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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #4-40

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 40

                 Monday, 15 December 1997

Today's Topics:

                    Re: Critical Mass
       So long, farewell, aufweidershen goodnight!
                Whassup?/Old Age/Whatever
                       El Verde Man
                    Dateline: Morocco
                 Re: that makes two of us
       One, two, three, four, five...lucky winners
                    Request for videos
              Re: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
               Love At First Sight - Tabbed
                  Album title word play
           to change without prior notification
                        Iva Davies
                     complicated game
                     Dave's Chihuahua
         Well, maybe I don't have to go too far!
                Andy We Have Heard On High
                  White Music and stuff.
               this hall of fame business..
               In The Twilight Of The Gods
                A Quick One While I'm Away
                      XTC reference
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From: "Dr. Foulger" <>
Organization: Cutting Edge Optronics, Inc.
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 11:07:00 -0600
Subject: Re: Critical Mass
Message-Id: <>


Jim S. wrote:
> Hey! I live in St. Louis, too! I got my Mummer at Now Hear This in
> Crestwood.  Damn, I coulda SWORN I was the lone XTC fan in the midwest.
> Glad to know I am not alone!

Right, I think that we now have critical mass.  I know that at least
four people live in St. Louis.  You know who you are.  Having heard
lots about peoples' XTC parties and get-togethers, I think that it's
about time we had one in the mid-west.  How about it?  Everyone is
invited, email me personally if you would be interested in meeting
for some XTC.

Dames tWd

* ------------------------------------------------
'People will always wipe their feet on anything
with welcome written on it.' - AP


Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 11:29:57 -0600 (CST)
From: lady cornelius plum <>
Subject: So long, farewell, aufweidershen goodnight!
Message-id: <>

Yes, the Lady is finished with school and shall be disappearing for the next
month or two. SO I shall be brief in my farewells.....

WAIT!  LONG LIVE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Cornelius Plum
Since I won't be back till next year, we'll have to go with.....
XTC song of the year-Easter Theatre
non XTC song of the year-More Than This-Roxy Music
Misheard XTC lyric of the year-"I feel like I"m walking round a telephone
pole."Non-XTC misheard lyrics of the year-"The price of beans! It's bringing
me to my knees! The beans! the price!"-"Love Bites"-Def Leppard.
Quote of the year-"I was talking to Brad during the commercial break, and he
says he goes through six boxes of condoms a month."-Howard Stern doing his
traditional ribbing of guests. (Brad Roberts the particular guest that day.)


Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 11:55 -0700 (MST)
From: Dewitt Henderson <>
Subject: Whassup?/Old Age/Whatever
Message-Id: <19971210185700.BRWV215@[]>

Hey folxtc:

What's happening?  I've been off the list for 7-8 months, busy
surviving, workin' for a livin', doing some art, yadda yadda.
I got a bit tired of the sniping and ranting on the list, but
I just wanted to check back in.  Thank Gawd our boys are working
on a new album, but of course, there's Kenny G in the meantime
to listen to.  :^)

During my absence, I've somehow turned 40, but not to worry -
I haven't devolved into a lobotomized Classic Rock devotee.  Of
course, XTC is rapidly approaching the right age group... and
BTW, right on to whomever it was that suggested that XTC should
be admitted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, although I
suspect that they might not exactly be a shoo-in, even though
of course WE know how phockin' great they are.

Harrison Sherwood, my man, you are are riot!  Thanks to that
Bernhardt guy - whozzat? :^) - for pointing me to your latest
post.  I think that this new XTC should be a vast improvement
over that old sorry lot.  :^)

Roads CIRCLE the Gloooooooooooooobe...


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 14:43:55 -0500
From: Ryan Walsh <>
Organization: Boston University
Subject: El Verde Man

	My friend sent a tape of his music to Andy many years ago and Andy
actually wrote back. Now he just came out with a CD and wants to send it
to Andy but doesn't know his new address. Can anyone help ?
	I've got a great idea for a video for "The Green Man". It would
involve all these business men in suits and ties and carrying breifcases
suddenly getting in their cars and driving to the woods. In the woods there
is a large bonfire and they all dance around it evetually throwing their
breifcases in the fire and wearing their ties around their head.  Eventually
a green man arises from the fire : Naked of course.  All this intercut with
shots of the band playing in Kimonos in some sort of a temple. I'm a film
student at BU, do you think they'll hire me for the job?



