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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #4-3

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 3

                 Saturday, 4 October 1997

Today's Topics:

                      The "Atom" Age
                       re mookcock
         XTC - Still great after all these years
               I can't believe I said that
                 Gold Oranges and Lemmons
      One more page on the "books are burning" fire
                     XTC goes poetry?
                         re Elric
                     Re: Blatent Plug
                 Chalkhills Unplugged...
        Well OF COURSE KISS did it for the money.
            The Never Ending Story of Bugalow
              FW: Another @&#$ing demo req.
             CTD and the Jeopardy Theme Song
                    This Is Soda Pop ?
                      Fantasy Island
               Dave Yazbek @ Mercury Lounge
                   I'd like that, too!
          Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa
                     Yazbek Alert!!!
                       Thread Bare
            soaps and plugs, songs and covers
                      XTC - Swindon
             It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...


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Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 11:05:35 -0400
From: David Gershman <>
Subject: The "Atom" Age

Hi all,

 Just flipping through the BMG Music Club catalogue (I don't know WHY I
keep rejoining these things...I enjoy going into CD stores so much more), I
came across a listing for "Factory Showroom" by TMBG. Among the songs
listed is "XTC vs *ATOM* Ant" -- haven't heard it myself, but I guess we
need to rethink that whole previous discussion about it being *Adam* Ant.
All that hubbub, and it turns out that they're just comparing XTC to a
cartoon character. As if there's any competition... :)

Some good news (recommendation) and some bad news (rumor):

 Recommendation: I know they've been mentioned here at least briefly in the
past, but if you haven't checked out the Lilys, you're only hurting
yourself. Their 1996 album "Better Can't Make It Better" is truly stunning
-- take the early Kinks and throw in numerous melodic twists and turns, a
dash of Brian Wilson sensibility, and some "Revolver"-era Beatles, and
you've got yourself one heck of an album. Enrich your collection now and
check it out. Their follow-up from earlier this year, "Services (For the
Soon to Be Departed)" is all that and less -- fewer songs, that is, as it's
really more of an EP, but the songs are right up there with those from the
'96 album. And hey, as an EP, it's cheaper.

 Rumor: Someone I know who's involved in the music scene here in Boston
tells me that the band (Lilys, that is), having relocated to Boston over
the past year, has now broken up. I haven't heard anything about it
elsewhere, so if anyone has any further details on that, please let me know
(and be sure to say it ain't so!). Thanks!

In case the passing XTC reference in the first part of this note wasn't
enough, here's one more thing, on a personal level: I am living for the
moment when I have that brand new album in my hand, unopened, and I begin
to unwrap it, peel off that (annoying) little sticky strip, remove it from
the case, pop it into the CD player, and here those first few notes or
beats come through the speakers. Ahhh...the mere thought of it is almost

Till next time, or 25 o'clock, whichever comes first,

Dave Gershman


Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 17:25:53 +0100 (BST)
From: Chris Clee <>
Subject: re mookcock
Message-ID: <>

no it was the deep fix..1 album and 3 or 4 singles, top stuff for the most
part i paid a l;ot of money for the album a lot of years ago but i think
an italian company has reissued it on cd,




Message-Id: <>
From: "Graham" <>
Subject: Demos
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 20:44:58 -0700

Is there any kind person out there willing to make me a copy of the demos?
I'm in Aberdeen, Scotland so I could always repay you in haddock, haggis,
shorties or other quaint souvenirs of your choosing.



Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 18:50:08 -0400
Message-Id: <>
Subject: XTC - Still great after all these years

I have only been a member of this list for a few weeks and this is my
first post and I'm more of a lurker, but since I have been on this
list I have starting listening to my XTC CDs more often and realized
that I still love them just as much now as I did 15 years ago when I
first started listening to them.

I felt I had to post just to let everyone now that I've listedned to
every CD of theirs I own and want to get the ones I don't have.

