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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #3-97

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 97

                 Thursday, 10 April 1997

Today's Topics:

                       Andy & Lloyd
   BJ/Live/Oral/Bob/TMBG/blather/Mummer/sweater [LONG]
              Adam Ant and Roche infestation
               Don't make me stop this car!
                      O&L Gold disc
           More White Album and Beatle Gushings
                I'm in a great mood today,
                     Rock on Oxford!
                   Here's a new one...
                    Re: TMBG's drummer
                Senses Over Times Square !
       Does the home computer have you on the run?
              Partridge and Duffy In Cahoots
                     Need an Update!
          tribute tapes (no xtc content, sorry!)
                     Who's Suing Who?
            the album XTC would have recorded
                     AKA Vs. Adam Ant
                     Rants and Raves
                   The Kinks' "Holiday"
              For the Chalkhillians in Texas
                     Short and simple
                    I'm Busy, But Back


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Even I never knew this is what I'd be.


From: Bob Thomas <>
Subject: Andy & Lloyd
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 97 15:39:00 CST
Message-ID: <>

Hello again:

I did a little checking and this tidbit about Andy Partridge and Lloyd
Cole collaborating  appears to be true -- or rather, "has some validity."
as they say.  I can't prove it.  Don't ask me.  But I believe it.

I don't know who will benefit from this collaboration, although Lloyd is
also supposed to be recording so it may a collaboration like those with
Martin Newell, or Yazbek, or Blegvad.

This will be  interesting, don't you think?



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 1997 23:39:39 +0100
From: Phil Hetherington <>
Subject: BJ/Live/Oral/Bob/TMBG/blather/Mummer/sweater [LONG]

Awaken you Chalkies...

Still no automatic attributes, but I'll do my best. Apologies for
any mis-representation:

Stormy Monday (I think it was):
>I know that I unfairly placed Billy Joel on my mythical album with Steve
>Miller, Bob Seger and John Mellancamp, but I've never completely
>forgiven him for polluting the airwaves with "It's Still Rock and Roll
>To Me".

Actually, that one has stood the test of time rather well, I think.
I mean, it is 17 years old! Personally, the only track of his that
I really really cannot stand is 'Just The Way You Are'. But that
doesn't stop me liking him. XTC, after all, have a few dodgy songs
in their closet, even if nobody can agree as to which they are. :-)
At least I've seen BJ live, which is more than I expect I'll manage
with XTC. I must have been about 8 when they stopped touring.

Talking of which, about 18 months ago I was talking to a guy at work
(fat, balding, forties, etc. - no offence here, just setting the
scene), and XTC came up. He said, casually, 'oh yes, I saw them live
once - what was that album, 'Black Sea'?'. To which I get all excited
and he says 'mind you, I went off them after that - that next album,
I thought they were just getting too self-indulgent'.

Suffice to say I don't work there any more. :-)

Kate & Jen wrote:
>Oral sex, anyone?

Yes please. :-)

Sorry. I'll be surprised if I'm the only one to try that - bad joke.

Oh. You were serious? OK then...

Mark Strijbos (I think) wrote:
>Phil Hetherington and Dylan
>     As a limited enthusiast of the man

Who, me or Dylan? :-)

> I would recommend Another Side,
>Bringing it all back home and Blood on the tracks.

Actually, a few people suggested Blood On The Tracks, and it is now
mine. Only played it once so far, but for now at least, I think
Desire and Blonde On Blonde are better. Since the XTC album ranking
survey a few months back threw me up as the 'XTC fan with the most
unusual taste' or something, I'm probably just weird. Never mind.

Someone quoting someone else here:
> writes:
>> Someone said they heard XTC vs. Adam Ant was changed to AKA vs. Adam Ant.
>>  Are you sure you're not thinking of NyQuil Driver/AKA Driver?
>No. It's from a very, very, very, very, very, very, very reliable source.
>Check this message out:
>The band known as XTC served the band known as They Might Be Giants with a
>Cease and Desist order with regard to the song "XTC vs. Adam Ant."
>According to Nigel Putnell, the lawyer for XTC, "The boys didn't find any
>humor in it. Everybody knows Adam Ant is a gimmick band. My clients found
>it insulting to be mentioned in the same song." Ironically, the attorney
>made no mention of Bow Wow Wow.
>Rather than fight what They Might Be Giants' lawyer (and former bassist)
>Tony Maimone refers to as "litigative lunacy" the band has re-recorded the
>offending lyrics and changed the title of the song to "AKA vs. Adam Ant."
>"They had considered 'INXS vs. Adam Ant' but I told them I didn't want any
>more shit."

