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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 48

                 Tuesday, 3 February 1998

Today's Topics:

            CC '97: The Comment on the Review
               Re: Anti-Branson sentiments
        bits of Chalk scattered in every direction
                      No More Vinyl?
                      Columbia Horse
            My thoughts on TESTIMONIAL DINNER
          It's official: Andy is a guitar hero!
                    Six Degrees of XTC
                  degrees of separation
                  Re: Six Degrees of XTC
       RE: Ben Gott's Six step links & misc. things
                  Six 'reaching' Degrees
              LOST IN MUSIC and the AP demos
                      Re: XTC Report
                   Erik Anderson redux
                  An open letter to Andy
                    Re: Easter Theatre
                     Lordy lordy.....
                  Re: Six Degrees of XTC
                    Six degrees of XTC
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Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 14:38:25 -0800
From: "MARK G. CUEVAS" <>
Subject: CC '97: The Comment on the Review

In CC#4-46, MARKROCKS wrote:
> Snowman:  OK, maybe I'm biased because this is the song that
> really got me hooked on XTC in the first place, but I really dig
> this version.


> Very true to the original yet somehow your own at the same time.

Thanks.  I'm glad you appreciate what we were trying to accomplish.
We wanted to capture alot of the original (which we love) but we also
wanted something totally unique (the last bit).  One of my favorites in this
is the sound Jeff got with the backing (frosty) vocals.  IMO Jeff got that
effect just right.

> Great drums, I love the plinky piano sound.  And don't forget the
> Mid-eastern drum/keyboard coda.

Er, the only plinky piano is in the intro which occurs just before Jeff's
cat, "Bear," dutifully played his chime part.  [The damn cat is seeking
Union wages and has hired a publicist].  ;) But I digress.  Back to the
"piano."  What you're actually hearing is Jeff's amazing *guitar* part.
This is not midi.  Jeff played this throughout.  It's so stinkin' clean!

> If push came to shove, I might have to tag this track my favorite.

Well thank you kindly once again.  We like you.

As for *our* favorites, we've already emailed Harrison.  What a
tremendous effort.  His version of RbR absolutely cooks.  I'm also rather
partial to Toys, Punch & Judy and Down a Peg.  (In that regard, if anyone
knows the email addresses of Randy Christopher and Steve Clarke,
please let me know.  I emailed the wrong Steve Clarke recently).

There are of course others that we like quite a lot.  More on that later.

Now Playing:  CC '97 and Twiggy, Twiggy (Pizzicato Five)


Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 11:47:17 +1300 (NZDT)
Message-Id: <v01540b05b0fcb4ddc954@[]>
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: Re: Anti-Branson sentiments

>2) Richard Branson. Somebody recently posted here that they hoped Bransons
>balloon would come crashing down in flames with him aboard. Now, isn't this
>slightly over-reacting ? What has Branson done to deserve this vitriol ?
>Do you think he woke up one morning , thought "what can I do today "? "I
>know ...I'll kick XTC off the label !! At the time XTC were dropped,
>Branson had relinquished all control of Virgin music and was totally
>wrapped up in Virgin Air. If you have to blame somebody, find out who the
>cretin was at Virgin who actually decided to drop XTC. I really don't think
>Branson should be at all crucified. Also, lets not forget that Virgin
>continued to finance XTC for years when most other labels would have
>dropped them for lack of sales. They should get some credit for that even
>though they made a total mess of it at the end.

Alos let's not forget that Branson was so incensed at what the new owners
have been doing with Virgin since he lost control that he set up a new
label, V2. From what I gather (which may be inaccurate...) V2 was a direct
response to some of the stupid decisions and corporate thinking which are
rife at Virgin, and which he had tried to avoid during his time in charge.
Virgin under Branson gave XTC the benefit of a lot of doubt as to the
commerciality of their music. Most of the problems associated between
Virgin and XTC seem to have been caused by incompetent under-managers and
sthady accounting on the part of middlemen, rather than through any fault
of Branson (these problems could, mind you, have been partly caused by
Branson's own lack of 'corporate thinking').



Message-Id: <72EDB966944AD1118DC90080D82074882BC390@ex-campus2>
From: "Pedretti-Allen, Richard" <>
Subject: bits of Chalk scattered in every direction
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 15:12:41 -0800


re: Rob, the 17 year old drummer...

Let us raise our glasses for the first and second generations!

re: "I hope we're not reaching a flat era again."

