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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 86

                 Friday, 28 February 1997

Today's Topics:

                    re: Grass Question
        <more info>  Your Chance to Interview Andy
                 Craving fresh topics...
                 A Hodge-Podge collection
                 Grass lyric -- your mate
                  Terraces and majors...
                things they did on "Grass"
               The Great Compilation Debate
      Where have all the Chalkhils go-oooonnneee????
                     Um, let's see...
              XTC review their own singles!
                     Colin Cavorting
                   A few responses....
       Sorry, I can't think of a good subject line
                    Re: Grass Question
                   the singer of grass
                ok, now i'm embarrassed...
                    Re: Grass Question
            Re: Keeping the Dream Alive dept.
                     Who murders who?
                    the little details


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The way you slap my face just fills me with desire!


From: ERIC DAY <>
Subject: re: Grass Question
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 97 16:15:00 PST
Message-ID: <>

"Sean Robison" <> wrote:
>     There's a lyric in the song, "Your mate has gone, she didn't want to
>     be alone" that raises a few questions for me.
>     Who is the singer? (Yes... I know Colin is THE singer. But who is the
>     'character' singing the song?) Since Colin is male, I assume the
>     'character' of the song is male. But...

I've always interpreted the lyrics this way:

The narrarator is a man obsessed with this particular woman, and although
he's being seriously rebuffed ("the way you slap my face..."), he's not
dissueded in the least ("...just fills me with desire").

He really doesn't understand that the woman has no interest in him, and
thinks she's just playing "hard to get."  (Sadly an all-too-common male
tendency, methinks).

Anyway, the "mate" is the woman's female friend who has left the scene,
thinking that the guy is bound to steal her pal's attention away, thus
leaving her "alone".  She has somehow misunderstood the situation and
believes the other two to have a mutual attraction.  She's wrong, though,
and has left her friend vulnerable to the guy's potentially forceful
advances (she's "helpless now").

As always, I reserve the right to be wrong.  Comments??
 - Eric


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 21:00:00 -0500
From: RC <>
Organization: Pink Palace Productions
Subject: Rockpalast

I'm looking for a MINT or near MINT copy (Video) of the Rockplast Show
in 82, I already have this, I'm looking to upgrade.
I have access to over 1800 videos, all types of Bands. Let me know!

Rob Cosentino


Message-ID: <>
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: <more info>  Your Chance to Interview Andy
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 09:57:37 -0800

The interview will take place at Andy's place next Wednesday March 5th.

So , get those questions in ! (mail me with the subject line "AP

I will do the best I can to get pictures for the Chalkhills site.

>Peter Fitzpatrick


Date: 25 Feb 97 22:22:16 EST
From: "K. Forster" <103124.351@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Omnibus
Message-ID: <970226032216_103124.351_JHG65-2@CompuServe.COM>

>I always thought Omibus was rather original( Yes!  I know a majority
>of you people do not like this song).

Let me interject...I love this song, it's a great antidepressant! (So does
my fiance!) It's such a perky horny little ditty! It gives me silly giggles!
(Are those enough exclamation marks for you?!)

No one ever accused me of not having any opinions... :)


Message-Id: <l03010d04af394ea65883@[]>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 19:32:27 -0700
From: Eb <>
Subject: Craving fresh topics...

Signing off...catch y'all later.



Message-Id: <v03007801af39d5505f53@[]>
Subject: A Hodge-Podge collection
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 12:39:44 +0800

Greetings all,

I've been going through withdrawal symptoms this week - with such a long
wait between digests, so I thought I'd better post long and hard so the
next one comes out sooner.

Firstly, I've been meaning to write to Ian. C. Stewart for quite a while
now, and have never gotten around to it.  Thanks very much for the three
tribute tapes - they are great!!  I listen to them often (More than A
Testimonail Dinner) and love them. My only complaint - I can't listen to
them on the way to work, as I use a discman, not a walkman - does anone
have a CD-R that could transfer them for me????

BTW, is there any news on the new Tribute tape "Chalkhills Children"?

Some comments:

>From: "Stuart McDow" <>

>I was summarily dumped this week.

>Rather than go out and cry in my beer and listen to my housemate's C&W
>"She Done Me Wrong" music (it has its place),

I don't think there's any real need to mention where that place is, though

>I went home and belted out "1000 Umbrellas" and "Snowman" along with Andy.

