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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #3-82

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 82

                Thursday, 13 February 1997

Today's Topics:

   Hey, remember the tribute tape? (No Amanda Content)
                        on a trip
                    Gratuitous comment
                 No flame for a change!!
                    Andy wish list...
       wow, long article considering it's the DT...
         another thought on the Telegraph article
                     Final Settlement
                      The demo tree
                     on with the show
           Dave Gregory slips one into the SET
                   Roy Harper addendum
      Don't count those XTC phases before they hatch
                    Oranges and Lemons
                 And The Winner Is . . .
         Fab Sprout (FREE! Dutch Lesson Included)
                    Travels in Nihilon
                FS: Radios in Motion promo
            Swedish XTC-fans working overtime
                    Reply on the wall
                   This Is (Pop) Muzak
        Okay, all the Weird Al crap I can muster.


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Message-Id: <>
From: "huduguru" <>
Subject: Hey, remember the tribute tape? (No Amanda Content)
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 1997 23:06:48 -0500

I was just sitting around, reading Chalkhills and watching HELP! on AMC,
and started wondering  what ever happened to the Chalkhills tribute tape.
Did I miss an announcement?  Is it DOA?  Did nobody else want to be the
pest who brought the subject up?
Just Wondering-

"But these go to 11!"
Nigel Tufnel


Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 10:27:18 +0100 (CET)
From: James Isaacs <>
Subject: on a trip
Message-Id: <>

So, anyway, I leave tomorrow for may trip to London, and a few days in
Amsterdam.  I shall attempt a trip to Swindon, so I can see the horse;
and maybe, I'll run into one of the lads and get him drunk and make
him sing Pink Thing really loud in a bar.
Oh, well, I can always dream...


Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 10:54:12 GMT
Message-Id: <v01510104af24ac2ea05b@[]>
From: (Mark Fisher)
Subject: Gratuitous comment

Is Amanda on speed, or does the world revolve more slowly where she lives?


Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 12:06:18 GMT
Message-Id: <>
From: Simon Sleightholm <>
Subject: Skylurking

From: Martin R Esselink <>

>I used my CD-ROM to
>"sample" the first 2  bars of "Love on a Farmboy's Wages", and made it my
>program sound for when I exit windows.  (Makes me eager to turn off my
>computer)  Anyone else stumbled onto this concept?

Yup. Tragically so. My PC bursts to life with the "Statue Of Liberty" intro
(guaranteed to pep me up before working). What is saddest of all, though, is
that it closes down with the "Liberty, liberty, liberty..." fade.

From: "H.Davies" <>

>reccomend the album "Jordan: the Comeback" as an essential
>purchase. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Absolutely no, unfortunately. If anyone does feel it's an essential purchase
please mail me. I have a cassette release of the album and I find it
unsufferable, even with the presence of the *goddess* that is Jenny Agutter
("Candymine, candymine..."), so if I can dig it out from the "never again"
box it's going for free.

John Hughes' "She's Having A Baby" is being shown on Tuesday 11 February on
BBC1 at 11:25, for anyone who wants to catch a nanosecond of butchered XTC.
The movie isn't too  great (though the choreographed lawnmowers are a hoot).

I don't know if it's because of the infirmity endemic to my advancing years,
but my wife has been very accepting of me playing my XTC CDs on the "big"
stereo in the living room of late, instead of having to accept the rather
paltry output of my PC speakers. Up 'til now the alternative has been to
tape the CDs (in the dead of night, wearing gloves and a mask) and listen to
them at work. This has led to at least one occurance of the "shouting and
dancing in the office, unware that brass-so-top-it-has-snow-on-it is
observing in a perturbed fashion" situation. I used to travel to work on the
bus (you don't know you're born you lot, eighteen buses I had to get, AND we
had to carry the last one four miles - blindfolded) and this gave me plenty
of time to wallow in the sumptuous glory of the music.

But now, as I live a mere stones throw from work (and I swear I'll hit it
one day) that option is no longer available. The other week we bought a new
VCR, NTSC capable (only our TV isn't, so that's a "laugh") and full stereo
whatnot. As our TV isn't stereo we had to move the hifi over to the TV and
pipe the sound through. A minor victory - until now the hifi had been tucked
behind the sofa on which we sat, one speaker behind a bookcase and the other
under a table. Repeated pleadings had urged my wife to yield not one jot. I
explained - with diagrams and bunched fists - how we were missing out on
sound quality, but nothing came of it. Until we got the VCR. Now the hifi is
*in front* of us, and the left speaker is on the *left* side, the right on
the *right*, and we no longer need to lunge over the back of the sofa to
cause the remote to function.