Er... that "flat era" was 1993 through 1997.  It'll all be over in a few
LONG months.

re: Hazelnuts

Against my therapist's better judgement, I would like to state that
"Crocodile" reminds me of knotted nylons.

...oh, never mind.

re: Testimonial Dinner review...  (Terry & the Lovemen)  ...I love
[Colin's] Colinesque voice.   ...Sign these lads up as the opening act
on the forthcoming XTC tour ( a double shot of wishful thinking???)

A bit more than "double", I'd say!   Dave, "they" are one in the same.

re: What is Chalkhills' Children?

Chalkhills' Children '96 and '97 are XTC tribute tapes.  They contain
XTC songs (with one "medley-type" exception) that have been played,
recorded, produced or otherwise generated by members of Chalkhills (for
good or for bad).  There is a wide variety of styles and qualities
presented... some professional, some... let's just say, "less than

Only cassette tapes are available.  The CDs you hear about are only
provided to contributors and XTC themselves.

For Rob, Suzanne and anyone interested in purchasing Chalkhills'
Children '96 or '97, ordering information is available at

email personally ( if you can't get the CC96/97 data you
seek there.

Cheers, Richard


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 00:33:05 +0000
Subject: No More Vinyl?

Dear Chalkers,

A good friend told me that Cooking Vinyl is planning to distribute
the new forthcoming XTC CD and tape. Does this really mean what it
seems to imply ??? No more new lovely smelly XTC vinyl ?
Arghhhhhhhhhhhh, surely this can't be true!

As far as I know (AFAIK) our Heroes insisted on a vinyl release when
they were looking for a new record deal so I'm unpleasantly
surprised. Does anyone in the twilight of the gods know the score?
Mitch, Mark F, Peter, anybody ???

yours in agony,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse
 the XTC website @


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 21:45:18 -0500
From: Ben Gott <>
Organization: Loquacious Music -
Subject: Columbia Horse


You all might be interested to know that XTC is featured in my recent
paper-wasting Columbia House mailing. Geffen Records, in an effort to
get people to buy albums like Kylie Minogue's "Kylie" and "The Simpsons
Sing the Blues" have gotten CH to put a "Geffen Records" insert in with
their regular catalog. Included are "Nonsuch" (hailed as "a lyrical and
musical masterpiece"), "Skylarking," "O&L," "Upsy Daisy," and

I also think the Freedy Johnston's "Earn Enough for Us" is one of the
best things on "Testimonial Dinner." It's *so* Freedy...slide guitars,
roots-rockish beat...All there...Check out "Never Home."


Let's see how many Yazbek albums I can buy online tomorrow!

* ----------------------------------------------- *
B e n   G o t t        ::           Bowdoin College
(207) 721-5142         ::       Brunswick, ME 04011
  And I've cancelled your subscription to my life.
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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 23:04:30 -0500 (EST)
From: Kara N Berryman <>
Subject: My thoughts on TESTIMONIAL DINNER
Message-ID: <>

This is my first posting, because I just joined the list.  I was planning
on just sitting back and reading for awhile, but I feel compelled to
respond to Dave's review of Testimonial Dinner.
Yes, I do agree that overall I don't think the album is anything to wet
yourself about.  BUT--I have to disagree with some of his comments.  ONE:
Although I don't think Freedy Johnston's version of "Earn Enough For Us"
is particularly earth-shattering, I disagree strongly with the
condescending tone Dave used when talking about Freedy himself.  He has
as much right to be on the album as anyone else.  In fact, I think he is a
very talented musician.  Have you heard "This Perfect World?"  It is an
incredible song and album!
TWO:  What makes "Wake Up" an incredible song in my book is the
repeating female voices at the end of the song.  Yes, the Verve Pipe's
take on the song was different....and they left out the best part of the
THREE:  To contrast, Sarah MacLaclan's version of "Dear God" is different
in a good way.  No, she didn't rock it, but that is what makes it
FOUR:  Terry and the Lovemen are obviously XTC recording in disguise on
their own tribute album because it was the only way they could legally
record at the time.  Listen to the vocal!!  Terry is credited for guitar,
bass, and vocals--but Chris Sharrock is credited for DRUMS.  Is this not
Ok, that is all.  I don't want to do a complete play-by-play of my
opinions of all of the songs, but there were a few things I had to say.