Also, I didn't realize that they were still together, I thought they
had split up a while ago. Well, now I know where to go to get all the
latest info.

Mary-Anne in New Jersey


Date: 30 SEP 97 09:29:15 AST
Subject: Moorcock/Hawkwind
Message-ID: <>

Perhaps why Jon Eva may have thought Michael Morcock was connected to
Quicksilver (Messenger Service), when in fact the connection was with Brit
band Hawkwind....Hawkwind's first hit single was entitled "Silver Machine"


Message-ID: <>
From: Martin & Jamie Monkman <>
Subject: I can't believe I said that
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 18:40:44 -0700

In Chalkhills 4-2, I wrote:

>Screamin' Lord Sutch appropriated his routine, coffin transportation and
>all, from Screamin' Jay Hawkins, who's only hit, "I Put A Spell On You",
>charted in 1956.

That's "whose", not "who's", you idiot.  I hate it when others commit this
sin (along with confusing the possessive "its" and the contraction of "it
is", "it's") ... and then I go and do the same thing.  Sorry for (a)
committing the sin and (b) feeling the need to atone for my sin by
confessing.  Whew.

And in the same issue my lowercase namesake martin from Cooking Vinyl
appears.  Welcome!  You'll find that there are many ardent fans of the
label's new signing here, all ready to buy any and all new releases!  We've
had a long wait, and that May 1998 release date is eagerly anticipated.


"I hate quotations."  Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1849.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 23:32:14 -0400
From: RocketRob <>
Organization: Pink Palace Productions
Subject: Gold Oranges and Lemmons

Did anybody get "mobile fidelity's" Gold Oranges and Lemmons?
I highly suggest it, its AWESOME!!!
I like this "No Missing Codes" thing!



Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 00:17:34 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: One more page on the "books are burning" fire

I read with interest the discussion on the guitar solos on "Books are

Chalkhills readers often state with pride they love XTC as a pop band, but
they are clearly a rock band too, no?  Rock bands (and blues bands) with two
guitarists have "traded fours" since time immemorial.

But I am somehow poignantly reminded of Lennon and Harrison's alternating
solos on Abbey Road that (nearly) conclude the album.  Though there is not
any real similarity to the songs in question, the pop tunesmiths rocking out
to close both albums caught my attention.  And my feeling is, in both cases,
the solos provide relief to tension that built during the suites that
preceeded them. . .

. . .as is also the case in the final movement of Beethoven's String quartet
in E-flat major, Op 127, but that is perhaps bringing the comparison too far.
. . .

Willard Preston


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 09:37:47 +0200
Subject: XTC goes poetry?

Hi, CH-ers,

The dutch magazine _Nieuwe Revu_ informed me that the English poet Murray
Lachlan Young will have (has?) a record out , produced by Chris Thomas
(hey, did anyone mention him for the new XTC album already?) and musically
accompanied by Jools Holland and members from the Pretenders, *XTC* and the
It seems he got a few million guilders in advance and his company EMI
thinks it will sell at least a million copies (that is, until they figure
out how to market the thing: it's not to be filed under 'spoken word', but
it's no r&r either >;->  ). I hope our guy(s?) at least got payed decently
this time!!
Anyone hear the record already?

Andre (who's going to blow the dust off his John Cooper Clark records
tonight... BTW, does someone on this list know whatever happened to him?)


Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 09:54:19 +0100 (BST)
From: Chris Clee <>
Subject: re Elric
Message-ID: <>

his first heroic character (in print at least) originally published as
short stories in New Worlds when he took over as editor in the early 60's
i believe (but i may be wrong)




From: (gARetH baBB)
Subject: Re: Blatent Plug
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 09:17:46 +0100
Message-ID: <>
Organization: CCl4

In message <>,
 (Cooking Vinyl) wrote:

> (political, South-American-influenced, multi-instrumentalist).<
> Rory McLeod will be supporting Ani Difranco on her west coast dates in
> November.