So I've been hearing my CD's in full-on, lobe-crushing, crystal clear stereo
for the first time in (shame hangs like a wet felt hat) ages. And it's fab.
Even the wife likes it. The way the bee flies through your head at the
beginning of "Summer's Cauldron", the rotating bike chain of "Bike Ride To
The Moon", the widescreen epic of noise that is "Generals And Majors", and -
may the fates forgive me, I still hate the song but - the guitar chopping on
the "Smartest Monkeys" intro (I still linger over the skip button when the
singing starts, mind you). I've been listening to this stuff on weedy PC
speakers, a bottom of the range boombox and a clapped out walkman with 5
quid headphones for much too long. I was beginning to forget how good this
stuff could sound.

I treated myself to a house-filling blast of "Mermaid Smiled", too. Speaking
of which what happened to the rest of you? Cheryl came up with a *very good*
thread and it died out almost immediately - only a few of us responded - I
*know* this music moves you and gets under your skin, so come on and let it
all out before the itching gets too much.

No strings to tie my kite,


No Thugs In Our House, only XTC.


Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 09:19:56 -0400 (AST)
Message-Id: <v03007800af24856f3950@[]>
From: Erich Walther <>
Subject: No flame for a change!!

How nice to see us all getting along for a change! (Cflat excepted)

Re Roy Harper. I always thought he was one of those 'living legends' that
never got his due (Ray Davies comes to mind as well). Roy's lyric imagery
would appeal to most Andyphiles; very British, very rural, and chalk-full
of irony, metaphor etc. sung in a voice that doesn't hide his Britishness.
Go see him if you ever get a chance! (I caught him playing solo with Chris
Spedding as the warm up at a very small club - Roy seemed to be agreeably
toked) 'Hats off to Roy Harper'   from Led Zep III gives just a taste of
his stylings.

>if you were to meet Andy in an interview-type situation what would be the
>three questions you'd like to ask him ?
>also : if you hoped he would sign two items for you - what would they be ?

Um, how 'bout WHEN'S THE ALBUM? Who's involved? Can you come to my house
and play with/for me??? Oh, and please sign this copy of ES and my
Chalkhills Tshirt!

I E-mailed the incredible lucky becki and she's compiling a mailing list of
all Chalkies interested in her CD (due early March). If you want on board,
drop her a line! She'll be posting details to the list.

I have to agree with whoever wrote about the mediocrity of 1996 releases.
I'm wracking my brain, and all I can think of is Yazbeck, Aimee Mann (no
fair, but I bought it in '96) and the Mike Flowers Pops. I guess I'm out of
the loop or something...

Happy birthday AMANDA!

I'm currently teaching a music class for 'underprivaleged' (read punks)
adolescents at the local Boys and Girls club. We're trying to instill
rhythm, harmony, etc and supply various cultural examples (Highlife, Soca,
gamelin, Airto, Amerindian, etc) and I'm wondering what XTC I should supply
for an example of that particular culture (WHA??). I'm leaning toward
Nihilon or Nearly Africa or perhaps Seagulls Screaming - any suggestions?
Oh, and btw, never give out drumsticks to a room full of kids...

Erich, wating for the sun in chilly Ottawa


Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 22:37:59 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <>
From: (Michael Wicks)
Subject: Numerology?

At  6:05 PM 97.2.9 -0800, Ira  wrote:

>Tim K. emoted:
>>  I was watching the begining of the show and they said XTC would
>>  be their musical guest.  I went wild and immediately put a tape into
>>  my VCR for taping.  It was a great performance by the guys !!!
>What did they SING though?!? Nobody ever mentioned it. Either that, or my
>fast-forward-digest button was stuck down when it had been brought up. I
>want it, if possible. We'll talk.

It was "King For A Day", with Colin doing his best Steely Dan meets
Tony Bennet!

>still have to concentrate sometimes. Drums and Wires either requires your
>entire attention or you can't play it. There. I said it. Anyone else agree?
>If you do, I'll send you a 1/2 inch paper clip. Ben already has his.