Message-ID: <>
From: "Witter, Karl F" <>
Subject: Dateline: Morocco
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 15:00:38 -0500

If there is to be an "extras" CD, I suggest it be called
"The Last Balloon" and the cover be a photo treatment of
Richard Bramson's craft leaving without him from Morocco.
I split my sides laughing at that one.

Roundabout is incredible and makes me want to tour Swindon.
And if I were to hop across the Atlantic, if there's time, I
might squeeze in some other cities such as London, Paris and

Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame? What always confuses me is neither-
fish-nor-fowl entry. One doesn't get in for a particular work
(like Best Picture at the Oscars) nor after retiring (like
the Baseball Hall of Fame--sorry about the overwhelming
American allegories here), but as a lifetime-to-date-
achievement award. What gives? Yes, yes, "twenty-five years
after your career started", but still, isn't that just
encouraging people who _should_ give it up? I'd rather some
were strictly retired or (gasp) had left this mortal coil
before getting in. (If, on the other hand, XTC or any of the
long-lived-high-quality-artistic-influence-but-not-rich bands
got a cut of admissions, then I'd be in favor. Does the HoF walk
its talk for those who aren't swimming in $$?)

>The effervescent Sherwood Harrison's Hyperion's "Hoaks" calls
me "the aging 'Blank Generation' which came of age in the late
seventies and early eighties". Jeez, if you tried, could you
come up with something less attractive than that? It's enough
to make me buy a fleece jester hat and take up snowboarding, dude.

The whole darn place is gonna turn to sand,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 15:14:14 -0500
From: James Campbell <>
Organization: SSAI
Subject: Re: that makes two of us

> From: Jason Garcia <>
> Dave Blackburn came to my rescue:
> >And boy I'd like to hear a properly remastered version of O&L,
> >which as it stands, epitomizes what is wrong with late 80's digital sound.
> THANK YOU!!!  See, SOMEBODY knows what I'm talking about.  I'm NOT
> crazy.  O&L just sounds BAD, on CD at least.

HUH?!?  O&L has always struck me as the cleanest sounding
XTC album in their catalogue.  You can hear absolutely
everything crisp and clear!  And that especially includes
Colin, who seemed to get lost amongst all of the
greenery when Skylarking got mixed, which in hindsight
is truly a shame....

Plus, I'm thinking O&L was recorded in analog???

Great to see Yazbek last week here in D.C. both with
Ben Folds Five and at the Iota club, despite recovering
from food poisoning 8^0.  Great meeting fellow
Chalkies Todd and Craig (need to get you the videos
tape), and the new tunes all sound great!  Imagine
liking a band that put out a new album every 12 months
or so.....hmmmmm.....


-- James


Message-Id: <199712101934.LAA23147@>
From: "Steve Clarke" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 11:36:53 +0000
Subject: One, two, three, four, five...lucky winners

My my, two posts in a week!  Am I loosing control?

Anyway, I was reasonably inundated with requests for the ancient
tape of an AP interview.  The first five, who will get a tape are:

(big Terry Chambers drum roll)

Matt Burnside
Mandy Taylor
R. Chris Palmer
Iron Pail (???)
Peter Fitzpatrick

I'll mail you all privately to make sue I have your right addresses
and such.  In the meantime I'll negotiate with our son for loan of
his twin casette deck.

Steve Clarke
B.C. Canada


Message-ID: <>
From: "Miller, Ed" <>
Subject: Request for videos
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 15:17:05 -0700

Dear Chalkmates,

Having read in the last edition that Firework will not be released until
Fall of 1998, I'm trying to figure out how to satisfy my cravings.

I realized that I watch the video of the boys on Letterman about once
every couple of weeks, and have never grown tired of it.  So.......

Does anyone have any videos to trade?  I'm in the US and I guess I need
NTSC format (not the European flavor).  I have a limited collection of
XTC stuff, but maybe there's something else we could trade.

