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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #3-91

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 91

                 Wednesday, 19 March 1997

Today's Topics:

                  Andy Partridge's car?
                 Oranges & Lemons & Gold
                      UK Convention
         Finding XTC and the sound of the Beatles
                  Kinks & License Plates
                    willie wisely/xtc
                      License plates
              Sgt. Rock is going to help me.
                    Geffen compilation
               I'm tired of singing trouble
                     Chiselled stones
                       Some Replies
                     VH-1 last week?
                miscellaneous babbling...
                  AP .wavs on my website
           Don't get cocky, Mr. Chaos Harlequin
                       Video, Video
                   One more thing.....
             Enough to make your bamboo curl
            Ordering CHALKHILLS' CHILDREN tape
             Oh, that's a laff and a haff....
                      Long Live Dave
                    Anyone for videos?
                   XTC on VH-1 (Europe)
               Oops! I forgot! Dukes stuff


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From: (Jon Eva)
Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 15:39:49 +0000
Subject: Andy Partridge's car?

Hi All,

Last night, outside my local 7-11 (in Oxford), there was
a very long, white saloon car with darkened windows and
the number plate G730XTC.

Now, long, white saloon cars are not very common in this
part of England (about thirty miles from Swindon), and I've
never seen an XTC number plate before (and I've looked, I
used to collect the damn things in a note-pad when I was a
brat because the nearest train station was too far away for
me to be a train-spotter) - so maybe it was Andy's ? I waited
next to it for half an hour, but no-one entered or left it
and eventually I gave up and went home.

I don't know. If I could afford a car like that I wouldn't live
in Swindon. Maybe there's just a very rich fan out there.



Date: Mon, 17 Mar 97 11:00:21 PST
From: "Sean Robison" <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Oranges & Lemons & Gold

     Hello Chalkhillskateers,

     I got my hands on the MOFI Gold pressing of "Oranges & Lemons" today
     and gave it a spin. So, how does it fare...?

     It's definitely an improvement (not dramatic, but an improvement) over
     the Geffen pressing - being that I'm in the U.S., I have no idea how
     the Virgin pressing sounds. The sound is much warmer and noticeably
     fuller, giving the songs even more energy than before. You actually
     feel enveloped by the sound, whereas the Geffen pressing was pretty
     tinny throughout.

     On many of the songs, Colin's base finally shines through, most
     noticeably on "King For A Day". Overall, it's a slightly better
     improvement that the gold "Skylarking" had with it's aluminum
     counterpart - of course, it's always difficult to improve one of Mr.
     Rundgren's consistently flat sounding productions.

     The packaging is a disappointment - it's pretty much the same booklet
     as the Geffen release, with a few label changes (it WAS nice not
     seeing the Virgin label marring the product) and the traditional
     shrunken album cover on the front.

     On a little side note, since this had been a thread for awhile on the
     list, in the gold version of "The Loving", I had NO difficulty hearing
     the words "Straight to ya"... :)

     See ya,



Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 16:25:17 -0500
From: Tim Kendrick <>
Subject: UK Convention

>Great news for UK fans: there will be an XTC Convention
>in England this spring! The guy organizing it
>is Mike Foster and the date is May 24th.

  Okay, any other crazy American besides me
  considering possibly going to this ?
  Are there any Chalkhill travel agents out there
  who can get me a really cheap flight ?

  If yes to either or both of these questions,
  please email me privately.


XTC SONG OF THE DAY:  When We Get To England


From: Cheryl <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 21:39:22 GMT
Subject: Finding XTC and the sound of the Beatles
Message-ID: <>

Hello chalkies!

I went to Cambridge this weekend!  It was so nice to get out of the
big city for awhile.  While wondering and wandering aimlessly through
the streets, I came apon a quite old church and noticed a record/CD
fair was going on and it was free admission!  Did I hesitate before
scampering in there?!  Oh but no!  I got right to work sorting
through the CDs.  While letting my fingers do the walking in the Cd
singles I suddenly came to a halt......there they were!  XTC! Like I
had been searching all my life.  I held the CD single for "The
Disappointed" in my little hand!  Guess how much  I paid.  Go on!
Just take a guess. thats ridiculous!  Okay okay!  I only
paid a pound! I thought that was a steal!

