who says
Jesus has to be bearded?); he certainly has the angelic voice for the part.
Or, for a more intense and brooding Jesus, Jakob Dylan would work.  Maybe
Adam Duritz could be Judas. We'd need a deep voice for Caiaphas, though.


Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 09:29:11 -0600 (CST)
Message-id: <>

Have people no respect anymore??????
So goeth the tale: I accidentally left one of my Little Expresses in a
cabinet at work on Sunday. Everyone knows I read them, and knows no to touch
them if I accidentally leave them. Well, I went to work yesterday, and
looked in the cabinet to find nothing. A coworker of mine said, "Oh, I think
it got thrown away. Was it one of your little books with all the weird
pictures and drawings in it?"
Fuming away, I dove into the trashcan, finding my precious book at the very
bottom, now covered in tea stains and coffee grinds.

Do you all realise that in the past two weeks I have spent almost $300
dollars on XTC stuff? That Vinyl Vendors website is HEAVEN!

"Give me a Bud and a slice, and leave me alone......." That reminds me......
when Joe Jackson (well, Brad Roberts anyways) say a bud, does he mean a Bud
beer, or bud as in pot??????
Things that make you go.....hmmm.


Message-ID: <>
Date: 7 Oct 1997 14:52:53 -0500
From: "Ken Salaets" <>
Subject: Swindon acc(incid)ent


>> and hear a heavy Swindon accent

Amen to that!  Went to a neigborhood barbecue on Saturday, and
met a couple with decidedly British accents.  I asked them where
they were from.  "England."  I asked where abouts.  "About seventy
miles west of London.  So I thought, Hmmm, definitely not Liverpool.
Heavy accent, nonetheless.  I queried, Which city? "How well
do you know England?"  Well, I flow over it last week, but most of
my geographic references come from rock music.  "Swindon.  Don't
know of any famous musicians from there."  I thought, wait a minute!
But before I could say anything, his wife chimed in, "Oh, there's
that one band, XTC."

I could barely understand the guy, but apparently she was not from
the same area.  Quite a coincidence, regardless.



From: Cheryl <>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 21:38:50 GMT
Subject: She who walks among sheep...
Message-ID: <>


Dave you gave me shivers when I read this:

>I am living for the
>moment when I have that brand new album in my hand, unopened, and I
>begin to unwrap it, peel off that (annoying) little sticky strip,
>remove it from the case, pop it into the CD player, and here those
>first few notes or beats come through the speakers. Ahhh...the mere
>thought of it is almost enough.

I could almost *feel* the CD in my hand.  Hear the crinkling of the
wrap.  *Shiver*  Do it again!  Do it again!  So clever.

Ed Miller wrote in response to my post on "I'd Like That":
>Thanks for bringing it up, Cheryl.
Oh!  Any time!  Thanks for backing me up there, friend!  My
uncomplicated ears can't quite catch all the harmonies that you
mentioned.  I just hear the sweetness that oozes out of it. Sheer

Gerry from Swindon wrote:
>If you want questions answered about song references to Swindon
>(like, who was Nigel?) I might be able to help.
Eeek!  What are you holding out on us?!  Spill the beans
front of everyone.  Come on...Pleeeeeeeeeease.

Catherine wrote (hello my friend!):
>Oh hello, Andy, nice to see you've brought Colin n' Dave.  Here's 20
>quid, now nip out to the offy, will you, and get some beer in.
>Polly Harvey and Julian Cope are also here for the evening, so get
>some for them whilst you're about it. We're going to watch my
>favourite videos and then Julian is going to talk about pagan
>fertility rites, so hurry up, mate, I'm gasping.  Don't forget the
>Pringles.  And no, you can't bring Dave with you.
HAAAAAAA!  Oh my heck!  That is too funny!  Hey!  He might not know
his way around London, so perhaps you could include me and _ I_ could
guide him to the offy, what you think?

