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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 4, Number 101

                  Wednesday, 1 July 1998

Today's Topics:

                    Aw! Pete's bored!
                       KFAD on MTV
      Chalkhills Originals 98 - AWAKEN YOU DREAMERS
                  I hear, therefore I am
                      Reality Check
                      Junior's Farm
                   fragmented comments
               FREE stuff!! Clockwise in LA
                   Re: Nitzche is Dead
           catching up on some ancient threads
   fegs'n'chalkies, and a doddery old wrinkly responds
               Whetting appetites for CC98
             I've got yer boring right here!
                      for the record
                        MY WEAPON
                 Dear Godlessnessssssssss
                        re: boring
                     boring ...again
                  A new survey? *uh-oh*


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Message-Id: <QQevzv08068.199806301247@relay3.UU.NET>
Date: 30 Jun 98 08:52:01 +0000
From: Jeff Partyka <>
Subject: Aw! Pete's bored!

Pete wrote:
>Dear All,
>        Survey - BORING.
>     That chord - BORING.
>            Dom - BORING ( and incredibly smug - one of those guys
>	                   who looks in the mirror and gets a hard-on ).
>"...I heard Travels In Nihilon while on a bus / shopping / having
>    sex etc..." - BORING.
>The once great Chalkhills Digest (and you don't know how much it pains
> me to say this) - BORING.

Gee, Pete, it's funny ... this is the first boring post I've read in
Chalkhills since I signed up. Thanks a lot (you seem to resemble Dom a lot
to me, actually).

Jeff P.


From: "Damian Foulger" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 08:51:37 -0500
Subject: KFAD on MTV
Message-Id: <>

> Did anyone happen to catch the Flashback 120 Minutes played of XTC? I know
> the vid was KFAD, but for some strange reason MTV WAS NOT COMING IN LAST

I recorded the program and hit the video search button.  I was lucky not to
miss it.  It lasted all of 10 seconds.  Matt Pilchard (or whatever his name
is ) said something to the effect that XTC's KFAD debued on MTV 8 (or there
abouts) years ago.  Then they had a 6.5 second snippet of XTC in false
colour.  I wondered if this was just a prelude to more, but it wasn't - no
more XTC.  A sad indictment on what MTV (and probably the music industry as
a whole) think of XTC.

So for all those of you who missed it... well you didn't.

Dames tWd


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 09:16:57 -0700
From: "MARK G. CUEVAS" <>
Subject: Chalkhills Originals 98 - AWAKEN YOU DREAMERS

Chalkhills Originals 98 - AWAKEN YOU DREAMERS

Finally we are ready to take orders for this long-awaited debut.  The
holdup was in the pricing of the cassettte inserts (J-cards).  I am happy
to report, however, that the J-cards will be in CoLoR, with spiffy artwork
by contributor Brian Jones of the Southern California-based power pop
band, Mummer.

We plan to begin shipping the cassettes in late July/early August.  To
order your copy follow the directions below.

Send your check in U.S. dollars, payable to Mark Cuevas.

Mail your check or International Money Order to:

Mark Cuevas
4139 Via Marina #405
Marina del Rey, CA  90292

It's best to enclose a mailing label (with your address on it) so that I can
easily affix it to your package, but so long as your address appears
somewhere in what you send to me, I'll get it right.

I will ship the tape when your check clears.

We have rounded up to the nearest nickel to offset extraneous costs like
insufficient postage or having to send a letter back because we've run
out of tapes.  In all cases, however, we've endeavored to come as close
as possible to the actual cost without incurring a loss.

Pick the place closest to you to determine your cost. If you know
that it costs more, send a bit more.

You will notice that some of the steps in price are non-linear. It is
due to postage costs.

Quan - United States

Quan - England

Quan - Japan


Message-ID: <9B8C1E03F07BD1119F6B00805FE633CA0EF8AE@ahqex1>
From: Steve Sims <>
Subject: I hear, therefore I am
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 09:57:12 -0700

It's finally my turn to jump on the pile...  I've enjoyed reading the
digest for months, and now I'm finally feeling an overwhelming
urge to join in (I won't go into my distaste for the word
"de-lurk").  I'm one of the old guys (41), so I feel I can address
the question of how I'm affected by what I listened to at age 18.