I came home ready to listen to it and wouldn't you know it, the
batteries in my CD player went dead!  Damn!  So now I have to wait
until I get some batteries.  Well, at least I bought it and its mine
and I can listen to it when I want, well, thats when I have batteries
that is.

JHB asked where the resemblance was in "Another Myself" by the
Sugarplastic to "Paperback Writer".  Its all in that little turn of
the phrase "late-riser" to "Paperback writer".  Thats where I hear it
anyway.  I heard that clear as a sunny day in New Mexico.  Yes, the
songs are completely different but that one little part sounds just
like "Paperback Writer".

And to Simon-  I agree with Todd!  You have made this girl smile and
have joy from your posts.  You have given tons!  You are a wonderful
person.   You certainly have left an impact on me my friend!
Your descriptions of how XTC songs have made you feel are the best
and have led me down paths I didn't think were there.  Thanks Simon!

Thus ends another wandering from yours truly,


Message-Id: <>
Date: 17 Mar 1997 16:43:19 U
From: "Sherwood, Harrison" <>
Subject: Kinks & License Plates

In Chalkhills #3-90, JES <> said something along the lines

>>   Andy is quoted as liking "Autnum Almanac" by the Kinks as his
>> favorite song of all time. Quoth the Partridge:  "Damn I wish I had
>> written this song.  I'll probably spend all of my life trying to.  It's
>> such a huge ghost;  my entire songwriting career has been trying to
>> exorcise it."

Now ain't this interesting, wheels within wheels....

Just these last few weeks I've been filling a huge and unforgivable gap in
my musical education, reading Ray Davies' autobio _X-Ray_ and listening to
_Kinks Kronikles_ in the car to & from work. And the very first time I heard
"Autumn Almanac" I had this huge revelation about Andy's songwriting
influences.  Monstrous pieces of the Partridge Puzzle clanged into place,
choirs of angels appeared around my head, singing, "He liiiiistened to the
Kinks a lot! It wasn't just the Beatles and the Beach Boys! The Kinks figure
in too!" Cherubim cheered. Botticelli rushed off to find his sketchpad.

Let's see...Not just the obvious Dukes stuff like "Albert Brown," but
"Everyday Story of Smalltown"; the bridges of "Miniature Sun" (especially
the second, extended one); huge whacking chunks of _Skylarking_... yes,
Mommy, it all makes _sense_ now!

The other thing that struck me about the matter is that Colin plainly
absorbed the Kinks, too, but the influence seems (at first blush, anyway) to
be more on his aesthetic sense than on his songwriting, his arranger's
chops. I'm thinking of "In Loving Memory of a Name," "Big Day," and
"Bungalow," which seems to me very Kinks-ish in subject matter but not
particularly so in the musical setting. While Andy seems to have fallen hard
for the whole march-time, pounded-piano, music-hall, pub singalong Kinks

...And may or may not have said,

>>  does the guy who drives the green Saturn in Fairfax County, VA, with
>> the XTC_BLKC license plates read Chalkhills?

I don't know, but I can't help but experience a little curiosity about the
owner of a blue VW Cabriolet, Virginia plate XTCFAN, who I keep seeing on
the off-ramp to Tysons Corner from the Beltway at about 8:25 on random
weekdays. Is it something about Northern Virginia? Besides spectacularly bad
traffic congestion, I mean? Is it possible that, as I sit behind the wheel
on the Dulles Toll Road bopping furiously to "Life Begins at the Hop," with
the windows up, everyone *else* on the road is doing the same thing? And
*wondering* the same thing?

And why does this image make me break out in hives?



Subject: willie wisely/xtc
Date: 17 Mar 1997 22:34:52 GMT
Message-Id: <>
Organization: Bitstream Underground

as a huge xtc fan, i have found a certain cd recently to be extremely
interesting.  Willie Wisely OSHEO (october records)
please check it out. fans of jellyfish, xtc, ben folds 5, ram and squeeze
will freak out.  SqueezeOs Chris Difford has called it a OmasterpieceO.

