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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 79

                 Tuesday, 4 February 1997

Today's Topics:

                That bit in Smalltown ...
     And now, back for her encore performance........
                  Re: Weird Al MEETS XTC
                         Weird Al
                     Weird Al cover..
                  Hot Dog, Jumping Frog
                 Ask a silly question...
                  Roy Harper, Catholics
              Prefab Sprout & The Blue Nile
                      stopping short
                          hit me
             dave gregory playing on my cd!!
              Making Plans for Talk Radio UK
               Touched by the heartfelt...
                   Mark Owen - Orville?
                        TMBG alert
               dukes of stratosphear on cd
                  And furthermore......
        Wrapping up the discussion on Share-music
             Dom Step in My Blue Suede Shoes


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Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 09:16:18 -0500
From: Tim Kendrick <>
Subject: That bit in Smalltown ...

 Hi Everyone !

  Has anyone out there been able to figure out what Colin
  is singing during the last chorus of "Smalltown" ???

  It's around the point when Andy is singing "crouching in the
  valley".  I know the second line Colin sings right after that
  is "If it's all the same, to you" but what is he singing before that ???
  (This has been bothering me for years ... well, not bothering me,
   I love listening to it, I just wish I could make out the line.)

                     Tim K.

XTC SONG OF THE DAY:  The Everyday Story of Smalltown


Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 08:55:05 -0600 (CST)
Subject: And now, back for her encore performance........
Message-id: <>

Well well well. I feel truly loved right now. (Until I get the next
Chalkhills that is.)

Some responses....Jason-I WAS joking. And in response to your "who cares?"
when I asked where XTC would be without Dave. WHo cares, you ask?

I DO, THAT'S WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

onto religion-My faith in God has helped me through some difficult times in
my life. (Sob sob.) Most of my friends are atheists/agnostics, but we don't
challenge or question each other's beliefs. We just believe.

And now, the piece de resistance, Vernon!

Oh please stop with the high and mighty act. You write fire and brimstone
"How dare you exist with such beliefs" directly to me, then you try and
soften it up to post to the list. Nice facade you have covering yourself
there. It still appears to me that you are saying that all XTC fans should
think the same way. You call me intolerant, you don't exactly seem like a
"love all, serve all" person yourself. If you don't like what I have to say,
use that little key on the keyboard that says "delete". That's what it's
there for. I think my way, you think yours, que sera sera. And what the hell
is with the "concerned" at the end of the post? What a bleeding heart you
have! "We must all reach out to AMANDA and change her evil ways before the
poor child develops a mind of her own. It would be a disaster should that
happen." Hmmph!  I'd like to end on this note- C flat.

But seriously, Andy may have more liberal views than I do, but do you think
he'd be too happy with the way you jumped down my throat like I was the
anti-Christ? I do believe it was an online pal of mine who lurks around here
who said "Please tell him to look up the word 'humour' in the dictionary."
So that's your homework for the weekend.

AMANDA'S XTC song of the day: Reign of Blows (listened to it over the weekend
when I was in a dark mood, and now I can't get it out of my head.)
Non XTC song of the day: Crash Into Me-Dave Matthews Band
Quote of the day: "Don't be so open minded that your brains fall out."
Bumper sticker of the day: "Very funny, Scotty. Now beam me my clothes!"


Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 23:58:58 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <>
From: (Michael Wicks)
Subject: Re: Weird Al MEETS XTC

Hi All!

Something AMANDA wrote had me thinking back.....

>This is a very banal, asinine, general question that came to me whilst I was
>watching some Weird Al videos I have on tape. The question is...if Weird Al
>were to cover an XTC song, what do you think he'd do? Which XTC songs do you
>think he could poke fun at?

Perhaps "Making Lunch For Nigel"?
Or....     "The Eating Place"?
Ok, last one:  " The Muffin' " (i.e. The Loving)

OUCH!  Sorry, guys...actually, what really got me thinking was I have this
video, don't know if any of you have seen it (or remember seeing in in '89),
where Weird Al had this show/segment on MTV. He sat behind this desk a la
Leno/Letterman.  Like a spoof on late night talk-show hosts. Anyways, he
introduces XTC while holding up a copy of Oranges and Lemons...canned
applause in the background...