Woo, he's far away from home - last time I saw him he was at the Cleethorpes
(UK) folk festival several years ago.

I could bring this slightly on-topic by saying I saw the Poozies at the
same folk festival and thus Farm Boy's Wages etc. etc. but it wouldn't be
a very good link, so I won't.

I treasure my Rory McLeod records, something simple but strong in his lyrics.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 09:37:51 -0400
From: Ira Lieman <>
Subject: Chalkhills Unplugged...

Hey there fellow X-TiCians...

Last night I had the immense pleasure of meeting a fellow prolific
poster, Peter Fitzpatrick, while he was in New York for business. And a
great time was had by all!

I saw (ooh, in person!) the AP-signed CD-sleeves Peter has (with the
notable exception of Oranges & Lemons, but we hope the schmuck that has
it is enjoying it), and we spoke at length about Peter's meeting with
Andy at his home in Swindon, the possibility of XTC ever playing dates
in the future, the "bootleg" album, and exactly how much XTC could
profit from their big Idea. We also talked about each and every one of
YOU, dear readers, and you can just imagine all the dirt that was
spilled! Ha! :)

The best (paraphrased) quote of the evening, which was a collaborative
effort: "Andy seems very down-to-earth, but he's just far enough off the
ground to be creative."

We're both looking forward to the next XTConvention, wherever and
whenever that might be. And we're also looking forward to CC '97. We
agree Richard Pedretti-Allen is masochistic, but we like him anyway.


Now playing: Fleetwood Mac, Greatest Hits. Going to see 'em tonight! Ha!
Lindsey Buckingham for producer?


Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 09:37:47 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Well OF COURSE KISS did it for the money.
Message-id: <>

Making moeny is the only art form open to innovation. Anyone who says
they're in this industry because they like music is a lying pathetic piece
of s***. (You can thank Wayne Newton for that quote. BTW-My tongue is
planted firmly in my cheek.)

Todd-I'm really not in the mood to get into another flamewar about a non-XTC
band on this XTC list. I'll close on this long statement.....since Todd
Rundgren worked on the soundtrack, I'm not sure XTC would've wanted anything
to do with it in the first plcae, besides which after XTC put 2 songs on 2
movie soundtracks with disastrous results, I doubt they'd want to get
involved in soundtracks anymore, period. I'm still confused as to why he
wanted to use the song after hearing it live....Ellen Reid is a terrible
live singer. (Flame away Ben, it's just my opinion.)

(Bowing) Yes, I started the whole "How many people can you mindfuck at once"
thing, thank you, thank you.

I have a query...anyone heard of a group called the Bodeans? (Spelling???)
My MANager and I were talking about XTC and we got around to talking about
this band as well. (He called me a thief b/c I ripped an XTC article out of
a library book, shame on me....told me he hopes he never has a meany like me
fora daughter. So I said I hope I never have a tightass like him for a
son. But I digress immensely.)

And now I must be going to flunk a biology lab today. We get to look at
sperm cells under the microscope! (I wonder who the donor was........)

Yes, Dave Gregory is God and I am his prophet. I want all to know of the
power of the almighty Gretsch guitar......let us pray....In the name of
Dave Gregory, and of Colin Moulding, and of Andy Partridge, Amen.
Daemon est deus inversus
XTC song of the day-The Green Man
non XTC-I Don't Wanna Wait-Paula Cole


Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 10:30:45 -0500 (CDT)
From: James Dupuy <>
Subject: The Never Ending Story of Bugalow
Message-ID: <>

Hello Chalkhill People,

>We figured that, when you boil it all down, American
>influences must be limited folk, blues and country music.  Everything
>else we can attribute to our English pals.
>Any ideas on this?

Isn't RagTime an American invention?
I've often considered using pieces of ragtime scales for lead licks. Why I
haven't done it yet? I don't know.

Back to the Bungalow.

Thank you very much Sugarhips for the critique. I think you have cleared
it up for me.