So true!  Lucky I don't do something like drafting or Architectural would look more like Goya than Escher! Very definately
music to dance to, but has anyone attempted to drive while listening
to D & W? Going over a mountain pass, around curves that look like
your test-driving a sports car for a commercial?  (actually, that
would probably be the BEST time to listen to D & W .. that and at 1AM.

Ben said:

>Has anyone else ever noticed something about the times of "Hold Me My Daddy,"
>"Pink Thing," and "Miniature Sun" on "Oranges and Lemons"? Pull out your CD
>copy, open up the leaflet, and tell me if you see what I see...(Speaking of

Ok...the one I have says 3:49..3:48..3:57....hmmm....Go Fish!  please, ben,
Explain!  (noo....that's ok..I think I see the sig-nif-i-gance...
hmmm...still...numerology, right here, on Chalkhills! :-)

C-U-Ltr ,


SongofdaDay: Cynical Days/Across This Antheap (3:18, 4:51


Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 23:00:52 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <>
From: (Michael Wicks)
Subject: AmandaMusings/ReeltoMicrofilm/AudioTrax

AMANDA wrote in Digest#3-81:

>Guess whose birthday is on the 8th.....go ahead, guess....okay, I'll give

Happy Belated Birthday to Hey Ninteen, here's to your last year as a teen!

>And now I'm off to the microfilm machines to search for more XTC articles.

Geez, talk about memories...first time I searced for (and found) an XTC
article on Microfilm, I nearly died laughing...a trippy article/photo in
People around 1989, where Andy, Dave, and Colin talk about Oranges and
Lemons..a great photo and some fantastic quotes, one of which I shall leave
with you shortly.

Am compiling some of my interviews...would like to put some of YOUR comments
on the AudioAnthology that I'm scrapping together (mentioned a few digests
-try about a month and a half ago - back). If anyone would like to comment
on favorite songs/albums from White Music to English Settlement, start
recording your comments on standard casette tape...I'll add them to the
edited and compiled patient, this one's gonna take some
time..perhaps you could just record all your comments on one tape, from WM
to Nonsvch...a more detailed explanation (again!) in the next Digest.

Mike W.

ANdy Quote: "It's the stupidest thing on the planet to try to stay teenage.
It's pathetic when middle-aged men stagger around in clothes far too tight
for them."
              (Are you receiving me, Barry Andrews??         :-)


Message-Id: <v0302070aaf24448ce28f@[]>
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 1997 22:42:14 -0500
From: Ira Lieman <>
Subject: Andy wish list...

First off, thanks to Steve Varga for that great article he posted.

Peter, now THIS is what I subscribe to the list for.

>Subject: If you met Andy...
>if you were to meet Andy in an interview-type situation what would be the
>three questions you'd like to ask him ?

1. Take me through a 'usual' music writing session. How do you get your
ideas, what do you write first, what do you turn to when you get 'writers

2. What are your major musical influences? For instance, what do you listen
to when you're cleaning the house? Cooking dinner?

3. Where do you see the music business going? As someone "poisoned by the
industry," what's in and what's out as the business of music moves into the
next century?

>also : if you hoped he would sign two items for you - what would they be ?

(a cd of his unreleased demos?)
No, really, I think I'd want an album poster or actual cover art signed.
Does ACTUAL cover art exist? Like a painting of the Drums and Wires cover,
or something from a 12" single.


For good skeletons are we. [Yes, i caught that a while ago, Ben]


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 16:14:33 -0500
From: David Pardue <>
Subject: wow, long article considering it's the DT...

Thank'ee muchly to Stephen Varga for transcribing the Daily Telegraph
article about our boys' strike in the last digest -- it was very
interesting.  Especially the bit about a nameless, headless pop exec who
suggested that XTC would be better off sounding more like ZZ Top.
AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!  If I have but one regret, it is that ZZ Top were not
involved in the bungee jumping at the recent Super Bowl...

Can you Brits out there please expand on the concept of a "terraced house"?
We're not talking council flats, are we??

Lets here it for our Tuneful Luddites,



Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 16:24:37 -0500
From: David Pardue <>
Subject: another thought on the Telegraph article

<working collecting abandoned rental cars, while Partridge was producing
<other artists, including Blur's second album.