Cut to a shot of Colin, Andy, and (the then Long-haired) Dave sitting on
this stage, acoustic guitars in hand, strumming the opening chords to 'King
For A Day'.  Andy was wearing no hat, dressed very opposed to
the other MTV acoustic performance-that being 'Scarecrow People'.  In the
background were these cheap maroon/burgandy colored curtains...looked like
some jr. high/high school auditorium stage, it was so small and
tacky. ANYWAYS, the performance itself seemed live; no lip-synching as far
as I could tell. Of course, it was taped for AL's show, and, at the end,
there was this wild (canned, of course) applause, with Weird AL shrieking,
"Let's hear it for X-T-C!".  That's where my snippet of the tape ends, only
to be segued to a video for Mayor of Simpleton.

Does anyone else remember/know of the above performance? The quality of my
tape copy is not too bad; Colin looks especially good in that one, hair in
just the right place.  Andy, on the other hand, reveals his bald parts in
full on this one, however, they all seemed to have a good time taping the

Mike W


Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 11:23:35 -0500
Message-Id: <v01510101af1b7a80a034@[]>
From: (Chris Van Valen)
Subject: Weird Al


>This is a very banal, asinine, general question that came to me whilst I was
>watching some Weird Al videos I have on tape. The question is...if Weird Al
>were to cover an XTC song, what do you think he'd do? Which XTC songs do you
>think he could poke fun at?

"You're only making gas. Take Di-Gel"

Thank you and good night.


If you have an unpleasant nature and dislike people
this is no obstacle to work.
                                --J.G. Bennett

Catch "Forever Knight" on the Sci-Fi Channel every Monday-Thursday at 9PM
and 1AM, EST.
                                --Lucien LaCroix


Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 13:00:03 -0500
Message-Id: <Macintosh */PRMD=TWI/ADMD=MCI/C=US/@MHS>
Subject: Weird Al cover..

Amanda asked:

>>...if Weird Al were to cover an XTC song, what do you think he'd do?
>> Which XTC songs do you think he could poke fun at?

Obviously, he'd do "Dear Todd," in which a music fan addresses the
once-popular artist, decrying the state of modern pop, while millions of
"Todd is Godd"-heads wait in vain for a response from the SKYLARKING
producer.  This would give Al the chance to spoof different musical genres
that are currently in vogue.



From: ERIC DAY <>
Subject: Hot Dog, Jumping Frog
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 97 10:17:00 PST
Message-ID: <>

McGREGOC <> wrote:
>Currently playing on the broken record in my head:
>that song that goes
>"Hot dog! Jumping frog! Al-BU-querque".  I have no clue what band
>this is or what the title of the song is but in my head it is!

Yessirree - a catchy li'l number, that.

It's "The King of Rock-n-Roll" by Prefab Sprout, and appears on the album
_From_Langley_Park_To_Memphis - a true pop masterpiece.

The songwriter is Paddy McAloon, who always seems to turn up on "best
songwriter" lists despite his relative obscurity.  I recommend checking
it out.

 - Eric


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 22:40:35 +0000
Subject: Ask a silly question...

Hi Chalkies,

AMANDA wrote:

> The question is...if Weird Al were to cover an XTC song, what do
> you think he'd do?

Mmm... how about: Senseless Whining All The Time ?


Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse

===> Mark's Random XTC Quote <==
There's no youth culture only masks they let you rent


Message-ID: <c=US%a=_%p=AETNA%l=AETNA/AETNA/>
From: "Witter, Karl F" <>
Subject: Roy Harper, Catholics
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 17:21:00 -0500

A review of a recent club show by Roy Harper mentions that he's been
in the music trade for 30 years, and that Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd,
and Paul McCartney have shared studio time with him. It also mentioned
his compilation CD, released in 1994 on his own UK label.

And the name of the label is............ Science Friction!

How about it, Chalkies? Who is he, what's the significance, which
"Science Friction" came first, or is this one of those coincidences?
(Or, if anyone wants to recount tales of Roy Harper. It amazes me some-
times where people on this list have been & what they've done.)

>[J_ARTECONA] "I am personally happy to be an ex-catholic."