But 1,000 Umbrellas and Snowman are good choices - my sympathies extend to

>From: (James Dawson)

>I wish Martin would think about writing an entire book of prose.

Do you have his poetry books?  There are four of them now.

>Also: I read in the "ICE" CD newsletter that "Greatest Living Englishman" is
>about to be re-released in the UK with two bonus tracks and new packaging.

Is this right?  I know it was released on vinyl recently with extra tracks.


>I have a plan for XTC to conquer American Radio. They disguise themselves as
>the Dukes of Stratoshear, put out more wild, wacky, & weird tunes, but with
>a backwards nonsense parts, and we start spreading rumors on the Internet
>about "Satanic messages", "recipes for hallucinagatic substances", and
>"naughty lyrics". Dumb teenagers buy and request it, conservative social
>critics decry it, ministers burn it, congressmen vote to villify it, and it
>becomes a hit like like all those 2 Live Crew tapes of the 80's--- except
>this time the kids don't get stuck with crappy music....

Great idea!  This might work!!! Actually, all we need is to stick those
Parental Advisory stickers on the front of them, and that would also do the

How about "Parental Advisory - Contains intelligent lyrics!"

>From: (John Wedemeyer)

>Becki has every reason to be proud:she is a very talented singer/songwriter
>and has put together a great CD.
>     And as for me, I was honored to participate! Thanks again, Becki, for
>letting me soil your tracks!!

Congratulations, John  and especially Becki - and add my name to the list
of those who want a copy of this disc when it's released - Has anything
been organised about compiling a list of those who want one?

>From: "Sean Robison" <>

>     1. 'your mate has gone, SHE didn't'... does this imply the 'singer' is
>     cavorting with another guy?
>     2. Is the 'singer' female?
>     3. Does line 'your mate has gone' actually mean 'she's gone with me'
>     as opposed to 'she's gone away'?
>     Am I mishearing the lyrics?

It seems to me that he obviously met a girl (a longtime girlfriend or a
first encounter?) who was with another woman.  The other woman felt
uncomfortable watching the two of them and left.  I'm sorry, but your
interpretations never crossed my mind, and I still can't see them fitting.
I know that when I was dating (many years ago) that if I was getting
friendly with one girl, her friends would invariably leave us alone! (And
shortly after that she would leave and I would be alone - sigh -

Oh - another though - I'm not overly familiar with Americanisms, but where
I come from "mate" simply means friend, like "buddy."

>From: "H.Davies" <>
>Regarding Martin Newell, does anyone out there have or has anyone heard
>anything by the Cleaners from Venus,

Two best of collections are available on Tangerine records (UK label - I
have the address somewhere if you need it), "Golden Cleaners" and "Back
from the Cleaners".

Also, I've been given this address in regards to their complete back
catalog of tapes:

Joachim Reinbold
Jabel 6
29439 Luchow 9

I don't know if people are interested in misheard lyrics, but I'll add a
few of my own.  When I first heard the Dissapointed, I thought it was
"Their blackhearts look the same"

And All you Pretty Girls, I thought it was (until very recently)

"Bless you, bless you, all of you pretty girls,
religious city girls, by the quayside!"

Doesn't really make sense, does it?

With greetings from Sin City (east),

Steve (MGV)


               But when we get all we need it's never enough.
                             (Terry Scott Taylor)



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 21:46:03 -0600
From: John Mietus <>
Organization: Uncle Twitchy Enterprises
Subject: Grass


Sean Robinson wrote:

> There's a lyric in the song, "Your mate has gone, she didn't want to
> be alone" that raises a few questions for me.
> Who is the singer? (Yes... I know Colin is THE singer. But who is the
> 'character' singing the song?) Since Colin is male, I assume the
> 'character' of the song is male. But...
> 1. 'your mate has gone, SHE didn't'... does this imply the 'singer' is
> cavorting with another guy?
> 2. Is the 'singer' female?
> 3. Does line 'your mate has gone' actually mean 'she's gone with me'
>   as opposed to 'she's gone away'?
> Am I mishearing the lyrics? Obviously, this song is a masterful
> example of how the band's lyrics can be interpreted in a variety of
> ways.