I'd specifically like to see some live performance video, but in lieu of
that, I'd love just about anything including music videos, interviews,
farting sessions, drunken ramblings... you know, the usual stuff.




Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 22:15:15 -0500
Subject: XTC-Pheonix
Message-ID: <>
From: (Patrick M Adamek)


     I really could get used to that title, i.e.,


It could quickly outgrow the whole Arizona connection and would stand on
its own as a testimony to the 6 year wait that we've all endured.  I can
imagine a very detailed album cover depicting said pheonix rising from
the flames (like maybe in the style of 25 o'clock).



Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 22:50:49 -0500
Subject: Re: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Message-ID: <>
From: (Patrick M Adamek)

In Chalkhills #4-39, Don Rogalski wrote:
>The rawk'n'role howl of fame is nothing more than a battle of the
>bands done up with multi-million dollar backing.

As a Charter Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and attendee of the
Groundbreaking, Grand Opening, Concert for, and "sneak preview" of the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I take exception to the above and other
statements made by Mr. Rogalski.

The one thing that impressed me most by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
and Museum (RRHOFAM) is its ability to accept so many types of music.
Not only are there displays of even some of the smallest acts ("One Hit
Wonders"), but there are at least written representations on almost every
band I could think of.  XTC do not have a display yet, but are mentioned
in several places in the hall (in the reference computers).  There will
be an entire wing constatnly dedicated to the current music scene, and I
have no doubt that XTC will be represented at some point in a major
exhibit....say an 80's sub-pop exhibit.  As an example of what a separate
exhibit can bring to the public's understanding of a musical genre, I
thought I knew a lot about the Psychedelic Era, but after leaving the
exhibit this last fall, I had to admit there was plenty I really didn't

      My point is that XTC are representative of a certain genre of
music, and as long as that is true, what the RRHOFAM has shown me so far
leads me to believe that they will be represented.  Now, if the issue of
whether or not XTC will be inducted into the RRHOFAM, my response would
be...who cares?  If one goes to the RRHOFAM, one sees that all of the
Rock culture is embraced and only in the top floor is there a listing of
the inductees.  In other words, the emphasis on the first 5 floors is on
ALL of music (rock music, of course), and only on the top floor are the
few who have been inducted mentioned.  The RRHOFAM is so much more than
celebrating those who have been is an interactive source of
information on all types of rock music.

   I agree with parts of what Don has said about not NEEDING  XTC to be
inducted to the RRHOFAM, but the fact is they will very much be
represented in the Hall and embraced whole hartedly when the time comes
(that time most likely being an exhibit of some kind).

By the way, as a native Clevelander, I was worried that the RRHOFAM would
be as described by Mr. Rogalski (and turn into some sort of joke).  In my
three years of membership, I can safely say that it is most certainly

All for now



Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 01:59:38 -0500
From: Ryan Walsh <>
Organization: Boston University
Subject: Love At First Sight - Tabbed

This is the tab I just wrote for Love at first sight. It sounds solid
gold to me. It also looks perfect here on my screen but it may be all
jarbled when it reaches you.  So if you're interested and it looks
crappy just email me and I'll send it to you as a file and it should
look "Kleen".....Thanks

Love At First Sight
By Colin Moulding
Tabbed By Ryan Walsh ----

Tune the Low E Down To D

	ONE		        TWO			  THREE
E		 	 I			      I-----------I
B		 	 I			      I--------7--I
G --7-7-7-7--I			      I--------7--I
D --5-5-5-5--I				  I---000-----I
A --3-3-3-3--I-----------5----I		      I
E		 	 I-0-s-3-s-7------I		      I


ONE / TWO / ONE / THREE    Repeat Until.....

... this part

W  555xxx
X  x355xx
Y  777xxx
Z  x577xx

W		    X
Mouse takes the bait
Y 		  Z
as soon as he leaves his seat
W		X  	  Y			Z
theres no escape, very soon their eyes will meet
Back to Chorus


xx077x   Repeat with increasing speed and loudness, Grit teeth and look

Back to the WXYZ part and then the chorus again - one more verse - and
chorus your way out of the song....



Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 10:23:11 +0000
Subject: Album title word play

I've missed a few digests, but...

