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                  Tuesday, 14 July 1998

Today's Topics:

        Your Dictionary -- where can it be found?
    This Probably should be on the Beatle's Digest....
                       re: bye-bye
                       Fanatic Fans
                   The XTC of Too Pure
                    Mummer Chat on AOL
                 Fossil Fuel on cassette
                 Re: lennon and mccartney
                 God and other rumblings
                 White Horse of Georgia?
               Re: XTC Chat for AOL Members
            Burning With Paul McCartney Flames
                     What About Bob?
                    Saints and Sinners
                         Re: TVT
                    XTC + TVT = MTV??
                    MTV News Blurb...
                    Demo Tape Request
                 Why Can't We Be Friends?
            Ink-Bath Leads to Purdie Aneurysm


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(Wanna) take it out on her.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 15:41:25 -0700
From: Rich/MetalMan <>
Subject: Your Dictionary -- where can it be found?

Hey all, I've been reading about the Your Dictionary controversy
and such, but I'm wondering -- what does the song SOUND like? Is it
an obvious single? (kind of a dumb question, since most of XTC's
best songs are non-singles.) Is there a sound clip or something on
the net? If so, where?

Rich Bunnell or "Metal Man," whichever sounds more insane


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 16:07:43 -0700
From: Steven Graff <>
Organization: SLAPDASH
Subject: This Probably should be on the Beatle's Digest....

Shamus wrote:> Many (I) would argue that some of Paul's Beatle
contributions were too sappy and poppy and that his Wings and solo
period were/ are on the whole-fair to crap.

   Take out the "many", please. Few could stand up proudly and say that
John's work was better than Pauls, either in songwriting or technical
prowess, post-Beatles. I think even McCartney II or would stand up in
comparison say with anything John did pre-Double Fantasy.And as far as
Wings goes, I doubt they would've sold millions had they ventured into
the dark introspective world that John seemed to enjoy dwelling in.

  Also, since when did John's drug use infringe on his composition and
production?  In fact, they may just be responsible for no small part of
them (especially as a Beatle).

>          Additionally, Yoko can be viewed as the prime motivater for all
>          of John's post Sgt. Pepper writings, Plastic Ono is a great,
>          great record isn't it?  Oh, and I don't understand the untimely
>          death remark.

     Infringe? Always! You say so yourself. And being "in no small part
responsible for them" takes credit away from whatever prowess Lennon had
before their introduction.
     Drug abuse is never essential (nor should it be viewed in a
positive light at all anyway) in writing great music.Especially pop
songs, which was always McCartney's forte'. John went off to do his
little circus act, and then a slow-fade; Paul went off to keep writing
and refining his songwriting. Sure "Wings Wild Life" had no hits,but can
you name a McCartney project after that didn't have at least one
memorable song? I can only pick out three Lennon songs pre-Double
Fantasy that I hear now and then anywhere: Imagine, Instant Karma! and
his little Xmas ditty.McCartney is far more incorperated into the
current pop-world.
     Thanks for your comment,which serves to bolster all arguments to
condemn Yoko. She came between Paul and John when she was first
introduced into the Beatle inner circle, and while they both were alble
to write pretty good songs after her introduction, I feel the momentum,
and atmosphere of being a Beatle probably propelled them to have a bit
more quality control, 'til the end. As a band they had a reputation to
keep, howwever, the catalsy was always the coherence of the band
(especially John and Paul), and after Yoko entered the picture, this was
     John was so wrapped up with Yoko after the Beatles that I feel he
lost the concentration or drive to keep coming up with great songs. He
also lacked the skill to play his instrument with any real facility.
Yoko probably did none of this intentionally, but that's how it
happened, so the blame isn't one against the person, Yoko Ono, just her
role in the turn of events.

    John's death was a shock and surprise to all, and unfortunate,
unless you know something I don't.....

    Steven "McCartney fan" Graff

and now, back to XTC, and their classic, "The Loving"


Message-Id: <v01540b08b1cf35bf5442@[]>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:28:36 +1200
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: re: bye-bye

Trent & Todd wrote...
>>I remember being scared after hearing the end of FPAR, where Andy
>sings "Bye-Bye" thinking that this might be their last album!<
>And I thought I was the only one paranoid enough to have thought that!

