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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 133

                Tuesday, 8 September 1998

Today's Topics:

              Re: Talk Talk/New Duffy Single
                  Ode to Andy Partridge
                   Terry & the Lovemen
                    Live performances
                  Wall Of Sound Top 100
                     Talking Bollocks
             possible MD/DC/VA gathering.....
       There's An Awful Lot Of Coffee In Amsterdam
                     FS: Fossil Fuel
                  She Awoke With A Jerk
                       Live B-sides
                     XTC Song Stories
                   My new mailing list
                Kate's A'dam Drum Polisher
                   news from the front
                       XTC Demo CD
                   Re: don't forget...
                    Re: Jam and Elvis
                   Elliott Smith & Andy
                 more live tracks wanted
                        Re: Cheese
                       XTC v TMBG?
                  REAL DAVE GREGORY NEWS


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I'm sitting waiting like a real good mutt.


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Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 21:59:00 -0700
From: Rick Davies <>
Subject: Re: Talk Talk/New Duffy Single

>too. Anyone heard Mark Hollis's solo CD?

Mark Hollis' new CD, "Mark Hollis," is excellent.
Entirely acoustic, beautifully recorded. This music
sends a shiver down my spine!

As unlike "Dum Dum Girl" as you can get.

On Talk Talk's "Spirit of Eden" and "Laughing Stock" you can
hear where Hollis was going and on Orang's "Herd of Instinct"
you can hear where the rest of the band went.

Both directions are well worth following.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 01:00:57 EDT
Subject: Ode to Andy Partridge


I just started another mailing list.  This time is strictly about Mr. Andy
Partridge.  I'm not sure if there are any out there, but I think there should
be one.  I'm not trying to compete with this one, because this is a great
mailing list.  I just thought that there should be one dedicated to Mr.

Until I get it on my web page just go to and type in
AndyPartridge.  I will have a link soon on my web page.  I'll let you know
when I do.



Date: 3 Sep 98 14:36:47 AST
Subject: Terry & the Lovemen
Message-ID: <>

As mentioned by others before, the September issue of first-rate British
rock mag, Mojo, contains a very favourable (and affectionately written)
review of the new Song Stories book - well worth a look; or failing that,
go to the Bungalow site for a full transcript of the review and details on
where to order the book:

But I just wanted to mention, if you pick up that copy of Mojo, check the
"Enlightenment" section.  Some bloke wrote in asking about the various
pseudonyms that XtC have worked under.  The answer given is quite

Interestingly enough, mentions of XtC seem to be cropping up increasingly
in that mag and the likes of Q lately - as a reference point when reviewing
other bands' records mainly.  'Always provokes a sharp pang of adrenaline
when I see those three magic letters jump from the page.

Dan Meier: sounds like a great trip you had!  Yes, Mark Strijbos is indeed
a splendid fellow, I think it would be a blast to meet him, and check out
his vast collection of XtC records and memorabilia first hand. I find
myself singing "So Said The Lighthouse Keeper" by Klaatu whenever I get one
of his great, informative emails or 'Hills posts. But it was a mite cheeky
that he flaunted his Colin tour jacket in front of you, wouldn't you say?
Grrrrrr.   :-)



Message-Id: <>
From: "Mick Casey" <>
Subject: Live performances
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 15:09:39 +0100


Mark Strijbos said :
> Bushman President
> was used as the intro / walk-on piece for many XTC performances,
> but it was played from a tape (loop?) and not performed by the band.

Whilst acknowledging Mark's phenominal knowledge of all things XTC, there
was something about this last quote that got me thinking. Didn't they used
to play Bushman President as a kind of intro/segue thing going into Living
Though Another Cuba?

Mr Relph, can you confirm?

* ------------------------------------------------------------------
Mick Casey
* ------------------------------------------------------------------


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 14:53:41 +1000
Subject: Wall Of Sound Top 100

As mentioned previously, the Wall Of Sound Top 100 Albums Poll is taking
votes until 11 September. I've just visited the page, and it's very
disappointing - as far as the 1980s are concerned, the top five is : U2,
The Police, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and Guns 'n' Roses. XTC
don't rate a mention. Do something about it, dammit!



Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 10:45:52 +0100
From: Dominic Lawson <>
Subject: Talking Bollocks

Wes asks:
>>Anyone heard Mark Hollis's solo CD?