>Never was a song more calculated to elicit ennui--which I think is the
typical reaction to this song.

I had to get out the dictionary for this one. Boredom and weariness IS
what I feel when I hear this song.

Using Harrison's notation, the intro to the song and section A), (Bungalow
Bungalow),  sounds like a huge sigh that is followed by the loneliness of
the B) minor key section. (and is that a suspended forth being played on
the piano that leaves the impression of one pondering?)
This section musically reminds me of what someone like Lancelot might have
felt when thinking about Guinevere. (to use a gross example)
The C) the major-key, upward-climbing progression of "Luxury accomodation"
gives the impression of hope or "wouldn't it be nice " that is followed by
the realization of the "So we're working every hour " ending with the big
sigh again of "Saving it all up for you"

Yes this may be stretching the imagination a bit but it was the music that
left me with this impression, not the words. Anyway you could replace the
word Bungalow with Guinevere and imagine Collin was Lancelot and you might
get the same picture.
This song was one of those XTC songs that I hated at first but began to
appreciate after a few listens. I think this has happened to a few of you
out there. Thanks again for the interpretations.

Battery brides, ha ha have you ever tried
To break out of your waiting room


Message-ID: <>
Date: 30 Sep 1997 10:30:25 U
From: "Wiencek, Dan" <>
Subject: FW: Another @&#$ing demo req.

Hello, Chalkhills ...

I'm new to both XTC and the list, so I can't jump into any of the threads
I've seen going by.  However, I am dying to hear the demos for the new
album, so if anyone could spin a tape of them for me, I'd be in your eternal
debt and you would accrue several million karmic points in your favor ... I
have no XTC for trade (though I could tape some Beatles boots), so a
tape-for-cash deal would be fine.

Reply to address below, thanks much,



Message-ID: <>
From: "Sherwood, Harrison" <>
Subject: Marginalia
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 14:33:44 -0400

>From: relph (John Relph)

>...The version of "Happy Together" from Zappa's
>_Fillmore East 1971_ live album is a killer.

With a _bullet!_ (Bonk!)

>From: Ted Harms <>

>So, did anybody else notice that the last digest was numbered v4-#1 and
>the one before was v3-#165?

Yeah, I noticed this, and I'd like to join my voice to the growing
chorus demanding an explanation. If this is just some capricious whim on
your part, Relph, the Man/Autistic-Retentive Love Association, MARLA
(among whose members I count myself the staunchest), cautions you: You
never know who you're going to hurt with this kind of thing. Please try
to be little more sensitive. I'd been looking forward to the appearance
of Chalkhills Digest #3-166 with a numerological anticipation bordering
on the sexual. Now it will never be.... Ah, well, put the pentagrams and
the ben-wa balls back in the trousseau, it's back to the world of

>From: "Witter, Karl F" <>
>Subject: The *new* XTC collectable!
>>[John Wedemeyer] I actually *have* a can of this (XTC "Guarana
>>Power Drink")...Becki, John Relph, Mitch Friedman and I stood
>>around for a while trying to figure out whether or not we should
>>open it up and try it. We didn't.

As a candidate for the Weird & Wonderful Coincidence of the Week, I
offer this cheerful little snippet. I have been in a private
correspondence with someone from a completely different quadrant of
cyberspace, who said (with rhetorical waggling eyebrows and a rakish
wink) he had something "cool" to send me via snail. Expecting, how you
say, recreational agricultural products, I was surprised, upon opening a
large box, to find four 20-oz. bottles of a soft drink called BONK, a
"guarana drink with natural caffeine." Charles, my correspondent, is the
Man in Charge at BONK. I wrote him back and told him we here on
Chalkhills had been talking about XTC, a suspiciously similar-sounding
drink. Here's what he said back:

>First, kudos on your musical tastes. I belong to the Dixie Dregs
>digest myself, and am a frequent visitor to the TUBES site.
>The U. S. rights to XTC was just secured by the people who bring you
>JOLT. It appears to have been an inexpensive way for them to respond
>to PEPSI's JOSTA while expanding their own portfolio of
>'energy' enhancing products.
>The STORE 24 guy pointed it out as an example of all the
>"sameolsameold" he gets to deal with several times per day. This
>shortly before he embraced BONK and put it in all the New England
>stores. But I'm sounding petty, and I've been warned to be aware of
>my tone.

