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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #3-20

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 20

                 Tuesday, 5 November 1996

Today's Topics:

                    Splenting my veen
                   Disney, Newman, Andy
                  Acoustic XTC anyone??
                         Re: 7's
              Re: Love On A Farmboy's Wages
                      First posting
                 the meeting place is....
                      Boys and Girls
     A Testimonial Dinner-- but should you be hungry?
              "Rock band on the road" redux
                     Re: record sales
                        Doh! again
                   Music For Seduction
                Awards and time signatures
                      Re:The Casby's
            The giggling crew of Marie Celeste
            Conversion help / Time signatures
                     Meccanik Dancing
                  Happy November the 5th
                   Bungalow With A View
                   Chalkhills Party '96
           The Disappointed=He Liked to Feel It
            Here's an idea for TD rejects.....
 The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul & Testimonial Dinner
               Jamie BLOCK in the Bay Area
               RECORD IT FOR ME PLEASE !!!!
               Re: Chalkhills Digest #3-18
                     Re: Buzzcity, AZ
                Good lord, I'm de-lurking
              song of the week:  "Runaways"


Is there REALLY this much to say about a band who haven't released
an album in four years?  I'm overwhelmed.

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Date: Mon, 04 Nov 96 11:01:17 PST
From: "Sean Robison" <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Various

     Wow, I just plowed through three editions of Chalkhills (yes... I'm
     not getting any work done - don't tell Uncle Walt please...)

     1. "Bungalow" - i never really liked or disliked this song. however
     with all the 'press' this song has been getting here, i'm gonna have
     to revisit it.

     2. Singing styles - frankly, XTC wouldn't sound like XTC without
     Andy's distinctive voice. with all the distinctive musical sounds in
     the band's repertoir, only a distinctive voice would fit. could you
     imagine the songs being sung by someone with a 'normal' voice. (i
     don't know why this just popped in my head - XTC covered by michael

     2a. I must be losing my hearing - 'cuz i have a difficult time
     discerning andy's and colin's voices. i never realized colin was the
     vocalist on 'bungalow', until i cracked open the CD booklet. i just
     thought it was andy singing more subtley.

     3. Songs missing from Testimonial Dinner - nuh uh... i get a brain
     cramp trying to think.

     4. XTC-lovin' mates - i must have lucked out. my girlfriend had a
     well-worn copy of Skylarking before i even knew of her existence...

     Finally, one song that gets no mention, but i list as one of my faves
     is "deliver us from the elements".  can't say i've really paid too
     much attention to the lyrics - but the whole musical soundscape is
     incredible, stiring up a musical version of a storm. very good stuff.

     And finally Part II - maybe 'cuz it's early Monday and i've only had
     one cup o' coffee, but Miles Coleman's quote to JHB, "Hold onto your
     Pampers there, Josh" stuck me as very very funny. That's a quote
     (dropping the 'josh' part) that's begging to show up in a movie.

     Darth Vader: You will join the dark side, Luke.
     Luke: Now just hold onto your Pampers there, Darth...

     Enough rambling - got a paycheck to earn.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 01:37:01 -0600
From: "Adam J. Ostermann" <>
Subject: Splenting my veen

Hi, coming back from a long sabbatical to randomly comment on a few things:

From: myke <>
>Subject: Other artists
>Ooh, I hate to jump in on such a trivial subject but i haven't got the
>patience to wade through Chalkhills for substantial questions these days.
>Oh well. Here goes.
>Recommended Bands for XTC Fans:
>1. Brendan Benson , who just put out his debut album on Virgin called One
>Mississippi.  Audities, the Journal of Insanely Great Pop, said that the
>final track was the greatest imitation of SKYLARKING they'd ever heard, or
>something along those lines.

"Cherries"? Yeah, definitely a very XTCish coda going there. I wasn't
bowled over with the album, but it's been in the shops at cut-rate
prices (I saw it NEW for $7.99) so it's not a HUGE gamble. And just to
mention it again, Jason Falkner helped out by writing about half the
songs on the album.

>4. Eric Matthews, still.  Brilliant baroque pop.  His previous band
>Cardinal was good but didn't quite scale the heights that Eric's terrific
>Sub Pop debut album It's Heavy In Here reached.

*Applause* although I seemed to have liked Cardinal a bit more than
you. It's certainly better than his Cardinal partner Richard Davies'
^There's Never been a Crowd like This^ which I found very slight and
dainty. It's growing on me, tho. A big accomplice on ^Heavy^: jason
Falkner. (Sorry I keep mentioning him so much, but most of the people
here who have heard his album know what I'm going on about.

>5. Ron Sexsmith, creator of what is possibly the finest album in history.
>Praised by Squeeze, John Hiatt, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Paul McCartney,
>and virtually every other important singer-songwriter in pop history.
>(Hey, Partridge! Get with the program!)  He starts recording his second
>album with Mitchell Froom this month but his first is still awaiting your
>loving embrace at a record store near you.  Finally, a good release on
>Interscope Records!

*more applause* ESPECIALLY the Interscope comment. And I thought SBK
(early 90's home of Vanilla Ice and Wilson Phillips) was bad: the
roster of Bush, No Doubt, The Toadies.Death Row, Marilyn Manson,
NIN/Nothing, Blackstreet, etc etc. blows them away in terms of style
over substance.  Sexsmith is the saving grace of that whole label.

Speaking of XTCish bands, I'm surprised no one's brought up Zumpano
yet. They are on Sub Pop, which is a bit deceptive, as they are more
cut from the Burt Bachrach cloth. I have yet to purchase their new
album, but their 1994 effort ^Look What the Rookie Did^ is pure
ear-candy that hearkens back to the days when pop ruled the
world. Sigh.....

From: "Simon Knight" <>
>Subject: Bites and Pleases

>Oh god, here we go again!  Do we all need reasons to like "War dance":
>1) the shaker supplying the rhythm - relentless
>2) the fake clarinet
>3) the underlining of the phrase "war dance" by the other
>4) the discordant string pads that build up in the verses
>5) the phrases "resurrecting churchill", "sicker union jack",
>"patriotic romance" and "jingoistic cake"
>6) the wonderful warm tone of Colin's voice on this song and others
>on this album.  The first thing i noticed about Nonsuch is how well
>Colin's voice has matured - it's deepened slightly and now is full of
>rich warm tones with an underlying sadness that gives me the shivers.

Am I the only one who thinks "War Dance" bases it's instrumentation
pretty heavily on the big Church hit "Under the Milky Way Tonight"?
Yeah, it probably is just me. Oh well.

Add my belated "Aye" for the rerecorded demos album done by our
boys. Any XTC right now I will do with, and offering it inside the
xclusive circle of XTC devoted will protect any widespread criticism
of the band spinning in its wheel (which invaribly would happen if it
was released in a formal manner.)