-john strawberrius fields


Message-Id: <>
From: "J. D. SMX" <>
Organization: Access Tucson
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 16:46:46 -0700

Greetings Chalkhillians:

I have 10 VHS dubs of XTC playing live (acoustically) in MTV's
studios, MAY 1989.  They play 3 songs.  Scarecrow People-Blue
Beret-and-King for a day.  The Master for this was a first generation
dub made at MTV so the audio and video is very clean.  Blue Beret
is a new song for me and after listening to it, oh, 12 to 15 times;
it has really grown on me.

Just E-mail me privately (off list) if you'd like one of these jewels
and I'll get it to ya.  More Later.   Jeff

Video Engineer
Access Tucson


Message-Id: <v03020704af5386454ea9@[]>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 18:41:22 -0500
From: "Ira B. Lieman" <>
Subject: License plates

>On a completly unrelated side note, does the guy who drives the green Saturn
>in Fairfax County, VA, with the XTC_BLKC license plates read Chalkhills? I am
>the guy in the white VW Golf who almost drove off Braddock Road Friday night
>when I saw your plates. Pretty cool.

That's great! My license plate is (NY) NGRYNGMN -- you might see me in the
Hoboken NJ area. But actually, it's not originally the XTC reference. It's
a Billy Joel reference (well popular opinion is that we like Billy so I'm
not embarrassed here) but I was quite eXsTatiC to hear the XTC song with
the Angry Young Man reference when I first started listening to them. I
first heard the song in 1991 or so, and I didn't get the license plate
until 1995, so you can say it's a half BJ/half XTC reference. :)

Anyone else have any XTC references in their day-to-day life? Besides Mark
and his tattoos, that is. :)



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 21:02:03 -0600
From: John Mietus <>
Organization: Uncle Twitchy Enterprises
Subject: Sgt. Rock is going to help me.

Greatles, wrote:

> Hi, I am new to the list but have a question regarding 'Seargent Rock',
> sorry if its been asked before...
> I was wondering if Sgt Rock is based on a charater, of the same name, from
> a 1950's Samual Fuller film entitled 'Fixed Bayonets'. Or is there another
> Sgt Rock I have not encountered.
> Gavin

Andy is obviously a huge comics fan, especially of the Silver Age DC
Comics.  Sgt. Rock is a war comics character whose popularity peaked in
the Fifties and Sixties, when, of course, Andy would have been reading
comics.  DC doesn't publish the character regularly now, but they did up
until the mid-Eighties.

There's lots of other Silver Age DC Comics references in XTC songs --
notably, but not, I'm sure, limited to:

1. "...the Justice League of America..." from "Melt the Guns"
2. All the lyrics of "That's Really Super, Supergirl," to wit: all the
references to kryptonite, the Fortress of Solitude, etc.
3. Much of "Brainiac's Daughter" - references to Daily Planet reporters
and the Bottle City of Kandor, a city of Krypton which the Superman
villain Brainiac shrunk down and preserved shortly before Krypton blew
up (ah, the innocent years of comics before everything was guns, ninjas,
teen angst and talentless artists...)

Ok, I'm done being a comics geek now.  However, Bonus Points to anyone
who can name the artists/creator of Sgt. Rock, who, incidently, was one
of my teachers at the graphic arts and illustration school I

Fishy Fishy,



Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 22:54:12 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <>
From: Steven Reule <>
Subject: Geffen compilation

Hello fellow XTC fanatics:

I'm hopelessly behind reading my Chalkhills so please excuse me if this has
been posted to death already. The latest release info on the Geffen CD is:

May 27
XTC "Upsy Daisy Assortment: The Sweetest Hits"

No word yet on any further details...

Steven Reule


Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 02:39:28 -0600
Message-Id: <>
Subject: I'm tired of singing trouble

>Great news for UK fans: there will be an XTC Convention in England this
>spring! The guy organizing it is Mike Foster and the date is May 24th.

UGGGGHHH!!!  I am going to be in England for 6 months beginning in June!  By
the way, I am still looking for a place if any chalkies have an extra room
to rent out.  yes, i am serious.