Now, ain't life just a tingle, the way it serves up these utterly
pointless yet thrilling coincidences? And I go into vaseline-lensed
reveries at the mental image of a beverage-store buyer's agent
"embracing BONK."

Oh, almost forgot.... It's pretty tasty. Also, I gave some to the kids
and they bounced around most gratifyingly for several hours. Ever see
"Jacob's Ladder"? Sorta like those soldiers when the Mysterious Drug
kicks in.

>From: (James Dignan)
>1) of course, this could be a dialectic thing about the West VCoutry area
>the lads are from, but I noticed for the first time that Colin is not
>"Lying here..." at the beginning of "Grass". He is "Laying here...". Yet
>another sexual connotation to what is, already a sexy little song?

I am quite contentedly aware of my rep around here as a pedantic
headcase of no little zealotry, and the following will probably not go a
long way to scotching that impression, but what the hell--in for a
penny, in for a pounding:

Leaving aside the relatively minor grammatical bloomer of "laying" for
"lying," the thing that gives me a bit of a softoff about "Grass" is
that the whole first line of the song is a whopping dangling participle.

I can't help it--the picture of Colin's freshly removed heart, recumbent
on the sun-dappled lawn, smoking and sizzling ("It crackled and spat"!)
while the smell of frying bacon fills the air and the carnivorous
cuckoos salivate, just doesn't strike me as an auspicious beginning to a
salacious little double-entendre pop song. Too, I dunno, Edgar Allen Poe
for my taste.

Harrison "And get that man some sodium bicarbonate" Sherwood


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 14:53:34 -0400
Subject: CTD and the Jeopardy Theme Song


Amanda (I think) said:
>He even called the Dummies somethng to the tune of "the best PR band
>we never paid"
To which Toddzilla replied:
>I'd call that far from a compliment to the group themselves.

I'd call that a textbook example of "damning with faint praise."  Can you
imagine how CTD members would squirm in their seats if they knew that was
the ONLY thing AP had to say about their tribute?  All praise to Toddzilla,
a shining lodestar of truth on this topic!  CTD should be ashamed of

Also of interest:  The opening lines to "Wonder Annual" are a pretty close
cop of the "Jeopardy" game show theme.  Give it a listen!

Meaningless XTC-related survey question of the day:  You're putting
together a kick-ass tribute to the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack album.
Which song do you give to XTC?

Chalkhills originals tape still duplicating.

-- FS


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 02:03:26 +0000
Subject: This Is Soda Pop ?

Dear Chalkers,

Regarding any adverse effects of the "XTC energy drink" that was
recently discussed here.

I have tried them some time ago when I discovered them (as I reported
here) and I noticed a very very slight awareness and energy boost
after two cans.

Others have told me it could be compared to a cup of strong coffee
and that's not surprising really; it's main "active"ingredient is a
hefty dose of caffeine. In other words: close to the Real Thing ;)

yours uncannily,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse
 the XTC website @
===> The Random XTC Quote <===
There's no youth culture only masks they let you rent


Message-Id: <l03110705b057b5084aee@[]>
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 02:18:11 -0600
From: jason garcia <>
Subject: Fantasy Island

>I would love to hear about YOUR fantasy meeting with Andy.

I suppose these sorts of things HAD to come up eventually.  Just don't
ask Amanda about her fantasy meeting with Gregsy;  that might not be
something for the kids.

