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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 76

                Wednesday, 29 January 1997

Today's Topics:

                 Big Country Only Warning
                  XTC is the Everything
         Sugarplastic List Now Open for Business
               Travels In Nihilon And On...
Time machines , Kate Bush and the Great-Mythical-Gig-That-Will-Never-Be .
                       that God guy
              one errant scargillian strand
                  Re: Children, children
               God, Jesus, Lennon and Andy
               royalties, videos, requests
                  Emancipation of Dukes
                  More Ripoff Details...
                   Re: Love Them Dukes
chalkies' original music tape and stuff about coming back for mo
            The Michigan XTC party: LAST CALL
                   Lotso responses.....
               I'm in 7th Heaven right now!
                    A response or five
                    Top Albums of '96


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They push+pull tactics are driving me loco


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 12:19:49 -0700
From: DeWitt Henderson <>
Subject: MISC-OLA

I've held back for several posts (fallen behind, actually), but here's a
few comments:

The 180-degree discussion - I rarely like anything on first listen.  It's
often the opposite - if I DO like it right away, I'll probably get tired
of it.

Long CD's - well, I think (*whack!* We've discussed that enough! *whack!*).
OK! OK! (whimpering)

Girl bands - someone mentioned Chrissie Hynde - she's great, definitely
one of my favorite woman singer/songwriters.  The last Pretenders studio

White Album - NO EDITING!  Right on, Jason!

Magnus Fredholm's discussion of too much analysis on XTC songs, searching
for hidden meanings:  I agree.  Some people's comments remind me of many
album reviews I read in the 15 years I subscibed to Rolling Stone.  Some
reviewers treat an album as if it was the frigging Rosetta Stone.  As much
as we love 'pop music', or 'rock n' roll', and even though the occasional
song has great/meaningful lyrics (particularly some of our boys'), I still
come back to what Mick Jagger said once: 'it's f**king throwaway pop music!'
I don't mean it isn't good or enjoyable, but my opinion is to just turn it
up and not dissect it.   ("Shields up, Scotty!!!)

The Name That Must Not Be Mentioned (as brought up by Jim Smart) - AMEN!

Finally, everyone must go out and see "Fierce Creatures"!

Thank you and good night.

| DeWitt Henderson               |
| Los Alamos National Laboratory |
| CIC-13   MS P223               |
| Los Alamos, NM 87544           |
| 505/665-0720                   |


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:21:37 -0800
From: John M Rader <>
Subject: Big Country Only Warning

I haven't gone back and checked but on their 4th
>album they used Peter Wolf from the J Geils Band and their sound changed
>a lot.

Different Peter Wolf, definetely not from



Message-Id: <v01550101af140bf477ee@[]>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 14:05:44 -0600
From: (jason garcia)
Subject: XTC is the Everything

>4. All other music is just a distraction until the next XTC album comes

Oh, too true, too true!!  You know, I spent the last few years trying
to convince myself that that was not really the case, but I think I'm
just going to have to give in here and admit it.  Nothing that I've
heard recently even begins to compare to XTC!



Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 14:16:07 +0000
From: (Jeffrey E Latzko)
Subject: Sugarplastic List Now Open for Business
Message-ID: <winATT-3.0-latzko-1403>

Although I have fortunately unsubscribed to the Chalkhills list (I
primarily lurked.), I promised Ben Eshbach of the Sugarplastic that I
would post this information to the XTC list for any Sugarplastic fans.
Sign on if interested.  Sorry to disturb the flow.

Jeff Latzko

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Date: Tue Jan 21 12:50:22 -0500 1997
From: internet!!cruffner (Chris Ruffner)
Subject: Hello List Members
Message-ID: <>

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being - (un)subscribe spastic-laughter.



Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 01:11:19 +0000
Subject: Travels In Nihilon And On...

Dear Chalkies,

Last issue James asked:

> ( can you imaging a 12 minute version of Deliver us from the Elements,
> Chalkhills and Children, or Travels in Nihilon???).
Funny you should mention that...

The original version of Travels In Nihilon had a very long
instrumental/drum intro lasting almost 2 1/2 minutes.
According to our Hero A.P. : "it was just like a steamroller!"
In the end the long intro had to be cut in order to fit all the
tracks on the album... alas!