Given Andy's propensity for word play, has anyone considered that the
proposed "firework" album title might not refer to the exploding
novelty, but the smoldering anguish of creativity?  And that it might be
presented as




on said album?

Viewed in that light it ends up more dignified and XTC-ish than the
non-descript "firework".

- John


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 15:38:32 -0800
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Organization: SellingPower magazine
Subject: to change without prior notification


Harrison Sherwood advised us:
>Can't believe I missed this the first time around, but my truncated pals
at _Suck_ hit several extremely deserving nails on the head in a Filler
a few weeks ago. Check out
if you want a _schadenfreude_-laden laff....<

Yeah, Harrison, like I'm going to follow that link, after checking out
that first link in your last post...   ;^)

Neil Buck talked about getting kicked out of the Bayou in DeeCee for
smokin a spliff -- same thing happened to me, at the same place around
the same time, during a Bill Bruford concert. Luckily, I convinced the
manager that I was an "innocent" bystander (the pipe, which wasn't mine,
had been passed to me and was gone by the time the bouncer grabbed me
and accused me of doing the dirty deed) and that I should be allowed to
attend the second show of the evening, which I was planning to do
anyway, so no real pain there. The real pain is the knowledge that XTC
played in the area several times and I NEVER SAW THEM!! Didn't get hip
to them until after ES, and as everyone knows, by then it was too late.

Our Lady Cornelius Plum said:
>Thanks to my brothers GETTING THE DAMN COMPUTER FIXED AT HOME our AOL should
be back, and no more Lady Cornelius Plum! I shall have to go under one of my
brother's stupid monikers, probably something having to do with Warner Bros.
cartoons or Star Wars.<

Must ... not ... post ... suggested names ...  ;^)


>I'm still convinced XTC cannot name the new one Fireanything. I quite like
the suggestion of Phoenix Up From the Flames, however. Sort of like XTC was
in a state of dormancy for years, and have burst up with a new album.<

Something tells me they're going to call it what they want to call it,
no matter what we think, milady.  Concentrate on getting Dave to call
you   :^)

Mike Myers suggested we pool our money and get Andy a "Thanks for
Christmas" gift -- great idea, I'll pledge $20. At that gift level (can
you tell it's pledge time on the PBS stations around here?) only 25 of
us would need to contribute. Anyone care to administer this?  I could do
the collecting/disbursement of funds (enough people know where I am that
I couldn't take it on the lam  :^)  but it sounds like we'd still need
people to attend the auctions in NYC and London to do the actual

And, speaking of getting Dave to call you, WOW to Stephanie Takeshita --
congrats and nice job on reporting the news from Swindon. So, Dave just
cold-called you? To thank you for remembering his birthday via what -- a
card? A gift? Photos? (nudge, nudge...  :^)

Surprising that he doesn't think much of the new book -- I was hoping it
was a real band effort. And I guess I'm vindicated, too, in my opinion
of Skylarking and O&L's sound, and the choice of GoED as an album
opener. Ah, well -- I'm sure that's yet another mistake that the second
XTC will take care of...

And Stephanie, tell the boys that I'll be happy to take over the
chauffering duties in the DC area!

Bye and Bye...



Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 21:26:50 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <>
From: John Relph <relph>
Subject: Iva Davies


I found a CD single containing Iva Davies & Icehouse's version of
"Complicated Game" (from their album _The Berlin Tapes_).  I quite
like Iva's version.  Good strings, discordant piano, stripped down to
the basics yet retaining much of the power of the original.  Iva's
voice is strong enough to carry the tune.  The single also includes a
cover of Bowie's "Loving the Alien", which is itself a nice cover.
How is the rest of the album?

	-- John

P.S. Anybody care to meet at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco
on Saturday night to see The Frank and Walters?


Message-Id: <>
From: (Mandy Taylor)
Subject: complicated game
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 20:55:24 +0000 (GMT)


I made a mistake on my last posting, actually. I'll just quickly
correct myself and bugger off again. I was going on about really
good bits of XTC songs, and the bit of Complicated Game where Andy
goes "l e e e f f f t t t" as you all know is after the boy voting,
not the girl parting her hair. A small point and one not worth
mentioning. Thankyou for your time.


