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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #3-161

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 161

                 Friday, 5 September 1997

Today's Topics:

No bad songs, just bad moods & hello & bad CD's & good ideas
                More info about "XTsCheme"
                     He's not dead...
                    Exciting news!!!!
              Something New, Something Black
                      Phil Manzanara
             Producers: Good, Bad, and Awful
              An open mike night experience
     new signing and the "who plays what" conspiracy
                      music we hate
           Without the Beatles / Music Machine
        Now now, let's not get too negative......
                  Woo-ing and amusement
                    Re: XTC Namesakes
                     Andy's Boutique
                   Kinks Info/New Demos
Where were you at 4:00 pm EDT on Thursday, September 4th 1997?
               re: Praise to Jason Falkner
                 How was the Rifff chat?
                  #Buzzcity IRC channel
                  Things of no relevance
                  Chalkhills on Vacation


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Bungalow / In the sea air / Climbing rose / Time to spare.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 13:22:43 +0000
From: Brian Matthews <>
Organization: Ringling Multimedia Corporation
Subject: No bad songs, just bad moods & hello & bad CD's & good ideas


Ya know, in the right mood, every song that XTC has ever done (that I
have ever heard, mind you... I can't claim to have heard them all, which
is probably a good, envious thing to some of you) has got something for
me. I keep reading about some of you panning "Peter Pumpkinhead" or
"Books Are Burning" (pointless guitar solo? When did ANY guitar solo
make a point? It's music, for crying out loud - it both means something
AND nothing) or "Garden Of Earthly Delights" or "My Weapon" or "Human
Alchemy" or "The Smartest Monkeys" or whatever... is there anyone (and
I'm not saying the above applies to all, but it's only the bad news you
hear, ya know?) who thinks that there really isn't a bad banana in the
Thread it, folks.

Hello, Chris Kushmider!

The "This Is Pop" MIDI should be on Chalkhills soon... I'll send it to
John today.

I don't know, Brookes... what WERE you thinking when you bought a Kula
Shakur CD?
I've done pretty well with album reviews in WIRED magazine - I've gotten
at least five from their recommendations, and one I didn't keep because
I probably misread what they were telling me about it.

It's beginning to sound like a good 'IDEA'...

Eating future & shitting past


From: "J.H.Three" <>
Subject: More info about "XTsCheme"
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 12:30:13 -0500
Message-ID: <>


Since I posted my original announcement about XTsCheme (Vol. 1), the file
has been downloaded about 90 times (though that includes failed and/or
cancelled attempts), and the web page (below) has taken about 150
hits. Response so far has been quite positive indeed, so I'll almost
certainly be doing another "volume" in a few months.

In case you missed it, XTsCheme is a self-installing Windows 95 XTC desktop
theme that doesn't require Microsoft[TM] Plus!(R), and you can download it
for free off the web at:

I've also copied the page to my old WWW site (not that anyone ever knew
where *that* was), just in case you have problems downloading it from
the above address. The URL for this "mirror" site is:

Two people requested an "Undo" feature for the system icons which
are optionally changed during installation. Admittedly, the icons don't
accurately represent Win95 system components like your network or your
computer's drives -- they mostly just represent XTC album covers,
except for the stuffed-bird/skinny-bird recycle bin which doesn't
really represent much of anything (I just thought it was a cute idea).

It took a bit of doing, but there's now a new version on the web page
which, if you do decide to change the icons, creates a file called
XTsChemeUNDO.Reg in your Windows directory. Just find and double-click on
this file to restore the icon settings you had before installing XTsCheme.

If you're an early adopter type and have *already* installed XTsCheme,
you might still want to go back to the aforementioned page and download
a tiny file called XTCIconUndo.Reg, which restores the affected icons
to something approximating their Windows 95 defaults.

Also, I added some code which hopefully will make the screen-saver
terminate more cleanly under Windows NT 3.51. (I say "hopefully"
because I don't have access to NT 3.51, so I can't test it).

And don't worry, folks -- Greggsy's hairline has always been like that.

--John H. Hedges


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 13:38:16 -0400
From: Ira Lieman <>
Subject: He's not dead...

Hey there. Long time no post, but since I'm in the middle of major
upheavals here at work all I can do is munch popcorn and watch the show.
Glad it has little to do with me. :) So I write e-mail.