Now that you mention it, I am too, under the term "recovering
Catholic" for years. So when the subject of "Dear God" and
"non-religious fans" came up, each of us immediately veered off to
other Andy songs and the adjective "spiritual". Hmmm......

Me and a couple of empty carriages,


Message-Id: <>
Subject: Speculation
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 18:40:03 -0600 (CST)
From: "Stuart McDow" <>

I'm wondering if AP's work with Harold Budd has influenced his
songwriting, or his approach to songwriting, or if it will have any
influence on the arrangements/recording process in the new
album. Maybe we'll see a little randomness. I'd like that.

I'm wondering this because the demo for "River of Orchids" is unlike
anything I've heard from him. Quite beautiful. I could see an
influence, if it were possible.

If someone close to him would be so kind as to ask.....

Stuart McDow                                      Applied Research Laboratories                       The University of Texas at Austin


From: ERIC DAY <>
Subject: Prefab Sprout & The Blue Nile
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 97 19:03:00 PST
Message-ID: <>

Maurizio <> wrote:

>Oh dear, you really had to quote one of the most embarassing songs of an
>otherwise good group... That bit's from "The king of Rock'n'Roll" by Prefab
>Sprouts, taken from the "From Langley Park To Memphis" LP, without any doubt
>their worst work. If you really want to listen to something very good from
>them try their first two LPs, expecially "Swoon".

Ya know, I really like _Langley_Park_ and was going to emphatically
dispute your "without any doubt" remark.  But, once I briefly ran my mind
across the entire Sprout catalog, I realized that I *do* like each of
their other albums more.  I still think it's an excellent album, just not
their best.  I certainly would have difficulty calling it the "worst" of

I don't think "The King of Rock-n-Roll" is particularly embarrassing,
though.  I would probably reserve that adjective for "If You Don't Love
Me" or "One of the Broken".

>While we're at it, I seem to recall that Andy was very impressed by the
>first Blue Nile LP, "A walk across the rooftops". I read in an interview
>that they were among his favourites. If you happen to come across their
>records, give 'em a try, they contain incredibly simple and deep pop songs.

Yes, the Blue Nile creates very compelling music - straightforward and
beautiful.  I especially like their second album, _Hats_.  I think many
of the songs on _A_Walk_Across_The_Rooftops_ are excellent, but that the
album is a bit uneven overall.

I hadn't heard that Andy liked this band, but it really does seem to make

 - Eric


Message-Id: <v01550100af1c8c0b83dc@[]>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 01:02:57 -0600
From: (jason garcia)
Subject: stopping short

Keepin' it short today, guys.

>Not a single dud on the entire album.

Unless you count "Yellow Submarine" (my girlfriend hates that song,
though she loves the Beatles).  I think it's brilliant, personally.

> So let's not start the "I'm
>so neato because I have a diverse CD collection" crap.

Righto!  Not a good idea, because I suspect we all have really diverse
collections.  Still, I'd really like to meet Amanda Owens...

>Virgin have deleted it in the UK. Can this be possible?

Sure, from what I understand the English hate XTC (?)

Damn, I was about to go off about a cool thing I noticed in "You're
Going to Lose That Girl" but then I realized that ain't XTC.  Never



Message-Id: <v01510107af1c85f0efbb@[]>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 21:17:30 -1000
From: (Jim Smart)
Subject: hit me

> Finally , am I the only one here whos never heard a single second of the
>> Dukes of Stratosphere ? I have tried to get a copy of "...Chocolate
>> Fireball " but as the shop ordered it for me, Virgin deleted it and
>> there was not a single copy to be found. A friend in the U.S. has tried
>> to find it and again no luck. I even advertised in Loot but no response.
>> Anybody have any suggestions ? I'd be eternally grateful for any help.
>> Til next time , Pete.
>As far as I know, it's still available in the States, though I haven't
>tried getting it since I bought it back in '90.  A friend of mine said
>he was able to get it a couple of years ago.

I just got a new CD of that at Honolulu's new Circuit City. It's very well
stocked, but has only one copy of anything. Anyway, I'm really struggling
with the urge to hit myself over the head with my keyboard, because this
Dukes stuff is so incredibly....

a. good
b. intriguing
c. unusual
d. Beatle-esque (and other 'esques', as mentioned here)

jeez, how could I go through the late eighties and early and mid nineties
without this stuff? Me? Mr. Beatle fan lost in the middle of the Pcaific,
searching for groups who played this type of stuff, and missing it. Till
the internet.