Seems pretty clear to me.  The "mate" referred to is the girl's friend
who obviously felt like a fifth wheel and took a hike.  Haven't you ever
been unattached and tried to spend time with a friend when they'd just
*become* attached?  In the song, Colin's just noticing -- "Oh, she left.

Fishy fishy,



Date: 25 Feb 97 22:22:14 EST
From: "K. Forster" <103124.351@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Grass lyric -- your mate
Message-ID: <970226032213_103124.351_JHG65-1@CompuServe.COM>

> There's a lyric in the song, "Your mate has gone, she didn't want to
 >    be alone" that raises a few questions for me.

Being American, I probably have no right to answer this question (and I may
even be wrong)...but I believe this is "mate" as in a UK/Australian term for
"close friend.

I always interpreted the line as a whole as the kind of situation where
three's a crowd -- "your mate has gone, she didn't want to be alone" means
she saw what was brewing between her pal and the narrator and decided to
push off rather than be a third wheel.

And somebody correct me if I'm out of my mind, for goodness sakes.



Message-Id: <v03020706af395d10cbfd@[]>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 22:35:21 -0500
From: "Ira B. Lieman" <>
Subject: Terraces and majors...

Howdy Chalkhillians.

I would apologize to AMANDA for saying "AMANDAhillians" but sometimes it
just seems like she's the most vocal...maybe it's a compliment. (Naah,
doubt it.)

Well, thanks to Brian Carter (wow...a real Swindonian on the XTC list!
Maybe it's really AndyDaveColin in disguise...) for clearing up that thing
about terraced houses. I might assume that in the US they would be called
"semiattached" houses -- they are connected by a common wall to the next
house. If it's in a row, then you could drop the semi- from that statement.

I would assume that the fab threesome would have slightly more palatial
accommodations than that though...would you happen to know where they live?
Have you ever met them food shopping or in a music store or something? Now
*THAT* would be cool. :)

Too bad the only relatively famous person that I know of that (I think)
lives in Hoboken is Freedy Johnston. And I've never bumped into him.



Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 22:46:33 -0600 (CST)
Message-Id: <>
From: "Jason \"Freak\" Garcia" <>
Subject: things they did on "Grass"

Here's a thought:

Re:  "Your mate has gone she didn't want to be alone"

I always read this to mean there WAS a female friend of the girl he's
singing about WITH them, but she didn't want to feel like the "third wheel"
so she left to go find her own action.  And I wouldn't blame her.  Yeez.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 21:00:38 -0800
From: "Shawn D. Stone" <>
Subject: The Great Compilation Debate

Well, I have finally decided to post something to this Digest instead
of just sitting around reading it (though that is great fun). A couple
issues ago, someone asked what would be the ideal XTC compilation (I
believe that the stipilation was that it would be for a newcommer to
XTC). Here is what I made for my girlfriend (so I could brainwash her
into liking everything that I like, heh, heh). Here it is (I love

Mayor of Simpelton
King For a Day
Jason and the Argonauts
Roads Girdle the Globe
One of the Millions
The Disappointed
The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
Cherry in Your Tree
The Good Things (From Testimonial Dinner)
Brainiac's Daughter
Vanishing Girl
25 O'Clock
Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her
You're The Wish You Are I Had
This World Over
This Is Pop
	Just my 2 cents.	-	Shawn D. Stone, The Frog Prince


Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 08:19:47 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Where have all the Chalkhils go-oooonnneee????
Message-id: <>

It's been almost a week since we've been graced with one. Maybe I'm just not
posting enough ;)

I just received a wonderful array of XTC stuff courtesy of Scott Haefner,
thanks a mil to him. (I lost your email address, so I'm thanking you on the
list.) I can now say, since I've seen every XTC vid thus far, except for King
For a Day, that the Disappointed is my favorite XTC video. It's visually
stunning with its costumes and concept. (And, you'd expect me to say this....
You Know Who looks visually stunning as well.) And I also took in the puppet
show The Road to Oranges and Lemons. I can be proud to say that Andy's Richard
Branson imitation was making my six-month old nephew crack up laughing. A new
XTC fan? Wait and see......
I was disappointed w/Grass, though. Mainly because You Know Who is only seen
twice, and it's just a goofy video. (Although I laughed when Andy was slapped
in the face and nearly had his head crushed by a dog.)

