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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 49

                Wednesday, 4 February 1998

Today's Topics:

                Top 20 British Guitarists
                  Re: Six Degrees of XTC
                  Bonzo albums a-plenty!
                     Influencing Andy
                  Useless bit of trivia
                Another bit of trivia....
              Are we not men? We are Bonzos!
                   generals and majors
                    Money for Somesuch
            oh no, they're Baconising again...
                  6 to Lindsey & TAFKAP
                     Driving me loco
        Andy appears on Stephen Duffy's new album
                     6 degrees of xTc
         Album spoiled by demos? A suggestion...
                       This Is Fun
                      Another Elvis.
                  Re: Six degrees of XTC
                    Lumiere moves ...
                         dear god
              Six degrees of Whitney Houston
                 XTC special on the radio
                A Sparkler for Firework ?
    Re: Attention Chalkhills Children '97 Contributors
          Degrees of Separation: Whitney Houston
                   This baffles me.....
              Marilyn Manson to XTC (hunh?)
                        XTC links


Please!  Enough with the Six Degrees of Separation.  This topic
is hereby declared dead.  Thank you.

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Message-Id: <>
From: "J. D. SMX" <>
Organization: Access Tucson
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 16:36:25 -0700
Subject: Top 20 British Guitarists

Hello Chalkmeisters:

It was noted in the last issue that Andy and Dave were pictured in
the latest Guitar Player Magazine so I ran right out and got it.  You
might save $5.00 if all you want to know is the list, here it is....

Daniel Ash  (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets)
Marc Bolan (T-Rex, *is dead*)
Bernard Butler (Suede)
Graham Coxon (Blur)
Dave Davies (Kinks)

Justine Frischman (Suede, Elastica)
George Harrison (Beatles, Traveling Wilburys)
Mick Jones (Clash, Big Audio Dynamite)
Steve Jones (Sex Pistols, Professionals)
Johnny Marr (The Smiths, Electronic)

Hank Marvin (Drifters, Shadows)
Jimmy Page (Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin)
Andy Partridge (XTC, Dukes of the Stratosphere)
Radiohead (all three guitarists)
Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)

Mick Ronson (David Bowie, *is dead*)
Robert Smith (The Cure, Siouxie and the Banshees)
Andy Summers (Soft Machine,The Police)
Pete Townsend (The Who)
Paul Weller (The Jam, Style Council)

Obviously missing:   Jeff Beck!

I'll keep all my other comments to myself as the musicians listed
and their music speak for themselves.

Engineering Services Manager
Access Tucson


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 19:34:51 -0500
Subject: Re: Six Degrees of XTC
From: Margaret Quinn <>

>Any takers? I'd be interested to see anyone tie Whitney Houston, Tracey
>Ullman (yes, the awesome theme song/80's hit qualifies her as a
>musician), Elvis Costello (I tried, but couldn't come up with anything),
>and Hanson.

Tracey Ullman is easy.
TRACEY ULLMAN'S big hit was "They Don't Know" which was written by:
KIRSTY MACCOLL who was married to:
STEVE LILLYWHITE who, of course, produced Drums & Wires and Black Sea.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 19:49:58 +0000
From: Andrew Lippitt <>
Subject: Bonzo albums a-plenty!

Ms. Plum seemed to think:
> Bonzo albums are hard to come across these days, so I'm not even going
> to try.

If you mean vinyl, Amanda, maybe you're right.  Plenty of CD's
available, though.  One-Way has reissued most of 'em, and they are
available at and CD Now, and probably at yer fa-vor-ite music
type shoppe.

Now if they only carried a certain CD of cover tunes...