Having checked that the above was posted *before* April the first, I'm
prepared to comment. I'm not falling for it though. Consider the facts:

(1) XTC write intelligent lyrics. Stands to reason they should also
    understand other people's lyrics.
(2) The second line of the song 'content versus form' makes it pretty
    clear what TMBG think of XTC & Adam Ant.
(3) The meaning of the word 'versus' is, according to a handy 1978 copy
    of the Little Oxford Dictionary, "against". Getting clearer?
(4) The song has been on sale in both the US and the UK for some time,
    so how can they change it?
(5) People can sing pretty much what the hell they like in concerts.
    (If you don't believe me, see Barenaked Ladies or Ben Folds Five
(6) ...oh what the hell. I give up. Hook, line & sinker. Well done.

No introduction required:
>And as far as the endless blather, part of being on Chalkhills includes
>hearing stuff that has nothing to do with the band. But, as far as I'm
>concerned, the whole six degrees thing works well with what I
>post. Observe.....

Agreed. When the choice is between some intelligent discussion of
something only very vaguely related, or something along the lines
of "I just heard XTC on the radio" or whatever, I'd opt for the
former every time. I don't just come here to read about XTC, though
it's my main aim. I come here to be informed and entertained.

At the same time, sometimes we do go too far and it's good that
people occasionally slap others on the wrist for it. I for one
start to get behind when the volume of Chalks goes up, so when
there is genuine XTC stuff to talk about, we should hold off.
But no need for either side to be nasty, right? Hell, why am I
talking about sides?

You are now sick of this one. I have stopped.

Someone said:
>Unfortunately, I have to rank Mummer second-last. ... there's not a
>single song I would consider a standout, and in the process of passing
>through three sets of hands the production was really mangled. Just my
>opinion, of course... hey, I love Nonsuch, so what do I know?

Spot the person who hasn't played either of them twice a day for six

Don't argue, I've been there. :-)

Mummer is a slow-grower. When I first got into XTC it was one of the
two albums I liked least (O&L being the other). Now it is one of my
two favourites (TBE being the other).

What I love so much about Mummer is that it doesn't *need* all of the
high-energy musical all-out attack of some of the other albums; it can
be whimsical and at times infuriatingly simple on the face of it, and
yet still carry so much emotion. Perhaps it helps to have been brought
up in rural England, but I can't see how anyone prepared to be patient
with Mummer and devote some serious repeated listening time to it can
fail to be moved eventually. And once it grabs you, it won't let go.

Then again, I like Nonsuch too. The difference is, it's a good honest
pop album rather than an obscure piece of skilled craftsmanship.
There's room for both, but they need to be approached differently.

>>the Go 2 sweater you knitted etc etc

Would it have one corner of the sleeve cut off and stuck inside
somewhere? :-)

Finally, what's the concensus on the Basingstoke convention? Are
people, at least UK people, on the whole, going?

All for now. Sorry it took so long and meandered about so much. :-)
Phil Hetherington


Message-Id: <v03010d00af6e47381c53@[]>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 02:01:31 -0500
From: Gene Yoon <>
Subject: Adam Ant and Roche infestation

>From: (Stephanie Vie)
>Reading the last Chalkhills, I noticed the post that talks about the TMBG song
>"XTC Vs. Adam Ant" being changed to "AKA Vs..." - Can you tell me where this
>new version can be found?

>From: (Mark Fisher)
>Subject: Lawsuits and children
>What is the source of the story about XTC sueing They Might be Giants? Is
>it meant to be a joke?

Yes, this is a joke.  On TMBG's web page, to boot
(, just to confuse everybody.  And there is
no alternate version of the song, just as there is only one version of
Nyquil Driver, aka AKA Driver.  From all accounts TMBG and XTC are quite
chummy, or at least Andy Partridge and John Flansburgh are.