Ira threatened:
>We also talked about each and every one of
>YOU, dear readers, and you can just imagine all the dirt that was
>spilled! Ha! :)
*COUGH* um....check is in the mail (she whispers).  Just don't
mention the w-h-i-p.  Okay?  Keep it to yourself, alright?  There's
a good boy, now run along and play.


Karma runs deep on this list.  In my pondering over the swapping of
songs between the lads,  I had a momentary wonder of... What if Mr. P
did a version of "I Put A Spell On You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins?
Wouldn't that be a treat to hear him cut loose on that diddy.  Or did
I mention that already.  Deja vu....

I have to say my trip to the country side was sheer bliss.  It just
did not seem real to *actually* be standing in front of Stonehenge
oogling those huge stones.  Standing on Top of the Uffington Horse
also filled the heart with such wonder.  I was standing looking out
over England. Wow!  Is the only word that comes to mind.   It was
Late In the Day( Hi Dan! : ) ) and the lighting just added to the

Dreaming of England....


Message-Id: <>
Subject: Smelt The Guns
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 15:26:56 -0700

I have a Phish-head that works for me that has informed me that Phish
covered "Melt The Guns" in April 1987.  He is working on procuring a
copy of the tapes.

I checked the website and couldn't find any info to this effect... so
I'm just-a-piddlin'!  It feels so good to actually contribute (well...
that is, unless this Phish turns out to be a "red herring") in which
case, I've just used up a few inches of bandwidth.

Cheers, Richard "This doesn't cut into my 15 minutes of allocated fame,
does it?" Pedretti-Allen


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 16:13:27 -0700
From: Peter Jeong <>
Subject: jc superstar

> >>Meaningless XTC-related survey question of the day:  You're putting
> >>together a kick-ass tribute to the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack
> album.
> >>Which song do you give to XTC?

> "I Only Want To Say" without a doubt.  Just imagine Andy singing over

i'd love to hear andy sing "heaven on their minds" although if i had to
pick one song it would probably be "i only want to say" as well because
it is, for me, the most emotional song on the album.

on the subject of jc superstar, does anyone have guitar tab for the
soundtrack--specifically for the song "pilate's dream"?  the
fingerpicking on that track is just gorgeous.  i did web searches and
phoned music stores a few months ago, apparently it doesn't exist.  any
direction on finding the guitar tab would be much appreciated since i
lack the skill and patience to figure it out myself by ear!


Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 09:11:42 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <>
From: mikewix <>
Subject: Whoops! Calling All XTC/SF49er Fans!

Hi ya All!

Geez, didn't mean to put those links relating to the SF49ers team (my
_other_ mailing list that I get)...but, if there are any XTC/49er fans out
there, you might find them to be a bit of interest! Enjoy!

The Osaka Party '97 (well, we only have 4 people so far...c'mon out!) will be
held at 6:30PM this Thursday (October 9th). All those who will be in the Osaka
area around that time are more than welcome to join us in the festivities!


Mike Wicks (nfl)  (niners) (earlyninersvideos) (bad calls) (LSNBarnhartKCStarColumn)


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue,  7 Oct 1997 20:14:35, -0500
Subject: Mr Partridge: Take Away/ Lure Of Salvage

I thought I knew of just about everything that was out there by XTC.
I thought wrong. Just received some cassette copies entitled Mr.
Partridge: Take Away / The Lure Of Salvage. Liner notes read ...


Side One (Take Away): Commerciality  2. The Day They Pulled The North
Pole Down  3. The Forgotten Language Of Light  4. Steam Fist Futurist
 5. Shore Leave Orinthology  6. Cairo

Side Two (The Lure Of Salavage): The Rotary  2. Madhattan  3. I Sit
In The Snow  4. Work Away Tokyo Day  5. New Broom.

Very experimental stuff... I've only listened to the first four
tracks and I really enjoyed what I heard.