Anyway, for those of you not in the know, Joe Jackson is far from dead.
His new album (I was totally floored when I heard it was going to be
released) is called "Heaven and Hell" and it's on (egad!) Sony
Classical. Joe, like Squeeze, Elvis Costello, and (gasp) even XTC, has
had a crappy time trying to find a supportive record label, but Sony is
supposed to be promoting this well.

The album is (so I hear, I don't have it yet) 8 songs, each dealing with
one of the Seven Deadly Sins (I don't know what the 8th deals with).
They're all written and orchestrated by Joe, but here's the
kicker...he's recruited (some) other musicians and vocalists.

Jane Siberry sings on one of the songs, Susanne Vega on another, and
Crash Test Dummies' Brad Roberts on yet another. I'm not sure what
musical talents Joe is contributing to the cause, but I expect it's
going to be a doozy.

			* 	*	 *

And regarding youngest/oldest, I'm kinda middle of the road here. I'll
be 25 in a little over a month.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 13:40:37 -0700
From: (Danny Phipps)
Subject: Exciting news!!!!

Wow!!  The Chalkhills disgest (3-160) that I just perused over
has got to be the most exciting "issue" I've yet to receive!

Can you believe it?  We're actually going to be discussing some
new XTC material about this time (or sooner) next year!!!  Hurry
up, guys!  We're waiting anxiously for some word from you in the
music department!!! (an understatement)  :-)

Steve (<>, that hard-to-find CD you
just recently purchased with Andy on guitar all over it,
you know where to send a dub, right?  Thanks...

Rock on, XTC-lovers, everywhere 'cos that's basically it.

Peace through Music,

/Dan <>

* -----------------------------------------
"I would have made this instrumental,
 but the words got in the way."
(Andy Partridge)
* -----------------------------------------

PS --

BTW, couldn't believe that some other Chalkhillian
had actually mentioned the revered name of Leo Kottke
within the confines of the digest!  ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 00:54:51 +0000
Subject: Something New, Something Black

Dear Chalkers,

So now it's official... XTC are back.

The news is not unexpected of course but still very welcome; the part
about them doing "appearances" in particular!
Anyway, many congrats to the band and to ourselves for still being
there - just a few more months now and we'll be able to discuss their
new album.

Last issue our friend Harrison Sherwood said:
> And isn't it interesting that the album that really marks the
> hinge-point in this transition, the one that announces the beginning of
> the migration--Black Sea--has "No Language In Our Lungs" at its center
> (both thematically and in the sequence of songs on the LP)?
Hear hear, Mr. Sherwood! I could have said this myself - but not
so eloquent of course...
IMHO it is indeed the pivotal song on the album - and a highlight in
their career. An early example of what was yet to come also; as
Andy's writing gets more & more personal and less anecdotal later on.
Plus there's some clever wordplay as well, a true Partridge classic.
And let's not forget the excellent music - Dave's guitar playing in
particular !

And back in those wild days of vinyl ( and test-pressings! ) the
"running order" of tracks on an album was always carefully considered
and the last track on each side in particular...

As far as I know XTC had to hand over all
rights to their old stuff as part of their 'deal' with
Virgin. This probably means we'll never get a decent, properly
remastered CD release of this awesome album.

I think MoFi are only interested in those albums that sold well in
the US, so that's just Skylarking and O&L in XTC's case...

Virgin will just repackage it to death :(

yours just like a crusader,

Mark Strijbos
at The Little Lighthouse; the XTC website @
===> The Random XTC Quote <===
Where's the message that's written under the base of clouds?


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 17:44:41 -0700
From: Wesley Hanks <>
Subject: Phil Manzanara

         David Bowie * R.E.M. * Frank Zappa * U2 * Julian Cope *
         Django Reinhardt/Stephane Grapelli * Bob Seger/Silver Bullet
         Band * Smashing Pumpkins * Bruce Cockburn * Roy Buchanan *
         Tim Buckley * Miles Davis Quintet * Phil Ochs * Squeeze * Art
         Of Noise * Shawn Colvin

I came across the above and lunged my lemonade on the B*b S**g*r

I picked up a copy of "The Manzanara Collection" and was wondering if
anyone can explain to me whats up with two of the 801 tracks. I was
suprized to see "The Fat Lady of Limbourg" and a different version of
"Miss Shapiro" both attributed to the "801 Live" album. My vinyl and
cassette copy of "801 Live" contain a different version of MS and
neither has TFLOL on it. UK vs US release?

