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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #3-5

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 5

                Monday, 30 September 1996

Today's Topics:

                 GLR Interview with Andy
                  The Problem with Demos
                      New TAB files
                    Semisonic/Paul Fox
                    Re: "younger fans"
                   Fossil Fuels and $$$
               In Loving Memory of My Name
                    Musician's Corner
            Fossil Fuel as an Attainable Goal
      Apologies, explanations and Sara the groundhog
                    O&L nursery rhyme
             Virgin Interview in London Area
              Shriekback's "Terribly Swolen"
                  XTC and nursery rhymes
                     It would figure!
               Cast away on a desert island
            semisonic-->Trip Shakespeare-->XTC
                    O&L & Chef BoyRDee
              The Partridge Report: 9-29-96
                        Shttt !!!
                     B.S. and more...
            Whoa, I just noticed something....
                    Fossil Frustations
                     Local FF Review
                RE: kid's reaction to XTC


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Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 02:45:14 +0100
Message-Id: <>
From: (Ian Sutton)
Subject: GLR Interview with Andy

Fellow Chalkmeisters,

I have just spent an hour and 40 minutes listening to an interview with Andy
Partridge conducted by Gary Crowley of GLR.  Unfortunately, I could not tape
it as I had arranged to meet my sister but she allowed me to listen to it.
Basically, Andy chose all the music and generally chatted about all and
sundry.  New information gleaned by me personally was:

Andy quotes Virgin as having made 30 million pounds from XTC yet he still
owes them money and for this reason they have been on strike for four years.
Apparently a Virgin executive said they couldn't release Mummer at the time
and asked them to play more like ZZ Top.

Dave Gregory has been asked to play guitar on a forthcoming recording of
Sgt. Pepper songs by various vocalists which I believe is to be released on
video as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations.  He has even grown a
moustache to look the part.  The only information on Colin was that he likes
cultivating fruit.

Producers were discussed and Andy said he would like to work with John
Leckie again.

The music chosen consisted of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks
(Andy said that Ray Davies was a better songwriter than Lennon or McCatrney
on their own), Jamie Block, a German 70's group called Can ?? amongst
others.  The only XTC song played was No Thugs in Our House.

Andy said Fossil Fuel was a collection of desserts whereas he liked to think
of the albums as the complete meal.

Anyway, that's all I can remember for now. (It is almost 3.00am)

Before I go Andy was asked to set a question to win a signed copy of Fossil
Fuel.  Just for fun (and no peeping) see if you can answer it.

The question was - On the cover of Oranges and Lemons Colin is holding an
instrument which is turning into something.  What is that something?  {or
words to that effect)

Ian Sutton

The new album, I'm gagging for it!  - Andy Partridge GLR 26th September 1996


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark G. Cuevas" <>
Subject: The Problem with Demos
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 19:44:16 -0700

> Maybe this is a naive thought, but what is so wrong about us making tapes
of demos?

There has been a lot of talk about the *morality* of copying demos, and
arguments suggesting that such copying is really a *tribute to XTC's
greatness,* etc.  But to cut to the chase, the problem with taping demos is
that it likely constitutes copyright infringement.  This violation occurs
even if the copyrighted material is unpublished.  I'm not going to go into
this too deeply but let me just state a few salient points:

Federal Statute:
"Anyone who violates the exclusive rights of the copyright owner . . . or
of the author . . . or who imports copies . . . into the U.S. . . . is an
infringer of the copyright of the author."  17 USCS S501

Fair Use Exception:
Generally, the Fair Use exception provides that ". . . reproduction in
copies . . . for purposes such as criticism, [or] comment . . . is not an
infringement of copyright.  17 USCS S107

*However,* there are four factors to be considered in determining whether
this exception applies.  One factor in particular may be troubling to some,
namely whether the "purpose and character of the use . . . is of a
commercial nature."  If it is, then the exception may not apply.

Q:  So what does this mean?
A:  If you're selling copyrighted material and you are not the author or
copyright owner, you may have violated the copyright laws.

Q:  So what if I'm not an American?  These are after all, American laws
you're citing.
A:  If your country is a signatory to the Berne Convention of 1886 [sic],
then I believe these laws apply to you as well.

Q:  But again, what does this mean?  Is someone going to come after us and
seek monetary damages?
A:  It's likely that they won't simply because there's no money in it.
(Presumably no one is making a killing here).  But the first thing that is
likely to happen (if anything) is a cease and desist order.  If that goes
unheeded, an injunction will likely follow, then actual and statutory
damages, and finally punitive damages are a possibility.

Q:  You're trying to scare us right?
A:  No.  I'm not.  Just trying to drive home the point Mr. Strijbos touched
upon in Chalkhills 3, No. 3:  ". . . be discreet."