Anyone care to enlighten me as to its origin?




Message-ID: <840C6065282CD111A6B400805FEA5AC501904F@BENEXCHG>
From: Gary Minns <>
Subject: Dangling Participles
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 11:29:25 +0100

>>Leaving aside the relatively minor grammatical bloomer of "laying" for
>>"lying," the thing that gives me a bit of a softoff about "Grass" is
>>that the whole first line of the song is a whopping dangling participle.
>Andy has said "ain't" in songs before.  I think that's what distinguishes
>pop music from, say, a dissertation.  :)

The way we speak in everyday life and the way it should be written are 2
entirely different things.  I see nothing wrong with singing in the same
style that we talk.

Me importa un pimiento


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 06:55:12 +0000
From: JoE Silva <>
Subject: Re: LiLys...

For all concerned, the Lilys are alive and well.
They are on the verge of signing a contract with
Sire and their last discs should still be available
from Primary (a subsidiary of Sire proper..). Kurt's
been very busy with his new child, but there will
probably be a new LP before/around mid-'98.

JoE Silva
Senior Contributor
Consumable Online


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 09:23:36 -0400
From: David Gershman <>
Subject: Skylarking with Vonnegut's Atomic Verve

Hi there, Parliament-Chalkadelics,

 I'm currently reading "Wampeters, Foma, and Granfalloons," by Kurt
Vonnegut (easily one of the best writers of this century, IMHO), which is a
collection of articles, speeches that he made, and a few other assorted
items, published in 1974. In "Address to Graduating Class at Bennington
College, 1970," I came across an interesting reference that bears somewhat
on XTC, neatly combining skylarking, Andy's sea obsession, and what I see
as a general philosophy that runs through much of XTC's work. It is as
follows, and I quote:

 "Do not take the entire world on your shoulders. Do a certain amount of
skylarking, as befits people your age. 'Skylarking,' incidentally, used to
be a minor offense under Naval Regulations. What a charming crime. It means
intolerable lack of seriousness. I would love to have had a dishonorable
discharge from the United States Navy -- for skylarking not just once, but
again and again and again."

 Interesting, no? Just thought I'd pass that along. And if you haven't
before, read some Vonnegut.

In response to my post about BMG's listing of "ATOM Ant vs. XTC"...

Adam Tyner said:
>As an obsessive TMBG fan, I can tell you without hesitation that it's 'XTC
>Vs. Adam Ant'.  The CD says it, and they've discussed it in the TMBG Info
>Club Newsletter.

and Kevin Keeler said:
>I assume i was picking up some sarcasm on that.  Prolly you were just
>poking fun at BMG's typo.  if should have been. Cuz thats what
>it was.

Kevin was picking up on it, but I think Adam was missing it: I *know* that
it's really "Adam" Ant in the title of the song...I was just making funny
with the BMG mistake. Ha ha!

And finally, my current pick for "Song of the Year, 1997," among some
strong competition:

 "Bitter Sweet Symphony" by The Verve  (NOT to be confused with the Verve

I assume those of you on the European side of the Atlantic have probably
been familiar with this song for a few months now, but it's just beginning
to make itself known over here in the States (I first heard it on MTV's
"120 Minutes," of all places -- and it's a pretty cool video as well, I
might add, not being much of a music video kind of guy myself). I just find
it to be heartbreakingly beautiful, an immediate classic. The rest of the
album, "Urban Hymns," sounds excellent as well, though I've only listened
to it all a couple of times. One question, though: the songwriting credits
for "BSS" are for Jagger/Richards, lyrics written by Richard Ashcroft (of
the Verve). I take that to mean that the main orchestral riff was borrowed
or sampled from a Stones song -- does anyone know which one it was taken
from? I can't seem to place it, myself.
 Which reminds me...the Catherine Wheel's "Adam and Eve" (or is it "Atom
and Eve"?) is also quite an excellent album, very likely to find a place in
my Top 10 (maybe even Top 5) albums of '97.