Message-ID: <>
From: Martin & Jamie Monkman <>
Subject: It's official: Andy is a guitar hero!
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 22:51:51 -0800

Andy Partridge is one of the guitarists listed in the new (March 1998) issue
of Guitar Player magazine in the article "Union Jacks: The 20 Most
Influential Brit Pop Guitarists".  There's a short blurb about Andy's legacy
("quirky melodies"), his gear, 11 fab tracks (4 of which Colin wrote!), and
a photo of Andy and Dave apparently (obviously!) taken during the same
session that yielded the photos used in the 1992 Guitar Player article on
the pair.  For those of us who get excited by these things, Andy's posing
with Dave's Gretch, and Dave's got the Vox Phantom in hand.


Our homepage:


Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 22:00:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Benjamin Lukoff <>
Subject: Six Degrees of XTC
Message-ID: <>

> Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 12:12:00 -0500
> From: Ben Gott <>
> How about "Six Degrees of XTC"? Just tie XTC to any musician, in six
> steps or less. Any takers? I'd be interested to see anyone tie Whitney
> Houston, Tracey Ullman (yes, the awesome theme song/80's hit qualifies
> her as a musician), Elvis Costello (I tried, but couldn't come up with
> anything), and Hanson.

Three of these stump me, but Elvis is easy enough.  Elvis wrote "Boy With
A Problem" (off "Imperial Bedroom") with Chris Difford; Chris Difford
offered XTC the use of his studio to record "Firework" and now won't
release the master tapes to the band.

Benjamin Lukoff
"She is by my side, and the sky is wide -- so let the sun shine bright"
  -- Ray Davies


Message-ID: <>
From: Martin & Jamie Monkman <>
Subject: degrees of separation
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 23:21:32 -0800

Ben Gott asks in Chalkhills #4-47:

>Any takers? I'd be interested to see anyone tie Whitney Houston,

Stevie Wonder appears on Houston's "We Didn't Know" on the album "I'm Your
Baby Tonight" (thanks to my wife for owning that gem!)  Wonder also appears
on the Eurythmics's song "There Must Be An Angel".  Dave Stewart of
Eurythmics produced Tom Petty's album "Southern Accents".  Petty was in a
band called the Travelling Wilburys, along with George Harrison.  Harrison
produced and played on parts of Badfinger's album "Straight Up"; other
tracks on the album were produced by Todd Rundgren, who also produced XTC.

>Tracey Ullman (yes, the awesome theme song/80's hit qualifies her as a

Ullman's big "hit", "They Don't Know About Us", was written by and features
background vocals by Kirsty MacColl.  Ms. MacColl is (was?) married to
producer Steve Lillywhite, who produced XTC.  In fact, Lillywhite was slated
to produce what became "Nonsuch" but was too busy producing Kirsty's
"Electric Landlady" to make the XTC gig.

>Elvis Costello (I tried, but couldn't come up with anything),

Costello was one half of The Coward Brothers with T Bone Burnett (who also
produced Costello's "King Of America" album).  Mr. Burnett co-produced a
track on his wife Sam Phillip's album "Martinis and Bikinis" with one Colin
Moulding, who also played bass guitar on the song.

>and Hanson.

Can't be bothered!


Our homepage:


Message-Id: <v03007804b0fc7ec4fc06@[]>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 03:04:08 -0500
From: Curtiss Hammock <>
Subject: Re: Six Degrees of XTC

> So, I'm standing in the shower this morning, trying to come up with a
> new Chalkhills thread...and then it hit me, much like Kevin Bacon hit
> the main characters of the scary movie "Sleepers": how about "Six
> Degrees of XTC"? Just tie XTC to any musician, in six steps or less.
> Any takers? I'd be interested to see anyone tie Whitney Houston, Tracey
> Ullman (yes, the awesome theme song/80's hit qualifies her as a
> musician), Elvis Costello (I tried, but couldn't come up with anything),
> and Hanson.

Okay, call me a sucker, but here goes:

*Tracey Ullman* (not too hard)
      Paul McCartney worked with her on one song (did some singing, as I
recall). Paul also wrote the Badfinger hit, "Come and Get It." Aimme Mann
did a cover of Badfinger's "Baby Blue" on a recent tribute album. Former
Cavedog, Brian Stevens, has played with Aimee's touring band. Finally, Dave
Gregory played on Brian's solo disc, "Prettier Than You." Whew! Didn't
think I was going to make it in six or less.


