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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 153

                Wednesday, 13 August 1997

Today's Topics:

Sgt. Pepper Is Going To Help Me and Other Off Topic Claptrap
                   Radio, Radio Part 3
             They All Might Have Golden Guts
        Blowing your theory like a french trombone
              The Embarrassment Of Richness
           Robyn Hitchcock's Swindon reference
         non XTC-CD label blunder-Gruppo Sportivo
             Beatles first stereo LP release?
                    A is for Analogue
         RE: MOMMYHEADS (letter to the anti-self)
                   Hey Happy Happy Ness
                       elvis & xtc
     Skylacking vs. Skylarking and other fine points
            MOMMYHEADS recommend Ron Sexsmith
                       One more try
                        Dear Todd
                  not so great rock read
              Give the People What They Want
        non-xtc, xtc related, just read it please
                       Reel By Real
                      Black Sea Bar
           everything's eerily come full circle


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Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 15:54:55 -0700
From: Stormy Monday <>
Subject: Sgt. Pepper Is Going To Help Me and Other Off Topic Claptrap


>From Jeff Langr:

> Sgt. Pepper sounds pretty damn dated while Village Green Preservation
> Society remains near timeless. 

Sgt. Pepper remains one of the most important, influential and timeless
albums of our time.

I'm thankful for Ray Davies and the Kinks though, if only for their
influence on the young and precocious Andy Partridge.

Listen, we all like to sing the praises of unsung heroes.  It is great
fun to look down upon very popular acts and say, "You think they're
good?  You should hear XTC and The Kinks!".

The Beatles transcend all genres, appealing to musicians and casual
listeners, young and old.

>From john murphy:
> Listen to a "mono" Sgt. Pepper sometime,on vinyl of course,
> you will enjoy the music as it was "supposed to sound".

Actually, George Martin and the Beatles did two separate mixes of Sgt.
Pepper, one mono and one stereo.  SP was considered innovative at the
time, winning 4 Grammys, including Best Album, Best Contemporary Album,
Best Album Cover and Best Engineered Album.  The stereo mix still sounds
fresh, especially when listened to on the headphones.  I know that the
Grammys are bogus and political, but I mention this to point out that
back in 1967, when Rock and Roll was still considered to be a fad and
not counted as serious music by the "Establishment", Sgt. Pepper "broke
through" and told the world that the Beatles (and their contemporaries)
were not just kids bashing about on electric guitars, but were actually
a new generation of artists, making a much bigger contribution than the
established acts of the "Hit Parade".

We like a lot of stuff that is un-recognized by the masses.  This is not
necessarily an indication of our rare taste and high intellect, although
it is certainly fun to believe that!  It is more a manifestation of
music being more important in our lives than in the lives of others.
The fact is, XTC's music is challenging and sometimes difficult,
requiring patience.  I'm not surprised at  all that they are not big
stars.  Movies, television and radio are all driven by profit.  The
radio programmers bet their jobs on new records, and they are afraid to
play challenging records, because many people will tune to another
station.  Is anyone surprised at the success of The Spice Girls (The
Village People for the 90's) or Hanson (recycled, watered down Motown
that goes down as easy as ice cream)?  Sure, WE think that that stuff is
tripe, but we represent a very small part of the market place.  If I was
an A&R man for a label, I would have signed The Spice Girls in a
minute.  Who cares if they'll be around in two years?  They had money
written all over them.  At least music such as the "Big Express" made to
the record stores against all odds.  Thankfully, there are artists like
XTC that really care about art. How many other "XTC's" have died on the
vine, because no one would sign them?  It isn't anyone's fault, it is
just an unfortunate aspect of our lives.


Does anyone remember The House Martins?  If someone has some of their
music, please e-mail me privately, and perhaps we could arrange for a
trade.  I can't find them anywhere, but I seem to remember a compilation
CD.  I should have snatched it up.


