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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #3-24

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 24

                 Sunday, 10 November 1996

Today's Topics:

       Tribute Tape!  EMERGENCY!  Read and Respond!
                       Jingo Starr
                         Re: Crow
               Re: The aptly named Dummies
                 Re: Because/Bullets/Bugs
                        The worst
              Toy matinee and Jason Falkner
                      TMBG Show 11/8
               The Jellyfish and Sex appeal
               You say Tomita, I say Tomata
                    Jeff "Kinky" Lynne
                      Andy On Radio
        re: Convert a Blur fan today + TAB request
             Save the last dance for...HELL!
                  Small XTC content ....
                  Morning Glory Inspired
                         XTC in Q
  Christmas Elfman, Boats Pulsing, They Might Be Beatles
                      Kevin Gilbert
               THE POT WON'T HOLD OUR LOVE
      Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her: The Band
   snipping, snipping, snipping bits of Chalkhill posts
                     I Am The Walrus


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Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 16:16:21 -0800
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Tribute Tape!  EMERGENCY!  Read and Respond!

  Sorry for the delay, folks.  Hope you haven't been flaming me!  I have
  eleven editions of Chalkhills in my mailbox, still unread.

  The tape project has had a few snags.

  The first being that the length (72 minutes) is an odd size and it will
  cost more to custom cut to that length.  We could save some money by
  reducing the length to 60 minutes but that isn't fair to the

  Please understand that I am truly ashamed that I didn't factor this in
  and that I am REALLY ASHAMED to ask this but... If any of you
  contributors are willing to wait until the 1997 tape, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
  If you want to fix up your contribution, record something different,
  you're having second thoughts, etc.  LET ME KNOW!  You will get first
  crack at the next tape and I promise not to make the same mistake twice.
  I will be the first to sit this one out and omit my cover of The
  Somnambulist but we would need a few more.  Otherwise it'll cost each of
  us more.  Email me if you are a contributor and want to discuss this.  I
  do not feel that I should play editor and decide to cut some songs and,
  besides, there isn't a fair way to do it.

  The second problem I am encountering is that the price-breaks vary widely
  based on quantity ordered.

  I'm trying hard to get this available by the Christmas holidays.

  Can everyone interested in ordering the tape email me with the quantity
  they are likely to order?  FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTION EXACTLY!

  Use these estimated prices (includes tape and shipping)

  Tape    Destinations
  Quan    U.S.      England   Japan
  1       $2.50     $4.50     $4.10
  2       $3.90     $7.50     $6.40
  3       $5.30     $10.00    $10.50
  4       $7.40     $13.50    $12.00
  5       $8.40     $16.50    $16.00

  1) Put "XTCn" in your subject line, "n" being the quantity you are likely
  to order.

  2) Do NOT consider this your order.  Do NOT include ANY body text.  It
  won't get read.

  I need this information to get accurate quotes from the duplicators as I
  truly have no idea how many requests to expect.  If we get enough orders,
  the price will come down.  DO IT TODAY!!

  Bear with me, humor me, whatever it takes.  I've learned a bit and lost a
  bit (and gained a few more gray hairs!) and the tape is cool and I truly
  cannot wait to share it!  It almost got radio airplay on WORB in Detroit
  (I am very close to the station manager) but I balked as it had not been
  distributed and I didn't think it would be fair to the Chalkids.

  ...and yes...
  I'll do another tape next year (and every year) as long as it stays fun.
  So, start recording now because the next tape will be "First tape arrive,
  First tape included" until I reach 60 minutes.

  That's the news from the Children's Chalklines.

  Cheers, Richard


Message-Id: <>
From: "Simon Knight" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 11:25:23 +0000
Subject: Jingo Starr

Someone wrote:

>And I just can't get past that
>"jingoistic cake." Jingoistic is one of those words that just reeks
>of pseudo-intellectualism.  When I hear it I always groan.  I
>remember someone on the list thought this song was subtle.  Not with
>the J word.

That was me, and i still think they lyrics are subtle - compare it to
the smartest monkeys to see how it *shouldn't* be done.

One of my favourite REM snippets:  "By jingo, buy America" - Exhuming
McCartney.  (I wonder if Colin knows this song?  "Exhuming McCartney
= Resurrecting Churchill"?)

"Jingoistic" is hardly pretentious!  It's not that an uncommon word
in everyday language, but then i work in a university.  (Maybe i'm
pretentious!  I did use "disenfranchised" in a recent lyric).  I'm just
glad XTC don't see the need to dumb things downs to the LCD level.

If it's pretension you want how about "Then she appeared".  The
references within always make me smile at Andy's audacity, especially
in the context of a bubblegumish pop song.

And Michael's Review of They Might Be Giants:
>"Wake up and smell the cat food, in your bank account" indeed!

Well a "Corportation T-shirt stupid bloody tuesday man" to you!

Listen to the giants the same way you'd read Dr. Seuss and they makes
perfect sense.  "Cowtown" is just begging to be illustrated!