And now, I'll revert back to my usual tradition and say
XTC Song of the Day-Traffic Light Rock
Non XTC song of the Day-Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?-Paula Cole
XTC quote of the day-"I'm trying to kill myself in as many different ways as
possible."-Andy imitating Richard Branson
What's in my cd player right now-The Monkees 30th anniversary collection, The
Big Express, KISS-Smashes, Thrashes and Hits; Jock Jams vol. 2, and Tuesday
Night Music Club-Sheryl Crow.
Thank you, and goodnight


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 08:08:30 EST
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
Subject: Um, let's see...

Hiya, chalkies!

Dean: Thanks for the AB updates. Enjoyed the story of his meeting with Andy
and Dave. Too bad the tape wasn't running...

Stuart: Never underestimate the power of music -- listenting to it or
writing it -- to heal wounds of the heart.

From: "Sean Robison" <>:
>There's a lyric in the song, "Your mate has gone, she didn't want to be
alone" that raises a few questions for me.<

I've always interpreted that line to mean two's company, three's a crowd.
The singer's girlfriend's girl friend has left because the other two weren't
paying any attention to her and had other things on their mind. Or not.

From: Brian Carter <>:
<story about terraced houses, Ball and Chain, and AP's current abode>
> ...well I thought it was interesting!<

Me, too!  Now, if you could just supply me with an exact address for Andy's
house ...   ;^)



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 13:32:32 -0800
From: "" <>
Subject: XTC review their own singles!

Evenin' all.
In the February issue of the British free music magazine "Making Music"
(available free in most music shops), there is an article by the band
reviewing their own singles.Highlights include;
SCIENCE FRICTION:C~"Definitely a case of band in the studio getting red
light fever" A~"It's weird because you start to think did my trousers
squeek on that take?"
LIFE BEGINS...:A~"Our attempt at a modern Tamla Motown track"
TEN FEET TALL :A~"I remember Chambers getting irate because the producer
kept wanting to put timbale breaks in. I think he managed to slip them in
while we were on tour and Terry wasn't around to nut him"
SGT ROCK :A~ "The least favourite of all my songs"
SENSES : A~"The only song we've ever done with crows on"
..FARMER'S BOYS WAGES : A~"This track did for Chambers. I wanted a sort
of shuffly jazz rhythm and he put his sticjs down, said That's It, and
walked out."
WAKE UP: C~"I'm responsible but it's not much of a song" A~"It was on the
jukebox in EasEnders"
THE LOVING : A~"I wanted something like All The Young Dudes"
Final quote: Andy "Singles collections are a bit like the desserts from
all the meals - there isn't any spuds and meat. I think our best stuff
tends to lurk atound in the corners of our albums"
Making Music has a web site at
but when I visited, February's issue hadn't yet been archieved -
hopefully it will be soon. If not, I send the whole interview sometime in
the near future.
Cheers, Lee Beddow


Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 15:14:03 +0000 (GMT)
From: David William Lawson <>
Subject: Colin Cavorting
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.970226150222.10195A-100000@langs>

>      1. 'your mate has gone, SHE didn't'... does this imply the 'singer' is
>      cavorting with another guy?
>      2. Is the 'singer' female?

  The word, tends rather to mean "pal" or "chum" in the UK, unless its
being used to describe animals in wildlife programes.
  But then it doesnt rule out that the "she" in question is mates with a
man, who colin procceds to cavort with.


Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 09:16:52 -0600 (CST)
Subject: A few responses....
Message-id: <>

Whoa, I only had two postings in the last digest. I'm slacking off!

Ben: No, I don't find Dave very attractive with that beard. It's almost a
shade lighter than his hair, it just looks funky. (Much like thw wonderful
sideburns Colin sported circa 1975.)

Jason: Uh.....a pleasure to be of service, I think. It's not the first time
I've helped. One of my teachers who used to moderate the Quiz Bowl team asked
us for band names and lead singers for the rapid fire round. (I'm not in QB,
she asked us to help her pick names out B4 competition.) So I put forth
both CTD/Brad and XTC/Andy. She late told me nobody knew who the lead singer
of XTC was, but a few rang in when asked CTD.
BTW-Bovine????? Brad doesn't sound like a cow! (Well actually.....ah forget
Jason Garcia-The only Beastie Boys I can tolerate is License to Ill from the
early 80's. (Unfortunately, my ex was hooked on them. Try listening to
nothing but Sabotage everytime you're around someone and see how tired of it
you get.)

him say something about "Your mate has gone SHE didn't want to be alone", I
actually wondered whether or not Colin was gay, either that or he was pining
away after a lesbian. Maybe it stems from the fact that British (and some
others) refer to their friends as "mate". Maybe he just meant that this girl
had a friend with her, and when the girl and the guy started rolling around,
the feriend didn't want to just sit there so she walked off. Then again, this
is just my POV.