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 11:38:09 -0700
From: relph (John Relph)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: New TAB files

Ian Dahlberg <> has generously contributed
guitar tablature (TAB) for the songs "Red Brick Dream", "I Bought
Myself a Liarbird", "Reign of Blows (Vote No Violence!)", "The Meeting
Place", "Shake You Donkey Up", and "Train Running Low on Soul Coal".
You can now find these TAB files on the Chalkhills Web Site

If you do not have Web access, please send e-mail to
<> and I'll send you the files you
want as quickly as ever I can.  This offer also holds true for lyrics
files, articles, and other files in the Chalkhills Archives.

	-- John


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 17:28:39 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Joshua Hall-Bachner <>

>The current issue of the Village Voice recommends the current lineup of
>They Might Be Giants songs- one of their favorites is entitled "XTC vs.
>Adam Ant"... I hope XTC wins out!

Against Adam Ant? Is there any contest?

BTW, check the names for the seemingly obvious but in this case quite subtle
bad puns. I.e. "Ecstacy vs. Adamant." Cool, eh?

>Once again, XTC is bound up in the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" phenomenon.
>"She's Having a Baby" and now this.  Incredible.

But Kevin Bacon is at the center of the entertainment universe, doncha know?

>Watch yourself there little mister.  On the other hand, perhaps you're
>Joshing.  ;-)


>But could someone clue me in on what the story is with JVSB and -- what's the
>other one?  Oh, yes, "The Bull With the Golden Guts."  Could Andy just not
>get this stuff released?  When was it recorded?  Was Andy just pissed off
>with Virgin and released this stuff to tweak their nose?  Is it for fan
>club members only?  (And if so, how do I join this fan club?)  What's the

Okay. If you listen to the stuff on JVS (and, to a smaller extent, Guts)
you'll hear a lot of stuff that either (a) would be career suicide to ever
release (Glow, etc.) (b) That mutated into something else later (Shaking
Skin House) and (c) songs that didn't fit the album they were written for
(the kick-ass "Young Cleopatra"). So, since he wanted people to hear these
songs, he released them to the members of The Little Express, the biggest
XTC fanzine. Subscription info is in the FAQ.

Oh, and BTW, I've heard from several sources who know Andy personally that
he doesn't mind at all if all of us have copies of his demos...just if they
get pressed into bootlegs (a la the 8 demos discs). So, unless I'm getting
lied to, I feel pretty safe distributing them.

>yeah. sadly this means I (a previous frequent lyric correcter and reader)
>can no longer see any of the lyrics, due to the university's policy on web
>access :( Aren't web restrictions wonderful things? :((((

E-mail me when I post the announcement to the list, and I'll forward them to
/---------------------------Joshua Hall-Bachner---------------------------\
|   |
| "The few surviving samurai survey the battlefield. They count the arms, |
\-----the legs, and then divide by five." - They Might Be Giants----------/


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 16:41:57 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Scott Taylor <>
Subject: Semisonic/Paul Fox

>     Went to see The Refreshments last week, the opening band was
>     Semisonic, they are great, and you can really hear a strong influence
>     of XTC/Squeeze/Todd R.,etc... Get their new CD!!! It's so great to
>     find a really good new pop band! Havent found the SugarPlastic CD

So nice to see Semisonic getting some attention here...  If you like them,
you owe it to yourself to pick up all the Trip Shakespeare you can lay your
hands on, as 2/3 of Semisonic was 1/2 of Trip Shakespeare (you can do the
math when you get home).  Very good stuff, any way you look at it.

Obligatory XTC Reference:  Their new CD _Great Divide_ was produced by the
incredibly talented Paul Fox of _Oranges & Lemons_ fame.  Paul has blessed
the likes of Robyn Hitchcock (_Perspex Island_) and Rex Daisy (like
Semisonic, another wonderful Minneapolis band), among others, with his
artful direction after landing the XTC gig.  According to Twomey, it was
almost by way of misunderstanding that he got that chance in the first
place:  Andy heard a remix Paul had done of a Boy George tune and approved
him under the impression that it was the work of a veteran.  In fact, _O&L_
was to be his first production job.  Nice going for a rookie.

I'm curious to hear more from this guy.  Anybody else stumbled across any
Paul Fox productions they liked?

|       Scott M. Taylor       |
|       |
| |


Message-Id: <>
From: "Jeff Smelser" <>
Organization: Access Tucson
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 15:01:06 -0700
Subject: Re: "younger fans"

On 9-27-96 Simon Knight wrote:

"I hope some of the younger fans might be intrigued enough to check
XTC out.  We need more of them out there."