Message-Id: <v01540b01aea987f58905@[]>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 18:06:53 -0700
From: (E.B.)
Subject: Re: Crow

>>No, I agree...they're far better than the above list is giving them credit
>>for. And I would add to that statement Sheryl Crow.

I haven't heard any Sheryl Crow beyond the radio hits (and don't really
care to), but I gotta admit, I kinda like the new "If It Makes You Happy"
single. You know, every time I hear those sluggish opening guitar chords
kick in, I think it's gonna be a Teenage Fanclub song!



From: David DeVoto <>
Subject: McCartney!
Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 19:57:02 -0600 ()

From: Jason Garcia <>

Jason said:

>How can you look at McCartney's entire body of
>Beatles work and come up with "Throwaway pop" as the

I didn't mean it as a criticism, as much as a loose
term for his songs.  The problem with my term was that
it implies McCartney doesn't labor over his songs with
care, which is inaccurate. BUT, I was trying to say
his songwriting gift is in writing great and memorable
tunes with "instant" appeal (usually!)  I think Andy
P. can writes in a "McCartney" way with songs like
"Mayor of Simpleton" and in a "Lennon" mode with
"Living Through another Cuba" and the like.

>He has ALWAYS been my favorite, because he
>seamlessly combines personal expression with a
>singalong melody and a sunny outlook that, while
>acknowledging despair
>and frustration, doesn't allow it to rule.  If you
>want "throwaway pop", just listen to top 40 radio.  I
>suggest you listen to every Beatles album you have
>back to back and think about this a little bit, then
>get back to me.

 Hey, I couldn't agree more.  Listening to Anthology
III confirms (for me) McCartney's genius!  I even like
_Ram_!  It was my fault in using "throwaway pop" when
it's impossible to use labels in music.
This is Pop!
 BTW,  I'd love to see a cover band to a medly of Ball
and Chain with Penny Lane.


Message-Id: <v01540b02aea989b1f15f@[]>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 18:14:10 -0700
From: (E.B.)
Subject: Re: The aptly named Dummies

>The Almighty Ones, the Gods Themselves, known affectionately to my male
>friends as Four Boys and a Babe, known to me as me as Two Babe Brothers and
>Three Other Guys, Crash Test Dummies: I don't think I need to answer.

<Shudder> I had to sit through them opening for Elvis Costello
once...blecccch. Why is all the popular music in Canada so gawdamn cloying?
(Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies, etc., etc., etc.)

Just my view,


Message-Id: <v01540b03aea98b66581d@[]>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 18:26:43 -0700
From: (E.B.)
Subject: Re: Because/Bullets/Bugs

>From: Michael Versaci <>
>On The Beatles: The a capella version of "Because" from A-III is perfection.

Funny, I thought that was the most disposable track of the whole package.
Just artificially eliminating the backing tracks long after the fact is a
bogus way to create an "alternate" version. And certainly, everyone has
always known what great harmonies the song has...that's perfectly obvious
from the original version. And when the moments of silence kick in during
the spot where the synthesizer solo originally was, it's very, very
awkward. Anyway, like I said, that's the first A3 track I would eliminate.
Then I'd replace it with the "Goodbye" demo.  ;)

>Ray Davies:
>Yeah, the Kinks were real good in their day.  "Celluloid Heroes" is a
>beautifully crafted pop song.  But let's get real, Andy has more talent
>in one of his nostril hairs than five Ray Davies!  (Quick, get me a
>bullet proof vest!)

Consider yourself bulleted.  ;)

From: "Mark G. Cuevas" <>

>In the words of my personal hero, Marvin Martian: "You are making me very
>angry.  Very angry indeed."

Marvin rocks!!! What is that wonderful weapon that Bugs stole? "The
[something] Intergalactic Space Modulator???"  :)



Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 21:49:41 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <v01510100aea9592880d6@[]>
From: (Mitch Friedman)
Subject: The worst

Hey all . . .

Just some random recollections for the record:

Shortly after The Three Wise Men single was released was when I first spoke
with Andy. He described 'Countdown to Christmas Partytime' as 'trying to
sound like Michael Jackson but ending up sounding like Jack Michaelson.'

Recently Sir John Johns told me that if you want to hear the third Dukes'
album, just go out and buy The Moody Blues' 'In Search of the Lost Chord'.

The absolute worst XTC song has got to be 'Monkey Woman'. Sure it's rare
and most have never heard it but take my word for it:

"I'm in love with a monkey woman,
Monkey woman love me too.
I'm in love with a monkey woman
and we're livin' in the city zoo,
livin' in the city zoo
makin' monkey love"

The dumbest monkeys no doubt!



Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 05:23:36 -0500
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Toy matinee and Jason Falkner

In a message dated 96-11-07 23:19:00 EST, you write:

<< > Is anyone on this
 > list acquainted with Toy Matinee?  I think "they" were not really
 > even a group - it was Kevin Gilbert (who was unfortunately found dead
 > recently in LA - I think drug-related)

 Yes, tragic, although I don't believe his death was drug related.  >>

Wow, I didn't know that. Really great album. The follow up album (Third
Matinee) had the singer from Mister Mister on it. Not as good, but had some
high points.

