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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #3-34

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 34

                 Monday, 18 November 1996

Today's Topics:

            Tomorrow Never Knows/Molly Meldrum
             Say what you like...This is Pop!
            PUSA (oh don't flame me please!!!)
     yeah, this friend of mine had a bunch to unload
                    Re: Secaucus, etc.
                Andy Partridge Gives Head
                       XTC or XTC?
              Yet another review from Sydney
                 XTC - the pronunciation
         Yes, I WOULD pay a lot of money, James!
                 More about the bio.....
                Where is Mr. Dave Gregory?
  Another misheard lyrics, one of many in a series.....
                      RE: Family Man
                     Key Sarah Sarah
                Re: Ron Sexsmith and more
                  More non-XTC sounds...
                   Glitches and Majors
                    X-T-C or ecstasy?
                    XTC Carbon copies
                  Wireless or Beatless?


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Message-ID: <>
From: Paul Haines <>
Subject: Tomorrow Never Knows/Molly Meldrum
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 11:08:47 +1100

Hey James,

Being an ex-Otago student myself there's a Wellington (in NZ for those
who know not where this is)
band called The Brainchilds who released a version of 'Tomorrow Never
Knows' from their album 'Roll' a couple of years ago. It's a female lead
vocal, and not as trippy as the original. (Pretty good live though.)

Also as an aside, with regards to Molly Meldrum, he promotes Peter
Andre. If no-one knows who this guy is, then Good! (He's the prick whose
abs sing when he comes out of the water). This is Molly's big act, and
it is absolute shit, boom-boom, nightclub music. Hey, but girls like
him...(Peter not Molly, Molly is gay.)

Haines, kiwi in Oz


Message-Id: <v01550100aeb556f42f8c@[]>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 18:59:29 -0600
From: (Mike Mills)
Subject: Say what you like...This is Pop!

Dear Chalkhills,


>Any big Intercourse fans out there?

Uh, huh-huh.

>"Shake You Donkey Up"   ???

I, for one, think it is a great song.  Especially the cocky bass
line under the "Isn't it a shame you kicked that girl" bit.
It does lead very well into the "All My Children"-esque intro
of "Seagulls Screaming" (a fab song in itself). But, how 'bout
those tempo changes in the chorus!!  Any of you music geniuses
care to take a crack at *that* one?! "The Man Who Sailed Around His
Soul", indeed!

> I really don't care at all for Sting these days

Yep.  Ever since he left the 'Force, he's had maybe 5 songs that I've
found worthwhile.  What's up with that?!?  (Attn: XTC Cops:  they
toured together in 1980, it's germane!)

>what is there to discover with repeated listenings? Nothing
>> much.

Oh man.  Too bad you're shelling out big bucks for CDs when for you
there's obviously no worth left after the first listen.  I agree
with Mark;  I discover new things about recordings all the time,
even things like The Beatles' stuff which I've heard over 8,000,000
times.  I can't think of a specific instance, but I do seem to recall
that a very familiar Beatles song had changed for me significantly
when I found something I had never heard before after the 10,000th listen.
I'll see if I can remember it, it might make an interesting story.

>I agree with Gene.  Our discussions may be wide ranging, and while I don't
>hang on every word written here, I value the dialog on pop music.

So do I.  I'm finding out what a lot of people think about XTC-related
bands and what should I check out, etc.  Keep it coming.  Of course, if
it's really lengthy or in-depth "off-topic" stuff, one should probably
be considerate of Master John and edit at their own discretion or save it
for private emails, but hey, that's really up to you.  If you think it
will enlighten the masses, then say it!

Re: "Heaven is Paved With Broken Glass"
Josh wrote:
>That's why I stopped the tape in disgust the first time I heard the
>"original" mix.

I'm assuming the better mix is the one on "Rag and Bone"; if so, what is
this "original" mix and from whence does it come?  (Although I really
don't think I could handle flat and uninteresting drums on that one)

>>Ted, you ignorant slut,

DAMMIT, WHERE IS THIS FROM?!?  I've been racking my brain all weekend
trying to think of it, but I can't figure it out!  Dave, somebody, put
me out of my Misery!