Andy L


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 19:56:06 EST
Subject: Influencing Andy

Mitch says: <Andy also noted that he thought some of the orchestral things
might really piss people off and he based this on some of the Chalkhills
printouts he has been reading from the past few years in which Nonsuch was not
as well liked as he

 This worries me. As does the comment that we might not like the arrangements
if they deviate too much from the demos. I think our historical arrangement
where Andy is the creative genius and we sit back in awe has been working just
fine. But then I wouldn't trade Nonsuch for English Settlement *and* Drums &
Wires. (Throw in Big Express and you have a deal)

<<Any other Primus-ites out there?>>

The Brown Album is my pick for best album of 97. Saw them live - incredible.
After seeing many performances lately by bands who peaked in another decade,
it was refreshing to see great musicians who are still in their prime-us.
(Goin down to South Park gonna have myself a tiiiime....)


Date: 4 FEB 98 11:58:22 AES
Subject: Useless bit of trivia
Message-ID: <>

Aghast!   So it's come to this, eh?
I saw a TV ad for a new variety of Kentucky Fried Chicken being marketed in
Australia called "XTC".  These letters are prominently emblazoned on the
bucket that the chicken comes in.  I think XTC is supposed to stand for
"extra tasty" or "extra tangy chicken".



Date: 4 FEB 98 12:09:53 AES
Subject: Another bit of trivia....
Message-ID: <>

Anyone else noticed the uncanny similarity between the opening guitar riff
of "Little Lighthouse" (the trebly distorted tremelo bit) and the melody
line of "This Magic Moment" by Perry Como?

....thought not.   Okay, I'll shut up now.


Message-Id: <>
From: "Matt Keeley" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 17:22:17 +0000
Subject: Are we not men? We are Bonzos!

Hehe.. find the source of that topic, and you get my admiration...8)
(And, no, it's not merely a bastardisation of "Jocko Homo".. that's
actually a quote...)  anyway....

> From: (James Dignan)
> Subject: Re: Anti-Branson sentiments
> >2) Richard Branson. Somebody recently posted here that they hoped Bransons
> >balloon would come crashing down in flames with him aboard. Now, isn't this
> >slightly over-reacting ? What has Branson done to deserve this vitriol ?
> Alos let's not forget that Branson was so incensed at what the new owners
> have been doing with Virgin since he lost control that he set up a new
> label, V2.

Eh, I'm still not a big Branson fan.... Even if he didn't send XTC to
the barrel room personally, the whole thing that Mark Mothersbaugh
was talking about did it for me... In an interview with Mark, Mark
said (so this isn't just a rumour, this is from first hand exp) that
when DEVO signed with Virgin records (Warner in the States, but that
was a messy legal battle that I won't go into... anyway... WB in the
US and Canada, Virgin everywhere else) Dick took Mark and Jerry to
Jamaica, sat them in front of a table full of primo marajuana, got
them nice and high, then in their inebriated state, pitched that they
make Johnny Rotten their lead singer.... Luckily Mark and Jerry
realised that something wasn't right, even in their pot-induced haze,
and refused... but still... I think that DEVO should be the only ones
allowed to get DEVO high.

> From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
> Dear Chalkers,
> A good friend told me that Cooking Vinyl is planning to distribute
> the new forthcoming XTC CD and tape. Does this really mean what it
> seems to imply ??? No more new lovely smelly XTC vinyl ?
> Arghhhhhhhhhhhh, surely this can't be true!

Agh!  Dammit, Andy said it'd be on vinyl... and a lot of record
companies are returning to vinyl releases it seems.. so hopefully
we'll get one of those big discs.  And if it doesn't come out like
that, well, I hope Andy puts the smack down on those bitches.  And if
there's one thing we've learned from gangsta culture, it's that we
put the smack down on our hos.

> From:
> Matt-Bonzo albums are hard to come across these days, so I'm not even going
> to try. I DO love I'm the Urban Spaceman, though. Saw Neil Innes perform it
> on the Hollywood Bowl, with Carol Cleveland tap dancing right along.

Actually, most or all were just recently re-released on CD... Urban
Spaceman, Gorrilla, Keynsham, Let's Make Up and Be Friendly and
Tadpoles.... They're on CEMA/One Way Records... mastering's not
great, but it's better than being kicked in the face, eh?