>From James Dignan:
> In fact, I'd regard XTC, Costello and Jackson as
> some sort of British trinity of like-minded musical acts which really
> grabbed my attention in the late 70s

I love Joe Jackson.  A fine musician, drawing from a large musical palette.
Reggae, Jazz, Punk, New Wave, Classical, Latin and Rock and Roll were all
part of Joe's repertoire.  Sometimes a little weak in the lyrics, but the
music was so good, I never cared.  Obviously "Look Sharp", "I'm The Man" and
"Night and Day" were very successful for him, but "Body & Soul", "Big
World", "Blaze Of Glory" and "Jumpin Jive" are also great albums.

Anybody remember Graham Parker and The Rumour?  He always claimed that
Joe and Elvis ripped him off.  Maybe they did, but I like EC and JJ much
better.  The Rumour was a hot band!  So were Ian Dury & The Blockheads.

"I've got Mercury Poisoning, its fatal and it doesn't get better".

"There ain't half been some clever bastards (lucky bleeders, lucky

And about Todd...

He did a great job on Skylarking, but I really like "Another
Satellite".  Andy has a lot of fun with puns, metaphors and double
meanings in that one.

Stormy Monday

PS.  Someone asked about "You'll take an inch but you'd love a mile"?
That was from The Ozark Mountain Daredevils song, "Jackie Blue".


Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 16:17:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Natalie Jane Jacobs <>
Subject: Radio, Radio Part 3
Message-ID: <>

Well, here I am, fresh and tingly from slogging through the 3-hour "XTC
Blowout Spam-o-Rama" on my friend's radio show this afternoon.  It went
really, really well and we even got a few requests, as well as one caller
who thought "It Didn't Hurt a Bit" was by the Grateful Dead (!!).
My friend, the aptly-named Colin, did all the technical stuff,
I was the resident XTC expert giving history and background on the songs,
and we both decided what songs to play, making it up as we went along.
Simon Sleightholm and John Christensen both got thanked on the air for
supplying all the demo and interview tapes, so each of you has used up
one of your fifteen minutes of fame.  Please note this in your private logs.

For interested parties, the set-list was as follows:

Science Friction, Statue of Liberty, River of Orchids, It's Nearly
Africa, Beating of Hearts, Respectable Street (live), Wake Up, Extrovert,
Towers of London, Agony Andy (episode 1), Garden of Earthly Delights,
Vanishing Girl, Skylarking Interview LP (side 1), Margaret Freeman (The
Residents w/ Andy), The Forgotten Language of Light, Ceramic Avenue
(Partridge/Budd), Night of the Comet (Partridge/Blegvad), Omnibus, No
Thugs in Our House, Yacht Dance, Helicopter, It Didn't Hurt a Bit, All
You Pretty Girls (Crash Test Dummies), Everyday Story of Smalltown,
Goosey Goosey, Ella Guru, Heaven is Paved With Broken Glass, Generals and
Majors, Mermaid Smiled, The Green Man, History of Rock and Roll

Mark, I'm really sorry we couldn't get on "You and the Clouds"
for you - in a terrible mishap, we ended up taping over half of it.  Good
thing it'll be on the new album... I hope.

Anyway, apart from that, it was fun, and I wish all of you had been able
to listen in.

Natalie Jacobs
Perdix: The Andy Partridge Appreciation Page


Message-Id: <l03102801b016764434bb@[]>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 15:36:36 -0500
From: jason garcia <>
Subject: off-the-cuff

Twists and turns,

>In case anyone else might have heard it, it's the song with the chorus
>"I never thought you were a junkee/because heroine is so passe."  Anyone
>heard of them?

Yes;  and I became Butt-Head for a second:  "uh, huh-huh, this SUCKS!"

>Sgt. Pepper sounds pretty damn dated while Village Green Preservation
>Society remains near timeless.

Maybe you should go BACK an album to "Revolver", then sit in the corner
and weep at ITS timelessness.  That album sounds so fucking MODERN, even
today, that it's scary.