There, I've hit myself with my mouse. That's better.

I mean, I can stand the way I hated GO2, and paid little attention to XTC
till Mayor of Simpleton reached out of my radio when it was new and grabbed
me by the collar and said "Buy now!" So I missed some great stuff. OK. I
can fix that, as I'm doing by going backwards through their catalog
(currently absorbing and enjoying Mummer. Great, but I like Big Express a
little better. Soon on to English Settlement, which you've all got me ready
for). That's all fine and good.

But to have lived without the Dukes till this week. No, that is
inexcusable. In fact,


There, I've hit myself with my keyboard. That feels much better.

Good night.


Nervous tension
(man's invention)
is the biggest killer that's around today



Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 23:52:03 -0800
From: becki digregorio <>
Subject: dave gregory playing on my cd!!
Message-ID: <>

fellow 'hills subscribers,

in my wildest dreams i never would have thought it possible...

our favorite guitarist, mr. gregory, has given me the ultimate gift.  he
has graced *three songs* on my upcoming debut cd with his incredible
talents.  not only did he contribute guitar and keyboards, but had andy do
the engineering
and recording in his (in)famous shed.  it simply boggles the mind...

i have been the biggest of xtc fans for over a decade.  i've had the great
fortune of meeting andy in san francisco when he was doing a promotional
record-signing tour for nonsuch.  and i met dave when he was touring with
aimee mann three years ago (again in the city).  on both occasions i
informed my good friend john wedemeyer of the news so he could come, too
(john is the only other person i know personally who's as crazy about xtc
as i am) (he's also the "other" guitarist on my cd) (and an _incredible_
guitarist as well).  john called his good friend lyle workman (played
guitar on jellyfish' "spilt milk" cd, and currently playing with frank
black), and we all met up there to meet the wondrous andy and dave.  if any
of you subscribe to "the little express" magazine, it was my picture of
dave and his "baby-strat" that graced the cover of the winter '94 issue.
and i'm the nut who has lugged her bass guitar to these occasions and had
it signed by both andy and dave (pictures of this in previous l.e. issues).

i've been working on a cd of original music for almost a year now.  after
recording one song in particular, "inside the dream," it occured to me that
the solo section really called out for dave's incredible talents.  so i
thought i'd write him a letter and, well, ask (!).  i sent this to pete who
puts out "the little express," telling him who i was, what the cd is about,
and asking him if he wouldn't mind forwarding the note to dave??  he called
dave and read it to him over the phone.  dave remembered me from our
meeting in san francisco, and said he'd do it!

my engineer and i put some of my songs on two tracks of an adat tape and
sent it to dave in england.  when i got it back about a month later, he had
laid down _four tracks_ of guitar throughout the particular song i had
asked him to play a solo on, as well as this _incredible_ guitar solo that
simply shreds!  he also put a guitar solo down on another of my tunes.  and
there's one cover song on the cd that two other chalkhills subscribers
(Christopher R. Coolidge and Jeff Smelser) mentioned some months back as
being one of the coolest psychedelic tunes ever, called "open my eyes" by
the nazz (this was todd rundgren's first band).  i'd planned on doing a
version of this tune for years!!  so i asked dave if he could please put
keyboards on this tune "in the spirit of the dukes," and he did this, too!
all this, _and_ he recorded it in andy's shed, with andy doing the

dave's contributions are _amazing_, and i still cannot believe that he is
playing on my music.  not only did he take the time to do this for _me_, an

xtc fan, but had andy help him out with the engineering.  it is a gift that
goes beyond imagination, and is surely one of the greatest gifts i have
_ever_ received.

i figured the only people who would be able to really appreciate this, and
to comprehend what an amazing thing this is, are my fellow xtc fans and
chalkhills subscribers.  i have waited almost two months to post this, as i
wanted to wait until the cd was close to being completed.  we'll finish
mixing in the next two weeks, take it to los angeles for mastering, and if
all goes well it should be pressed and available the middle of march.