I have never heard this original uncut version and I would gladly
give my left arm in exchange for a listen :)


Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse

===> Mark's Random XTC Quote <==
She has six swans singing in her sauna


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 00:41:25 +0000
From: (
Subject: Time machines , Kate Bush and the Great-Mythical-Gig-That-Will-Never-Be .

While musing yesterday, I began to make a list in my mind of the bands
that I have loved - really loved - over the years. I took it a stage
further and wondered what it would be like to see these bands play live
again in '97 and I'm sorry to say my conclusion was that in the vast
majority of cases it would undoubtedly be sad, if not downright
depressing . The Monkees , The Stones - need I go on ? Now if I could
climb in a time machine and catch these artists in their prime , that
would be a totally different and mouthwatering proposition . How about
10CC circa '74 ? The Sweet in the same year ? Bliss . Now , heres where
I get to the point ! I came up with only 2 longstanding great artists
that I would cross hot coals , broken glass etc. etc. to see play live
today : The sublime Kate Bush who is, incredibly , even more reclusive
than XTC ! And of course , Andy, Colin and Dave - the chaps themselves .
( Bet you thought I'd never get round to mentioning them ! ) Now, this
is where the daydream became a little scary . I was trying to put
together a set list for XTC and soon realised they would have to be on
stage for about 2 days solid to get all my fave songs in . It was
actually easier to work out the songs I didn't want them to play than
the ones I did !! Afterwards , back here in the real world , I was
really quite depressed knowing that this mythical gig will never , ever
take place. It is even more hurtful because of the 6 artists I
have mentioned in this piece, XTC are the only one I have never seen
live on stage . GOD, I'm depressed ! ( A thought just occured to me -
Andy Partridge to produce the next Kate Bush album.....? )
Following on .... this tribute band - The Partridge Family - do they
really exist and if so, which part of the country / world do they play
in and are they hitting the boards anytime soon ? ( I live in London
by the way ).
Finally , am I the only one here whos never heard a single second of the
Dukes of Stratosphere ? I have tried to get a copy of "...Chocolate
Fireball " but as the shop ordered it for me, Virgin deleted it and
there was not a single copy to be found. A friend in the U.S. has tried
to find it and again no luck. I even advertised in Loot but no response.
Anybody have any suggestions ? I'd be eternally grateful for any help.
Til next time , Pete.


Message-Id: <v01510102af142e9b7555@[]>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 15:20:29 -1000
From: (Jim Smart)
Subject: that God guy

> You can also ask
>yourself why is he telling God that he does not believe in him IF he
>does not believe in him?

That's the whole Glory of the song, right there! The absurdity of singing
Dear God to someone who you believe isn't there to hear your message. Takes
it to a whole other level. BTW, I've been wondering. Are most Chalkhillers
non religious? I guess I sort of assumed that, since I feel this song, one
of the best and biggest hits, is so anti-God/religion (That, and the way
Peter P. showed the Vatican what gold's for)

And YES to Adrian Belew...very XTC-like, actually. IF you've never heard of
him, check him out.....He has a song called Momur that gets me every time.

Also, a plug for non XTC content. i think it's great. We're all here cuz we
love XTC. Period. Side trips into other artists/directions to fun things in
England/whatever should be fair game, IMVVVVHO.

          DAILY HOWL
 `When I use a word ... it means just what I
choose it to mean - neither more nor less.' `The question
 is,' said Alice, `whether you can make words mean so many
 different things.' `The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty,
 `which is to be master - that's all.'
                          -Lewis Carroll


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 18:09:38 -0800
From: Bob Estus <>
Subject: one errant scargillian strand


Agony Andy on how to impress women:
One thing young girls do love to see, is a good hair style on a man. Now my
advice to you (Steve) is do study men who have classically attractive
haircuts. People like Dave Hill of Slade or what man could go wrong with
that crystaline rococo splendor of naval fluff the "Arthur Scargille".

I think I need to see a picture of this guy now,
p.s. answer to wee puzzle in #3-72 <bandmember anagrams>, but you knew that.


Message-Id: <l03010d06af14594dc3b0@[]>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 18:48:21 -0700
From: Eb <>
Subject: Re: Children, children

>From <>
>I've had 3 kids since the last XTC album.