Ben, I think Andy plays the Prophet V throughout "Fly on the Wall"
(had to post that publicly so I'd be legit)

>My two cents on TR:  his New World Order was a piece of garbage.  There
>should have been a warning sticker on the front.
>All the best
>Bill Green

Yep.  A bit much for the list, wouldn't you say?

So, who's going to see Sheryl Crow?  I mean, Michael Penn?

randomly yours,


Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 17:33:27 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <v01510100b01646407a7d@[]>
From: (Paul Brantley)
Subject: They All Might Have Golden Guts

I'm sure this Andy quote has appeared before, but hey:

"..but time has humbled me into admitting that Todd conjured up some of the
most magical production and arranging [Skylarking] conceivable." So shut
the fuck up.
Who else (other than XTC) has been continually reinventing himself in the
indifferent face of pop culture for the past 25 years? Todd, indulgent,
self-centered, quirky, inconsistent? -- sounds like a typical Chalkhills
subscriber. Sounds like someone possessed.

Has anyone noticed (or commented on, I've been away) the similarities
between some of Andy's Golden Guts demos and the b-side/bonus tracks from
the recent They Might Be Giants box set of early stuff? Amazing what a love
of cheezy sounds might inspire.



Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 17:51:59 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Blowing your theory like a french trombone

P@ul of Oz wrote:
>>Those of us who file our CD collections alphabetically may have noticed
David Yazbek albums will always nestle alongside those of XtC on the shelf
,,, I just realised that some clever-clogs is likely to write in and claim to
be a big collector of Xymox!<<

No, but i do own a few "Weird Al" Yankovic albums that do the trick nicely.

Brad "but i thought you alphabetize backwards in the southern hemisphere "


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 00:19:23 +0000
Subject: The Embarrassment Of Richness

Dear Chalkers,

First of all: The Greatest Living Englishman is a great album.
It's not perfect (after all it's not by XTC, is it?) but it's a fine
piece of work from a wonderful weird and very English
songwriter/performer. I find it a bit embarrassing that someone on
this list would dismiss it as (i quote) "an embarrassment".

Then Paul of Oz alerted us all to this:

> Those of us who file our CD collections alphabetically
But how does one file them if they are _all_ by XTC ? ;)

> may have noticed that David Yazbek albums will always nestle alongside
> those of XtC on the shelf.
> Just one of those strange things in life. Yazbek would no doubt be pleased
> about that!
I think he probably is;  but it gets even stranger: if you file them
'thematically' or by genre his album is also bound to pop up next to
XTC or maybe next to the Testimonial (or Testicle) Dinner cd which
he produced ! Weird huh?

> Oh, hang on.  I just realised that some clever-clogs is likely to write in
> and claim to be a big collector of Xymox!  Rats, there goes another
> half-baked cosmic theory......
Xymox used to be called Clan Of Xymox when they were just
another band from a provincial Dutch town. Maybe they guessed they
would be easier to find if they were filed under 'X' ??? Who knows...
But anyway, IMHO this means they are cheating :)

yours trainspottingly,

Mark Strijbos
at The Little Lighthouse; the XTC website @
===> The Random XTC Quote <===
Why bless my soul, I'm already there...


Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 13:02:40 +1200 (NZST)
Message-Id: <v01540b00b0176089817e@[]>
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: Robyn Hitchcock's Swindon reference

>Seeing all the recent Robyn Hitchcock references here got me to wondering
>about something...  Do I hear a tip-of-the-hat to XTC in "Ride" from the
>_Perspex Island_ CD (another fine production from XTC-alum Paul Fox)?  About
>four minutes into the song he sings "sitting in a carriage in the pouring
>rain.... in Swindon."  Or does he?  Am I mishearing this?  And if not, does

he does sing this, but the clue is the next line " an anorak" Anoraks
are the trademark clothing of the REAL trainspotters - those who go ut and
collect engine numbers. And Swindon was, of course (along with Crewe) one
of Britain's two main railway centres. So I think it's more a reference to
railways than to XTC

James (who was responsible for the version of "Ride" on the Glass Flesh
tribute album...)