my music could be described as "psychedelic middle-eastern trance/rock...
with an edge" (how's _that_ for a label?!).  in his _three-page letter_
(sent back with the tape) dave said it "reminded me so much of jimmy page's
work from the led zeppelin III period."  the music is rock-based, for sure,
some kinda' heavy, perhaps a bit of pop in there, too.  john's guitar work
is simply amazing as well, and i have been blessed to have his talents on
there alongside dave's.  other musicians are: randy hayes on drums, rick
walker on drums and percussion, and don lax on violin.  i play bass and
12-string, and am doing the vocals.
the cd's title is: "seven worthies... of the bamboo grove."

i think it's important to realize that not only is xtc the greatest band
musically, but that both dave and andy are also incredibly generous and
to earth people.  i mean, how many other musicians of their caliber would
even consider doing this for a fellow fan??  this proves that they have
both talent _and heart_.  how could we fans ask for anything more??

if any of you are interested in hearing dave's _amazing_ contributions, and
would like to get one of the cd's, let me know.  (oh, amanda...) (wink).

i would be very happy to correspond with anyone who wants more details, or
just wants to chat in general.  thanks for listening.  and thanks, dave!!



Message-Id: <v02130500af1ca2ca1b50@[]>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 08:31:51 +0000
From: (Stephen Varga)
Subject: Making Plans for Talk Radio UK

Does XTC receive any royalties for radio airplay? If so, it shouldn't take
them too long to accumulate some wealth.

Several times every day on Talk Radio UK, they advertise the Freephone
number 0500 105389, and in the background you can hear Terry Chambers
classic drum intro for Making Plans for Nigel.

I only listen to this station for short periods and even then I hear them
play it. Must be taking place several times an hour!


Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 18:06:56 +0800 (CST)
Subject: Touched by the heartfelt...
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.970204120845.7950A-100000@ms10>

Dear "Runaways":

	I'd thought that my honest confession about not getting into the
bookends of the XTC catalogue might become a "ball and chain" for some
people on this list, but it turned out that my "senses" were "working

> Joshua Hall-Bachner wrote:

> So you heard one song off the new album, the one which no one in the history
> of the universe has ever liked on the first listen, and refuse to buy the
> album?
> I'm not trying to be obnoxious here, but it seems rather silly to me to make
> a decision on the last two XTC albums based entirely on a single song,
> especially on albums that are 15 or 17 songs long.

Sure, I'll admit you're right, but you have to understand that at the
time I first heard those songs I was going through a phase of flippantly
dismissing everything.  But now I'm older and, hopefully, more mature.
Although, having said that, will my tired, jaded ears hear the music in
the same way as they did when they were youthful and full of energy?

> obviously an album with 28 1 minute songs can't succeed all the time --
> where the hell did "Pimple Zoo" and "Hit" come from?

Alien Lanes is one by Guided by Voices that I haven't heard, actually.  I
am, like "Jason and the argonauts", experiencing another culture at the
moment, one far away from good CD stores with XTC or GBV in stock.

> From: Natalie Jane Jacobs <>

> The unhappy Don speaks of his inability to like certain XTC records, among
> them O&L, Mummer, and The Big Express.  I must ask a very important
> question: have you listened to English Settlement?

By now you "flies on the wall" have undoubtedly "knuckled down" and seen
my posting for what it is -- an attempt to make up for my grave omission
of the English album whilst raving about the middle parts of the XTC oeuvre.
It was only as I "leisurely" reread what I'd written after having sending
it that I realized that "all of a sudden -- it was too late."

> ... sitting in front of the TV for about 3 hours waiting for "The
> Mayor of Simpleton" video to come on.  What was your objection to this
> video? ... Did you just think it was dumb?  Too rock-star-ish?

Yes.  Yes.

> It was supposed to be a parody.

Not wishing to sound too dour, but I tire quickly of parodies.  You know
the saying "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?".  If you
stretch the paradigm a bit, you find that the parodist is often, more
likely than not, guilty of the above charge.

> If it really did ruin the song for you (quite an achievement!), then I
> guess it's just further proof of Andy's negative statements about videos.