For more entertaining inter-band sparring, see Oasis and Blur.  I know no
one is interested, but I think that new Blur song "Song 2" is absolute
drivel. Thank goodness it's only two minutes long.  And I used to admire
this band.

I do have to ask everyone-- are there any fans or appreciators of The
Roches amongst you's?  They are quite unlike XTC, unless you count a truly
gifted sense of melody as something in common.  Here's an obscure degree of
separation: Robert Fripp (of the League of Gentlemen) produced two early
Roches albums.  Anyway, I've really started to get into them as of late,
and most of my kewl college friends think I've gone looney.  They think I'm
listening to a bunch of James Taylor wannabes.  Someone tell me that this
is not true.  That the Roches are a trio of extremely talented, creative
songwriters and masterful musicians.  That I haven't mellowed into a bland
pile of mush at the ripe old age of 21.

Oh, and nothing personal against James Taylor.  He and Carly have a very
nice daughter who lived downstairs from me a couple years back.  I trust
Sally does not read Chalkhills.



From: "McDonald, Rojer" <>
Subject: stuff
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 16:15:00 +1000

Dear Trainspotters,
Well, like amanda I'm back with a vengeance...
1. Stormy baby, I couldn't agree more  - everybody is entitled to their
opinion (imho) it's just the hysterical nature of some of these opinions
that puts a weed up some people's arseholes (sorry - that's asses if
you're american!). Whether Ray Davies is less talented than Andy is
surely a matter of opinion - this is a right that I (on behalf of the
opinion giver) will fight to the death for but when people start getting
silly and saying that Andy has more talent in one of his nostril
hairs...well, really, it all just gets a bit silly doesn't it? I mean
we're all mature adults (except for amanda) and I think we can afford
the writer of Waterloo Sunset and Shrangri-La a little bit of leeway.
I'm not sure (and I really don't much care) if you were the person who
expressed this opinion to start with, I'm just using this as an example
of this silly to and fro opinion thingy that rears its ugly head every
so often. Anyway...
2. Hang in there, Stephanie - don't let her break you!
3. Chris Clee - Bravo! Well spoken and no, I'm sure you weren't as dozy
as amanda when you were 19 (not many people are thank the lord!). She's
just the precocious child whose parents couldn't find a sitter on the
eve of the rag and bone buffet. So we all have to sit and smile politely
as she eats with her fingers and burps occasionally - not that I've got
anything against her or anything. Anybody wanna start a flame war???
4. XTC content - Did I ever tell you that as a youngster I studied jazz
guitar at the height of the punk thang? I don't regret learning jazz
guitar but my teacher was a huge jazz snob constantly hassling me about
Al diMeola, Pat Metheny, John McLachlan  - you know, the whole sick
trip. Not surprisingly he hated punk and thought that it was all
rubbish. I remember playing him Reel by Real (or whatever way you
trainspotters want to spell it) and he really liked it. I remember
feeling like I'd won but when the song was finished he said something
offhand about it being a clever Frank Zappa pastiche! I was furious but
nowadays I can see where the poor silly bastard was coming from. I think
he even bought Black Sea eschewing its strange production values but
endorsing their songwriting talents. He also gave me other helpful
advice like: nobody will be using valve amps in five years time, and
nobody will be bending strings in guitar solos in five years time
What a dill! What a galah! What a clown!
You overseas people should check out a group from Australia called Snout
who I think have a certain XTC influence. Hey, Paul Culnane, what do you
I'll get out of your way now and as Dean Martin used to say,"Keep those
cards and letters coming!"


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 09:56:15 EDT
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
Subject: Don't make me stop this car!

Hey, c'mon now Chalkids:
from various:
> P.S. Hey Amanda (AKA That Chick who Posts Miscellaneous Drivel): "Oui."<
> I must admit to not being very interested in dreams..........stick to the
point. --chris (35 and wondering if I was that dozy when I was 19)<

May I remind you that stuff like this only perpetuates off-topic nonsense?
There's no need to be mean. There's a key on your keyboard marked "Page
Down": use it if you don't like an individual's -- ANY individual's --
posting. Be your own filter instead of trying to censor others.