Could ANYTHING put the long gap between albums into perspective better than
this comment??  :)

>From: Ira Lieman <>
>WHAT'S WRONG HERE? Has the list gotten
>too controversial? Too pedestrian? Too immature? You want to know my
>We're straying a little too far from the topics at hand.
>This is the *XTC* mailing list. We're here to discuss all things XTC.

And the whine cycle continues.... I guess it's back to "What XTC songs do
you like to play loud?" <groan>


"Save it for the stage, Romeo"


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 22:52:20 -0800
From: Stormy Monday <>
Subject: God, Jesus, Lennon and Andy


The Aptly Named Jim Smart says:

>many of you have been posting the name of John lennon's assasin here
>recently. As a fairly avid Beatle fan, I feel I should let you know
>that that name must not be mentioned. I am really enjoying Chalkhills,
>except that i keep coming across the name that must not be mentioned.


I'm all for freedom of speech and expression, but Puhleese!  I still
get a tear in my eye when I hear the "Double Fantasy" songs.  XTC HAS
NOTHING TO DO WITH "M**K  D***D  C*****N"!

Cheryl tells us:

>Really, is the theme of Dear God any worse than John
>Lennon declaring that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus?

The answer to that question is:
It is neither worse nor better. When you are not religious, you often
don't realize that your comments may be construed as offensive or
blasphemous.  John was stating an indisputable fact:  The Beatles WERE
more popular than Jesus Christ.  From his point of view, it was a
neutral statement, neither offensive nor inoffensive.  He was making a
point, almost from the outside, like, "Hey, can you believe this?  We're
more popular than Jesus!".  He could have said "Elvis", or "Sinatra" or
"Charles Lindbergh".  It wasn't meant as a jab at Jesus or religion or
God.  He was using "Jesus" as a frame of reference.  The problem was,
many people inferred more than he meant.  Not being a religious man, he
couldn't have predicted the reaction.  He was dumbfounded at the furor
that resulted (at least in the USA) over an innocent comment.

>Nope, and if you listen to Dear God closer you'll see that it has to
>do more with the anguish and pain that humanity suffers than the fact
>that Mr. P. is stating that God does not exsist.  You can also ask
>yourself why is he telling God that he does not believe in him IF he
>does not believe in him?

Now, on to "Dear God".  I believe that this song is a personal song.  It
is more of an indictment of mankind than of God, but I also believe that
Andy really doesn't believe in Him.  The fact that he is addressing God
in the song makes it more compelling.  It is a literary device used to
make a point.

Why do some people find this song so offensive anyway?  Liking the song
doesn't necessarily mean that you agree with the sentiment.  If you are
comfortable with your religious beliefs, why would Andy Partridge's opinion
(or anyone else's for that matter) be of any consequence?

On a different subject, I remember certain contributors to this newsletter
dismissing "The Disappointed" as a "throw away attempt at a single".  Well,
maybe that is how Andy looked at it, but when "Nonsuch" was released, I was
still (I thought) happily married, so it was another great XTC song, but not
a standout.  Well, as things go, my wife left me in 1995, and the song took
on a whole new meaning.

"Once, I had no sympathy "

great song

"Jesus and Mohammed, and Buddha live in town
  Zoraster and Valhalla, and Moses hang around
  And when they get together, they are quite a noisy crew
  They laugh about their legacies, over cigarettes and brews

Yeah we're living here in Joytown
The city in the sun
Where everyone loves everyone,
Love's every single one "

from "Joytown", by Kevin Gilbert

Stormy Monday


Message-Id: <v03007801af14f8b5ec07@[]>
Subject: royalties, videos, requests
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 13:37:18 +0800


I'm new.  My first experience with XTC was . . . blah blah
I think their best is . . . blah blah
I've been lurking . . . blah blah
Today I'm finally on line so . . . blah blah

I'm not gonna bore you with all this - unless this is part of Chalkhills
etiquette, in which case I apologise and will re-send next time.

(If anyone is interested in my bio - please e-mail me privately)

But a few things I feel the need to comment on.