Here's some data on my musical tastes over the years:
1974 (age 18) - Yes, Allman Brothers
1979 (23) - Genesis, Gabriel
1984 (28) - David Grisman, Pat Metheny
1989 (33) - XTC, Talking Heads
1994 (38) - Janes Addiction, Toad TWS
1998 (41) - XTC, Verve Pipe

I love where I've been.  I love where I am.  All of these artists are
in my CD collection today.  Admittedly, I have to be in one of
those rare yearbook-browsing moods to put Yes on the box.
The Allmans, though, are as classic today as they were 20
years ago.  My point is that that we grow and we learn.  We
build on previous experience, hopefully not ignoring or forgetting

I have this theory that my/our generation is much more tolerant
of varied musical tastes than our parents were.  The difference
between Glen Miller and Jimi Hendrix is much more severe than
comparing Elvis to Perry Farrell.  In my house, the normal
response to my playing Yes' Relayer  album was "turn that
s... down!"  I believe there's fewer people out there making
judgements like that.  However, they also seem to have the
biggest mouths.

Still "One Of The Millions"  -  Steve Sims


Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 10:11:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: "J. Brown" <>
Subject: Reality Check
Message-ID: <>

Molly wrote:

> I would like to say that I didn't know I was spamming when I was
> mentioning the XTC content.  I thought spamming had to do with unwanted
> advertisements in advertisements in your e-mail.  Boy, I'm computer
> illiterate.  Well, I want to say that I was sort of wrong when I said
> that.

You were not spamming.  You were just whining. Spamming is unwelcomed
commercial e-mail.  Although some consider any unwelcome email spamming.
If you don't like the content of chalkhills don't hine about it.  Post
something!  Not enough XTC in your chalkhills then tell us what you think
about some XTC topic,  try to get some XTC discussion going.

> I change my mind about that XTC content thing, because I got slammed for
> mentioning XTC on a Squeeze mailing list.  I don't want to bad mouth
> other mailing lists, but they can be brutal on that mailing list.

You didn't get slammed for mentioning XTC on squeeze fan.  You were overly
sensitive about XTC and when anyone said they didn't like XTC you would
complain they were attacking you.  Some people on the list requested that
there be more Squeeze and less XTC, especially in light of the fact that
squeeze was touring the US.  They were anything but brutal they were
very easy going about the whole thing.

It's not a crime to not like XTC.  People on squeezefan are there because
they arte Squeeze fan's.  If they wanna talk about XTC as member of
squeezefan, thats cool with me, but if they don't i understand. If they
wanna talk about the Beautiful South (who know nothing about) then that's
cool with me, too. The same goes with Chalkhills.  If people here wanna
talk about Elvis Costello and Todd Rundgren or Yazbek (all of whom i
love), i'm all for it. if not thats ok too. And if they wanna talk about
stereolab, whom i'm not a fan of, thats ok too.

> I just posed this question: Why do a lot of Squeeze fans hate XTC?  It
> just seems to me that a lot of them don't like XTC.  I don't understand,
> because they're both great bands.  I asked if it was because of the
> Chris Difford incident, because I was thinking some Squeeze fans would
> blame XTC for what happened.

This was a silly question.  Why should people hate XTC because the
Diffords jerked them around?  Why would they blame XTC for Chris's studio
being not in working order?  Why would they blame XTC for Chris
withholding the masters?  Frankly if i were just a Squeeze fan i wouldn't
care.  It's the same to me if Andy rented out his house and then was a
crappy land lord and didn't fix stuff that was broken (just like my son of
bitch landlord!)  I wouldn't hate the people that rented andy's house.  If
anything i would think Andy's a jerk but that still wouldn't change my
opinion of his music.

 Jason Wilson Brown
 History & Canadian Studies Major
 President- GEEK The Secret Society of the College Bowl
 P.O. Box 45822   Seattle, WA 98145-0822  (206) 632-4905
"Thought I knew all the steps quite clearly, I don't have a clue"
                                -Elvis Costello


Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 13:04:51 -0400
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Junior's Farm

I heard Wing's "Junior's Farm" the other day on the radio. Talk about
a lost classic! It reminds me of Andy's recent material. I bet you a dozen
donuts that Andy has that song in his collection.

Yep, I agree with you Richard, it's great that the Unabomber's safely
incarcerated. But it's too bad his manifesto was never published in
Penthouse, where I may actually have had a chance to read it. What would
it have read like after Penthouse's editors got through with it, though?
"I'm not a student at a large Midwestern college, but you'd better believe
me when I say she her twin chest bombs were the first thing I noticed as
I stepped into the elevator..."

Anyway, just got a package myself...probably some demo-BLAMMMMMMMOOOOO!