> My Bird

Ohhhhhhhh.  I absolutely *ADORE* this one.  While "Peter Pumpkinhead"
lends a perceptible air of melancholy to begin the album, "My Bird
Performs" cements it in stone.  I would venture to say that CM's singing
is better here than anywhere else.  The flugelhorn is an amazing addition
(though I noticed that throughout their career, Moulding has had a
tendency to use horns ["That is the Way"]; maybe there are no other examples
of this and I'm exaggerating, but so be it).  What a beautiful song.

Hasta lambada,

XTC song of the day: "My Bird Peforms"
non-XTC song that isn't EC of the day:  "Welcome Back" John Sebastian
Elvis Costello song of the day:  "This Year's Girl"


Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 01:48:55 +0700 (GMT-7)
From: Tom  Yates <>
Subject: PUSA (oh don't flame me please!!!)
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.961119013735.13546C-100000@stjohn>

Ok, my first and last posting about the any of you out
there like them?  I just think they're downright fun fun fun, no more or
less.  Also great production, and wonderful musicianship displayed.  The
reason i mention them is that I wanted to know if they have ever talked
about xtc influences in ther interviews or such?  It's not that they
sound like the famed three so much (though on songs like "Volcano" the
stylistic resemblence is almost eerie) but their attiude in the music is
so free, innocently polished and lyrically coherent while at the same
time being whacked out just enough to keep you listening to
instrumentation and thinking
about meanings in the words.  "Lump" for example, is it about a swamp
creature, or a woman in a coma?  I dunno.  XTC does the same thing to me,
sends those tingles up and down the old spinearoo whenever they make
these deftly brilliant songs.  Probably the rest of you will end up
trashing my oddball comparison, but I can take it, I TELL YOU!

On another note, could anyone give a ROUGH BALL PARK FIGURE on when we
could expect an album of newness from the Swindon boys?  O God I'm
waiting and hoping and praying....

Please be gentle...



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 23:32:17 -0800
From: William Ham <>
Subject: yeah, this friend of mine had a bunch to unload
the cash..."

"yeah, this friend of mine had a bunch to unload, but i didn't have the

the response a friend of mine gave me whilst i was playing "english
settlement" and asked him if he liked XTC.

my e-mail account was acting up for a while there and when i finally got
through, yowza was there a lot of chalkhills in there!!! i read as many
as i could, but it's getting late so i'll get this off before i finish
some work and get in bed.

first, a small commentary on what was said about keeping this strictly
XTC related: i do so agree that i think we should discuss other bands
that people would like if they do like XTC. i'm hearing about all sorts
of great bands that i would have never heard about other than through
this and i've got a feeling the majority of it is going to be great. i do
appreciate XTC content in here as well but do so get annoyed by the
"obligatory XTC content" line that gets thrown in whenever has something
else to spew about and then throws in a comment about colin's hair. ack!!

second, thanks to those who have sent me stuff for my radio show. i am
definitely going to play it this coming weekend and will get a tape of it
out to you.

thirdly, speaking of my radio show, it was said show that allowed me to
convert a young friend of mine to the church of the almighty XTC. he's a
huge fan of late-era beatles and i was playing a bit of XTC one night he
was around and he didn't really say much about it, but he came by this
past saturday and raved about them. chalk (bad pun, i know) one up for
me!!! that particular show where i played XTC for my friend also prompted
an interesting conversation from a caller. i was in the midst of playing
"earn enough for us" (followed by "everybody's got something to hide
except for me and my monkey" for my friend, no less) and some 13 year old
calls up:

her: do you play any alternative stuff on your show?
me: aren't i now?
her: well...yeah, i guess, you have any nirvana or pearl jam?
me: (disgruntled sigh)

i swear, kids these days....(shut up man you're only 21!)...i just long
for those far gone days when we could hear XTC on an "alternative"
station. and i mean a big commercial one, not like where i do my show (at
a small non-commercial. community minded station). like when i used to
live back east and would hear "the loving" on (i think it was called)
WBRU. sure, it does have something to do with the fact that they haven't
had anything new out in 5 years, but couldn't they at least slip in a
"senses working overtime" or a "generals and majors" and not just in the
80's flashback portion of the day? i guess i just have to face the fact
that those stations are now bogged down with marilyn manson and dave
matthews band.