Oh yes indeed. And thoroughly fantastic it is too. If you liked "Laughing
Stock" or "Spirit Of Eden" (Talk Talk's two astounding masterpieces) then
you'll be more than satisfied. If anything it's even quieter and more jazz
influenced than the aforementioned albums, and lacks some of the harmonica
and guitar noise that both were strewn with, but it's a rewarding listen
nonetheless.  Try my website, THE LAMINATED CAT, at,
for a review of said Mark Hollis album.

And on the subject of The Jam, I'd like to chuck in my unwanted opinions (as
usual). For the unitiated I would recommend either "Snap!" or the greatest
hits thing, but otherwise just go and buy "Sound Affects" and "Setting
Sons". Classic stuff, possibly Weller at his peak. Mind you, "Wild Wood" is
great too.

XTC cover fans should check out the second album by Swedish industrial/metal
types MISERY LOVES CO.. It's called "Not Like Them" and features a cover of
"Complicated Game" (good choice!). It's a fairly straightforward
interpretation and sounds pretty much how you'd imagine an industrial/metal
version would sound. It's probably not up many of your streets (if past
comments are anything to go by) but if you've ever liked NIN or Ministry
then you may be pleasantly surprised. The play the middle eight twice as
well, which isn't exactly fascinating but I thought the trainspotter
contingent would appreciate the thought.

And I'm sorry, but "The Avengers" really does suck. Big time. Don't waste
your money!  Apart from completely missing the style and humour of the
original series (I wonder why that might be...), the total lack of plot and
the appalling script, the much-hyped effects were nothing out of the
ordinary and the soundtrack was largely bobbins. "Lost In Space" was miles
better, and that was a bit lame as well. Give me "Violent Cop" or "Naked"
any day of the week. Or anything, for that matter.

Finally, Mark says:
>>>When I'm slagging off Duran Duran i'm not
>>>attacking you or anybody else or their preferences. I'm just giving
>>>my lousy two cents - nothing more, nothing less.

How very true, and why not. People are often way too polite when they're
commenting on other people's tastes. If I say your favourite band is shit
(not XTC, obviously!) I'm not calling anyone a wanker. Part of the fun in
being a music fan is the strong reactions we have to things we like and
dislike. If we're all going to pussyfoot around being nice, when we're
really thinking "Duran Duran suck cocks in hell" then it's both dishonest
and pointless. I certainly learnt my lesson, as far as inappropriate
comments go, but I will defend to the death my right to call Andrew Lloyd
Webber a talentless schmuck and Duran Duran a bunch of pretentious,
big-haired, tune-free, tax-dodging pieces of shit. Which they are. Now I'd
like to hear what you all think of Napalm Death. Go on, I can take it.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 22:38:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: K D <>
Subject: possible MD/DC/VA gathering.....

anyone interested in having some sort of informal XTC gathering in the
MD/DC/VA area?--todd bernhardt and myself are trying to "organize"
something...e-mail me so we can try to come up with place/date/time,

kate (the baltimore one)


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 21:18:15 +0000
Subject: There's An Awful Lot Of Coffee In Amsterdam

Dear Chalkers,

My friend Dan Meier wrote:

>  One of the highlights of our trip was meeting Chalkhills'
>  favorite Lighthouse Tender, Mark Strijbos, for some of
>  Amsterdam's best coffee and a bit of swapping of xtcentials.

I did not drink any coffee. Okay, so maybe i tried a few sips but i
did not inhale !!!

> I would encourage any of you who find yourselves in Mark's
> neighborhood to look him up.
Please do - but gimme a call first, OK?

> He's a first rate guy
I bribed Dan to say this of course...

Seriously now, i really enjoyed meeting Dan and his girlfriend;
meeting somebody who's also into XTC is always a pretty rare and
joyous occasion. Meeting two or more of them at once is cause for

yours in xtc,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse


Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 13:49:56 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Martin van Rappard <>
Subject: FS: Fossil Fuel
Message-ID: <>

Hi Chalkies,

Through a misunderstanding I suddenly came into the possession of *two*
copies of Fossil Fuel, The Singles 1977-92, and while I love XTC, I do
not love them that much. So anyone with a good offer gets the second
disc, which is of course spanking new.



Message-Id: <>
From: "Michael Davies" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 17:18:36 -0400
Subject: She Awoke With A Jerk

> BTW: you can add Science Friction, Instant Tunes, Are You Receiving
> Me? and Life Begins At The Hop to the list. And that's from the top
> of my head; i'm sure there are more...