And for all you wacky Chalkhillians in the Madison/Milwaukee/north
IL/south WI area: take my humble advice and catch Semisonic rockin'
Madison's East End November 20. They've got good poppy hooks and the
album ^Great Divide^ was produced by a certain Mr. Paul Fox.....  So
drop in and say "Hi" and we can yap about XTC or something at the
show. E-mail the address below for more info....

Until next time, buh-bye!

Adam (who BTW had a girl who liked XTC/TMBG who dumped him :-( )


Date: Mon, 04 Nov 1996 13:10:30 -0700 (MST)
From: Miles or Gigi Coleman <>
Subject: Disney, Newman, Andy
Message-id: <0E0D41G3P00LHU@ACS2.BYU.EDU>

>With the recent release of the Disney "Toy Story" video, I am reminded of
>the thought that crossed my mind when I first saw it.  That is, the movie
>reminds me of "Toys" ?  Maybe Andy should sue and get some of the major
>bucks that he's long over due for <s>.  Or at least as a concession, he
>should have done the sound track for James.  Oh well, maybe the next Disney

Hey, didn't Randy Newman do  "Toy Story" as well as "Peach?"  What is up
with that?  Granted, I haven't heard a lot of Newman's stuff, but "I love
LA" is pretty sappy and while "Peach" as a movie was pretty cool, the music
was fairly bland.  He must be to Disney what Kenny Loggins was to '80s films
like "Over the top" and "Top Gun."

Uh, sorry no XTC content.  How about...they are really swell!


Miles and Gigi Coleman		Provo, Utah		Family Home Page	Guatemala City North Mission Alumni Page		Index for Alumni of LDS Missions


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 16:20:29 -0800
From: Daniel Ray Phipps <"">
Subject: Acoustic XTC anyone??

Hello there (again) Chalkhillians! --

I'm on a personal "mission from God" with regards in attempting to
obtain either a GOOD dubbed copy (or the original would be better, but I
won't get my hopes up!!)of XTC's "The Acoustic Oranges & Lemons."  Does
it even still exist out there in a "little or no interest in XTC"
world???  God, why won't people who actually enjoy "artists" (HA!) like
Madonna and Mariah "Let me show you my fabulous vocal range on every
damned song!" Carey get with the program and show some interest in a
band that MATTERS!!!!!  Come on, people, what's wrong with you here???
But........I digress and will step off of my soapbox, as it were.  Can
ANYONE help me find this XTC acoustic treasure to put in my music
library?  Thanks in advance to anyone who can!  Will be waiting to hear
from other "XTC-ites" out there who carry the torch for this wonderful
group of talented gentlemen! Unless others come to their senses and
realize that XTC are truly, truly different in their musical field and
aren't out just to "sell product" alone, but instead music with an
important message, then in the famous words of A.P. -- "Ah well, that's
this world over..."  Peace!

-- Danny Phipps


Message-Id: <v01540b07aea3f85395fe@[]>
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 12:51:19 -0700
From: (E.B.)
Subject: Re: 7's

>yep... I love odd time signatures, and I hunt 'em out. The best known songs
>in 7/8 are probably the verse of All you need is love, by the Bthings,
>Solsbury Hill, by Peter Gabriel, and Money, by Pink Floyd. Meanwhile,
>Jethro Tull's Living in the Past, is one of several rock songs in majestic
>5/4. But if you want a real weirdie, try Pete Shelley's "I generate a
>feeling, which is in 13/8 time!

Isn't Money in 7/4?

Not listening to Genesis' "Apocalypse in 9/8" right now,


Message-Id: <v01540b08aea3f9bcead5@[]>
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 13:02:42 -0700
From: (E.B.)
Subject: Re: Love On A Farmboy's Wages

Just a wee anecdote -- a couple of months ago, I was flying home to L.A.
after several days in North Carolina. My main entertainment on the plane
was XTC demo tapes (thanks, Steve!), and oddly enough, sitting next to me
was a 50ish British couple who were farmers. I could tell they were farmers
from their conversation, and the fact that the man was reading the most
arcane farmer's magazine you could ever hope to see. Couldn't help but
think of the mild XTC connection. Also, they were busily planning their
things-to-do list for their vacation, and were burning with HOPELESS
optimism, timewise. I mean, their schedule was like "Grand Canyon Tuesday,
Yosemite Wednesday, Disneyland Thursday...." <Giggle>



Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 96 22:37:39
Subject: First posting

This is my first posting, so try to be patient.
I've been a fan of XTC since "The Big Express"; I bought it on a whim,
without even listening to a song. I was almost attracted to it by an
uncanny force, and forced to buy it.

Soon they began my favourite group, and after digesting every single bit of
their music, I found myself in a strange situation: there was a group whose
greatness was undisputable and evident, yet their success was less than
minimal. Here in Italy you'll have a hard time trying to find someone who
knows the name XTC (let's not talk about actually listening to their

This is a mystery to me, because there are good groups without fame and
success but with a strong and loyal bunch of followers, while XTC are
music's best kept secret. It looks as if someone is trying hard to avoid
their success.

Paranoia apart, the mission of trying to convert other people to their
music has been an huge failure, and not for my lack of enthusiasm. I think
the world is divided in two parts: those who adore XTC and those who
couldn't care less. The reaction is "This is great!" or "What's the

Just yesterday I wrote an e-mail to the best radio program here in Italy,
complaining about their forgetting "Fossil Fuel" in their playing lists.
They answered me I was right, that they deeply loved XTC and they would put
them in the next programs.

 I have yet to read a negative review of their works (at least in Italy).
Every musical critic here considers them a great group, and complains about
their lack of exposure. So why don't they sell busloads of records? I wish
I knew.

Before ending, just a brief request. I'm looking for some XTC songs that
haven't been released on the albums or Cds. If somebody could help me here,
I'd really appreciate it (of course I'll take care of all the costs). And I
understand there's a Chalkhills t-shirt somewhere. How can I get it? I'm
dying to get my hands on it. Let me know something.



From: myke <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Schtuff
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 15:40:57 -0600 (CST)

From: Colin Wright / Helen Murray <>
Subject: Sydney Reviews

Terry of Terry & the Lovemen has a vocal range that's pretty close to
Andy Partridge with The Good Things.

        *snicker*  Can't imagine why

From: Natalie Jane Jacobs <>
Subject: I've got so much to say... you know the drill

It's very good, and should be coming out in the U.S. as soon as
Flying Nun establishes their American headquarters, so check it out.

        It is, in fact, out.  Pick it up if you have the spare cash.