All Hail Mighty Cooking Vinyl!



Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Rushton" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 21:05:30 +0000
Subject: Producers: Good, Bad, and Awful

Saw the good news on the web about XTC signing to Cooking Vinyl this
afternoon (Wed) about the time Chalkhills arrived.

I must say their short list of producers is WEIRD.

Dust Brothers:  Yes I could see this.  They've done Beck, Beastie
Boys, Hanson, among others - (attention you Hanson haters out there,
sure these kids look ridiculous, but I heard "MmmmBop" on the radio
before I ever saw the video - you have to admit it was the catchiest
thing on radio this summer, and damn good sounding!)

Roy Thomas Baker:  The guy who produced Be Bop Deluxe's "Futurama" -
as well as Queen, the Cars, etc etc.....  What's he done lately?
Anything?  Is he just another over-the-hill hack like Gus Dundgeon?
Please, get thee JOHN LECKIE to the boys again.  Sure he does Take
That members' solo albums for the money, but he's done quality work
with Kula Shaker and Radiohead in the past couple of years.

Bruce Fairbairn:  Isn't he some HACK pop-metal producer?  Didn't he
produce acts like Heart or Bon Jovi or Aerosmith in the 80's or
early 90's?  Please!  No!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good to be BACH..........

Mark Rushton, author of the Bill Nelson web site


Message-Id: <>
From: "Brad Preuss" <>
Subject: An open mike night experience
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 18:32:25 -0000

Hello Chalkheads,

Well...a friend of mine works at a nearby Barnes and Noble bookstore.
He's also an XTC fanatic and likes to do covers of their tunes.  I hadn't
seen him perform yet and the store was finally having another open mike
that I could attend.  Anyways, the people that performed before him didn't
seem to get the idea through their heads that it was an ACOUSTIC open mike
night as they had brought with them an electric piano.  It just so happened
that the group was from a church, which mainly consisted of jews for jesus.
 Them playing a song or two would not have been TOO bad, but they handed
out tambourines and other people that came along to see them started to
dance around in circles.  They ended up playing about four songs.  Tony, my
friend, wanted dearly (as did I) to play Dear God but he was warned not to
by the music manager.  He ended up playing Wrapped in Grey and something
else which I can't remember.


Message-ID: <>
From: Martin & Jamie Monkman <>
Subject: new signing and the "who plays what" conspiracy
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 20:06:55 -0700

>From Chalkhills #3-160, John the keeper of the list:

>The band are at the moment looking for a Producer and have been talking to
>people such as the Dust Brothers, Roy Thomas Baker and Bruce Fairburn.  XTC
>are in pre-production at the moment and have been rehearsing with several
>musicians.  There will be a new album in May 1998 of material written since
>1991 to date.

Bruce Fairburn doesn't sound likely, but we've been surprised before.
Who's going to ask Andy who the "several musicians" are and what they play?
And May 1998 ... nine months is about the right time for the gestation of a
new baby!

And in the same issue "milkmaid, that" wrote:
> [that good egg ted harms wrote:]
>> Well, something that I find quite interesting is that 'Rook' penned by AP,
>> has no Colin on it all (heresy!) while 'War Dance' (I think - alas, they
>> don't allow to keep my CD collection at work..), penned by Colin has Andy
>> playing some fairly insiginificant instrument (tambourine? kazoo?)
>close - it's the shaker. and on "Bungalow" Andy plays the bell tree and
>sings backup only. not only are you exactly right (that on several songs
>Colin basically makes Andy practically irrelevant, and on "Rook" he returns
>the favor - although in fact it's even more pointed than that, because one
>member of the band not appearing on a track could mean anything, it could
>mean that they weren't in the studio that day for some reason, but putting
>someone on 'shaker' only is almost insulting), but i had actually noticed
>this same thing when i first got _Nonsuch_ and wondered what it implied
>about their relationship and songwriting one-upmanship.