I had exactly the same feeling about the duelling guitars at the end of
Books are Burning... they sounded in my mind like the end of, erm, "The
End" off Abbey Road.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 22:01:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: Cheryl <>
Subject: Fanatic Fans

Hi there,

Don't know if this has been mentioned or suggested

I was surfing around and landed on MTV and they had
this show on called Fanatics.  I guess the premise of
the show is where dedicated fans get to interview
their fav star, rock group, etc.    Is this show on
the Euro version of MTV?

Maybe there is someone else out there that is more
familar with this show, but from what I understand
basically these fans have e-mailed or wrote in to MTV
expressing their dream to meet their idol.

I just thought it would be neat if a bunch of XTC
fans could write in and possibly smooze their way
into interviewing the band.  This could be a great
opportunity to gain some positive press for XTC.

Why don't a bunch of you articulate chalkers figure
out how this Fanatic thing works and give it a go.

Just thought it would be a neat way to promote our
favourite band.

Take care everyone,


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 10:03:16 +0100
From: Andy Miller <>
Subject: The XTC of Too Pure

Hi all

Paul wrote:
>Anyone see the quote in Time Out (London listings mag) 2 weeks back...
>I threw my copy away... it was a short blurb for a piece on a relatively
>new band further on in the magazine. The general thing was "who
>influenced you\who do you think you are like" and to paraphrase using
>mysomewhat sieve-like memory: "Where not really in it for the money
><some kind of integrity bit>..." "So you're like the XTC for the Nineties?"
>"Yeah, I like that... XTC for the Nineties." No doubt someone may have
>noticed it.

The band in question is called Hefner, who have just released an album
called Breaking God's Heart - my favourite album of the year so far. We
saw them play last week and they were really really good.

Paul, your sieve-like memory is pretty good actually. Hefner said they just
wanted to quietly put out records and do their own thing, away from the
commercial pressures of touring etc. The hack then says, So, you're like the
XTC of Too Pure (their record label)? The band really laughs, and says Yeah,
go on, put that etc. It was a nice moment. (Obviously the latter part of
XTC's relationship with Virgin has yet to filter into the public
consciousness, however...)

If you're thinking of buying any Hefner records, please note they sound
NOTHING like XTC, being much closer in sound to a Go-Betweens/Violent
Femmes kind of thing. But, recklessly, I recommend them nevertheless.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 09:09:53 -0400
From: Janis Van Court <>
Subject: Mummer Chat on AOL

On Tuesday, June 14, at 10 pm eastern, we'll be meeting in chatroom
"Mummer" for another XTC listening party.  These are going really well, and
I'm enjoying meeting so many Chalkhillians and other XTC AOLers in a chat

Even if you're not up to listening to the whole CD with us, anyone with AOL
access can just drop in and say hello.  Hope to see you.

Details about the listening parties can be found at

Or just e-mail me with any questions. (, or here at my
work account.)

-Janis (hearing "Bumper Cars" in my head ever since that trip to the
amusement park yesterday)  :)

PS:  I really wish Chalkhills were a bounce list instead of a digest...
waiting to hear from you all each day (or two) is often tortuous.  Any
possibility of this changing?  I'm kinda new here, so forgive me if this
has already been proposed, etc.

"Bird and bear and hare and fish, give your love her fondest wish."


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 13:38:13 +0000
Subject: Fossil Fuel on cassette

For anyone who is interested, WH Smiths (UK Book store) currently have a
music sale on.  I have just picked up the double-cassette version of Fossil
Fuel for just 4 pounds.

If anyone would like a copy, I can probably get hold of one (they had 3
copies left). Please e-mail me directly ( and we can
set up a deal. You can either send me the cash, or we can trade something.




Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:17:42 +0100 (BST)
From: Chris Clee <>
Subject: Re: lennon and mccartney
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.4.00.9807131612090.4462-100000@piranha>

two songs in relpy, strawberry fields......and a day in the life, top
those with any of Pauls songs and i'll be impressed. Lennon was the most
thought of lyricist long before the breakup of the Beatles never mind
before he died...Paul writes good pop songs, a different kind of beast
altogether. Depends on how serious you like your music (i've always had a
soft spot for Pauls silly love songs

bye for now


Chris Clee

The views expressed in this message are purely mine and not necessarily
those of the Sanger Centre


Message-Id: <v01540b03b1cf975ee12a@[]>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 14:30:59 +1200
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: pagan???