I recently went to see Jason Falkner in Providence opening for Suzanne Vega.
He came out and did 6 or 7 tunes solo, just him and his acoustic and
electric. He did some from Author Unknown, 2 from the Grays (The Very Best
Years on organ!)and a Magazine tune from the 70's.
The crowd was polite, but some didn't get it I think. I was really impressed
and I sent up a Bass Ale to him as a thank you. He thanked us for buying the
album and knowing his prior work (Me and 3 friends clapped when he said the
Grays, He said we were probably the only 3 who bought it. I know from here
that he's not quite right about that.) Anyway he came out after the show and
spoke with us, and sighned the free CD single they gave out of I Live. He's
coming back around in Jan with a band.
So, If you get the chance go and see him. Send him a beer. You know that
artists like Jason and XTC need our support. (Jason by the way almost fell
to his knees in praise when we mentioned Dave Gregory). Keep listening!


Message-Id: <v03007800aeaa35c725e0@[]>
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 08:59:56 -0500
From: Ira Lieman <>
Subject: TMBG Show 11/8

I just woke up, but while the TMBG show of last night is fresh in my mind I
might as well write a little about it...

It was COOL! TMBG always puts on a cool show, and this was no exception. Of
course I didn't realize that 90% of TMBG fans are younger than me -- not
that I'm *OLD* by any stretch of the imagination, but there were a horde of
14 year olds there that I wouldn't have expected. And the stench of
pot...well I might have expected that. I gotta say that I was wearing my
trusty Chalkhills t-shirt...and this will come into play later.

I had a conversation with these kids standing right near me...talking about
XTC and why TMBG wrote a song "about" them -- they called themselves real
fans and they didn't even have Testimonial Dinner (although I probably made
a sale of that) and didn't know about the HIDDEN TRACK in "Factory
Showroom"...but they were nice. But it made me feel old when they were
saying "Flood" came out (1990) when they were in 4th grade.

Yes, They *DID* play "XTC vs. Adam Ant" and that was great but I almost had
an aneurysm I was screaming so loud...the rest of the crowd wasn't
necesssarily as enthusiastic about it as ME, but well, they were all 14.

And when I was outside the concert when it was all over, I see this
[relatively large] girl [older than 14] who was wearing an Adam Ant
t-shirt. I stopped her and said, "What are you wearing the wrong shirt
for?" I turned around and showed the XTC logo on the back and she said "No,
you're wearing the wrong shirt." It was pretty funny and she made me show
her friends -- and when they saw my shirt chants of "Fight! Fight! Fight!"
broke out, but I just shook her hand -- didn't want to cause any rifts
between the TMBG/XTC fans and the TMBG/Adam Ant fans. I mean, history will
decide! But I *DO* wish I had a camera.


 < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    _/_/  _/ _/  _/_/_/_/  Ira Lieman           | Visualize
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From: McGREGOC <>
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 14:18:20 +00
Subject: The Jellyfish and Sex appeal
Message-ID: <>


If I'm not mistaken, I think that a couple of members from Jellyfish
are a part of Imperial Drag and before I left the states they had a
song out called "Are You a Boy or a Girl".  I thought it sounded
rather  T-Rexish to me.  Actually, I liked it.  Its really funky

>Since when did sex appeal have any bearing on the music?

Was your name Adam?  Anyway, I agree with you.  However, I do think
there is a certain sex appeal to their songs and I can understand why
people might try to infer this in to their image.  It seems that
people assume that if  there is sex appeal in  the music that the
image of the band must be sexy. You know those rock star looks.
Think about the whole (oh god!  I can't believe I'm bringing THIS up)
 Mille Vinille thing ( I probably spelt it wrong too).  The real
musicans were not atractive enough  for public sale.  If I remember
this correctly.  Anyway.....

Next subject!

"Mark G. Cuevas" (nice name)

I think you're going a little over the top with you're conversion
technique.  Just a little water(not too much) will help  in the
process.  Give it a try and tell me what happens!

Well I think thats enough for now.  Bye



Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 1996 14:25:14 +0000
From: Simon <>
Subject: TheChangingMan

From: (Christopher Kasic)

>Oh, by the way, thanks to Simon <> for that incredibly
>lucid explanation and completely accurate stereotype (complete *what*? oh,
>well) of the 25-and-under crowd.

Oh, of course, I *completely* forgot you were there that fateful weekend.
Sorry I didn't notice you, but I had my head in my hands for the most part.


>I sincerely hope that in ten years I can look back and say either
>'what a fabulous and not at all embarrassing time I had', or 'wow,
>I developed my identity then and I'm still that way'.  Here's hoping.

I, myself, would sincerely hope then after ten years had passed I had grown
in some way as a person and not stayed exactly the same.