Re. the metal men on "Rag and Bone Buffet," I think the round-headed one
is Dave - it's got that slightly bemused look I associate with him.

        I would say, left to right: Dave, Andy, Colin.

Re. "If you like XTC, you'll like..."  No, I won't.  Please, spare us.

        Hee hee.  Sorry. :)

From: Jim McKnight <>
Subject: Joe Jackson- Any relationship to XTC?

My wife was playing Night and Day by Joe Jackson not long ago and I
noticed some similarities between his and Andy's vocal style as well as
other similarities.

        I did come up with a theory:  Thomas Dolby was friends with
        Andy Partridge in the early '80s... Dolby is ordinarily
        known for a rather smooth, even singing style (up until
        ALIENS ATE MY BUICK anyway) but on his big smash single
        "She Blinded me With Science" he does some rather derivative-
        sounding hiccups ... Hmm...

Subject: On Canadian awards, America (again), and Nihilon....

Joshua...actually, I think my 2-year old goddaughter Kelsey takes the award
for the youngest XTC fan around.

        Heh.. This reminds me of a Mark E Smith interview where he was
        talking about his astonishment at the sudden preponderance of
        12 year olds at Fall gigs in the US.  [What would a 12-year-old
        find in the Fall, I wonder??? Hmm... should do a study on

From: "Sawyer, Keith" <Keith.Sawyer@FMR.Com>
Subject: 5 bands with cover

The Spinanes - "This World Over"

        Wow, there's a neat choice ... Are we talking new, "atmospheric"
        Spinanes or old, "chugging good time" Spinanes?

"It's strange the way a shadow can fall across the wall and make the
 - Suzanne Vega, 'Headshots'

        Ohhhh, boy, the new Suzanne Vega album is astonishing, innit?
        Easily her best album since her debut, in my opinion. Froom's
        production seemed a bit ill-fitting at first (I loved the
        synthetic sound of 99.9F^) but it's grown to be one of my
        favorite albums.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 1996 13:35:27 -0800
From: William Ham <>
Subject: the meeting place is....

hello again.
a small message to ask if any members of the chalkhills klubhouse who
live in the WA/OR area would like to get together spin our favorite
records, drink wine, and weep over the fact that the lovely lads known as
XTC haven't put out a proper album of new material in soooo long...*sob*
give me an e (E!), mail that is and maybe we can work it out.

i too also adore "love on a farmboy's wages." it was the standout track
for me when i got 'mummer' a few years back. i love the pastoral feel to
the music which perfectly compliments the pastoral lyrics. i can
personally sense every word andy sings in that song from the feathered
bedding to the father's carraige. and, yes, that chord makes the ending
just perfect (i also love how that leads you right into "great fire")

my "if you like XTC, then try..." list:

1) prefab sprout: another batch of english folk who have put out 5
brilliant pop albums. the lyrics (which tend to discuss torturous love
affairs) remind me of XTC as do the lovely arrangements. albums to look
for: "two wheels good" (is it still called "steve mcqueen outside USA),
"jordan:the comeback," and "swoon."

2) jellyfish: only two albums (and assorted b-sides, rare stuff, etc.)
came out before they called it quits, but those two ("bellybutton" and
"spilt milk") are both priceless and filled with great pop sensibilities
and elliptical lyrics.

3) superstar: i'm not sure if this band is still around (if they are, the
US hasn't heard anything since their first album), but the one album i
know of (self-titled) is very very cool. again, the arrangements make the
songs (the lyrics are kinda simple, but good) with lots of horns and
strings and great vocal harmonies (the same goes for jellyfish).

4) the trash can sinatras: not only have they done covers of XTC songs
(see FAQ), but have released three terrific albums of their own. some
great guitar pop with more great lyrical wordplay. my personal favorite
album is "cake." all three are cool though. (i just can't think of their
names right now...)

5) the jazz butcher: i don't know how many years this fella has been
around, but it's been quite a few and along the way, he has churned out
some excellent stuff, some with minimalist arrangements of just bass,
guitar and drums, others with much more layered on (keyboards, horns,
strings etc.). any of his albums are well worth looking into.

that's all for me.

on a bike ride to the moon,
bob "i'm using my father's e-mail account" ham


Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 22:34:13 +0100 (CET)
From: "J. Isaacs" <>
Subject: Boys and Girls
Message-Id: <>

There is a lot of talk in these here parts recently concerning Women and
XTC.  A lot of guys are saying, "My girlfriend doesn't like XTC, and so on."
So, I put forth the question, do the female sort out there have
boyfriends that like XTC, and if so , is it a mutual thing, did they get
you to like them, or vice versa?  My ex refused to like them.  I made
her listen to Skylarking in my car.  "Too soft", she said.  So then I
played Husker Du.  She didn't like that either.
Needless to say, that is over, and it did not end in tears.
My future mate must like XTC in advance of my dating her, or it is
I agree with the person whom said the best way to introduce is to put a
song on a mix tape, and leave it unmarked.  Pique their curiosity, one
way or the other.


Message-Id: <v01540b00aea3f831e45b@[]>
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 14:28:07 -0600
From: (Spiritual Generation, Etc.)
Subject: A Testimonial Dinner-- but should you be hungry?

Re:  Joe Jackson  ["Stepping Out" is one of the greatest songs
ever written!] & XTC:

Well, he does do a cover of "Statue of Liberty" (!) on "Testimonial Dinner".
I've only listened to it once, but I recall he seemed to have captured at
least some degree of the original sound.

The overall CD is not very compelling, IMHO.  The reviews I read reported
on the ability of the artists involved to "smooth the rough edges" of XTC
and make them more palatable for Joe Q. Public (and this was a *good*
thing...  maybe that's where the "dinner" bit comes in).  But we true fans
know that the rough edges are what we love about the band.  Like most of
you (from what I've read) every time I bought an XTC album I thought, "oh
dear, not going to be able to get into this one at all."  But once I got
past the little things that jarred me, like the opening bit of "Leisure",
or, my God, the beginning of "Living Through Another Cuba" (when I first
heard that I thought, "What the hell?  This is so completely bizarre!"  Now
it's part of my musical furniture)...uh...where was I? -- oh.  When I got
past all that, you know, waiting for me was a brilliant album.  Nice the
way the lads play hard-to-get like that.

Parenthetically yours,

"You lack lust-- you're so lacklustre
Is that the most strength you can muster?"  - EC

(or words to that effect)


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 01:13:36 +0000
Subject: Gold

Dear Chalkies,

Re. the gold thread:
Here in the Netherlands (Europe) you have to sell 50.000 copies to get a gold
record award.
I'm not 100% sure if any XTC record ever sold that number, but Black Sea
and English Settlement were "big hits" here.