(add disgruntled sigh right here too)

obligatory non-XTC related comments:

anyone else who's signed on to the TMBG info club just love the clip and
fold lyric box? i know i denigrated the value of the newsletter by
putting it together, but i just couldn't resist.

wow, that was a long one, *whew*, time for bed....



Message-Id: <v01540b02aeb5d770e216@[]>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 02:19:09 -0700
From: (E.B.)
Subject: Re: Secaucus, etc.

From: "Jeffrey with 2 f's Jeffrey" <>
>In my CD changer: The Wrens _Secaucus_

Woo-hoo! At last, someone else who loves this record! I'd put this among
the best 6-7 albums of 1996, but somehow, only 10 people seem to have heard
it at all.  :(

Someone out there, check Secaucus out and be #11.  :)


PS  Who the heck is Gerald Manley Hopkins?


Message-Id: <v02130500aeb5e3ee4c53@[]>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 10:18:33 +0000
From: (Stephen Varga)
Subject: Fossilfaction

On Saturday, I took back my ltd ed Fossil CD to MVC to try and sort out the
problem with the broken lug.

Luckily, they had one copy left and they swapped it over. They didn't even
ask to look at the receipt.

I have two points of advice.

1. If your Fossil jewel case is damaged in any way, replace it now
while it's still possible to get hold of the ltd ed. You'll be glad in
years to come when the value of the ltd ed CD will increase substantially.

2. Why not buy a spare 2CD jewel case and carefully put the inlay card and
booklet into the replacement case? That way you won't be putting any wear
and tear on your fragile Fossil case which can be left untouched as it
appreciates in value.

Of course, it's up to you what you do, but if you damage your jewel case,
you'll be sorry!


Message-Id: <v02130501aeb5e7170715@[]>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 10:18:35 +0000
From: (Stephen Varga)
Subject: Andy Partridge Gives Head

On Saturday, the BBC relaunched their new teletext service. As a result,
there are now new and improved music pages.

On BBC1/2 page 564 which is Radio 1's Soundbite page, I spotted this:


Talking Heads minus David Byrne, but with a selection of guest vocalists,
from Debbie Harry and Michael Hutchence to Maria Mckee and Andy Partridge.


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 11:38:49 -0500 (EST)
From: Allan Hislop <>
Subject: XTC or XTC?
Message-id: <>

     Dear Chalk & Cheesehillians

     Never mind um-bi-LIKE-al vs umbil-ICK-al; the following from Nov 11
     issue of Time as kindly quoted by James Isaacs in Chalkhills #3-33,
     raises an interesting point.

     >XTC (pronounced ecstacy,
     >but unrelated to the recreational drug of the same name)

     Doea anyone pronounce XTC like the word ecstacy?

     Personally I've always pronounced them like the seperate letters
     EX-TEE-SEE, not EX-TAS-SEE.
     Am I the only one?

     I'm overjoyed that at last Shake You Donkey Up is getting the praise it
     so rightly deserves, and what a coincidence that 2 of us mention it in
     almost same posting. (See #3-31 & #3-32).  Well done Dave for such
     cracking taste!  Play it bloody loud through headphones until your ears
     bleed.  Marvellous.




Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 22:55:44 +1100
From: Colin Wright / Helen Murray <>
Subject: Yet another review from Sydney

Yet  another great review from Sydney's On The Street'.

I guess I'm just going to repeat what every one else has said about
this album.  Yeah, it's pretty close to Godlike.  Two CDs of the best
from one of the best bands in the last twenty years.  XTC have this
incredible knack of writing, what on the surface seem to be really
simple pop songs with slightly awkward lyrics.