I wonder if Andy is insulted by the fact the he only let himself play
tambourine and shaker on "Rook".  And does anybody hear much bass guitar on
"1000 Umbrellas"?  Just wondering.

p.s. <I>I'm the youngest member of Chalkhills!</I>  Well, with some
qualifications.  I'm the youngest member was born north of Swindon, now
resides many miles west of Swindon, is (as Dave Gregory soon will be) as
bald as a French trombone, who thinks (unlike some young whippersnappers)
that Mummer is a damn good record (and the CD ain't bad either), and who
doesn't give a damn how old you are.


Date: 04 Sep 97 09:41:00 GMT
From: (David McGuinness)
Subject: music we hate
Message-Id: <"<A1BA0E3481821573>A1BA0E3481821573@GW.BBC"@-SMF->

Hi there -

Thanks to todzilla for coming up with the 'what music drives XTC fans up
the wall' idea.

Personally, I've never heard a song by The Beautiful South whose lyrics
didn't make me want to throw up.  Anyone else feel the same?

 -David McGuinness


Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 10:24:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: FA ken clinger <>
Subject: Without the Beatles / Music Machine
Message-Id: <>

The recently mentioned Music Machine has a web site, which I found by just
guessing at the URL. It's

Here at work, with only a text browser, many of the pages just have text
allruntogether, but it looks like a fun place to browse with a graphic

Music Machine was mentioned re: WITHOUT THE BEATLES compilation of Beatles
covers, including contributions by Colin's Hermits, Martin Newell, and
Cleaners from Venus. [The Cleaners piece is only on the vinyl version, so
you vinyl-addicts can gloat :) ].

I got WITHOUT THE BEATLES directly from Jarmusic in Germany. The CD itself
was only $20, but the German postage to ship it was an additional $15! So
I'm pleased it's available more easily in the US thru Music Machine.

-+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+-
   You have just read e-mail by Ken Clinger.
You may now resume your previously-scheduled life
-+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+-


Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 09:39:29 -0600 (CST)
From: "DADDY'S GIRL" <>
Subject: Now now, let's not get too negative......
Message-id: <>

But what the heck. I'll throw in the bands that this XTC fan abhors,
despises, and wishes would get shot on a bike ride to the moon.......

Hanson. (Everytime I hear it, I think "MMM STOP!!!!!!")
Spice Girls (And I thought British music was so inventive.....)
Marilyn Manson (The novelty has worn off)
Leann Rimes (How do I live without you? Easy....I change the station.)
Counting Crows (I used to like 'em, but I got sick of 'em)
Anything remotely Seattle
REM (Once again, used to like 'em.....)

So there!

Oh Sherwood Forest, I was not agonizing over the statement about Dave's
hair. I sort of learned not to get so giddy about incredibly banal things,
as Dave DOES know of me and my adoration of him. (But now I'm getting
giddy, so I'll press on.......)

An interesting point was raised about Andy and the lyrics to "It's Nearly
Africa". I'm not sure he was going on any kind of stereotypes when he wrote
it.  Andy doesn't seem the kind of guy to stereotype at all. But then
again, you could be the most liberal of liberals and you would still have
preconceived notions about people.

This is stupendous news about XTC and Idea. It's finally all coming
together.  Now we can all stop tearing our hair out and grinding our teeth
to death in anticipation for a "proper" new album.

Then again.....for those of us who've heard the demos, and most of them
make their way onto would it sound? I personally tend to latch
on to the first version of a song that I hear, if there are indeed other
versions floating around. (For instance, I bought Drums & Wireless a few
months before I bought The Big Express, so I heard different versions of
"Seagulls Screaming" and "You're the Wish (You Are) I Had". I think the D&W
versions are far superior to TBE verions.) I'm just wondering if it'll
sound exciting or a bit stale, since I've listened to the demos for quite
some time.....

Okay...who's actually tried the "Dark Side of the Moon"/Wizard of Oz thing?
(For those of you who don't know, a radio dj found out that if you play
DSOTM and watch TWOO at the same time, the lyrics and music on the cd
correspond with the acxtion in the film. I've done it, it's hysterically
accurate.)  Anyhoo, I was wondering if any XTC albums would go with movies
like that....  Just a thought.

And now I must be going.

(PS-I've gotten a few questions about the genesis of "Daddy's Girl", so
here's the deal...