The recent discussion on money for demos.  I think a major point is being
overlooked here.  The band is *unable* to accept money for these.  This is
quite similar to the until recent loopholes in Italian law that allowed
companies to manufacture unauthorised CDs (basically bootlegs) as long as
royalties were paid to the performers (even without the performers
permission) Some of these discs actually go so far as to print the bank
account that the royalties were being paid into, with messages to the
performer to contact them to collect the money.  As far as I can ascertain,
*no* performer ever claimed the money.  Simply by collecting the money, the
performer legitimizes the CD, and recognises that they have a right to
release unathorized material, something that obviously lies outside the
scope of their contracts. If the boys accept money from us for demo tapes,
then the boys are seen as accepting bootlegging.

While I appreciate that many of the fans wish to simply recompense the boys
for the material, it's not really practical / possible.  If Andy wants
this, he can always release the tapes through Chalkhills or The Little
Express, much like the previous tapes.

>From: Damian Foulger <>
>I'd had my eye on the 1980 live XTC album for a long while now and when I
>saw it last week >for stlg7 I bought it. I must say that I wished I'd
>bought it sooner. It is amazingly good. >I now understand what all you
>lucky people who have seen them live were going on about.

If you think this show is good, I would strongly recommend a copy of the
show at Philadelphia 17 April 81, also available on "Fab Foursome In
Philly".  IMHO, this show was wonderful, and the powerful finale of "Cuba"
and "General and Majors" just begs to be cranked to 11 every time!

On to a couple of other threads that I've been dying to involve myself
with, but haven't had e-mail access (until today!!)

I think it was JHB that got involved in a discussion about the meaning of
Another Satellite about a month or so ago.  The consensus at the time was
that it was about relationships. Just to throw my two cents in, I've always
thought this song was about overzealous fans that hound Andy, visit him at
home, etc.  Just like those of us who subscribe to Chalkhills. ;)

I was also very interested in reading about the nuances in songs.  I'd like
to include here some Nuances / things to look for in the videos.

Senses Working Overtime - The slow motion shot of Terry crashing the high
cymbals, and of course the on again / off again neck chain that he's
wearing (or not)

Dear God - The little half smile Andy gives as he's doing his nails and
peering over his glasses and singing about the devil. Also the way he grins
as he sings "us crazy humans".

Life Begins at the hop - The way Colin indicates that Andy is a W*nker by
pretending to masturbate as Andy walks away with the car. (You've got to be

Towers of London - the point where Terry loses a drumstick.

Grass - Dave only appears twice - once extremely briefly, but the longer
part is where he's not on grass, but on concrete.  Is this a statement?
Any suggestions why this scene is there?

Mole From The Ministry - The little subtle (and some not so subtle)
references to Magical Mystery Tour, I am The Walrus, and Arnold Layne.

Sorry, this is getting way longer than what I believe a first post should
be - please forgive me!

Steve (MGV)

P.S. - Anyone else out there also into Daniel Amos / The Swirling Eddies
please e-mail me!

P.P.S - Looking to trade videos and tapes.  I need more XTC, I have plenty
of others - please e-mail me.

Now Playing - Drums and Wires


                Don't ask me how I feel - I might really tell you!
                             (Terry Scott Taylor)



Date: 29 JAN 97 16:11:55 DST
Subject: Emancipation of Dukes
Message-ID: <>

Tis the "insane" Culnane of Oz here.  Deciding to post 'cos I've got something
to say.....

1) Thanx for the mention in 'Hills # 75 Ira!  :^)  Rest assured, with regard
to the Aussie contingent of Chalkies, there's still a fair few of us lurking
about and we're on the case.  We've got Haines & Van Abbe in Melbourne for a
start.  These are two splendid chaps and then of course there's me.  I only
post now when I have something to contribute and here it is (my first post for
'97 - THE YEAR OF XtC EMANCIPATION!!!) .....with apologies &/or
acknowledgement to  O+>

2) I enjoyed John Mietus' first post in issue #75, about the Dukes.  I agree
with most of your suggestions as to sources of inspiration for the songs on
Psonic Psunspot, but would like to posit the following theories:

"My Love Explodes" reminds me of The Yardbirds (eg Over Under Sideways Down)
- that Eastern-flavoured guitar figure gives it away for me.

"in The Year 2525" was by Zager & Evans.  Did you really need to know that?