Then people try to cover them, or perhaps you pick up a guitar and strum
out a few notes, suddenly you realise that the song wasn't quite as
simple as you imagined it was.

These guys write killer tracks.  Dear God seems to me to be the
favourite song of many people but it never really got a look in this
country.  My only sob with the XTC collection is that it concentrates
perhaps a little too heavily on the earlier part of their career,
forgoing many great tracks from the last few albums where they really
started writing some beautiful stuff.

I look forward to their new album with a new label, which according to
our OtS interview a few weeks back has already been written.

Keeping you posted - See ya



From: Damian Foulger <>
Organization: UWCC
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 11:49:14 GMT
Subject: XTC - the pronunciation
Message-ID: <>

Dear all chalk-peoples,

Firstly, a big thanks to James Isaacs for transcribing the Time
article about our boys.  It was interesting to note that James
Geary, who appears to be quite a fan, doesn't know how to pronounce
the band name:
> In fact, the British trio XTC (pronounced ecstacy,...)
Are well, good publicity though.  I wonder how many people will go
to there local CD shop and ask for Ecstacy.  Could embarass a
potential new "cult fan" (I didn't know that we were a cult!) out
of a purchase!

Dames tWd

(Life is good in the greenhouse:XTC)
"I am quite happy to wear cotton
 without knowing how it works" - Black Adder


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 96 09:18:00 -0500
From: dgershmn <>
Organization: AMS
Subject: Pronunciation

From that TIME article (thanks, James Isaacs!):
>In fact, the British trio XTC (pronounced ecstacy, but unrelated to
>the recreational drug of the same name)...

Just any of you actually pronounce it that way? I, for one,
have always pronounced it "X-T-C," just as it's written, and assumed that
everyone else did as well. Is this writer (James Geary) the only one who


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 09:15:44 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Yes, I WOULD pay a lot of money, James!
Message-id: <>

Anything Dave Gregory is priceless, though.

PS-Damnit, I can't remember the name, as it was a good two digests ago
(Three today! This is good!) but someone said I should be proud of my
Gregory worship.  Well I am. I should found something like the Church of the
Almighty Gregsy, God of the Great Musical Forgeries and Guitar
Playing.....ahh I like it!

So what would the Partridge church be like....the Church of the Overblown
Windbag....I'M JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

And, (my friend refers to Colin by a nickname due to his slightly buck
teeth) so we shall call his church the Church of the Almighty Horseteeth.

Whew, that was unabashedly 5th grad-ish there.



Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 09:23:01 -0600 (CST)
Subject: More about the bio.....
Message-id: <>

I was fairly interested in the band's early life, childhood, etc., but there
was just plain not enough Dave. (Hey, this is National Diabetes Month, isn't
it? I should give some money up. After all, Gregsy has to go through the
rest of his life giving himself a shot, poor guy.)

I did enjoy the Australian/Japanese tour account the most. Especially Terry
getting drunk and challenging the hotel staff in Japan to a fight. And
probably the most entertaining part of the book was, of course, the
pictures. I have never seen three more forlorn looking babies in my life!
Dave looked like he was about to cry, Colin looked like he wanted to slap
whoever was taking the picture, and Andy looked just plain confused.

Yeah, CASBY references were a little drawn out. And it sort of pained me to
readabout Colin almost quitting, b/c until I bought the book I never knew
that happened.


I wish I could take my name out of all caps, but I don't know how!!!!!!!


Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 00:56:28 +0900
Message-Id: <>
From: Tetsuya Shimizu <>
Subject: Where is Mr. Dave Gregory?

Hello! chalkies

At last I got the Earthrise video!

Pounding my heart with expectation, I skipped all stuff before "spirit of
the forest" and began to see.
A few second later, Andy appeared and then I found Colin and Andy
in the chorus. "Oh! Colin and Andy there!"

Naturally I looked for the Dave but I could not find him.
Did anyone find him?

Except for this, They appeared more than I expected.
Little bit unexpected.

Tetsuya Shimizu /


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 09:53:18 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Another misheard lyrics, one of many in a series.....
Message-id: <>

And here it is.....I may have stated it WAY earlier, but I thought it was so
funny I'll just say it again!