Also, I must call on my fellow chalkhillians for something else.  I have a
trade riding on the Chalkhills Video Tree compiliation - I found a person
with the 2nd album of the Spent Poets, who are now defunct (they have been
compared to xtc, and are an excellent band).  Anyway, this album was given
to him by one of the band members I believe, and it will *never* be in
stores.  Besides, I payed my $12 and would like to see this video!  So,
would one of the chosen few (?) be willing to work out a trade for the
video?  I have mucho audio, as well as some video (look look + more).  Por

I don't usually do this, but in the CD changer right now is:

Spent Poets - self titled
Self - Subliminal Plastic Motives
R.E.M. - Life's Rich Pageant (IRS years edition)
TMBG - John Henry
311 - the new one
This Island Earth - by our own 'PJmuck' - something like that, I cant

I just mentioned this because it is an incredible mix.  I have been
listening to it all night as I type a paper for Environmental Law and update
my webpages (some of them anyway).  By the way, This Island Earth is
*really* growing on me.  If you're reading PJ, please get in touch with me
when you have another album available; I'd be interested in getting a copy.

 From the Roads that Girdle the Globe,


Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 01:53:10 -0800
Message-Id: <v01510100af5412ae9440@[]>
From: (Mark Fisher)
Subject: Chiselled stones

I was looking up something in Fowler's Modern English Usage (new edition),
and came across an entry for a construction that's always bugged me in
*King for a Day*:

"didn't ought. A remarkable combination of the marginal modal *ought* and
the periphrastic negative auxiliary *didn't*. Almost certainly of
dialectical origin, it has made its way into novels of the 19c. and 20c.
and into informal speech as a typical construction used by rustic or
sparsely educated speakers."

So unless Colin is making a witty and ironic juxtaposition of the marginal
modal and the periphrastic negative auxiliary, just for a laugh, I take it
that this is a rare example of West Country dialect slipping into an XTC
song. Personally, I've never heard "didn't ought" used anywhere apart from
in *King for a Day*.

Can anyone think of any other Swindonisms that crop up in XTC songs?

- Mark


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 12:59:27 +0000
From: Simon Sleightholm <>
Subject: Some Replies

From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>

>Hey, you! Just cut that out right now!  First of all, the far side of 30
>ain't so bad -- it's what you make it, after all. Just make sure you ain't
>no puppy doing what you're told. Secondly, you've brought more than one
>smile to this fan's face

Gosh thanks Todd. The Czech's in the post (and you wouldn't believe how much
fun Olga can be...)
Looking back over that post it does, I admit, appear like I was feeling old
a grumpy about being 30. That wasn't the intention. I am inhumanly happy at
this point in time.

From: dgershmn <>

>Well, Simon, I don't have the 1986 cringe coupling, but I do have the 1984
>Simkins and Mankwell (this was before the name change) "Grig-o-lator"
>changle-spoked fribulating dyna-clop. I hear that it is often
>interchangeable with the "Spang-o-matic" when one needs to simbunate their
>linderfoz, as long as one is mindful of the glent. Let me know if this'll

Wow. Dave, you certainly know your stuff. I had to retro-loop the
shift-phase flanking plates, and the spong chasm needed reboring to .55, but
on the whole I got the whole thing up and running with the minimum of jibble
bending. Thanks, man.

I spent the afternoon of Friday the 14th drinking steadily (later somewhat
unsteadily) in Edinburgh with Daniel Prendiville, late of this list. Much
was said, but very little is remembered. I imagine XTC featured heavily in
the discourse.

From: (Joe Jarrett)

>Great news for UK fans: there will be an XTC Convention in England this
>spring! The guy organizing it is Mike Foster and the date is May 24th. He
>has advertised in Q Magazine and Mojo.

Wow, I hand't seen this in those mags. Thanks Joe!

from Phil Hetherington

>on't have the album, just 'Your Woman' which is great, but I suspect a one

You may very well be right. White Town did a live session on the Mark
Radcliffe show a couple of months back, and there was nothing to touch the
greatness of Your Woman. Shame. Mishra was an absolute hoot though, a really
witty and clever guy.

see ya,

XTC? Are they still going? Follow me and find out..