"Vanishing Girl" - The Hollies all over, right down to that bands three
trademarks - piercing harmony vocals, jangly trebly Rickenbacker guitar,
walloping sloppy (but exciting) drum fills

"Jackie" - very Syd Barrett (again) to my ears

"Little Lighthouse" - also reminiscent of Country Joe & the Fish and that
generic 'Frisco/Fillmore sound of the "summer of love"

Other than that, I think you got it pretty spot on, John.  Happy listening
and welcome to the list!

I'll get back to you by private e-mail, Ira   :-)

Oh, and howdy Dom!

....till some other time


Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 00:31:37 -0600 (CST)
Message-Id: <>
From: JH3 <>
Subject: More Ripoff Details...

Michael D. Myers <> sez:

>I side with the crowd that says "give us 10 new tunes ASAP, and follow it
>up with another one with 10 more."  Hey, I just want some great new tunes,
>and if they rip us off a little bit to get a few extra sheckles, I don't
>mind. They are really the classic starving artists, so it's a fair deal

I agree completely! Except for that one part -- they're not ripping us off,
they're simply refusing to give their product away for free. At some point
in your life you simply decide that you're not going to "play for the
exposure" anymore.

And what I always say is, if you want to support your fave bands
financially, buy their t-shirts. They get to keep almost 100% of the profits
on those. Now if they would only print some up...

>However, I find it unbelievable that "they just realized that they were only
>getting paid for 10 mechanical song licenses per release", as reported
>recently in a post to this digest.

Actually I said "per disc." And indeed they might have known about it
earlier than 1992, but that's the story (rumor? maybe) I heard, and I never
read a single *printed* mention of the 10-song limit until Little Express
#40, dated Winter 1995. (If anyone knows more, please speak up!) But do read

>It would seem logical that they were subject to approximately the same
>terms and conditions that every other artist lives with for their ENTIRE
>career (regarding the 10 mechanical licenses), not just their last 2-3

You're assuming that they were treated like other artists, when in fact they
were treated *even more shabbily!* Did you read the part about how the
(industry-imposed) rules changed when everything switched over to CD's?
Maybe XTC were just trying to get out of their contract sooner by doing
double vinyl LP's, maybe they just had a lot of songs they wanted us to
hear. Regardless, once CD's had taken over by 1990 the limits on mechanicals
started to kick in where they wouldn't have previously, simply because you
can put more songs on a single CD.

Other artists who had foolishly signed long-term unbreakable contracts
around that time (such as George Michael and Prince) found themselves in
similar boats, and if anything their reactions were a lot nastier. At least
Andy didn't tattoo the word "SLAVE" on his head. (He'd probably use the word
"chattel" anyway.)

>How could they not have known that?  Are they really that naive?

You're overestimating the honesty, accuracy, and legitimacy of
record-company accounting practices, generally acknowledged throughout the
civilized world as being just short of organized crime in sheer deception
and chicanery. And XTC probably are more naive than most -- a lot of bands
learn how to avoid getting ripped off by the industry by talking to people
in other, more experienced bands while on tour, and since XTC doesn't

>Do they have really poor management and legal representation?

Until recently, yes. They were ripped off badly by their original manager,
Ian Reid; ripped off by Virgin Records who got them to sign a terrible
contract in exchange for 400,000 pounds to pay for their ensuing lawsuit
with Reid; ripped off by the solicitors who instigated the lawsuit and then
negotiated the Virgin deal (supposedly in XTC's interests) mainly in order
to grab a huge chunk of the advance money for themselves; and ripped off by
the courts, which allowed the legal battle to churn on for so long that it
became economically impossible for them to pursue it to the point where they
might have actually come out ahead. What's especially galling is that the
money Reid spent defending himself from the charges of stealing from XTC was
probably the exact same money he stole from them.

>Or is the story just misreported such that the real truth is that this
>payment issue only became unbearable lately in conjunction with all the
>other record company crap?