If you feel there is nothing in your current life that you're likely to be
ashamed of in the future, perhaps you're hanging out with the wrong people :)
I am pleased to say that in the past month I have done a number of things
that I am sure will cause me great anguish in later years.

Even the wise old Partridge has said that the current him would avoid the
younger him like the plague, and the younger him would probably want to beat
the current him up. That's one of the glories of life, growing and evolving
as the world around you changes. Who wants to be the same forever? You only
get one life, and I reckon you should try and be as many people as possible
before you use it up.

I was, clumsily, trying to point out that it isn't ageing that changes us,
it's what we learn and experience as we travel through life (ageing is only
a side effect of that process). If, as has been noted in Chalkhills, "The
World Is Full Of Angry Young Men" was a product of the Mummer period, it
seems likely that it reflects Colin's reappraisal of his life when he became
a full-time family man after the cessation of touring. Anyone who has seen
"Play At Home" though, seeing Colin in his "rock star" shades and
capped-sleeve T-shirt might wonder *just* how well he was adapting.

Finally, though I'm sure many will have replied to the enquiry, a "council
estate" is what is called a "housing project" in the States - low-rent state
maintained housing for the working classes.

I'm off the the pub for lunch,

XTC - This Is Pop?


Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 07:09:08 -0800
Message-Id: <>
From: studio seventeen productions <>

XTC and the BEATLES:

some great comments last digest about XTC and the Beatles, a fine defense
of Paul McCartney....

re: the anthologies.  AIII shows that Paul was not a "popster" at all.  HE
really could rock.

and (also from AIII), TOTAL agreement about the a cappella version of BECAUSE:

the best moment of any boot/demo/rarity ever produced by any band.

I put it on endless repeat, and it works just like Frippertronics or Eno.
An endless, beautiful sound.  Try it.  Leave it going for at least a couple
hours to get the full effect.  Don't sit and listen, just go about your
business with it running in the background.

highly recommended.

[I was shocked when someone called it pointless.  This was most painful to
me, but I have grown up enjoying fine vocal harmonies, and some may not
enjoy vocal work.]

*** neil young *** is a great guitarist,in his own primitive, insane way.
we love him too!

dave gregory is a great guitarist, and his contributions to the lads' work
are always spot on.  you notice we always attack Colin's lyrics or Andy's
voice but no one has much to say negative about dave.  that's because he's
beyond reproach.

check out his work on Martin Newell's "OFF-WHITE ALBUM" too, particularly
his stunning solo on "Queen Phyllis Of Colchester" which is Martin's tribute
to "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".  (Another great one on AIII, he said,
slipping back to the BEATLES topic...also Cry Baby Cry and the full version
of Glass Onion)

*********** Dukes *********** and Rutles

I've listened to the Dukes' CD twice in the last week, on headphones.  You
forget what a GREAT record this is (I know it's really two...but I never had
the originals...)  i love all the flangers and phase shifted

i can't agree TOTALLY that XTC "out-beatles" all others...TR does come close
with both FAITHFUL and DEFACE THE MUSIC, but THE RUTLES is (IMHO) equal in
quality to the fab four or the fab three.  Neil Innes' SONGS are great,
never mind the delivery or the brilliant arrangements.  there are some
REALLY BEAUTIFUL SONGS on The Rutles.  I've also been listening to The
Rutles every few days, and if the rumour I heard is true about a second
disc, i'll be waiting outside the store.

******* countdown to christmas party time **********

I have never cared for dance music, the bee gees, or "disposable pop" at
all.  in fact i'm really more in the gentle giant/king crimson/ambient
genre, but I also have a great love for quality pop like beatles/XTC and
maybe a few others.  having said that, "countdown to christmas party time"
is irresistable. the synth bass line is extraordinarily sinuous, and
literally propels the tune along.  turn up the bass, imagine you are three
years old and that you like to dance.

i happen to like because it reminds of another "throwaway" pop song that I
happen to like, which is Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime".  And
the reason I HAPPEN to like that (while abhorring 87% of Paul's POST-Beatles
output) is that I spent a month in England and it was playing constantly on
the radio...and I happened to be getting married and going on my honeymoon
at the time (december-january).  so i grew quite fond of it...because it's
connected to a nice series of events!

it's not meant to be a serious song!  you can't compare it to "real" XTC songs.

judging "countdown" to be crap by comparing it to "No Language In Our Lungs"
(to pick an incredible song at random) is like comparing "act naturally" to

they both have good qualities, but are at completely different musical levels.

most of what XTC produces (and most of what the Beatles produced) is
"serious" in that they are working to produce the best possible quality
sounding version of a song that they've written.

each group (and most groups) has also produced songs of a much "lighter"
nature which really should be viewed apart, with a less critical eye than
the main body of their work.

sad really, that I'd have to delurk to defend a song that is not really very
important.  but i prefer the world with Countdown To Christmas Party Time to
the one without.

we're so happy...we want you to be happy too!