Starling sez:
<<Thing 2: I recently heard the much-circulated demos for the first time,
and the lyrics to many of these songs have only added to my wonder and
curiosity regarding Andy Partridge's spiritual beliefs. I know we've
discussed religion a lot on this list lately, and I know it's not always a
safe or comfortable topic, and I know it's none of our affair what Andy
believes, but I have to say that I'm pretty much convinced that if he
embraces any sort of spirituality, it's most likely of a pagan nature.>>

well, at the risk of being enthusiastically flamed here, the 'old
religions' have always lain pretty close to the surface in Britain, even
cloaked in the trappings of Christianity, and much more so in the parts of
Britain where Celtic society remained less molested by Saxon and Norman
influence[1]. The richest area for this tradition within this region is
that where the celts remained but the Celtic church held least sway -
Southwest England ("The West Country" - from Cornwall to the Solent, and
north to the Cotswold hills). If, as I believe, XTC take their spiritual
side not from any church but from a wistful view of the history of their
homeland[2], then there is bound to be this sort of 'pagan nature' to his
work. He lives in urban Swindon, but that is surrounded by West Country
farmland. Remember that the word 'pagan' originally simply meant a person
from a rural region - it was the connection with the "Season's Cycle" that
formed the countryman's existence and celebration, and it is through this
association that the word took on its current meaning. Swindon lies in the
land of the stone circle, the carved horse, the 'rude man', and the cycle
of life. Remember in England - probably more so than in most places - the
Christian Church 'borrows' from the old ways and lives in some form of
uneasy coexistence with it. Whitsun, harvest festival, Guy Fawkes,
Hallowe'en, Lammastide, and of course Easter all have kennen origins, as
tdo many of the old "Christian" Mummer plays.

[1]ironic, really, since these were the first parts of Britain to welcome
Christianity with open arms. However the form of Christianity that was
popularised in these regions was much more lenient to folk religions than
the Roman brand of Christianity, and hints of the old ways pervaded much of
its philosophy. For an interesting discussion on Celtic Christianity, read
Thomas Cahill's wonderful book "How the Irish saved civilisation" (Sceptre
Books, London, 1995).

[2]there is ample evidence of this, starting with Roman Londinium and the
navvies of "Towers of London", and developing through the lost war heroes
of "In loving memory of a name", the pressganged sailors of "All you pretty
girls", the pervasive steam railway imagery of "The Big Express", the
references to the Mummer plays, the Season's Cycle and Sacrificial Bonfire,
the Chalkhills and Children which anchor the feet of any English dreamer
who feels a connection with the history of his or her country.

James (stopping now before he starts to feel homesick)

PS - an album I heard recently with a vaguely XTC-ish sound is Velo
Deluxe's "Superelastic" - anyone able to tell me something about them?


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 01:13:20 EDT
Subject: God and other rumblings


I just wanted to say that people shouldn't judge the song, Dear God.  I know
people have their opinions, but I have to state my opinion in this matter.
If you have any objections to what I have to say, please e-mail me at my
e-mail address.

I'm not a huge fan of God either.  How can I believe in something that
preaches hatred?  One minute you say "love thy neighbor", and the next thing
you say I hate this group, because they're immoral (i.e., gays).  I just
can't believe in things like that.  I'm not saying all Christians are like
that, because there are some nice Christians out there.  I don't like juging
people because they do "immoral" things.  Remember if you have any
objections with what I say, please e-mail me privately.

And to the person who said something about the AOL chats.  Well, I just
wanted to mention the AOL chats are for people who don't have the special
chat programs available to them.  In the future I might have a chat on mIRC,
but I'm not sure yet when I'll have one.  I'll let you know.

Talk to you later.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 23:19:36 -0700
From: Rich/MetalMan <>
Subject: Mummer

Ben Gott <> writes
>Name the song quoted in my .sig line, and you'll get some keen pocket lint!
>   Six or eight thousand years ago, they laid down the law!