I agree.  I'd like to see some younger folk get into this highly
creative band.  After spending a little time in weeks past perusing
the Roxy Music list, I found gobs of young people interested in that

I've always found it easier to get an older Beatle fan into XTC than
anyone of a younger ilk.  Unless you try to expose a youngster to
some of the harder stuff from the first two albums, they usually find
the XTC music, "too pop," to appeal to their NIN taste. (Which I,
proudly, also have.)

By the way,  I heard a version of Peter Pumpkinhead off digital
satellite that had a girl singer.  That was about the only difference
to the XTC version.  I don't know who it was do you?  I thought it
sounded like it could've been Belly or Jill Sobule or someone like

A little background on me:  I turned 40 this year, saw the Cure last
month, NIN/Bowie last year and XTC 5 times between 1979 and 1981.
Also read Chalkhills and Children this year, it's Grrrrrrrrrr-eat!
Jeff Smelser
Video Engineer
Access Tucson


From: Ben Gott <>
Subject: Fossil Fuels and $$$
Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 18:18:26 -0400 (EDT)

Wow. I just purchased "Fossil Fuels" from CDnow! as an
import, and I paid ... I'm not going to tell you how much
I paid. I was kicking myself, but I know I shouldn't be.
I'm looking forward to getting this masterpiece...

If anyone can buy a copy of whatever magazine Andy is
being interviewed in (or the 12 remaining), could you get
an extra for me? I'll send money. Dubs. Whatever. I'd
just love to have something on paper.

I ordered the Sugarplastic CD from CDnow!; it should be
here tomorrow. I certainly hope it's as good as everyone
says it is!

Who do you all think is "hipper": Pat Metheny, or Lyle
Mays? Anyone else worship "As Falls Wichita,..."?

Help me get through these cynical days...

-Ben ("Neb" spelled backwards, as a friend remarked)

P.S. If anyone ever tries to e-mail me, and your message
gets bounced back, please keep trying. The computer
department at Hotchkiss has the combined intelligence of
a piece of cheese...The motherboards in *all* our Sun
computers were fried last week.


Message-Id: <>
Subject: In Loving Memory of My Name
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 96 17:35:13 -0500
From: Constantine Pappas <>

>Please note that the silent c in "Yazbeck" is also invisible: Yazbek.
>And, having seen it quite often as I scroll through the digests, I think
>Constantine Pappas is just an incredibly cool name.  I hate being so
>monosyllabic myself.

Hey Gene, thanks for the compliment. It was a bit of an unwieldly
name as a kid, and it's a bit annoying when I get junk mail
from people who mistakenly think I'm a woman, but otherwise
I rather like the name.

On to XTC...I asked a while ago if anyone knew which came first,
Humanosaurus or Then She Appeared, since they share several
melodic lines.  Anyone care to answer?

Also, a rather half-hearted thanks to whomever posted the web
address for the Sugarplastic's touring schedule.  How unfortunate
that you posted it 3 days after they played right here in Milwaukee.
Ah, well.....such is life, which evidently begins at something
known 'the hop'.

re: XtC conversion:  I was coverted an ex-girlfriend of mine to
XtC rather successfully.  She was a big Genesis fan, and was
really drawn to Oranges and Lemons when I played it for her.
Alas, that ship has sailed, but I like to think that even though
the relationship didn't work out, at least she is an XTC fan now.

On the other hand, I coerced my boss into buying some XTC. I had
pegged him for an 'Nonsuch' or 'Skylarking' kind of guy.  He went
out and bought copies (without checking with me, the fiend!) of
Waxworks and Skylarking.  The interesting thing is here that he
really liked Waxworks and he hated Skylarking.

What I'm trying (and failing) to say here, is that if you are
trying to get someone into the band, don't assume too much
about their tastes, and don't assume they'll like XTC for the
same reasons that you like them.  If the person doesn't like
what you've chosen as their access-point, go off in a completely
new direction.

There was much discussion in recent months about why the group
never had huge commercial success, and I can only say what I
have heard from people who don't like the band.  The first thing
is that people seem to have a hard time getting used to Andy's
voice.  I certainly did, way back when, although now I wouldn't
change it for the world!  I also think that in the past, XTC
had a habit of taking what would be a potential comericial
hit by throwing some quirky part into the song that made those
with a minimal attention span lose interest.  I'd also say
that yeah, touring is probably a major factor.  Anyhow, I'll
just silence myself now, but I'm curious about what you all
think.  Have a day.


|   Constantine Pappas                     

| ...a heart without love is a song with no words,     --Andy Partridge  |
|   ...and a tune to which no one is listening                           |


Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 16:18:30 -0700
From: (Ian Dahlberg)
Subject: Musician's Corner

JH3 wrote:
>Anyway, I've learned (or tried to learn) numerous XTC songs, and while I
>wouldn't say they use alternate tunings all *that* often, there are
>definitely a few cases.