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 12:38:26 -0500
From: Dave Ledbetter <>
Subject: fragmented comments

"K. Zimmer" <> wrote, referring to "anti-american

>And remember, we've got more nuclear weapons than you. (hee
>hee - just joking, melt the guns and all that)

Yeah, you'd all do well to keep this in mind.  Possibly there are some
missile-launch technicians on chalkhills who will become upset.  Besides,
my dad can beat up your dad.

DAVID FATSCHER <dfatscher@BTA.ORG.UK> poses a great idea:

>So with that in mind - and the above experience, which is all too familiar -
>I was wondering if we could put together a Top 10 of 'turn-on-able' XTC
>songs together with (and this is the fun bit) 'turn-off-able' ones.

By the way, I have managed to turn-on several people to XTC within the last
year; I don't think I've turned anyone off to them.  Persistence is the
Key.  XTC is very addictive if administered properly and regularly.

Here are my top 10 Turn-onable XTC tracks.

1.  Dear God
2.  Mekkanic Dancing
3.  Respectable Street
4.  Earn Enough for Us
5.  Extrovert
6.  the Mayor of Simpleton
7.  Poor Skeleton Steps Out
8.  Jason and the Argonauts
9.  Across the Antheap
10.  Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen (depends on the listener, they either
love it or hate it.)

Top 10 turn-offable XTC tracks:
1.  The Smartest Monkeys
2.  Bungalow
3.  Chalkhills and Children
4.  The Last Baloon (I know it's only a demo, does it still count?)
5.  Well... I dont know...  the rest probably fit at number five here.

Pete says:

Thanks for contributing Pete.  It helped make the last digest
not-so-BORING.  Really!

Oh God, let's not digress into politics or religion.  Perhaps we can focus
on those things we have in common rather than on our differences.

What we really need is a well-informed update from Mitch, Simon, or someone
else about the band.

Also, when is the 4 Cd set going to be released, and where in the US or web
can I get it the day it comes out?



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 13:17:12 -0500
From: Paul Rogers <>
Organization: @Home Network
Subject: FREE stuff!! Clockwise in LA

First, thank you Mark C for coming out to see the band in LA, and for
your kind kind words about the show.

Now to the fun part.  Since my goal is to spread the love far and wide,
(and I have a bunch of promo product available), I wanted to make the
CLockwise CD available to any Chalkhillians who want one.  Gratis.  With
the exception of course of postage - which I can keep to about $ 1.50.
We are our own label (we don't have a deal yet) and so we can do what we
want, which is great.

So here's the deal -  If you want a Free full length rockin' CD from
clockwise, just e-mail with your postal address and you
will get one while supplies last.  In fact, depending on the response,
let the postage go for now.  If you feel like you want to send the $
1.50 it will cost me, then please by all means mail me a check.  I will
give you my address by private e-mail when you request a disc.  if I end
up losing too much I'll start getting the postage, for now lets have
some fun.

Thanks and I hope some of you will check it out.  Of course if anyone
can get one to the demi-gods who forced the creation of this list, I
would be very humbled and thankful.  Enough - e-mail me!  Paul

For the cautious, you can check out a clip or 2 at


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 15:26:59 -0400
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: Musings


It's two o'clock and time for lunch (dumdedumdedumdum) and I've got to
do something besides working on this damn proposal, so here goes:

Richard PA mused:
>And speaking of "Fuck", considering that Andy never _actually_ speaks_ the
words "Fuck" or "Shit" in "Your Dictionary", do you think it can still get

I sincerely hope so. I hope the band/management/record label realize
that "Your Dictionary" could be _the_ over-the-top hit for them. The
fact that he spells out naughty words could be the hook that initially
gets it played, but people will ultimately go for the raw emotion of
the song. Anyone out there knowledgeable enough about FTC regs to
comment on the possibility of "obscene" words being able to get played
on U.S. airwaves because they're spelled out ?

Dom mused:
>there was no indication that I thought myself "hip" or in
any way superior to anyone else. It was just an opinion about music -
something I feel strongly about. It was also my first post, and I was (and
still am) new to all this.<

Dom, you're nothing if not thought-provoking. I was provoked to
examine some past digests; here's a snippet from your first post:
> Much as I've enjoyed discovering a world of fellow XTC fans, I have
been a little disturbed by the somewhat narrow musical view shared by
many of you. As a proud fan of heavy metal, hip hop, various strands
of dance music and pretty much anything with imagination, I'm puzzled
as to why everyone seems to be solely into white, commercial,
adult-orientated pop music, albeit of an often vaguely quirky nature.<

Hmmm ... The implication that your broad musical tastes are superior
to (what you perceive as) our provincial, white-bread-and-mayonnaise
tastes seems pretty clear to me. You're asking: Why don't we like what
you like? In other words: What's wrong with us?