> "Let me put this into perspective," I said, "On XTC's second last
recording they used TMBG's drummer."<

If you mean Pat Mastellotto, don't you mean (one of) King Crimson's
drummer(s)?  :^)

And Simon said:
> The Mummer debate continues apace, I see, and yet again I start to feel
part of a minority when it comes to "Human Alchemy" - I just love that song.
Real "stupid grin" love<

Yeah, man.

> I can see, though, how it falls apart under analysis.<

Absolutely not!  Fight the power, Simon, stand your ground, stick it to the
Man!  It's a great song, period. Yes, it lacks African stylings, but it is
sung from the Euro POV, not the African. And the very subtle reggae feel of
the rhythm guitar is very fitting, given that reggae (just like jazz) is the
music of people descended for the most part from slaves.

That's all -- gotta go. ByeBye!


Message-Id: <>
From: "Ben Gott" <>
Subject: O&L Gold disc
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 07:51:43 PDT

If anyone else in the Chalkhills world loves "Oranges and Lemons" as
much as I do, I would urge you to invest in the Mobile Fidelity 24K
gold plated version. I received it today, and I can honestly say that
it is the best sounding CD I have ever heard. I've always liked O&L,
but have always found it to sound "cluttered" - this MoFi release
takes care of that. The sound is lush and clear, and it does Andy's
propensity for studio overindulgence some real...well, indulgence.

If you have the $25, take my word. You won't be disappointed.

* -----------------------------------------------------------
Ben Gott                  "...another see-through scheme..."
E-mail Loquacious Music!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 12:03:44 -0400
From: Stormy Monday <>
Subject: More White Album and Beatle Gushings


>From Nick.Key:

>Sorry, I have to disagree with you about the White Album being a classic.

The "White Album" is regarded as a classic.  The fact that the tracks
spotlight the individual talents of each writer / singer coupled with
the knowledge that the group was in a state of disharmony only adds to
the mystique.  I can't imagine "Dear Prudence", "Glass Onion", "Helter
Skelter", "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" or any of the "group" tracks (I've
heard that "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" is all Paul, and "Martha My
Dear" is Paul with some session guys)   being as good or better if the
author used studio musicians instead of the other Beatles.  I can
imagine "Every Night" and "Maybe I'm Amazed" from McCartney,
"Photograph" and "I'm The Greatest" from Ringo, "What Is Life" and "Dark
Horse" from George, and "No. 9 Dream" from Lennon (among many others)
all being better records had they been done by The Beatles.  I believe
that the only post-Beatle album that would have suffered as a "Beatle"
album would have been John's "Plastic Ono Band", as it was highly

There was a chemistry between those four that cannot be denied.  Just
like the chemistry between Andy, Colin and Dave.  The sin is, while
everyone has access to "The Beatles", XTC is still relatively unknown.

Stormy Monday


Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 09:10:58 -0600 (CST)
Subject: I'm in a great mood today,
Message-id: <>

so Chris and Stephanie, just wanted to let you know that you can say what
you want about me, because I don't give a rat's flea-infested ass! It's your
opinion! It means bunk to me! YIPPEE!!!!!

And now onto different things........

To everyone who's asked fro trading stuff (again). I've started all my
taping this weekend! I have one set of requests all done (Karl), and as soon
as I can I'll buy some more tapes. (I have only seven left) Unless, of
cours, you are personally providing the tapes, in which case I ask again
that you send me a list of what you want so that I can tell you how many
copies it takes to do it. (Typos, typos, typos.)

And thanks David H. for the usual jokes. (And of course I didn't mean you!
Never would I insult a Canadian.......)

Hasta manana, mi amigos!
XTC song of the day-Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass
non-XTC song of the day-Sleep To Dream (Fiona Apple)


Message-Id: <v03007800af6e6ef51141@[]>
From: (David Friel)
Subject: Rock on Oxford!
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 12:24:25 -0400

In response to Patrick from Oxford, Ohio's posting -

I moved from Cincinnati to San Francisco in 1991.  My only regret (and
believe me, there was only one) was that 97X isn't in San Francisco.  Out
here, in one of the great outposts of culture (depending on who you talk
to), there's nothing that comes close to 97X.  After six years, I still
miss it.  Count your blessings you're so close to that great little
station's signal.