Curtiss R.Hammock II
MacBeth Design
Atlanta, GA, USA


Message-Id: <>
From: Jon Holden-Dye <>
Subject: RE: Ben Gott's Six step links & misc. things
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 10:02:23 -0000

A couple of reactions to 4-47 (quotes missing, as I'm using crap Mail
software !).

Cheers, Ben. Whitney Houston, to XTC, you ask. S'easy :-

Whitney Houston
	Sang at the White House
The White House
	Residence of the President of the U.S.A., Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton
	Has a very famous "Pink Thing"
"Pink Thing"
XTC song of the day, on more than one occasion

Re Mitch's long post :-

Well, "Nonsuch" is certainly my favourite. I just view it as the next
progression for the band, at the time. A continuation of a long process
of maturation, that will, hopefully never stop ! Before that I thought
they'd peaked with "Oranges and Lemons". Before that with "Skylarking" .
. . . . And, I would not be in the least bit concerned if the album
versions sounded identical to, or completely different from, the demos !
That's purely the band's province. Period.
D.G.'s covers to be kept to the lucky few ? Not fair, he cried - Cream
"Those were the Days", "I Feel Free", "SWALBR". They were my favourite
band for many years (from the age of 14 onwards), when Clapton really
was at his best. All that inner tension between Bruce and Baker, Bruce
and Clapton . . . wonderful ! I'm that sad, I've got all the stuff on
CD, as well as keeping the old vinyl. And as for The Nice "Diamond Hard
Blue Apples of the Sun" AND "Happy Freuds". I'm distraught. I could go
on ("Gypsy Eyes" - somebody please tell me how D.G. interprets all those
guitar glissandos . . . Tull's "Love Story" - the only Tull song I'd
admit to liking !), but won't.

XTC Song of the Day:	"Big Day"
Non-XTC Song of the Day:	Bob Dylan "Oxford Town"

Cheers, Jon H-D


Message-Id: <v03007800b0fd34a39518@[]>
Subject: Six 'reaching' Degrees
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 21:02:55 +0800


In response to Ben,

>Any takers? I'd be interested to see anyone tie Whitney Houston, Tracey
>Ullman (yes, the awesome theme song/80's hit qualifies her as a
>musician), Elvis Costello (I tried, but couldn't come up with anything),
>and Hanson.

Am I reaching here?

Dave Gregory covered a Beatles song on 1967.
Paul McCartney once made a guest appearance in one of Tracey Ullman's video
(and it has been rumoured that they were seeing each other at one point)

Dave Gregory covered a Beatles song on 1967.
Paul McCartney wrote songs with Elvis Costello for Flowers In The Dirt.

Dave Gregory covered a Beatles song on 1967.
Lennon Produced an unreleased single for Mick Jagger in the early 70s.
Tina Turner opened for the Stones at Altamont.
The actress (I can't remember her name) played Tina in her autobiographical
The same actress is with Whitney Houston in Waiting To Exhale.

Dave Gregory covered a Beatles song on 1967.
Lennon Produced an unreleased single for Mick Jagger in the early 70s.
The Dust Brothers produced tracks on the Stones 'Bridges To Babylon' album.
Hanson was co-produced by The Dust Brothers.

Are these all fair calls?

Regards from The Saturday Club,

Steve (MGV)
The Right Reverend

Send Me $10 - You will be healed!

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                But when you get all you need, it's never enough.
                              (Terry Scott Taylor)
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Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 21:55:28 +0900
From: Colin <>
Subject: LOST IN MUSIC and the AP demos

Apologies if this has been mentioned before (the book I'm going to
mention is at least 3 years old). . .

A friend just lent me a book called LOST IN MUSIC by Giles Smith. It's
the author's account of his life as a music fan (obsessive), record
collector, and would-be pop star. Very funny and revealing. Set in the
late 70's/80's, XTC figure fairly prominently. I'm pretty sure anyone
reading this list would LOVE this book . . .

Giles Smith's pop accomplice was a guy called Martin Newell (his band:
The Cleaners From Venus). LOST IN MUSIC mentions that Mr. Newell ended
up recording an album with the help of our very own Mr. AP. Has anyone
heard it?

I finally got hold of the AP demos over Xmas . . . A mixed bag. You and
the Clouds . . . My Brown Guitar and Your Dictionary; these I'm
expecting to be some of the best XTC songs yet. I'm hoping Prince of
Orange, The Last Balloon and Church of Women don't make it. Do any
'in-the-know' people know the situation regarding what's

Another question. (Sorry, I should post more often.)
If I remember rightly, the album "Firework" is to have some Chinese
characters on the cover. Anyone know which one(s)? Who chose it?