From The Everyday Story of a Smalltown....

Think I'll pick my arse on up and get away.

Wow, going through the archives and looking at my posts, I really AM a
member of the church of Gregsy. Scary thought for such a nice little
Catholic girl.  Thou shalt not have other gods before me unless it be that
of David Gregory.



Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 10:51:49 -0500 (EST)
From: Natalie Jane Jacobs <>
Subject: References
Message-ID: <>

Looking at the lyrics to Papersnow, I caught a couple of obscure (or maybe
not-so-obscure) cultural references - "Laundry ticket that exploded"
refers to "The Ticket That Exploded" by ancient withered raspy-voiced
badass William S. Burroughs.  "Petals fell on Petaluma" refers to an
opera or orchestral suite (I can't remember which) by Harry Partch, a mad
genius avant-garde composer who built his own instruments out of junk, the
results sounding rather similar to latter-day Tom Waits without the
vocals.  (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here, kids.)

Incidentally, if anyone could tape Papersnow for me, so I don't have to
buy the whole album, I'd be mighty obliged.  I will offer bribes.

Re. "Shake You Donkey Up," it is not only the bees-knees, but also the
wings, head, thorax, and booty.  I have an interview with Andy where he
describes the "push-pull" rhythm devised to evoke the donkey's
stubbornness.  This is also the song where they taped biscuit tins to Pete
Phipps' drum kit.  Very cool.  My sister hates this song.  I am baffled.
Perhaps I was adopted.

Finally:  Michigan Chalkhillians!  I implore you once again to join us in
a Midwestern XTC gathering!  And not just Michigans - Ohioans, Ontarians,
and anyone else within driving distance of Ann Arbor - you are all
welcome!  Write to me if you're interested.

Natalie Jacobs
Visit the Land of Do-As-You-Please!


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 12:04:32 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: RE: Family Man

Hello all,

just a question. I have been reading these posts for about a month now and
must say I like them quite. I did notice Andy had gotten a divorce, can
anyone tell me more about it? I always liked the fact he seemed to be such a
family man with five kids and all and was a little distressed to hear of his
marital's the ex? I alway s secretly admired Maryann (if
that's her name) and imagined her to be quit....e a source of stability for
the wildly imaginative and probaly extremely difficult Partridge.....he must
be quite something sto blive with. And then I imagine her with the five
children while Andy is sowing his mid-life crisis oats with some younger
woman in NYC...oh well I could go on, I realize that probably all of these
rummagings are projections but that's the fate of the fan I guess.....So if
anyone could get me to speed regarding the divorce I would be greatly


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 96 11:15:38 CST
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Key Sarah Sarah

  Hello Hungry ones,
  Writing from work again. I really need my own account here. Oh well,
  Key - Sarah - Serah.
  Thanks for all the replies I got about getting tapes of my band and
  wanting to trade for the Rock Over London show I taped. Hopefully
  the trades will come through.
  I am curious to know how many people subscribe to Chalkhills and if
  Mr. Relph could include some sort of running tally.
  Thanks also for the few comments about "Humble Daisey" and my
  possible XTC favorite of all time, "Everything". If it made Ben cry,
  what more can you say ??
  Great suggestion for a new song to discuss from Dave Gershman,
  "Shake You Donkey up".
  Point 1.) Talk about the music matching the lyrics!
        2.) It's on an album that I believe almost every song
            had the perfect match of Lyrics and music. (Except for
            "This World Over" The lyrics are great - The music is
            bad Police rip-off. ((shields up)) )
        3.) IMHO it is NOT a song to introduce the XTC unaware. This
            is Fan-boy (and girl) stuff only.
  There you go.
  On to one other note from the last chalkhills, someone wanted a
  review of "The Greatest Living Englishman" by Martin Newell and
  The New Improved Andy Partridge.
  It is pleasing Pop-ourri, very much worth the price of admission
  and all those other positive review cliches. What I's saying is that
  it's good. You like XTC - you like Newell. And by the way, on that
  R.O.L thing I keep talking about, Andy hand-picked a Newell song
  from his "Off-White" album called 'When the Damsans(sic) are Down'
  that just punches you in the bass with it heavenly groove. The guy
  is good.
  Last but not least, I was wondering if anyone from the U.K. or any
  place other than the U.S. could drop me an e-mail as I have realized
  that I don't know anyone outside of this country and that's too
  limited for a healthy life.
  Thanks and remember
  is where to send replies.
  " Everything we ever said or did, stored in a jar which I swore had
      'TRUE LOVE' penciled in on the lid"
  Jason Phelan(fee-lin)