Message-ID: <>
From: "Sherwood, Harrison" <>
Subject: Dave's Chihuahua
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 11:27:24 -0500

>To:       stakesh
> Subject:  Update from Dave!!
>The only reason I'm breaking the silence now is to report the latest,
>straight from "Gregsy" to the Chalkhill.


>Harrison Sherwood, you'll be gratified to know that you came up first,
>when I asked him if this wasn't some awful put-on by you or your crazy
>brother.  Dave laughed, heartily, and said that although he didn't care
>to be mistaken for a homosexual, he has always enjoyed your posts ("very
>witty, always entertaining," or some such nonsense).  B>

...At the tone the time will be eight-twenty-two and twenty
seconds...*beep*.... At the tone the time will be eight-twenty-two and
thirty seconds...*beep*.... At the tone the time will be
eight-twenty-two and forty seconds...*beep*....

Obviously Stephanie, embarrassed by Dave's besotted schoolboy mooning,
glossed over the part where he said, "How noble in reason! How infinite
in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how
like an angel! In apprehension how like a god!"

Well, while Dave may prefer the carnal company of the Farrah sex, he
nevertheless exhibits verbal skills that transcend mere gender-specific
seductiveness: After a stroking like that, I for one would gladly lie
back with my paws in the air and let him scratch my tummy any day of the

Harrison "Man delights not me, no, nor puppy neither" Sherwood

P.S.: Hey, check out my vish new .sig!

* ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Harrison is] "very witty, always entertaining!" -- Dave Gregory,
guitarist, XTC


From: LadyCPlum <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 11:23:36 EST
Subject: Well, maybe I don't have to go too far!
Organization: AOL (

If you can't guess who I am......then I fart in your general direction.

Response time!!!!!!

Gary-I was thinking more along the lines of "Grass", although the Somnambulist
would be FANTASTIC.

Stephanie-See Amanda sniffle. See Amanda wipe nose. See Amanda burst out
crying, flood the room, pay for the damages to her house, then return to her
life of quiet desperation.
YOU LUCKY LITTLE......I guess he didn't see me fit to mention. He DOES know
about me, you'd figure he'd find SOMETHING disgusting about me to rebuke.

I was quite surprised to hear he didn't want anything to do with the new book.
I thought all the members were giving it their blessing. My mistake, I guess.

Well. I'm off to find South Park websites to hear some BEEFCAKE!!!!!!

XTC song of the day-Millions
non XTC song-The First Noel-Crash Test Dummies


Message-Id: <v03010d02b0b719905591@[]>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 12:21:40 -0500
Subject: Andy We Have Heard On High

>From: Simon Sleightholm <>
>overjoyed to hear the piping trumpets (Can trumpets pipe? Or do they trump?)

Trumpets trumpet. :-)

>The fact that it's a
>ceaselessly cynical work seems to have eluded a lot of people.

I don't believe Andy Partridge meant for 'Thanks for Christmas' to be
"ceaselessly cynical".  In an interview around the release of the Three
Wise Men single he said he looks forward to the holidays and that Christmas
seems to breed a lot of good music (I'd agree).  He went about 'Thanks for
Christmas' with the same earnestness he puts into his other work.  Don't
let the atheism thing fool you--he enjoys the season not for its religious
connotation perhaps, but because it appeals to that ever-present Inner
Child of his.  If Christmastime is an excuse to condone "winter
friendliness" and "love and happiness all around" (oft-touted desired
societal qualities popularly featured in many Partridge tunes), then what's
not to love?

Not to mention all the toy soldiers.

I like 'Thanks for Christmas' because it really sets a mood, capturing a
lot of warm fuzzy fireplace memories I have of the holidays, which at any
other time of year would be finger-gagging.  And it does this just short of
sounding totally cheesy and silly.

But my favorite holiday music hands down is The Vince Guaraldi Trio's "A
Charlie Brown Christmas".  That's a CD I could listen to in July and still
enjoy immensely.

Anyway, <grimace> ...pleasant Winter Solstice everyone....



Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 13:20:16 -0600 (CST)
From: Matt John <>
Subject: White Music and stuff.
Message-ID: <>

Hey, just wanted to share that I finally got to hear White Music, and it's
quite a trip.  That version of All Along The Watchtower is bizarre.  I
only heard part of it on a cassette but so far so good.  That tune "Set
Myself On Fire", that's pretty wild.  Well, if you want to respond, email
me, not the list, since I never read it. :P~

I better ask this now, what is up with XTC?  Have they got a record deal
now or what?  I figured I'd get the scoop now because I'm losing my email
account in a week or so.


PS:  As Beavis would say, rat ta tat tat that ass


Message-Id: <>
From: (Mandy Taylor)
Subject: this hall of fame business..
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 19:53:42 +0000 (GMT)

yeah yeah it's mandy again

so anyway right, i think XTC in a hall of fame would be abit of a
laugh, and I'd go and see them in one personally (having been too
young to see them play live and all). i reckon it'd be quite funny
having a band so obviously greater than anything else in there with
just a selsct few standing back saying "yeah. cool." and everyone
else would be like "don't geddit, never heard of em".
everywhere there's talent there's always those woh recognise it and
then the industry and corporate crap that goes along with it that the
masses follow. I don't personally appreciate nouvea cuisine
(whatever) but i love a good veggie burger + milkshake.
but that's neither here nor there. XTC are a fringe band for those
who really appreciate music.
(Point Of Information: any spelling mistakes i've made i can't fix on
the system I'm on + i dunno what I'm doing.)


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 23:47:18 +0000
Subject: In The Twilight Of The Gods

Dear Chalkers,

Lots of thanks to Stephanie Takeshita for sharing the gist of her
conversation with gentle guitar god DG with us all.
Even if not all the news was good ( the studio, the book ) I really
enjoyed reading her account. In particular the bit where he agrees
with me on Garden Of Earthy Delights not being the best album opener.

But I also noticed something else : it seems Dave is aware of our
discussions on this forum ( insert witty reference to a woodwind
instrument here ) but he also says :"Computers are not my thing at
all" So what's going on here? I suspect their manager is 'monitoring'
this list and keeps the band informed. Does anyone know the score?

Anyway, maybe some should take note of this before they post about
sacrilegious concepts like a bad XTC song when we all know that such
a thing does not exist. But seriously, the rest of the world already
hates them and IMHO we all should talk about what we prefer instead
of what we dislike.

PS: I'm looking for more vinyl English Settlement albums - i've got
all the regular ones but really need the Japanese, South African and
other exotic versions. Email me privately if you have anything...

yours collectively,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse
 the XTC website @


Message-Id: <l03020902b0b856577e31@[]>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 11:16:26 -0400
From: aka Louise <>
Subject: bo-o-o-ing!

Richard.PedrettiAllen wrote:

>Pluck your magic twanger, froggy!

i can't believe that no one has given this answer yet, but according to my
father, this reference is from the Howdy Doody Show, in which the
aforementioned line would be spoken by Howdy Doody, and then Froggy would
appear in a cloud of smoke and an amusing sound effect ("Bo-o-oing!") and
go "Hiya, kids, hiya, hiya!".

		- Louise
		  doing her best to help maintain the high standards of the
Chalkhills information machine
R. Brookes McKenzie                             aka Louise B. Minetti
                     - Donald Roller Wilson


From: BobCrain <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 11:22:09 EST
Subject: A Quick One While I'm Away
Organization: AOL (


Short takes on the recent digests (I enjoy them very much, so glad I
joined the list:

Yazbek rocked at Iota (thanks Craig and Elaine (not her name, just a joke)
for the great seats up front).

"Firework" is a wonderful title for the new "albun", as "John Peel" on the
"Miniatures" record might say.

XTC may become millionaires if the new one sell as well as
"Oranges and Lemons"...I hope "My Dictionary" rips the airwaves.

And to Neal H. Buck:
>They played the Bayou, in Georgetown.

You lucky duck. For those who haven't been there, the Bayou
is a two-tiered nightclub with a highly elevated stage, with plenty
of nooks and crannys for such "activities" as Neal alluded to (I am
also well past those hazy years of ingestion). What a great place
to see XTC.