I do know that Terry's Mum used to hang his awards on her living room
wall, so They must have received some.
After all, there are countries were "you only have to think about
recording an album and you go straight in at number 99!"
( Andy Partridge commenting on the news that They had made it to
number 1 in New Zealand.)

Re our official status:
Since our newsletter has been given the official seal of approval
from Their management, I've seen threads on the merits of LA, on the
words 'bugger', 'whoopee', US policies and how the rest of the world
suffers/enjoys it etc etc etc.

Come on you guys & gals! Where's the XTC content?
After all, this is now the official XTC newsletter...

yours in ecstasy & agony,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse

===> Mark's useless XTC quote for today <==
I said it doesn't really matter where you part your hair


Message-ID: <c=US%a=_%p=AETNA%l=AETNA/AETNA/>
From: "Witter, Karl F" <>
Subject: "Rock band on the road" redux
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 18:22:00 -0500

 #> From: "Witter, Karl F" <>
 #> It ranks right up there with "being in a rock band on the road"
 #> as The Subject On Which Every Bad Song We Need (And More) Has
 #> Already Been Written.

>Have XTC ever written a song about touring?  I wonder if there's a
>lyric which acts as a metaphor for touring or the breakdown.
>Forgive my ignorance if this is common knowledge.

Wow, nobody may believe this, but I wasn't thinking XTC!

I had in mind "Turn the Page" (Bob Seger), "What's Your Name" by
Lynyrd Skynyrd (can't even spell it, can I) and "We're An American
Band" by Grand Funk Railroad (?).  These were each pounded through
my unwilling ears during high school and college, and needless
to say, none of them are my taste.  Flabbergasted to look at my
post cos now is the *first* time I'm considering XTC, Andy's
stagefright and their non-touring status, on that song subject at all!

With no compass, guide or chart--lost on road map to misery,

PS I realize I misquoted my last post and signed off with "Climbing the
wallpaper..."  rather than "Crawling the wallpaper...".  Shame on me for
messing up a nifty internal rhyme!


Message-Id: <v01540b00aea42844b6e8@[]>
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 19:29:00 -0400
From: (Derek Miner)
Subject: Re: record sales

In Chalkhills # 3-19, Floopyglop (Dave O'Connell) hypothesized:

>... It is important to note that the RIAA bases these
>certifications on albums sold to *record stores*, as opposed to albums
>purchased by customers. To illustrate the difference between the two
>figures, take Hootie and the Blowfish's "Cracked Rear View" album, for
>example. At the end of March 1996, it stood at 12 million copies plus,
>according to the RIAA stats (which also includes record club sales). Look
>at the SoundScan figures (the customer purchase total, which is used to
>determine chart position) and Hootie's sales only clocks in at 8.1 million
>copies sold. That's four million copies sitting in record stores waiting to
>be purchased. So, Skylarking and Oranges and Lemons aren't quite as popular
>as their gold status might indicate.

So that explains the Hootie thing! I always thought that was the one month
*everybody* forgot to send in their reply card to the record club...
Actually, I can attest first-hand to all those Hootie records just WAITING
to be bought. Over 100 copies of the latest Hootie disc sit dormant in the
store I work at. HOWEVER, I would be willing to bet that the record
industry has become a different animal since XTC put out Skylarking and
Oranges & Lemons and the gold standings for those records are much more
accurate to their popularity. First of all, "loss leaders" which buy in
bulk and sell for insanely low prices (Best Buy, for instance) weren't as
prolific even when Nonsuch was released. These stores drive up the number
of copies sold to dealers for sure! Secondly, record stores have had to
begin returning slow-moving product recently. If I'm not mistaken (and I
could be), this is a new phenomenon, leading me to believe that the number
of copies sold to stores and the number of copies sold to the public in the
late 80s had a closer correlation than they would today.

This is all theory mind you, but it's based on my observations of the
record industry in the last few years...

And then Floopyglop went on to say:

>There is no *set* of instrumentals supposedly eminating from a film
>entitled Ocean's Daughter. Only the demo entitled "Ocean's Daughter" has
>this designation on the Demos 5 bootleg sleeve notes. I've thumbed through
>various movie guides and have yet to find a listing for this movie, though.

Actually, circulating tapes do include a "suite" of instrumentals (if they
could be called that; some are ambient and noise experiments) with the
following titles:

Ocean's Daughter Title Theme
The Familiar
Girl In Water Colours
Primal Gallery
Aqua Deum

In a letter to whoever got these tapes originally, Andy notes these songs
to be "Oceans Daughter Extracts."
He also notes that "Ocean's Daughter" was "Originally entitled (funnily
enough!) Garden of Earthly Delights" and that "The Familiar" is "Lots of
drum kits".

= Derek Miner =


Message-Id: <v01540b03aea43d9803a3@[]>
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 18:42:03 -0600
From: (Miss Piggy)
Subject: Doh! again

Hello Chalkhillians, I must apologize for a sever brain fart in the last
digest.  I did not mean to say:

>Finally, on the "working man songs thread,"  I love "Earn Enough For Us,"
>especially the Ruben Blades version, and I also think that "Love on a

I had been driving across unintersting landscape for hours and my brain was
Really, I'm not that stupid, really!

no sig today


Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 19:46:42 -0500 (EST)
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Music For Seduction
Message-ID: <>

  I tried making an XTC tape for my wife when I was courting her. She
hardly noticed, but found it pleasant enough in the background. At least
she didn't tell me to turn it off. If I could do it over again, I'd put
on a 90 min. tape the following:

Side 1
Making Plans For Nigel
Life Begins At The Hop
Take This Town
Generals And Majors
Ball And Chain
Senses Working Overtime
English Roundabout
Great Fire
Mayor Of Simpleton

Side 2
Yacht Dance
Love On A Farmboy's Wages
Summer's Cauldron
Chalkhills And Children
King For A Day
Wrapped In Grey
Pale And Precious

Catchy stuff on side 1, quiet stuff to make out to on side 2. If she's
not putty in your hands by then, try somebody else or hope that she has
enough other qualities. Note the absence of The Big Express; we don't
want to bum her out yet.


Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 14:38:52 -0500
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Awards and time signatures

On the subject of awards, I don't see how it matters how many
awards XTC have won.  When Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton win
Grammys you can see how pointless the whole awards system really is.

 #> From: "Simon Knight" <>
 #> I'm envious of a lot of New Zealand bands you must be able to see
 #> - i haven't heard anything on the Flying Nun label that hasn't
 #> been great.

Wait until they're popular in Australia, then we'll most likely
claim them as our own.  Australia likes to pick on New Zealand
until they eclipse us.  :)

 #> From: (James Dignan)
 #> I love odd time signatures, and I hunt 'em out.