Then, with "I told you so" smugness, you said in your second post:
>It's always nice to be proved right. Having expressed concerns about
the often terrifyingly safe and predictable tastes of Chalkhills
contributors, what do I read in the latest digest, as part of the
"double LP" debate?  Sting, Bob Dylan, Genesis and Jesus H. Christ

It's sad enough that as people get older they lose the ability to
listen to anything remotely challenging or imaginative, but Jesus
Christ Superstar???  This is too much - I sincerely hope we get a good
explanation! <

Several people have tried to give an explanation. On point #2 -- JC
Superstar -- Simon Deane recently and rightly pointed out that
everyone's entitled to their opinion, esp. when it comes to something
as subjective as music and/or the arts. On point #1 -- our narrow
musical view -- several people, including myself, have explained that
this is a list about XTC, so naturally most of the music and bands
mentioned are going to be similar in nature to XTC. This _does not_
mean we don't listen to other types of music. It _just doesn't come
up._ You yourself pointed out that the double-album thread could lead
to a pointless  "who's got the coolest record collection" debate, so
why are we kicking around an assumption you made -- based on faulty
logic -- that could lead to the same debate? And why do you keep
trying to douse this fire _you_ started with additional flames? Chill
out, friend. Let this fire go out of its own accord, or at least give
us your reaction to the answer to point #1. As for point #2, write me
privately if you want and we can bounce that ball around without being
DULL DULL DULL to everyone else.

David Fatscher said:
>So with that in mind - and the above experience, which is all too
familiar - I was wondering if we could put together a Top 10 of
'turn-on-able' XTC songs together with (and this is the fun bit)
'turn-off-able' ones.<

Well, our editor will probably want you to take this off the list,
gather responses, and post them back to the list, but I'll do a little
damage before he lowers the boom: The only three songs that have for
me consistently converted people to XTC are Extrovert (typical
response is "Wow! Who's _that?_), 10 Feet Tall (D&W version) and My
Dictionary. And don't tell Dom that Travels in Nihilon is a
"turn-off-able" song, for fuck's sake!   :^)

Robert Wood said:
>Again, replace Republicans with Conservatives!<

What's the point?  ;^)

Brian Sellers asked:
>What is the relationship [or lack thereof] between Andy and Robyn
Hitchcock?  I've never heard a satisfactory answer to this question -
only speculation.  Are the tides rough between the two?  Have they
ever worked together?  Seems unlikely, but please enlighten me.  I
would love to hear their pop chords collide.<

A 'Net friend -- Natalie? Are you still out there? -- once told me
that Andy and Robyn did an interview together in which Andy was, well,
Andy, and Hitchcock was his usual hilarious, frustrating and
surrealistic self. Don't know any more details, though.

Molly mused:
>Why do a lot of Squeeze fans hate XTC?<

Simple, dear. It's jealousy, pure and simple.

Finally, Ira -- I'd like to thank you for your enlightening post ...
just give me a minute here to put my degree back where it belongs ...
Oh my gawd! I'm Jewish!! Who knew?


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 21:58:08 EDT
Subject: Re: Nitzche is Dead

>and someone said that he liked XTC's music until, being a fairly
>religious person, he was turned off by "Dear God."  He said something
>like "God is great; how could Andy suggest otherwise," etc., etc.
>Sorry if this is a recycled thread.

  God is whatever we decide it is; if you say "God doesn't exist," God
says "Yes, boss" and goes out of It's way to prove you right. God
reflects back to us whatever preconceptions and expectations we have.

>By the way, could anybody suggest a good Shriekback album to act as a bit
>of an introduction?  I'm kinda curious.

  I highly recommend Oil And Gold; next best is Big Night Music. After that
proceed with caution. Care and Jam Science are sort of ambient funk, if
you're into that, sort a Can for the 80's. I found Go Bang! from '88 for a
dollar on cassette, it's worth about that. It's mostly middling white funk,
with just Barry Andrews and drummer Martin Barker left from the original
lineup(Barker left after Go Bang). The last song at the end of side 2 is a
lovely Enoesque ambient ballad(similar to Another Green World, kind of)and
the KC and the Sunshine Band cover("Get Down Tonight")is perverse but fun,
and there's traces of the bizarre imagery so abundant on Oil And Gold, but
Oil And Gold is really Shriekback at it's best. Barker, original bassist
Dave Allen(also ex-Gang of Four, left after Big Night Music)and tour
keyboardist Ken Halliwell formed a more bluesy swamp-rockish outfit called
King Swamp that did a couple of interesting albums and disappeared. I have
no idea who's in the current Shriekback lineup besides, presumably, Andrews.