Date: Wed, 13 Aug 97 06:11:49 UT
From: "brynne and scott " <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: non XTC-CD label blunder-Gruppo Sportivo

I know there are a few fans of this band on the list so here's some info:

I just thought I'd warn everybody about the new live release of Gruppo
Sportivo, "Second Life" on Amsterdamned Records. The info on their web page
says, "The recording quality verges on unbelievable. Fun for everybody." The
quality is definitely UNBELIEVABLE. The cd is a note slow, causing the vocals
and music to drag. I have the original import called "Sing Sing" which got it
right and sounds excellent. I've emailed the label at,
but have received no reply.

Scott S


From: "Johan Ekdahl" <>
Subject: Beatles first stereo LP release?
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 09:48:23 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Sorry; no XTC-connection here.

"Gravity" wrote:
>Listen to a "mono" Sgt. Pepper sometime,on vinyl of course,
>you will enjoy the music as it was "supposed to sound".

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do beleive that Pepper was in stereo.
And how about Rubber Soul and Revolver? Anyone able to
shed some light on this?

(On the original issue: The absolutely most horrible example,
IMHO, of destroying a recording when re-mastering for CD is
ZZ Top's first album).


Message-ID: <>
From: Gary Minns <>
Subject: A is for Analogue
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 10:37:08 +0100

>>The bit that got me was the back-masking on 25 O'clock
>>It got me thinking whether it was standard form for CDs and
>>cassettes to contain back-masking even though it's pretty
>>much impossible to make any sense of it on these formats
>If your computer has a CD-ROM unit (most do now), you can
>play the CD and record the selected backmask and then reverse
>it in your favorite sound editing program

Er, right, that's cleared that up then!  It's okay, I'm not
technophobic, it's just that the powers that be have decreed that sound
producing software is not necessary to run an insurance office.  Harsh
but not entirely incorrect.

And continuing the recent vinyl-CD debate:

>I felt like we've all been a little cheated by this digital revolution

I know what you mean.  There is a certain depth to vinyl that is
somewhat lost on CD and CD singles are just cack compared to 7 inch
singles (remember the excitement when you rushed down the record shop to
get your 1st day release of All You Pretty Girls or This World Over).

I guess that music is analogue and no matter how well you record it to
digital it is still, effectively, a conversion and, like all
conversions, loses something.  Vinyl was analogue and the music went
down on it in the original analogue form.

Goddamit, that's progress for yas.  They'll be sending people to the
moon next.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 11:49:31 +0200
Subject: Rockpallast!

Hi all,

So I sent email to the Rockpallast folks half a year ago telling them I was
so sad I missed the repeat of the XTC concert last year. Of course I didn't
tell them I already had a copy (thanks again Pelle!), but I was hoping to
be able to update the quality.
So they wrote back saying they would put my request on their list.
So I thought: yeah, right. Sure.

So you can imagine my surprise when this morning I got back email saying:
>Vieleicht interessiert Dich das attachment (28.09.97). Viel SpaB!
>Schone GruBe
>Peter Ruchel

Here's the important piece of the attachment:

28.09.97       SIMPLE MINDS
01.33 - 06.15 Uhr   (Sartory Saal Koln am 06.06.82)
               (Markthalle Hamburg am 08.05.84)
               (Markthalle Hamburg am 10.02.82)
               UB 40
               (Sartory Saal Koln am 19.07.81)

So get those recorders ready this time!

Andre :-)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 09:29:41 -0400
Subject: RE: MOMMYHEADS (letter to the anti-self)

>From: Jonathan Christensen <>
>Hey! Thanks for the tip on The Mommyheads. I really liked it!!

OK, this is too much... I really must step forth and disagree
with "myself."

I've been on this list for a couple years now and have really enjoyed all
the musical recommendations.  Besides amassing a small collection of XTC
demos, interviews, and rarities, I've discovered aural pleasures from
Jellyfish, Jason Falkner, Robyn Hitchcock, The Sugarplastic, Wondermints,
Ben Folds Five, Willie Wisely, The Lilac Time, Supergrass, Radiohead,
Martin Newel, Blur, The Posies, Fountains of Wayne, American Music Club,
and of course, our very own Becki di Gregorio, through Chalkhills.