One word: Fripp.  He's done a lot of playing around with time
signatures.  Have a listen to the King Crimson albums _Red_
['Starless'], _Starless And Bible Black_ ['Fracture', 'The Great
Deceiver'], and _Three of A Perfect Pair_ ['Industry', 'Larks'
Tongues In Aspic Part III'], and his solo album _Exposure_
['Breathless'].  There are enough different time signatures in that
lot to sink the QE II.  There's a heavy US band called Dream
Theater that plays with time signatures as well, but to a lesser

 #> From: (Miss Piggy)
 #> if they ditched Andy, that might not be a problem, but then
 #> again, would the band really be XTC without him?


 #> From: DaveKGold <70673.317@CompuServe.COM>
 #> at least as a concession, he should have done the sound track
 #> for James.

That reminds me, Tim Booth of the band James did an album with
Angelo Badalamenti, the composer that wrote the soundtracks for
such Lynchfests as _Blue Velvet_ and _Twin Peaks_.  Apparently it
wasn't as great a collabortion as might have been possible.  Anyone
think a Tim Booth/Andy collaboration would amount to anything?

 #> From: (David McGuinness)
 #> Am I the only person on this side of the Atlantic extremely
 #> frustrated at the non-release of the new TMBG album until next
 #> year?

You shouldn't have any trouble getting a copy on import.  I ordered
mine through CDnow and got it in nine days.  And it cost me
*exactly* the same as a local Australian release, *including* the
cost of postage [air mail] and packing.

 #> From: DeWitt Henderson <>
 #> [Billy Bragg said] "here you are, the most influential and powerful
 #> nation in the world, and half of you don't even have the guts to
 #> get out and vote".

In defence of the US, I'd say most of the people who don't vote
either don't want to vote for anyone or just couldn't be bothered.
It doesn't take guts to *not* vote.


On the music box:  RevCo, 'Linger Ficken' Good'


Message-id: <6048117@mailbox1.Hitchcock.ORG>
Date: 04 Nov 96 23:42:14 EST
From: John.J.Pinto@Hitchcock.ORG (John J. Pinto)
Subject: Re:The Casby's

I had the pleasure of attending the taping of XTC's portion of The Casby
Awards. There was much excitement in Toronto among fans with the news that
XTC would be performing LIVE at the awards concert. The Casby's started out
as a joke five years or so earlier when a local "alternative" FM station
(CFNY-FM, Brampton Ontario) started giving out awards that were suppose to
fly in the face of the of the major Canadian music awards "The
Junos". Casby stood for something like "Canadian Artists Selected By You"
and had some sort of ballot system.  XTC was always a favourite of CFNY and
while it seemed that they weren't part of the voting, as far as I recall,
their appearence would have been a major coup for the producers of the
event and very good promo for Virgin Records who were pushing
Skylarking. Canada had always been a very successful market for XTC.
Making Plans... was a certified #1 record on The Chum Chart (CHUM Radio)
which was the most influencial station in eastern Canada at the time. The
Casby's, unfortunately, in a few short years had come to take their "joke"
much too seriously, TV contracts, gala dinners, corporate sponsors
etc... Tickets to the concert were somewhere around $90.00 but no one
seemed to be selling them or to know if that was admission for events both
nights or what. News got out that XTC would NOT be playing at Saturday
night's concert.  In fact there was some talk that they weren't even coming
to Canada.

Andy was told that he, Colin and Dave would come to Toronto, receive their
award do some promo spots and then go home. The story goes that Andy had
been promised first-class air fare and when he found out that he was booked
economy refused to go. He was eventually upgraded but sat alone as Colin,
his son Lee and Dave sat in 2nd class.  The big surprise was whe they
arrived and were told that XTC were to play LIVE.  Andy said that was never
part of the deal and after much debate agreed to tape a song during the
rehersals Friday afternoon. During an interview with the Pop critic of The
Toronto Sun Andy was asked what his thoughts were on Award Shows.  He
answered in his blisteringly honest manner that he couldn't really see why
people get so bent out of shape over little bit of tin nailed on a piece of
wood. That the whole thing was actually pretty laughable. The promoters
weren't at all happy to see their party dragged through the mud in bold
print on the Entertainment page of the next mornings paper. They freaked to
say the least and told XTC to beat it, get out of town, what money? and
don't expect to hear your records on our station etc. Virgin freaked! The
producers held a press confrence trying to save some credibility for an
event that few were taking seriously ( which was the original idea back
when the whole thing started).  Andy released a statement apologizing and
saying that he was duped by the reporter. That they talked for a long time
and that his remarks were an aside and while true, were not in anyway
directed at the Casby's, that the fact he was there should be proof enough
that he supported their efforts. Smoothing the ruffled feathers. Andy wrote
a one page letter, had a few hundred photocopied, signed them all by hand
and had them placed in the concert programme. I have one.

I went to the taping which was on Friday afternoon fully expecting to be
thrown out but no one bothered us at all. After waiting while a few of the
other bands had their dress rehersals XTC was up. By that time we managed
to hook up with the other XTC fans who were there. Peter and June of The
Little Express were there. Chris McAvoy who drove from Long Island, NY for
the chance to see XTC and maybe six or so other fans. XTC taped two songs
Grass and Dear God.  There were numerous run throughs of both songs with
Dear God taking on great energy. Peter had told Andy that some fans were
out in the theatre so between taping the two songs Andy waltzed out. What a
shock to look around and see Andy sitting next to us. Completely relaxed
and clearly pleased that we had made the effort to be there.

- the songs were lip synced
- the young boy who sings the intro on Dear God (for those of you who have
seen the video) is Colin's son Lee.
-the string section included Hugh Marsh who played for years behind Bruce
Cockburn driving his music to incedible heights. One of my favourite
memories is of Andy and Hugh goofing around between takes. Obviously real
musicians have no trouble recognizing each other. They were playng tunes
and laughing while stage hands raced here and there.
-Andy flew to NYC early Saturday morning. Colin, Dave and Lee flew home to
England as Virgin refused to pay for them to join Andy.
-The Casby's pretty much folded after that year having failed miserably at
their attempt to enter the mainstream
-their other promo spots include interviews in the three Toronto daily
papers and an appearence on a noontime TV variety show (CFTO - The Global
Network affiliate in Toronto). Visiting chefs show you their favourite
dishes, latest diets, some talk etc. Why XTC was booked I have NO
idea. They were totally out of place and they knew it. IT WAS ONE OF THE
MOST AMAZING THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN. Andy figured that he had nothing to
lose and got increasingly silly which had everyone laughing and the host
baffled. At one point Colin has to hold him down on the couch so he
wouldn't fly off. If anyone has this on video PLEASE share it! I'd love to
see it again.