>Misty Shock


Message-Id: <v01540b01b1be74847223@[]>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 15:07:14 +1200
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: catching up on some ancient threads

Just catching up on some away-time stuff - here are a few more worthwhile
double albums that hadn't been mentioned by the time I went away:

Billy Bragg - Don't Try this at Home
Derek & the Dominoes - Layla and Other Love Songs
King Crimson - B'boom
and the first two discs of George Harrison's "All things must pass"

as to CC-originals, it sounds like we need more than one album. Due to
being way behind with sifting through my mail, I didn't find about this for
quite a while, and figured it would be far, far too late to send in a tape
of some of my material, to get it to a wider audience*. A shame, but that's
all there is to it. With so many chalkhillers, this type of exercise is
bound to get oversubscribed incredibly quickly. The Robyn Hitchcock list
(Fegmaniax!) has only about 250 members, and one of its members has just
sent out a three-tape compilation of original songs by list members.
Considering the number of people on this list, we'd be looking at a huge
series of tapes in an attempt to do the same sort of thing.

*Still, I suppose this is a good opportunity to plug my cassette anyway -
Partial Rapture Theory was released a bit over a year ago, but I still have
a few copies left. Lo-fi pure sweet pop. If anyone is interested, email me!

>>The latest news that it's likely January for the new XTC tunes got me to
>>thinking which band has taken the longest time between releases.

>The longest I know of between actual releases is twenty-three years in the
>case of the Velvet Underground, between 1970 and 93(I know, the reunion
>was live only, but there was one new track, and the double live album that
>resulted was as important as an studio album of theirs). Between studio
>albums it would have to be Television, between '78 and '93. Andy and Colin
>would have to get old and grey before they break any records, not that I'm
>encouraging it.

Singles: the Beatles song "Free as a Bird" was released 25 years after "The
long and winding road". As far as studio albums are concerned, Traffic
released albums in 1975 and (IIRC) 1996.



Message-Id: <v01540b00b1be744a653c@[]>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 15:07:10 +1200
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: fegs'n'chalkies, and a doddery old wrinkly responds

I'm baaack! I would have been back sooner, but my normally trusty, rusty
computer hard disc did the big firework, and wiped a truckload of files for
me (including my entire, unbackedup diary for 1997 - waah!). Everything is
now back to normal, and I intend to get back to contributing to Chalkhills
as soon as something interesting turns up (sigh)

A couple of items from digest 99:

As to the rivalry between Chalkhill and Fegmania (sorry - I deleted the
original item, so I don't recall who asked about it), I've never heard of a
rivalry. Andy and Robyn have not worked together to the best of my
knowledge, although both have worked with Thomas Dolby (different tracks on
the same album, too, IINM), so they presumably know *of* each other at the
very least.

Robert Wood <> sez:
>Ooooh, this is so true! People are so conservative (with a small "c", note!)
>once they reach their 20s! Most people feel comfortable with what they grow
>up with and once they say goodbye to their teen years they become Luddites.

ouch! either this is tongue in cheek or be careful with those
generalisations sonny! As a member of the geriatric set (35 last month),
and fan of (among others) Sebadoh, Richard D. James, Loop Guru, Screaming
Trees, Forest for the Trees, Ocean Colour Scene and Leftfield (most of whom
would have been making goo gah and frrppp noises when I was first listening
to music, if they had even been born then), I would like to object to your
comment. Certainly I still like a lot of what I was listening to as a
teenager, but a lot of it now seems like unmitigated crap (ELO, anyone?).
So be careful what you say or I shall come round and hit you over the head
with my zimmer frame!

Hash anyone sheen where I put me teef?



Subject: Whetting appetites for CC98
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 98 11:11:35 +0800
From: Paul Carnine <>
Message-ID: <>


Thought you might appreciate some recording notes from my latest feeble
effort.  As some of you may know, I'm living and working in China, and
have been playing drums for a chinese punk rock band that goes by the
name of "Lunchbox."  (Actually, the chinese name is more specific,
describing those little styrofoam lunch boxes you often see here).

[side note: the other band members speak no english, and i've only got
about 4 months of chinese instruction under my belt.  so, although
getting a retake done is within my skills or asking for a little break is
easy, talking about what the sound should be with the engineer is way
beyond my ability.  we spent a good deal of time before hand going over
what we wanted so that they could do most of the talking.  but in the
studio we often just waved our arms in semaphoric (sophmoric) gestures to
get a point across... FYI, the band had never heard of XTC before this.]