Ah well, that's this world over...

Living Through | (ICQ UIN: 1455267, Name: MrMe)
Another        |
Cuba -- XTC    | I used to be temporarily insane!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now I'm just stupid! -- Brak


Message-Id: <>
From: "MNAC" <>
Subject: generals and majors
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 12:17:33 +1100

hello there

i have a desperate need to play genrals and majors, but cant find even the
chords anywhere

any clues, or better still, has anybody got some chords or tab for this

thanks in advance

the thin man

Sean Sexton


Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 20:45:38 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <v03007802b0fd30b1144c@[]>
From: Mitch Friedman <>
Subject: Money for Somesuch

Howdy Ho!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who came to the defense of the fantastic Nonsuch album
the same way I did when I had Andy on the phone. I'll be sure to tell him
that his perception of people's opinion on the album is wrong.

On a different subject altogether, I know this idea has been brought up
several times in the past but has never been acted on however this time I
think maybe it should be.  Since XTC is now in the position of having to
shell out their own money to make and distribute their music and since that
money seems to be hard to come by and since there is no evil demonic record
company in the way of them receiving a cash gift and doing with it what they
like . . . what does everyone think of the idea of me collecting however
much money anyone thinks is appropriate to send (along with a list of who
contributed) and then when it reaches a nice tidy sum, sending it as a gift
to XTC to help them pay for whatever they need it for? It would be
my/their/and ultimately your pleasure.



Message-Id: <v01540b03b0fd8602b3c9@[]>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 14:57:34 +1200
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: oh no, they're Baconising again...

>So, I'm standing in the shower this morning, trying to come up with a
>new Chalkhills thread...and then it hit me, much like Kevin Bacon hit
>the main characters of the scary movie "Sleepers": how about "Six
>Degrees of XTC"? Just tie XTC to any musician, in six steps or less.
>Let's see how odd we can get:

aaaaaagh! This comes up every twenty digests or so! (BTW - Elvis
Costello->Brian Eno, who toyed with the idea of joining XTC in the late
70s, and who, like Andy, has worked with Harold Budd.

OK. Weird ones:
Eric Idle(Monty Python)->Rikki Fataar(Rutles)(thus also a connection with
Neil Innes)->Tim Finn(Solo albums)->Brian Eno(801)->Harold Budd->Andy P.

Woody Allen->Paul Simon (Annie Hall)->Tony Levin(solo albums)->Robert
Fripp(King Crimson)->Eno->Budd->Partridge

You can tie in just about everyone to Brian Eno within three steps, from
Future Sound of London(->Fripp->Eno) to Neil Young(->Bob Dylan->Daniel
Lanois->Eno), and he's worked with everyone from InXS to Luciano Pavarotti,
so it becomes too easy. And Fripp and his King Crimson cohorts
(particularly Tony Levin) have worked with just about everyone. Similarly,
Dave Mattacks connects with the whole British folk scene, from Steeleye
Span to Jethro Tull. And through the Finn brothers (and therefore Crowded
House) you can go to Roger McGuinn and much of the West Coast 60s folk
explosion. Here's a stranger one, though:

Me!->Mike Stoodley(Moomins)->Alan Haig(Verlaines)->Martin Phillipps(Chills)
->Dave Gregory & Dave Mattacks



Message-Id: <v01540b08b0fd8ea8b41f@[]>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 15:28:43 +1200
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: 6 to Lindsey & TAFKAP

>Lindsey Buckingham

to Stevie Nicks, to Tom Petty, to Roy Orbison, to Brian Eno (previously

to Stevie Nicks, to Tom Petty to George Harrison (previously mentioned)

to John Stewart, to the Beach Boys (IIRC), to Van Dyke Parks, to Martin
Phillipps, to Dave Gregory.

to Warren Zevon, to Bob Dylan, to Daniel Lanois, top Brian Eno...

to Warren Zevon, to Michael Stipe, to Robyn Hitchcock, to Thomas Dolby, to
Andy Partridge.


ah, 'the artist formerly possessing a talent'...

to the Bangles, to Kimberley & the Waves, to Robyn Hitchcock, to Thomas
Dolby, to Andy Partridge.




Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 22:59:21 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <>
From: Michael Kearns <>
Subject: Driving me loco

Someone wrote:

>I finally got hold of the AP demos over Xmas . . . A mixed bag. You and
>the Clouds . . . My Brown Guitar and Your Dictionary; these I'm
>expecting to be some of the best XTC songs yet. I'm hoping Prince of
>Orange, The Last Balloon and Church of Women don't make it. Do any
>'in-the-know' people know the situation regarding what's

PLEASE.. can we stop this? Apparently Andy gets to read some of this stuff.
Of course he's way above all this pointless discussion. Who the hell are we
to judge what should be put on/left off the upcoming album? I've heard some
of the demos. So what? Wait until you buy and hear the finished product,
then judge! Until then, I don't care to be one of, or hear from, the
so-called "in-the-know" people. Actually I don't mind reading posts from
those who have talked with members of XTC, but 'the situation regarding
what's in/out/undecided?' PLEASE STOP!!!. I just want to hear new music from
XTC, when XTC feels it is ready for us to hear it. Sorry, but this is sacred
to me.

"There are some things in this world to which I am proud to be maladjusted."
-- MLK


Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 20:48:57 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <>
From: John Relph <relph>
Subject: Yazbek

For you Yazbek fans out there, his new long-player, _Tock_, is now
available for pre-release purchase.  You can find ordering details on
the Chalkhills product page:

(That's where _Chalkhills Children '97_ is to be found, as well.)

Happy Listening.

	-- John


Date: 4 FEB 98 17:03:34 AES
Subject: Andy appears on Stephen Duffy's new album
Message-ID: <>

I know there's a few chalksters who've been waiting on this news - gleaned
from the Japanese Stephen Duffy website at:

Cooking Vinyl Records are going to release Stephen's postponed album "I
Love My Friends" on Monday 20th April in the U.K.  And In Japan, Quattro
Record Rebel is going to release the album on 21st March.

Stephen plays all the guitars, keyboards and of course all the vocals. He
also plays some bass guitar and Alex James from Blur and Andy Partridge of
XTC also play on it. Other contributers are: Aimee Mann (sings "What If
This Is Our Only Love"), Ric Menk mainly plays the drums and Dave Mattacks
(Nick Drake or the Nolans fame) plays on a couple of songs, and Justin
Welch of Elastica (and from Me Me Me combo) plays the drums on Seventeen.
Stephen Street produced the most, Andy Partridge produced a couple and
Stephen (Duffy) produced a little.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 22:22:42 -0800
From: "!Eric Rosen" <!>
Subject: 6 degrees of xTc

i wouldn't want to even contemplate the notion of there being fewer than
6 degrees of separation between xTc & celine dion....


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 00:01:51 -0700
Subject: Album spoiled by demos? A suggestion...

So hearing Andy's demos will spoil the effect of the new album?  Sure,
but ONLY if you imprint every note into your memory by listening to them
over and over and over...

SOLUTION:  Stop listening  -- NOW!

You've had a taste of what the songs are, now put the tape away and hum
them from memory for the next six or so months.  When "Firework"
arrives, the tunes will seem like old friends dressed up in new
clothes.  And you won't be disappointed...

Come on, use some will power!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 22:16:30 -1000
From: Dave+Chris <>
Subject: This Is Fun

Tracey Ullman: Paula Abdul choreographed The Tracey Ullman Show,
Letterman's guitarist and bassist appeared in a Paula Abdul video, XTC
appeared on Letterman.