*               *  *  *  *  *	 I'll be downstairs if you need me.  I'll
still be
*	           *	 downstairs if you DON'T need me.
*                          *         (Mr. Blint, Consequences/Godley & Creme)
*                        *
*                      *

seventeen: the ambient music page



Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 11:26:37 -0600 (CST)
Message-Id: <>
From: JH3 <>
Subject: You say Tomita, I say Tomata

> (Mitch Friedman) sez:
>This guy wanted Andy to make music that sounded like Tomita which as I
>understand is a Japanese instrumental band from a while ago... (Nishimatu) replied:
>Tomita Isao is a Japanese individual synthesizer player.
>That's all what I know about this artist.

On his records, at last those released in the West, it's Isao Tomita. His
best-known record was almost certainly "Snowflakes are Dancing," released in
(I think) 1973 -- an LP full of synthesizer versions of classical pieces by
mostly Claude Debussy, and maybe Mussgorsky too if I recall correctly.

In some American cities, late at night, you can tune into your local public
TV station and see a 5-minute segment called "The Star Hustler," with your
host professional astronomer Jack Korkheimer, who looks like actor Rip Torn
without his toupee. The intro and outro of this little segment is from Isao
Tomita's version of Debussy's "Clair de Lune," from the aforementioned LP.

All of this is irrelevant, of course. We now return to our regularly
scheduled XTC list, and remember, keep looking up...

--John H. Hedges


Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 18:46:10 +0100 (CET)
From: "J. Isaacs" <>
Subject: Jeff "Kinky" Lynne
Message-Id: <>

I wish not to flame Mr. Michael Versachi,so I shall not, but,  his comments
are worth such. I feel I am above his slanderous comments concerning
Mr. Ray D. Davies, and I feel he must defend his most vilified insults
by answering this question:
Do you own a copy of, or ever heard, Village Green Preservation Society?
If so, I digress. If someone who claims to like the Beatles and XTC
cannot like, much less worship, the Kinks after the experience of this
album, then my hat is off to you.  If you don#t have a copy, nor have not
heard it, send me ayour address and I will send you a copy.  Then you can
be the judge.  I will say that the Kinks have not done much the past 20
years, but in their prime, they were the sh#t.
 I do not care much for Jeff Lynne either epsecially ELO, but he did
resurrect George Harrison's career, and the Traveling Wilburys were
much of his creation.
Also, he is producing Paul's album, so get used to him, or swallow your
bile.    This, I swear, is an honest reply, and not to be inetended as
mean spirited or even a cigarette lighter, let alone a flame.
I like Pulsing Pulsing.


Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 09:57:28 -0800 (PST)
From: Randy Posynick <>
Subject: Andy On Radio
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9611090934.A28947-0100000@netcom21>

Ben Gott wrote about hearing Andy on "Rock Over London":

>Does it get weirder? Yes siree! My friend Dave Leonard is the station
>manager for Radio Woodstock, and I'm going to try to get him to send me a
>copy of the interview!

That would be great.  I missed the first ten minutes of it today, but
caught the last fifty.  I am in the terribly unfortunate position right
now of not having a stereo with a working cassette player.  Otherwise, I
would have taped what I heard and tried my darnedest to transcribe the
interview for everyone, ala Mark's posting earlier this week of the BBC

Andy didn't say too much that hasn't already been revealed here.  He
really wants to get back into the studio to record and was very frustrated
that they legally couldn't for so long....  He hopes they'll release two
albums simultaneously, containing the stuff he's been writing over the
last four years....  I don't want to misquote or misrepresent anything he
said, including all of the drummer jokes, so I'll wait until someone with
the time and the equipment posts a transcript.


Randy Posynick      | Friends help you move; Real | friends help you move bodies.


Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 14:17:54 -0500 (EST)
From: Sean Hennessey <>
Subject: re: Convert a Blur fan today + TAB request
Message-ID: <>


Speaking as an combination Blur and XTC fanatic, I don't think this should
be a problem at all.  Blur owes a great debt to XTC, including 'ripping
off' Respectable Street for Tracy Jacks (Graham, I believe, came up w/ the
riff and said as much!).

Now, I'm not sure how many know that Andy P. was originally to be the
producer of Modern Life Is Rubbish, and that Blur and the label rubbished
his work, not liking the all hairs in place methods of his I would assume.
I'd love to hear some of these demos, anyone ever heard of a boot?

Finally - I was wondering if anyone has taken the time to figure out 'No
Thugs In Our House', and if so, could they send the tabs on to me?  I'm
desperate for this track as I have an all night solo/duet show coming up
and hope to do it and no time to figure it out!  Cheers in advance...

Tara - Sean Hennessey

* -------------------------------------------------------------------------
(This mess the remains of a sig. dont laugh) Sean 'Suggsy' Hennessey
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Message-Id: <v01540b01aeaaa7209972@[]>
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 16:17:24 -0600
From: (Spiritual Generation, etc.)
Subject: Save the last dance for...HELL!