Well, I suppose I should get back to work. Until next time,

Dave Gershman


Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 08:58:32 -0600 (CST)
Subject: What the crap is YOUR problem???
Message-id: <>

As much as it takes for me to control my temper when someone uses the word
"WE" when speaking for THEMSELF, I'm so meticulous about grammar (and
general attitudes) I just have to say this......
Brookes: Did anyone make you the official spokesperson on Chalkhills? No?
Didn't think so. Therefore, my dear, when ranting and raving, please do not
feel that you are the Voice of Chalkhills. I've received quite a few
personal emails from Chalkhillians who feel the exact same way I do about
You Know Who, so "we don't care" just doesn't cut it, boo.
And BTW-Since when did you assume that I give a rat's ass that YOU could
give a rat's ass? Buh-bye now. Use common sense and the "down" key if you
don't like what I have to say. But it's all good, nothing but love for you.

To all tradees:
Everything was sent out on MONDAY! So you should get (Wednesday)
or tomorrow, or somewhere around there. It was all sent priority, except
for my friend in England, yours was sent airmail. Enjoy, and it's been good.

Non XTC question: Had anyone else grown as hooked on the Comedy Central show
"South Park" as I have?

I have yet to see a can of the guarana XTC stuff anywhere.......

I am now eagerly awaiting....7 singles and the rest of the albums on vinyl.
(My savings account is hurting, BIG TIME from this.) Can't wait to rip into
the box and...smell the magic. (Excuse me, I'm in nonsensical Alice in
Wonderland mose today, it's midsemester break)

Sheesh, I'd LOVE to ask Dave what music he'd use for the Don Quixote thing.
He's got my address, wish he'd use it! (Yeah, right.)

Oh Ben you poor thing. Try not to bang your head too hard, lest you pull a
Partridge and pop your eardrum.

Oh well, that's all for now.
Daemon est deus inversus
XTC song of the day-Mermaid Smiled
non XTC-Right-Joe Jackson


Message-ID: <C15B75990EFAD0118D6C0000B454C85101364E@ACOTEC-UK>
From: Robin Sayer <>
Subject: Andy P.
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 15:40:48 +0100

Hi -

Andy Partridge was in my local pub "The Beehive" in Swindon last
night (he lives up the hill) - supporting Martin Newell who was reciting

Speaking to Martin he said that he and Andy have been recording
recently and that an album shouldn't be too long coming.

"Greatest Living Englishman Mark II"




Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 13:30:21 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: XTC Fantasy Meeting

After the call for descriptions of a fantasy meeting with XTC, I
decided it was about time for me to finally unlurk after a year or
so on this list.  My fantasy meeting was actually a reality. I have
been an XTC fan since Drums and Wires, with my appreciation
growing to fanaticism with the release of ES.  I even had bought
tickets for the ES tour that never happened.

So, while on vacation in California with my wife - also a big fan -
imagine our surprise when we see a full page ad for XTCs in store
appearance at Tower Records on Sunset.  The very next day,
no less!  We changed our plans and arrived early in the morning.
We met some great people who no doubt subscribe to this list.

The big moment finally arrived.  I bought a CD of Big Express at the
store, since we hadn't brought any of our records with us on vacation
and CDs were still relatively new to us in 1989.  We also got an
Oranges and Lemons promo poster that the KROQ DJs were handing
out.  The boys were all very gracious, although they didn't really
chat much with the long line behind us.  We did get a few pictures
with them, and Andy did some cool artwork on the O&L poster which
is framed and hangs prominently in our home rock'n'roll hall of fame.

Needless to say, it was a day we will never forget.  And a day I hope
to repeat soon on the next promotional tour.  Of course, my fantasy
meeting with XTC would require only one more thing - live music.