Message-Id: <>
From: (Chaos Harlequin)
Subject: The giggling crew of Marie Celeste
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 05:16:19 GMT

Oh, whoopee-making, my post is even longer today than usual. :-/

Oh yes, and just let me remind everybody that Chalkhills is the best
Internet discussion forum of any kind that I've ever been on...the
discussion level is always mature, the posts always interesting to
read (even when we're waiting desperately for new material...), and
the people always friendly. Keep it up, y'all. :)

>Dissonant?  I thought it was quite lovely.  That's an E6, for those who
>give a whoop.  Ends the song well, IMHO.

What I meant was that the final chord of the song does not provide the
proper resolution given the chords just previously. If it had been
followed with the "proper" chord, I wouldn't have minded, but as it is
it's like leading someone on with an ice cream cone, then at the last
moment smashing it to the ground and going "A ha!"

>What happened to subtle
>emotion?  Soaring melodies?  Instrumentation that is so sublime as
>to make one smile inside?  Joyous sounds?  Interwoven harmonies?
>Pop music?

MTV and Top 40 radio ate them.

>Here's a thought (non-XTC, but hey, a guy's got other things to think
>about):  Similarity between new R.E.M. "Leave" and Prince "When
>Doves Cry".

I assume you mean musically, because stylistically they couldn't be
further apart. Musically...well, yeah, there's a similarity, but
that's all it is. Sort of like the way that "Wonderwall" has the same
chord structure as "The One I Love." :)

>Also note Colin's economical lyrics for Bungalow - tight short
>syllables that paint a vivid picture in short melody lines.  He
>doesn't have much space to work with but succeeds in creating a
>perfect image for the listener.

That is exactly what I love about the song. Now, what is the word I'm
looking for to describe that? Not "evocative"...not really...any

>I also enjoyed the post a while
>back from someone who suggested Oranges and Lemons might be titled
>from a poem in "1984".

Okay. An album title is vague enough that alternate interps fit very
well, even if "technically" they might be wrong. I thought the
Bungalow interp (the, ummm, Beavis and Butthead one, from a while
back) was hillarious, even though the song was obviously not written
with that intent. I just have trouble enjoying interps where you
really have to (a) selectively choose only a few lyrics to make your
point, excluding the others or (b) stretch the lyrics far beyond where
mortal lyrics should be stretched. I'm not saying no one should post
them, just that I have trouble looking at such as anything beyond
"Hey, look how *this* part could be taken..." rather than an actual
attempt to set up an internally-consistent interpretation of the song.
And again, it's really only the "message" songs that I feel this way
about...almost all of the other songs are "wide" enough to fit at
least certain alternate interps.

>Anyway, keep coming up with these different interpretations people,
>they're interesting (to me anyway).

I find them *very* interesting...remember, I'm the person who wanted
to *collect* XTC song interps a few months ago, remember? It's just
that for songs like Funk Pop A Roll, you can't really bend the lyrics
much without breaking them. The same goes for This World Over, Books
are Burning, and the just can't do this kind of thing to
them without ignoring select parts of the song or stretching what the
lyrics mean far beyond what's "reasonable."

Let me just finish by saying that *everybody* should post any song
interps they come up with, however ridiculous, silly, or half-baked
they may be. All I wanted to say was that I felt the interp presented
was stretching it a little bit, really. No insult meant, none taken.
No hard feelings, everyone?

>the word originally meant something which i can't really
>think of a tactful way of describing on this list without offending someone.
>Maybe "Going in the back door" will suffice.

Aaaaah. "Bungalow." (See above. :)

>PS Elvis Costello would kick butt doing "Mayor of Simpleton," but Marilyn
>Manson...oh, the horror...

Now I've heard people suggesting Marilyn Manson doing XTC songs and
NiN doing TMBG songs. That seals it: the world has now officially gone
to hell.

>BTW, my vote for "most embarassing" XTC song would be their cover of
>"All Along the Watchtower."  Ugh.

I find the album version pretty half-assed, but I have a live version
which is really, really good. (Of course, I'm not really familiar with
the *original* original...)

>There is no *set* of instrumentals supposedly eminating from a film
>entitled Ocean's Daughter. Only the demo entitled "Ocean's Daughter" has
>this designation on the Demos 5 bootleg sleeve notes.

Aaaaah..but. I have recieved a set of songs similar, but not
identical, to the Demos 5 ones, containing the following, *PROPERLY
SPELLED* tracks: Ocean's Daughter, The Familiar, Girl In Water Colors,
Primal Gallery, and Aqua Deum. According to my source, anyway, they
all originated with "Ocean's Daughter."

>It's only since hearing it [The Disappointed] on
>Fossil Fuel that I've realised what a good song it is.

That's funny -- for me it was exactly the opposite way. I loved the
song immensely when I first heard it on my first XTC mix tape;
however, since then I have gradually liked it less and less until it
became sort of a background song. :(

>(what are you, the chalkhills version of dorian gray?
>you seem to be getting younger & younger - weren't you 17 last time?
>or am i confusing you with the equally youthful ben gott?)

No, I am secretly living my life *backwards*! Yes, due to constant
ingestation of water from the fabled Fountain of Youth, I am
progressing from old age backwards to babyhood. :)

No, I've been almost-15 for as longs as I've been on this list.

>they (along with "Pupil Haze" which i already did) comprise the fabled
>"Drunken Jam Sessions"

What about "Hot Leathers and a Fist of Fire"? Or do you not have that
song? Very, very has someone named Richard Branson doing
vocals along with Andy, and I'm not sure where it originated...but
it's very strange.

>(Case in point....XTC, Crash Test Dummies, David Bowie, Alison Moyet,
>Crowded House, I Mother Earth, The Guess Who....all incredible foreign
>bands. What did we have?  New Kids on the Block, Sheryl Crow, Counting
>Crows, Vanilla Ice, Billy Ray Cyrus....tone deaf people who should be
>given a one-way bike ride to the moon.)

First off -- you're not being fair to America. Many good bands have
come out of the US. The only real thing you can infer from the above
statement (if anything) is that good foreign bands actually get some
play while good domestic bands are buried under a load of crap. And
really, can you say with a straight face that Counting Crows are bad
enough to included with all the above? Try someone with absolutely
*no* talent like the Rev. Manson.