No more questions.

Bye for now.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 10:04:54 -0500
From: James Campbell <>
Organization: SSAI
Subject: Re: XTC Report

Mitch reported.....

> Andy thought it was a shame that everyone had heard most of the
> demos because he thinks a good part of the surprise of a totally
> new batch of songs is now lost. In addition he's concerned that
> those of us who have been listening to the demos for quite a while
> may not like the studio versions if they veer even a little bit from
> the demo versions which they surely will in several instances.

AMEN!!!  'Tis like opening ones Christmas presents.....the previous
year!  Or as Andy would say, looking at his baby before its even

Demos....JUST SAY NO!


-- James


Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 10:21:18 -0500
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Erik Anderson redux

Well, I'm now informed that Erik is no longer employed with the
folks mentioned in my previous post about the XTC video scam, so
PLEASE do not try to call him there.  In no way, incidentally,
do I believe he should be harassed about this.  However, since so
many people have lost their money, some, like myself, might at
least wish a word with him.  Sorry to take up even more bandwidth
about this.  The kindness of other Chalkhillians has, for me,
more than made up for this one bad experience.

Thank you all!



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 10:43:14 -0500
From: Stormy Monday <>
Organization: Stormy Monday Enterprises
Subject: Nonsense


> Andy thought it was a shame that
> everyone had heard most of the demos because he thinks a good part of the
> surprise of a totally new batch of songs is now lost. In addition he's
> concerned that those of us who have been listening to the demos for quite a
> while may not like the studio versions if they veer even a little bit from
> the demo versions which they surely will in several instances.

The demos are gorgeous.  I'm sure the new renditions on first listen
will seem a bit odd, but will easily replace the demos as the definitive
versions of the songs.  XTC, like the Beatles, generate magic when they
play together. John and Paul (and George) continued to write and record
great songs after the break-up, but the records were not "Beatle"

> Andy also noted
> that he thought some of the orchestral things might really piss people off
> and he based this on some of the Chalkhills printouts he has been reading
> from the past few years in which Nonsuch was not as well liked as he
> thought.

B_A_L_D_E_R_D_A_S_H!  P_O_P_P_Y_C_O_C_K!

To borrow a phrase from the British,  "Bloody Shite!  What a load of

I think that "Nonsuch" remains as one of the best albums of the
nineties!  I'm sorry to hear that a few people on this list have made
Andy doubt what many of us consider to be a masterpiece.  Excepting
"Wardance", and "The Smartest Monkeys", the album is flawless.  (For the
record, "Wardance" and "Smartest" are still good songs, but Colin is
capable of more eloquent lyrics).

One of the most astonishing aspects of XTC's career has been their
ability to consistently provide their listeners with new records that
are truly new.  Starting with "Drums & Wires" (some might argue "White
Music"), each album has a distinctive sound and style.  Many bands find
a groove and stay there. Not XTC.
I love "Nonsuch", and I'm certain that I won't be disappointed in
"Firework".  The orchestral arrangements on songs like "Easter Theater",
"The Green Man" and "River of Orchids" are unique and wonderful.

I am very anxious to hear the new record, and am certain that it will be

Stormy Monday


Message-ID: <>
Date: 3 Feb 1998 11:21:22 U
From: "Wiencek, Dan" <>
Subject: An open letter to Andy

Mitch, thanks a ton for your last post, and for all the great news you give
us.  I know you're not a messenger service, but this is what I would want to
say to Andy had I his ear the way you do.

"Andy thought it was a shame that everyone had heard most of the demos
because he thinks a good part of the surprise of a totally new batch of
songs is now lost."

Though this is technically true, the demos themselves yielded considerable
"surprise" and it was a pleasure to get to know the new songs that way.
Some people have chosen to defer that pleasure 'til the album proper comes
out, but whether we discover the songs now or later doesn't matter all that
much.  Besides, there's an enormous aesthetic gulf between hearing a batch
of dubbed and re-dubbed, synthesized demos and hearing a properly recorded
album, with musicians playing and singing together.  As much as I enjoy the
demos, their technical shortcomings become apparent after a while and I'm
eagerly awaiting the spaciousness and warmth of a proper studio recording.