Well, now that I'm over the posting virginity, I hope to contribute
more soon.  Everyone on this list is great, to think there's someone
else out there who even knows who Tom Leher and XTC are!  Amazing.



Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 13:43:42 -0500 (CDT)
From: Marshall Joseph Armintor <>
Subject: Cure for Pain - Go2
Message-ID: <>

   Yesterday was about the most depressing day I can remember having.  It
was raining like hell; I did laundry, read a little Sartre (hey, I'm not a
poseur, this is my dissertation), and generally felt like a Joni Mitchell
record sounds.  So I did something that I haven't done in six years, and
that's listen to _Go2_ all the way through, every squawk, hiccup, synth
burp, and twang. Damned if it didn't perk me right up.

Marshall Armintor/ Dept. Rice University/
Fondren IT Systems Student Guy x5338 "what could be romantic to mike
watt? he's only a skeleton his body a series of points no height
length or width in his joints he feels life his strongest connection
pain is the toughest riddle he's chalk he's a dartboard his sex is
disease he's a stopsign" - "one reporter's opinion" minutemen 84


Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 16:53:17 -0400
Message-Id: <>
Subject: I need more INFO

Hey Chalkers,

I've been reading all the Internets stuff I could find on XTC along with J.
Relphs Archives and I can say that I know a bit more of English culture
then I did before. Some of the lines in the songs which I find myself
singing or going through my head - now make more sense.

I would like some recommendations on the following CD's: Go-2, Mummer, and
Big Express. I need to add them to my collection and was wondering if anyone
had any thoughts on them. What about the Testimonial Dinner? I like the
artists that are listed for the CD, but was wondering what others though of
the CD. Is is worth getting? I have the Compact XTC compilation, anyone
recommend any others?

I do have one last question regarding XTC. Why don't they tour? I know they
have in the past, unfortunately I was 16 years old when they came to New
Jersey and had not quite yet discovered them. Over the years I have heard
rumours of possible tours, but I guess thats exactly what they were -
rumours. Did the stage fright develop over the years?


	[ Please read the XTC/Chalkhills FAQ.  -- John ]


Message-Id: <>
From: "Matt Keeley" <>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 16:11:48 +0000
Subject: D&W, WM, FoC

Hello again... also on listening to White Music, on CD, for the
first time, this odd conversation came up during "InstanTunes" (or
however you prefer to spell it):

Ben (not on Chalkhills, as far as I know):  "Wow!  I thought the
later albums were incomprhensible!  But with this, you can't
understand ANYTHING Andy says!"
Me:  "Dude, that's not Andy, that's COLIN!"
Ben: "Well... Colin's incomprhensible too!"


> From: Ben Gott <>
> Wouldn't "Ear Infection" be a great name for a band?
I don't know... I still think that "Jar of Phlegm" is better.. and
it's also taken, so don't try to be musclin' in on my band name!

> From: mikewix <>
> Osaka...I'm gonna go back and check it out this week! I think it was, like,
> 6000 yen ($50 bucks) or something like that...I'll keep ya posted!
If you do, make sure it's the 3D single and not the 3D EP... I mean,
if it's the single, do it right away, but if it'sthe EP, you can
probably get it cheaper through mail order, and spend the other $25
on postage... anyway, I thought that 6000 was about $60... Ah well...

> From: Adam Tyner <>
> As for the song itself, I don't really care for it too much's
> not bad, but I don't think either band mentioned in the song would be
> particularly impressed with it.  I would've thought a creative band like
> TMBG would stick in riffs from songs from both bands as sort of a nod of
> the head, but there was nothing like that in there as far as I could tell.
Well, I've heard that it was supposed to be similar to "Skylarking"
(ah, maybe.. I'll give them that for no reason at all... after
hearing it, I decided that it might be Skylarking-esque, but I'm
still not making a commitment on it...), but Ben (same as above) says
it reminds him of the Dukes.  As for Adam Ant... well, (possible
flame-fodder) I doubt TMBG would want one of his riffs sucking the
song up...8)  j/k

> From: Ben Gott <>
> I'm very happy...I just shelled out a measly $4.00 to buy a used copy of
> Nonsuch in which was hidden the infamous "If those dollars are burning a
> hole in your pocket, Andy tells you how to rationalize the musical
> universe." Can anyone tell me if I should've just saved the $4, or is
> this thing hard to find?
I've always been curious about this... how does one know if their
copy will have Eartime in it?  I know my copy doesn't, but if I'm in
a used record shop, is there anyway I'll be sure that I'll get it?