  Hmm, I guess I wasn't subscribed when this was posted cause I didn't
notice it, but that song is "Mesopotamia" by the B-52's -- probably
one of my favorite groups ever. Now where's my lint?
  In other news, I recently found a 10 dollar copy of "Mummer" at
Circuit City, so I picked it up -- just wondering, why is the album
bashed so much in reviews? "Deliver Us From The Elements" is awesome,
the singles are great, as are the B-sides, the instrumentals are
very good -- it's an overall great album, despite some patchiness
near the end, and I'll probably love those songs eventually.
  Still, in the Mummer/Big Express debate, I'll have to go with
Big Express -- the hard edge of it just sounds great, and it probably
has more memorable songs in my mind than any other XTC album, with
Black Sea and Skylarking coming very close.

Rich Bunnell or "Metal Man," whichever sounds more insane


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 02:27:05 -0400
From: Andisheh Nouraee <>
Subject: White Horse of Georgia?

Have any fellow Chalkhillers who have driven south of Atlanta, Georgia on
Interstate 85 noticed the highway signs with the White Horse of Uffington
(aka drawing on English Settlement cover)?  I believe that they are for a

Andisheh in Atlanta.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 02:45:13 EDT
Subject: Re: XTC Chat for AOL Members

Oh my goodness...I'm delurking.

james isaacs <> wrote:

<<hello all there have been rumblings recently (or maybe it is the sausages)
about XTC chat on AOL.  Another, better alternative (since I don't have AOL)
is to do the chat in a web-related chat area, such as yahoo! or webchat.  If
anyone is interested, gimme a note and we can try to organize something.

Ah, yes, the AOL XTC chats.  I shall confess that I have been holding these
occasionally and rather spontaneously for the past couple years, and they
are rather exclusive (I blame myself).  I've tried to get more AOL people to
join in by posting in the XTC boards, but much to my dismay, that didn't
work because of scheduling difficulties and lack of readers.  Therefore, I
resorted to just adding scads of people to my "Chalkhillians Buddy List" and
starting a chat when at least 6 or 7 people were on...thus, the spontaneity.
I think the listening parties were a great idea, although I haven't attended
one on time yet, hehe.  Anywho...I babble.  I think broadening the horizons
of the XTChat would be great.  I just discovered ICQ and of course there's
always IRC...and the webchat idea is coolio, too.  I'm up for it!

- Piriya

"Your heart is the big box of paints,
and others, the canvas we're dealt."


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 01:31:42 -0700
From: Steven Graff <>
Organization: SLAPDASH
Subject: Burning With Paul McCartney Flames

Brian stated, in short

"Paul sucks"

Can you substantiate it with anything close to the way Paul could
substantiate his talent (consistantly great songs,great albums, tours,
sold out shows, world acclaim, knighthood even)?
Can you seriously establish even as a rumor that XTC's songsmiths side
with Lennon over McCartney? I seriously doubt it.I also have no clue as
to whether Wings got any respect from them either, but I think it would

If you are comparing Paul to John, how does John "not suck"? he's
awfully hit and miss throughout his solo career, and may have just broke
even with Paul's solo status had he not been murdered.

     I'm sorry, but the adolescent dismissal of "Paul sucks" is just a
sign how how far someone is capable of grasping at the straws of Legacy
when trying to glorify someone who can't speak for themselves anymore,
and never really delivered the goods in the first place.
     the Beatles, as a unit were and are unbeatable.Just like the many
manifestations of XTC.

     Buy or rent, or borrow Wings Over America, and tell me it doesn't
blow Live in New York out of the water.

     and now...back to the classic "The Ugly Underneath", by XTC....
      Steven Graff


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 02:25:59 -0700
From: Steven Graff <>
Organization: SLAPDASH
Subject: What About Bob?