Well mine isn't really a fantasy MEETING, it's more like a fantasy
phone call- one of those things where you pick up the phone thinking
it's some shmuck you've known for years but in reality is Andy Partridge
saying "hello, this is Andy Partridge."  You know, the kind of call that
(well ok, I'm exaggerating here, but still, 2 is a big number)  Well
after I get over the initial shock, we then chat about the record
company business and how it sucks like nothing has ever sucked before.
Then he says, "Send me a tape...perhaps we can get you signed to Idea!"
Well of course I'm thrilled, and 30 minutes later the tape is in the
mail to Partridge and for the next week and a half I fail to sleep
wondering what he'll think of my songs.  Well of course he calls me
back at some point, saying, "It's great; loved it, it's a done deal,
let's make a record!"  ...and then I wake up.

Hey, it could happen!  Yeah, yeah, I know about the monkeys...



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 11:48:00 -0400
From: Ira Lieman <>
Subject: Dave Yazbek @ Mercury Lounge

Hey there XTiCians...

Anyone else besides me going to see fellow Chalkhillian Yazbek perform
on Monday, October 6th at Mercury Lounge in the East Village?

Whoever else is going, we should all plan to meet. Should be a great
show. Feel free to e-mail me or call me at work, 212-237-7808 and we'll
hook up.


PS: Fleetwood Mac was AWESOME last night!
PPS: L'Shana Tova to all whom it might apply. And to Kyle from


Message-ID: <>
From: "Miller, Ed" <>
Subject: I'd like that, too!
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 07:51:45 -0600

Hi, kidz!

Cheryl wrote in Chalkhills 4-1...

>I've being reading what others have had to say about the wonderful
>demos that are floating around and I found it sad that all people had
>to say about "I'd Like That" is I like that.
>I guess I just really took to this little unassuming song.

Count me in full agreement!  I liked this song from the very first
listen and now it's embedded in my psyche.  There are times when it just
pops into my head out of the blue.  Like Cheryl, I like the simplicity
of the lyrics, but, to me, the real beauty lies in the backing and
harmony vocals, especially the classic Andy "under harmony" on the "I'd
be your Albert" part.  And who can resist the layered harmonies on the
"like a Sunflower" section.  Wow!

It's also a musically complex chord structure.  I've attempted to play
along with it and my 20-odd (emphasis on "odd") years of guitar
experience are left guessing.  Nice stuff.

Thanks for bringing it up, Cheryl.



Message-ID: <>
From: "Miller, Ed" <>
Subject: Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 08:20:52 -0600

Dear kidz,

To those of you who responded to my inquiry about British vs. American
original musical forms, thank you.

To those of you who also pointed out that I left Jazz off the American
list, my apologies.  Guess I need to go back to Music 101 for a
refresher course!




Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 12:48:48 -0400
Message-Id: <v01510103b057f5fd3e21@[]>
From: (Chris Van Valen)
Subject: Yazbek Alert!!!

Hi all

Yazbek is playing in NYC on 10/6/97 at Irving Plaza(15th Street at Irving
Place) opening for The Samples. 8 pm. Tickets are $16.50. Over and out...


If you have an unpleasant nature and dislike people
this is no obstacle to work. -- J.G. Bennett

Catch "Forever Knight" on the Sci-Fi Channel every
Mon-Thurs at 9PM and 1AM EDT. -- Lucien LaCroix


Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 10:15:16 -0700
From: "Macdonald, Robert" <>
Subject: Thread Bare
Message-id: <BF4081FF169CD0118C4600805FBEEAE90AB475@BCBCMAIL>

I'm mining threads here instead of doing the real work I've got in front
of me.

Local boy Martin Monkman said:
"Screamin' Lord Sutch appropriated his routine, coffin transportation and
all, from Screamin' Jay Hawkins, who's only hit, "I Put A Spell On You",
charted in 1956."

This is a great song!  For those of you whose interest is piqued by
Screamin' Jay but can't find any records, this song was heavily featured
in Jim Jarmunsch (sp?) first film "Stranger than Paradise".  Also
Screamin' Jay played a supporting role in his later film "Mystery
Train".  Stories about the film talk about how Screamin' Jay who plays a
desk clerk at a motel was required to stay very calm and composed and to
not move very much during shooting of his scenes.  Watching the film you
can see he's about to flip out at any moment!