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 14:14:38 +0200
Subject: VH-1 last week?

Has anybody been succesfull in taping the VH-1 Europe shows I referred to
last time? I'd be interested in a copy if it's interesting stuff. Mail me
for trades. Thanks.



Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 10:03:48 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: miscellaneous babbling...

Greetings everyone...

I was thinking about how the 180-degree turnabout in Rolling Stone regarding
Skylarking.  It reminded me how I had a lukewarm feeling about this record
when it first came out and now think it is an XTC classic (among all the
other XTC classics!).
This is one of the greatest characteristics about this band.  Their songs
speak at so many different levels that you can't *hear* everything upon
intial listenings  ("yes, James, we all already know that, that's why we are
on this list...").  The initial reviewer in RS should have been a little more
patient (doesn't he get *PAID* to do that??).

I met a guy from England the other night at a wedding (here in New
Hampshire..).  I mentioned Swindon and XTC and his response was "wasn't that
the band that did "Sgt. Rock"?  I thought that a funny song to remember them
by as opposed to the canned "Dear God" response had he been from the US.  At
least he knew they hadn't broken up....

I recall reading here a month or so about someone on this list who had been
to the Manchester, NH Newbury Comics store and seen a CD copy of "Chips from
a..." available and I had just been in that same store the previous week
(HEAR: "Twilight Zone theme").

>From the "XTC things you can do in your spare time Department:"  I once cut
out the BLACK SEA lettering from the green paper bag that the record was
originally sold in and taped it to the back wall of my aquarium.  It looks
pretty neat.  (I now periodically kick myself hard for not photocopying it

Thanks to all on the list who took the time to transcribe (transcribble..ha
ha - good one) the reviews and of course to the Microsoft person about
meeting Andy.  This is Classic Chalkhills material.

This list is going to get really active when (ever) we get a new record from
them, it'll be kind of exciting (huge understatement there!!) after such a
log wait.

Did anyone else like the liner notes from Testimonial Dinner?

For now,  James

XTC quote of the day:
"I've seen in their faces clear as children's chalklines on the paving"


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 10:13:08 -0800
From: Ian C Stewart <>
Subject: AP .wavs on my website

Greetings all

I spent 11 hours yesterday typing up my XTC audio list, which is now
posted on my website.  I hoped to have sound files available so
parties interested in trading with me could get an idea of the
varying quality of the tapes I have.  After squandering 3+ hours trying
to get a square block to fit in a round hole (ie--"experimenting" with
Real Audio's encoder) I settled for putting some insultingly
awful-sounding .WAV files of four of the recent Andy Partridge demos from
the tape that's been circulating on my site.  I don't recommend
downloading the clips if you already have the songs on tape since they
sound like crap and they take forever to load.  But if you haven't heard
them it might be worth it...  Just prepare yourself for sub-AM radio
quality... and...  Check out AUTOreverse while you're there!

I too will be in Swindon in a matter of 3 weeks.  I've been there before
but the last time I went I wasn't really ready for it so I had nothing
planned.  I found the Railway Museum quite accidentally... didn't realize
that big train exhibit was the one pictured on the Big Express until a
few days Oxford... Anyone wanna swap Swindon stories before I
go?  Hit me offline if you do.

For now,
Ian C Stewart


Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 09:33:10 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Don't get cocky, Mr. Chaos Harlequin
Message-id: <>

;) Good call. I'll rename myself Autumn Willow if I ever get my own web
page.  But, seems nobody else called me on that one. Besides, what's wrong
with SL and watching it so much? Weekends are boring in Louisiana.

I'd love to get to this convention. I wish I had the money/time to go to
England in general. :(

I thought this was rather funny. Whilst my brother and I were driving home
from school yesterday, we heard "Ball and Chain" on the radio. (The local
rock station has a special lunch hour where they play all 80's alternative.)
And my brother goes "Is he saying potatoes and sour cream?" when Colin sang
"The diggers and the tower cranes."

Well I laughed, damnit!

I heard the first Crash Test Dummies single, "Superman's Song" done Muzak
style at a family outing on Sunday. I nearly choked on my bread roll whilst
laughing my ass off.