        Half of "Big Express" is "open E" tuning, so there's a good chunk
right there.

>A good Mummer example is the softer of the two acoustic parts on "Love on a
>Farmboy's Wages" -- I've tried it tuned to an open E and an open E-minor,
>and while parts of it are much easier with just the E, it's very tricky to
>play the C chord unless you have at least the G string tuned normally.

        I've figured out most of "Farmboy" on the regular tuning without
much difficulty.  Upon watching the video for it, Andy and Dave's fingers
seem elsewhere from where I imagined them.  Dang it, if I had some method
of cleanly freezing the tape for analysis I could sort this mess out.
Assuming, of course, they're playing it correctly for the video and not
messing around with the lip synch.  I could actually iron out quite a bit
on other songs that way, too.

>If you include the use of capo's, there's "King for a Day" and "The Meeting
>Place" (capo on first fret, unless you just want to tune it a half-step up).
>And on "Yacht Dance" I'm reasonably certain that one guitar, probably
>Andy's, is capo'd on the second fret so it starts out with D played as if it
>were C. If you don't play it that way, the "won't they be jealous of both of
>us" part (B played as A, then F#/F#7 as E/E7) becomes substantially more
>difficult -- even if you're using your thumb. The other guitar, the one
>playing the intricate lead part in the middle, isn't capo'd at all. (This
>will probably cause an argument or two...)

        "The Meeting Place"  is "open E" tuning and has no capo.  This I
can attest to because I have a tape of Andy at his house demonstrating
various songs on the "open E" tuning, "The Meeting Place" being one of
them.  The main figure is mostly on the open strings and is very easy to
play.  TAB coming soon to the archives.

        Regarding "Yacht Dance",  I have video footage of them playing it
live and neither Andy or Dave has a capo.  In fact, if you want to look, I
have a full score in the works for "Yacht Dance" and "Farmboy's".  I could
mail them to you for critique.  I started doing the scores thinking I could
conquer a good chunk of their library but it's a very daunting task and
things are often densely packed in the recordings.



Subject: Fossil Fuel as an Attainable Goal
Message-ID: <>
From: (Kerry P Hinton)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 19:47:17 EDT

If anyone in the US is interested in buying a copy of Fossil Fuel, e-mail
me privately.  I work at a small record store, and although there seems
to be difficulty obtaining copies, our store has 10 of 'em.

Like I said, if you're interested, send me some e-mail, and I'll get back
to you about price issues, etc.

Since the moving in of Gollywog,



Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 20:21:10 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Apologies, explanations and Sara the groundhog

Hi! I didn't intend on posting again so soon, but...

In Chalkhills #3-2, Brookes McKenzie wrote:

>Dave O'Connell, after thanking Natalie Jacobs _several_ times
>in regards to "Where Did the Ordinary People Go?" and
>neglecting to even _mention_ the fact that i was the one
>who transcribed the version he's correcting (not that i
>expected roses, and given the wrath that the demo lyric
>bandwagon that i so inconveniently jumped on has aroused,
>maybe i'd better just shut up about the extent of my contribution,
>but sheesh, a simple credit would have sufficed)

[Actually, I only thanked her twice, but that's not my point..]

I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I didn't remember your name offhand. People
don't always credit me either, but since I post so often, I could
care less about it. I guess I was in the 'Colin's-transcription-
supercedes-yours' frame of mind. Think of Chalkhills as being
a place like Cheers where everybody knows your name
(if you've transcribed lyrics before like Brookes has.)

The reason I didn't send in my transcription of the lyrics for the
song was because it seemed pointless for me to post to Chalkhills
with a lyric transcription that had been already published in The
Little Express. I'm surprised no one contributed it earlier. This
whole thing has me wondering if there aren't other issues of The
Little Express with lyrics to these demos we've been squabbling

As for Mitch the insider's post about the demo ethics, I would
have to say the ones who need to be the most discreet are the
folks with the high-quality copies and not Joshua Hall-Bachner,
who got his from the same person I did. The sound quality of
another generation dub is not going to be even bootleg quality,
really. The accumulated tape hiss becomes a big factor at this

Finally, I'm glad to see that my favorite lurker Sara Lloyd has
come out of hiding...although she seems to have seen her shadow,
which unfortunately means six more weeks of haggling over unreleased demos.