There seems to be some confusion regarding the two remixes of KfaD
which I requested recently. Just to clear it up: the "remix" is the
version of KfaD available on the crown-shaped-sleeve CD-3, the same CD
which has "My Paint Heroes" and "Skeletons." The "I Dub Thee Sir Mix"
is only available on the US KfaD 12" promo. The other two ("Czar Mix"
and "Versailles Mix") are both on the US CD-5 of King for a Day. Thank
you. :)

On Colin's "extra syllables": notice, if you will, that most of the
time he does this, it is not to try to "force-fit" words into a meter,
but to *change* the meter. Most of these occur in a chorus, or in
*every* verse of the song, or in some other place where they are
obviously not done to "fit" the meter of the rest of the song. They
are mostly just done to improve the "feel" and "flow" of the song.
Take "Deliver Us From The Elements," for example. He sings, "Sun so
hot, no man could be-ye-ye-ye-ye-er." However, he does the exact same
thing to *every* verse, just to make the "desperation" of the song
more obvious. So, no, I don't think Colin does this to cover up for
lack of songwriting talent. :) Unlike certain other bands I could
name. :)

Re: Jump: I don't really think it's a sarcastic song, or a "mean" one.
The point, IMHO, is that even if you're afraid of something, even if
you don't want to be hurt, embarrased, or whatever, to at least look
into it, give it a try; sort of a "just do it" message.

Oh, one last little thing I'd like to share with you. Of all the XTC
lyrics I've ever misheard, my favorite has to be:

"She has sex once singing in her sauna..." Me and my filthy American
mind. :)

Josh, swallowing is easy when it has no taste

/---------------------------Joshua Hall-Bachner---------------------------\
|   |
| "The few surviving samurai survey the battlefield. They count the arms, |
\--the legs, the heads, and then divide by five." - They Might Be Giants--/


Message-Id: <>
From: "Simon Knight" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 14:48:04 +0000
Subject: Conversion help / Time signatures

I've made it my mission to convert a 17 year-old Blur fan to XTC.
(I figure they need some new younger fans).  Since a lot of Blur
songs owe a huge debt to our boys from Swindon i figure it shouldn't
be too hard to convert her.  But what songs would you all suggest
that you think would appeal to a Blur fan?

Speaking of the 7/4 time signature in parts of "Soul" i'll just get
my five cents in and say how much i love the 5/4 rhythm of "English
Roundabout".  I love the way Colin's voice slips and slides down the
scale and plays off the rhythm.  It always gets me drumming along on
the steering wheel when i play it in the car.  :)


Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 10:36:50 GMT
Message-Id: <v01510100aea4d4735a58@[]>
From: (Mark Fisher)
Subject: Meccanik Dancing

>now, as for the actual songs, i have a few things to discuss. does anyone
>know what song "Silver Sewing Machine" is a parody of?

Hawkwind had a song called Silver Dream Machine.

- Mark


From: Damian Foulger <>
Organization: UWCC
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 12:12:21 GMT
Subject: Happy November the 5th
Message-ID: <>

                      Happy Guy Fawkes Night everyone.


     What a pity that it didn't work!!!!!!

(Life is good in the greenhouse:XTC)
"I am quite happy to wear cotton
 without knowing how it works" - Black Adder


Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 13:55:02 GMT
From: Andy Miller <>
Subject: Bungalow With A View
Message-ID: <>


As a newcomer to the site, it's really fascinating to see you all debating
the merits of Colin's various songs. For the record, I'd say Bungalow is
right up there with Colin's best work (The Affiliated, Dying, whatever).
Maybe it's an English, provincial thing...

Anyway, I got to thinking. It's always seemed to me that Colin is at his
best (certainly lyrically, possibly melodically) when writing about
miniature, personal subjects (the aforementioned songs, maybe Runaways)
and,um, not so good shall we say, when tackling Big Important Issues - yes,
that means Wardance I'm afraid + Smartest Monkeys, Too Many Cooks, The World
Is Full Of Angry Young Men ("most embarrassing" ever XTC song, anyone?). I
really don't like the lyrics of these songs - I mean, I agree with the
sentiments (except perhaps TWIFOAYM) but haven't they been better expressed

David McGuinness - the TMBG album rocks! And you can get it for (gulp)
#18.00 approx in HMV in Oxford Street. And THAT song is fantastic.
Altogether now... "XTC versus Adam Ant, Content versus Form..."

Thanks for listening,

Andy Miller



Message-Id: <s27f1499.034@DICTAPHONE.COM>
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 10:18:53 -0500
From: Tim Kendrick <TKEN@DICTAPHONE.COM>
Subject: Chalkhills Party '96

 Okay, it looks like Ira and myself have got
  the arrangements set.  Here's the final announcement:


 WHEN:   Saturday, December 7, 1996
                12-noon to 8:00 pm

 WHERE:   Tim Kendrick's house
                  in New Haven, Connecticut

 WHO:    Anyone and everyone on the Chalkhills
               mailing list is invited.

 WHAT:   Listening to XTC music, watching
                XTC videos/interviews, having tapes/rarities
                traded, eating, drinking, and just overall XTC fun !

  RSVP:   To either Tim Kendrick  (TKEN@DICTAPHONE.COM)
                or Ira Lieman  (AYM@AXE.INTERCALL.COM)

 A group from New Jersey is making the trip together to
 Connecticut, so if you are from that area you can make plans
 to hook up with them.

 Arrangements can be made for anyone coming from out
 of town who needs overnight accommodations.
 Hope many of you can make it !

XTC SONG OF THE DAY:  "The Meeting Place"


Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 09:49:20 -0600 (CST)
Subject: The Disappointed=He Liked to Feel It
Message-id: <>

I said that a long time ago! I actually found myself singing TD when I first
hear5d the song.

PS-Anyone see the video? I hear it's gross.


"If at first you don't succeed, keep sucking till you so suck seed."


Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 09:51:15 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Here's an idea for TD rejects.....
Message-id: <>

Then She Appeared.....The Catherine Wheel!


From: kraig olmstead <>
Subject: The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul & Testimonial Dinner
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 96 09:54:00 PST
Message-ID: <>

I just picked up _Testimonial Dinner_ this weekend.  So far I think that
Rueben Blades' version of "The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul" is the
song that adds the most value to the original version.  Just brilliant!!!



Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 10:56:49 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <v02140b00aea4c626a5d4@[]>
From: (Richard Luckett)
Subject: Jamie BLOCK in the Bay Area

Hallo Chalkhillians:

Just a friendly reminder to all of our Chalkhillian friends
in the San Francisco area:

BLOCK will be appearing at:

The Redroom Cocktail Lounge, 1003 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, California
on Friday, November 8th @ 10:00 PM & 12:00 PM

Cat's Grill & Alley Club
1190 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA
on Saturday, November 9th @ 8:30 PM

Check out BLOCK's debut (solo) West Coast appearances and find out for
yourself why Andy Partridge says that "BLOCK sounds like a young Bob Dylan
on Tiger Gland Extract"

I will endevour to put any Chalkhillians who e-mail me at:

on the guest list for these shows.

We thank you for your continued support.