This Dear God Drudgery has gone on long enough.
Bob O Bannon wrote a very typical post about the blasphemy of Dear God.
     Dear God does not directly address the omnipotent, all
loving/caring/damning creation of human civilization. IMHO, Andy is
speaking toward the massive weight that society places on a social
construct to either solve it's problem, or blame when it can't deal with
    'Fighting in the streets, because they can't make opinions meet
about God....'
     That's all you can do in reference to God, give opinions of YOUR
perception of how the Big Guy works, etc. I always stuck to the belief
that, being outside the realm of understanding, such speculation (or
declaration) is foolish and unproductive.
     I'd like to propose that Andy's song is actually one of
frustration. Frustration that life isn't that simple, to provide
everyone with an easy solution to problems, and a simple way to measure
morality across the board. My brother went born again, and I can't talk
to him, because he spouting God so much all the time it's like he's some
kinda addict. In life, we get what we deserve...for some, it's chasing
your own tail thinking it will resolve something.
    Countries do it all the time. people live their lives gripped in a
cage of dogma. truth doesn't lie in one place, or several places in the
same limited circle of reference. Truth is hinted at everywhere.
    "the father son and holy ghost are just some sinner's unholy hoax"
    Since when does an all loving creator resort to a childish motif
like revenge as a means of discipline? Either God is a moot point of
discussion, or the longest running practical joke ever played. People
develop hierarchical relationships when they're insecure with themselves
and their own conscience.  White folks way back when developed the Great
chain of Beigng to justify things like institutionalized slavery. It's
all about power.
    What's loving about your own perspective that God has "the right and
power to snuff {Andy's} life in an instant"? If life is meant as a realm
in which we grow and mature (hopefully), how does one fufill their
potential if you have an omnipotent creator who's an asshole? That's not
love. Besides, folks like Hitler wouldn't have lived as long as they do
if God used (or abused) such a power. You're putting your own spin on
God, like everyone else (including me) and we all make varying degrees
of sense and logic. I've had a pretty nice upward climb that I'm
actually starting to enjoy.
    Sense and logic are what humans use as consolation for not knowing
something well enough to guess what it's up to. Religious doctrine is
formed by religious leaders who have an agenda and interests that must
be satisfied. This is a universal displayed in every organized religion.
    If one must define an intangible such as God in such extreme tones,
i think the mirror is the best place to begin your spiritual journey.
Sometimes people like being "religiously hip" because it's not
challenging then to face the unpredictability of life, and the sorrow of
others that cannot be consoled. (We all need a big reduction in amounts
of tears).
     Andy has a qualm with institutionalized religion, because it is so
grounded in self-graciating attempts at being most virtuous, or saved,
or what-have-you.
     Bumper sticker: I'm not perfect, but I'm forgiven.

This is self-righteous bullcrap that exudes one thing: ego.

     If you ever wanted to see an authentic museum exhibit dedicated to
God, it would most likely be a large room with only three walls and no
roof. It would face a large metropolitan center from a distance, to give
you a panoramic view.
     For the most religious, there would be a sign:
          Stop Looking At Me and Get On With Your Life

      Having a spiritual understanding with the world around you is
important, but please...don't be a sucker. If you find your place in the
world, use it for good, not to satisfy someone else's "interpretation"
(masks they let you rent, for a tithe) or to escape the wrath of an
invented Superman. You have only yourself to answer to, and integrity to
hold sacred. Religion is just a complicated GAME. I choose not to play.
If there is judgement at the end, I'll face God with a life of
contribution behind me. If I get the thumbs down, I'LL be the one

     Sorry to go all Vonnegut on you. Discuss amongst yourselves...
     Steven Graff


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 06:36:49 -0400
From: Todd and Jennifer Bernhardt <>
Subject: Saints and Sinners


Bob O'Bannon said:

> I have refrained from involving myself in the rerun of the "Dear God"
> thread because I thought it would die quickly, but since people seem to
> be interested, I will put my head on the block.

I agree, but something Bob said made me want to put my head there, too:

> And if there are "no saints,
> no sinners, no devil," then you're left with a situation in which you
> can't even define what evil is because no one is to blame.

Except _us_! That's the point of the song, IMO -- Andy is criticizing people
for trying to foist their responsibilities on some immaterial Being, rather
than accepting that our fate is in our hands. And I use the term
"immaterial" on purpose here, not to imply some disrespect toward your
views, Bob, but to point out that God isn't really the point of the
song. _Humanity_ is.