BTW-Whoever asked quite some time ago, for a description of my Crash Test
Dummies jacket, I got it yesterday. It is BEAUTIFUL. It's real leather,
black, w/the band's logo and the title of the last album, and on the inside
it says MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR AMANDA OWENS. I feel like a biker chick. All it
needs is some zippers hanging every which way.

One more thing for Ben-The CTD list IS getting rather silly. And inactive
lately. There's nothing to talk about so everyone takes potshots at each other.

I can't get enough of the video for The Disappointed. Everytime they show
Dave or Colin (who both look absolutely magnificent), I have to punch slow-mo
to...prolong the ecstasy/XTC ;)

Veni VD Vici-I came, I caught, I chancered


Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 11:33:40 -0500 (EST)
From: Natalie Jane Jacobs <>
Subject: Sorry, I can't think of a good subject line
Message-ID: <>

Hey everyone,

First off, the Michigan XTC party went smashingly, despite the narcoleptic
video tape, and I'd like to thank the attendees for coming - I had a great
time, and it was nice being able to speak the language of XTC fandom to
other real, live people.  Photos - including Kate's XTC-shaped pretzels -
will be appearing on my web site some time soon.

Miffed R.E.M. fan Josh Prolific responds to Andy's dissing of said band:

> I will merely offer my opinion that Andy is either:
> a) Too snobbish to accept an alternate lyrical form (Abstract to Andy's
> Realism), or
> b) Just jealous 'cause R.E.M. have their new album out and he doesn't.
> :)

I propose an alternate answer c), which is: Andy's right.  ;)

Finally... more shameless plugging.  I've been working my hinder off to
transcribe a large portion of Andy's radio advice show, "Agony Andy,"
which is now on my XTC web site, Perdix (the URL is below).  Here's a
small sampling - Andy on what to do about a fickle boyfriend:

"Well, Samantha, I think he's toying with you.  You must play the same
game with him.  Tell him occasionally that you *can't* see him, as you're
having the evening in to wash your excess elbow skin.  Or turn up on a
date with someone else in tow - like the crew of a Spanish submarine or
something like that. Insist he take you to an expensive restaurant, and
then once inside, suck the gravy stain from the edge of the tablecloth and
say (falsetto) 'I knew we shouldn't have ordered those fourteen courses
because now I'm rather full.'  I'll tell you what, Samantha, if he was my
boyfriend - I'd have him shot."

There's lots more where that came from, unfortunately, and even more that
I haven't transcribed yet... I'll do the rest if I get a positive
response.  (Money and Cadbury Creme Eggs are acceptable substitutes.)

Mr. Relph, I'd like to request that you add Perdix to your list of other
XTC sites.  Thank you very much.

That's all for now, folks.

Natalie Jacobs, Curator
Perdix: The Andy Partridge Appreciation Page
(insert clever tag-line here)


Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 15:06:40 -0600 (CST)
From: Marshall Joseph Armintor <>
Subject: Re: Grass Question
Message-ID: <>

   I always interpreted the lines "Your mate has gone/she didn't want to be
alone" (I dunno if that's line or lines...anyway) as meaning that:
  1. the singer, because he's trying to cajole the addressee of the song
   the joy of sex al fresco, wants her to take note that "everybody else is
   doing it" (including her friend, who's decided to hook up with someone
   [presumably a man] for the moment)
  2. which also means, of course, that she doesn't have any reason to say
    no 'cos she doesn't have to feel attached to her mate, who's already
    gone off with someone else...
  3. Socially, the object of the singer's affections is a bit isolated
    right now; she doesn't have to feel responsible for the friend she
    came with, and this is more ammunition in the singer's favor.
This is a slightly menacing reading...correct me if I'm wrong, but
doesn't the line "You are helpless now" follow soon after this one?  I
try to read this as innocently as possible (the working-out of adolescent
shyness through some friendly persuasion) but it is a little unsettling to

Marshall Armintor/ Dept.
Rice University/Sometime Systems Consultant x5779,
Blackadder on the Romantic poets:"There's nothing intellectual about
wandering around Italy in a big shirt, trying to get laid."