- Dave in San Francisco


Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 12:40:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: Drew! <apn@UDel.Edu>
Subject: Here's a new one...
Message-ID: <>

I got an interesting email about my XTC lyric interpretation paper on the
web this morning... (there's a link to it on Chalkhill's Pages of Interest
area)   It offers a new interpretation of Peter Pumpkinhead I've never
seen before (or at least in a Chalkhills I've read since Fall 1994).  It
proposes that the subject of the song is actually Pope John Paul II's
short-lived predecessor...  I'm not sure if the person who sent me this is
a Chalkhillian or not...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Here is an excerpt from

John Paul I, who "died in his sleep" (very likely, he was poisoned) after
33 days of papal rule in 1978, was a reformer who made many enemies, even
within the walls of the Vatican, because he had started to raise a stink
over the Vatican Bank scandal. The "disappearance" of millions of Church
dollars into the black hole of Roberto Calvi's Banco Ambrosiano certainly
ended up costing Calvi his life (a "suicide" that required a considerable
ability in self-hanging, as well as knowledge of Masonic ritual murder) and
resulted in a major Italian political scandal when it was found that many
magnates of finance, the army, parliament, and industry were members of a
super-secret Masonic lodge, Propaganda Due (P2). Also implicated in the
affair were Michele "the Shark" Sindona, Licio Gelli (Grandmaster of P2),
and even some Archbishops, such as Paul "the Gorilla" Marcinkus and Luigi
Mennini. The Church stood accused of allowing its money for 'charitable
to disappear into dummy companies, Mafia organized crime, and even drug
laundering. It was further discovered that Marcinkus as chairman of the IOR
(Institute of Religious Works - the Vatican Bank) had written letters of
confidence to enable the insolvent Ambrosiano to stay afloat, and that
the Vatican had in fact owned eight of the many 'ghost' companies Calvi
 had created for transferring money covertly.


Interesting, though I'm not so sure myself of this one.

Andrew Notarian


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 15:45:56 -0400
From: Keith Hanlon <>
Organization: Stewart-MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply
Subject: Re: TMBG's drummer

Steve wrote:

> "Let me put this into perspective," I said, "On XTC's second last recording
> they used TMBG's drummer."

Just to let all you TMBG fans know, Brian Daugherty has left TMBG. I'm
totally bumming - he's a good friend of my brother, and whenever TMBG
came to town, he'd always invite me to the shows. A super nice guy, and
a great drummer. Who knows? Maybe he'll join XTC for their 1998 World
Tour.... i wish....



Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 23:08:03 +0000
Subject: Senses Over Times Square !

Dear Chalkers,

[1] XTC near-sighting

A reliable source has informed me that this morning at approx. 7.15
MTV Europe played Senses Working Overtime.
(She tried to wake me but I did not hear the phone)

Probably a re-run of their Greatest Hits Show where they play all
kinds of "older" stuff.

[2] Times Square

Shawn D. Stone asked:

> [...]About to cast it aside, I saw in the list of contributors to
> this particular soundtrack, XTC! Among other 80's greats such as
> Gary Numan, The Ramones, and the Talking Heads! It's great! I like
> exclamation marks! Has anyone seen this film? I know that it has
> Tim Curry in it, but is it any good?

I have seen it (once) and it stank!
The "scenario" : little girl goes to big town, girl meets boy,
girl discovers sex, drugs & rock 'n'roll and flashes a bit of skin to
No wonder Andy et al. felt _very_ uncomfortable at the  "gala
premiere" !!!
The only reason I finshed watching it was (of course) the XTC
connection - i wanted to see the credits!

This soundtrack album is a very mixed affair - a couple of good
tracks including some classics like Reed's Walk On The Wild Side
but on the whole it's disappointing!
But for many many years this was almost the only way you
could obtain a copy of the track Take This Town.
It's a very catchy little tune BTW !