Then came The Mommyheads.  Full of confidence--based on glowing reviews
read here--I searched my used CD haunts until I finally found it.
Excitement soon turned to revulsion:  It sounded less like XTC and more
like Weezer Lite.  The singer's voice sent my pets scurrying for
cover.  It was a sad moment:  After two years of wonderful tips--tips
devoured with utter confidence--I had bought my first piece of crap, IMHO.

Musical preferences are subjective, of course, so your mileage may
vary, but just know that there is a flipside to all the
Mommyheads-praising that you've read here...

XTC Content: Skylarking (aka "Skylar King"--but not "Skylacking,"
which is something wholly other) is not only my favorite XTC album,
but it is my all-time fave album, period. So I must ask: Replace
"Season Cycle" (or was it "Another satellite"?) with "Mermaid Smiled"?
Are you daft?!  As for Mr. Rundgren: As far as I know I have never
heard a single Todd Rundgren song and my ignorance hasn't seemed to
affect my love for Skylarking.

Wow, the new Little Express has more first-hand band info than ever...

Jasper (John "not Jonathon" Christensen)


Date: Wed, 13 Aug 97 08:56:21 CST
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Hey Happy Happy Ness

     Hi Dear chalkchildren,

     Hey , it's getting awfully XEROX like lately on the list.
     Everyone is writing the same thing.
     Maybe if we got some news about the band,
     Our idea writing spots would start to ring.

     By the way, ATN (music news of the world) has a review on the
     Mommyheads album and by jove, (that was for the English people on the
     list) they have sound clips for guys like me who have only heard
     people talk about them. I listened and I honestly liked. Pure Pop

     I am willing to sell my sole to work for IDEA.

     Notice I said sole as in shoe, or fish.


     Love Phelan.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 10:55:13 -0400
From: Mark Irvin <>
Subject: elvis & xtc

I find it interesting that others here like EC alongside XTC...i guess
we know great music when we hear it.......Pump it up....Are you
receiving me?

The more you love music.....the more music you love.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 97 10:57:00 -0500
From: dgershmn <>
Organization: AMS
Subject: Skylacking vs. Skylarking and other fine points

Mark Gottschalk noted:
>One thing though before I go. I fairly recently attainted Skylarking,
>and I noticed its spelling. Some of you in the past have mistakenly
>called it "Skylacking." I'm not much of a retentive about spelling,
>but consistently screwing up the spelling of one of the greatest albums
>of all time gets kind of irritating to some of us.

Well, I'm not much of a retentive about misinformation (okay, maybe I am
sometimes), but you appear to be confused, Mark. I don't believe anyone here
has ever referred to "Skylacking" without meaning the XTC fan tribute tape
put together in '96 by our friend Ian Stewart. Check out the info about it
on the Chalkhills website.

And Captain Chaos (Josh, that is) had this to say about removing backmasking
on CDs:
>Well, first, it seems rather obvious that the labels would leave on
>the back-masking -- not only would removing it harm the artistic
>integrity of the piece, but it would also be a huge friggin' hassle
>to do it!

My first thought on the subject exactly. Why would you WANT to remove the
backmasking just because it might not be possible to hear it backward? When
it comes down to it, my guess is that a relatively small percentage of
people ever bothered trying to play a song on vinyl backward anyway. And if
you can hear the backward sound in any way, shape, or form when playing the
song forward, removing it would therefore change the song. Kind of a
no-brainer, no?

On a non-XTC tangent, I was listening to the Cars' "Candy-O" the other day
(on vinyl, since you asked). A great album, I have to say, and it contains
one of my favorite song transitions ever: "Shooby Doo" into "Candy-O." And
the funny thing is, "Shooby Doo" is merely an average song at best on its
own...but as a lead-in to the excellent "Candy-O," it works perfectly. Just
a thought I wanted to share.