So here we go, and hope you enjoy:

Covering: Complicated Game
Li, Jian Hong -- Vocals, Lead Guitar, Electric Rhythm Guitar
Gan, Bian Fu -- Bass, Backing Vocals
Paul Carnine -- Vocals, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Drums

  No Name Chinese made electric guitar
   (all it says on it is "Made In China" in huge red letters)
  No Name Chinese made trap set
  (borrowed from a friend who found half some parts in a junkyard).
  (used high hat cymbal as a crash; his crash had a wicked hum...)
  (there was no drum key, and vice grips were almost useless.  to deaden
   the snare, i used an old pair of sweat pants across the right half of
   the drum head).
  (usually, the club you work at has a drum set for you. this studio had
  Kapok Chinese made acoustic guitar (replete with nylon strings).
  Bian Fu's borrowed fretless fender bass broke, so the acoustic guitar
doubled as bass.
  (it was sad, becuase he was so excited to use this bass, and wham, it
was dead.
   fool didn't bring his own.  we whacked him upside the head several
times. but
   the higher tones on the acoustic works, IMHO, if only we'd mixed the
bass hotter.)
  Tuned everything down a third, as i was worried about high end of our

Recording done at Hang Zhou Da Zi studios, Hanzhou, PRC.

The recording studio was built as an orchestra recording studio.  The
internals are larger than any barn i've seen.  imagine doing a vocals in
the middle of a huge empty, dead, plane hanger and you about have it.  I
wanted to keep the recording of the steps it took to get to the mic from
the double doors (we left the mics hot while walking to do a set of
vocals, it was brilliant but the engineer thought it was stupid to keep.
i should have pulled rank).

The studio is now used mostly to dub movies, tv programs, and karaoke.
There is no orchestra in town any more.

The board had to have been made while Mao was still alive and the
engineer was a TRUE engineer behind that beast...  he knew his machine.
at one point when i let loose on a test run of the vocals, i overdrove
the mic rather harshly and he told me to stop.  i stopped and he said,
"deng yi xia" which literally means "wait a little" but can mean anywhere
from a second to hours.  About 5 minutes of me waiting in the studio with
headphones on waiting to hear what was going to happen next, his head
pops over the top of the board and he's got a freaking soldering iron in
hand.  I dropped the headphones and by the time i make it inside, he's
got half the board opened up and is asking us to hold wires steady to get
a good solder.  He tried to reassure me that it wasn't me who blew the
board (impossible as we know, but funny to think that just as i let loose
on the mic, a puff of smoke came out of the board).  must have been quite
a scene in the control room... jian hong was snickering.

When he gets noise from his pots, he just whacks em once or twice.
Periodically, it appears, a wire pops loose, and, well, no time like the
present to fix it (on OUR DOLLAR <smile>).

I did the acoustic guitar and drums in one take.  (guitar first, if
you're wondering).

I did the vocals in two takes, one scratch take to help the guitarist
know where he was, which we ended up keeping half of, and then a re-take
of the last verse to the end.  The engineer said he'd never seen anybody
come in and lay down so many tracks so quickly.  The first six tracks
were all me, and they were done within an hour and a half, including trap
set mic setup, sound checks, etc.  The whole recording took 5 hours.  We
mixed down to DAT in less than 45 minutes (which I was unhappy with as
there are parts of the mix I wanted changed) and we duped tapes for 15
minutes.  Six hours total studio time (including his equipment fixing
which was a good half hour).   For a cost of RMB$1000 (oh, about USD$120,
and the DAT media cost about USD$15 of that).

Bian Fu's slippery smooth bass was lost in the mix, IMHO.  I tried to
get Jian Hong to do the fourth verse, but he would have none of it.
Bummed, I sang the track myself, but then Jian Hong added some essential
backing (and ALMOST did the last verse).

Some of the little things that one tends to forget about, but frames so
much of the experience: there were special "recording studio slippers" we
had to wear, and the engineer wore a blue work jacket that he took off
when he left the control room, then put back on as he re-entered.  we had
no camera but the image of jian hong blowing oreo cookie mush into the
microphone screen will forever be etched into my head.  (the mic screen
was, by the way, a pair of nylon hose stretched around a hoop made from
what looked to have been a coat hanger).  the immediate and swift
reaction of jian hong to the backside of bian fu's head when bian fu said
he didn't BRING his own bass...  i swear that man was brought up watching
the three stooges (i know he grew up listening to iggy pop and his

I guess you'll have to wait to hear the resulting offering.  But maybe
this'll get those of you still holding tapes from the ever patient Mr.
Allen into gear.