Interesting the Telegraph perpetuating this out of hand rumour.  From what I
understand, AP was only in the studio with them for a few days at the
beginning of the "Modern Life is Rubbish" sessions, and Blur didn't much
care for his input, nor he for their attitudes.  So it wasn't to be; and
quite rightly so, I think.  Blur albums have been produced by Stephen
Street, late of the Smiths, and I think he's done a brilliant job with them
so far.

In fact if XTC themselves are still looking for a producer...

The AP/Blur connection -- and indeed the general similarity and quality of
XTC & Blur's music -- was recently brought up in the Blur newsgroup; the
topic being a brief respite of sunshine in the midst of the deluge of 'Blur
sucks, Oasis forever', 'Oasis sucks, long live Blur', 'Damon is fooking
top!', 'Damon is a tosspot' posts which usually characterize that particular

Next time you think Chalkhills has degenerated, drop by and
take a peek inside...


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 22:53:49 +0000
Subject: Final Settlement

Hi Chalkers,

> could someone fill in the history of English Settlement.

OK, it was indeed originally released as a double album in the UK.
Not only to fit all the songs but to avoid so-called "groove
cramming" and get the best possible vinyl sound.

In the rest of Europe and the USA it was decided by "the powers that
be" at Virgin that a double set would be commercial suicide due to
the higher consumer price.
So a selection of tracks was made (who did this?) and released on one
LP! (arghhh!)

But some years later (1984?) Geffen USA became XTC's label in the US
and rereleased E.S. as a double LP set with all the original tracks.

When E.S. was first released on CD the technology used was not able
to fit all the tracks on one disc so (again) some tracks were
Most later CD releases (like the ones on Geffen) do include all the
original 15 tracks but none of them features any bonus tracks.

BTW: the original issue UK vinyl version sounds better than any other
version ever released; CD's included...

yours ecstatically,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse

===> Mark's Random XTC Quote <==
Hail mother motor, hail piston rotor, hail wheel!


Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 17:22:32 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: The demo tree

Hello Hillers,

A thought just occured to me:

There has been a lot of discussion of the new XTC demos here, and I KNOW I'm
not alone in wishing I had a copy of them.  Is there any chance that a kind
soul who has a high quality (i.e. NOT 8th generation) copy would be willing
to tree this Holy item?

If not, would you be willing to let those of us WITHOUT use your copy (or a
copy thereof) to start a tree?

Yes, I know all of the royalties / un-fair to Andy discussions might suggest
that my request is nothing short of heresy, but COME ON... who exactly on
this list isn't going to buy the next XTC album the day it is released?

PLEASE, some kind sorce step forth and I'll do the rest.  Remain anonymous
if you wish.

Also, just to keep this under control, anyone interested in being a part of
this tree, please don't e-mail myself or this list.  If this comes together,
I'll let you know.



P.S.  I had an idea for another tree as well.  Has anyone here ever done a
tape compilation of all of the officially released XTC songs that didn't
make it on Rag And Bone?  Seems items like "Cherry In Your Tree," the Hello
Demos, the track from "Urgh, A Musical War," the live b-sides from Tower Of
London, etc. would be of interest to more than a few of us.  Thoughts?


Message-ID: <c=US%a=_%p=KPS_Group._Inc.%l=KPSINF-NT040-970210224910Z-399@kpsinf-nt040.KPSGROUP.COM>
From: "Purnell, Vernon" <>
Subject: on with the show
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 16:49:10 -0600

A local radio station is having a contest in which the grand prize is a
$10,000 shopping spree.  I heard a spot for it today and realized the
background music was, appropriately, "King For A Day".  What makes this
weird is that this station plays oldies exclusively --  50's & 60's
music, with just a smattering of early 70's R & B.  My guess is that
whoever put that spot together was an XTC fan.

Stormy Monday:  I think your observation re:  "Your Gold Dress" is on
the money, particularly in light of Partridge's confessed fondness for
SATANIC MAJESTIES (a classic no Dukes fan should be without).  That
moment of silence followed by the buzzing guitar most definitely is a
nod to "Citadel", which has a very similar break.

The Chalkhills FAQ has enlightened me on the origin of some of the XTC
album titles that I didn't already know, but one that has always puzzled
me is BLACK SEA.  Can anyone shed some light on the origin of this

One more query:  is FAST AND BULBOUS available on CD?  Import perhaps?