Got a lot on my head,

Dave Gershman


Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 08:01:25 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: MOMMYHEADS recommend Ron Sexsmith

From: Jonathan Christensen <>
>Hey! Thanks for the tip on The Mommyheads. I really liked it!!
>Anybody else have recommendations while we wait??

Resurfacing from a long lurk....with a small bit of xtc content (always
trying though), in the Aug 8, 97 BAM Magazine that highlight's Bill
Crandall's interview with Andy P., there is also an article on the
Mommyheads, page 41.

Within, Mommyheads bassist Jeff Palmer himself recommends Ron Sexsmith:

"We just saw RS at Border Books....I was in the midst of really foul mood,"
he says, "just really feeling down about everything in general, and then I
saw that Sexsmith show and realized that I can still be moved by music. He
just totally blew me away. Is was like "Wow, music did that."

To fill in, I was also at this event - a 12:30pm (yes, nearly morning!
Singers: when does *your* voice usually wake up?) free show on a Friday at
the BB in Union Square, San Fran. Ron did about 6 songs, mostly from his new
record "Other Songs." On Interscope records. His first also on Interscope is
also wonderful.

But see him live!! He remains on the road - but tour details at Pollstar
(and Ron's homepage) are very incomplete. The best place to get info is at
Bill Bonks' website:
Bill Bonk is on bass (toured with Aimee Mann on her last US tour) & the
drummer is Don Kerr.

Lot's of stops worldwide coming up for them. Note the Sept 8 & 12 shows in
Dublin Ireland. Another Ron Sexsmith admirer, a Declan Little Hands of
Concrete or some such lives over that way. They have sung together backing
up Big Al Anderson on his last record, so you never know......

I was really glad to see Andy liked the Ruben Blades version of TMWSAHS. My
fav on the Testicular Dinner (yes, from this interview. You've discussed it


         Dean Martucci   San Mateo,CA  USA
         "Lie down and be counted, what are we standing for?"
                                                  - N. Innes


From: Cheryl <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 16:38:15 GMT
Subject: One more try
Message-ID: <>

Hello chalk friends!

I'm going to try this question one more time.  The last time posed it
I got stony silence.  I don't know if this is because you all
thought it was completely lame or because of the MAJOR flame war that
was raging at the time.  Here goes:

In my ponderings, I've often wondered what it would be like if Mr. P
and Colin have ever swapped songs to sing.

What do you fellow fans think?  Which songs do you think would work?
Which ones would make you ill if the other were to sing them?

In a discussion with a fellow chalkie, we've pondered over if Colin
could sing  "Melt the Guns".  The verdict was nay.  Or what IF Mr. P
had written "Bungalow"?  Would it have had the same impact?
Okay, so this question is a bit different from the intended question
but I thought it was interesting.

Just something to ponder.

Sitting in the thinker pose,


Message-Id: <l03102800b017aa0df245@[]>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 13:15:41 -0500
From: jason garcia <>
Subject: Dear Todd

>John Lennon's letter to Todd

AWESOME.  Thanks for sharing;  I had always heard of that letter and
wanted to know what he said.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 15:49:13 +0000
Subject: not so great rock read

Greil Marcus and the Invisible Republic
I have to say this is another dreadful and sloppy piece of writing by the

The best things about the book are that it is short and that it may
encourage Sony to release the material officially because it is great .

I would avoid the book for stacks of reasons-

1He writes in a rambling form -  i could find  no particular order - and
this allows him to stretch a one paragraph idea into a book without having
to put it into any order. For GM this is great because it gets him away from
any continuity/development and I  doubt if he is concerned about the reader.
It's as if he can't help pressing the Kerouac button on his pc.

2 He doesn't address the issue of what are (and are not) the basement tapes.
The 5 cd set on which he bases the book is the most complete and the obvious
starting point.  However, he takes it no further and there is no
investigation why stuff was  released when .For example  that set does not
include some the stuff on a 4 lp vinyl issue in the mid 80's which includes
a session with Tiny Tim (which I'd love to hear so if any body out there has
it ....).