Richard Luckett
Manager, BLOCK


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 96 18:42 GMT+0100
From: ENRICO <>

Hi Chalkies,
about Andy's interview on Radio 1 next Thursday ... PLEASE RECORD IT
I'll send you as soon as I can a blank cassette and you'll copy me that
interview !! Do I ask something difficult ??

Well, If you want to help a young desperate italian XTC's fan write me soon !
What are you waiting for ????

THANKS !!!!!!! Bye.



Message-Id: <>
From: "Jeff Smelser" <>
Organization: Access Tucson
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 09:52:32 -0700
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #3-18

> part is in 7/8, but the signature shifts to 4/4 for the next
> section ("and the jellyfish stings... [or sings, i've never really caught
> that lyric cleanly]").  i think it modulates, too- the 7/8 section sounds
> minor to me, and i think the 4/4 part is in the parallel major.

I believe all the above information is correct.  And if you love
songs that are not in 4/4 time, try these:

Manic Depression, Jimi Hendrix;  3/4 time
Take Five, Dave Brubeck; 5/4 time
Tattooed Love boys, the Pretenders; 15/4 time and 4/4 time

> submit their 5 all time, "if you like XTC, you'll love..." bands.

1. Smashing Pumpkins (sweet pop and sour rock)
2. The Cure  (great pop tunes and intellegent lyrics)
3. Pop Will Eat Itself  (for great production)
4. Bill Nelson (a great guitarist and songwriter/producer)
5. Love and Rockets (a songwritting duo like XTC)

>  #> What's homo safari about?
> It's a series of instrumental things Andy did that made B sides, and
> they're scattered all about the place.  The ones I have are on the
> flip sides of the 'Making Plans...' and 'Great Fire' singles.

(As if you didn't already know) All the Homo Safari versions,
 7 I think, are contained on the Dear God CD single as the B-side.
It's the only thing I look for anymore in the XTC section.  I need it
badly to complete my XTC CD collection. I just found a copy of
Drums and WIRELESS used and I can't wait to listen to it.  Jeff S.
Jeff Smelser
Video Engineer
Access Tucson


Message-Id: <>
From: "Jeff Smelser" <>
Organization: Access Tucson
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 10:15:47 -0700
Subject: Re: Buzzcity, AZ

> It's Buzzcity talking...

Yesterday I saw a used copy of The Disappointed CD in a store and
checked it for additional songs.  It has the title song, a demo of
one of the songs on Nonsuch, and two album cuts from Nonsuch.

My question is:  Is the demo worth paying $7.50 for and get repeats
of three songs off the last record or maybe there's something
different about the single version of The Disappointed that makes it
and the demo worth having at $7.50.  Someone with this unit, please
clue me in before it's gone.    Thanks   Jeff S.
Jeff Smelser
Video Engineer
Access Tucson


Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 12:50:47 +0500
Message-Id: <>
From: Miss Buenos Aires <>
Subject: Good lord, I'm de-lurking

Hello, Chalkhillians, I've been lurking for oh-so-long...

First of all, "Farmboy's Wages" is *quite* impressive.  Its simplicity
is nothing short of perfect for its subject matter, the mood is set so
well by the "prettiness" of the chord changes, and the way the whole
thing floats along so quietly really paints a picture of these two
lovers hidden in a hayloft somewhere talking about their dreams.  It's
lovely.  And the amazing thing about that E6 chord is that it's not
dissonant itself, but it becomes this crunching dissonance as it
segues into Great Fire.  WOW!

Second of all, I am a GURL and I've been an XTC addict since I was
11 years old, so there, nyah.  When I discovered Andy Partridge in 1980,
all my teeny-bopper pictures came down off the wall, and I tacked up
that green paper outer bag.  I would sit and stare at the cover of Black
Sea, wondering which one was Andy.  So, yeah, Andy's voice is fabulous,
and he's been a longtime love of my life :-)

But even aside from that, Andy is a great singer.  He's incredibly
expressive.  He has so many of his own embellishments, stylistic things
that are 100% Andy.

Um, many of Colin's songs are among my favorites, though I've never
been a fan of War Dance.  Cannon-when-a-flyswatter-is-sufficient
syndrome, imho.

I've always heard "Take number three".

I love their cover of "Watchtower".

I love "Nihilon".

I fear I've JHBed ;-)


* ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Melinda M. Hale |  "Radio is a marvelous invention.  It brought
                |   mankind out of the wee hours and put him
                |   right back up where he belongs."
Lexington, Ky.  |                 -- Walter McGeorge/Duplex Planet
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Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 10:00:06 -0800 (PST)
Subject: song of the week:  "Runaways"
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In Chalkhills #3-18, Keith Hanlon suggests
>How about "Runaways" this week?

  I'll bite!

  There are three ways to tackle this one.  First, it's the lead-off
  track on the album that convinced me of XTC's greatness ... the
  earlier records had entertained me, but I'd never been overwhelmed.
  "Runaways" and the rest of that magical double LP infected me with a
  disease that persists 14 years later.  So this song holds special
  significance in my conversion into a hard-core XTC fan ... and I
  can't hear "Runaways" without remembering what I was doing when I
  first heard it, and all the circumstances of my life.

  Second and third are the elements that hooked me on that fateful day
  in 1982 ... the lyrics and the sound.  I'll deal with the lyrics
  first.  Penned by Colin Moulding (who a couple of years before had
  been knocking off fun little ditties like "Life Begins At The Hop"),
  the song is the rougher cousin to Lennon & McCartney's "She's
  Leaving Home" ... but in this case we learn the uncomfortable truth
  why the protagonist has run.  The main lyric could be one of the
  parents explaining away the domestic violence, although the way it
  is sung it sounds almost as a neutral party ... especially when
  contrasted with the "don't cry" and "please come home" lines.

  The sound is magical ... the rhythmic conspiracy of jangling guitars
  (Partridge), the subtle and plastic (soul) bass playing, and the
  solid drumming driving the song.  And the keyboard fills (Moulding
  and Gregory) carrying more of the harmonic support, especially that
  stark and muted (proto-UNDER THE HILL!) piano riff.  I especially
  like the way the song fades in, with the guitars and keys chirping
  away, the vocals then added, with the big bass and cymbal thump at
  the 22" mark that kicks the song into gear ... but the guitar and
  keyboard part doesn't change.

  The mix and sound of the vocals is effective, too. The main vocal
  line isn't very loud in the mix (typical of the whole album). The
  slightly out of phase vocal "please come home" and the wonky "don't
  cry, don't cry" emphasize the pleading tone of the parent's request.
  (Again, this distiction of the vocal parts -- narrator and parents
  -- recalls "She's Leaving Home".)

  A great song, its impact reinforced by the great arrangement,
  performance, and production.



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