The engineer, who knew i was from the states but clearly didn't get that
the song was from an english band, had this to say (translated):

"I've never recorded American music.  I think the beginning is very

Paul Carnine


Message-Id: <l03110700b1bf663d4d4b@[]>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 23:19:02 -0500
From: Jason Garcia <>
Subject: I've got yer boring right here!

Dear Chalkfaces,

Boring is in the mind of the beholder.

It's all relative man!

And with that disclaimer out of the way, I'm going to proceed
to post MY two bits of nonsense.

Oh, what a time I had the other night at a packed club downtown.  It
wasn't the drink I was having (a margarita, on ice, with salt, which
is exactly the way I HATE margaritas), it wasn't the people I was with
(my friend Jon, how could he have known I didn't like margaritas that
way?).  No, no, it was because I was thrilling to the sound of "Ball
and Chain" blasting from the club speakers over the crowded din.  Yes,
amid the usual stuff you find on club jukebokes, there was the "Waxworks"
collection, from which I culled three songs to liven up the proceedings:
the aforementioned would-be anthem (that chorus is awesome!), "Generals
and Majors", and "Senses Working Overtime".  I was in heaven for about
12 minutes.  I know, I know, everyone hates hearing about these things,
but what do I care!  I'm posting 'em!  Who's boring now?!

Another disclaimer:  if anyone is planning on ordering the Chalkhills
Originals comp that's being put out by our renowned Mark Cuevas, there's
a song on it called "The Great American Public".  Don't be offended,
my fellow Americans, it's a love song.  Or rather, a love gone wrong.
(he said with a smirk)

In the CD player of late:  The Auteurs,  "New Wave".  Anybody like this
band?!  They're pretty darn good!

TOP 40


Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 21:24:12 -0700
Subject: for the record
Message-ID: <>
From: (jim d deuchars)

hey chalkfolk,

As part of the collateral damage of the Dom/ Harrison war, my reference
to Jesus Christ Superstar keeps coming up.

I'm being identified as a Weber fan every time this subject rears it's
ugly head.

FOR THE RECORD- I agree, and have since the beginning, that Weber's
"music is  Satan-spawned demonspew from hell.

I AM, however, fond of Tim Rice's lyrics. They set JCS apart.

That's it. That's all. I don't want to be remembered in Chalkhills
history as the day what liked Weber.

(xtc content coming)

Please excuse the tirade, but I fear my torment will continue if I don't

I agree with Dom. Weber is garbage.

xtc is NOT garbage.

Hey Harrison, I think they're pretty hip, too!




Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 21:51:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: K D <>
Subject: MY WEAPON

I know I never post, but every once in a while it seems I have to come
out of hiding to defend this song, again:  I LOVE My Weapon...

and while I'm at it:

my "turn on" list:

1. No Thugs in Our House
2. My Weapon
3. Earn Enough for Us
4. Statue of Liberty
5. Extrovert
6. Albert Brown (hasn't failed yet)
7. Fly on the Wall
8. Scissor Man
9. When Your Near Me...
10. You're the Wish You Are...
11. Science Friction

(these are, of course, in addition to the ones they have already heard
on the radio, etc...these songs rarely fail to peak interest...but I
usually make a full 90 minute mix tape for any interested person!)

"turn offs" (not necessarily turn offs for ME--but turn offs for the
hopeful convert):

1. Smartest Monkeys (my least favorite)
2. Big Day
3. Seagulls Screaming (MY all time favorite!)
4. Shake You Donkey Up (actually works both ways)
5. Dance Band
6. Wonderland
7. Runaways
8. Cherry in Your Tree
9. Train running Low on Soul Coal
10. Me and the Wind (unfortunately, I caused a few roommates to hate
this one due to one summer of loud, constant playing...I still love

I think it REALLY depends on the person you are trying to convert,
though! Almost all my friends got interested thru My Weapon & Science
Friction--two songs most people would find GRATING!!!  but EVERYONE
loves the Dukes!

this is sure to ruffle some feathers...sorry--but it was a fun exercise!

okay, I am done for a while...
NEAL, are you out there!!!!?
-the Baltimore Kate


Message-ID: <8191BF798BAFD111817B0001FA0E3A574ED8A8@ZSCED004>
From: "ARCHER-MAY,Mark" <>
Subject: Dear Godlessnessssssssss
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 16:43:41 +1000