Message-Id: <v01540b00af3ad04cbd92@[]>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 16:47:21 +1100
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: the singer of grass

From: "Sean Robison" <> skazal:

>     There's a lyric in the song, "Your mate has gone, she didn't want to
>     be alone" that raises a few questions for me.

>     Who is the singer? (Yes... I know Colin is THE singer. But who is the
>     'character' singing the song?) Since Colin is male, I assume the
>     'character' of the song is male. But...

>     1. 'your mate has gone, SHE didn't'... does this imply the 'singer' is
>     cavorting with another guy?
>     2. Is the 'singer' female?
>     3. Does line 'your mate has gone' actually mean 'she's gone with me'
>     as opposed to 'she's gone away'?

surely it's the old story of two girls wandering home, one of them meeting
her boyfriend and the other one leaving them because she didn't want to be
the odd one out. The boyfriend being the singer. Remember mate simply means
friend. That's how I've always read it, anyway...

BTW - we had a list of XTC songs relating to nursery rhymes and childrens
songs a while back - I don't think anyone mentioned ladybird!



Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 00:02:06 -0800
From: becki digregorio <>
Subject: ok, now i'm embarrassed...
Message-ID: <>

greetings ones of the 'hills,

in response to john wedemeyer's post in the last chalkhills, i must say
that it is *I* who is honored, not only to have the great talents of mr.
dave gregory playing, but to have john contributing his amazing guitar
playing to my music.  and i think that he is now the one who is being a
"tad modest" about _his_ talents.  john, of course, neglected to mention
that he is currently doing a world tour playing guitar w/ charlie
musselwhite (the famed blues harp player and vocalist).  some of the
countries they'll be playing include italy, england, france, holland,
belgium, norway, amsterdam, australia, japan; the list goes on and on.  if
any of you live in or near london, they'll be playing at a club called "the
mean fiddler" on april 25th (if memory serves).  might i suggest that if
any xtc fans love great guitar playing (and blues in general), try to check
out one of their concerts, hopefully coming to a town near you...

knowing john, he'll sneak a little "dave riff" in at least one of his

and john: you can "soil" my tracks anytime!!!   (wink)


"a day without sunshine is like night."


Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 09:49:42 GMT
Message-Id: <v01510100af3b025b44a5@[]>
From: (Mark Fisher)
Subject: Farmgirls

This is probably very old news, but I finally got round to buying a copy of
*Chantoozies*, the 1993 album by Scottish all-female folk group The
Poozies, which includes a rather lovely cover of Love on a Farmboy's Wages.
They change the lyrics from "I" to "he", as if it were being sung from the
perspective of the farmboy's fiance. Otherwise it's fairly faithful, more
folky, less guitary.

The sleeve notes say: "Karen [Tweed, piano, accordian, backing vocals]
would like to take the Poozies to Port Merrion but then she's slightly
over-fanatical about XTC. It's an ideal Poozie song in that Sally [Barker,
vocals, guitar] is both a farmer's daughter and married to a farmer."

Further to the debate about how best to convert non-believers into the XTC
cause, I wondered if anyone had ever tried putting together a compilation
of XTC-related tracks and cover versions as a way of getting round the
problem of people reacting against Andy's voice. On XTC's version of Love
on a Farmboy's Wages, for example, Andy really sounds like he's straining
to hit the notes on "wa-ges", whereas the Poozies take it effortlessly in
their stride.

Would anyone like to suggest a track-listing for such a compilation? I'd
suggest that it could include significant contributions like Andy's tracks
with Terry Hall, but not Peter Gabriel if the only reason was that Dave had
added a bit of guitar down in the mix. It would probably include Sarah
McLachlan's Dear God. But what else?

- Mark


From: (gARetH baBB)
Subject: Re: Grass Question
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 08:05:57 GMT
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Gink

In message <>,
 ("Sean Robison") wrote:

>      1. 'your mate has gone, SHE didn't'... does this imply the 'singer' is
>      cavorting with another guy?