PS:  I just hate it when people use to many exclamation marks!!! :)


Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse

===> Mark's Random XTC Quote <===
There is no muscle in our tongues
to tell the world what's in our hearts


Message-Id: <v03020701af6f3216850b@[]>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 19:33:36 -0400
From: "Ira B. Lieman" <>
Subject: Does the home computer have you on the run?

OK, once and for all. I'm REALLY interested now to see what computers we
all have. With all this crap about not being able to see that cool thing
Peter has helped put together on the MSN, I want to see what percentage of
us have what computer.

So, I'll run a <gasp> survey over the next two weeks. BEFORE 4/23, send me
an e-mail with the subject "COMPUTER" and answer these questions:

1) What computer do you use most often (feel free to be specific)?
2) Is this at home or at work?
3) How do you receive Chalkhills on e-mail?
	a) Through work network with web access
	b) Through work network with no web access
	c) Through independent local ISP
	d) Through national ISP (i.e. Netcom, Mindspring, IDT, etc.)
	e) Through online service (America OnLine, Compuserve, etc.)
	f) Through college internet connection
	g) other (explain, I think I'm covering all the bases)
4) How internet-savvy do you consider yourself? (where 1 need help to
check my mail" and 10 wrote the mail program")

It's pretty short, it's pretty painless, and I'm not going to use any
information on you to do anything except report results. I want to see what
type of people we have here. I'm morbidly curious, and I think it will do a
service to everyone. I'll post the results before the end of May. I'm busy,

Do not send your answers to Chalkhills.


On another note, if you haven't yet gotten the video tree tape, I'm willing
to make trades for it. I've had bundles of requests for it. I can copy it
for you AND I won't charge you $12. Just e-mail me, we'll talk privately.


And Josh, hope you're back to speed. Appendix surgery's a bitch.



Date: 8 APR 97 09:20:31 AST
Subject: Partridge and Duffy In Cahoots
Message-ID: <>

Chalkers & Duffers,

This information appears in the Unofficial Stephen Duffy Homepage

New album is still being done. The album will contain 12 brand new songs, the
final mixes will be between 9th and 15th April and the album (and new single
too) will be mastered on the 24th and 25th April. The artwork is to be done.
Of course the producer is Mr. Stephen Street.

New Single:  The title will be "My Guiding Star". The single will be on two
CDs with three unreleased new songs on each (and "You Are My Guiding Star"
too), so it will be like a mini album of Duffy. The single was just finished
at Chipping Norton Studios with Andy Partridge (of XTC and famous as one of
the producers of "And Love For All" album) in the end of March.



Date: 07 Apr 97 22:42:18 EDT
From: DaveKGold <70673.317@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Need an Update!
Message-ID: <970408024217_70673.317_FHP35-1@CompuServe.COM>

Dear Chalkies,

I have been very bad about reading my Chalkhills lately.  I've recently
moved, started a new job, and started a divorce, so needless to say, things
stack up around here quickly.  I've pretty much abandoned Chalkhills, but I
hope to get back into it.

Some of you may remember that I was the guy that did the "tell me your
largest number of artist's albums" only never to post the results.  Some
nerve.  I'm going to do my best to try to post this list this week.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could write me a short version of
what's up with the lads, especially if they've finally signed, and if we
might see some new material anytime soon.

Thanks in advance to anyone so inclined, and sorry to all of you for my

Dave Gold


Message-Id: <v01540b00af6fccf4fc83@[]>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 16:23:14 +0600
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: tribute tapes (no xtc content, sorry!)

>p.s. I know that King Crimson has been mentioned on this newsgroup in a
variety of contexts so I thought I'd pass along the word that the King
Crimson newsgroup is doing a tribute tape.  Robert Fripp (who
participates in the newsgroup) has indicated that he may possibly help
distribution of the final product in some way (I don't recall all the
details... if you're interested check out the newsgroup).<

Furthermore the tribute tape idea went one stage further on the Robyn
Hitchcock mailing list, and the best tracks from that lists
two-and-number-three-is-being-worked-on tapes are now available on CD!
Anyone interested (I know there's a lot of cross-group iinterest between
Hitchcock and XTC fans) should write to for more
info. Yeah I know, sorry about the plug, but it's pretty damn good and I
think you'll like it.