Message-ID: <>
From: Wood Robert MMUk <>
Subject: Another Elvis.
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 08:58:17 -0000

Re: Six degrees of XTC >> Elvis Costello (I tried, but couldn't come up
with > anything),  <<

OK, I know we've had one Elvis Costello link but here's another...

Elvis wrote "The other end of the Telescope" with the sublime Aimee
Mann, Aimee Mann had Dave Gregory (in both sences of the word by all
accounts <g>)  playing with her when I saw her supporting World Party in
Manchester (that's Manchester, England!) and er, Dave Gregory plays in
XTC. No really, he does!

Personally, I reckon Dave was a lucky bastard...

Actually that was really wierd, as I was watching the gig where he [DG]
played in Aimee's band, I kept thinking "that guitarist looks ever so
familiar!" When she introduced the band to us I nearly keeled over! Such
excitement, getting to see Aimee live for the first time after 10 years
of waiting and hoping *and* getting to see Dave play his beautiful 12
string Rickenbacker! *And* World Party were brilliant. Some gig that.


Message-Id: <v03007801b0fddc7aa4a0@[]>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 03:56:30 -0500
From: Curtiss Hammock <>
Subject: Re: Six degrees of XTC

> But can you link: Prince, Celine Dion, Lindsey Buckingham, or Queen?

I'll take a stab at Queen:

Elton John sang a Queen song at the Freddy Mercury memorial concert (a duet
with Axl Rose--ack!). He also played the Pinball Wizard in the movie
"Tommy," which also featured Eric Clapton, as the Hawker. Eric played
guitar on George Harrison's  "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," on the
Beatles' "White Album" (he aslo nicked his wife--see "Layla"). As
previously mentioned, George contributed to Badfinger's album, "Straight
Up," as did producer Todd Rundgren, who produced XTC's "Skylarking."


Curtiss R.Hammock II
MacBeth Design
Atlanta, GA, USA


Message-Id: <C12565A1.0037CD58.00@PARIBAS.COM>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 10:45:25 +0100
Subject: Lumiere moves ...

     Bonjour !

     I'm moving from the sunny South-West of France and so Lumiere too !

     The new address is :

     c/o Patrick Bourcier
     36 rue de Latche
     31700 Beauzelle

     No changes for my personal e-mail :

     No new number of Lumiere until the beginning of March. Be patient for
     them who are waiting for the old issues. It'll arrive !

     Take care of you !


Subject: dear god
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 12:08:43 +0000 (GMT)
Message-Id: <E0y03dD-0002WS-00@sunx1>
From: Mandy Taylor <>

Quite frankly it pains me to read any criticsm of XTC amongst these
pages, even though I realise that with the massive amount of material
the band have produced over the years there's bound to be more than a
few people disappointed with new directions or just the odd song or
dodgy lyric...And of course, people have a right to their opinions,
but it's *weird* to read about XTC People saying Snowman isn't a
favourite or The Big Express was a downer, when for *me* it's all
just pure, fundamental XTC. There, no point to that, just an odd
feeling I get.
It's one thing I've learnt, and it seems to be v.common with other
fans judging by the constant remarks about it, is the uncanny way XTC
grow on you, or else sneak up behind and bloody grab you by the
throat. (Church Of Women -not a particular favourite- happened to
enter my head, so I went to listen to it, and whadda you know but I
could hardly breathe as I was listening to it, it was that honest and
sweet..that sort of thing, you know?). So anyway, what I wanted to
and should have just said in the first place, is that after all this
experience of listening to XTC, is that I just have faith in them.


Message-Id: <>
From: "Witter, Karl F" <>
Subject: Six degrees of Whitney Houston
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 08:31:27 -0500

>[Ben Gott]Any takers? I'd be interested to see anyone tie...
>Whitney Houston to XTC.

Easy, young Maineiac-in-training:

1) Whitney lip-synched the Star-Spangled Banner before the 1991
Super Bowl.