Erm, I've always heard it as 1 bloke and 2 girls and the 2nd girl goes off as
she doesn't want to play gooseberry while the girl and bloke pay with grass ...

... making daisy chains and discussing the argricultural basis of different
grass types, obviously ...


From: (gARetH baBB)
Subject: Re: Keeping the Dream Alive dept.
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 08:11:58 GMT
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Organization: Gink

In message <>,
 (David McGuinness) wrote:

> see the XTC comparison, but for me it didn't have all the unexpected twists
> and turns that XTC have'.
> Proof positive that our brave lads are not forgotten!

XTC get mentioned quite a bit on Mixing It, and of course there were those
Andy Partridge interviews (one with Harold Budd).


Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 23:40:03 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <>
From: Joshua Hall-Bachner <>
Subject: Who murders who?

Chalkhills (the HTML kind) is down. Is this a bad omen?

>And TBH, I'm not too amused with some people referring to us as

Dearie me. If I can take it, so can you, O Mistress of the Hills of Chalk.

>>And save for Bugalow, there was no musical experimentation, no new
>>ground broken.
>My chin hit the keyboard when I read that!  What about Rook?

Well, Rook is something XTC hadn't done before, but really, how many piano
ballads are there? I have to admit that XTC haven't done much musically new
in ten years. (With the new album that'll change, though!)

>I always thought Omibus was rather original( Yes!  I know a majority
>of you people do not like this song).

I never thought of Omnibus as especially innovative except compared to just
other XTC stuff... but it is a great tune. Remember to take Andy's "Church
of Women" remarks into account when listening to it. I love the lyrics --
"make your oyster pearl" -- precious!

>     There's a lyric in the song, "Your mate has gone, she didn't want to
>     be alone" that raises a few questions for me.

Set your thinking cap to Brit mode, Sean. I always assumed that "mate" was
in the "buddy" sense, not the "sexual partner" sense.

>Also has anyone ever noticed that Andy Partridge is thanked in the liner
>notes of Toad the Wet Sprocket's album In Light Syrup?

In particular, on the liner note for the O&L-esque little ditty "Hobbit On
the Rocks." Anyway, another band to stick on the "XTC fans" list.

BTW: can someone out there help me get a dub of the Waxworks mix of Wait Til
Your Boat Goes Down? I've got *every single B-side* except for that
currently within my demesnes, and the tape tree isn't too far behind... if I
can only get my hands on this dub. Please help -- for the good of

Who thinks Andy hates REM because of all the weird REM/XTC parallels...

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Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 08:14:08 -1000
From: (Jim Smart)
Subject: the little details


This from the Todd sight mentioned in the last digest:

>>Recordings you worked on that might be considered unique to the public
>>and >>unique to the
>>artists themselves were XTC's Skylarking and Hiroshi Takano's two LPs
>>from >>Japan.

>There are kinds of similarities. Takano has
>been very influenced by XTC as one of his
>favorite artists. That whole XTC thing had
>some bearing on me getting involved with
>certain artists. That XTC album was seminal in
>some ways. It was one of those things where
>the material suggests everything that happens
>beyond that. More than any other record that
>I've worked on, it was a record of details. It
>really kind of highlighted something that I've
>>always believed, and that is, it's not the
>grandiose kinds of things as the little details that
>go on in it that really define the lasting

That's what XTC has, perhaps more than any other band. Particularly their
last 3 albums....every moment is filled and well planned and clever and
creative and take sthe idea to a higher level....maybe this is why the "the
early stuff is better" crowd gets a little turned off...
Mitch once told me that Andy P's favorite Beatle song is Hello Goodbye,
which also shows great attention to detail.....kind of fits.

BTW: ANdy's most attention to detail coudl be Pale and Precious....That
song must have took a lot of work to get every aspect of it just right.

Jim          Honolulu, Hawaii    USA
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               Cool water is such a gas"
                     -Brian Wilson


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Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 07:16:30 -1000
From: (Jim Smart)
Subject: Nonsuch

My 2 cents worth:

Nonsuch is one of the boys best. Not a difappointment in any way. To those
who don't get it, I say "awaken, you dreamers!"

Jim          Honolulu, Hawaii    USA
     So I'm packing my bags for the Misty Mountains


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