 James Dignan___________________________________               You talk to me
 Deptmt of Psychology, Otago University               As if from a distance
 ya zhivu v' 50 Norfolk Street               And I reply. . . . . . . . . .
 Dunedin, New Zealand               with impressions chosen from another time
 steam megaphone (03) 455-7807               (Brian Eno - "By this River")


Message-Id: <>
Subject: Who's Suing Who?
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 97 00:15:04 -0000
From: Della & Steve Schiavo <>

Mark Fisher asked:

>What is the source of the story about XTC sueing They Might be Giants? Is
>it meant to be a joke?

Yes, it was just a joke over on the TMBG list.  Funny how these things
get around.

- Steve


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Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 9:10:37 +0000
Subject: the album XTC would have recorded

it looks as if it is time to lay off the White album. It is great and
disjointed, the beatles gave us a glimpse of the options for rock and got
out. To me it remains the album that REM will always wish they had recorded.

What about the album that XTC wished that they had recorded ?
I would put a lot on Soft Machine 1.

The ideal combination of humour, joy, quirkiness, eclectic taste

Any thoughts ?

see you at the end of the month

Jon .

The views expressed are of the individual, and do not
necessarily reflect the views of The United Bank of Kuwait PLC.


Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 07:07:51 -0400 (EDT)
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From: Joshua Hall-Bachner <>
Subject: AKA Vs. Adam Ant

>Hope you're feeling alright Joshua!!!!!!

Thanks! Much better, actually.

>What is the source of the story about XTC sueing They Might be Giants? Is
>it meant to be a joke?

It's a joke. If nothing else, the tipoff should be "Tony Maimone, TMBG's
lawyer and former bass player." Tony may play a mean bass, but a lawyer he
ain't. The "gimmick music" is also a bit revealing.

Beatle-based pop vs. new romantic...

P.S. I still need a dub of "Paper Snow," if anyone would be willing to tape
it for me... thanks!

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|   |
|"We all have our idiosyncracies -- maybe thinning hair, or gum disease." |
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Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 10:54:41 -0400
From: Ralph DeMarco <>
Subject: Rants and Raves

Dear One Armed Bandits and Affiliated Members:

Re: CDs vs Vinyl  (or frozen vs fresh squeezed)

1)   Regarding all these very expensive ($30) gold CD re-issues which
have been popping up here and there for years (XTC included), I say...
RIP-OFF!   If they didn't get the original digital masters right than they
should re-issue the CD for the same price!  If the quality of the original CD
is so bad that they must re-master it so it will sound closer to the original
analog recording, what does that say about digital sound technology
anyway?  Since discovering XTC, I have been able to purchase almost
all their vinyl albums in mint condition for about $1 to $2 each!

I've always believed that music converted to digital codes and then
re-converted back to analog loses much of the original sound.   It's like
the difference between re-constituted orange juice and fresh-squeezed.
Vinyl has a deeper, richer, warmer sound than CDs.  (The only
advantage of CDs is their convenience, and some bonus tracks they
often include.)

2) Regarding "White Album" classic debate (as if their should ever be one).

N wrote:
>The White Album is a hodge-podge of individual efforts and its plainly
clear in each track who has had the most input.  There are some GREAT
tracks on it, dont get me wrong, 'Back in the USSR',  'Dear Prudence'
-exceptional songs but I do not feel that a few decent songs a classic
album do make!

My Response: I remember John Lennon say in an interview that the last true
Lennon/McCartney song collaboration was "We Can Work It Out" which was a
McCartney song but where John wrote the bridge - "Life is very short and
there's no time..."  For most of their career in the band who ever sang the
lead vocal (L or M) basically wrote the song, so your argument regarding a
sudden Beatle shift to individual efforts because of strife within the band
is just not valid.  (The band started having difficulties the moment Brian
Epstein died.)  Sure, they had problems when Ringo quit during the White
Album sessions, but they showered his drums with flowers and finished the
project with remarkable results.  One could say the White Album should have
been one disc instead of two, but that's not a strong reason to deny it's
brilliance.  I find your choice of 'Back in the USSR' and 'Dear Prudence' as
the best tracks rather remarkable considering that their are soooo many
great songs: 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' , 'Helter Skelter', 'Cry Baby
Cry', 'Yer Blues', 'Martha My Dear'..come to mind...its rather overwhelming
- Hell, they're all great!  It is a classic whether you like it or

3)  What's this I hear about a solo Andy Partridge Album in the early 80s?
Is this still around??