Eric Rosen said:

> I believe it was 120 minutes on which I saw AP
> say that it is a "one martyr fits all" song.
> Once seeing the video, it's hard to conclude that JFK is not among those
> "martyrs."  There's a sequence where we see the following:

But Eric, using the video as proof doesn't tell us much, since music videos
are after-the-fact affairs and, especially in XTC's case, the band has
little to do with them. Now, if you're talking about the _director's_
interpretation of the song, that's another matter...



From: "Peter Dresslar" <>
Subject: Re: TVT
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 08:36:33 -0400
Message-Id: <19980714123013.FHBN13259@default>

TVT-Waxtrax is probably my favorite label currently. Home of Underworld and
Autechre... not exactly XTC influenced! It's not always flat-out easy
finding TVT stuff in the states, but they do sell to the Best Buys of the
world, so it should be no problem.


>From: Todd Bernhardt <>

> Final news, and it's good: They just -- yesterday, I think -- signed
> in the U.S. with TVT Records, which Andy said is a big indy that used
> to have (and still does?) Nine Inch Nails, among others.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 05:42:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: brian sellers <>
Subject: XTC + TVT = MTV??

Here's what MTV has to say about XTC signing to TVT.
By the way...the 'M' stands for Misinformation.

XTC Hooks Up With TVT, Plans New Studio Album

Fans yearning for new material from the high-minded English pop outfit
XTC may not have to wait much longer.

A spokesperson for TVT Records told MTV News late Monday that the band
has inked a deal with the record label that should bear fruit early
next year. The
band is expected to enter the studio later this year to work on its
first TVT release, which will be the band's first collection of new
material since 1996's
"The Big Express."  [WHA???]

 Given XTC's frontman Andy Partridge's distaste for touring, the
spokesperson did not know if a tour would follow the release of the
as-yet-untitled album.

The band, which has been around for more than 20 years, found an
audience in the 1980s when its blend of spinning melodies, hiccuping
beats, and engaging
lyrics earned XTC a cult following.

The band is perhaps best known for its 80s college radio hits "Dear
God," "Senses Working Overtime," and "Mayor Of Simpleton."

Spinningly hiccuping and fully engaged,



Message-Id: <>
Subject: MTV News Blurb...
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 98 09:19:05 -0000
From: ms165283 <>

For those who haven't seen it. MTV Online News
( ) posted the blurb
today about XTC signing to TVT. However, MTV had several facts wrong.
They claimed that XTC's last album was 1996's the Big Express, and that
XTC had just started working on new material. They also failed to mention
anything about David Gregory. And these people fancy themselves

Don't bother sending them email to correct these mistakes - I already
did. Hopefully, we'll get a correction posted soon...

Hugs & Kisses,
Ted Lee


Message-ID: <>
From: "Jason Phelan" <>
Subject: Demo Tape Request
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 06:33:40 PDT

Hey Chalk-Mounders,

Yesterday I recieved quite a surprise when I got home and found a load
of envelopes all addressed to me requesting the 95-96 demos.
I am currently in the process of making them, and I just want to say
THANK YOU SO MUCH to the people who took the time to provide a little
note of gratitude or an extra treat in the envelope.

These are the ones I have recieved and their status(except for ones who
wanted this to be a surprise, I will not list as eyes might be

Henry Tomczak - Priority Mail recieved Saturday(11th)sent Mon.(13th)
????????? - Recieved Monday, sent Tuesday
Randy Christopher - Recieved Monday Thanks for the C.D. will send today
or tomorrow.
William Rogers - Thanks for the extra tape,You will be next, recieved
Sean Fredrick - Recieved monday
Kieth Zumbrun - Monday
Dan Meyer - Monday

Now if I get another load like this for the next few weeks, take heart,
it will take me some time but I promise to get to them in due time. (I
am not one to ask for anything, but a little something helps expediate
the process, Ask Randy Christopher)

Hey, Mitch Friedman
Why don't you try to talk Andy into sending the members of Chalkhills
an early copy of the New Album. We will pay double a pop for them, and
then they can have some cash to get them out proper which we then, no
doubt, will happily buy again.....please!!!!