Je me souviens du soleil


Message-Id: <l03020901af53d3ab91b4@[]>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 23:21:42 -0600
From: jason garcia <>
Subject: Video, Video

>Rolling Stone is a fashion magazine with occasional articles about music.
> The tone of RS is always kind of a 'hipper-than-thou' arrogance.  I use to
>subscribe to it, but got tired of all the cologne ads giving me headaches.
>By the way, XTC isn't a guy thing...I love this band!!  And I became a fan on
>my insistant requests or influence from a boyfriend, fiance,
>husband, whatever.  I hope you're proud of me!
>Laurie Collins

All I've got to say is, MARRY ME IMMEDIATELY!!  It's true I don't even
know you, but hey, that didn't stop...uh, lots of people!  With these
views in common how could we go wrong?!

Well I'm happy to report that I have finally viewed the "Look Look"
compilation and XTC at the Manor, etc., courtesy of Kris Markman of
Odessa (who obtained them courtesy of Ira Lieman), and I can happily
say that my fave video is "All of a Sudden (It's Too Late)" followed
closely by "Dear God".  And The Old Grey Whistle Test footage-- these
guys ROCKED!!  Even when they played "Yacht Dance" they rocked!  They
could've taken over the world!  I was enthralled to finally view
live tape of my idols.

Don't ask me to dub these, they're 3rd generation quality already.

"Time for go to bed" -Thor


Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 10:48:50 -0600 (CST)
Subject: One more thing.....
Message-id: <>

Good point about me subscribing to "X" lists, although I've never heard of 3/4
of the lists listed. (That was redundant.....)

I WISH I had the facilities to PRINT pictures off of the various XTC sights,
especially Chalkhills and Bungalow. There are some great ones of Dave, and
when I was at my sister's house using her computer, graphics and all this
weekend, her damn printer wouldn't work! (Hint hint to any nice guys out

And a bit about XTC and general, most of my favorite bands/artists
are male oriented. (And foreign.) I know more girls where I live who know of
XTC than guys.

KICKASS (Keep It Cool Kids And Stay Sweet)
Je me souviens du soleil (thanks Mario for correcting that!)


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 19:43:01 +0000
Subject: Enough to make your bamboo curl

Dear Chalkies,

I was terribly Xcited about the news regarding the memorabilia
auction at Christie's and I was still trying to figure out if I would
go there (and how I would pay for those highly collectable items!)
when along came another Digest with some more Xciting news:

> Great news for UK fans: there will be an XTC Convention in England this
> spring! The guy organizing it is Mike Foster and the date is May 24th.

This means that I will simply HAVE to spend my holidays in the UK
this spring... I will definitely attend both events !!!

BTW: are there any more "non-UK residents" planning to go there?
It would be great if we could turn this into an International XTC

And with a bit of luck we might have something to celebrate then....
a new record deal, a new album or single, AMANDA marrying Dave ???

yours ecstatically,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse

===> Mark's Random XTC Quote <===
Everything you eat is waste,
but swallowing is easy when it's got no taste


Message-Id: <>
Subject: Ordering CHALKHILLS' CHILDREN tape
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 11:00:16 -0800

Follow these rules implicitly!

Send your check, payable to Richard Pedretti-Allen, in U.S. FUNDS.

Mail your check along with a mailing label to:
    3389 Creighton Place
    Santa Clara, California, USA

The mailing label (it does not have to be adhesive) must include YOUR
COMPLETE ADDRESS, so that I can tape it to your package.

Please address the LETTER to "Chalk" so that it easy to sort from our
other mail.

Please also include your email address on a slip of paper so that I may
contact you if the need arises.

The tapes will be sold to the people who responded with planned purchase
quantities (Thank you very much!  You are not obligated to buy what you
quoted though that would be NICE), BUT!!!  There are three critical
points to remember. You must respond by April 19, you must respond by
April 19 and you must respond by April 19.  The remaining tapes will be
sold as orders arrive, based on postmark.  Once the 200 are gone, they
are gone.

It's not that I don't trust you but I will ship the tape when your
check clears.