3 The Tiny Tim visit
 I'm not sure how GM feels about irony but TT's visit is the business
because at  the very moment when dylan was visiting the past here comes a
performer who made his name by digging up old standards, albeit from a
different direction. Commonality or what ? I imagine that GM just could
bring himself to include such a prat like the late TT in his ramblings.

4 He never mentions that Levon Helm refused to co-operate (but leaves this
implicit a comment about GM's friendship with Robbie Robertson.

5 elvis costello gets called in to provide a completely superfluous quote,
one of EC's worst habits.
I'd like to thank my local library for stocking the book
I realise this is not  XTC fare and so if anyone wants to reply it might
better to so off chalkhills

Cervantes and Don Quixote
STICK WITH IT (whoever was struggling)
It a fantastic rambling masterpiece with ideas and shaggy dog stories from
all over the place. I have read it twice and, yes, it is probably the best
book ever written.
I write this as someone who hated English  Literature as school.

I would go along with the kinks being great and all that in the late
60's/early70's but to me there is a slackness about their albums including
the  classic ones which leave you thinking that they could have done it
better but couldn't be bothered.

Cheryl Mcgregor & XTC Stuff
Just to add that next door to Reckless on Brewer Street, London W1 is
Selectadisc which always has a limited stock of XTC at excellent prices, cd

To hell with the sound quality of vinyl ; have you ever tried to turn over a
liquorice pizza whilst holding a baby ? I rest my case


on the turntable - Introducing Reuben Gonsalez

The views expressed are of the individual, and do not
necessarily reflect the views of The United Bank of Kuwait PLC.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 16:24:17 -0400
From: Ralph DeMarco <>
Subject: Give the People What They Want

Dear One-Armed Bandits and Affillated Members:

Re: Administrivia: Enough Todd Rundgren already!

I must admit, I started the whole thing.  I was simply interested in other
views about one of my favorite musicians.  I realize that Chalkhills is
devoted to XTC, however, when we Chalkers have had our say
regarding TR,  than we will cease discussing him at such length.  What
makes Rundgren such an interesting topic for Chalkhills?  Well...the
controversy surrounding the Sylarking production and considering he
maticulously produced XTC's most popular album ever...I can't see why
this thread of conversation would be so annoying that you would feel so
compelled to attempt gentle persuation to cease and disist it.

We all love XTC but - no band or tastes should exist in a vacuum, and
besides...we all know songwriters and musicians are influenced by
each other and it is very interesting to discuss the connections and learn
about an artist we've never known much about.  It also lets you hear
some XTC in a whole new way - which we all should desire!


From: (steady eddy)

RE: John Lennon's letter to Todd Rundgren
I pulled this same letterfrom a TR website (I forget what magazine it was
from) but the TR site did not offer the text of the original interview to
which John felt compelled to responded to.  John was obviously pissed
off and ribbed him somewhat .. but showed respect to Todd by at least
confessing that he really liked his work.  John Lennon took the time to
respond to Todd because John was a sensitive person who wanted to
set the young wipper-snapper straight.

Re: Kinks / XTC

Someone posted they thought my statement about Ray Davies really
being a true working class hero (not John Lennon) was crazy.  Why
don't you read Davie's lyrics and maybe you'll stop gagging and really
understand what I am talking about.  Muswell Hillbillies is a perfect
example of what I mean.  Also I refer you to the much praised by Andy P.
'Autumn Almanac'.  The list could go on.  In fact, the working class
content of XTC is no accident.  The Beatle's, on the other hand, were
never comfortable confining themselves to small-town sensiblities and
anxieties.  The John and Paul could never have written 'Apeman', though
I admit, Ray or Dave could never have written 'Across the Universe'.

Andy said XTC won't do an un-plugged show because 'everybody's
doing it now', and perhaps they would do something electric on the back
of a flatbed truck somewhere.  Since when does Andy Partridge care
what the new fad is?  I would kill to see XTC on Un-plugged - granted it
would shot without much of an audience - perhaps family and friends?