He and I agree, then.  I can't stand videos.  I HAVE been turned off
songs by videos, and I don't apologize for it.  A video, regardless of
how much input the songwriter has, has an influence on the accumulative
effect of the song.  I'm listening not only to stimulate the aural
senses, but to be spoken to.  If I hear a song the first time and rather
like it, but then see a 200-pound gorilla with tattoos pasted all over
his rippling biceps while he leers at bikini-clad beach blondes playing
volleyball, then I'll be turned off the song.  Because I hate

> I can't defend "Bungalow," but again, I'm curious about what you found
> objectionable about "Pink Thing."  Too crude?  Too silly?

I'm tired of penile topics as well.  Back in 1992 Michael Ondaatje's book
THE ENGLISH PATIENT came out to rave reviews (the film has just come out
in the last few months also).  In those reviews a passage in which the
nurse describes the patient's penis as a "seahorse" was put forth, over
and over again, as a fine example of the author's lush and vividly
descriptive prose.  I had occasion as a sometime contributor to ID
Magazine (Guelph Ontario) to cover a reading by the author, who was
teamed up with Margaret Atwood and Janet Turner-Hospital.

Well, he read the passage.  The packed house sat in reverent silence.
And I found myself even more nonplussed than Atwood appeared to be as she
picked listlessly through the complimentary hors d'oeuvre tray.

My point?  Dicks are an easy, obvious target for a muse.  Ergo, boring.

Hey, I AM a critical bastard, I admit it.  Spewing as I have in this
posting clearly shows that this Swindon band's got some meat to it, huh?



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 10:47:40 +0100
Subject: Mark Owen - Orville?

A fellow Chalkhillian did write:

>I've noticed the newly trendy Mark Owen has been making a few TV
>appearances here in the UK. The couple of times I've seen him, his
>band has been made up of bright young things with no sign of our
>Uncle Dave on guitar.

I havent heard his new single but did anyone think that on his last single
(I cant remember what it was called) he sounded like Orville the Duck? For
non-UK residents, Orville is a ventriloquist's dummy...operated by that
mirth-meister Keith Harris.

Personally I thought that the song itself sounded a lot like 'Across The
Universe' from 'Let It Be'.



Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 23:04:58 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <>
From: (Michael Wicks)
Subject: AMANDAMusings

At  5:10 PM 97.2.3 -0800, wrote:

>Once again, someone who doesn't know me has resorted to name calling...

and some 37 lines later...

>...from the bottom of my heart.

My initial reaction to this, since it headed the posts included in Digest
#3-78, was to sigh and think, "well, here comes another AMANDA-fest". Could
all that ranting and raving against the person who ranted and raved against
you, AMANDA, been saved for a personal e-mail to the person, not the list?
(Uh, you don't have to answer that can e-mail me directly
instead) Then I read up a couple of lines and reminded myself why Mr. Relph
is such a good administrator (not to mention witty/pun-ny):

>The views expressed herein are those of the individual authors.

>Shout it clear for all to hear!

...and indeed, AMANDA, that's what you did! :-)

ANYways, I hope that we don't go back to the bickering and name-calling that
I've seen surface now and then on this list...but as mailing lists go, I
think all of you out there would have to agree that this is one of the
tamer, more happy/ peaceful places off the infohighway; a place where we all
can be "King(s) and Queen(s) For A Day"

As for the LBATH and TOL videos...

>I went home and viewed the videos for Life Begins at the Hop and Towers of
>London, and I did see Terry drop his drumstick in TOL. Right after he hit a
>cymbla, his stick went flying. I'm still not sure if Colin's simulating
>tossing off in LBATH, though. He could be doing that, he could be doing a
>very bad air guitar. (And did you also notice that the girl in the zebra
>striped outfit, you know, the one with her chest hanging out every which
>way, pulled a piece of the set down whilst dancing with Andy?)

This video is so hilarious, esp when Andy starts tearing his "guitar" to
pieces!  (BTW, I was wondering if that "guitar" was made of cardboard or


Michael W


Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 09:35:31 -0500
Message-Id: <>
From: (Don)
Subject: rip-offery

i've heard from quite a few folks who had money taken from them by Erik
Anderson supposedly to receive dubs of XTC videos - myself included.  i'm
curious to know exactly how many ppl and how much money were involved in this.
please e-mail me if you were a victim.  thanks, and sorry for the tangential
XTC content.


Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 10:01:52 -0500
Message-Id: <>
From: "Michael D. Myers" <>
Subject: TMBG alert

Ira Lieman wrote:
>Yep, right now I'm listening to They Might Be Giants on WNEW's "Idiot's
>Delight" -- whoever on the list mentioned it, THANK YOU MUCHLY! I owe you a

That would be me, and I am glad to have been of service.  I'm not a fan of
TMBG, but I know that others are, so hence the alert.  Now, as far as that
beer goes, gimme a few weeks to return from some heavy world-wide corporate
traveling, and maybe we can find time to discuss the Swindonians.  I'm just
over in NJ.      Mike


Date: Tue, 4 Feb 97 15:35:24 UT
From: "brynne and scott " <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: dukes of stratosphear on cd

I thought that I recently saw a message from someone looking for the Dukes
of Stratosphear cd, Chips From The Chocolate Fireball. If so, email me. I
found one new copy that's for sale at a store in my area. I can pick it up
for anyone that wants it.

Scott S


Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 09:54:58 -0600 (CST)
Subject: And furthermore......
Message-id: <>

I have to say...Mayor of PIMPLEton? That would be quite interesting.

"When all medicines fail and shock treatment don't work you'll be popping
the zits of the Mayor of Pimpleton....."

Living Through Another Tuba...ROTFL

How'a about...I got this idea whilst watching Time Bandits...this little
boy, Kevin, wanted to go to bed. His parents said "You must wait for your
food to go down." Suddenly, this song just came alive.....

"Wait till your food goes down. Then you can go to bed. Wait till your food
goes down......"

Yes! Al has done an alternative polka. There's room for an XTC song in there

I forgot to do this....
XTC song of the day-Heatwave (I CAN'T GET THE DAMN SONG OUT OF MY HEAD!)
non XTC song of the day-American Woman-The Guess Who (another great band from
Winnipeg.) AND Where Have All the Cowboys Gone-Paula Cole
Quote of the day: "Well this scene is strong enough for a Manos but made for a
womanos."-Joel Robinson, MST3K.

(No, I'm not unsubscribing. I'd miss all you pretty guys and gals. ;)


Message-Id: <>
From: Trent Turner <>
Subject: Wrapping up the discussion on Share-music
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 10:03:54 -0700

My buddy:

Wrote: a very nice reply/discussion/alternative viewpoint regarding the
release of demos.

Trent responds:

Steve/nihilon, I think we are actually on the same side of the tracks now.
I'm not for 'stealing' demos which were not originally intended for release.

On the other hand, I would like to see an alternative mechanism for
distributing XTC's music given their recent problems with record labels.
Even if they were not polished as a song produced by someone like TR or

The other half of that is, if one possessed a demo/release/bootleg
recording and a mechanism was in place for legitimately obtained
'share-music', then because of the kind and gentle nature of most if not all
of XTC's listeners, the band could also receive remuneration for that as

Now that we agree, or at least are peering through the fence at each other
and seeing nodding heads, is anyone out there capable of handling kicking
off a shareware project?

Trent Turner
800-427-0783  voice, fax, page

Is this a great time, or what? ;-)


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 15:02:58 EST
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
Subject: Well...

Hiya, Chalksters:

>Todd Bernhardt asserts in 'Hills # 76, that some long-time subscribers had
left the list "petulantly".  Perhaps you're right, Todd, but allow me to
point out: I announced that I no longer wanted to contribute (even though
here I am doing just that) in a VERY conciliatory and polite tone.
Petulance is not an adjective you can ascribe to my "departure".  Also, as
you can see, I haven't left.<

And glad you haven't, too. I was referring more to Parvenu Prendiville's
petulance when I posted that piece (sorry for the spittle...  :^)

> But come on, to almost *flame* people for leaving the list is beyond the
pale.  Stop it!  It hurts!  Let people do what they want!<

Personally, whether someone decides to stay or go is entirely up to them,
IMO. However, "announcing" it makes it a matter of public record, ripe for
comment. Hey, Dan even said we could flame away!