I like "Pulsing X2".  Of course, when I heard it, I was already
fully acclimated to XTC's "quirkiness", or whatever, so my first
reaction was simply, "cool."  I like the way they've got the
somewhat distorted electric guitar and the strumming from the
strings themselves juxtaposed.  Andy sounds quite similar to
David Byrne there in the middle bit.

Peter Pumpkinhead ROCKS!  I love that opening drum sound.  Such
a good song to put one in a good mood.

>Pearl Jam: hell no! Eddie Vedder is the biggest whiner and I don't see how
>they stay popular.



>They Might Be Giants: Sort of. I life three songs, Particle Man, Istanbul
>(Not Constantinople) and Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

[from the same album...rather suspect]

>They Might Be Giants:
>They must be annoying.  Two slightly hyperactive savants creating
>pretentious mechanical noise that slightly resembles music.  "Wake up
>and smell the cat food, in your bank account" indeed!

[you're mixing your arguments up here - putting down the music
but then quoting a lyric to back it up...?]

Hmm.  How many of their songs (or albums, for that matter) have you
heard?  They Might Be Giants are the only relatively popular band
doing the sort of thing that used to be called "pop" music.  And
although I fear that they have bowed to the distorted guitar a few
times too often recently, they have always had a strong sense of
melody and an amazing sense of arrangement.  They are the only band
around (besides XTC) that begins to approach the Beatles in terms
of sheer variety of form.  Does anyone else think "Pet Name" is one
of the best songs they've heard recently?

[P.S.- as a little aside here, the bassist on TMBG's new album
"Factory Showroom" is none other than Graham Maby who used to
play with Joe Jackson (hey, maybe we can start a little game
called "Six Degrees of XTC"...?!)]

Random comments:

        (1) R.E.M. rules and anybody who thinks otherwise has only heard
        "Green", "Out of Time" or "Monster";

> Andy has more talent
>in one of his nostril hairs than five Ray Davies!

        (2) It's a mutant hair, probably; no question as to its
        ability to write good songs;

>Andy Partridge is probably the most talented songwriter in modern
>popular music.

        (3) Fuck yeah, unless he blows his nose too hard;

>"Monkeys" is musically very clever

        (4) The chorus to that is really interesting!  The guitar
        plays four chords (I figured it out once but don't
        remember at the moment) and the bass does its own thing.
        Figure out the chords and then strum them on an acoustic
        guitar while singing and you'll see what I mean;

> Many people play
>instruments; few are musicians.

        (5) Case in point:  have you ever been to Austin, Texas?

>Now, isn't it all much better when we all play nice and everybody's funny?

        (6) No, I LIKE pissing people off. :)

I'm not going to use that boy's name as a verb.

In the CD player today:  "Brutal Youth"
In the CD player tomorrow:  who the fuck knows?

Pepper your posts with perfunctory profanity.


(Did somebody say...SASSY?)


From: "Michael A. Rose" <>
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Subject: Small XTC content ....
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 96 17:20:44 EST

Chalkhillers/Chalkhillians/Your preference,

   Since new studio XTC product (minus Fossil Fuel) is still a
mystery at this point, you may want to catch another band with
great songs, currently on tour. Me and my
girlfriend/soon-to-be-wife caught Martin Phillips and The
Chills (formerly the Chills) on election day in Chapel Hill,
NC. Their next stop was Atlanta, and then who knows where.
Dissapointing crowd, but a great show with 3 encores. They're
from New Zealand, with new album *Sunburnt* that includes some
contributions from a Dave Mattacks, a Dave Gregory, and (I
think) a Colin Moulding. They had a 3- or 4-year layoff due to
record label/royalty/management problems similar to XTC's.
    Just guitar/bass/keyboards/drums, with good, driving songs.
Phillips is a really gifted wordsmith, and was very approachable
and down-to-earth (we stayed in the same hotel as the band).

Michael Rose 					     (Voice) 540-328-0157
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Clinch Valley College
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From: "Chuck Archer" <>
Subject: Morning Glory Inspired
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 18:05:49 -0800 wrote:
> Here is a summary of bands You Will Like if You Like XTC:
>   The Beatles.
>   Not Pearl Jam.
>   Not Nirvana.
>   You will like TMBG *even better*
>   Maybe not REM.
>   Actually, you might not like the Beatles, either.
>   You will most likely not like Oasis.
>   Crash Test Dummies if your name happens to be entirely capitalised.
>   also: any act which has sold less albums in the last five years than
> XTC. to rephrase - obscure bands.

Actually, The Beatles are my favorite band, then XTC, then surprisingly,
Oasis.  Never thought I'd say that, but I can't get the Morning Glory CD
outta my head.  They grew on me big time just like every XTC album has.
Yep, never thought I'd say it, but Oasis is pretty damn good.