"In addition he's concerned that those of us who have been listening to the
demos for quite a while may not like the studio versions if they veer even a
little bit from the demo versions which they surely will in several

Change whatever you want!  They're your songs and you don't owe us a thing,
except to bring these songs to life with as much fidelity to your own vision
as you can.  I would *relish* changes in the songs.  We have the demos and
can always refer back to them if we have the urge to hear something in its
"primal" state.  As Mitch said, we'll all buy the album regardless, and
anyone who spoiled it for themselves by overplaying the demos can hardly
blame the band, can they?

"Andy also noted that he thought some of the orchestral things might really
piss people off and he based this on some of the Chalkhills printouts he has
been reading from the past few years in which Nonsuch was not as well liked
as he thought."

Nonsense.  (Pardon the pun.)  I think Nonsuch is great, as do many if not
most members of Chalkhills.  People tend to be more vocal about things they
don't like, because praise is boring to write and even more boring to read.
And I might also add that when people talk about not liking Nonsuch, I've
found they tend to have a beef with the writing rather than the arranging.
Whatever, it's their opinion.  I just think you need hardly worry about XTC
fans disliking orchestral arrangements in and of themselves.

In conclusion, I guess my point is: don't worry about us!  Worry about the
songs, worry about getting all the instrumental and vocal parts right, worry
about fixing all those little details that make a song fully realized.
That's all anyone here has any right to ask for.


Dan Wiencek


Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 09:06:31 -0800 (PST)
From: Misty Shock <>
Subject: Re: Easter Theatre
Message-ID: <>

> Hey, in case anyone was wondering, my version of "Easter Theatre"
> on CC97 was supposed to be sort of a mix of "I Am The Walrus" and
> "Hello Goodbye".  I guess it wasn't that obvious...oh well.  My
> PROBLEM was I didn't have a piano...thanks for the audience of
> one accolade.  Whoo-hoo!  SOMEONE liked it!

Hello, all.  Prompted to make my first post by this comment as "Easter
Theatre"  is one of my favorites on CC97 (Along with Randy Christopher's
"Down a Peg")!  I never noticed the line "Like the ground your breast
swells" before I heard your version.  Where's the "Hello Goodbye"
reference?  The bass in the chorus?

Misty Shock, who still thinks Squeeze is cool and doesn't understand why
people seem to dislike Nonsuch more than the others

"No round of drinks can extinguish this feeling of love and engulfing
bliss."					--Andy Partridge


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 12:40:11 EST
Subject: Lordy lordy.....

No pun intended to my namessake......anyhoo, I digress.

Lots more responses than usual this week.....

First off, in response to the porn club named XTC, just thought I'd drop a
line that on Jerry Springer yesterday (Yes, I watch talk shows to laugh.....)
there was a stripper named XTC. Small world, eh?

David-I had completely forgotten to respond to your review of Terry & the
Lovemen's song from Testy Dinner....if XTC was to book T&tL as their opening
act, they could go all out and book the Dukes too....they are, after all, one
in the same.

Ben-Oh I can link Elvis Costello and XTC easily.....T-Bone Burnett produced
Elvis's SPIKE album.....Sam Phillipas is T-Bone's wife....Colin played bass
on an album of Sam's. There! Now if I could only figure out Marilyn Manson
and XTC.......

Chris-Oh come come now, you underestimate me. I've grown up quite a bit, I
wouldn't lambast anyone for putting down the Dummies. I just get out my
voodoo kit and make a few dolls, get a few pins, chant a few spells.....JJ.

Matt-Bonzo albums are hard to come across these days, so I'm not even going
to try. I DO love I'm the Urban Spaceman, though. Saw Neil Innes perform it
on the Hollywood Bowl, with Carol Cleveland tap dancing right along.

Mitch-I have to say that Andy does have some legit fears, IMNSHO. I'm trying
to keep an open mind about the material, but from having listened to the
demos for so long, I can't help but have this nagging voice in the back of
my head, asking whether or not I'll like the material. Oh well, we shall see
when the ship arrives.

Tis all for now, school is a-calling me!!!

XTC song of the day-Child Crusade
non XTC song-One By One-Chumbawamba


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Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 13:44:03 -0500
From: Ira Lieman <>
Organization: Ogilvy & Mather
Subject: Elvis

Elvis to XTC...

Elvis Costello produced Squeeze's "East Side Story"
Chris Difford (of Squeeze) almost produced XTC's next album.

Easy, pshaw.


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Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 11:03:58 -0800
From: Mark French <>
Subject: Re: Six Degrees of XTC

Ok Ben, here they are.