A little of both, I suspect. When they finally started getting decent-sized
mechanical royalty checks in the late '80's they were probably so freaked
out by the sheer novelty of actually getting money for their work that they
didn't ask many questions at the time. It's sort of like when us Americans
get a refund from the Internal Revenue Service, we're so shocked that it
actually came that we don't always bother to check if it's the right amount.
(And the IRS is a paragon of fiscal virtue compared to the music

--John Hedges


Message-Id: <>
From: "huduguru" <>
Subject: Re: Love Them Dukes
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 06:46:07 -0500

In Issue 3-75, John Mietus wrote:

>"My Love Explodes" - I've never been able to identify who they're doing
>here.  Anybody?

To me, it sounds a lot like The Yardbirds' "Over, Under, Sideways, Down."
Check out the guitar intro and the general "rave-up" feel of the whole



From: (T8903545)
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 12:49:37 +0000
Subject: chalkies' original music tape and stuff about coming back for mo
Message-ID: <>


I'm finally back after some 4 or 5 months without any e-mail access.
Does anyone remeber me, the only XTC-fan in Austria / Europe.
My new adress stems from a new university (luckily in my small
home-town Krems), the so-called Danube-University, where I was lucky
enough to receive a stipendium (I hope this word exists) to study
"telematics-management", a post-graduate course held for the very
first time in Austria. But enough about me!

I hope I'll be back in the old Chalkhills groove soon, as I was a
quite frequent participator. I hope the new album(s) will be out

Concerning the last few months, I got to say two things:

1. I definitely do like "Papersnow", although I feel it might have
been a more interesting composition if AP would have written it
alone. Anyway, it's fun to hear Andy sing to a quite un-XTCish
arrangement. BTW: What about Jerry Harrison as producer for XTC?

2. In Europe Take That are and were mega-stars. Forget about "Child",
but DG did excellent guitar-work on Mark Owen's album, as did
producer John Leckie. We should be glad, that DG comes to more
households than ever before (although I do not know exact sales
figures of Peter Gabriel 3). And maybe with the money he makes/made
from it, he needs no more driving vans (as I read in Chris Twomey's
book) to earn a living. BTW, Mark Owen is to hit the road soon; does
anyone know, if Dave is to play in his live outfit?

Ah, I see, it works again. "Gee, it's good to be back home"
Best wishes from the heart of Europe



Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 10:45:32 -0500 (EST)
From: Natalie Jane Jacobs <>
Subject: The Michigan XTC party: LAST CALL
Message-ID: <>

I'm finally starting to pull the Michigan XTC party together and am about
to book a room for us to meet in, so if you want to come, PLEASE write to
me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, if you haven't already.  I plan on booking the
room probably for Feb. 15.   I will not be posting about this again so
this is your last chance.  Write today!

A couple of other things...

In response to someone who asked, rhetorically, how many of us actually
listen to Explode Together regularly - I do.  In fact, I listen to it more
often than I listen to the Dukes of Stratosphear.  "It's the rotary!"

Andy wrote the liner notes to a Raymond Scott tribute album?  More proof
that all cool things in the world are connected.

farewell from the snowy north,

Natalie Jacobs
Visit the Land of Do-As-You-Please!


Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 09:49:43 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Lotso responses.....
Message-id: <>

Tim: That was a damn funny joke!

Erich: Actually, I don't like CTD's version of The Ballad of Peter
Pumpkinhead.  Ellen Reid is not my favorite singer.

Phil: On your top albums list....I totally agree with Jars of Clay, Cracker,
Dave Matthews band, the Chieftains, and of course, the Dummies.

Marty: Well I certainly love Barenaked Ladies.

Ira: Well, I'm posting this to the list anyways! How many times have four or
five of us gone over this? If we were to post exclusively XTC stuff, I don't
know if we'd get the volume of Chalkhills we've been getting of late, mainly
because it's been five goddamn years since we've had any new XTC product,
and I for one am wishing on a star that they'd get their arses in gear and
give us something!

David McG.: Ho ho, very funny. Ha ha, it is to laugh. While I do think that
XTC's All You Pretty Girls is better, the Dummies version is not grating or
noisy or whatever. Hell, I know of people who'd never heard of XTC who
started listening to them because of the Dummies cover versions of their
songs, my best friend included. Hell, ANdy seems to like them quite a
bit. They give him a helluva lot of free publicity. (Case in point, just go
visit the Dummies website and read Dan Roberts marvel abou thow much he
loves Colin's bass playing on Nonsuch and O&L. Or read just about any Brad
Roberts interview.)