The Loving Guy,


Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 17:51:21 -0800
Message-Id: <>
From: studio seventeen productions <>
Subject: Dave Gregory slips one into the SET

Alright Chalkists:

You may not get XTC live, but Mr. Gregory, as one of two guitarists in "H's"
band, obviously had some influence on the set of the first "official" H

[first review taken from the MARILLION mailing list....reviewed by someone
who obviously is NOT a big Hogarth fan, but the pertinent facts remain]:

>Just thought I'd sneak in before Rob and comment on tonight's show at the
>Garage in Highbury. Not hard to sum up - one of the most impressive
>collections of musicians and one of the poorest selections of material I've
>heard in a long time. And I heard some guy commenting that the songs don't
>sound as good on the album as they do live. I have to recommend that you save
>your 15 quids!


>The contribution to the set of the splendid and much underrated XTC's 'Senses
>Working Overtime', thanks to the presence of Dave Gregory, merely reinforced
>the fact that there are some great songwriters out there - and on this form,
>Mr Hogarth certainly isn't one of them.

[unknowing Andy takes a bow!]

now I really wish I *COULD* see H's band live!!!!!!!!!!!


dave at studio seventeen
 *     * * * * *
 *              *
 *             *
 *           *

you can't teach ducks to dance
(Consequences/Godley & Creme)

seventeen: the ambient music page


Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 17:25:29 +1300 (NZDT)
Message-Id: <v01540b08af265bae9b04@[]>
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: Roy Harper addendum

>WHO IS HE??? gah! How come so few people have heard of this wild eyed folk
>rocker? Roy's best known as the singer on Pink Floyd's song "Have a
>Cigar", but that seriously downplays his immense significance and huge
>body of work. I'd recommend Harper's work toanyone, but with the caveat
>that it is an acquired taste. Hmmm. It's veirtually impossible to compare
>Harper with anyone else... there are bits of Kevin Coyne, some early
>("Nebraska" era) Springsteen touches, Aussies would recognise the
>influence Harper's been on Ed Kuepper. Check out "When an Old Cricketer
>Leaves the Crease", or "Stormcock".

An addendum to my recent comment: if you like Harper, you owe it to
yourself to check out Ed Kuepper, especially "Serene machine" and
"Character Assassination". Good stuff. PS - I apologise for my lousy



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 13:26:07 -0500
From: Steven Hoskins <>
Subject: Don't count those XTC phases before they hatch

In Chalkhills #80,  Ulrika & Magnus Fredholm ask "How many phases have
XTC passed through?"

>In my humble opinion, there are only three, White Album to Drums >& Wires,
Black Sea to Oranges and Lemons and finally Nonsuch.

Grouping Black Sea-to-Oranges and Lemons is interesting, but from an
entirely different perspective (I'm assuming a LOT of long time fans are
offended by this, pehaps desiring a breakdown more like this: Science
Friction-to-GO2, Drums & Wires-to-Drums & Wires [their career launch,
and don't forget the b-side stuff here], Black Sea-to-English
Settlement, Mummer-to-Skylarking [thus including the Dukes], and Oranges
& Lemons-to-Nonsuch [Although current demos seem to make Nonsuch a stand
alone, dispite some similarities--e.g. the ballads " The Last Balloon"
and "Rook" if you've heard them]

Now, I say Fredholm's division is interesting because Nonsuch is more of
a "best of XTC", resurrecting riffs and themes from everything back to
The Black Sea (refer to "Books are Burning/No Language in our
Lungs","Crocodile/Peter PH/Reign of Blows," "My Bird Sings Sweetly/King
for a Day", "The Dissappointed/Towers of London", "Holly up on
Poppy/LadyBird", "Painting in Gray"/most ballads on Skylarking. For
folks who first heard XTC on Nonsuch, the earlier work probably fit
beautifully into place. For long time fans, Nonsuch belongs in The
Dissappointed pile.

Steven Hoskins


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 11:04:20 -0800
From: John M Rader <>
Subject: Oranges and Lemons

As of today at 10:34 Pacific Time, MoFi plans to release their gold
Ultradisc of O & L next week.  This reissue could start the year with an
excellent chance to discuss XTC issues, including, but not limited to:
sound quality vs original, possible petition of MoFi with our request for
the next in this series, new details noticed, restoration of artwork,etc.