Everyone tells me I look exactly like my manager, so I started calling him
"daddy", he calls me "daughter", refers to his own daughter as my baby
sister, etc., etc. So "Daddy's Girl" has stuck with me. It's even on my
time card to punch out! But we Louisianians are twisted, aren't we.....)

Ciao for now,

XTC song of the day-Shake You Donkey Up
non XTC-I Saw the Light-Todd Rundgren


From: Cheryl <>
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 16:33:59 GMT
Subject: Woo-ing and amusement
Message-ID: <>

Hello chalk-friends,

Well, the nifty IT department here deleted everyone out of the system
and their mail files too and I can't remember who it was in  issue
159, I think, who asked:

Where exactly does the Woo!  take place in "Rocket From a Bottle".
Well, it takes place, according to the counter on the CD, at 2: 24.
It's not obvious, it's in back of the Whoa, whoa, whoa whoas.  I know
I'm silly, but I hear it!  It's in there!  : )

It's nice to get some really great news, that being of the release of
the new album, since this week has been of the most sad and bizarre kind.

Not much else to say, it's just one of those years.



From: kraig olmstead <>
Subject: Re: XTC Namesakes
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 97 11:57:00 PDT
Message-ID: <>

The first time I tried to find any info on our boys on the internet I did
an unrestricted search on YAHOO for "XTC".  Thank goodness I'm not a



Date: Thu, 04 Sep 97 11:13:49 CST
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Andy's Boutique

     Hello Chalklines on the pavement,

     (do a silly happy dance)
     Let the bells ring out
     They did the deal
     Let us shout for joy
     and dance and reel

     There's an album or two
     In may of '98
     and from what I've heard,
     They are gonna be great!

     Anyway, FINALLY! I have heard of the Dust Brothers of course, but who
     are the other two producers that were mentioned. I am not familiar
     with them.

     The Dust Bothers ! Probably Big Bucks if this Rolling Stone album does
     well, not to mention Beck's and their master record of all time,
     MMMMBOP by Hanson, no just kidding, I mean Paul's Boutique by them
     Beastie Boys!!!!!!

     Oh the long waits with nothing to talk about but Gay Trumpets and
     Bisexual Bassoons will all be OVER!

     And a new book to boot! Well bless my soul, I am already
     there (heaven).

     Man, we are the hard corps fans, we have stuck this whole damn strike
     out and we have remained faithful and adamant about our love for this
     band and their music. SIX YEARS! How many people graduated, got jobs
     and had kids in that time? MANY< MANY CHANGES AND WE WERE THERE
     THROUGH IT ALL. Now our prize will be hopefully a little bit of
     exposure for this band.

     I have to tell you, it sure will be nice not to have to search the
     darkest corners of the web just to find a little smidgen of quotage
     from our illutrious Andy, who would probably be repeating the same
     story over and over again any way.

     Well happiness and joy to all. We ought to have a great whopping party
     somewhere the day of the release. RELEASE!

     Yours truly,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 14:04:19 -0400
Subject: Kinks Info/New Demos

Quick note:

I have been very pleased to see various Chalkies endorsing the music of the
Kinks lately.  There very definitely is a clear line of musical evolution
between Ray Davies & Co. and our own beloved Swindonians.  And again, like
XTC, when folks 100 years from now write about what really mattered in pop
music during our lifetimes, they'll scratch their heads in wonderment about
how little glory was heaped at the feet of the Kinks during their time in
the sun.  (Sort of the Mozart/Bach scenario revisited.)

Anyhow, the reason I post is to let the Kink-Kurious know about a Web page
which does a pretty decent job of describing the pros and cons of the Kinks
albums which I think most XTC fans would care about:  Face to Face (1966),
Something Else (1967), The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society
(1968) and Arthur (1969).  I don't agree with everything the author has to
say, but it's all there with album cover pics, etc.