Dave O'Connell
York PA


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 19:30:05 -0500 (CDT)
From: Sara Lloyd <>
Subject: O&L nursery rhyme
Message-ID: <>

Dear friends,

No, I had never heard the "oranges and lemons" rhyme before, and I don't
want to speak for the entire US, but no one that I know has ever heard
the rhyme either, so my guess is that it is not widely known in the US.
This is why I assumed the source was _1984_.

But if it was written in the Little Express that the title for O&L was
indeed taken from the nursery rhyme, where does that leave our hypothesis
about it being taken from the lyrics of Ballet for a Rainy Day?  Do you
think those lyrics were also taken from the nursery rhyme and then
extended to the next album?  Or Andy was following along with his fruit
theme for that song and then later came up with the album title-nursery
rhyme thing?

I leave it in your capable hands.

Conjuring a new world,

P.S. Be the first among your friends to visit Dave's Page of Destiny,
conveniently located at
Meet the man behind the myth!


Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 02:39:36 +0100
Message-Id: <>
From: (Ian Sutton)
Subject: Virgin Interview in London Area


Following Andy's appearance on Greater London Radio, he is scheduled to be a
guest on Virgin Radio on Wednesday 2nd October.  He will be joining Paul
Coyte between 7pm and 10pm.  Although Virgin is a national station I
understand that this show is only broadcast in London and the South East on
105.8FM.  Virgin allegedly broadcasts on the Web but I have not investigated
this.  I think the URL is http:\\

Although Virgin Records are no longer part of Branson's empire I wonder if
Andy will be instructed to watch his P's and Q's when asked about recording

Hope this info is useful



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 00:44:40 +0100
From: Phil Hetherington <>
Subject: Shriekback's "Terribly Swolen"

Details on the 'new' Shriekback song, courtesy of Dave Allen:

> Hi, the cd is released here in the US on Oct 8th and in Britain
> who knows when! The Shriekback song is about 3 years
> old....sorry.Lineup is Barry & Martyn.

So, for anyone who missed my previous mail on the subject, it's
on a V/A compilation called 'Into Topological Space'. And it also
sounds nothing like 'Sacred City'-era Shriekback, and even less
like they do now, but never mind. Better than nothing. :-)

The Shriekback/etc. web site (,
...if memory serves me correctly!) is a bit out of date ATM, this will
hopefully be rectified, er, soon. Like, not yet. Sorry.
Phil Hetherington


From: "James Isaacs" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 10:51:54 CET-1CST
Subject: XTC and nursery rhymes
Message-ID: <>

There seems to be a thread developing concerning XTC and nursery
rhymes.  I think, in my mental state not being all that strong these
days, that Andy has borrowed rather liberally from, if not nursery
rhymes, then from the infamous "Taunting Song", or "Nananana boo-boo".
  I hope somsone recognizes this rather amuzing snippet from one's
childhood.  Here are a couple I can think of.  Think of the melody
for these snippets:
-"I've been set off by a pretty little girl" (Rocket from a bottle)
-The end of Pink Thing
"Oh my oh my don't it make you want to cry" (Peter Pumpkinhead)
-Ending of Always Winter Never Christmas
-I think it is also at the end of Hey Goosey Goosey, but I so not
have it handy.
There are probably 3 or 4 more songs where this old song is changed a
bit and used in an XTC song.  It is goood to know that either Andy is
still connected to childhood, or that I am a raging loony.


Message-ID: <ltq+KNAjxFTyEwf$>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 23:59:47 +0100
From: Phil Hetherington <>
Subject: Elfman

Thanks for all the info on Danny Elfman, from all the many people
who mailed me. You know who you are. I haven't read the last four
digests yet, so to anyone who mailed to that too, thanks.



Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 06:16:36 -0700 (MST)
Subject: It would figure!
Message-id: <> said:

  "So, I recommend that anyone with some plastic/coinage/bills to burn call
  Stinkweeds Record Exchange in Mesa, Arizona, at (602)968-9490.  (I lived in
  Arizona many years ago and was fortunate to meet this music dealer with
  fantastic prices and a golden conscience.)  ChrisBob says, "Give her a call
  and see what's she's still got."

  I just happen to live in Mesa, and you know what? I'm completely broke! :(
  I suppose I can go down there and drool...


Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 10:22:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: Natalie Jane Jacobs <>
Subject: Cast away on a desert island
Message-ID: <>

I was the Chalkie lucky enough to travel to "beautiful York" recently and
meet the estimable Simon Sleightholm.  It was a wonderful trip though
altogether too short.  I got to pick up a copy of "Fossil Fuel" for
relatively cheap - 12.99 pounds, about $24, which is much cheaper than the
prices I've seen mentioned in Chalkhills.  Naturally the guy at the record
shop said, "Great album!" as I paid for it.  (The rule that applies in Ann
Arbor also seems to apply in York - record shop clerks are the biggest XTC
fans.)  There's not much I can say about FF that hasn't been said
elsewhere - it's a good sampler and not much more than that.  I'm not
sorry I bought it - it makes a nice souvenir of my trip.