> From: Adam Tyner <>
> This afternoon I picked up a copy of "Commercial Album" by the Residents,
> which features Andy playing and singing on the 38th track, "Margaret
> Freeman".  I haven't seen anyone talk about this since I've been on (given,
> the album has been around since 1980, but it -was- recently re-released),
> and I'm just wondering what all of you think...
Ah, man... I knew I should have gotten that... (and I still wants to
be able to hear the Laughing Song from "Duck Stab" to see if it's the
one I've been looking for forever...)  Anyway, it should be noted
that the selling point for the commercial album is that it was 40
tracks long, each of which 1 minute.  Minitures, indeed.

> -Adam, who should have a copy of the Andy Partridge material from the Hello
> Recording Club on CD any day now...  :)
Wow!  That's one of the things I've been looking for... well, any
copy of it, tape or whatnot... but anyway....

> From: "Stafford, Dave" <>
> Subject: Andy Partridge Uberstar
Sorry, I've never heard/seen JCS, but I just wanted to say that this
is one of the coolest Subject lines I've seen in a long time.

     -=>Matt Keeley<=-
Living Through | Visit my home page
Another        |
Cuba -- XTC    | I used to be temporarily insane!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now I'm just stupid! -- Brak
(ICQ UIN: 1455267, Name: MrMe)


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 18:39:46 -0700
From: The Village Green <>
Subject: Re: Dummies

I just read along for the most part but in Chalkhills #4-4 the following
item appeared:

>From: aka Louise <>
>AMANDA - don't they have Xerox machines in New Orleans (or in Canada, for
>that matter)? maybe you should look into that. and furthermore, when are
>you going to get it through your head that no one gives a rat's about Crash
>Test Dummies? because believe me, we don't.

Now I know what I'd like to say but I don't think I can put it into:

a.  words that you would understand
b.  words that can be transmitted over the net

Do you presume to speak for everyone?  Have you canvassed the masses and
asked them if you can be rude on *everyone's* behalf?  I don't give a damn
about what you don't care about and would appreciate it if you kept
comments like that to yourself and stick your head back ... which brings me
to my point.

The cover of Peter Pumpkinhead was done in fun.  Not to be better or worse
than XTC's.  For the most part I don't like hearing covers of the songs I
enjoy but is anything less than a perfect copy unacceptable?  A copy would
be terribly uninteresting, wouldn't you agree?  It is an honour that anyone
would want to cover your songs, that they have that respect for you.  Some
of us feel that no one could do justice to the boys music and that's okay.
Just don't presume to speak on anyone's behalf.

when you're near me I have difficulty ...



For the record I am not a closet Dummies fan.  I have their first disc
which is very good.  That's as far as it goes.  Cheers Amanda, long live
the Dummies.


Message-Id: <v03110700b062c74e0d66@[]>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 13:54:23 -0400
From: Ira Lieman <>
Subject: I was surfing at work...

Hey there fellow XTiCians...

I was surfing the 'net at work. This is not unusual. I was also on the
phone with Ben. This, also, is not unusual. But we were searching for the
name of Christine McVie's solo hit in 1984 and couldn't find it. This,
although possibly unusual, has been a quest for me in the past few weeks.
Anyone know it?