"Life Begins At The Hop" isn't a non-LP song, I have it on my LP
version of "Drums and Wires".  maybe it isn't on the British version.

> BTW2: the 'correct' spelling is X Wires and _not_ Cross Wires.

I have the LP version of that too (I have "Beeswax" and all the
regular albums except "Nonsuch" on LP, and I think they cost a total
of $42), and it says "X Wires" on the sleeve but "Cross Wires" on the
actual record.  It also says "Atom Age", "Set Myself On Fire" and
"New Town Animal" on the sleeve, but "Into The Atom Age", "I'll Set
Myself On Fire", and "New Town Animal In A Furnished Cage" on the
record.  How do you know which one is right?

> Re. Randy Hiatt's lament concerning "The Mayor of Simpleton" lacking
> airplay: perhaps that's because it's a piece of brightly-hued bubblegum
> soaked in a huge vat of irony!  Amazing how even an almost-"commercial"
> song has a twist, thanks to the guys.  And I really love how this song
> deals a king-hit to the whole class-structure thing, too!  After all,
> you can't just assume that, because someone looks not-too-good on paper,
> that they're automatically some sort of intellectually-dwarfed
> roughneck!

Doesn't he admit to being intellectually dwarfed in the song?  I
thought it was about knowing that you love someone despite not
knowing much else, instead of being another "Love on a Farmboy's

Michael Davies

ps.  What can someone tell me about the band "New Fast Automatic
Daffodils"?  I have their "Peel Sessions" CD, and it's very good.
especially the song "Jaggerbog".


Message-ID: <211D4A0926D2D011859E0060972D884862F5A5@CORJCMAIL>
From: "Miller, Ed" <>
Subject: Ralph:Raef::Relph:?
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 09:30:09 -0600

This "Ralph" pronunciation debate leaves me with one question.

John, how do you pronounce your last name?  Given the Ralph/Raef thing,
I would assume you pronounce it "Reef". (:-)

Richard P-A... I'm looking forward to getting my egg and light bulb.


Ed "Rael" Miller


Message-ID: <>
Date: 3 Sep 1998 10:34:00 0100
From: "Robert  Wood" <>
Organization: Mutech
Subject: Taste... a funny old thing!

Brent posted a couple of really good, (IMHO), mails in 4-132.

>>     However, my all-time favourite XTC LP is _Mummer_.  Their first
album after quitting touring (and their first sans Terry), it marked a
dramatic maturing (hinted at to a large degree by _English Settlement_), <<

It's so strange you should see it that way! I thought at the time and still
do, that Mummer was a big backwards step in "maturity" feel. ES is a huge,
rolling landscape of an album with incredible texture, whereas Mummer, to a
large part IMO obv, has more of the feel of a dodgy '80s synth album. (I
gets better as it goes on I think). Don't get me wrong I still love some of
the songs on it - it just doesn't get anywhere near ES's hights for me.

>> The drumming was vastly superior to that on their previous
long-players, courtesy of the very adept (not to mention versatile)
skills of sessionist Peter Phipps.  Plus they started experimenting with
the Mellotron (long live this "mutant organ"!), on such pieces of work
as "Human Alchemy" and "Deliver Us From the Elements".  In general, the
album was extremely adventurous, and (for the most part) not easily tied
to 1983 - especially with their determination to hurl a sizable wrench
into the prevalent glam of that period! <<

Again, I have to disagree. I really like much of Terry's drumming,
especially on ES, where I think he really took a giant step forwards
ironically. The drumming on "Senses" is just awesome for example. Not
necessarily technically great, but just brilliant feel. And "Jason", all
that offbeat, snare and cymbal at the same time stuff - even 16 years down
the line still roots me to the spot! Our new drummer is a big XTC fan too,
and he comes up with some very Terry type lines - with the constant bass
drum and offbeat snare, with odd hat patterns that Terry seemed to like so

>>      The original vinyl edition remains _the_ definitive incarnation of
this remarkable opus.  Should you possess a copy in the analogue format,
please make sure that your stylus always mirrors the sharpness and
cleanliness of the contents of _Mummer_. <<

Ah! Now hear I have to agree so much! Same goes for ES and I think The Big
Express - I think the "bonus" tracks on the The Big Express CD, should have
been called the "bogus" tracks! <G>

Then Brent went on to talk about "Mayor"...