On a more XTC-related note, I rediscovered my XTC demo tape recently, and
gave it a listen after not hearing it for about four months.  (And let me
take this opportunity to thank -- again -- the person who traded me for it;
you know who you are, and you're the greatest!)  The verdict:  These songs
really are great -- the best I think I've heard (in most instances) since
-- oh, I don't know, all their stuff is great (gush, gush).  For what it's
worth, here are my faves and not-so-faves:

Green Man (can't wait for the real orchestral treatment -- and especially
for Colin's sinuous bass to work itself around the song's hypnotic groove)
River of Orchids (It's so rare to hear something truly original and new
that doesn't sound contrived or self-indulgent.  Here, Andy's
experimentation with sound and counterpoint sounds whimsical rather than
sodden and really helps the song along.  Yum!)
Easter Theater (Gawd, this one is beautiful.  And, again, the
instrumentation is something to dissect and marvel at [if you're one of
those music geeks like me, that is -- otherwise, sit back and smile].)
The Last Baloon (Sad and hopeful at the same time)
Prince of Orange (I really hope this song maintains its quirky edge after
Mr. Producer is done with it.  And don't lose that crying at the end!)

My Brown Guitar (old territory revisited; b-side material)
Dictionary (the lyric sort of reminds me of one of those "crying clown"
black velvet paintings)

Anyhow, I've taken too much of the Boss-man's time here.  Just thought I'd

-- FS


Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 17:49:39 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Where were you at 4:00 pm EDT on Thursday, September 4th 1997?

Maybe I should know better than to write e-mails when I'm upset, but I
don't.  I'm sitting here at 4:44 pm on Thursday and the chat with Andy has
been going on for 45 minutes.  Without me.  It may be partly my own fault,
I don't know, but I place the lion's share of the blame squarely at the
feet of The Microsoft Network.

You might recall my sob story in June from the first chat, that I spent all
day trying to get MSN to work on my computer at work to no avail, and
finally discovered I could have got in thru my trusty AOL account all
along.  I felt a bit like Dorothy, but I had a wonderful time at the chat.

So last week I see that the chat's going on again and I breeze by the Rifff
site, and I see it looks as it did before.  Figure I'll get there like I
did before no problem and have a grand time.  I even have a question
prepared in advance.  (whoa!)  No, I don't click on the "Join the chat"
button as a test because there's no chat to join and I don't feel the need
to test it because it worked so well in June.

I would have tried to go in early, but naturally my colleague is tying up
our only modem line.  I kick him off.  So there I am at the appointed time,
but those little wieners at Microsoft (with apologies to Peter, but only
because I know he isn't working on that end of things) have gone and
CHANGED THINGS.  Without my permission!!  The easy way in is not there

Naively I click the button that says "Got explorer and Win95?  Click HERE!"
 What does it do but assault my computer with new chat software.  Yes, if I
 had read the page I would have seen that it was going to do that, but it
 was 4:00 already and I'm late.  It's installing components left and right
 and transferring documents right and left and of course I get a VBS script
 error, but I pay it no mind.  What choice do I have anyway?  It's sending
 me this stuff like there's no tomorrow.  So I wait and I wait and I'm
 getting some sort of screen.  But there's lots of boxes with lots of x's
 in the corners.  Not a good sign.  I click reload.  I get a little more,
 but not much.  I try everything. Over and over. This fucker just won't
 work.  I try going back to the previous page and getting in another way,
 but nothing's working.

In short, I never do make it in to the chat.  And now I have some bogus
chat software partially installed somewhere on my computer, and I don't
know how to get rid of it!  I'm really trying to save on hard drive space
right now too.  You know, if I wanted Microsoft Chat, I could have stayed
with MSN in the spring when I tried it.  If it had bloody well worked I
might have done just that, but the damn thing is more full of bugs than,
well, than a box full of bugs!

Can you tell I'm a little peeved?  Let me emphasize once more that I am not
generally a Microsoft basher.  I love my Win95 and my Office 97.  But I'm
getting worried about Microsoft.  I don't have trouble with the Internet
Explorer so far, but MSN is just so bad that I'm losing faith.  Every time
I get (courtesy of AOL) an update to the Explorer I cringe, fearful that
it's going to be polluted by MSN.  And Windows 97 (or is it 98?) is
supposed to incorporate a lot of the Explorer technology so that you
navigate your desktop and the internet in exactly the same way.  Don't let
MSN destroy the rest of the world!

All you chosen ones that made the chat, I'm jealous.  I'm so insanely
jealous I could spit.  This just hurts.  And largely because I had such an
awesome time at the last chat.  Half the fun was just being in real time
with people who speak my language.  Anyone who knows where we can set up a
regular channel, let me know.  I'm up for it.