Love you all....Ralphie


Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 17:06:01 -0500 (CDT)
From: The Gottschalks <>
Subject: non-xtc, xtc related, just read it please
Message-ID: <>

for no apparant reason than to hear me ramble. Danny Elfman is
a musical god. That's hardly up to debate. Now, if he did anything with
XTC (joined the band for all I care! Oingo Boingo split up.) it would be
great. I confess I
don't know who the hell Mr. P is, I've never heard The Kinks or Todd
Rundgren, and so on... Forgive me, I'm young (17 now). But let me just
add that Elfman's work in Men In Black was one of the most original
scores he's done. It's a classic Danny Elfman film.
	Indeed, R.E.M. should try to attempt to bring XTC back to a
certain extent, seeing as how they admire them. But then, do artists
generally stand behind what they say? Not really.
	That's all. I don't have too much to say. Adios, and remember,
write things that will interest me. Thank you.



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From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 00:43:08 +0000
Subject: Reel By Real


I just have to mention I received a large shipment of XTC
rarities today; some hard to find 7"singles and a number of cassettes
including the Polish Nonsuch pirate edition and the Virgin UK Go2 &
Go+ "review tape".  To the best of my knowledge this is
the only (semi-regular) release containing both the Go2 album and the
Go+ 12"tracks. Is this true?

But... does anyone have any old  XTC cassettes lying around???
I don't mind if they are worn out as long as the original j-card is
in good condition... I have loads to swap or trade.
Including XTC slipmats for your recordplayer
Please please email me privately if you have anything to offer...

Then Mark (not me!) said:
> "Skylacking." I'm not much of a retentive about spelling, but
> consistently screwing up the spelling of one of the greatest albums of
> all time gets kind of irritating to some of us.
An old Chinese proverb says : check out the Chalkhills Archives to
avoid egg on face ;)
'Skylacking' is of course a tribute tape compilation made by XTC fans
but I'm sure zillions of Chalkies will have told you by now !

yours retentively,

Mark Strijbos
at The Little Lighthouse; the XTC website @
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From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 00:43:08 +0000
Subject: Black Sea Bar


I'm sorry but I forgot to add this:

> 3: Has anybody have any idea why Black Sea was chosen as a Album title
> as a lot of the titles are fairly consistant with the track content of
> the albums.

Not really, but the band (except Terry) wanted to call it Terry And
The Lovemen but Virgin did not like that at all.
Why did they settle for Black Sea? Probably because it was easy to
go with a naval theme in the sleeve artwork etc. but nobody (at
Virgin) was very happy with the results and the green bag was yet
another compromise between label & band.

BTW: somebody once pointed out here that the "props" used on the
Black Sea sleeve were from the Sheraton bar ( he recognized the 'S').
And the name "Black Sea Bar" is very common of course... could there
be a connection?

yours inevitably,

Mark Strijbos
at The Little Lighthouse; the XTC website @
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Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 17:48:53 -0700
From: Peter Jeong <>
Subject: everything's eerily come full circle

<> wrote:

> There was an article in the May 1997 issue titled,
> "The Greatest Songs of All Time".
> One Andy Partridge of XTC prattles on about
> a song titled "Autumn Almanac".
> Mind you it's very nice prattling.
> It's a tune written by Ray Davies and performed by said Kinky people.
> Here is the end of Andy's quote-"Damn,I wish I'd written this song.

about a week ago, i was introduced to the kinks mailing list by somone's
post to this list (forgive me, whoever you are, i've forgotten your
name, but not your act of kindness!).  i mentioned to someone on the
kink's list what a great song autumn almanac was.  just this morning i
had the kink's "autumn almanac" and "sunny afternoon" on repeat in my
car cd player throughout my whole 35 minute commute to work!  now on the
xtc list i find that andy partridge admired this song as well.  wow.
everything's eerily come full circle, i have affirmation that i have
great taste in music, and i feel at peace with the world (that'll last a
few picoseconds).

jive talkin',


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