This gives us a chance to put our money where our mouths are.  Support of
this release will put money in the lad's hands, ensure future MoFi
releases, and give us something useful to discuss.  Join the party and
ask your favorite retailer for a copy.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 13:53:04, -0500
Subject: XTCDs

Some interesting items popping up recently... Box of Humbug Limited
Edition containing GLE and the Off While Album, a print, early
editions autographed... H Ice Cream Genius UK CD release coming up
featuring Dave Gregory... out of print 12-inch vinyl of Grass and
King For A Day... also, a re-release of Newell's GLE with 2
additional tracks... a price reduction on Fossil Fuel 2-CD set... UK
CD singles of Peter Pumpkinhead (xtc and Crash Test Dummies)... new
complete listing available... please e-mail back for more information.
 Thanks- Toby at SILVER MOON


From: Bob Thomas <>
Subject: And The Winner Is . . .
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 97 14:46:00 CST
Message-ID: <>

James Dignan!

Tell him what he's won, John!

Well James earned his prize trying to work out the anagram in the name
Bob Mould, whom I recommended for producer of the next XTC recording.

James wrote:

>Bulb doom? Loud bomb? Blob o' mud? I give up...


I mistakenly referred to Bob's name as an anagram, but I meant palindrome
(same word backwards and forwards).  You probably had to be there, or
care, to laugh as hard as I did when reading James' post.  In fact, I
kind of like loud bomb and considered hiding my flub behind it.  But that
wouldn't have been funny or honest.  Great going, James!

I am gaining confidence in my choice of Bob Mould as producer.  Its the
unthinkable combination of talents, of people who make stirring music.
 Todd Bernhardt supported the notion in his last Chalkhills post and I'm
thinking, what more do need?

Hats off to Stephen Varga for the transcription!  Good article.

Somebody tell me the sun will come out again in the Midwest.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 23:43:59 +0100
From: Tim De Cock <>
Subject: Fab Sprout (FREE! Dutch Lesson Included)

Gegroet! (*)

Since I'm now officially a-doodle-dooing, let me hail this remark by
 Huw Davies in #3-81:

 > In my mind XTC and Prefab Spout
 > seem to be similar bands. (...) I would
 > reccomend the album "Jordan: the Comeback" as an essential
 > purchase. Does anyone else feel the same way?

That's a yyyyyyyyyyesssssss! Plus, you might add the Thomas Dolby link
 (Mr. Partridge being the producer of his first single and playing a
 mean harmonica on "Europa and the Pirate Twins"). I still find "Steve
 McQueen" ("Two Wheels Good" in the US and Canada) to be more
 essential than "Jordan", though. Try it, Chalkers, if you haven't
By the way, it seems the long wait for new Sprouts is finally near an
 end: according to the latest rumours, the new album should be out in
 April, maybe  March. Now if only our Swindonians could pick a label,
 this might just be a great year.

Yours amid the hens,

Tim De Cock

(*) That's "Greetings" for non-Dutch speakers.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 19:05:05 -0800
From: Robin Lott <>
Organization: University of Auckland
Subject: Travels in Nihilon

Halloo there, Chalkhillians!

	Although it's against my lurking tendencies, this being my first
post, I thought I'd throw this out to you. Of course you all know the song
Travels in Nihilon, from Black Sea, but have you heard of Travels in
Nihilon, the book by Alan Sillitoe? It was published in 1971...did it
inspire the song? Does anyone out there know?

	Keep on chooglin'



Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 00:13:19 -0700 (MST)
From: (Chris Miner)
Subject: FS: Radios in Motion promo
Message-id: <>

Chalkhills people of all ages:
        I grabbed this off a newsgroup. Thought someone would be interested.
Don't email me, email the address at the end of the message.
                        -chris m.