David vanWert correctly stated that "Leonardo didn't paint the ceiling
of the Sistine Chapel."
Now to put this one to was Michelangelo.  The same guy who
did "David" and St. Paul's Cathedral.  Further to being asked what else
can he do after painting the Sistine Chapel, during the painting after
he had done part of it he wanted to quit (he had a sore back!) but he
was threatened with excommunication if he didn't complete it.   Now I
don't think excommunication would work on Andy to make him write a hit

It's getting colder, darker and wetter by the day here and insensitive
James Dignan is talking about dragging out Skylarking because summer is
approaching.   He says he's "listening to it again after a gap of a few
months".   A few months!.... you mean it's summer for _nine_ months of
the year there?!   Time to move.  Our summer was so short this year that
Skylarking barely touched the turntable.  Oh well....I guess it's almost
time to listen to "Thanks for Christmas"

Cheers et all,  Rob.

Rob Macdonald
Victoria, B.C.

Currently listening to...... Edward Ball's "The Mill Hill Self Hate
Club" on The Big Issue's  "Best Free CD of 1997"
.....................(music  travels quickly doesn't it!)

ps   Parrish where are you?


From: Cheryl <>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 21:33:44 GMT
Subject: soaps and plugs, songs and covers
Message-ID: <>


Well, I'm just excited silly because I'm going to be wandering around
the lovely west country of England.  Yea!  Andyway (oops!  What a

Cough, recover, move on...

Someone mentioned a cheesy aussie soap called Holiday...
perhaps you mean HOME and AWAY.  I, for one, prefer cheese to the
WHINE  that covers the American soaps in large doses. Ah hell, forget
the soap and just give me the cheese...please.

This morning, to my delight, "King For A Day"  came drifting out of
my speakers.  Promptly right after, the DJ gave a plug for the band.
He mentioned they had a new label and would soon have their umpteenth
album out!  This was a new alternative station that has sprouted here
in London.  Not only did they play XTC this morning, but the previous
morning as well.  It's the little things in life. Great way to start
your day.  : )

As for covers,  I tend not to like them because as it's been stated
before, the original is MUCH better.  I have to say, though, that the
version of "Man Who Sailed Around His Soul" by Rubens...someone help
me out here!!....Blades!  Is that it?!  Did I get it right?!  Anyway,
I found that one fun.  He wasn't attempting to be XTC, like with most
of the covers, he simple took the song down another road.  I thought
it was very imaginative.

Having difficulty finding which word to write or right...huh?


Date: Fri, 03 Oct 97 15:27:00 PDT
From: Gerry Dunne <>
Message-ID: <Fri, 03 Oct 97 11:30:57>
Subject: XTC - Swindon

        I live in Swindon and have been an XTC fan since they were
        called the Helium Boys and used to play poxy pubs around the Old
        Town area of Swindon.
        If you want questions answered about song references to Swindon
       (like, who was Nigel?) I might be able to help.
        Regards, Gerry.


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 1997 22:16:21 +0000
Subject: It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...

Dear Chalkers,

This coming Monday October 7th it will be 20 years ago that the first
XTC record was released.

This original 7 inch "XTC 3D SINGLE" was soon replaced by the 12 inch
version "XTC 3D EP" and is now extremely rare and valuable as a
result. Only some 50 copies are believed to have been released with a
picture sleeve and nobody knows how many have "survived"...
It's one of the rarest singles of the Great Punk Wars of '77 and very
collectable as a result - not only for XTC fans.

I think a small celebration is in order to commemorate 20 years of
XTC "on the record" so I will fetch my copy of this classic
single from my vinyl vaults and look at it in awe for a while.

yours scientifically,
Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse
 the XTC website @
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