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 12:00:20 -0700
From: DeWitt Henderson <>
Subject: Re: Ron Sexsmith and more

Just wanted to say to those that plugged the Ron Sexsmith CD that yes, I did
find a used copy and checked it out, and it IS good, but... I think that
it's quite John Hiatt-ish in a way, but his vocal style/power is somewhat
weak - as in, I think I'd like it better if John Hiatt were singing some of
these songs.

Quick comments on XTC songs mentioned in the last couple of Chalkhills -
"Shake You Donkey Up" - I love Andy's maniac vocals on this song!
"My Bird Performs"    - Fantastic - one of many gems on the (evidently to
          this group) underrated "Nonsuch"
"Books Are Burning"   - damn right about those dueling guitars - god, that's
          one of XTC's finest moments to me - and yes, very Beatlesque
"Roads Circle the Globe" - great!  Crunching, in-your-face, seems to me it
          was a preview of what was to come in "Black Sea"
"When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty" - fun - I think I smile or laugh
          every time I hear this track.  Perfect alternate take on
	  adolescent shyness

Also, thanks to whoever it was that gave us the Time article.
* ----------------------------------
| DeWitt Henderson               |
| Los Alamos National Laboratory |
| CIC-13   MS P223               |
| Los Alamos, NM 87544           |
| 505/665-0720                   |
* ----------------------------------


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 14:54:43 -0500 (EST)
Subject: More non-XTC sounds...
Message-Id: <>

Hiyall Chalkhillians,

to quench your auditive thirst for brilliant pop confections, while
waiting for the next late great long-overdue album from our favorite
musical trio, how about sampling some of The Cardigans output?

I don't know much at all about this band, apart that they seem to hail
from Sweden (if the "Stockholm Records" sleeve info is any indication).
What I do know is their sound will certainly satisfy some XTC-inclined
sets of ears out there, especially those that get a high from The Dukes of
Stratosphear and other psychedelia-tinged XTC.

Be forewarned though: some of The Cardigans' songs *are* overly sweetened
-- there is a Carpenters' taste to their music as well, for better or
worse -- but overall, the sound and haunting vocals of their vocalist
(Nina Persson) will possibly take you closer to that Nonsuch land where
the Mole from the Ministry is having tea with the Walrus. And although
their lyrics don't strike me as anywhere near Mr. Partridge's
brilliantly witty ones, The Cardigans do seem to share a little of the (of
late) recalcitrant Swindonian's perversity: they have covered -- at least
twice and in their own peculiar way  -- songs by... Black Sabbath (!!!),
reminiscent in a way of the outrageous Dylan cover of ye olde XTC.

Dip first into their latest, "First Band on the Moon" (fitting retro
title) [1996, Stockholm/Trampolene -- thru Polygram in Canada] and if you
crave more, there's a self-titled compilation of assorted stuff, a 5-song
single of (mostly) covers and, last but not least, their first album (just
available as a domestic release in Canada), "Emmerdale".

And finally, to satisfy the sceptical enquirer: NO, I'm not in any way
connected to the band, their label or their uncle.

Before signing off, just a tidbit for the TMBG / XTC thread: I remember
vividly being turned on to the first, and still brilliant, self-titled
They Might Be Giants album by a Rolling Stone (!) review [#497, April 9th,
1987] where one could read this line by Jim Farber: "In fact, beneath the
jokes, They Might Be Giants might be the most unexpectedly catchy pop band
since XTC." Yep, the "XTC as yardstick for excellence in pop" was already
usual almost a decade ago...