2) The official "Gulf War Super Bowl" was the greatest combo
of sport and military spectacle since Leni Reifenstahl's
"Triumph of the Will", celebrating and chronicling a humongous
Nazi party rally in 1935 (date wrong?).

3) Andy hates Nazis, last I heard.

There you go,


Message-Id: <m0y073U-00MjWNC@Mail.ZEDAT.FU-Berlin.DE>
From: "Coni" <>
Subject: XTC special on the radio
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 16:41:16 +0100

Hi there,

the other day I tuned into a radio show on one of the few German radio
stations which cater for music fans. To my surprise the DJ ran a special on
XTC. He discussed the merits of Swindon's claim to fame and played the
tracks "This is Pop", "Mayor of Simpleton", "Nigel" and "Senses"
I quickly logged myself into the online chat that the station runs and
started haranguing my fellow chatters. I had never done this before and I
realize now that it's probably not best foot forward to join a chat and
immediately introduce a completely new thread but there you go.
DJ took kindly to my incoherent rambling and even played "The Rhythm" which
I had requested.

Nice One!

Shame that I couldn't post about this special in advance. Some of you
German speaking chalkies might have liked to join the chat. The station is
called Fritz (that name, sigh...) and their program is transmitted
Europewide via satellite, I think. The DJ's name is Johnny and his
excellent show is on Tuesdays 20.00 CET.

Oh, and thanks to Mark Strijbos who recently answered some of my queries.


* --------------------------------------------------------
Now Playing     Prefab Sprout - "Lions in my own Garden"


Message-Id: <>>
From: Jonathan Monnickendam <>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 12:04:37 +0000
Subject: A Sparkler for Firework ?

There was talk of a disc of demos to accompany Nonsuch and i wonder what
chalkhill people would like to see this time. I guess the obvious would be a
 tape/cd of the demos or of extracts/outtakes from the studio. I thought
Sparkler would be suitable name and suggest that it be distributed through
Chalkhills and the Little Express at a price to ensure it covers costs. Now
the boys have everything under their own control this type of release is
easier to do.

Perhaps Simon or Mitch have some idea as to whether this is viable.

And as for that Dave Gregory cd

Great to see the our bashful non-singing boy tackling two vocal numbers ;
Our Prayer: The Beach Boys
Because: TheBeatles,
I'd love one of the lucky ones to tell me what the arrangements are like.


On the turntable - No Other by Gene Clark

* ---------------------------------------------------------------
The views expressed are of the individual, and do not
necessarily reflect the views of The United Bank of Kuwait PLC.
* ---------------------------------------------------------------


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 09:32:31 +0000
From: Tim Harris <>
Subject: Re: Attention Chalkhills Children '97 Contributors

In message <>
, Miller, Ed <> writes
>If all the contributors would mail me a little more info about their
>work on CC'97, I'll compile it and send it back to the list.  That way
>we can do this one time and it will benefit anybody on the list who
>cares to read it.
>Please include specifics on instruments, recording equipment, effects,
>inspirational events, psychedelia, whatever...

Excellent idea - and also, if possible, an outline of the arrangement if
its not already on the song transcriptions page in Chalkhills (esp
Easter Theatre!) or different from those that have already been posted.
Tim Harris


Message-ID: <004001bd3188$577d1390$>
From: "Robert P. Krajewski" <>
Subject: Degrees of Separation: Whitney Houston
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 11:17:03 -0500

There's probably an easier way to connect Whitney Houston to XTC (and lots
of other unlikely performers, at least in comparison to her, as well),
because she appeared on the 1982 album _One Down_ by Material, of whom Bill
Laswell was a member. From Laswell, you can go off into funk (George
Clinton, Bernie Worrell, Bootsy), rock (Motorhead, Iggy Pop), ambient techno
(Tetsuo Inoue, Terre Thaemlitz, Peter Namlook), jazz (Herbie Hancock, Olu
Dara, Henry Threadgill, Caspar Brotzmann), various African musicians, the
Golden Palominos, various hip-hop DJs, and Eno -- so that means pretty much
anybody can be connected to her in four steps...