> I'll be back when I've got something to say.  You're not rid of this little
black duck yet!<

Great, welcome back! The more, the merrier! One of the things I love so much
about this list is the diversity -- though we all agree that XTC is thre
greatest pop band under the sun, we all have different reasons for this
belief, and that's what makes this list fun.

> (But is it any wonder people get the shits sometimes with
this list???)<

Gee, all this time I thought it was the curry.  =(|-\)

From: Simon Sleightholm <>
> Eek! You're messing about with *MY* Liz?!!<

Ooh, and she said that trip across the pond was just a *tour*! I wondered
why she wanted to play a naughty version of "Simon Says" when she got
back...  ;^)

AMANDA asked, in between bites of her flesh sandwich:
>If Weird Al were to cover an XTC song, what do you think he'd do? Which XTC
songs do you think he could poke fun at?<

Well, Pink Thing, um, comes to mind. Don't know how much playtime it'd get
on MTV, tho...

From: Stormy Monday <>
Subject: I'm So Embarassed
> I believe that "Valhalla" is from Viking Mythology and it refers to
Viking heaven.

"B'h'aula" was a prophet that showed up about 150 years ago.<

Don't feel so bad, Storm. I *always* mix those two up  ;^)

From: Bob Thomas <>
>Hey! Just who are you referring to with that crack?  No, I,  uh, um agree
with you, and uh I like uh the uh about that uh collateral stuff you said
up there.  Just joshing.  I don't really talk like that.<

I certainly wasn't referring to you, Bob. You obviously have excellent taste
in both subject matter and those from the list whom you cite.  ;^)



From: Bob Thomas <>
Subject: Dom Step in My Blue Suede Shoes
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 97 14:40:00 CST
Message-ID: <>

From: "VanAbbe, Dominic" <>

>And finally to Bob T. and Todd B. again, as to whether or not people leave
>this list, it's up to them really innit?

Um, yes.  But I do not understand the question.  I have not objected to
anyone leaving the list.

>Why the flames for leaving the list as P@ul-of-Oz so rightly asked.  Shit,
>it's a free world, baby...

If you mean that eighty percent of human behavior is caprice, then yes,
its a free world, baby.  Shit might be the right word to describe what
many people have to endure while residing here.  And, again, I miss your
point.  I flamed no one.

Both Todd B. and I referred to the announcements by individual departees
about their disgust with the rest of us.  I know of no requirement for
announcing that you plan to send an unsubscribe chalkhills message to the thingy.  I said I found it annoying, and Mr. Bernhardt
said he found it amusing.  (I should not speak for Todd B., however.
 Sorry, Mr. B.)

>Fortunately we have the likes of David Yazbek, Paul Bailey and Mitch
>Friedman (occasionally) on-line to kick our reality up the arse from time to

Boy!  Did I think of rude rejoinder to that one?  I apologize right now,
especially to the young ones.  No offense, Mr. VanAbbe, I suffer from a
serious, sometimes debilitating lack of cooth.  Now, let me ask you:  did
you, in this same post, offer at least a cursory defense of the
broad-based discussion in Chalkhills, including nonXTC music
recommendations and analysis, while dreading the exclusively XTC
discussion upon the release of their new work?

There will be thousands of opinions and points of view among the thousand
and more subscribers.  Some individuals will hold two opposing views at
the same time.  We all want our cake.  This is the XTC list, Jay.

And now, what you have all been waiting for so patiently:  I have a
producer for XTCs next work!  Yeah, I know this thread died in the late
fifties, and someone probably mentioned this name already, but I was
inspired.  Its Bob Mould!

Not only does he have that lovely anagram of a name, but he's got
producing experience (Magnapop), intelligence, pop-sensibility, and, I
think, a gentle nature --  I am surmising that last one.  Anybody met

Anyway, his new self-produced record, the title of which escapes me at
the moment, is wonderful.  I hope some of you will listen to it with an
ear for what he could do with some Partridge vocals, some Gregory guitar
and keyboard, some Moulding bass, some vocal harmonies, etc..  Maybe he
could even jam with them a little, or co-write a song or two.  I think
they might explode together in an enormously productive and exciting way.
 Please note, there are some songs on his record which should never be
played in a car, even with a seat belt and air bags.

Hasta #7-79



End of Chalkhills Digest #3-79

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