In Redmond,


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Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 21:15:31 -0500
From: (Matt Naranjo)
Subject: XTC in Q

Just a small observation: At least one important person at Q magazine is
smitten enough with our boys to place Fossil Fuel on their "Recommended
Page" for two consecutive months.  They always seemed a bit stand-offish
with XTC, but I'm glad they have placed their approval stamp in an enduring
way.  Happy 10th to Q!


Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 14:55:49 +1100
Subject: Christmas Elfman, Boats Pulsing, They Might Be Beatles
Message-ID: <>

Quick comment regarding the American culture debate:  Read my posts
PROPERLY before you decide to flame me.  Thank you.

 #> From: "Simon Knight" <>
 #> I think Christmas songs must be hard to artists to write without
 #> sounding sickly sweet.  I've only ever heard two i can play
 #> without reaching for the [...] vomit bucket i keep handy during
 #> the Xmas season.  They are "Thanks for Christmas" and "December
 #> will be magic again".

'Thanks For Christmas' is one of the most sickeningly sugar-sweet,
vomitously cute christmas songs I know of.  But it's XTC so I'll
let it off just this once.  :)

Seriously, I was really surprised when I first heard that song, it
seems to go against most of what they believe in.  The choral
singing style, the high xylophone pings... has anyone thought this
song might be a pisstake of the entire christmas carol thing?

 #> From: (Miss Piggy)
 #> >He did a number with Siouxsie & The Banshees a few years ago
 #> Yes, but what *was* it?  Where can I get it?

It's called 'Face To Face', was done for the Tim Burton film _Batman
Returns_.  You can find the song on the Siouxsie & The Banshees
compilation _Twice In A Lifetime -- The Singles_.

 #> From: Herne <>
 #> I loaned her Waxworks [...] she hated...WAIT TILL YOUR BOAT GOES
 #> DOWN.  In fact I think her description of her reaction was
 #> "Uggh..."

I used to love that song when I got _The Compact XTC_ [my second
XTC album after _Nonsuch_].  A few weeks ago I found the single
in a second hand shop, and it's a terrible mix.  I assume it's this
mix that made it to _Fossil Fuel_.  Gawd, hope not.  :)

 #> If my apartment was bugged and someone heard me chanting..."I'm
 #>'re pulsing...etc..."  I'd be in big trouble.

A friend was in my car while this song and 'I Need Protection' were
playing once.  He picked on me constantly for months after that.

 #> From: "Jeff Smelser" <>
 #> song on the 3D EP called Goodnight Sucker.   What the heck is that?

After 'Dance Band' there's a few seconds break, then a very short
song with 'goodnight sucker...' whispered.  That's it.

 #> From: Michael Versaci <>
 #> Jeff Lynne is the Anti-Christ.  Why they chose to use him to
 #> produce the "Anthology" bonus tracks will always haunt me. If
 #> there were any doubts that old George was up to the task, check
 #> out the recent tribute to George Gershwin.

George Martin's four hundred years old and his hearing's shot to
hell, I believe that's why they decided against using him for the
Anthology project.  Jeff Lynne adds a quality that certainly ain't
Beatlesque, but the two songs ['Real Love' in particular] are simply
beautiful.  Personally I don't care who sang or produced them, or
even for the technology that went into using John Lennon's voice for
the final cuts.  They're wonderful songs in their own right, that's
all that matters to me.

 #> Anthology II is a treasure trove!  "Tomorrow Never Knows" is
 #> alone worth the price.

I love take four of 'The Fool On The Hill'.  Why they didn't release
it as the final cut is beyond me.

 #> They must be annoying.  Two slightly hyperactive savants creating
 #> pretentious mechanical noise that slightly resembles music.


 #> From: AMANDA OWENS <>
 #> On the bands you will like blah blah blah thing, here's my take
 #> on it....
 #> They Might Be Giants: Sort of. I life three songs, Particle Man,
 #> Istanbul (Not Constantinople) and Make a Little Birdhouse in Your
 #> Soul

Have a listen to their more recent stuff [specifically _John Henry_
and _Factory Showroom_].  They used to be a largely novelty act, but
now they're definitely in the same league as XTC since they became a
full band with longer, more melodically complex tunes.

I've JHBed again.  Bye all.

Adam, the inspector over the mine


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Date: Sat, 09 Nov 1996 23:09:23 -0800
From: Michael Versaci <>
Subject: Kevin Gilbert

Fellow XTC Fans,

My last post, I mentioned Kevin Gilbert.

Then I read this:

> Is anyone on this
> list acquainted with Toy Matinee?  I think "they" were not really
> even a group - it was Kevin Gilbert (who was unfortunately found dead
> recently in LA - I think drug-related)

Yes, tragic, although I don't believe his death was drug related.

Check out Kevin's solo album, "Thud."  One of the few solo artist albums
that has ever really captured my ear...a VERY talented individual.
"Shadow Self" from this album is just this side of pure magic.  You
won't be disappointed with this one, folks.