Evening One and All
Dear God seems to raise its rather attractive head on many occasions.
That song has always struck me like the letter a kid who doesn't believe

in Santa writes when he doesn't get what he wants. Hey santa your a
joke you don't exist but hey just in case you are pole sitting up north
I've been real good and I certainly believe Andy Partridge never got
what he wanted from a god. He never got that faith or belief which
so many people manage to swallow with such ease. Dear God is
a diatribe it is a monumental dummy spit at all the organised
religions (Not just christianity, but being from a christian upbringing
this is the one he targets). It calls into doubt the existence of any
god any being that controls our destiny. It is blasphemy, it is
I love it and agree with every word he says. I have held the same views
for at least the last 15 years. Always remember Man made God in
his own image. Oddly enough Monty Python reworked a song that
I think would go well as a prequel with Dear God, "All things Dull
and Ugly." Oddly enough I also feel that if it was for the lyric content

the song wouldn't have attracted any attention, while it is a pleasant
tune it's nothing to write home to a god about.

XTC song association: Dear God. (Of course)
Non XTC song association: Better Get a Lawyer - Cruel Sea

Yours Merely a Man

P.S. Has anyone other than the Australian's come across the Aussie
Group "Mental as Anything". They had a single out a couple of years
ago called Nigel, which (not that I can prove it) is I feel a sequel to
Making Plans for Nigel. Just a total piece of trivia.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 10:56:09 +0000
From: "Joseph J. Ierano" <>
Organization: chiropractic ierano
Subject: re: boring

I agree with Peter (Chalkhills #99).
Chalkhills has lapsed into quite a bit of boring chit chat lately.
I still skim through it though for the occasional XTC news...


Joseph J Ierano BSc DC
chiropractic ierano
PO Box 108
Camden  NSW  Australia  2570
Ph: +61 2 4655 4010


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 18:39:55 +0000
From: "Joseph J. Ierano" <>
Organization: chiropractic ierano
Subject: boring ...again

RE: boring
Case in point: Mr Robert Woods post in Chalkhills #99:
I did not even hang around long enough to see if there was any XTC
content...all politics.

Now Politics is part of life and may be related to XTC, but a whole


Joseph J Ierano BSc DC
chiropractic ierano
PO Box 108
Camden  NSW  Australia  2570
Ph: +61 2 4655 4010


Message-ID: <>
From: Arndt_Bar <>
Subject: A new survey? *uh-oh*
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 13:41:15 +0200

Delurking (seems to become a habit lately) because:

- I have a question/suggestion
- I have some time on my hands
- I wanted to try the Babelfish translation thingy :-)

Soooo ... from the Babelfish right into your email ...

I know that this topic was addressed already from time to time once sorted
in the list, but I would like to energize nevertheless a new inquiry. Where
otherwise does one meet so many XTC experts?

It concerns to arrange an ultimative album in order to win thereby new XTC
fans. An album? No, few. As was here already often determined, the music of
XTC is characterised both in different songs and over the time by the
variety of the incidents and music directions.

The idea: Different XTC albums for different musical geschmacksrichtungen!
If only the curiosity were waked, one can put then also different albums
(perhaps even White Music) to the victims forward.

My suggestion: In a first step different taste directions and musical
interests collect, in order to then find appropriate songs for each taste.
Some geschmacksrichtungen, which occur to me even:

- Melodi Pop/Rock
- energy-loaded Rock/Punk
- experimental music
- musical interesting, refined pieces
- Songs for people, which are interested particularly in the texts

Who doesn't agree with so an organization? Who has still further




Considering this, I dare to say that if the list used the translation
- we'd had a few good laughs
- nobody would understood anything
- we'd get none of the refined prose that sometimes shows up on the list
- we'd get more of the Dom/Sherwood stuff here
- irony would die

So please forgive me my little experiment. For those who don't know what I
said in the piece above:

>From time to time, I want to convert people to XTCism. A common denominator
on this list was, considering the variety of XTC styles and musical
inspirations, that different sides of XTC appeal to people with different

The idea is to pin down a few of the major (or minor) musical styles that
can be found in XTC songs, and then collect the songs that would most likely
appeal to people who favour a certain style or interest. If this has been
done systematically before, please let me know and forget this post.

Otherwise, here are a few interests/styles I can think of. Compilations
could be made for people who
- like melodic pop/rock
- like wild, energetic rock/punk
- like experimental music
- like romantic, slow music
- like offbeat/reggae/ska music
- like musically refined/interesting songs
- are mainly interested in the lyrics of a song
- like HipHop
- ...

Any additions, alterations, suggestions? Remember, this is an experiment.




P.S. Stephanie, the Babelfish was a great idea ;-)


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