Have I done a total 180? I despised Train Running Low on Soul Coal and
Leisure when I first heard them. TRLOSC is now one of my favorite songs, and
I don't mind Leisure so much anymore.

Top 5 Colin songs:
My Bird Performs
I Remember the Sun
Cynical Days
Wake Up


AMANDA'SXTC song of the day: Deliver Us From the Elements.
non XTC song of the day: Finest Worksong (That was when REM was still worth
listening to.)
What's in my cd player: HOW THE GODS KILL-Danzig, SONGS IN THE KEY OF X, THE
BIG EXPRESS (I told you all it never leaves my cd player.), KAMIKAZE
been pointing out that I have quite an eclectic music taste. I guess I have
to agree on that.  Where else can you find a 19-year old...well, in a week,
actually....who listens to British pop (XTC) 60's music (Monkees) death
metal (Danzig), new age (Hearts of Space), and rap (The occasional 2 Live
Crew, believe it or not.)???)


Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 11:26:44 -0600 (CST)
Subject: I'm in 7th Heaven right now!
Message-id: <>

I recently acquired ten years worth of old Rolling Stones, dating from late
1986 to last year. I was flipping through a 1989 issue, not really paying
too much attention, trying to watch tv at the same time. I had begun to flip
the page when I caught a glimpse of long brown hair. I flipped back, and lo
and behold, it's the Lads in all their guitar-holding glory! (And Dave
looked so damn gorgeous I could've passed out.)

If we aren't supposed to eat animals, how come they're made out of meat?
Save the planet. Eat a vegetarian.
I love cats. They taste just like chicken.
Forget about world peace. Visualise using your turn signal!
I didn't get to the top of the food chain to become a vegetarian.

You'll have to escuse the harsh tone. I just got finished visiting the PETA
(People for Eating Tasty Animals) website and reading the hatemail directed
towards the owner of the page, and my blood is boiling at the hypocrisy. All
I need to know to keep me from seeing anything positive about animal rights
activists, ESPECIALLY anti-vivisectionists, is that Dave Gregory and all the
other diabetics out there would not be alive today if it hadn't been for
animal experimentation. And if Dave wasn't alive, where would XTC be right

Thank you, and goodnight. (And don't think I'm trying to start something


Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 18:35:27 +0100 (CET)
From: James Isaacs <>
Subject: Recommended
Message-Id: <>

Well, I have now listened to the Cd by the Suarplastic a few times, and,
except for one annoying song about teeth, it is really good.
I am not one for recommending CDs, as I have yet to convince many people to
listen to XTC, but a new disk out that deserves a warm ear is "Live Art"
by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.  It is just excellent jazz, and there
are a lot of guests such as Branford Marsalis and Chick Corea.  Five
penguins.  (Go 2 is the rare six penguin jobby)

"I have only one thing to say to you...MacBeth!"


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 12:42:28 EST
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
Subject: A response or five

Chalk, Chalk, It's ooonly Chalk...

> Jason: I do believe Mike is back with the band for the tour....but Mike
never was my favorite member. Even back in the 60's he seemed to have a bit
of an attitude problem. But he's cool, they're all cool.<

Maybe his "attitude problem" stemmed from the fact that he was the only one
who knew anything about music and could actually play his instrument (though
Davey *did* learn to play a mean tambourine  :^p  )

From: "Michael D. Myers" <>:
> However, I find it unbelievable that "they just realized that they were only
getting paid for 10 mechanical song licenses per release", as reported
recently in a post to this digest.  It would seem logical that they were
subject to approximately the same terms and conditions that every other
artist lives with for their ENTIRE career (regarding the 10 mechanical
licenses), not just their last 2-3 albums.  How could they not have known
that?  Are they really that naive?<

I wondered about that, too, Mike, but then I remembered it's a matter of CDS
vs. LPS. Due to their albums' infrequency, CDS really have been the format
of choice only for their last 2-3 albums, and there's the rub.