Anyhoo, I found that the All Music Guide ( lists
birthdays of the musicians, and you can also check who else was born on the
same day, same year, or even same PLACE. (Andy was born in Malta...anyone
else? Actually, Country singer W. Lee O'Daniel was born in Malta...OHIO in

Anyway, I decided to check who else was born on certain peoples' birthdays.
Daryl Hall is 24 years older than me to the day, and his birthday is
Saturday. Wish him happy birthday.

Anyhoo, Andy's birthday is 12/11/53, and he is 5 years older than Motley
Crueman Nikki Sixx. Colin was born on 8/17/55, and Donny Wahlberg of the
New Kids on the Block was born on the same day in 1969. When's Dave's
birthday? I'll check for him as well, but it wasn't listed. I hope those
are the only ties between those artists. God help us if I'm wrong.

-ira, who wishes all it may concern a good Yom Kippur fast. I'll have
birthday cake Saturday night. It IS, after all, Daryl Hall's birthday.

NOW PLAYING: The Big Express


From: "mean mr. mustard" <>
Organization: Augustana College - Rock Island IL
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 17:49:49 CST
Subject: i just joined
Message-ID: <>

and i was wondering if i could get some info on an xtc song called
"cherry in your tree".  i bought this carmen sandiego tape that has
this song, and a they might be giants song.  when was this "cherry in
your tree" recorded?  was it done spefically for this tape or was it
a leftover from nonsuch?
also in regards to they might be giants "lack of creativity" not
including riffs of xtc and adam ant in the song "xtc vs. adam ant".
since when is stealing riffs called creative?
thanks, paul


Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 15:02:11 -0500 (CDT)
From: James Dupuy <>
Subject: Fantasy Meeting
Message-ID: <>

> >I would love to hear about YOUR fantasy meeting with Andy.

I don't really have a fantasy meeting with Andy ( maybe subconsciously I
feel that "I'm not worthy") but I have imagined how cool it would be to
have Collin walk up to me after one of our gigs and tell me what awesome
song writing. Then I mention to him that the drummer and I are also
awesome at fishing and he agrees to go to the Gulf with us where we hook
into Wahoo and Marlin. Collin then returns home and writes a bad ass song
about this experience. If that were to happen I think my neck would have a
difficult time carrying my head on my shoulders. Oh well, who should you
pity, those who don't dream or those who dream the impossible.

"The man who walked across his heart
Who took no compass, guide or chart
To rope and tar his blood congealed
When he found his self revealed ugly and cold"


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 16:12:19 +0200
Subject: Payola


Here's something for the dutch speaking (reading?) part of the audience:
In the first issue of the new Dutch magazine 'Payola' there is an article
by Ronald Giphart & Bert Natter about XTC. 'Op de thee bij XTC: Het XTC
experiment'. It is part truth, part fiction (but a very nice read).



Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 07:14:22 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <l03020903b0637391b757@[]>
Subject: The News We Have All Been Waiting For...

   Just got off the phone with Dave Gregory and thought I would share this
news flash with my fellow 'hill-people (insert drum roll here): XTC now has
a starting date for the new record!! November 1st begins pre-production and
then the band will enter the studio to begin recording on November 16th!!!!
<jumping up and down>
   Dave figures they will work straight through 'til about the end of
February with a short break for Christmas. The producer will be Haydon
Bendall, an ex-Abbey Road engineer/producer who has worked with Kate Bush,
Magazine and many others. (Anyone else out there have more info on him?).
   He said they are still shopping for a U.S. distribution deal for Idea
Records Ltd. which Dave describes as being "not so much a company as a
label behind which to hide if things go wrong, as surely they must". XTC
had 27 songs in mind to record but only had the budget for 20. So 20 it
will be.
   I *foolishly* forgot to ask who the drummer for the album would be,
perhaps someone else (Simon?) could help with that! When we spoke, Dave was
busy writing out charts for Andy's demos.....
               I'm Stupidly Happy!!
                       John Wedemeyer(


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