Love you all!!



Date: Wed, 9 Apr 97 13:05:19 UT
From: "William Hearne" <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: The Kinks' "Holiday"

Those of you who are not familiar with the Golden Age of the Kinks (1966 -
1972) - those who think the Kinks took a "Holiday" between "You Really Got
Me" and "Lola" - can get a brief but good start by reading the article at


Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 14:22:48 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: For the Chalkhillians in Texas

***If you don't live in Texas scrolling down would be in your best intrest***

          My main attraction to XTC is the continual "exploitation" of
musicianship.If you agree please note the existance of a,yet,unsigned band in
Denton ( last I checked )
known as "53 Large Men" .They have a CD ( a product of their own pocket
change ) called "Period of Senselessness" found in obscure music stores in N.
Texas, I'm sure.
    Now, for an XTC fan it would make perfect sense to find out more about
this band. The ends would justify the means.Unfortuanately its been months
since I knew exactly what was going on  with the band (living in Oklahoma and
all) but my dreams of them getting "Signed" so the world can hear them, are
keeping me optimistic.
if you demand "musicianship" in your music,keep an ear open for "53 Large
  ---this is strictly a personal endorsement


From: Cheryl <>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 17:55:57 GMT
Subject: Short and simple
Message-ID: <>

Hello fellow chalkies!

I was really struck by the post by Stormy Monday, On Fact and
Opinion.  I have to give a big cheer to Mr. Monday for that well
thought out post.  Well put.

>I truly believe that art is in the eyes, ears and minds of the
I love that line!

And to Simon-
>And, Cheryl my friend, I enjoyed your company immensely.
*Blush*  Thank you!  I much enjoyed yours as well.  So glad to have a
chalkhills friend like you!  By-the-way(she says in a whisper) the
check is in the mail.

Sorry about the lack of XTC content.  I can say that I am looking
forward to attending the convention, should things work out.  I'm
also looking forward to possibly meeting other chalkies!  You are a
fun and interesting group to converse with.

Thus ends a short one,


Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 19:31:14 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: I'm Busy, But Back

Hey dudes and dudettes!  This is DeWitt Henderson posting after several
weeks, during which I moved from the Santa Fe, NM area to the fundamentalist
hotbed of Colorado Springs, CO.  Well, OK, it does have its good points too.
Don't bother flaming, please, fundies on the list.  I'm just *joking*, OK?

I haven't even read the last 15 Chalkhills (roughly) that I've missed - I
just read the latest.  I see Amanda and others are still taking jabs at each
other, so little has changed in the last 6 weeks or so.  :^)

Jason: thanx for the news on McCartney's new one.  Really.  I know you're a
fan, so am I, and you got me more interested than I already was in the new

Re: someone's rebuttal on Stormy's declaration of the White Album as a
classic - this is only my opinion as well, but I think it's definitely a
classic, and incredible.  But to continue that, I read Stormy's comments
(hiya, Stormy) on being blasted about whatever (like I said, I haven't read
the past 15 or so...)  saying that whatever he said was merely his OPINION.
I thought we'd all been through this about 50 times.  So I won't repeat what
Stormy said, but I'll just add another example of people misunderstanding
the concepts of "opinions" and "free speech".  I read recently about a radio
talk show host who said they frequently got angry calls from a woman who
vehemently said "I disagree with what you said!!!" or something to that
effect.  His response was "so what?".  She was telling him this as if he had
no right to say whatever it was.  And I can certainly understand totally
disagreeing with a talk show host, or a newspaper columnist, or whatever,
but people seem to sometimes forget that we actually can voice our opinions
in this country.  Well, OK, when I was working at Los Alamos National
Laboratory, I couldn't run around saying "I'm anti-nuke!!!", even though I
am, unless I wanted to look for a job real quick, so we don't have totally
free speech, but...


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