---begin forwarded message---

PRICES: UK Pounds / $ US Dollars / ITA Italian Lira.
POSTAGE: extra on all items.
CONDITION: Sealed, NewMint, Mint, Excellent, VeryGood.
GRADINGS: PS first/ DISC second.
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US CD 5" promo [VIRGIN 1992] [PRO-CD-4397]
3. KING FOR A DAY 3:35
4. DEAR GOD 3:36
5. GRASS 3:05
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Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 18:37:01 +0000
From: Jonas Lind <>
Organization: Skurups Folkhogskola
Subject: Swedish XTC-fans working overtime

Dear Chalkhillians and other children,

The other day, as I was glancing my way through the Swedish pop magazine
SA (Sound Affects), I read this interview with a British pop band called
Bennet. When asked about their influences, the singer answered: if there
is one band we look up to, it's XTC. I guess we wanted to sound like
early XTC on our first album. (This is not a word-for-word quote, but
more or less the general content of what he said.)

In the Record Collector interview, Andy Partridge complained about XTC
not being acknowledged by other British bands, except for Blur. Well,
here's obviously another exception! Does anyone know anything about this
band Bennet?

In that same magazine, I read something about a Swedish band called
Brazzaville, who named TMBG as their major influence. Might be worth
checking out, perhaps.

Oh, there is something I've ment to ask you for a while now. That
missing song from White Music, "Refrigeration Blues", which appears on
the dub album as "Commerciality"... is there any way to get hold of the
original version? Any bootlegs or any leaks through Virgin's walls? Does
anyone know?

 Jonas Lind
   (steam fist futurist)

P.S. Andy Partridge-quote of the day: "All that bollocks about Lucy In
The Sky With Diamonds being LSD. No it's not, it's LITSWD! That's a
Welsh lavatoty cleaner."


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 19:32:25 +0000
From: Jonas Lind <>
Organization: Skurups Folkhogskola
Subject: Reply on the wall

Hi there.
A little comment to a couple of my fellow countrymen.
Ulrika & Magnus Fredholm wrote:
> How many phases have XTC passed through?
> In my humble opinion, there are only three, White Album to Drums &
> Wires, Black Sea to Oranges and Lemons and finally Nonsuch.
Well, in my opinion, there are three also, but they are divided like
1. "White Music" to "Black Sea",
2. "English Settlement" to "Oranges And Lemons", and
3. "Nonsuch".
I think "Black Sea" should be included in the first phase, because it
contains a lot of "naive" songs (see previous discussion, where nobody
agreed with me), like "Sgt. Rock" and "Generals And Majors". I think
"Black Sea" sound new waveish, like the three preceding albums, although
a bit more mature (but that could also be said for some songs on "Drums
And Wires", like "Complicated Game"). With "English Settlement", there
is a definite change of mood, at least in my opinion. The songs are
longer, more mature, not so new waveishly catchy as before. (I'm sure
you all will disagree with me again...sob.)

Feel free to taunt me. I like it.

Jonas Lind


Message-ID: <>
From: Tony Nowikowski <>
Subject: This Is (Pop) Muzak
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 14:31:26 -0500

For this, I HAD to exit lurkmode, at least momentarily ...

I just heard something come wafting over the PA here at the office that
completely threw me for a loop ...

A Muzak version of "King For A Day".

Took me a second to realize that it was what I thought it was ... then I
burst out laughing!  (My boss looked at me funny ... I just snickered and
said, "Don't ask ...")


"Jump, jump, go ahead and jump, jump
If it's what your heart is wanting to do ..."


Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 09:11:09 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Okay, all the Weird Al crap I can muster.
Message-id: <>

Here's my personal list of Weird Al Does XTC.....

I'm Drugged
Life is Good in the White House\
Ten Feet Long ;)
General Anesthesia
It's Nearly Canada, Eh?
No Bugs In Our House
Pie on the Wall
Deliver Us From the Parliament
Gilligan's Island
1000 Paellas
Dear Dog
Here Comes President Bill Again
Merely a Flan (Man am I into food with these titles!)
Miniature Son
The Room is Full of 12 Angry Men
Punching Hootie (Punch and Judy)
The Smartass Honkeys

If I could've invited XTC to Mardi Gras, they'd never view the word "party"
the same ever again.


PS-Yeah, I post to the Crash Test Dummies list too, whoever asked.

Life-A terminal, sexually transmitted disease.
Give me ambiguity or give me something else.
The earth is 985 full. Please delete anyone you can.
(Actually, that should be a percent sign, not a 5.)
It looks like blind screaming hedonism won out.
Sex discriminates against the shy and the ugly.
Sex is hereditary. If your parents never had it, chances are you won't either.


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