From: Stormy Monday <>:
> Many people pay for one cable hookup
and then "splice in" other TV's in their home without losing a lick of
sleep over it.<

Yeah, well, it *is* the cable company, after all...  :^)

> Many others have "bootleg" copies of software on their
PC's, and really aren't too worried about the software vendor's loss
of revenue.  And how many of us have paid for every piece of
"shareware" that we've ever used?<

Well, I, uh, thought that ... um ... a friend did it, so ... say, what's
that over there? (exit, stage left)
Unfortunately, I think you're right. The only thing working in the artists'
favor will be that people will still need a portable medium for listening to
music, and the CD does a pretty good job of that. Now, if we all end up with
recordable CDS, then they're in trouble...

From: Ian C Stewart <>:
> I've had a "special thing" for Cathy since
about 1990...  many people are mystified by my "relationship" with
someone I've never actually MET, considering she's from Norwich in
England and I haven't been out of Ohio in a long time.   All I can tell
you is it's a good thing my wife Bjork isn't the jealous type.<

Just as my wife Chrissie Hynde is very understanding about my afPhair with
Liz...  :^)

From: (David Yazbek):
>I'm in the
middle of my new album, "Tock", and hopefully will start playing out again
in the next couple of months. Yes, Partridge is involved- we're attempting
to co-write two songs.<

Cool! Just make sure you include more than 10 songs...  ;^)

>Thanks to everyone who actually bought "The
Laughing Man", especially those who liked it.<

You're especially welcome.

From: kraig olmstead <>:
>[Manu Katche] left Gabriel (Billy Cobham took over -
don't get me started on how brilliant he is) but I haven't heard anything
about him for a couple of years.<

Actually, according to Tony Levin (and he oughta know), MK is on PG's new
album, currently in production.

From: Ira Lieman <>:
>So far in the past 2 months, three vocal
contributors of this list have left. First Paul "Insane" Culnane of Oz,
then Dan Prendiville (who contributed TWICE to the Skylacking set), and now
Simon Knight. And they haven't left on the most "friendly" terms. They're
upset with SOMETHING. This begs the unfortunate question: WHAT'S WRONG HERE?
>  You want to know my theory?
We're straying a little too far from the topics at hand.<

Oh, you angry young man, you  :^)
I'm going to disregard your "instructions" and reply here, since I think
this does involve everyone. I don't see much of a problem with "off-topic"
discussions. I was rather amused that these people so petulantly announced
their departures; it was like, "I'll show them. I'll *leave*!" Reminds me of
the suicide victim's logic, but who ends up worse off?

I enjoy the collateral information I glean from this list. If a topic
doesn't interest me, I use the page-down key. That's what it's for. At the
same time, I've learned about a lot of great music (see Yazbek, above) from
various posts, and it's been interesting to read about other people's points
of view of a variety of subject, even if I don't agree with those POVs and
even if they're not always presented in the most articulate manner.

Yeah, it's easy to get frustrated with off-topic postings, but hey, XTC
hasn't put out an album in quite a while, and it would be boring if we
discussed nothing *but* the band, IMO.  But hey, I hope your post doesn't
mean *you're* thinking of leaving, Ira; there's a place on this list for an
angry young man...   ;^)

And finally,  from: (David McGuinness):
> When you hear [Todd's] tracks in the context
of other XTC stuff, they really just sound tinny and horrible.  Has anyone
bought the 24-carat gold CD of this?  Does it sound any better???<

Only a little, but it makes the mix more bearable, so I got one. I wouldn't
call Todd an "amateurish" engineer, but he shore does like his midrange!

That's all from this Todd. Sorry for the length. ByeBye!


Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 12:57:14 -0700
From: Craig Larson <Craig_L@TSJC.CCCOES.EDU>
Subject: Top Albums of '96
Message-id: <>

Even though albums aren't technically made anymore, it's hard to refer to these
as my "top CDs of '96."  Anyway, here they are (in no particular order):

1.  Semisonic, Great Divide
2.  Failure, Fantastic Planet
3.  Meat Beat Manifesto, Subliminal Sandwich
4.  Ocean Colour Scene, Moseley Shoals
5.  Future Sound of London, Dead Cities
6.  Weezer, Pinkerton
7.  808 State, Don Solaris
8.  Dead Can Dance, Spiritchaser
9.  Trainspotting soundtrack
10.  Garbage, Garbage (actually from '95, but one of my favorites in '96)

Craig Larson


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