Please include a mailing label (does not have to be adhesive) with YOUR
COMPLETE ADDRESS, that I can tape to your package.

I have rounded up to the nearest nickel to offset extraneous costs like
insufficient postage or having to send a letter back because I've run
out of tapes.  Any money left over will be used to buy Andy a pint of
bitters and get him to say something quotable.

Pick the place closest to you to determine your cost.  If you know that
it costs more, send a bit more (for instance, if it costs 10% more to
ship it to Canada instead of the U.S., add a dime or two).

I realize that some of the steps in price are non-linear.  It is due to
postage costs.

Quan United States

Quan England

Quan Japan

I'm terribly sorry to have kept you waiting.  As far as the "special"
gifts for contributors to the tape, I think the word might be out but
you didn't hear it from me.  No, sorry, you don't get a free tape.

Good things come to those who wait.

Cheers, Richard


Date: Tue, 18 Mar 97 13:52:51 -0600
From: (Stephanie Vie)
Organization: Maryville University
Subject: Oh, that's a laff and a haff....
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HA hae haa hee hee he ah ha.....

Oh, I love your reply, Amanda...and the fact that you felt compelled to make
THREE posts this time!  Like I don't have a long break between my morning
class and my afternoon class....hell yes, I muck around on the web....not on
discussion lists, though. I belong to one, count it, one discussion
group....This is because I feel XTC is the only grouup worth sitting down
and reading other people's posts on them, and when I have to sift through
various "oooh, David Duchovny" and "Crash Test Dummies" related posts- well,
I get a tad bit miffed.

So, in the future, be pertinent. That's all I ask. No "this is what's
playing on my CD player now". No "David Duchovny in a Speedo (don't make me
retch, please!)". Just XTC related information....that's what the rest of us
are here for.

With love to all the people who strive to bring XTC to the world....


Maryville University Saint Louis


Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 15:14:14 -0500 (EST)
From: Jason Legacy <>
Subject: Long Live Dave
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Regarding the connection between Beck's "New Pollution" and "The Loving":
I have to admit that the first time I heard the Beck song I noticed that
I began singing the lyrics to "Taxman" (by you all know who) right
over it. But we now live in a musical age where nearly all music is an
amalgamation of previous records. So be it.
          Am anxiously awaiting the 'new' XTC album as everyone else is.
Am I the only one out here who thinks that "Mummer" is one of their most
beautiful (and finest) records? It's obviously one of their most
transitional albums. But, especially including the CD bonus tracks and
"Desert Island" in particular, it's one of my absolute favorites
          Has anyone met or talked to Dave Gregory recently? I had the
extreme pleaure of meeting him in 1992 when I visited England as a
graduation gift to myself and he was one of the kindest gentlemen I've
ever talked to. He's a very intelligent, kind, and obviously TALENTED man,
too. Long live Dave.


Message-Id: <v03007802af5579bda111@[]>
Subject: Anyone for videos?
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 11:38:10 +0800

Hello all,

I know I asked for trades on videos before, and I appreciate the couple of
people who wrote but weren't able to help me, but I *need* to build my
collection of XTC videos.

I have a *lot* of audio and video to trade from other artists.

Can anybody help me??

Regards from Nihilon,

Steve (MGV)

               But when we get all we need it's never enough.
                             (Terry Scott Taylor)


Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 10:09:08 GMT
Message-Id: <>
From: (Ian Sutton)
Subject: XTC on VH-1 (Europe)


On a program called something like The Beat Club 70's last Friday, VH-1
(Europe) showed a young XTC miming
 to Science Friction in front of what seemed like a bemused German audience.
I had no VCR facilities but they do tend to repeat these programs once in a
while so I will be looking out for further showings.



From: Cheryl <>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 17:05:17 GMT
Subject: Oops! I forgot! Dukes stuff
Message-ID: <>

Hello again,

I was wandering around HMV on Oxford Street here in London and I
found about 5 copies of the Dukes in there.  I know you probably
didn't want to here that Pete, after all the trouble you went to get
your copy!  But there they are.  If any one is interested perhaps I
can help.  Let me know.



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