Have a nice Day,


Message-ID: <>
From: "Jason Phelan" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 07:21:16 PDT
Subject: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Oh yeah, here's an addendum:

Why do we have to have a competition going between Lennon and McCartney
of all people.

Can't we just enjoy their music and not say who is better than the

Can't we all just get along....(boo-hoo, sob, cue music....cue Darth
Vader....THIS IS CNN!)

Love, peace and wild snogging in the streets,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 10:56:42 -0400
From: Harrison Sherwood <>
Subject: Ink-Bath Leads to Purdie Aneurysm

> From: DAVID FATSCHER <dfatscher@BTA.ORG.UK>
> Subject: Oozing Like Napalm...

> Diana Dors (born Diana Fluck, or F-L-U-C-K as Andy would say, and in the
> 1950s considered Britain's - ahem - 'answer' to Marilyn Monroe)

And--embroidering together oh _so_ many threads, here--what hyper-influential
work of pop art do both of these pneumatic pnubiles grace? Hint: It's
butt-famous, and even _you_ have it in your art collection.

And for you poop-culture junkies, what cod-cockney character actor/Hogan's
Hero/slimeball game-show host got to fluck her legally by becoming _Mr._
Diana Dors some time back in The Decade We Do Not Mention? (Must have looked
something like What the Swedish Butler Saw at! Open the Dors of
Perception! Growl!)


I was taking a lovely warm ink-bath in the Washington Post yesterday
morning, my only concern the warmth of my coffee and the coolness of my
wife's calves (she was steeping them in avocado oil in the refrigerator to
preserve their youthful suppleness), when the Style section, normally the
friendliest of floppy-eared puppy-dogs, leaped up, fanged a generous helping
of my consumerist throat and worried at it like I'd just taken away its chew
toy.  According to the story in the paper this morning, marketing types have
discovered that modern rock music is a pretty good way to sell stuff to
young folks! Golly weepers, I babbled to myself, didn't I _just_ get through
having a major snotfest about the same dang thing in that Chalkhills! So
this morning I pulled the article off the Post archives and you too can read
it at Just don't tell
Katy Graham, OK?

Highlight that left me cackling with vein-popping derision, scaring the kids:

> Compared with old-timers like Paul Simon, Neil Young and R.E.M., who wear
> the refusal to allow their music to be used in adverts as badges of honor,
> today's musicians seem less inclined to regard alliances with Madison
> Avenue as harmful to their credibility.
> "These days, there are very few musicians who have an ethical or moral
> problem doing advertising," says Eric Korte, music director at the Saatchi
> & Saatchi agency. "Why?  Because advertising is much more creative and
> interesting than it was 10 years ago.  It's a much hipper medium."

So you see? It's OK after all! I got myself all worked up into a leftie
lather about nothing! See, advertising is _creative_ and _interesting_! The
guy from Saatchi _said_ so! Anybody care to do a little thinking about
Thomas Pynchon's notion of cultural heat-death and apply it to the history
of rock in the Nineties? I'm done fighting it, though. Now I just wander
around the room in my bathrobe, humming Fugazi's "Do You Like Me"
( and
touching all the walls in turn, muttering distractedly to myself, "Thesis...
antithesis... synthesis... poink!
Thesis... antithesis... synthesis... poink!"

    The only thing that's left to ax is,
    Where the hell'd we leave our praxis?


I've said it before and I'll say it again: the best, most talented, and
ass-kickin'-est Beatle was Bernard Purdie, and you "Lennon" and "McCartney"
"fans" can SIT DOWN and SHUT UP, 'cos my boy Bernie taught 'em everything
they knew. Wrote "Free As a Bird," too, and played the slide solo.


You people have NO IDEA what "wimoweh" means in Yoruba, do you? I bet you
teach your KIDS that song. Boy, they're laughing their wimowehs off in
Burkina Faso, when they hear about large groups of prepubescent Girl Scouts
sitting around the campfire, chanting the "W" word over and over, in
three-part harmony. Pete Seeger has a _lot_ to answer for. Commie
degenerate.  A-wooooooooooooooo....


Greg Davidson, please contact me immediately. I have your driver's license.

Harrison "shlit, fluck, clock, clunt, clocksucker, motherflucker, wimoweh"


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