>> Re. Randy Hiatt's lament concerning "The Mayor of Simpleton" lacking
airplay: perhaps that's because it's a piece of brightly-hued bubblegum
soaked in a huge vat of irony!  Amazing how even an almost-"commercial"
song has a twist, thanks to the guys.  And I really love how this song
deals a king-hit to the whole class-structure thing, too!  After all,
you can't just assume that, because someone looks not-too-good on paper,
that they're automatically some sort of intellectually-dwarfed
roughneck! <<

In the UK, we have only one poxy national FM music radio statio, Radio 1.
It's crap. In fact that's paying it a compliment, in fact I call it a music
radio station, but... Well you get the idea! "Mayor" was Simon Mayo's record
of the week one week, which meant it got played at peak listening time
(breakfast), to the nation every day for one week 'cos Simon loved it so
much. And then over the next few weeks he carried on playing it a lot. Did
it chart? Did it buggery! I dunno, "Senses" was a big hit so I really can't
put my finger on why "Mayor" should not be, we talk about why XTC aren't
accepted by the singles buying public, but they were once, so why not again?
It's not like "Senses" have bubblegum lyrics for goodness' sake!

Ah well. At least they're a splendid, well kept secret for us...


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 20:09:22 EDT
Subject: Live B-sides

Someone said, and then John Relph said:

> XTC used to play the "Fireball XL-5" theme regularly.  They
> played "Looking for Footprints", "Heatwave", "Hang on to the
> Night" and "Bushman President" regularly.  And of course they
> played "Blue Beret" during their 1989 Acoustic Radio Tour.

Don't forget the live version of "Traffic Light Rock" that appeared on the
Record Mirror Giveaway 7".

J.D. Mack


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 04:47:21 -0700
From: Jason Kirkman__Carol Kawase <>
Subject: XTC Song Stories

Hi everybody,

Several weeks ago, the Bungalow website posted an offer from Helter
Skelter, the publisher of Neville Farmer's new XTC book, XTC Song Stories.
The deal was that if you mentioned Bungalow, you could obtain the book
prior to its release date for a discounted price.  This offer was
reportedly made because the publisher wants to be sure fans of the band
acquire the book.

Well, I took them up on their offer.  After a friendly email exchange, I
mailed them my credit card number over a month ago.  My copy of the book
arrived two or three days ago, around September 1.  I haven't had much time
to read it, so I'm only a third of the way through it.

It's a wonderful book so far, and everyone with enough interest in the band
to subscribe to this list should own it.  There are some astonishing
revelations and some hilarious stories in it.  If the pre-release offer
still stands, I'd urge you to go for it if you're reading this.  Be warned,
though, that postage from England to the US (I'm in California) is 4 pounds

Happy reading,

Jason K., who has no economic ties to Helter Skelter or Neville F., I just
love the band.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 22:56:17 EDT
Subject: My new mailing list


Sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to tell you that I put a link so you
can get to the AndyPartridge mailing list.  My URL is



Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 21:32:38 -0700
From: Randy Hiatt <>
Subject: Kate's A'dam Drum Polisher

>Subject: Polish a drum?

Along this line I would recommend to everyone the book "Drumming at the
Edge of Magic" by Mickey Hart (GreatfulDeaddrummer) and the late Joseph
Campbell (mythologist).  It is an eye opener for musicians and music
lovers alike.  It covers percussive musical creativity throughout time
and cultures, pulling it together into a personal experiencial reality.
never mind just go get it, you may come to understand why we love XTC
and the masses just don't get it.

My favorite Molly quotes (so far):

"I don't listen to anybody except myself."

"I wish more people were open minded."

>Dan - more coffee please - Meier said:

>Just returned from my most recent European foray, this time to Amsterdam<

Mark, I'd love to know more about A'dam.  I had a close friend tell me
of his trip there just months ago.  I want to go!!  how much for

You can mail me off line.

>From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>

>The aforementioned "F-Word" features a part Vander Ark wrote for
legendary British singer/ songwriter Kate Bush, who Vander Ark hopes to
lure into the studio and sing on the song.<

Kate, Kate... You all should own ALL her stuff, and the books too.

I'd give up Uma for Kate (and thats saying something).

I'm having a hard time replacing/finding M. Newell (GLE), now that I am
trying its playing hard to get (they still selling?).