Good listening to all!

The Scissor Man
(snipping snipping...)


Message-Id: <v01550100aeb6716d03de@[]>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 14:33:28 -0600
From: (Mike Mills)
Subject: Glitches and Majors

Chalkhills:  When You Know All The Answers But Still Hunger For MORE.

>Question!  I've noticed a funny glitchy sound in "Generals and
>Majors" on my CD and on various tapes that I have purchased.  Has
>anybody else noticed this?

Yes, I have.  You're not alone.  There is a glitchy sound, somewhere
in the middle of the song, which annoys me because of its source
origin.  But hey, what can you do?

> My XTC loving girlfriend thinks that Sting is
>a pompous overbearing narcissistic pseudo-intellectual that writes
>"aggressively bad self-serving" lyrics.

Wow, who's your girlfriend?  I hope I never meet her, for your sake. :)

re: "Scarecrow People"
>The music is outrageous, with science fiction guitars,

Juuuuuuust curious, how do you mean?  They always sounded warm and, oh,
acoustic to me.  And that solo is incredible.

re: "Vanishing Girl"
>Colin?  You were lied to.  Have another listen...

That song is unmistakably, *unquestionably* Colin Moulding (though Andy's
voice can be heard in the harmonies).  I still don't see why this is
so hard...

> _Here_  (Adrian Belew)

I recommend it heartily.  Excellently crafted songs written and performed
entirely by the artist.  When I first heard "I See You", I was amazed.
He sounds like Lennon in the bridge bits.  Warning:  some material might
not be suited for those who dislike preaching.  But I think it's safe to
say that if you like "O&L" you'll like this.

>Who was it that mentioned their fondness for The Sugarplastic?!?! I,
>too am a recent.. but no less "rabid" fan.

Hey, rock on!  (my stock response to everything cool)  I was introduced to
them by a friend in Seattle who informed me that "they sound like you."
I immediately bought "Bang", and, while not sounding *quite* like the
stuff I do, jived with my taste enough so that I consider it to be one
of the best albums of the year.  Sorry I can't help you with the lyrics
there though...that's one of the lines I've kind of resigned myself to
not knowing.  Ummm...who else do you like?

And now, I've got a paper to write.  See ya!


In the tape player today:  ME!!!!!![Top 40]  (shameless self-plug)


Message-Id: <v01550101aeb678efc79c@[]>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 14:38:09 -0600
From: (Mike Mills)
Subject: "Skylacking"

Skylacking.  Yes, people should be talking about it more.
In particular, the AMAZING version of "Season Cycle" done
by Top 40!!!!   That version is FAR better than the
original, IMNSHO!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry.  You were saying?....



Date: 18 Nov 96 16:02:17 EST
From: "Pablo F. Gorondi" <103075.2635@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: X-T-C or ecstasy?
Message-ID: <961118210216_103075.2635_JHG65-1@CompuServe.COM>

Dear Chalkies,

I have a question to the more educated than I.

Ever since I first heard XTC on a radio station in Argentina in 1981, I've
been a fan. I've spent 7 years of my life in the USA, am now 29 years old,
and presently living in Hungary where I've yet to come across any XTC albums
at local shops.

Reading the TIME magazine article the other day, I was struck by the fact
that the author pointed out that the name of the band is pronounced like the
"recreational drug," not, as I and all my Argentine and Hungarian friends
have been pronouncing it for the past 15 years, the three letters X-T-C as
they sound in the alphabet.

If anybody can clear this up for me, I'd be very thankful. Also, if any
members of the list are from Hungary or Argentina, I'd like to get in touch
with you.  Feel free to write me to my private e-mail.

This is my first post, I've been subscribed for about five months and don't
own any XTC demos, although I do have some old singles and maxis. My
contribution to spreading XTC so far has been to program them as often as
possible when I worked as a radio DJ and write about them or mention them
every chance I get as a journalist. So far, I have succeeded in getting at
least 4 people hooked on the band, all of whom now own at least 5 XTC

Although I consider myself a big XTC fan, I'm very impressed with the level
of obsession with - knowledge of the band some of you Chalkies have. If I
only had the time...