The prevailing story of this brilliant artist's untimely death is that he
died of auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Incidentally, he played drums on the Cheryl Crow "Tuesday Night Music Club"
record, and his friend and producer Bill Bottrell produced TNMC.  Both the
"Toy Matinee" and "Thud" recordings would probably appeal to anyone that
appreciates the talents of XTC.

"Any kind of love is all alright"

"We're all Jesus, Buddha and The Wizard of Oz"



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Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 23:18:48 +0900

Hiya, Chalkies!!!

Does anyone out there have information on a song called
"THE POT WON'T HOLD OUR LOVE" written by Andy Partridge?


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     of Economics in KEIO Univ.           that God made,
                                          so we can fly away..."
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Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 09:27:20 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <>
From: Dean Martucci <>
Subject: Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her: The Band

There is a Japanese trio so named touring the US now. I saw them last
evening at the Kilowatt in San Francisco. They've been through the
Northwest already, next stop is Minneapolis.

They're from Tokyo. They play the Liguid Room in Shinjuku and Club Quattro
in Shibuya for those who Travel In 'Nihon'.

I asked Aiha, female guitarist (Nao, bassist is also a woman, Takape is the
guy drummer) about the name. There isn't much XTC in their sound, which I'd
describe as equal measures punk & blues-rock (no speed thrash, but they like

Anyway about the name: it was "given to them by a friend".

And Aiha has been surprised by how many people here in the States have been
coming to the shows asking about XTC. I explained that everyone in the US
loves XTC - it is very common when meeting someone for the first time to
discuss XTC as a form of ice breaker. She looked at me strangely, then
pointed me towards the table where I could buy their vinyl and cassettes.
Not bad.... ;-)

Dean Martucci   San Mateo,CA  USA


Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 13:47:03 -0500
Message-ID: <>
Subject: snipping, snipping, snipping bits of Chalkhill posts

I'm catching up after a week of lazing on a beach far away (with Scissorman
running through my head non-stop). I could have saved myself a lot of time if
I had skipped right to Peter Dressler's much acclaimed summary; but then I
would have missed JHB betting verbalized (so shortly after being

I found Atmosphear to Ocean waiting upon my return. Nice packaging Ian. The
highlights of Skylacking include: the *nature* sounds on John Neil's
Summer's Cauldron, Dave Stafford's gorgeous synth work on Ballet for a
Rainy Day and of course Father John's Another Aerostar.

<Especially Wonderland (doesn't this song sound eerily like the band

From a big Japan fan: No. With all of these Japan fans crawling out of the
Chalk, I am surprised that David Sylvian only received one vote in the
songwriters poll. Brilliant Trees is one of the few albums that
occasionally bumps XTC out of my CD player.

<Oh god, here we go again!  Do we all need reasons to like "War dance":>
<1) the shaker supplying the rhythm - relentless>
<2) the fake clarinet>

I love that clarinet! While I'm sure it is sampled, I find it very

<From: DeWitt Henderson <>>
<Is anyone on this list acquainted with Toy Matinee?>

I think their lone album is great. I once bought a stack of CDs I found in a
cutout bin for $1.99 and gave them to all my friends.

<This guy wanted Andy to make music that sounded like Tomita which as I>
<understand is a Japanese instrumental band from a while ago>

Tomita's claim to fame (in the U.S. anyway) was his arrangements of classical
pieces using synths in the mid-70s. I still have his recordings of Holst's
The Planets and some Debussy piece somewhere. He sort of took Switched On
Bach to the next technology level.

<I've always had difficulty telling Colin's and Andy's singing apart>

I can finally come out of the closet without fear of ridicule. Although it is
obvious on those songs where Andy is oozing Andy-ness.

<For my birthday (Nov. 3), I was taken to see ... Al DiMiola, Paco de Lucia,
and> <John McLaughlin. It left me breathless, near exhaustion, and almost
tearful.  If you> <enjoy well played, technically brilliant, acoustic guitar,
get this CD. Better yet, see> <them live.>

I concur. I saw them over 10 years ago. One of the best things I've ever

Are there any XTC songs with odd time signatures other than TMWSAHS and
English Roundabout? I would agree with the post that said TMWSAHS is 7/8
rather than 7/4. I also agree that the odd meter in the verse really sets up
the 4/4 section. I was at a Jerry Goodman concert once, and every song was in
an odd meter. About an hour and a half into the show he did a tune that
climaxed in a rocking 4/4 and the crowd had a simultaneous back-beat orgasm.

Another band to check out: The Horse Flies. Does anyone know what every
happened to them?

I've tried psychotherapy, TV and beer,
 but sometimes I still feel like Van Gogh's left ear - The Horse Flies


Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 16:05:29 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <>
From: Joshua Hall-Bachner <>
Subject: I Am The Walrus


Sorry to write another note today, but I'd just like to make a final plea...

Would *anyone* out there like to dub me a copy of "Colin's Hermits" doing "I
Am The Walrus"? I know that a number of you own copies of this, since there
was some discussion of the song and the album (/Without The Beatles/) when
it was Could someone, anyone, please help me get ahold of
this? Thank you ever so much!
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