I learned an interesting thing on the two-hour train ride from London to
York.  Music changes according to where it's listened to, the landscape in
which it occurs.  "Skylarking" and "Mummer," the two XTC albums I brought
with me, sounded totally different outside of my own bleak Midwestern
milieu, back in the country where they had been conceived.  Listening to
"Mummer" while walking on the banks of the River Ouse, in York, on a
overcast British autumn afternoon, was a revelation.  I've been listening
to this record for nearly ten years but all of a sudden the whole feel of
it changed - as if I'd been looking at a sculpture from one angle for a
long time, then decided to walk around and look at it from another side.
It meshed so perfectly with the grey day, the green grass, and the river,
that you could tell that it had been conceived with similar landscapes in
mind.  I urge American Chalkies planning trips to England to bring their
XTC albums with them and experience this for themselves.

I had a similar revelation while listening to a Brian Eno compilation on
the train.  I'd never much cared for Eno but all of a sudden, listening to
this lovely remote music and looking at the British countryside, it all
made sense.  I am now beginning to sprout wings and fangs and am turning
into an Eno fan.  Condolences (and suggestions for further listening) may
be sent via private e-mail.

Natalie Jacobs (listening to "Another Green World" at the moment)

Visit the Land of Do-As-You-Please!


Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 11:36:37 -0400
Message-Id: <v01510103ae740e671b69@[]>
From: (groovelily)
Subject: semisonic-->Trip Shakespeare-->XTC

Parrish.Wilkinson wrote:
     Went to see The Refreshments last week, the opening band was
     Semisonic, they are great, and you can really hear a strong influence
     of XTC/Squeeze/Todd R.,etc... Get their new CD!!! It's so great to
     find a really good new pop band!

I couldn't agree more.  I've been into XTC for a long time, but then I was
turned onto TRIP SHAKESPEARE while in amsterdam in '95--came back to the
states and discovered a treasure-trove of fantastic, beautiful, thoughtful
and fun pop music.

SEMISONIC, in case you don't know, is made up of two members of Trip
Shakespeare and a new drummer.  Trip Shakespeare split up in 1992 and their
back catalog is available on an indie label called *clean*, in Minneapolis.

I have always felt that if, by some twist of fate, Andy and Colin and Greg
(and Barry and Terry) had been born in the cold norhtern reaches of
Minnesota, they would have become Trip Shakespeare.

thanks, Parrish, for bringing them up in the list!  _Everyone who needs a
fix should go find a copy of one of their records, either the Semisonic or
the very rewarding _Across the Universe_ on A&M.


his cup overflowing


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 16:10:24 +0100
From: (Erich W.)
Subject: O&L & Chef BoyRDee

As a goofy aside, the melody for the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons (say
the bells...) is the music used on the Chef Boy R Dee commoercials; you
know, the little kids running through the streets and eating yummy canned
Italian goo. On behalf of all Americans, I apologise to our British
counterparts for this bastardization of a cherished childhood memory.

Enrico, currently spinning ES way too loud.


Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 18:59:25 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <v01510100ae74662634bc@[]>
From: (Mitch Friedman)
Subject: The Partridge Report: 9-29-96

And now the news . . .

I talked to Andy today and he had lots to say about a whole bunch of stuff.
Naturally you all want to know if there is any news about a record deal/new
album/world tour etc. Yes and no.

The band is taking their time considering some of the many offers but are
not very close to committing to any because they just want to be sure they
are not making a mistake. Andy knows that we're all anxiously awaiting a
new album or two and he says he's sorry it's taking so long. He did have a
very interesting proposition to offer and wants your input and opinions
about it.

Here's the deal -- The new demos are making their way around and he's sorta
ok with that but as we all know, no money is going to the band and we are
all dubbing what must be low quality 500th generation tapes for one another
OR shelling out $25 for a CD of similar quality. He wants to know if anyone
would be interested in the idea of XTC going into the studio and doing some
very low budget full band recordings of songs that were discarded from the
past but the band and its fans still really like in demo form. It would be
called "The Bootleg Album" and maybe they'd put it out on a small indie
label. He and Dave are very positive about the idea, but Colin is somewhat
against it as he thinks it's cynical to scrape up old songs that were
already discarded and bring them back to life. What Andy thinks is that
maybe Colin would be more agreeable if more of his discarded songs were
considered for the project. Andy would love to do "Gangway Electric Guitar
is Coming Through", "Everything", "This is the End", "Broomstick Rhythm",
"Obscene Procession", "Ra Ra for Red Rockinghorse", "It Didn't Hurt a Bit",
"Car Out of Control", "Spare a Penny" (my suggestion), "Art with a Capital
F" (a new old one), "In Another Life" (a Colin song, part of which became
part of "Cynical Days", ironic eh?) etc.  etc. He truly wants to know if we
would all be interested in purchasing such a new recording of these old
songs. I assured him that I already knew the answer, but it would be great
if any and everyone who had an opinion on subject could email me directly
( and I will mail your responses directly to Andy. And while
you're at it, if you have any ideas for other old songs that you think
might deserve a full band version, include those in your email.