So I've vented now.  I feel a bit better.  Not much, but a bit.  And thanks
as always for listening.  I know, nobody's perfect, and this is still new
technology, and it's probably my computer's fault or I was emitting harmful
particles or something.  I will not be comforted.

--Melissa Reaves


Date: Fri, 5 Sep 97 01:11:27 UT
From: "brynne and scott " <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: re: Praise to Jason Falkner

>>On advice aplenty from this list I scrounged around for spare change and
purchased Falkner's "Author Unknown". Hallelujah! New tune infusion when
times are desperate.


I agree that this album is well worth owning. With that, I'd like to offer
that I have two extra copies of it available for trade or for the price of
$8 postpaid in the U.S. Also available is one copy of his promo only single
"I Live" for $3. The song is the same as the album version, but has very
nice cover photos by a chap named Lego.

Please email at:

Scott S


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 1997 09:01:33 -0400
From: Troy Peters <>
Subject: How was the Rifff chat?

Chalkheads --

I had a work-related emergency arise and couldn't make it home in time
for the Rifff chat with Andy.  How was it?  Any breaking news?

Do tell...

On another note, the recent missive from XTC's management regarding the
new record deal mentioned *possible* production by the Dust Brothers.
Hmmm.  Now, that would be cool.  Go listen to Beck's remarkable "Odelay"
to get a sense of what they can do...

I, for one, am counting the days until May '98 (or whenever the new
album finally arrives).



From: "JH 3" <>
Subject: #Buzzcity IRC channel
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 11:37:13 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Hello again...

Towards the tail end of the last "Rifff" chat session with Andy P.,
some participants suggested that there be a permanent IRC channel
(i.e., chat room) for XTC fans. Since my company runs a chat server
that isn't really being used much at the moment, I offered to create
one. It was no big deal, really...

So, the channel is called #Buzzcity and the server is

I think it was either Julian Cook or someone named Mark (Strijbos,
perhaps?) who suggested "Buzzcity Talking" as the name, but since you
can't have spaces in IRC channel names, I thought it would be best to
shorten it to avoid any confusion.

Anyway, I can't guarantee that we'll be running our chat server forever
-- in fact just about any kind of serious abuse will probably cause us
to close it down completely, but I can't imagine an XTC fan abusing an
IRC channel, can you? (I do have the ability to ban people, of course.)
Also, it's a Windows NT server, so it's subject to crashing without

The usual admonitions apply; try to stay on topic if possible, but if
you want to use the channel to talk dirty to strangers, rant and rave
about old "Star Trek" episodes, or trade your favorite felafel recipes,
I won't try to stop you. Even 'bots are OK, as long as they're not the
abusive, bandwidth-draining kind.

See you in cyberspace.

--John H. Hedges III
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Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 02:53:41 +0100
From: Phil Hetherington <>
Subject: Things of no relevance


Just saying hello, having just got back from seeing a bit of the
world. To be precise: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia,
Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg,
Belgium & France. A couple of those were "went through it on
the train" types of visit, but I had a good - if brief - look
at most of them.

Little has changed since I went; I have a backlog of Chalkhills
to read and a load of other mail, no free time and too much to
do, so I'm in no position to contribute to any ongoing debate at
the moment.

One very significant thing has happened though, and it involves
the Levellers. They have, finally, done their second _good_
album! By which I don't mean to knock the others, though they
were crap compared to 'Levelling The Land' as everyone knows.
(Well ok, they were just crap). But now, finally, six years on,
they've equalled and possibly even bettered it with 'Mouth To
Mouth'. I'm both pleasently surprised and very impressed.

Well, just buy it.

Incidently, if anyone has a spare copy of 'See Nothing Hear
Nothing Do Something', my brother is after it - it's been
out of print for a while.


PS: This being a global list of diverse tastes, does anyone
know what's become of the Texas band 'Shoulders'?  Email
privately please...
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Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 19:36:19 -0700
Message-Id: <>
From: John Relph <relph>
Subject: Chalkhills on Vacation

Hey folkses,

I'm going on vacation for a week.  Chalkhills will not be broadcasting
while I am away.  It's hard to maintain the same level of quality with
a simple automatic script.  Thank you for your patience.

While I'm gone, check out the Chalkhills site.  I'm always making
incremental changes, and you might be surprised at what you find.  And
of course, if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Thank you.

	-- John


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