Picked up Pet Sounds last week, I'm suprized how much Brian sounds like

waiting, waiting, waiting for the CC98, CC97, & CC96, hope I won the

   Randy in Seattle
(or just about anywhere)


Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 10:46:57 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <v03007800b2157298438e@[]>
From: Mitch Friedman <>
Subject: news from the front


Some news for you . . . on Thursday September 3rd, Colin Moulding completed
an overdub on "Easter Theater" and with the pressing of 'stop' on the
multitrack, XTC's new album was *finally* finished being recorded! Whew. On
Monday September 14th Colin and Andy will start mixing the album in South
Wales with Nick Davis at the helm (he did the mixes on Nonsuch too).

On Tuesday night Andy was busy writing the liner notes for the BBC CDs.

From what I understand, XTC will permanently set up shop in Colin's two car
garage that will now be converted to a recording studio for the band's use.
Construction will start after mixing is finished and will take about 4
months to complete.

Dave has a 3 day recording session with Gus Dudgeon producing with an
American artist I cannot recall (but it's no one we've heard of . . . yet).
September 17th through the 20th. Dave is looking forward to having some fun
and just playing his guitar with a drummer and bass player doing the same.

More later,


From: "Pedretti-Allen, Richard (Richard)" <>
Message-ID: <72EDB966944AD1118DC90080D8207488A98A71@ex-campus2>
Subject: XTC Demo CD
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 11:39:04 -0700

I recently returned from Detroit where I saw a copy of the XTC Japanese
Demo CD of Peter Pumpkinhead, My Bird Performs, Always Winter Never
Christmas and (I may have forgotten...) Smartest Monkeys.  I hope I have
that right but anyway...

It was available at The Record Collector on Eight Mile Road at Grand
River as of August 29.

Cheers, Richard


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 21:06:06 EDT
Subject: Re: don't forget...

>>Yes, Dom. True enough, but don't forget Blue Zoo, Jimmy The Hoover, Toto
>>Coelo and Rocky Sharpe & The Replays.
>>Oh, and Coast to Coast. Ah, the memories.......
>One The Juggler ?

  My God, you actually remember them? I still have their only album I know
of.  Sure, they were an obscure 80's period piece, but I kind of liked the
album and even wrote a favorable review of it for a magazine I was working
for.(It didn't get published, though- the magazine went out of business
before I could send it to them) As for the rest mentioned above, I vaguely
remember Blue Zoo as one of a gaggle of one-off bands in the new record
stacks at the college radio station I worked at, along with Toto Coelo(whose
"I Eat Cannibals" I played once and wished I could take back; sort of a
Spice Girls for the 80's).  The other two I don't know from Adam and Eve. A
few other 80's obscurities of varying quality; Ebn-Ozn, Slow Children, The
Thought(any Dutch members of the list remember this one? Possibly the most
commercial potential in a Dutch band since Golden Earring, yet the album
stiffed internationally), Hawaiian Pups, The Pheromones...



Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 21:06:09 EDT
Subject: Re: Jam and Elvis

>And you have to respect Mr. Weller for
>not manufacturing a shameless Jam Reunion Tour, which has had to be a
>temptation for him. But while we're on the subject, I wonder what Rick
>Buckler and Bruce Foxton are up to these days?

  Don't count on a reunion anyway; Foxton and Buckler reportedly disliked
each to the point that they'd get into fistfights backstage and the only
reason they stuck it out was the band's phenomenal success in England. They
were probably relieved when Paul broke up the band. Besides, Bruce wasn't
getting his songs on the last couple of albums, which he probably found
frusrating. I haven't heard anything from either of them since Bruce's very
good(I thought it was better than the first couple of Style Council
releases)solo album some time in the mid 80's which unfortunately didn't
sell squat.

>	Hey, anybody know what's going on with Elvis Costello? Seems
>he's been silent longer than usual.

  He put a few new songs on a recent best of package; I heard one that had a
sort of ambient-techno sound to it, intriguing; like nothing he's done
before.  After that and The Juliet Letters, maybe he'll do an album of
Newfoundland fishing songs next. :-)(No fish today, no fish anywhere, not
even a little fishy-wishy...)

>	Bob O'Bannon



Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 00:55:38 -0600
From: Phil Corless <>
Subject: Elliott Smith & Andy

Saw this review in the Boise paper, written by Tom Moon.... Don't
know if he's a local writer or syndicated.

    XO by Elliott Smith

    A student of classic songwriting who is comfortable appropriating
    Beach Boys harmonies and Beatles-like bridges, Smith works familiar
    elements until they're twisted beyond recognition.  And like XTC's
    Andy Partridge - whom he resembles on the lilting "Baby Britain" - he
    teases sprawling, improbably long-winded melodies from the most
    ordinary settings.  The result is music that's at once dense and airy,
    and almost dazzling enough to distract from the emotional turmoil
    buried deep within.