Some odds and ends . . .

"The Green Man" is not based on an old film, but is actually based on the
notion that before Christ, the Green Man was known in pagan circles as the
spirit of the forest.

"Prince of Orange" is probably about the sun, now that he thinks about it.

The band paid for the special limited edition of the Fossil Fuel CD to be
made and Virgin still gave them a hard time about it.

There are about 20 new songs since "I Can't Own Her" and many of the more
recent ones are very electric and guitarry. One new one contains the same
exact riff repeated throughout the whole song and a bass line consisting of
only one note. It's called "Stupidly Happy". "All I Dream of Is a Friend"
has been re-written lyrically and is now called "The Living Room". There is
another new song called "We're All Light" and two old ones, not slated for
the new album or two called "I'm the Kaiser" and "Fire Engine". He wants to
do "I'm the Man Who Murdered Love" for the new album.

He knows nothing about "The Andy Partridge Game Show" but assured me that
Paul Bailey's post was authentic. Paul asked him if he would design a
t-shirt that could be available through the website in the future. Andy
doesn't have any ideas just yet but did suggest "XTC is a four letter

And finally (sorry John!) I have some official lyric corrections for the
new demos . . .

"You and the Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful":
        . . . and every Troy with wooden horse . . .
        . . . nations playfully hurl snowballs packed with stone and clay . . .
"River of Orchids"
        . . . I heard the dandelions roar in Piccadilly circus . . .
        . . . I want to walk into London smelling like a Peckham rose . . .
        (Peckham is on the outskirts of London and is also a brand of matches,
         like England's Glory. When asked why the numerous match references,
         Andy replied that he guessed he was a pyromaniac.)
"Easter Theater"
        . . . Enter Easter and she's dressed in yellow yolk . . .
        . . . as the prompter's fingers through her spinning script . . .
        (a prompter is the person who whispers lines to actors on stage when
         they've forgotten them during a performance.)
"The Last Balloon"
        . . . climb aboard you women, leave all that to the bad old years . . .
"I'd Like That"
        . . . toasting fork, I'll be done . . .
        (a toasting fork is a three-pronged long metal item onto which you
         stick a piece of bread and them place it over a flame to toast it.)
"Wonder Annual"
        . . . hands of Ripper pours paint stripper . . .
        (Ripper as in 'Jack the')

So there! ;^)



Organization: University of Antwerp - UFSIA
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 12:13:50 +0200
Subject: Shttt !!!
Message-ID: <>

Hello dear Chalkhillians,

Would any of you be willing to .... (Shtt !!!) the new .... (Shtt
!!!) you guys are talking about so much?

I might have some interesting .... (Shtt !!!) to trade !

PLEASE e-mail me...

P.S. After reading, this message will burn itself !


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 96 09:30:00 -0500
From: dgershmn <>
Organization: AMS
Subject: B.S. and more...

John B. said:
>I must say that Brian Stevens' new album, "Prettier Than You", is every bit
>as good as other Chalkhillians have said.

Glad to hear you like it! It's nice to know someone actually took a listen
after I emphasized how much some here might enjoy it. Just one catch,

>Here guitars, keyboards, percussion, and bass (Dave Gregory) are
>constantly creating interesting counterrhythms.  So Dave's bass
>playing is of a different nature than it is, say, on Martin Newell's
>Off-White Album, where he launches many of the songs through his
>wonderfully melodic basslines, for example on "Call Me Michael

Actually, Brian plays bass...Dave played guitar on the album, as would
probably be expected. And the same goes for "The Off-White Album"...Dave
plays guitar on that too, not bass.

I received my loot from Stinkweeds last Friday...what a great day it was!
All of it was in beautiful condition, barely played or handled. I really
like the raised ammonite on the Fossil Fuels CD -- can't think of anywhere
else that I've seen that done...the overall design is admittedly a bit
minimalist, but (with a nod to the Spinal Tap reminder in the last issue)
all the black makes me think of lots of oil, and the ammonite reminds me of
a coiled fuse with that match there ready to light the whole thing ablaze.
My main complaint is that I wish someone had taken the time to write up
some liner notes about the band's place in the pop pantheon.