So I'd say:

Whitney Houston (vocals) --> appeared on "One Down", by Material (Laswell)
Laswell (bass) --> "On Land", Brian Eno
Brian Eno (producer) --> Ultravox (debut album), Steve Lillywhite (engineer)
Steve Lillywhite (producer) --> XTC, several albums


Message-Id: <9802041019.AA16889@jhensley>
Date: Wed,  4 Feb 1998 10:19:16 -0500
From: "Jon Hensley" <>
Subject: DEMOS!!!

Hello all,

I've just recently subscribed to Chalkhills and I've heard alot about the
demos from the upcoming new album. My question is how does one obtain these?
Should I look in my local music stores in the import sections or does someone
have to dub them for me or do I have to order them or what? HELP!!! I need to
have them! Please help me!

One more question. How many Chalkhill members out there are musicians? I'm
just curious. I have been playing bass for about 12 years now and Colin
Moulding was and still is one of my biggest influences (with Andy Rourke of
the Smiths a close second).

Well, that's about it. If anyone could help me out with the demos I'd greatly
appreciate it.


XTC song of the day: Then She Appeared
non XTC song: Nomads by the High Llamas

ps  By the way, I think Nonsuch is XTCs best album to date with Skylarking a
very, very close second.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 11:38:40 EST
Subject: This baffles me.....

I just checked out an XTC board on AOL, and a poster had said that in the
March issue of Guitar Player magazine, Andy was named one of the 20 most
influential Brit Pop guitarists. Granted, Andy is a good player, but how in
the hell could they mention him and not Dave????? IMNSHO, Andy will be
remembered more for his songwriting/producing than his guitar playing. Look at
how many artists Dave has recorded with and toured with...we've got Aimee
Mann, Peter Gabriel, Martin Newell, Alice, Cleaners From Venus, the list goes
on, not to mention his contributions to "If Six Was Nine" and "1967-Through
the Looking Glass".

Blasphemy, I tell you!!!!!!

Well tis all. Just needed to vent my spleen.



Message-ID: <01BD317C.8E88D600@NTS-WEBDEV>
From: Tony Nowikowski <>
Subject: Marilyn Manson to XTC (hunh?)
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 14:52:40 -0500

Last issue, Amanda said:
Ben-Oh I can link Elvis Costello and XTC easily.....T-Bone Burnett produced
Elvis's SPIKE album.....Sam Phillipas is T-Bone's wife....Colin played bass
on an album of Sam's. There! Now if I could only figure out Marilyn Manson
and XTC.......

Not too tough ...
Marilyn Manson was "discovered" and produced by Trent Reznor.
One of the guest musicians on Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral was
Adrian Belew.
Adrian plays with Robert Fripp in King Crimson.
Fripp played with Barry Andrews in The League of Gentlemen.
Barry ... well, you know ... 8*)

(Speaking of which, I'd be interested to hear MM's or NIN's take on "Travels
in Nihilon" ... seems up their alley!)



Message-Id: <>
From: "Sawyer, Keith" <>
Subject: XTC links
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 15:24:37 -0500

Mark French <> asks:
>But can you link: Prince, Celine Dion, Lindsey Buckingham, or Queen?

Prince -> worked with Kate Bush on her album The Red Shoes -> which was
engineered by Haydn Bendall

Celine Dion - > appeared on the For Our Children Too compilation with
Elton John -> who often hired Gus Dudgeon to produce his albums

Lindsey Buckingham -> played guitar on Don Henley's Building the Perfect
Beast -> which also had vocals from Belinda Carlisle, former lead singer
of the Go-Go's -> which appeared on Urgh! A Music War

Queen bassist John Deacon -> played on Elton John's Leather Jackets
album -> with drummer Dave Mattacks

I hate these things.



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