- Phil Corless (who will be doing another round of t-shirts
at the end of the month... details later).


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 16:46:21 +0200
From: Imanol Ugarte <>
Subject: more live tracks wanted

Hello Chalkers:

I found interesting the non-LP tracks performed live thread:

"Fireball XL-5", "Looking for Footprints", "Heatwave", "Hang
on to the  Night" , "Bushman President"( ?? ), "Blue Beret",
"Science Friction", Instant Tunes", "Are You Receiving Me?",
... ...
As far as I know, I think we can add  "Cut It Out"  and
"Traffic Light Rock"  to the  list.

Where are you, XTChistorians and clever seekers to help us
completing this list?

Adiorik ez


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 20:28:02 EDT
Subject: Re: Cheese

>BTW: I must admit that ABBA did have it's moments (the 'uh-huh' after
>'Voulez-vous' for instance) and I have a secret crush on Posh Spice
>but Olivia Newton-John ? ? ? I'm just curious how anybody who's
>'into' XTC could even tolerate Ms. Olive Oil, let alone _like_ her.

  "Knowing Me Knowing You" is one of the bleakest breakup songs ever
written, a work of true genius, and their last album The Visitors was a
near- masterpiece besides the one song sung by one of the men. A mostly
dark-tinged and disconsolate piece of work that apparently bummed out their
fans; it only had a couple of minor hits, and the group ceased to exist
after that.(Bereft of life, it has gone to meet its maker...It is an
ex-ABBA! Couldn't resist)More than a guilty pleasure, Bjorn and Benny were
actually brilliant pop songwriters, but their wives/girlfriends/whatever
spoke no English and had no understanding of what they were singing, which
may have given the impression of soullessness, but it's actually "no spik!"

  As for Olivia Neutron-Bomb, my wife loves her, I can BARELY tolerate her
80's aerobic-pop material my wife likes when I'm in a good mood, but her
lame attempts at country in the 70's I find unlistenable(fortunately my wife
doesn't have that stuff in her collection). I did catch her doing a quite
decent cover of a song Elton John wrote for her in the very late '80's("The
Rumour," nothing to do with Graham Parker, unfortunately), it was the kind
of catchy mid-tempo piano based pop song Elton does best, and for once she
belted it out rather than breathed it like she often does.

  I must admit I get a perverse thrill out of writing about the unhip. Barry
Manilow(who my wife also loves)would be a bit of a stretch, though.



Message-Id: <s5f3a270.091@BTA.ORG.UK>
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 09:07:51 +0100
Subject: XTC v TMBG?

Cooking Vinyl has unveiled its latest signing: They Might Be Giants....

....meanwhile, thanks to Simon for the 'Independent on Sunday' tip. The
interview was full-page and boasted a large and recent pic of Mr P
(headline: something like 'Andy's Making Plans... But Don't Tell Nigel').

News-wise, there was nothing that regular Chalkies didn't already know ('no,
we never broke up'; 'yes, we've been the victim of crooked management and
industry indifference') and once again I was reminded that for such an
articulate man, Andy is very fond of recycling anecdotes! That said, he does
- as always - sound unbearably upbeat about everything and it was certainly
refreshing to see a UK newspaper giving the band such exposure.

David Fatscher


Message-ID: <>
From: "Jason Phelan" <>
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 06:16:59 PDT


I have finally entered the realm (Albeit, vey loosely) of those who have
had direct contact with one of the trinity!

Here's the scoop. My former bandmate and best friend, Jason Lehning, is
heading to England on the 13th to meet up with another mutual friend,
David Mead, whom he is co-producing in the musical realm.
They are scheduled to be in the studio sometime on around the 16th of
september with.....

*************DRUMROLLL PLEASE*********************


They are slated to record three tunes. David Mead is a big fan of XTC
and a beautiful songwriter to boot. He is a young kid who I see very big
one of these days, and I even bet all on Chalkhills would dig him.

Well here is the rub, I just found out about this from Jason Last night
and he knew why I would be interested. He offered to pick up the new
Song Stories book and get it signed for me by both Gus and Dave!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!

As more details come in, like where, when exactly, what songs or any
news, I will let you know.

Really, the news is that Gus and Dave are working together on David
Meads Demos(?), but you know I had to share that with my Chalkbuddies.



End of Chalkhills Digest #4-133

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