I also was pleasantly surprised to find that the 3" CD single of "King for
a Day" in the crown-shaped package had the "My Paint Heroes" and
"Skeletons" demos on it (though the 7-minute 12" remix of "K for a D" seems
unnecessary), and the "Mayor of Simpleton" B-side demos sound great on that
song's 3" CD single. The various vinyl 7" packages (Sgt. Rock, No Thugs,
Love on a Farmboy's Wages) were simply a joy to behold (and be holding in
my very own hands), though the "Bags of Fun with Buster" sleeve is about as
gross as they come...considering who's responsible for it, however, you
can't help but be amused.

For those wondering about the results of the Desert Island survey, they will
be along very soon...possibly even later in this very issue, depending on
the timing!

Dave Gershman


Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 08:58:47 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Whoa, I just noticed something....
Message-id: <>

In Ballet For a Rainy Day, the opening verse mentions Oranges and Lemons, and
so that's the next album out. And on O&L, in Chalkhills and Children, nonsuch
is mentioned, and so THAT was the next album out.

Coincidence? You be the judge....

Tagline of the day........

I am Homer of Borg. Prepare to be....ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, donuts!



Message-Id: <v02110100ae758317d776@[]>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 15:41:26 +0100
From: (Stephen Varga)
Subject: Fossil Frustations

1.   With the exception of one person who e-mailed me privately, I've not seen
     anyone comment directly on the TV commercial for Fossil Fuel (plenty of
     'Scouse' enquiries though!) I tried in vain to video the commercial but
     my video was not in the record mode during the 4 appearances I saw of the
     advert. Damn nuisance! Looks like it ran for only 1 week.

2.   When I bought my copy of FF, the back of the jewel case was scuffed.

     (Apparently, the company that delivered the CDs which were not shrink
     wrapped, piled one CD on top of another) I tried to exhange this for
     another a few days later' but all the ltd ed copies had the same problem.
     Bah Humbug!

3.   OK then, so I decided to remove the booklet and inner sleeve and swap it
     over with another double CD case. (My wife wasn't bothered about her
     Neil Diamond Ultimate Collection CD case being scuffed so I used that)
     That went well until I tried to close the lid. That bloody embossed cover
     came with incompatible fittings so I can't attach it to any other jewel
     case. Worse was to come..

4    Not getting anywhere I thought, What the heck - let's put things back to
     how they were and I'll worry about this another time. In doing so, I
     accidentally broke off the top lug of the Ltd edition embossed cover!
     Oh No! This is the end! The end!

5    I'm beginning to wish I bought the standard version priced at only 12
     pounds and forty nine pence (excellent value). Is it really worth
     paying an extra 3 quid for an embossed cover?


Message-Id: <v02110101ae758a6c8f23@[]>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 15:41:48 +0100
From: (Stephen Varga)
Subject: Local FF Review

As I am probably the only Chalkie residing in Bournemouth, it stands to
reason that the remaining 1200 of you out there will have missed the
following review which appeared in the Bournemouth Advertiser on 26/9/96:

XTC Fossil Fuel (Virgin) **** (Four Stars)

Joy-double CD XTC compilation! All the 45s and the best of the album
tracks, unless you're an absolute anorak this is all you'll ever need.
Great songs from the heart of Little England complete with burning
melodies, busting choruses and tidy production. Listen and learn ye upstart
Britpop types.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 13:50:00 -0500
From: Dik LeDoux <dik@ICON-INC.NET>
Subject: RE: kid's reaction to XTC

Hey chalksters!

Simon Sleightholm mentioned:
>... to the wee kids who sit singing along, it isn't a Beatles song,
>it's nursery rhyme. Andy was thinking how nice it would be if one or two XTC
>songs fell into that category, the lyrics might mutate or be dropped
>altogther, but somehow something of their work would have become folklore

What a lovely thought.  I've always felt that if a kid or kids got off to
a song, then there must be some undeniable merit to the thing.  For
instance - play a James Brown song that has a bunch of the much-sampled
grunts for a kid and check out the reaction - - - proof positive!

With this in mind - I thought I'd pass along this testimony.  I
frequently make tapes with assorted cuts from various artists so that I
can turn off my car radio when it gets too unbearable.  On one of these
tapes, my son (8 years old) picked out Generals and Majors as "his
favorite song" and constantly hounds me to find the tape and fast-forward
to the spot.  I guess it'd be easier if I just made a dub of the thing by
itself, but nevertheless - - - proof positive!

All for now...

Dik \:)


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