Looking forward to the "Firework Back-of-the-lorry" tour, if it happens
I will take all my accrued leave from work and follow them anywhere!

I have to go now, we're having an all-day Bond-a-thon with videos of
each BondActor and much fine brew.



From: Xtckinks <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 17:34:51 EST
Subject: Hmmmmmm.....
Organization: AOL (

Hello C'hillers,

< >    says of Arcanum,
          "Electronic music masters. Reminiscent of Depeche Mode and X.T.C."

< >      is the
Arcanum URL I couldn't access.......Anyone care to check it out? Or be
'provocative' and ask, if they have to?

The Disappointed,


From: Blushift <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 15:02:38 EST
Subject: XTC reference
Organization: AOL (

I ran across this album review in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and
thought I would pass along the XTC reference.  Has anyone heard this band?
Any comments?

>>THE WANNADIES - The Wannadies  (RCA)
>>When this Swedish band strains for your attention - as on "You and Me
>>Song" (also on the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack) - it's worse than the family
>>dog on steak night.  But when it stays on the quirk-pop track, the grim-
>>humored outfit communicates a boyish enthusiasm, via a crackling old
>>XTC/new-wave headset.  Wannas won't die.  (B-)  - Tom Lanham

I have visions of Ace of Base meet Green Day...

> Hey! I live in St. Louis, too! I got my Mummer at Now Hear This in
> Crestwood.  Damn, I coulda SWORN I was the lone XTC fan in the midwest.
> Glad to know I am not alone!

>Also, I live in Chicago (though not native) so there's at least three of us
>within a 150 mile radius.

You can add me to the Midwestern List - I am also outside of Chicago, but I'm
sure there are many more of us in the area.

Happy Holidays fellow chalkaholics!!  And a happy new year!!

David (sometimes goes by Spanky)


Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 17:31:48 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <v03007800b0b9c2c11d56@[]>
From: Mitch Friedman <>
Subject: Chipping from the Chalkhills Firework

Hello and Merry XTCmas to all,

I just spoke with Dave Gregory and got only a slight update on all the very
accurate and well phrased news that Stephanie Takeshita provided last
week. The problems with Chris Difford's studio have been somewhat rectified,
enough for the band to record some acoustic guitars and pianos and the like
but not enough to remain at his studio for the long haul. So in January they
have booked Chipping Norton studios to do the real bulk of the recording
(all is being done digitally so transporting the master tapes is easy) and
in the meantime they are going back to Hayden's studio to do more stuff
while they enjoy the holiday season and get ready to roll.

To get the definitive answer as to why there were only 19 songs on the A
list, I've now been told that there are 21 songs on the A list. Nope, no
"I'm the Man Who Murdered Love" or "Gangway, Electric Guitar is Coming
Through" or any other older ones. Sorry. But most of you will be happy to
hear that "You and The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful" is a keeper and will
be recorded as will "Wounded Horse".  In addition, Andy suggested that they
use some of Dave's instrumental music to bridge the gaps between songs on
the orchestral album and if they have the time they will record these. This
is some leftover incidental music that he did for a tv show about 5 years



Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 14:48:25 +1300 (NZDT)
Message-Id: <v01540b13b0baf4a58591@[]>
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: varia

Jason Phelan sez:
>I think the line in the demo "I'd like that" is Say a Sunflower I became
>I'd be growing in your RAIN ( or REIGN but NOT BRAIN) I mean I know he is
>poetic, but I think a sunflower sprouting roots, and wrapping around
>someone's Medula Oblangata or cerebral cortex is a little freaky, Kinda
>cool, but a little freaky.

well, your rain/reign is a great pun, and surely things can sprout in your
brain (metaphorically speaking). Thoughts and things. Ideas even. So what
song should be on the first release from Idea records...?

Oh... and Simon - that Christmas song was excellent!

>I heard on the radio today that Simon Draper, the ex-Virgin guy who worked
>with XTC, now runs a publishing house and just published a limited edition
>World Atlas of Pheasants which comes in two volumes at five thousand pounds
>for the pair. If he has the salesmanship to sell _those_, how come he
>couldn't get XTC to the top of the (inter)national market?

pheasant...partridge... what's the difference? ;)



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