*Whitney Houston* (very obscure!)
	Sang on Material's 1992 album "One Down",
	which was produced by band member Bill Laswell,
	who also produced Ryuichi Sakamoto's 1980(?) album B-2 Unit,
	on which Andy Partridge performed.

*Hanson* (not quite as obscure!)
	Their "Middle of Nowhere" CD was produced by The Dust Brothers,
	one of whom, Mike Simpson", produced The Eels 1997 CD,
	of which E, the main Eel, had a previous CD featuring the work of
	who perfomed "Another Satellite" on Testimonial Dinner.

*Tracey Ullman* (even less obscure!)
	Her first album was produced by Nick Lowe,
	who produced quite a number of albums for
*Elvis Costello*
	who himself produced Squeeze's 1981 Album "East Side Story".
	Squeeze member Chris Difford has a studio that XTC
	recorded at for their new release, before he nicked the master tape.

But can you link: Prince, Celine Dion, Lindsey Buckingham, or Queen?

Good Luck


Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 12:28:54 -0800 (PST)
From: "J. Brown" <>
Subject: Six degrees of XTC
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Ben Gott asked how to connect XTC and Elvis Costello i figured out 2 ways:

Elvis Costello wrote and Performed Shamed Into Love with Ruben Blades and
of course Ruben did The Man Who Sailed Around his Soul on Testimonial

Elvis Costello wrote 11 songs with Paul McCartney who was and Harrison
Sherwood covered the Lennon/McCartney son Hello Little Girl on the Butcher
Covers tribute tape and our harrison also has covered Reel by Real and
Living in a Haunted heart on CC97 and CC98.

 Jason Wilson Brown
 History & Canadian Studies Major
 President- GEEK The Secret Society of the College Bowl  (206) 632-4905
 P.O. Box 45822
 Seattle, WA 98145-0882
"I can't believe I'll never believe in anything again"
                                -Elvis Costello


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From: "Miller, Ed" <>
Subject: Attention Chalkhills Children '97 Contributors
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 13:43:37 -0700

Hi, y'all...

I think I'm picking up on a general need for more info about how the
Chalkhills Children '97 songs were put together.  I also have a few
questions I'd like to ask some of the artists and, in the interest of
efficiency, I'd like to propose a solution.

If all the contributors would mail me a little more info about their
work on CC'97, I'll compile it and send it back to the list.  That way
we can do this one time and it will benefit anybody on the list who
cares to read it.

Please include specifics on instruments, recording equipment, effects,
inspirational events, psychedelia, whatever...

Just include the song title and artist name at the beginning of your
blurb and try to keep your contribution to around a hundred words if
possible.  I will assemble your contributions without editing them and
post to Chalkhills in the next week or two, depending on how quickly
your input arrives.

Thanks, everyone!

Ed Miller


Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 17:58:02 -0500 (EST)
From: Thomas Slack <>
Subject: CC 97 Applause
Message-ID: <>

What's a talented group of musicians like this doing on an XTC fan club
mailing list? (Making one memorable tribute tape after another, of
course.) Congratulations on a fine effort from all - it's been my primary
listen for the last week. Knowing the interest those who make music have
in hearing other's opinions, I must offer up just a few on some of my
favorite tracks.

Real Be Reel - Harrison ("Quit Spilling Your Guts, It's Getting Messy")
Sherwood serves up a slice of unadulterated New Wave, complete with
Devo-esque vocals and maniacal spastic synth.

Summer Grass - Simon's merging of Summer's Cauldron, Grass, and the
Meeting Place takes on a life of its own that has me reminiscing about the
5th Dimension and the Turtles.

Easter Theatre - Cool psychedelic arrangement and (unfortunate fuzz tone
affectation aside), truly remarkable vocals.

Down a Peg - Randy (wherever you are), you may as well go ahead and do a
full album of these takes. Yet another excellent production, particularly
well-done vocals. Do you do your own material?

Toys - If I didn't know better, I'd think Thomas Dolby was using Steve
Clarke as a pseudonym.  Really well done, could be a radio hit.

Wrapped in Grey - Engelbert? I think not. If anything, the Association
(one of may favorites). Very pretty, like the ending better than the

Mole From the Ministry - Very Colin-esque vocals and a nice production.

Snowman - This was never one of my favorite songs, but this version really
does it justice.

Hope you all get some feedback from the boys on this one.



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