I have a couple of interesting anecdotes regarding things that happened in
my life that are directly related to XTC, but I don't know if anybody is

Wouldn't want my first post to be my last, so I'll sign off now.
		Best regards, Pablo Gorondi


Message-Id: <>
From: "Keith Beck" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 21:34:39 +0000
Subject: XTC Carbon copies

Hello Every body Peeps,

> Sure I'm serious, Mark. Carbon copies of studio recordings (which is
> Drums and Wireless in a nutshell, for the most part) do not make for
> good live recordings, in my opinion. Why bother to release live
> recordings if the songs sound the same as the studio versions?

Well I'd just like to come to Mark's defence here, surly these studio
live recordings were made to sell a record, so to make them as close
to record as possible, was the whole point, but they still have that
hard live edge to them that you don't get on the records,
No thugs in our house and Jason and the argonauts are far better than
the lp versions in my honest opinion,
there and no annoying  abbreviations either.

> > One final thought. If you have a copy of the Science Friction 7
> > inch single in Mint condition, it's worth around 75 pounds
> > nowadays. (120 US Dollars!) Well that's how much someone in
> > November's Record Collector is asking for it, anyway...

I've seen this item in the 1995 record collector book, and it's
listed at two hundred quid, the record shop that let me have a peek
at their (no customers to look at) Bible are expecting the 1997
issue, so I'll let you all know what outrageous price it is now.

I've got a copy of Wrapped in grey CD 5, does anybody know what it
is worth?
I got five copies from the above shop, I paid 99 pence each for them,
kept one for myself and gave the other four away......Aaaahhhh!

Could I ask Mark Fisher how the hell is Paul Wilde, (XTC
 be on line with the rest of us, Will there be anymore conventions
when we have a new record to kareoke to.

Well were living in hope,
Neil Innes.

Cheers Medears,   Keith.


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 00:39:14 +0000
Subject: Wireless or Beatless?

Dear Chalkers,

It seems I have upset some people again...

First Dave O'Connell:
> Sure I'm serious, Mark. Carbon copies of studio recordings (which is
> Drums and Wireless in a nutshell, for the most part) do not make for
> good live recordings, in my opinion.
But we're not talking live recordings here Dave.
They are radio sessions - multitracked and certainly not live
Fans have been exchanging tapes of these sessions for ages and have
often asked the band and/or Virgin to release them.
My only serious gripe about the Wireless CD is that it is by no means
complete - there should be a volume 2!

> Why bother to release live
> recordings if the songs sound the same as the studio versions? Sheer
> waste of time.
I think not - the live version will always be slightly different and
therefore at least "interesting" and sometimes a live version even
surpasses the album version.( the Battery Brides B-side ? )

>The closest thing XTC ever did on a regular basis
>to their arrangements in concert was to shout over to Terry to speed
>up the tempo.
Ouch... that hurts!
But if you really think this is true, get a couple of XTC live bootleg
tapes and listen. And listen again.

Now to the topic of off-topic topics:
Dave ( another Dave! Is this a conspiracy? ) Gershman said:
> There is a point at which a non-XTC topic could get
> carried too far (though I really don't think we've quite reached that
> point with any of them), but really...XTC do not exist in a vacuum.
And I really don't object to people pointing me to similar artists
or a thread on the influence of the Kinks or Beach Boys on Andy but I can
do without a long boring thread on the merits of Macca's "Goodbye"
and whether or not it should have been included on Anthology III.
Or how the producers messed up that CD...

I'm sure it's all very interesting to loads of people but I don't think
the XTC (!) mailing list is the proper forum.
What do I care about how many other bands Jeff Lynne has
ruined/saved ? As long as he stays well clear of our Heroes...


Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse

===> Mark's useless XTC quote for today <==
We felt the air from from your hands all clapping time


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